How a fake “movement”, built on nothing but racism, took control over America

I don’t know if E.J. Dionne’s column yesterday was very discouraging or just mildly discouraging, but discouraging it was. In an excellent piece, Dionne told the truth that we prefer to ignore, but it’s time for us – and especially for the White House – to face: The Tea Party Is Winning.

On every turn over the past two years, they won the message war. With a disciplined and immoral Republican party in Congress, a corrupted media that was just waiting for them, and by exploiting ill-informed and uneducated public – they control the national agenda. Completely. 

What’s even more disturbing, and this is something Dionne didn’t dare to write – and no one else in Washington is going to either – is that this country been taken over by a huge fraud. A fake movement, who was built on one and only one “ideal”: Burning hate towards a black president.

If anyone in the media would bother to check the facts, they’ll find that this “Tea Party” nonsense started more or less after President Obama got into office. He was yet to do ANYTHING, and they were already on the streets with Hitler signs. They don’t care about the deficit, they don’t care about taxes – because if they did, they would know that on both accounts, PBO is better than probably any previous president – they only care about getting the black man out of the White House.   

As Dionne said, they won the message war over the stimulus, over the health care law, and now the manufactured outrage over the deficit. They lie, they deceive, they have no shame or conscience. We’re losing to a fake movement driven by racism and we need to stop pretending that they will just go away. Not when they got endless money resources, complete control over the media and the advantage of a highly ignorant electoral.

I don’t know what the WH is thinking, but I hope that someone over there can get a grasp on the gravity of the moment – otherwise, I’m afraid, this will not end well.