Now what you’re going to say? (Yea, you, you know who you are)

He got rid of DADT, he appointed more gays than any administration ever, he changed hospital visitation rights, and now he took this huge step towards ending DOMA. He did it all quietly, steadily, with much thoughts and without forgetting who he is and what he promised.

Seriously, either you wake up and see what a miracle this president is, or just get out of the way. We’re in a fight for the soul of this country, we don’t have time for your nonsense.



Please let the man know how proud of him we all are.


221 thoughts on “Now what you’re going to say? (Yea, you, you know who you are)

  1. The key phrase is “with much thought”. That describes this man to a “T”. He looks at everything, including all the potential consequences of his decisions, and then, and only then, does he move ahead.

    He wanted to make sure the ending of DADT was done in a way that it was truly conclusive and accepted by all excpt the wingnuts. He knew anything less than a legislative end would not hold up well.

    Same here. He has thought it through. Others may say he is doing this because of their pressure on him. Nonsense. I don’t think anything or anyone can pressure him to do anything.

  2. If you are in the Capitol attempting to access the internet from a free wifi connection labeled “guest,” you cannot access the site The site has been used to provide updates on what is happening, where you can volunteer, and where supplies and goods are needed to support protesters. Administrators of the website were notified on Monday that the page is being blocked. Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate says that the site was put on a blacklist typically used to filter out pornography sites so that protestors inside the Capitol could not access this key site.

    Former Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Charles Hoornstra said that, if Walker is blocking the website, it could be a violation of state and federal laws concerning free speech laws. The accusation by the Wisconsin Democratic Party accompanies an accusation by the Teaching Assistants Association that Wisconsin state authorities cut off wifi access to a room they had taken over as a headquarters inside of the Capitol.

  3. Just sent my first ever email to the WH. I’m amazed by the man’s courage. DOMA is indefensible to us, but a large swathe of the country is virulently homophobic. This decision could not have been easy.

  4. Thanks for the link. I’ve sent my thank you to the WH.

    As for what the usual suspects are going to say, they are taking credit for this decision and saying that all Obama supporters have been proved wrong, etc. They are deeply dumb and only care about winning internet fights, not about the future of this country.

  5. Obama supporters have been proved wrong???? They’re hilarious. He has done what we always knew he’ll do, and we’ve been proved wrong????????????????????????????!


  6. So Gov. Walker is doing his own version of shutting down the Internet. What an ass, and what a classic example of over-reach. This should be a matter for the DoJ, as it directly impinges on First Amendment rights.

  7. It’s true about Detroit schools:

    State education officials have ordered Robert Bobb to immediately implement a financial restructuring plan that balances the district’s books by closing half of its schools, swelling high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidating operations.

    From The Detroit News:

  8. *blank stare* what are they smoking….Obama supporters are proved wrong, they are, well you know crazy.

  9. I stopped reading Americablog soon after the 2008 election. Even before PBO had been sworn in, Aravosis was bashing him for being a homophobe. The criticisms became progressively unhinged.

  10. This seems like a plan to make the public schools so unattractive that the voters will clamor for private school vouchers. They know they have a very short time before the pendulum swings back, so they’re throwing every crazy bit of legislation out there to see what can stick.

  11. I don’t agree with the Administration’s decision on the Defense of Married Act but I continue to support this President.

  12. That is just appalling. Those poor kids are going to get an awful education and the teachers surely aren’t going to be paid more for having 2x the students.

  13. Unsurprising. There is so much intellectual dishonesty…during the lame duck, POTUS indicated that indeed they were looking into whether DOMA was constitutional. These are people with a deep, deep disdain for President Obama as well as President Obama’s supporters. I don’t consider them “on the left” and with their screams that they represent the base, they cause a lot of people to trip over their feet and lose focus. God bless any elected Dem who uses the traditional netroots for anything but quick fundraising because so much of their analysis is just lame.

  14. Up is down, down is up. They admittedly use “Rovian tactics” and IMO one of those tactics is the repetition of “big lies.” They can’t square this action with former lies about POTUS and his supporters as homophobes rather than POTUS as someone who takes his time to implement deep change and can’t be bullied by stridency and namecalling from the lefty media, and his supporters as people who recognize that fact. So rather than taking any responsibility for spreading falsehood, they claim that POTUS has changed at their behest. And they will repeat this lie until it sticks so that they can maintain that credulous audience in order to feed them the next manufactured crisis. Just like Fox”News.” It’s unreal.

  15. I’m sorry that you feel that way, Lorraine, and disagree with you about DOMA, but I thank you for your continued support and for not allowing an area of disagreement to deflate your support overall.

  16. I know I have my gripes with the Big O, but seriously, compared to Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer, he really is like God.
    (although that is totally damning him with faint praise…so am I.)
    But living here enhances my Obama-appreciation.

  17. As for what the usual suspects are going to say, they are taking credit for this decision and saying that all Obama supporters have been proved wrong, etc


  18. Of course, you can and I’m happy to answer I believe marriage is between a man and woman, only. This will a major problem in southern states. I don’t claim to understand the legal concerns but what about states that have constitutional amendments banning homosexual marriage. What about preachers who are against this practice and refuse to perform this service will they go jail? What anything the Supreme Court do they have a say?

  19. You are another poor Dem locked in crazy land? Actually, you don’t even have to be a Dem…just someone with half a brain:)I just visited my favorite AZ blog, and I am SO happy to know that with all the major problems and issues we have to address in this hate state, that the Senate has voted to approve an “offical firearm” for us!!!! Oh, Sh*t! I can SLEEP tonight!!! That very pressing issue was on my mind, night after night! Healthcare,massive foreclosures, no jobs, dirty air,etc can really wait. So glad that we now have an offical weapon all our very own!Gabby would be so proud.This state is so effing certifiable. Words escape me.

  20. I’m in AZ as well and I know exactly what you mean.
    One of the decisions that Obama made that disappoints me was picking Napolitano to head the Dept. of Homeland Security. That started the avalanche of crazy here and I doubt it will ease soon.

  21. I love my President. Bunches and bunches. Will write the WH today when I get home from work…I crave intelligence. I live in AZ.I so appreciate how incredible he really is,being surrounded by morons, one really learns to appreciate greatness and leadership. Can’t be found in AZ.

  22. Your same argument can be said about Black people getting civil rights. Or being allowed to eat at lunch counters. Or desegregating schools. Or being in the military. Or interacial marriage.
    Many people will be against certain things. But that does not negate the fact that discrimination is wrong and should not be tolerated. That’s not justice.

  23. Completely agree, BWD. I like Rachel Maddow, but I still remember her impassioned “Obama is irrelevant” tirade before the December 2010 legislative session. I think she later did admit to being mistaken, though.

  24. The idea that preachers/churches will be forced to perform homosexual marriages is a lie that rightwing groups have pushed to scare people away from supporting gay marriage. The state has never forced any church to perform a marriage. The same-sex marriage bills have ALWAYS only applied to the state act of marriage, not the religious act.

  25. “If the law is to be defended, members of Congress would have to step up and join those lawsuits”.

    It just means Sen Coburn or Sen DeMint will step up and join the lawsuits, but there seemingly has been an effort in LGBT circles to drive a wedge between them and the Dems. GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans made this their new political weapon.

    I wonder what they’ll now say when the GOP Congress steps up to keep defending the lawsuits.

    Newest meme already is “Obama decides which laws he will and won’t defend – President is supposed to defend all laws until SCOTUS or congress change them”.

  26. Unfortunately, Rachel then turned around and attacked Obama again based on rumors from the PL. She doesn’t seem to have the ability to learn from her mistakes.

  27. I think some pl look at this as a bedroom issue instead of a right. I see it as a right. you can’t use your personal sexual preference to judge anyone else. Its the right of people not who they sleep with. I am not gay and for a long time i was basing it on same sex and not what it really is a right to love and be with whom ever you feel. So what i did was to put my self in their shoes. This help me to realize that we all have rights, different upbrings,culture differences. To have another human being live as a outcast because of their difference is just something i cannot be apart of. Lorrain my statement is not directed at your beliefs,but i see things IMO.

  28. It will still be up to states to legalize same-sex marriage, I think.

    I’m in a southern state, if I remember correctly, the only one Obama carried was North Carolina.

    If we could, let’s not say that only southerners will be bothered by this. Homophobes, racists, and closed-minded folks in general, exist in all states. Additionally, not all southerners are closed-minded, racist, or homophobic. (My personal plea of the day. :))

  29. Politically this is very risky given ballot proposals in California and Maine were defeated, and the three judges in Iowa were voted out in 2010 – I don’t know if there is popular will behind this yet.

    I assume there is other examples of Presidents and DOJ choosing not to defend current laws in the part right? We might need examples for when the other side makes a huge issue of Obama not enforcing current laws.

  30. You are such a nice person, a pleasure to conserve with, I appreciate your peaceful tone. I won’t change my stance, it would be against my nature.

  31. Lorraine, I respect your beliefs and opinions about marriage. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think a preacher would go to jail for refusing to marry gay couples. Who would or could perform these marriages should and will most probably be the decisions of the individuals involved.

    As to States who have constitutional bans or laws against gay marriage, I don’t know. The lawyers and courts will have to work that one out. Most gay people that I know try to stay out of the States with the most rabid anti-gay laws.

  32. Forgive me, I shouldn’t have said, southern states only, I.should add a lot of Midwest states, well most states.

  33. That isn’t true though. Presidents have decided in the past to stop defending laws they find unconstitutional.

  34. “To have another human being live as an outcast because of their difference is just something I cannot be a part of…”

    Beautiful, thank you Tulips. Great comment.

  35. Although Rachel continues to do some great research on some issues to expose the republicans, she totally lost me after she mocked President Obama’s BP oil spill address. That was the most disgraceful, despicable and disrespectful act I have ever seen from someone who claims to be a liberal. I will never forgive her for that and if I ever had the chance to see her face-to-face, I would tell her so.

  36. BWD some of the old hate fest nay sayers are on trying to get back in with Obama. After they ridiculed , talke about him, compared him to jim crow, chocolate busth and every awful in under the book. LOL! Crow is being served all over the place. I love it.

  37. I’m so happy about this. I knew he would do it in the best way possible. I don’t have all the numbers but I understand that a majority of Americans or either pro gay marriage or are “shrug their shoulders” indifferent either way.
    Unfortunately, we’ve had a vocal minority who somehow feel threatened by two people in love getting married.

    I don’t know about a lot of folks here but I remember when there were laws on the books in some places preventing people of different races from marrying.

  38. They will get no education to speak of. Standing in front of 60 kids will be far more like child-sitting. How is a teacher to grade double the papers? Are they going to fire the teachers from the closed schools? This is horrible.

  39. Lorraine, May I ask why it would be in your nature not to change your mind about something? When looking at the facts and discussing the matter, you would never change your mind about anything?
    I have another question please. You said you believe that marriage is between a man and woman. Some people believe otherwise. How exactly would their marriage directly affect you and your marriage and your life?
    And a last one – It was once against the law for a black person to marry a white person. Would you agree with that, or would you agree that that law was just wrong and needed to be changed?

  40. “Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance. ”
    Eric Hoffer

  41. I just can’t get over this Walker call:


    WALKER: So, we’re trying about 4 or 5 different angles so each day we crank up a little bit more pressure, but the other thing I’ve got layoff notices ready, we’ll put out the risk notices, we’ll announce Thursday, they’ll go out early next week, probably 5 to 6, 000 state workers will get at risk notices of layoffs, we might rachet that up a little bit too.

    FAKE KOCH: Beautiful, beautiful. Got to crush that union.

    WALKER: Well, it’s one of those in the end, I talked to Cullen, I had 3 or 4 other of my business leader friends who known him over the years and just kind of pass the message on these guys, if they think I’m caving, [they’ve] been asleep the last eight years, I’ve taken on every major battle in Milwaukee County, and won even in a county where I’m overwhelmingly overpowered, is because we don’t budge.


    Walker does make it clear that he envisions a nationwide, state-by-state push back by Republican governors in Ohio, Florida and possibly Michigan. “I talked to [Ohio Gov. John] Kasich the other day,” says Walker. “And John’s got to stand firm in Ohio. I think we do the same thing with [Gov.] Rick Scott in Florida. And [Michigan Gov. Rick] Snyder, if he got a little more support could do the same thing in Michigan. If you start going down the list, there are a lot of us new governors who got elected to do something big. . . . This is our moment.”


    This is a national scheme; this is *not* a local attempt to balance budgets as is more than clear. All of those who cited the “budget crisis” as manufactured: VINDICATED.

  42. Not Iowa. They have legal same-sex marriage. And I am guessing Minnesota will follow in their footsteps soon enough. The progressive movement started in the Midwest – Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

  43. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @WestWingReport: President last visited Bethesda Naval last Feb. 28; today’s visit with wounded warriors low key (a relative term for any presidential trip)

  44. Wow, just wow.

    I never thought by the time I got to be my parents age I’d be having to re-wage a labor battle that was settled generations ago.

    They really are trying to dismatle the foundation of this nation one block at a time.

  45. I would as well. She wouldn’t have done that to a President Hillary Clinton. But, she has no problem belittling President Obama. She has never really understood him and I think she’ll one day regret that she spent most of these years opposing our most progressive president in decades.

  46. I don’t think anything will change right now regarding states that have adopted Constitutional Ammendments. The DOJ is just not going to defend that particular section of the DOMA in court. I think it still has an obligation to defend the act as a whole, but they will regard that section as unconstitutional for now.

    Out of curiosity, do you support the idea of civil unions, or is this an area where you’d just rather not get into at all?

  47. They’ve been at this for more than 30 years. I’m just thrilled that the left is literally out on the streets because of this, and that this guy was caught on tape with this mess. Stunning turn of events.

  48. I haven’t been there for about the same amount of time. I remember thinking that Ameriblog was an anomaly among leftie websites. Unfortunately I was wrong.

  49. Rachel can be pretty feisty, but I really don’t think she was a Hillary Clinton fan at all, either. I used to listen to her on Air America way back when, and Hillary was not on her good side by any means.

    For some reason, a lot of the more outspoken people on the left are awfully pessimistic and they just won’t allow themselves to be happy and appreciate the president. They’re waiting for their chance to say “I Told You So.”

    Heck, they’re doing that today, even though PBO did what they wanted him to do!

  50. Was it Lewis Black who did the comedic sketch about gays spying on and then infiltrating the homes of heterosexual married couples? Whomever did it – it was hilarious.

    Ok, so I don’t understand. Really. How in the world will same sex couples getting married impact my marriage? Why the hell should I care if two consenting adults want to get married? Will same sex couples influence heterosexual couples to become gay? This is just so stupid to me.

  51. One would think that if this is a nationwide plan, the Koch brothers would’ve found somewhat more, how shall we say, competent stooges. I mean, with your point man falling for a phone pranker, the quality of Koch vetting can’t be that good.

  52. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @mackiesmama: @AJEnglish reporting that #Obama administration was holding off on speaking out on #Libya until US citizens there were out of harms way.

  53. If the concern is because of biblical text, in the southern states the bible was used to justify slavery. Text from the Old Testament as well as Paul’s words from the New Testament. Now today we see the ridiculousness of that line of thinking, but, back then they truly believed that slavery was justified through biblical text.

    I know same-sex marriage is a huge concern for some, maybe many, Christians. I’m a Christian, I know many people who are gay or lesbian. They are genetically “wired” to be homosexual, just as I am genetically “wired” to be heterosexual. It’s a natural instinct, it’s just who we are.

  54. Now that makes sense. I was watching AJE over the weekend, and the DC anchor was excoriating the administration for not putting out more forceful statements on Libya. But Gaddafi is not Mubarak; Gaddafi would take hostages, or just massacre foreigners.

  55. I know preachers who, if they don’t know the couple, will hold sessions to see if they feel comfortable marrying the couple. I suppose the preachers want to be sure the couple were brought together by God? Not sure…

    Anyhow, the preacher who married me was clearly not paying attention, as I was divorced less than two years later. lol, NOT a good marriage!

    It seems to me that if it’s legal for a preacher to refuse to marry a straight couple, it would be legal for one to refuse a gay couple.

  56. She’s been consistently dismissive of Obama since 2007. It’s clearly personal for her. I think she wouldn’t have pulled that with a President Hillary, because she’d know that would be offensive to do to the first woman president. It’s too bad that she doesn’t see that her disdain of Obama is offensive.

  57. My friend voted for Prop 8, a decision she now bitterly regrets, because she was under the impression that ministers would be forced to marry gay couples. After the vote, and after I told her that no, gay marriage only applied to whether or not the state could ban two consenting adults from entering a marriage contract, I could see a pall descend on her. She felt like she’d made a huge mistake, but it was the same lie.

  58. It doesn’t impact anyone else’s marriage. Unfortunately, people are blinded by their bigotry.

  59. LL, look at the field from which he has to choose. If you can find even one smart one, much less several or many. Competent is not the qualification they were looking for. Corrupt, perhaps? They both start with “C”.

  60. Yeah he’s not too bright is he, lol. But they needed someone morally vacant enough to pull bs like using layoff notices to thousands of innocent people in order to pressure Dem state senators politically. Most people couldn’t do such a thing. Hence, the low quality of some of these GOP politicians. What an ugly call.

  61. Tori, I think Governor Walker is having a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” right about now. Blocking that site is the LEAST of his problems!

    Earlier today he was pranked by a blogger whom he spoke with on the telephone and believed was David Koch. The conversation was recorded and is very damaging because it reveals that Walker is willing to use trickery, deceit, and dirty tactics to “take this country back,” as he described it at the end of the interview.

    The following websites are covering this story:

    “Walker in Prank Call: This is Our Moment.”

    Dinner and a show!

  62. My gf and our lesbian friend were in a restaurant a few weeks ago. The topic turned to gay marriage. Our friend is against marriage to begin with, but obviously thinks if us heteros can marry, gays should be able to as well. Sarcastically, gf and I said we weren’t getting married because we were afraid our marriage would be sullied by gays getting hitched. A gentleman sitting next to us — African American, mind you — laughed and said “Yeah, my wife and I are scared to death of gays.” We all had a good laugh at the silliness of anti-gay bigotry.

  63. I’m still trying to digest this…he just utterly exposed his lie that the layoffs are just about the budget rather than an attempt to force Dem senators’ hand or “crank up a little bit more pressure.” Nothing to do with job performance, nothing to do with cost savings, everything to do with this unionbusting scheme.

    The public empowered the GOP to work with Dems and find some solutions, not hold workers hostage and brag about forcing their ideology on everyone else: “we don’t budge.” WOW.

  64. Isn’t the PL always excoriating the Obama administration? What else is new? What do they want, President Obama to issue militaristic threats? He. is. not. a. neocon. Authoritarians, get over it! I’m sure that he’s going to condemn the violence, but there seems to be an *internal* consensus formed in Libya. Let that play out.

  65. Lorraine, the ending of DOMA would not make all same -sex marriages equal. What DOMA did was change something that had been in existence almost since the beginning of this country, the idea of reciprocity, where one state honors the laws of another state. That is why, even though states may have different legal age to marry, a state with a higher age must recognize a marriage from a state with a lower age.

    In other words, if a married same sex couple from Massachusetts is in TX and one of them goes to the hospital, Texas cannot ban the unhospitalized one from visiting the injured one. Under DOMA, that banning can take place.

    There are other aspects involved, but you get the idea. It does not require, in any state where same-sex marriage is banned to start allowing marriages to take place.

  66. Cheer up, as you read this!

    “Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has dismissed a deputy, Jeff Cox, for posting inappropriate comments online critical of the labor union protesters in Wisconsin.”

    “Cox sent out a message on his Twitter account saying that police should “use live ammunition” against the protesters.”

    “A staffer for the political news site Mother Jones sent a message back to the person, who was then only known by his online account name. Cox messaged back that the demonstrators were “political enemies” and “thugs.”


    “This afternoon, the office issued a statement saying Cox was no longer employed there. The office said it had conducted “a thorough and expeditious review” after it learned of the Mother Jones article.”

    “Civility and courtesy toward all members of the public are very important to the Indiana Attorney General’s office. We respect individual’s First Amendment right to express their personal views on private online forums, but as public servants we are held by the public to a higher standard, and we should strive for civility,” the office said in a statement.”

  67. I mean seriously, this is how callously he views state workers? This clearly has zip to do with an honest and good faith attempt to handle a local problem; this is a national expression of bad faith unionbusting at the hands of the GOP and enabled by the Koch brothers and their astroturf teaparty group.

  68. No clergy is forced to perform a marriage. They will not ‘go to jail’ if they refuse. No one — not any heterosexual couple — can go into a church and demand that the clergy marry them. As a Jew, I cannot go into a Catholic church and demand that the priest perform my marriage ceremony. A licensed marriage is a civil act and nothing else. It has nothing to do with your or anyone else’s religious beliefs.

    I don’t have a problem with clergy keeping their independence on this matter. I have a problem with certain clergy trying to enforce their religious doctrine on everyone else.

    Obama is not going to win Mississippi or Alabama anyway. I agree with the comments that the same arguments were used to deny civil rights to blacks and other minorities. Inter-racial marriage has not dissolved our society — it has enlightened it. Civilization will benefit from an enlightened view of this issue, welcoming loving and committed couples who have found the person they want to spend their lives with. It will have no effect on your marriage or anyone else’s.

    The Right has managed to conflate any policy they disagree with as being forced upon them — eating healthy, lower mileage cars, same-sex marriage. No one is forcing anyone to marry a homosexual, eat a carrot or stop driving their SUV’s. To continue to relegate gays to second-class citizenship is a horrible injustice in the 21st century.

  69. HI All

    I accidentally posted my earlier comment on a photo instead of here on the thread. Just when I think I am getting the hang of this, technology humbles me.

    I have captured the 2 – 10 minute segments of the Walker and pretend Koch conversations. On an earlier thread someone said they should be edited down for more effective sound bytes.

    I stand ready to slice and dice. could folks go to the you tube video, send me in and out points and I can make as many clips as the group wants.

    clip 1 is found

    If you can just give me in and out points (time is found in the bottom left corner of the you tube screen) that would be a big time saver.


  70. CNN reporting President Obama will speak on Libya at 5:15pm ET.

    Can I say it one more time? I love my president.

  71. People in Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Nevada need to get on the phone and call up their Governors offices. Seems like they’re all conspiring to break unions and blame budget shortfalls for having to do so.

  72. As far as the reaction of the professional left regarding DOMA is concerned, I’ve rarely encountered a Democrat, even a Progessive Democrat, who follows any of the more egregious sites on the left. I’ve been to hundreds of Democratic meetings at the county level over the years and my husband and I have been convening a group of county Progressives every month for the last six years and I have never heard a single mention of any of these sites. Even when I’ve dropped the name of one or two the more prominent sites, I’ve gotten blank stares and little recognition. We sometimes hear complimentary things about Colbert or Stewart, or rarely, Rachel, but for the most part, these PL sites are irrelevant to the average Dem/Progressive in the average county in the U.S. In other words, they are a bigger deal in their own minds than in the real world. So who cares what they say and how many self-righteous fits they throw? As for the far right, there is nothing he could do that they would agree with, so he might as well do what he believes is right. At least he can live with himself and be consistent with his principles, which is more than anyone on the right can say.

    Does anyone know if there are serious recall efforts underway for the Republican senators in Wisconsin who have served more than a year? I know we have to wait a year to recall Walker, but his ambitions could be hampered if he lost some senators. Last I heard, only 15,000 to 20,000 signatures were needed to recall these guys and an election would have to be held in four months. Does anyone know if the wheels are in motion on this?

  73. This Gov Walker has absolute pushed all my buttons today. This is a very BAD MAN people.

    His press conference was right on the level of FOX News- nothing by lies and BS- and putting the blame of possible layoffs onto the state dems and the union people. Also trying to make it appear that folks in WI agree with him.. and the dissenters/protestors are primarily from outside of WI. What is frightening about this bastard is that he sounds so reasonable. He is one bad actor.

    Luckily the dem speaking after him is telling it like it is.. facts and called walker a meglamaniac and a tyrant.

  74. Jackie – thanks so much for your comments, they struck a cord with me.

    So the conversation becomes, how to we effectively reach this large group of mainstream Democrats and Independents?

    What TV do shows they watch, what websites do they visit, do they visit blogs, if so which ones?

    What is the best way to reach them? email, facebook, twitter, phone, meetings in folks homes?

    I believe many of us are ready to do things that matter, we need to develop a plan for what that looks like.

  75. Right on, BWD! Worth repeating. Daily:

    “Seriously, either you wake up and see what a miracle this president is, or just get out of the way. We’re in a fight for the soul of this country, we don’t have time for your nonsense.”

  76. Told he same lies he’s been telling: this is about the budget and the fiscal health of the state. He’s gotten 100,000 emails and some people agree with him (yeah, right). This is not about the unions; the union changes are necessary to bridge the budget shortfall.

    A reporter asked about the prank call and he dismissed is as “I talk to a lot of people.”

    He’s a liar and the Koch’s puppet. The real question that should have been asked is why is he talking to the Koch Brothers about WI business in the first place?

    What a dope.

  77. If it’s not about the unions then why compare himself to Ronnie Reagan and the issue to the Air traffic Controllers stand? Why say that Sandoval called him, and that he’s talked to Kasich and Scott about how it’s going to move across the country and how Snyder in Michigan needs more support in order to do it there.

    Snyder needs more support to do what? Balance the budget?

  78. He is pushing my buttons too. I really wonder how he’s being received in Wisconsin. I’d imagine most won’t believe his lies or at least I hope not.

  79. The Republicans are very, very good at selling lies to the public. The thing I cannot figure out is why people do not fact check.

  80. Thanks for the details. I can’t believe he isn’t getting called on his “all the people are with me lie” when poll after poll show that the WI public is siding with the protesters.

  81. The thing is, for the most part, the average Democrat IS getting the message. I don’t hear derogatory comments about the president from ordinary Democrats, just a real interest in winning local elections and on what we have to do for 2012. The fact is that people live out their lives on the local level and don’t spend that much time tuned into national issues except when they are truly compelling like the BP spill, or riveting on an international level, like the Egyptian protests. They may get nettled when the progress on job creation doesn’t seem fast enough, but what I’ve personally witnessed in an overwhelming pride that we have a Democratic president and a very strong desire to keep him in office.

    As for Independents, I think that there is just something in the Zeitgeist at any given election that swings Independents right or left and you can just feel it, but you can’t predict it or direct it. It’s too early to tell about the shifting Independent currents in 2012, but the R’s aren’t doing themselves any favors these days with the rabid ravings from Walker and his ilk.

  82. While I support the Prez on this I believe it all has to do with the power of “marriage” as a part of civilized culture back to the beginnings. For some people marriage is only a civil contract. For others a covenant with God. I respect your position Lorraine but I also know we think alike on a host of other issues.

  83. Excellent questions St. Roscoe, which begs the larger question: Why didn’t the media as him just that? In fact when the dem speaker got up after Walker, the media badgered him about dems only being concerned about ‘collective bargaining’.. as if there were not a host of issues at play here. But they too appear to be stuck on ‘unions bad’.

  84. Ah well no doubt he’s doing just what his pals at Fox have done.. reverse that 61% with the 33%.. when they/he don’t like facts, they just make up their own.. and the media being helpful souls that they are- never correct or inform the public of the lies.

  85. Secretary Clinton just laid some heavy language on the situation in Libya:

    “[LIBYA, 3:32 p.m. ET, 10:32 p.m. local] U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the Libyan government “will be held accountable” for the acts of violence taken against protesters.

    “Everything will be on the table,” she told reporters at the State Department in Washington. “We will look at all the possible options” to end the violence.

    “This is now the moment for the international community to act together,” she said. The U.S. government “deeply regrets the loss of life” that has occurred in Libya.

    Clinton noted that the situation in Libya is “fluid and uncertain” at the moment, and said U.S. authorities are “consulting closely” with representatives of other governments. Clinton stressed that the State Department is encouraging all Americans to leave Libya immediately.”

    One can expect NATO coordinated action, soon, I’d say.

  86. First DADT and now DOMA, this is what change looks like. So the good people of Wisconsin voted in Walker with the help of some brain washed democrats, yeah I said it, and now those same democrats are in a world of hurt. So, who we gonna get to primary Obama? I know, maybe we can get Russ Feingold, he’s a true progressive dontcha know, and besides that he ain’t too busy these days.

  87. “As far as the reaction of the professional left regarding DOMA is concerned, I’ve rarely encountered a Democrat, even a Progessive Democrat, who follows any of the more egregious sites on the left. I’ve been to hundreds of Democratic meetings at the county level over the years and my husband and I have been convening a group of county Progressives every month for the last six years and I have never heard a single mention of any of these sites. Even when I’ve dropped the name of one or two the more prominent sites, I’ve gotten blank stares and little recognition. We sometimes hear complimentary things about Colbert or Stewart, or rarely, Rachel, but for the most part, these PL sites are irrelevant to the average Dem/Progressive in the average county in the U.S.”

    Precisely my experience excepting the occasional time when a life-long D that I know has asked – ‘you mean you actually read that crap.’

  88. I don’t know, hopefully they’re getting the facts from somewhere, because he comes across as mister cool and calm.. and ever so reasonable.. and frankly I was not impressed with the Madison media – they appeared to be a bit too differential to him. I just really hope the working people do not let this go unanswered, nor do they give up this battle. Once they give in.. it will be over for the other states, imo. but right now this sob is trying really hard to be seen as the ‘adult in the room’ and pushing the meme that he’s getting lots of support from around WI.

  89. Good. Can NATO go in an arrest Gadhafi? Somehow the people of Libya need to be protected.. and frankly if ever there was a time for the international community to take bold action, it would be in these circumstances. The most heartening thing has been the Air Force pilots crashing their jets and refusing to attack their own people. More of that.

  90. I think a lot of people are getting tired of smooth talkers who talk the way he does. He is starting to come across as a bully. And, as I have mentioend before, WI is not a good state to pull this type of stuff. Strong union state. Considering the Republicans have been getting over 40% of the union vote the last several election cycles, making this blatant a move was not smart.
    Reagan made his move after the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike. He was able to get away with it on the grounds of public safety, etc. He was able to say, they started it.

    Walker can’t do that. Specially as it has become know all the concessions the unions have offered. Heck the teachers union even offered to base pay increases on merit, not just longevity. This has always been a stickler for the public.

  91. And now we’ve got him on tape stating that he always wins because he won’t budge. As well as noting that he’s leading a multistate effort to make a dramatic shift. Doesn’t sound to me like someone looking to craft a compromise to deal with a local issue. Sounds like a liar who is very flippant about using layoffs as leverage to bust up unions for national GOP ideological reasons, and sounds like a corrupt politician who brags about it to an equally corrupt billionaire.

  92. Gonna put on my pragmatic hat today. I dearly want the LGBT community to be able to marry whom they choose; but to make this the issue above all other issues can be damaging. This is the most politically poisonous climate I have ever witnessed, with the main vipers gaining actual power in our actual government. We have to prioritize our battles because it is monumental to win any of them. With a President whom 40% of Americans think is a Muslim-Communist-Kenyan-born black impostor, to act as if these political realities don’t exist is inexcusable. If Obama cannot make marriage equality his first and only priority, to call him homophobe and demonize his Presidency to the point of damage is unacceptable.

    Are we going to achieve marriage equality if we destroy this President and other Democrats? Are we going to get anything we need or want or sane foreign policy if our actions lead to Obama’s and Democratic destruction? Can’t we prioritize urgent needs and have this President’s back?

    Republicans get it and have gotten it for over 30 years. They chip away at what they despise (read: Hyde Amendment) and praise any move that moves their ball down the field. If in one election circa 1984, the meme of “taxes and government are bad” started to take hold, Republicans would be happy with that. They’d move the ball down the field until we no longer recognize the goal post, all the while cheering their centrist-ish leaders who made any move in their direction. And they voted. And voted. And voted. Until they earned the right to their purity and now want to cash in. It took them over 30 years.

    But if the Left doesn’t get marriage equality in Obama’s first 30 days, well he’s a homophobe, a charlatan, a corporatist, a turncoat, a liar. And that’s how we get elections like 2010, with Scott Walker, Rick Scott, John Kasich and Speaker Boehner.

    We never learn. At the Orange Site I’d be called a homophobe for saying that LGBT’s should celebrate the repeal of DADT and visitation rights and the most gay-friendly administration in the history of our nation, the DOJ’s positions taken today — because it’s not enough, it’s not fast enough. They’d rather have President Palin and it would be all Obama’s fault, never any introspection on their part of the defeat.

    My brother was gay when it was illegal to be so almost anywhere and he lived a tortured life. I have been in theatre my entire life — to say I have gay friends is to say I have any friends at all. I’m supposed to be Best Woman at the wedding of two gay friends, when same-sex marriage becomes legal in Illinois. I desperately want my loving friends to enjoy the rights that I and my husband have.

    But I want a progressive nation. I want a nation where we go back to progressive ideals that were CW until a few years ago. I want to undo 30 years of damage. I wish my gay friends and family didn’t have to wait. But I will defend prioritizing that fight intelligently. Now is not the time to abandon this President and Democrats over this issue.

  93. Well, that’s kind of a generalized statement. We know Gabby Giffords is intelligent. So is her husband. I would wager that the parents of Christina Taylor Greene are smart. All those people who went to the memorial for the Tucson tragedy are intelligent.

  94. What about the prospect of UN peacekeepers? I really don’t want this country involved in another war…

  95. If NATO goes in I would wager it would a) be done under UN auspices, and b) US ground troop involvement would be minimal, if any. Libya is definitely in the European sphere of influence, and I could see a mostly European NATO force going in to excise Gaddafi, with US logistical support.

  96. I’ve long been reading every comment on these threads, and I’ve learned so much more than simply following links on other boards. Thank you all for the mail bags full of information.

    Incidentally, Liberal Librarian, I, too, posted my first comment on Counting characters is not a problem with WordPerfect, but squinting at those coded screwy looking letters and printing them out perfectly really gives me fits. No matter where I come up against them. Then my subject was missing and I had to go back and add that, then — erk! — I had another set of screwy letters to figure out.

  97. Well, my very blue area does have more far lefties than average and they *do* read DKos and Huffington Post and they *do* repeat what they read there. Fortunately, though, even they are in the minority.

    This is not to say that the more active Dems in this county aren’t very aware of what the President does or doesn’t do. They have their opinions and express them, but in the end, they tell me they will do whatever it takes to re-elect our President. Pragmatics far far out-number frustrati.

  98. I hope you are right Jackie. I also appreciate hearing another rational person report that the frustrati are small in numbers. That is a good thing.

  99. Tien, I also live in a very blue city. Lots of frustrati here. Some times I wonder if I will run into someone here that still is really behind the president 100%.

    It must be the circles that I run in.

  100. Yeah the warped text always gives me fits. And it seems like they just keep getting worse, presumably because people are writing scripts that defeated the earlier versions. I might have to start using the little thing that lets you listen to the text to figure it out. NOOOOO…I don’t wanna….I’m not either getting old. Stop it.

  101. You know, not to be facile and focused on appearances, but Gov. Walker just doesn’t look that bright. I’m surprised he can knot a necktie, much less run for and win the governorship of a state.

    I think we have to look at 2010 as a sort of strange confluence, when the Obama voters of 2008 were either tired of politics or just assumed that everything would be hunkydory, and when Citizens United allowed the first influx of under-the-table cash into the political system. I don’t think the same ingredients will be in play in 2012. There’s already talk of PBO being the first $1bn candidate. I think even the Koches would be hard-pressed to match that. Plus, Obama is unleashing the 527’s for the next cycle, and contrary to GOP opinion, there are more than a few rich Democrats who will do everything they can to keep PBO in office and retake Congress. And, most importantly, Obama is on the top of the ticket in 2012; that by itself is a furious motivator for our side. The GOP has NO ONE that can hold a candle to PBO, either intellectually or politically. Even the old Huckster says that beating PBO will be at best difficult, at worst impossible. I hope Gov. Walker has a nice job lined up with the Koches for after he either gets recalled in 2012, or thrown out of office in 2014.

  102. I am glad we are getting back to the issue of
    Libya. Still reading Al Jazeera. Really glad you pushed the site. It is great. Even commenting over there.

  103. I keep the BBC liveblog up to get constant updates. If Tunisia and Egypt were the 2011 versions of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution, then Libya is Romania. Gaddafi should carefully consider what happened to that particular dictator.

  104. Amen. ” …They care about winning internet fights, not about the future of this country.”

  105. I agree, and unfortunately in some parts of the country this tactic is working very well. Why can’t people see that free public education is a foundation of our democracy?

  106. From the BBC on PBO’s Libya statement: Mr Obama said in a televised statement that the US condemns the violence in Libya, adding that it violated both international norms and common decency. He said that his national security team had been working around the clock to prepare the full range of options for dealing with the crisis.

    And more, which tigerfists alluded to: CNN’s senior White House correspondent Ed Henry says that unnamed US administration officials have told him that White House had feared Americans in Libya could be taken hostage if President Obama took an aggressive approach to Libya. That is partly why Mr Obama held off speaking on the crisis until late Wednesday, Henry says.

  107. You just knew that after POTUS spoke, that Mattews was going to lay into him(it is the MSM Method of operation). Sure enough!
    so, I immediately called My mother(because I knew she watched it) and in response to Matthews et al, she said, why don’t they just drop a nuclear bomb on libya! That would do it… LOL!

    I mean, they want him to do what? Send in troops? WTF?

  108. I agree. I don’t understand why people can’t see that free public education is one of the fundamental backbones of our democracy; and why there isn’t more of a public effort to protect it.

  109. Well, BV, they realize that they have very little influence on what goes on in this country and around the world. When you have an outsized sense of of yourself, and think your advice should be given attention and it’s not, then you turn inward, and try to maintain as much control over what you can control, or try to. So, the PL engages in internet fights, trying to win the comment wars. To be honest, as long as they’re occupied doing that, while the rest of us try to move the country forward, let them play in the sandbox.

  110. Tori: Thanks for letting us know. It’s incredible–they are baseless in their deviousness. Where’s the media on this and the other trix Walker said they’re not playing.

  111. I just posted this in The Obama Diary. I loathe the media.

    They’re all idiots who never learn. How quickly they forget Egypt when they ere all second guessing the president’s actions and he turned out to be right as he always is. They’re just so stupid. And don’t want to admit that this black man knows what the hell he’s doing and they don’t. Sorry for swearing but I’m pissed at this attitude.

    And I’m sick of the right wing talking point — “he’s not a leader.” That’s all they’re all saying. Idiots. And bigot Pat — Nixon was a strong leader. A crook who had to resign in disgrace. But President Obama a brilliant scholar and man of morals and values isn’t. They can all go jump off a bridge.

  112. Take heart, my dear. The people who do the real work–phone banking and canvassing aren’t going to stop doing that. Plus we will have a freshly minted group of young people ready and eager to go. In the end, there will be plenty of frustrati who won’t work on the Presidential campaign, but they will work for their local candidates. I’m more than happy to put them to work for whoever decides to run against Rob McKenna. I’m more than happy to put them to work for Senator Cantwell. Down ticket people need even more help. If these people even refuse to do that, then they’re not Democrats. Period.

  113. CM and the US Media have become a complete joke. The US can not just engage in “cowboy” justice all of the time. There is a fine line to walk. I am sick of these bozos thinking that they have all of the answers when clearly they don’t. They love to gin up support for what they believe should be done, and in the end are proven wrong every time. I am also mad that the MSM is treating the KOCH brothers prank call against the WI Governor as if it is nothing. CM put it in his sideshow. It is not a sideshow issue.

  114. Obama hands out six medals during Wed. visit to National Naval Medical Center.

    From White House spokesperson Nick Shapiro:

    “During his visit to the National Naval Medical Center today, the President met with 22 service members — 21 of whom served in Afghanistan, 1 of whom served in Iraq. While at the hospital, the President awarded 6 purple hearts.”

    Read more:

  115. there are hundreds of republican and tea party bloggers that are paid to do nothing but surf the net. They spread their lies and if said often enough, people believe. We did an experiment on that last year (can’t say the 5Ws)and the lie we cooked up showed up on a number of posts for months. That’s why it’s important to have real facts and sources. It was disheartening that no one bothered checking, on the other hand, that’s how the game is played.

  116. They never ever ever think things through insofar as wondering whether US bombastic threats will make a situation better or will make it worse! Cowboys are correct. “Someone behaving atrociously in the world? My daddy in the WH is going to come and fix you!!!”

    Time for some of these people in the media to stop cultivating this drama addiction and authoritarian belief that one person can parachute in and “fix it” whenever something awful is happening.

  117. IMO Huffington et al are cultivating a taste for a third party, which is why a bunch of these frustrati indeed don’t seem to favor the Democratic party. They’re being led right over a cliff by rightwingers. Again.

  118. He picked the best person for the job. She is a very smart woman…unfortunately for us, she was the BS baffle that kept the crazies at bay.Now, the flood gates are open and flowing at full blast.As I have said before, the only “good” thing is, when they completely destroy this state(and they will)they will have no one to blame or hide behind but themselves.Maybe the apathetic voter will vote next time. Not even a couple months into their time in office, and the damage that’s been done has been gigantic.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Find those recall petitions. Call the AZ Democratic Party and sign the damn things…Only people that live in Mesa can recall Pearce, our very own Neo Nazi, hater in chief…but the entire state can recall Brewer. Let’s get BUSY!

  119. I did not even see the Q&A for Walkers press confab:

    Then came the Q&A — which was very brief, with only four questions, but which featured a notably loud ending.

    The first questioner asked Walker whether he could be trusted to negotiate in good faith, given he had discussed with “Koch” methods of tricking the Democrats into coming back to the Capitol building, and after he alluded to having considered bringing “troublemakers” into the crowds.

    “For us I think it’s real simple. First I want to say I take phone calls all the time,” Walker said, before being interrupted by a reporter in the crowd who yelled, “Not mine!.” Walker continued: “I’ve talked to individual taxpayers across the state. As I said last night I’ve listened to people both pro and con in terms of the e-mails I’ve received. But bottom line, the things I’ve said privately are the same things I’ve said all along.”

    Regarding the idea of planting agitators in the crowds, Walker said: “We’ve had all sorts of options brought to us by staff and lawmakers and people across the state, but as you heard we dismissed them.”

    Regarding the idea of bringing the Democrats into the Capitol to talk, only to have the Republicans use their presence in the building to declare the Senate in session for the budget — as Walker said in the call, “I’m not negotiating”. Walker said in the presser: “I’m willing to talk, but ultimately I think it has to lead to a vote. I don’t think that’s a trick.”

    When the Q&A was over, Democratic state Rep. Brett Hulsey — who had gotten in the room before the press conference began, took the governor’s podium to give his own remarks and to take questions from reporters.

    At this point, some young staffers from the governor’s office opened the double-doors wide open — so that the sounds of the thousands of protesters came pouring in, drowning out Hulsey. The reporters then asked for the doors to be closed, but the young men stayed at the doors, keeping them fully open.


  120. I am glad to hear other people say that about Americablog. I use to go there all the time haven’t been back in a long time. All they could do was bash the President and I had had enough.

  121. I mean, they want him to do what? Send in troops? WTF?
    That’s exactly what I was yelling at the scene when Tweety and Howard Fineman did their instant grading of the comments from President Obama on Libya. You would think the speech was a sporting event. You could just imagine them holding up cards with numbers on them just like the Olympics.

    It has really be infuriating to watch the White House and State Department briefings. The reporters are constantly trying to drum up controversy by saying that the response to Libya is not as forceful as Egypt. Apparently, it’s all about pleasing the jackals. They know exactly what President Obama should say, what words he should use and when he should speak.

  122. Except that they complained all through the Egyptian revolution that President Obama wasn’t forceful enough, same people.

  123. Yep thats exactly what happened. Also, lets not believe for one second that Walker is even taking phone calls from constiuents against his proposals, or reading their emails. So he’s either a liar (obviously) in that he’s just ignoring all of the people opposed.. or he’s being given selectively supportive phone calls and emails.

  124. I love how dismissive that he is of his own taped admission that he “thought about” employing troublemakers to disrupt the protesters; that call needs to be made into a WI commercial, pronto.

  125. (Reuters) – President Barack Obama named a group of top corporate executives on Wednesday to join a new economic advisory panel, the latest move to boost the economy and reach out to the business community.

    The Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which will be chaired by General Electric Co (GE.N) Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt, has its first meeting on Thursday at the White House at 1:45 p.m. EST (1845 GMT). Obama will address the group.

    The White House published a list of high-profile names that will make up the panel and said more members would be announced in the future.

    The list included Citigroup (C.N) Chairman Richard Parsons, American Express Co (AXP.N) Chief Executive Kenneth Chenault, AOL (AOL.N) co-founder Steve Case, Southwest Airlines (LUV.N) Chief Executive Gary Kelly, DuPont (DD.N) Chief Executive Ellen Kullman, and Intel Corp (INTC.O) Chief Executive Paul Otellini.

  126. “Corporatist! Sellout! Traitor to the working classes!”

    There, that should be about half the commentary on the PL sites.

  127. Creole Child: Thanks for that post. I just sent off an email to Mother Jones for letting us all in on that Twitter business. Good job.

  128. I didn’t mean the general population. I meant those in control of our current government here. Sorry for the confusion.

  129. And I have no doubt but that a bunch of them are posing as disaffected progressives and are giggling themselves silly as fauxgressives cosign their lies.

  130. So long as the national media doesn’t use them as shorthand for “the base,” I’m utterly agreed. Opportunists are merchandising sensationalist content for consumers looking for this media product. God bless them, free country.

  131. Agree with you 100%, Proud of Obama. I never was too drawn to her. Even during the presidential primaries, she came across as a concern troll to me.

  132. Exactly gn, you’ve nailed him with his own words.

    I missed POTUS’ news conference on Libya.. from what I gather the media is once again for being too this and not enough of that?? Above prior to him speaking, I commented that this is a time for the international community to be bold, and wondered if Gaddafi could be arrested.. I in no way am inferring that we should attack Libya, not at all. I’m more concerned about protecting the people of that country from a genocide of sorts. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do believe that President Obama is the guy who’ll figure it out in the most appropriate manner.

  133. I know why Governor Scott is unmoved? OIL!:

    FEBRUARY 23, 2011
    Gov. Scott’s office talking with federal officials about high speed rail, but Scott still unmoved
    Federal transportation officials have been in talks with staff members in Gov. Rick Scott’s office over a potential deal to salvage a high speed rail project. But Scott has not moved from his position that a deal cannot be structured to remove financial risk to taxpayers.

    “Nothing in the discussions so far alleviates the governor’s concerns that Florida’s state taxpayers would still be on the hook,” spokesman Brian Hughes said.

    Staffers from the U.S. Department of Transportation have been talking with Scott’s team since yesterday and the discussions continue today. They have until Friday to come up with a plan.

  134. She lost me when she did her own Presidential address. I did not like that one bit.
    I don’t think I ever saw her the same way after that. Then there is her tendency to jump on any rumor about what the president might or might not do. I thought she was better than that.

  135. Yep I don’t think much of her for that bit either. But I’m biased, I dislike and distrust all the mainstream media.. they all want to be famous imo and that is their main motive… some may be on the left side of the fence, but most are on the right and far right.. and those on the left like seeing their pictures on the teevee and their name in lights just as much as the right. When a news person shows up and pretends to be the President- especially this President- in a manner geared to make her a star and he (POTUS) a ninny.. then frankly imo she ain’t so much about the news or informing.. she’s about herself.

  136. He bragged about always winning because he doesn’t budge, so why in the world would he read emails from detractors? He admitted on the phone that he has no intention of compromising on his effort to strip workers of collective bargaining rights…

  137. That is one of the most disturbing aspects of his horrible conversation:

    He bragged about always winning

    His arrogance is beyond belief. WI had better make sure he falls.

  138. I think he’s toast. Once you have a coalition of police, firefighters, and teachers, your political position is untenable. The GOP strategy is to split union support, with the more “conservative” unions like police and fire supporting their candidates. Doing something to unite all these unions is like Germany fighting a two-front war: it’s just political suicide.

  139. Precisely.

    In fact, other than off shore support, I’d could imagine in this case, zero US in-country involvement, even at the special ops level. What we must continue doing, as this President has definitely been doing, is denying the dictators ‘america is the great satan’ excuses for their genocide and other crimes against their people.

  140. As I said in the new thread, I would not want to be Gaddafi and in an SAS sniper’s crosshairs. It would probably be wise for him to leave for Venezuela or Nicaragua or Cuba before NATO gets involved, which all signs are pointing to happening.

  141. Askew, you are right. It is rather strange. T
    The Bible belt does some unexpected things.
    Kansas was the first state to legalize abortion. Talk about shocking.

  142. Lorraine, I agree with gn. I appreciate the fact that you still support our president.

    You have a strong moral feeling about this issue, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  143. TrumpDog, Your analogy is correct. People come from different places and perspectives, and over time people can change their minds. hugs,dr

  144. TrumpDog, I felt the same way about Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas. Now that horrible Sam Brownback is governor. He is loon.

    Nothing against the bird.

  145. Grumpy young man, I think the legal act of getting married should be a civil union.
    I have always believed this was the way to
    go about it. This ceremony reflects your
    legal status as a couple in terms of rights and laws.

    Those who wish to be married in a church
    can do so after the legal ceremony. This
    is the spiritual marriage.

    By the way, you do not seem grumpy.

  146. markknoller on twitter:

    Biden said of his 2008 run for Pres: ““If I had known how good Barack was…I wouldn’t have been screwing around with that exercise.”

    An endorsement from a former competitor doesn’t get much more ringing than that…WOW.

  147. Our President is the greatest!!! He’s one-of-a-kind!! While the media is helping the repubs spread all of their lies, the President is getting things done. Just think how much more he could get done if he had more help.

  148. Ha! That’s our VP. It’s classic Joe.
    Loves it!!!

    People really do have his back from the bottom to the top.

  149. Arguing with Progressives is the same as arguing with teapeople. It’s a complete and utter waste of energy and time that you’ll never get back.

  150. And it does nothing but put $$$$$$$$$$$$ into the pockets of opportunists. They set up these combat zones for a reason! Liberals are not served by this type of thing at all, which is why the GOP and fauxgressives go to such lengths to travel to liberal venues and ensure that conversations are interrupted with their lies, memes, and false narratives.

    Worse than a waste of time and energy; diversion of focus and it is 100% deliberate. For people who want to engage in it, free country, I sure did for two years following POTUS’ election, but just know that you’re not really accomplishing anything IMO, and leave with nothing but bad feelings about being in conflict with fellow human beings many of whom are lost and/or in a great deal of personal pain.

    My two cents.

  151. I just love Joe. He’s been such a terrific VPOTUS and I find his wife, Dr. Biden, wonderful and inspiration as well.

  152. By the time they’re done, people will be clamouring for European-style socialism. Most education is free, including University.

  153. I don’t know why the public thought the Republicans would do anything other than what they said they would do. They spent two years opposing everything, not making an effort to work with the Dems on a single thing. Why would they think that electing them into power would result in anything except the very worst which they promised to do?

  154. … presumably this comes from the exact same people who wanted him to not defend DADT in the courts?

    It’s almost as if most people don’t actually understand the constitution of the united states, and it’s almost as if the president is a professor of constitutional law.

    Oh, wait 🙂

  155. Little by little, but most definitely, President Obama is dismantling the fauxgressives’ poutrage machine. Soon he will leave them with no choice but to focus solely on the malignancies that lie with the Republican party. Otherwise they risk being viewed as nothing but Tea baggers with a “left” slant.

  156. Thanks for your support of this great man. He gets things accomplished in his quiet way against incredible odds. Liberals who do not or will not cheer his accomplishments are nearly hopeless and the real enemies of progressive change. Keep up the fine work on this site.

  157. Oh, a neighbor so to speak. Rob McKenna needs
    to be taken down. What an ahat. I can’t even stand to look at his picture. Good analysis by the way.

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