This blog is dedicated to one and only one mission: Spread the truth about the best American president in many decades. Feel free to link and share everything you see here in any way you can think of. We’re MOVING FORWARD towards the most important election of our lifetime, so all hands on deck. Thank you.


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  1. Thank you so much for doing this, BWD. I’ve so missed your diaries. (I read DKos but have never subscribed and so never comment — I rarely read it these days.)

    This is one bookmark I’m going to enjoy going back to again and again. I so very much appreciate your “modest effort,” to even try and counter the sad, frustrating and, to my mind, mystifying negativity about the best president of my lifetime (55 years). Reading your diaries has always reminded me how proud I am that our country elected this extraordinary man, even if we’re currently acting badly.

    All best,

  2. Thank youso much BWD for your efforts to combat the hate and prejudice that is rampant today. You are doing a great service.

  3. so happy to see you well, BWD.
    People have been wondering about you.
    some have done tribute diaries to you and fought for you.
    You are not alone.
    We all stand with you, BWD.

  4. Hi BWD. Great site. Wish you the very best of success in getting back your huge following minus the hater squads from “orangeglo”. Peace, Shalom. ;o)

  5. Dear BWD –
    I am thrilled beyond words that you are here. Please know how much your efforts are needed and appreciated.
    A thousand thanks,

  6. Hi BWD. I had started to miss you and found your site on one of those Obama sucks diary at the Daily Kos. Very happy that you have your own site devoid of negativity.

  7. Great job!! You’ll thrive here…there are too many of us with like minds that will support you.

    Best of luck, I’ll visit daily!

  8. So glad to find you, and I’ve bookmarked this site for frequent visits. I’m so relieved that you are continuing the good fight. The negative part of the DK community cut off their nose to spite their face when they put you down. Please keep up the good work!!

  9. I’m really happy to be able to plug back into bwd diaries. I missed them! I want to know the good the administration is doing, not just the misses and near-misses.


  10. Thank You! BWD: You are a breath of fresh air. I am so glad you are here. You do such good work and you have a great following!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Thank you BWD I have been missing your balanced voice on the KOS. I followed you here and will visit every day. You can not build a strong nation on a chasm of hatred, racism and lies. We need your voice.

  12. Dear blackwaterdog,

    I already sorely miss you over at Daily Kos! I believe your diaries were critically important even from a historical perspective. Not to mention how much hope and inspiration they provided me, personally. You are wonderful – please keep up the great work, and maybe consider coming back to Daily Kos someday. I swear it’s just the trolls who would meet your awesome diaries with disdain. But sometimes it’s hard to know who the trolls are. Cheers.

  13. So glad to see you’re doing your own blog — your diaries have always lifted my spirits!

    Definitely subscribing.

    Best wishes,

  14. If you accommodate craziness – you become crazy. Congratulations. I see you’ve left the looney bin.

  15. BWD! I am thrilled that you have your own site. It’s beautiful. I’m looking forward to each and every post. Bless you and thank you!

  16. BWD,
    Thanks for being here! Your pics come through better here than on Kos.
    I know these comments are moderated, and, since there is a criticism, I certainly don’t have a need to see this posted:
    Your grammar needs a bit of a check. For example:

    Those who follows the facts, knows the truth and understand the unprecedented hate machine that works against him – must step up and do something.

    —you want “follow” and “know”—

    Best wishes,


  17. Thank you so much for this website! Heaven knows we need it with all the negativity out there. Thank you for using your time and efforts, it is appreciated!

  18. Ah perfect great brilliant. Glad you’ve seized your own bit of web turf.

    You’ll thrive and prosper. Your voice is needed in these perilous times.

    — stan

    ps- If you’d ever like any [no-charge] assistance with WordPress, or other tech stuff, I’d love to help in any way I can. [nerdation is my day job]

  19. So glad to find you here! I have always enjoyed your diaries and will visit you here daily.

    I appreciate what you do!



  20. I post as soccergrandmom at DKOS and I am/was one of your most grateful followers and I fully support President Obama in ALL his endeavors. I wish you all the very best in this YOUR new endeavor.

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you do. It is much appreciated amidst all the negative. I’m glad you started your own blog.

  22. Kudos BWD! This site is a gift, an inspiration, a necessity. You will continue to inspire and encourage all of us who know our president is a great leader whose vision can take us far but alas it will be a rough path.

    Thanks for everything you do. You’ve been missed and now we have something even better.


  23. Hi BWD. I have enjoyed your diaries on dkos and I am glad you are you doing this. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to seeing your updates now and then. Keep up the good work.

    Best of luck!


  24. I too thank you so much for what you have done and will continue to do on your new Blog site. Your posts inspire hope in the sea of negativity that surrounds us daily. Your posts a warm my heart and often bring tear of joy. President Barrack Obama is the most inspirational leader our country has had in decades and he is one of a very few leaders I’ve known in my life time!

    Thank you again,


  25. Way to go, Blackwaterdog! Just love your new site and thanks so much for providing a safe haven from all the hate.
    Thanks to TIMT for sharing. He, too, is just fierce.

  26. Bless you blackwaterdog! Now that I’ve found you again, I’m never going to let you go! Thank you, thank you for working now on your very own blog!

    I may be your oldest fan at 80 years old!


  27. Finding your site is indeed a pleasure. I’ve always appreciated your work, especially the content. Thanks.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving blackwaterdog and thank you for all you do.

    TIMT showed me where you were now and I thank him/her too.

    I’m glad you’ve created your own space here. Progressive Democrats sorely need more positive optimistic powerful voices not less imo

    You are the best 🙂

  29. BWD I am very happy you are still active. It is really hard to find a place that is supportive of our President. It had gotten to the point that I only went to the site that you formerly wrote diaries for just to see your contribution. If you weren’t there then I would leave the site. Now I don’t have to go there any more thanks to your new endeavor. I really have a hard time understanding where all the hate comes from but I am sure there won’t be much of that here. I will feel at home I think

  30. Really glad to see your new site BWD!

    It is a pleasure to witness the birth of a new positive branch of the Progressive tree.

  31. BWD I followed you the last time you left Dailykos. I will follow you here! I do not understand how so many lies are never repudiated in the MSM. We have the best president in years and all we hear is lies. It is so discouraging. Your diaries have been such an light in the dark. I get very discouraged with everything but you help shine the light. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  32. BWD,
    Love your new site. I had missed you over @Kos. As a long time “lurker”, your diaries had brightened my day. And now they will again!!
    Thank You BWD


  33. I was overjoyed to see that you have created a new blog for those of us who support our President and enjoy looking at all the great photos you post!

  34. Thank god I found you BWD, I always wanted a site like this to exist. I had to leave DK because it got so bad that I thought I was visisting foxnews.

  35. {{{BWD}}} So glad I found your site. Your work always brightens my day. Keep up the great work.

  36. Greetings, Blackwaterdog! Thank you for your efforts to share information about President Obama’s many accomplishments.

    I’m a long time lurker of DailyKos, and I’m also a lurker at W.E.E. See You. I found this site through the diary that TIMT posted today on that DKos.

    BWd, I’d like to offer these next comments in the spirit of constructive critiquing:

    I’m not visually challenged besides for wearing glasses, but I’m experiencing some discomfort reading on this site. It’s like I have to force myself to play pass the background to read the articles/comments as I want to. I wonder if any other people are also experiencing some difficulty with this combination. I think it may be more than aesthetics. And I’m wondering if the combination of black background/white words suitable for people who are visually challenged?

    I looked for a way of sending these comments about the site’s format to you as a private message, but couldn’t find a way to do that. Given the possiblility of hate mail& spam, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to post your email address, but you may want to consider exploring some way that people can contact you about the site itself (and not about the site content) without their comments being publicly shared.

    Thanks again for all you do!
    -an African American sista

  37. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your diaries and now this site. With our country struggling to get out of a terrible economic recession and with Republicans determined to destroy everything they can touch, we need MORE liberals not fewer who support President Obama and spread the news of the good work he has done and continues to do. If we don’t do this job, no one will.

  38. Hi BWD,
    So glad to have found you…i loved your diaries on dkos and I am so glad to have found you!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Whew! Thank God I have somewhere to come and breathe without the toxicity of hate. I was a fan of yours on Daily Kos, and just bowed out quietly without an announcement or deleting any of my diaries. I’m so glad to have found you and am thankful that you are okay.

    You can definitely look forward to hearing from me and sharing insights.

    P.S. I’m glad you’re moderating comments. I just can’t take the hate. Constructive/real criticism – yes. Hate – no.

  40. I am so glad you are here BWD..I use to lurk at Kos but it was getting so hateful I could not take it anymore..

    In a time of such uneasiness, where hatred and mistrust are rampant..this is going to be get a good refuge.

    We need the positivity!!!

  41. So glad you’ve found a spot for your powerful, uplifting diaries. And so glad I found you again….I look forward to your words and photos. Best of luck.

  42. BWD, So glad to know you are still writing your fantastic pieces on our wonderful President. I was so pleased to learn that I can still read them. I now how no reason to go back to DK!

  43. SO glad you are still “out there” – your diaries on DKos were ones that I really searched out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

  44. Love the site but could you change the background? It makes it hard for some of us with eye problems to read.


  45. Happy to find your site. Is there a way to comment on the postings? I assume the Politico story you were referring to was the one about the WH is not ‘Camelot.’

    Good luck with your site.

  46. Thanks for continuing.Your dedication and determination are truly inspiring. Here’s to you!

  47. Ah. Here you are! I can’t say I blame you, but you are missed a great deal. At least now I know where to come when the pessimists get me down.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Sally (aka, WaitWut)

  48. Hooray! I’m so happy to find you in a no-b.s., no cranks, no troll place. I look forward to more of your always-inspiring photo essays. I’m standing with you in supporting the one of the best Presidents this country will ever see. We’re lucky to have him and we should be doing everything we can to help him succeed.

  49. BWD reminds of a girl that use to post on the Tom Joyner Message board under Guess-Sister back when Obama was running for I think State Senate or maybe US Senate. I didn’t pay attention to politics at all and I didn’t live in Chicago.

    No matter how much hate the board threw at her she stuck to her support of a guy Name Barack Obama that everybody told her could never win. I’m so glad to see that BWD has that same stick-to-it-ness.

    I’m looking forward to figuring out how to get around this place.

  50. BWD, thank you so very much for having the tenacity and fortitude to create this site.
    I followed DK only because of your diaries. Now that you have blessed us by giving us this site, I will no longer visit DK.
    I love and have unwavering support for President Obama. `
    Thank you, BWD for giving us a refuge from the storm.
    We will not be quiet. We will not back down. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    Peace,Blessings,and Love,

  51. Have always loved your diary and am glad you have found a supportive setting. Theobamadiary too: great way to get inspired to keep plugging away for progress. Have you thought of adding under your blogroll books by or about the president which you found helpful? I particularly liked The Bridge, The Promise, The Revival. And the new Reading Obama. which clearly situates him in the pragmatic progressive tradition.

  52. BWD: Thank you for the hope and joy you have brought myself and others with your work!

    It was easy when Bush was in office to be united as Democrats. When we took office many myself included ,did not realize we would be joined by straight left any government is negative. If the public option had passedit would be called a failure because it was not single payer.

    I suspect they would find things to nag Ghandi or MLK about if they were president.

    We agree so much in substance with the left government negatives,just how to reach the same goals is where the childish bickering,name calling comes from.

    Thank you so much BWD for your efforts in trying to allow people to see the progress made by our sometimes frustrating{blue dogs, Lieberman etc. } but always our Democratic party,still the best hope for the average person.

    Hope you and everyone here has a great thanksgiving ,and if your family includes republicans talk football more, politics less.


  53. Oh, man, am I glad to find this place. Thanks so much, Black Water Dog. I’ve been missing your diaries, but completely understand why you needed to move to a new venue.

    It’s great to have this antidote to the poisonous media that envenom this culture, that would rather tear down than lift up, and that truly care more about their ratings than they do they health of the society.

    On this, Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to you for your splendid efforts on behalf of truth and civility.

  54. BWD, I’m thrilled to find your site. I always read your diary’s at Kos, and was sad to see you leave.

    I still go to DK, but I do not read the comments anymore. There is good information there, overall, but the comments have really deteriorated. Please notice however, whatever was in the comments to your diarys there, They ALWAYS made the recommended list. So yes, there had to be lots of people recommending them. Maybe they were like me, read the diary, skip the comments.

    I’ll be over every day.

    Grandma Jo

  55. BWD – I am so very grateful to find your new blog. I have always enjoyed your “mish-mash” and/or photo diaries on daily kos.

    They have meant so much to this cynical old grandma LOL – especially when I let the negatives overwhelm me. Your diaries always show the human side of our President and connect the powerful influences that he is always fighting.

    I’ll be back 🙂 – kathi

  56. BWD

    Deepest gratitude for this tribute. What a refreshment from the caustic toxicity of other sites. The Truth is so lovely. It is what we really are. Thank you for demonstrating our truest nature. We are the One we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that transforms.

  57. Keep up the great work BWD. I’ve missed you at DKos and am so glad you’ve reappeared, stronger and more focussed than ever. 2012 is coming up fast. Barack the vote!

  58. Greeting from Bali & Thank you for still being out there….. I was wondering where you had gone since I need a break from all the drama, hate, and cynicism which ‘the big man and family’ provide via you:)

  59. BWD, thank you for this site. The photos are lovely. I wish you the best of luck. President Obama will have had to deal with the toughest of times by the time 2012 arrives. And people will want him gone, while things hopefully keep improving. Whoever runs against him will not have had to make the decisions our president has had to make.

    And the climate will be no where as difficult for them as it was for him. I’m sticking with him.

  60. Dear BWD,

    Way to go, BWD! Your new site is outstanding. Thank you for steadfast dedication to telling the truth about President Obama and what he and his administration has accomplished.

    More of us who claim to support our president need to step up and let our voices be heard.

    We need to have his back the same way he’s dedicated to helping this country.

    Enough of letting the hateful right wing nuts dominate the airways and the discourse with their lies.

    I will be following you and making sure my friends and family see your outstanding work.

  61. I love your diaries and was so happy to find your new site. Of course I love our president even more! It makes my day to see all the pictures and commentary. Thank you so much!

  62. I am so happy and relieved to find your new home here. Your diaries at KOS kept me sane and gave me inspiration to keep fighting the good fight. I wish you all the best and will be here often.

  63. BWD, I’m so happy to have found your new site. I will make it my duty to follow you, as I so enjoy the positive and uplifting narratives and photos of our President. He is truly a gift to the nation.. a man of wisdom,intellect, smarts, decency and humanity. Our president does not deserve the hatred and disrespect that abounds on other sites.
    Lets continue to uplift his accomplishments here, and pray for divine protection for him and his family, as well as guidance in carrying out his job.

    Thank you BWD and much success to you!!!

  64. It’s about time someone figured this out and put it in print.

    “The president governs and acts exactly as he said he would, exactly as he portrays himself, exactly as people should have expected if they actually paid attention.”

    It annoys and amuses me,so many people who claimed to have read his books, expected something other than what they are now getting.

    Things than make you go, hmmmmmm

    Thanks for bringing this book to the table!

  65. Hello BWD:

    Thank you SO much for doing this. I rarely go to DK anymore except to check in periodically for your diaries. I did that today and found my way here. Thank you for having President Obama’s back and for your dedication to getting the word out about so many things that are just being buried by the MSM and even by the so-called “liberal” blogs. Hope you had a great holiday.

  66. Hi BWD. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    A helpful keyboard command for Firefox users of your site: ALT-vyn

    This will remove the dreadfully difficult to read style sheet on your site.


  67. BWD I really missed your posts on DK and I’m happy you found a new home. This new home is where I will visit frequently to get the ins and outs of the Obama Administration. Thanks and Good Luck 🙂

  68. Hooray! I found you BWD!

    Thanks so much for creating this site. Sorry That you felt it necessary to do this. I will miss you at DK but can really understand why you left.

    This is just so great. I’m glad you posted the pics of our Prez after his injury. When I read 12 stitches to his mouth I thought that was a really big OUCH but his smile was still there.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. I will pass your blog info along to family and friends so they can enjoy too.

  69. I thought I was strange when I grew angry at all the negative comments about the President.
    He is the very best thing that could have and has happened to America.

    However, I wonder if people thinks he’s superman. There were all sorts of people out there representing Bill Clinton during his troubles, and yet even on his best day, I don’t see anyone coming on TV to give the Prez a pat on the back. It all negative, all the time.

    I would like to rise above the scum and say most of his detractors are overly critical, but I fear that at racial prejudice has reared its ugly head.

    Please keep up the good work.

  70. I found this site through the Obamadiary website and all I have to say is thank you.

    These sites are like a breath of fresh air.

  71. Very pleased to see you continuing your efforts to highlight actual governance being achieved by the President and the steady results that emerge.

    Thank you

  72. Have your site booked marked, glad to have found you. DK hasn’t gotten any better you’re not missing much there.

  73. Thank you for the sanity, BWD — and your willingness to continue your efforts on this beautiful site. I think our president is the best thing to come along in many, many years and I’m really tired of Democrats running him into the ground. He’s human and we’re very lucky to have him. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  74. Miss your great writing at dk, but can now check your pieces here, except —- I cannot see them! Please consider switching to light background color/ dark color for text

  75. I am so happy to find you, your picture albums were uplifting and always made me feel better. KOS has really brought me down, and finding this site has uplifted my spirit. The “Why I’m Here” states exactly how I feel about our wonderful president.

    YAY BWD!

  76. The caption “THE ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM” says it all.

    There is some insane crap going on out there in the blogosphere from tea partiers to progressives it’s insanity 24/7.

    I will say it once again, thanks for the refuge of sanity. I often wonder to wake up spewing negativity and to go to bed spewing the same, what a miserable world one creates for themselves.

  77. I’m so glad I found you Blackwaterdog! I am so glad you started a blog away from that pit from hell AKA DailyKos – they done lost they damn minds over there! Hyperbole Post – I mean, Huffington Post, too.

  78. Thank you! You were a respite in that sea of negativity on Kos. I’ve missed you and am thrilled you are back Let’s celebrate context, rationality, and context.

  79. Well, Well, Well

    It seems you are making a few folks rather nervous.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  80. I’ve recently found myself getting angrier and more hopeless, and rapidly losing confidence in our wonderful president! Having found your site today I realize why. I’ve been missing the visuals that your upbeat posts provide. I feel better already!

  81. I am glad I found this site, I for one am so tired of people trashing the best president we have had in a long, long, long, time. For those of us out here who actually look beyond what the media is putting out, we can see how hard our president is working for us. Thank you for this little piece of sanity.

  82. I’ve bookmarked your new blog. I miss you on Dailykos. My visits there have become less and less frequent, so I am so glad that you have branched out on your own.

    I’m going to visit as often as I can, and have bookmarked all your links.

    Best wishes!

  83. BWD!!!! Yea, I found you! Thanks to TIMT and his diary today. Congratulations on starting your own blog. I have missed you so much! It’s great to see so many from DK here. Keep up the great work and it is so good to know where you are and where I can get my daily dose of positivity.

    Thank you for all that you do and your support of our President. {{BWD}}

  84. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for starting this blog. President Obama has accomplished many of the things that he campaigned on and yet it’s not enough. It is so discouraging to see what’s happening on tv. You are so right about the media. It used give facts — now they give mostly one side and expect you to figure out what is true. It’s unbelievable how the Republicans can band together even when they know it’s not for the good of the Country! I’m not saying that Democrats should lie, misinform, etc., but should be unified enough to back the President on what Democrats stand for. He’s criticized about everything he does or doesn’t do. I can’t imagine working in an environment where you are constantly belittled, hated, and called “weak” even by your own party. I’m looking forward to seeing the good things that are happening with our President and in our Country on this site. Thanks again.

  85. Glad to see you landed somewhere and started this blog. Your posts on Daily Kos brought a much needed perspective to things, and I’m sorry you were driven away. I look forward to following this.

  86. A heartfelt thanks to you, BWD for this current pillar of light, that is your new blogspot!

    I was lurking today at your former community where I first learned of your work, and it looks like the proverbial divided house cannot and will not stand with the vitriol spewed at our 44th — and arguably the best ever–President. Anyway, the toxicity is so pervasive there I decided a couple of days ago that it really isn’t worth lurking anymore since the balance that your bright, reflective, powerful diaries always bring is virtually absent.

    But hey, glad I didn’t quit lurking at dk too soon, or else I wouldn’t have stumbled upon the link to your new whereabouts on these “internets.”

    You, and your new site emphasizing the positive developments of this OBAMA PRESIDENCY, have just been BOOKMARKED!!!

    THANK YOU, BLACKWATERDOG! (It really can’t be said enough).

  87. Hi BWD! Hadn’t seen you on DKOS, and wondered why – now I know. Thanks for your positive and uplifting photos. I am so tired of negativity. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  88. At first I didn’t read the diary on the rec list at Daily Kos because I thought it was another negative diary bashing Obama and saying you were wrong. But then I found your new blog. Thank goodness! I expect I’ll be spending more time here than there. The negativity makes me sick and depressed, and I can’t afford to be sick and depressed.

    Thank you!

  89. Keep up the good work BWD! Your work is necessary and it is welcome on many liberal sites. I am very happy you have started this blog.

  90. nice to see. This gives me some good perspective when things get too noisy out there..

  91. Yay! I’m so happy you have your own blog now, BWD. I will visit often. You’re the best!!!

  92. I’m sure sorry someone from a status Blog would try to ruin this for you. I’m a critica supporter of the President so this isn’t quite my kind of site but as a one time (sometime now) “E” blogger I know these things are for personal satisfaction and I hope you continue to get that.

    I tell you this in honor of my friend “Jon Swift”

  93. I’m so happy to find you BWD! Missing you from DK and once I found your blog, I deleted DK from my bookmarks. Way too much negativity there and if I wanted to get that, I’d watch Fox News. Thank you for helping me get rid of DK! I still love our POTUS and soooo missed our Blackwaterdoggie!

    Obama 2012!

  94. New to the site and loving what I see and hear. Will make it a habit to view and whenever/however participate. Thanks for the truth, pride and positiveness.

  95. Here is another time that our president has done a good job for us and was thinking about the middle class and poor. Even with the obstructions of some in the senate and congress our president has done a good job again. I am of the belief that it is hard to work with people who will not compromise in any way unless they get what they want but God bless our president he is doing the best he can to work for us. If a person looks closely they can see that this job is taking a toll on him in that his hair is getting gray when it was not that way when he was first elected. He admits that he does not like all that is in this bill but he took what he could get and in the compromise he did the best he could although there will be a lot of people who trash him for this I think that he has done the best he could under the circumstances. God Bless him, he has saved many millions of Americans from the streets during this winter season. Thank you President Obama.

  96. Ivy; I to think Pres. Obama is the best president we have had in a long, long, long time although a lot of people don’t agree, it would seem that they are so used to the medocrity of the other presidents we have had in the past several years that they don’t realize a good thing when they see it. I am also in the 50’s group and think as you do that he is the best president we have had in many years. People have a way about them of expecting him to fix the problems brought on by the 8 years of the previous president in two years or less and this is just not possible. I hope he runs again in 2012 as I would vote for him again, we have not seen what he is capable of in this small amount of time.

  97. So glad I found you (courtesy of a recent diary on DK that mentioned where you had gone) I cannot understand why the American people do not appreciate who they have as President. As someone from across the pond who has strong links with the US, I am astounded at the vitriol from so-called Democrats. President Obama does not want to patch over the damage done by the Bush years like it was no big deal, nor to rip it all out in a frantic knee-jerk leaving the American people reeling in a time of uncertainty. He takes a long view and IMHO a steady pace is what will do the job well and in a lasting effective way. I don’t understand why some want scorched earth type politics right now -it makes no sense in this climate

  98. Hey blackwaterdog:

    Good to see you in your new home and sorry I’m a latecomer.

    Looking forward to seeing you pics and postings – of particular interest is this year’s Kennedy Center Awards, where they honored Bill T. Jones – my favorite choreographer and my best friend’s brother.

    Keep up the good work. We need all aspects and perspectives these days. Its going to be a long hard climb, but supporting each other will make it easier.

    Fe Bongolan

  99. So glad to have found you! (Thanks, dotster.)

    Feels like seeing an old friend. Keep up the wonderful work, BWD.

  100. Thank you!

    I’ve pretty much given up on DKos, MyDD and similar sites after the stupidity of the past couple of weeks. OMG, these people are incapable of transitioning out of pants pooping mode.

    Am I in love with the tax comprimise? No, but I understand what it took to get it done and what it does for people that need results now. As much as Kossacks hate Palin it certainly sounds like they are wishing Obama was a Progressive version of Palin. Ain’t gonna happen. This guy is getting the job done.

    Thank you for being a trend setter. Maybe more of us should step up and provide similar and complimentary blogs so we can help balance the tantrums hosted by Kossacks.

  101. WTG BlackWaterDog,

    I have been reading this site since the day it came on line and so enjoying the positive words I read.

    The Obama Diary clued me in to you. That goodness for a soothing place to come to reinforce my feelings about the great job our President is doing.


  102. So very glad that you continue to provide positive energy to the Progressive cause. Unfortunately, old familiar places have turned toxic and no longer able to support all of the Democratic coalition.

    So thank you BWD and I look forward to watching this site grow.

  103. I am with you Della and Ivy. Obama is different than other Presidents. He is super smart, calm and he seems very at ease with himself. He is not threatened by Bill Clinton, or anyone else as far as I can tell.

    I would describe him as being very zen in terms of his character. He is not afraid of other people-right or left. He has a quiet confidence about him that might be threatening to others.

    People just do not get it. Which, by the way, I am so tired of Dem. pols going on the tube and stating, Obama just doesn’t get it. This from people like Weiner?

  104. My uncle forwarded an email to me on your “I’m grateful” post. Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate you for compiling all this information for us. With all the propaganda and disinformation from traditional media, a lot of people are unsure how to feel about President Obama. I stand firm in my decision to vote for him, with full knowledge of how the American system of government works. With that being said, I invite all to support this movement created by Will.I.am, Bill Duke, Mikal Kamil and Jimmy Jean-Louis, etc. Our goal is to amass 100 million tweets in support of the president and his re-election in 2012. (Press Release) http://fusicology.com/tag/i-am-wu-mr-pres/

    If any of you are on Twitter, follow @iamwumrpres if not, join us on http://www.iamwumrpres.ning.com/AnnLemondHume share information, spread the word

  105. Bravo!…there are still sane places in this universe. I have never moved one inch off my total and complete support of President Obama. I have a rather inelegant response to those who question his policies and strategies..”smart men don’t get unsmart”…There is always a method to the madness.

    What is interesting to me is the number of males in the traditional media, whose age, education, personal experience and career success and even their politics are often more similar to President Obama’s life experience than not, and, yet there seems to be this mean spirited effort to paint him as less than they know him to be. There seems to be enormous resentment that he has not been cowed by this enormous undertaking. Thus this effort by these men to try through their slanted reporting to bring him to his knees.

    I am thrilled that this country has this man as its President.

  106. I was not aware of your work before coming across this blog by accident, BWD, but I’m very glad I did. If blogs had existed in an earlier era, I could see one very much like this for JFK. It’s not about agreeing with everything the man says or does, but it is about recognizing and respecting that his heart is in the right place, his judgements are logical, and his efforts are relentlessly focused on making America, and American life, better for more than just the wealthy few.

    Thank you, BWD. It’s about time someone did something with this much class and humanity.

  107. What happened to you is a disgrace and I’m happy to see you carrying on with The Only Adult. Very appropriate title. As a fellow liberal and Obama supporter, I applaud your efforts and would consider it an honor to have you on my blog roll.

    I’m in the process of writing a piece accusing the far-left of being a mirror image to the far-right and your story is included. Keep up the good work.

  108. Thank you so much for this. I am sending your wonderful tribute out to my entire committee as a reminder this holiday season of what we have to be thankful for and proud of.

  109. I received an email with pictures of the President. Subject line REASONS TO BE THANKFUL THIS YEAR. Please give me an internet link to the pictures. I prefer to share it in that format.


  110. Merry Christmas BWD and thanks for all your hard work.

    Happy Holidays Everyone. Have a great Holiday Season and be safe!

  111. I just deleted my subscription, because I have changed e-mail addresses. I put in a new subscription at another (perhaps temporary) e-mail address.
    I hope I did it the right way.

  112. A non-Christian friend sent me your link as her Christmas card. I’ve missed you on DK and am so happy to find this site! So many times I have been truly inspired by the good that you see and share with us. Thank you. This was a great Christmas gift – for me!

  113. I too appreciate your voicing these sentiments. It appears that the political process and governmental apparatus of our country has been decaying around us, and if it weren’t for the example the president is setting I would give us no hope for the future. Please keep your voice heard.

  114. A very special man who has accomplished a whole bunch of wonderful things.
    Perfection? No! but I can’t think of anyone who could have done better with the hand that he was dealt.

  115. Finally! Someone to put the sentiments of millions of us into pictures and words and share them. I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!
    Thank you thank you so much for restoring a sane and intelligent perspective on Obama, who has done so much and gotten no credit.

  116. I’m so glad you are doing this. I would also do this if I could.

    Good and better things are to come. The republicans think they have a majority, but in name only. The populace has been engaged and I’m optimistic that activism will keep them in check. Don’t you?

  117. I agree. I am 63 years old, a Vietnam War combat veteran, physician,a white American, and I campaigned for the election of Barack Obama for President. I believe he is without doubt the best and most consequential American president of my lifetime. Intelligent, graceful, serious, patriotic,he loves his country and his family, we should count ourselves fortunate indeed that Barack Obama is currently our president.

    I shudder to think where we would be right now if anyone else, Democrat or Republican, had been elected and not Barack Obama.

    I fervently hope we will all work to ensure his re-election in 2012 for the good of the USA and the world.

  118. Thank you M. and thank you for this site. I am in total agreement. As someone who has lived all over the world (and also a sixth-generation Texan) I am in awe and gratitude every day for the morality, heart and long view of President Obama. I campaigned for him for the first time in my life, and will do so again. That there an ugly churning in the waters of the US body politic is perhaps to be expected with such a meme shift as our president embodies…but it doesn’t make it right or easy.

    Thank you for creating a space where the truth of his work and character can be seen, and he can (perhaps) hear the support and gratitude loud and clear.

  119. Mr. President, please know that you are the best President. I like you, your Family, & “Bo”. Yes I supported you, I volunteered at my local Democratic Division, I helped Folks register to vote, helped them fill out applications etc. I must admit, that I’ve never ever been so glued to what’s happening In our White House, & our Country, as I am now. I owe It all to you, President Obama. I pray for you & your Family every day, just like I pray for my two Sons everyday. I’m a true & devoted supporter of the Obama Administration. President Obama, I pray daily that you welcome our “LORD” & Savior In everything you say & do. I do believe He’s with you. Our “LORD” & Savior didn’t bring you this far to leave you hanging. I believe that deeply. I’m so very proud of you. I’m a black woman, of 67 years old. Yes, I’m very proud of the Obama’s, & when you step Into my home, you will know It too.

  120. thank you!
    what a wonderful idea for a blog. i really am looking for ways to stay informed without subjecting myself to the constant whining and negativity that’s out there.
    i expect it from the right but when it comes from people i like and respect (in some cases, formerly liked and respected) on the left it’s just so disappointing and self-defeating.
    keep up the good work!

  121. This was an excellent idea. Yes,tell the truth. We know he is a good man who is so intelligent and humble. We must all support
    him and do even more by getting everyone to vote for him in 2012.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

  122. I want to thank you for your efforts to support our President, Barak Obama. My prayers are continuous for the health and protection of our President of the United States of America, his family, the leaders of this world and for the honest dealings of all members who make up the politics in Washington D.C. I appreciate you.

  123. BWD, I finally found you! Better late than never. I have always enjoyed your writing and I am so happy I found you again.

  124. Thanks for all the work you do compiling the links and photos and news about President Obama. I use those resources often when rebutting the lies wherever I see them.

  125. Good Morning Friends,

    How refreshing….a place to come and share our thoughts, wishes and aspirations about our beloved president. It is raining outside my window, but my heart could not be sunnier. I am so glad to have found my way to you, via a good friend:)

    Truth will save the day, and we will support President Obama with our best efforts and our love….

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