Happy New Year, Mr. President. This is for you.

Hi Guys,

I’ve been doing this – whatever it is that I¬†do ūüėČ –¬†for two years now. Never ever,¬†I¬†was¬†more proud, happy and moved by any post, ¬†like the very long one you’re about to enter – And I didn’t even had to do anything but copy and paste.

Right under the cut you’ll¬†find what is – despite its¬†length – really just a sample¬†from¬†literally hundreds of comments that somehow were gathered on every corner of I’m Grateful post. Some comments were edited because they were too long, but overall I¬†left them exactly as they were posted, typos, caps lock¬†and what not.¬†The order is random, except for the choice of the last post.¬†Visual breaks provided by the¬†marvelous Pete Souza¬†and the rest of the WH official photographers (mouse-over for Pete’s¬†description of every photo).¬†

Usually¬†I¬†would not dream to hope that President Obama will even hear about this collection – let alone read some of these comments¬†– but after all that happened with “I’m Grateful” in just one month – I may just¬†start believe in miracles. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee (or two), and just enjoy. We are not alone. And neither is the¬†president.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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