It’s all about their ego. And their racism.

The so-very-predictable hair-on-fire party following the nomination of Richard Cordray as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – really has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren (who didn’t want the job) or with Rich Cordray (who is a terrific choice) or with the strength of the CFPB (which is great).

Oh no, this is all about their ego. And their racism. They are no different from Eric Cantor. They want what they want and they want it now. They want the big pie fights that will bring clicks and traffic and money they can spend on themselves. Oh, and they want the black president to do as he’s told.

I remember once – in what now feels like different life – I commit the huge crime of suggesting that there’s racism on the Left. They killed me. Liberal racism? Surely it can’t be. Well, it can. Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out last week that Bill Clinton cut both Medicare and Social Security, and the Left did not beep. But now, even before PBO did anything – They already making money of lying about his “intentions”.

They are liars and racists and childish and they have no idea how politics work and what disaster is coming if they’ll achieve their goal of getting rid of this man. We really can’t let them win.

“Unemployment falls, jobs added in most states” (Updated with Facebook Town Hall info)

Hi guys,

I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’m a bit of a polls wh***. I let them affect me. It’s not rational, I know, it’s just the way it is. The last few polls upset me, especially the one from today, where PBO is down 7 points since January. Unemployment is down a whole 1 percent in three months, and people are more pessimistic about the economy than they’ve been in two years? None of this makes sense.

Are people THAT stupid? They really can’t see what’s going on? Who’s on their side and who isn’t? Can’t they see that PBO is just about the only person between America as we know it and some third world fascism?

I told you, polls gets to me. And regrettably, the PL can get to me too, at least from time to time, and so is the stupid media giving Tramp (Yea, this is my spelling and I’m sticking with it) so much space to spit his ugliness . Therefore, I’m not happy today…:)

Anyway, here’s a piece of good news, followed by some lovely photos. Do notice the diversity of the crowd in the Town Hall (Which can be seen HERE and is obviously highly recommended, since PBO talked about stuff he’s been talking about from day one and the media insist that he should talk about because they never show him talking about it) . We really *must* make sure that all these people comes out to vote next year.

Unemployment falls, jobs added in most states

The unemployment rate dropped in 34 states in March from February, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That’s the largest number of states to record a decline since June. The rate rose in seven states and was unchanged in nine and Washington, D.C.

Employers hired more workers in 38 states. A government survey of employer payrolls found only 12 states plus Washington, D.C. lost jobs last month, the fewest since October.


Feds approve Cape Wind power project off Massachusetts coast

BOSTON — A federal agency approved plans for the Cape Wind power project off the Massachusetts coast, clearing the way for work to begin on America’s first offshore wind farm as early as this fall.

Approval by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement was required before construction of the proposed 130-turbine wind farm in Nantucket Sound could get under way.

Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar said Tuesday that the Cape Wind project, which has already received other state and federal permits, could create 600 to 1,000 jobs and that nationwide the wind power industry has the potential for tens of thousands of jobs.

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****** ETA: Make sure you RSVP President Obama’s facebook townhall – April 20 @ 1:45pm PDT / 4:45pm EDT.

Look around, we’re winning.

Forget the corrupted media.

Forgot the so-called “progressives” who can’t see actual progress when it hits their nose.

Forget the bitter John Edwards (aka, “The Saint”) and Hillary Clinton (aka “Real Progressive!”) voters, who were never in Barack Obama’s corner – Yet now they hate him because he refuse to bow to their demands.

Forget those with short memory and short sight, who already forgot the mess we were in just two years ago, and can’t even begin to see the big picture.

Forget the professional left, they are in this for the money. They make more money when the president is a Republican, they make more money when the “sky is falling”, and they want to bring this president down just as much as the other side. This is why they told their sheep not to vote last November, and they’ll probably do it again next year.

Forget the racists from the right. They are ignorant and miserable.

Forget the racists from the Left. If this were a white president – the most progressive president in 50 years, one of the most progressives ever – they would sing his praise. The black president must be 10 times better and it still won’t be enough.


Forget all the above, and just look around. Look at the blogroll here, look at the blogroll’s blogrolls, read the comments, spread them around. We are awake and will not sit quietly anymore, not when a great president and even a greater human being – A man who is working for the people 24/7 –  is demonized by opportunists, lunatics, ignorant, fanatics and racists.

And above all, look at these clips. This is the real world. Keep hope alive. We’re winning.

Have a great Sunday.


Anthony Weiner. Jerk.

So this spoiled man from New York – Who still insist that there’s no Israeli occupation – tells the man who gave up on fortune and went to be a community organizer on the south side of Chicago – that he is a “man without values”.

Honesly, Mr. Weiner, f**** you. I’m sick and tired of you and all those bitter Clintonians, privileged brats and closet racists who are kicking this president in the nuts from his first day in office.

Why won’t you run against him, Mr. big mouth? Yea, didn’t think so.

Whiner’s words of wisdom can be found over at Huff-Crap. I will not give this woman a click to save my life, so you’ll have to go and look for it. Or, much better, here’s Weiner’s number in Washington. Give him a call. Time to push back against those back-stabbing Democrats:

(202) 225.6616

Now what you’re going to say? (Yea, you, you know who you are)

He got rid of DADT, he appointed more gays than any administration ever, he changed hospital visitation rights, and now he took this huge step towards ending DOMA. He did it all quietly, steadily, with much thoughts and without forgetting who he is and what he promised.

Seriously, either you wake up and see what a miracle this president is, or just get out of the way. We’re in a fight for the soul of this country, we don’t have time for your nonsense.



Please let the man know how proud of him we all are.

How a fake “movement”, built on nothing but racism, took control over America

I don’t know if E.J. Dionne’s column yesterday was very discouraging or just mildly discouraging, but discouraging it was. In an excellent piece, Dionne told the truth that we prefer to ignore, but it’s time for us – and especially for the White House – to face: The Tea Party Is Winning.

On every turn over the past two years, they won the message war. With a disciplined and immoral Republican party in Congress, a corrupted media that was just waiting for them, and by exploiting ill-informed and uneducated public – they control the national agenda. Completely. 

What’s even more disturbing, and this is something Dionne didn’t dare to write – and no one else in Washington is going to either – is that this country been taken over by a huge fraud. A fake movement, who was built on one and only one “ideal”: Burning hate towards a black president.

If anyone in the media would bother to check the facts, they’ll find that this “Tea Party” nonsense started more or less after President Obama got into office. He was yet to do ANYTHING, and they were already on the streets with Hitler signs. They don’t care about the deficit, they don’t care about taxes – because if they did, they would know that on both accounts, PBO is better than probably any previous president – they only care about getting the black man out of the White House.   

As Dionne said, they won the message war over the stimulus, over the health care law, and now the manufactured outrage over the deficit. They lie, they deceive, they have no shame or conscience. We’re losing to a fake movement driven by racism and we need to stop pretending that they will just go away. Not when they got endless money resources, complete control over the media and the advantage of a highly ignorant electoral.

I don’t know what the WH is thinking, but I hope that someone over there can get a grasp on the gravity of the moment – otherwise, I’m afraid, this will not end well.