“Unemployment falls, jobs added in most states” (Updated with Facebook Town Hall info)

Hi guys,

I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’m a bit of a polls wh***. I let them affect me. It’s not rational, I know, it’s just the way it is. The last few polls upset me, especially the one from today, where PBO is down 7 points since January. Unemployment is down a whole 1 percent in three months, and people are more pessimistic about the economy than they’ve been in two years? None of this makes sense.

Are people THAT stupid? They really can’t see what’s going on? Who’s on their side and who isn’t? Can’t they see that PBO is just about the only person between America as we know it and some third world fascism?

I told you, polls gets to me. And regrettably, the PL can get to me too, at least from time to time, and so is the stupid media giving Tramp (Yea, this is my spelling and I’m sticking with it) so much space to spit his ugliness . Therefore, I’m not happy today…:)

Anyway, here’s a piece of good news, followed by some lovely photos. Do notice the diversity of the crowd in the Town Hall (Which can be seen HERE and is obviously highly recommended, since PBO talked about stuff he’s been talking about from day one and the media insist that he should talk about because they never show him talking about it) . We really *must* make sure that all these people comes out to vote next year.

Unemployment falls, jobs added in most states

The unemployment rate dropped in 34 states in March from February, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That’s the largest number of states to record a decline since June. The rate rose in seven states and was unchanged in nine and Washington, D.C.

Employers hired more workers in 38 states. A government survey of employer payrolls found only 12 states plus Washington, D.C. lost jobs last month, the fewest since October.


Feds approve Cape Wind power project off Massachusetts coast

BOSTON — A federal agency approved plans for the Cape Wind power project off the Massachusetts coast, clearing the way for work to begin on America’s first offshore wind farm as early as this fall.

Approval by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement was required before construction of the proposed 130-turbine wind farm in Nantucket Sound could get under way.

Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar said Tuesday that the Cape Wind project, which has already received other state and federal permits, could create 600 to 1,000 jobs and that nationwide the wind power industry has the potential for tens of thousands of jobs.

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****** ETA: Make sure you RSVP President Obama’s facebook townhall – April 20 @ 1:45pm PDT / 4:45pm EDT.


191 thoughts on ““Unemployment falls, jobs added in most states” (Updated with Facebook Town Hall info)

  1. Wow, I’ve never been able to do that before. Right place at the right time for a small personal accomplishment. ;^)

    BTW, what poll is showing Obama down 7 points since January? Is it the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll? Because I never really take that poll seriously, even if Obama is up big.

  2. BWD, I think it’s all this talk about deficit and debt. It is scaring people and make them less optimistic about the future. That, and gaz prices.

    Totally unfair, I know.

  3. (((BWD))))) I understand, I just realize that any place I can push back in support of President Obama, I do it…especially on twitter….I hate to admit it but I hate bad polls also….but it’s so far out, I know they will go back up.

  4. I stopped following polls and watching the MSM, along with not visiting vile websites and blogs. I feel so much better! I know that more people are pragmatic and reasonable like me than are hateful and downright crazy. We understand the remarkable job the president is doing under extremely trying circumstances and support him fully. This wonderful site you have created, BWD, is a testament to that.

    Please know that I appreciate the effort it takes to navigate the swill you have to read through to get to the good stuff you post. I am very grateful!

  5. It’s easier said than done, but you can’t let the polls get you down. Robert Gibbs said it best, the polls are like an EKG.

  6. Your post hit the spot. I’ve been in a foul mood all day and it’s all because of the Standard & Poor’s business, the poll, my fear that the Republicans would rather burn down the nation than give PBO anything that would enhance his re-election chances.

    We will just have to trust in him, as always. Every Dem. meeting I’m at, there is the same cry that Dems need to be better at messaging. Again I will trust Plouffe et al to get this right. We need to say that it’s the Republicans putting the country at risk through their trash talk about the debt ceiling. And their refusal to give up on the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy.

    But am I right, there is no way the tax break stuff can change before there is a change in Congress?? Ie after the 2012 election?

    I have to get back to work.

  7. Huh! Tramp! Pffthhthtbbt! That’s awesome. I will co-opt it, if you don’t mind. 🙂

    I know what you mean–polls affect me that way too. Don’t worry, dear. They will go positive again. Soon.

    Love you, BWD. 🙂

  8. Polls can be skewed, so I’ve never really payed attention to them. Especially since that Halter/Arkansas poll…

  9. I understand, BWD, but I also don’t really watch the polls. I have given up watching TV news unless I know what is going to be on. I have found that the msm is to bought and paid for is does scare me. But I have to believe that people will really see what is going on in the House and in the states the Repubs control. I have to trust this President and the people around him.

    Thank goodness for this wonderful site and all the people here. We are the future and we are fired up and ready to go.

  10. BWD, Nobody is going to be paying attention to the polls until one month before the election when voters finally start paying attention to who is running.
    On the other side, Plouffe already knows how every district in the country will vote and where attention needs to be paid. Trust him.

    To help cheer you up, when PBO gets to Ireland, he will be speaking at Croke Park GAA stadium in Dublin, which has tons of history. The stadium was recently refurbished and will hold 82,000 plus, if they put in the extra seats. Should be packed! Every Irish person has 4,000 relatives (voters) in the US. [I’m only exaggerating a little bit] His speech should be terrific, no matter the subject.
    I’ve given up on being able to see him at Moneygall, which will be walled off and invitation only. Sigh. Frantic painting still going on and flower baskets ordered.

  11. I feel the same way BWD Was gald to see your post.
    Seems like Obama has to lead the country and the right just tries to destroy him.

  12. Yes Chin up,just remember when he was runing against HC they the so- call pollters were telling us that he was way behind as much as 34% really and what happened, the MSM is manipulating the POLL”s it’s for their benefit and buttom line.
    Let’s stay focus by just looking at those beatiful pictures tells me otherwise, tomorrow he will be on facebook, and it’s will be very BIG.

  13. Agree, and I hate to say it, but I think Trump’s big mouth spewing nonsense is hurting also. NBC/Today Show has aired more of Trump(again today) in the last 2 weeks than comments/town halls/interviews of Obama in the last 2 months, or longer. Gas prices, talk of debt and deficit, Repubs and Trump getting the bulk of news programming air time—-all contribute.
    Gas prices—Think Progress had an interesting piece on this, that in light of the fact that oil supply has remained steady, experts believe speculation on global oil market may be artificially inflating prices. And the illustrious Koch Bros. were said to be heavily involved in oil speculation.
    In contrast, I just saw a bit of good news on Chgo Trib. site —-that Walgreens is going to be installing charging stations for electric cars. I’m not sure if this is just in the Chgo area, but I’m betting it will be happening nation-wide. Anything that helps us to continue to lessen dependence on foreign oil and all that accompanying damage is good news.

  14. I read something interesting earlier today. Clinton was around the same level of popularity going into the 96 election plus 40% of Dems wanted him to be primaried. So he had even less support within the Democratic Party than Obama does.
    It is not that I am going to ignore polls, but nor am I going to let them get me down. Instead they will serve as a motivator to not be complacent about the elections next year.

  15. Yes,

    I also think that the numbers could be impacted by the general dissatisfaction w/the kind of gov’t the 2010 elections wrought:i.e., lowest common denominator discourse, non-economic issues posturing (Planned Parenthood, Birtherism etc.), and the media’s fascination w/all that is unimportant but entertaining.

    I also think that good numbers take a while to impact a general sense of things getting better.

    The only thing that worries me is that the inadequacies of Tea Partiness (not a real Party; not a real Movement – Just anxiety that’s been mobilized by corporate interests)will morph into a general notion that gov’t itself is inadequate.

    But: It’s early, right?? And I do think that once people drill down in the data (and not just the top line results), public attitudes are fairly more complex than screamed in headlines.

    everyone have a beautiful afternoon!

  16. But, but, but Trump thinks because he is rich he will be the next President what pkanet is he from?

  17. I know, I know. I really should stop do what I do – but between the media and the blogosphere, and now the polls – It’s tough to ignore the noise.

  18. Please ! Like I said last week to a poster polls this far out from the election mean very little. With the economy improving depsite higher oil prices and more companies saying that they will increase payrolls I think it’s too early to judge things based on the short term and that we should look long term.

    Reagan at this point in time had an approval around 40 % and hit a low in 1983 around 34 %.
    Majority of voters thought at that time that Reagan was a failure and his numbers with Republicans having confidence in him declined. It was so bad that many in the party thought that Reagan wasn’t going to run in 1984 because of the bad poll numbers and high unemployment.

    Well the unemployment rate started going down and unemployment rate fell to 7.5% around election time 1984 and he won by one of the largest landslides.

    Clinton was another president with average to poor approval numbers in his first term but won re-election by an electoral landslide. Harry Truman was in a similar position and he beat out Dewey.

    Sorry for the rant but the point is that these poll number mean very little and we are far away from the election. Like they say a year or more is a lifetime in politics.

  19. Nice mishmash. Lovely pics.

    I don’t trust polls and I stay away from MSM, and it’s for this very reason: emotions sway and the negativity demoralizes — which is exactly what they want.

    Everybody have a great afternoon — catch ya tomorrow :-)!

  20. Agree, and I hate to say it, but I think Trump’s big mouth spewing nonsense is hurting also.

    But how can it be? I know, there’s no stupidity shortage in this country, but there’s got to be a limit, no?

  21. Having to moderate the site by yourself forces you to have to wade through all the muck and vitriol. As the site grows in popularity it just makes more work for you and you’ll enjoy it here less.

    You should maybe look to allow others here the ability to moderate away obvious flames/trolling, leave the questionable ones up for you and allow all the rest.

    I don’t worry about polls – I think we’re overpolled when you have the Gallup rolling three day poll jump 4 points when nothing happened over that three days. It tells me that they’re not serious. The only poll that I worry about isn’t even a poll, but it’s the fact the GOP can’t get a viable challenger to join their primary. Right now it’s silly season for the media, they need to fill their 24 hour news cycle and need drama so Trump sells.

    Gas prices are a big problem right now, but there is nothing President Obama can do about it. Releasing strategic reserve would be a mistake – as it’s for shortages in times of crisis, not because prices are too high. Higher prices will hurt the recovery though as folks have less money to spend elsewhere, but in the long term it will keep alternative renewable energy investment on the forefront, and could encourage jobs to stay in the US rather than shipping them all the way across the world if it them means you have to pay the high gas prices to ship them all the way back.

  22. Well the media is not the media of the past. They don’t care about reporting facts that much. They care about issues that generate ratings.

    The days of real journalism started to die in the 80′ and today it’s even worse.

  23. Well I, for one, want to comment on the positive. The town hall was excellent. President Obama let it be known what the republican plan to do to the middle class. The questions were very good. Too bad our “journalists” are incapable of thinking up questions that real people want answers to.
    The job numbers are great too.

  24. Well oil prices are high because of over speculation. It has little to do with supply as the Saudi Oil minister said yesterday that there is an over supply in the market. Because of that statement oil prices declined a full perecentage point. And that just backs up the claim that this is just plain speculation not supply or demand issues.

    Right now oil is over inflated and it will eventually come back down. Now I don’t know by how much but oil prices right now don’t reflect macro conditions.

    And thank god President Obama was able to put in place a payroll tax holiday because that will take some pressure off of consumers as many economists have said.

  25. Don’t be worried about Trump. He is dividing the Republican party at the moment and the party will squash the man before long to stop that. We don’t have to get our hands into it. When Rove calls him a joke candidate, they hate him. I think it is funny.

    I went to sleep giggling last night when it dawned on me what PBO had done. He announced that he will raise one billion dollars towards the election, and he has already started. The Republicans don’t even have a serious candidate yet. He has told them clearly that if you want to run against me, you have to be ready and able to raise that kind of money, or pull it out of your own pocket. That would scare the hell out of me if I were thinking about running against him.

  26. BWD, cheer up! I have said so before and I say it again: Stop paying attention to the polls! Just as our news are manipulated and fabricated, so are these polls. Even during the 2008 campaign I always noticed that the polls did not reflect what I could see in the faces of the crowds that came out to hear then candidate Obama. And that carries through to the present. Keep in mind, President Obama is such a drastic departure from what we’re all used to, a lot of folks may be thinking that they like what they hear, but they are also influenced by the negative reporting and the familiar distrust of all politicians. They will need to become more aware of what is going on, and getting them to that point is the job that we all need to embrace. I absolutely never look at polls. Instead, I have a personal goal of having at least one extensive conversation with one doubter every day. The trickle down of positive commentary works just as well as the trickle down of the naysayers. In the end, the stronger argument will win the day.

  27. Another place to look when you want to read the tea leaves without the never-ending stream of polling is the level of recruits the Dems are getting. Patty Murray has got high level or top recruits for NM, Nv, Virginia, a rumored on in Texas. House recruits are getting a lot of rematches – meaning they can run record on record and the current House GOP freshmen have done nothing in almost four months now. Compare Pelosi’s first 100 days to Boehners. Also look to fundraising where Dems have 60 less House Reps and beat the GOP House in fundraising over the last quarter.

  28. BWD – We feel your angst about how fickle the people responding to polls are …

    and, yet, you managed to turn away from what frosted you, to present positive stories for us and glorious photos of the only adult in the room “in action.” Thank you.

    If this doesn’t sound too woo-woo, may I share something my son sent me out of the blue last evening? I intend to keep it handy. It’s a good reminder for us not to focus on the negative (what you resist, persists, according to Jung), but keep our eye on the 2012 prize and focus and concentrate on what will get us there. This says it better than I could:

  29. Dear BWD and Everyone:

    I know what you mean about the hatred and the pandering to Tramp ( spreading your word) BUT the opportunist will trip himself up. He is a classless buffoon. I used to live in Brooklyn so I remember him well and his affairs. I think he is bored with his vapid show and wants something new.

    One of the blessings of this site is that it is place of light, healing, and sharing. When the forces of darkness and hopelessness start to creep inside and try to poison my spirit, I mobilize my anger…These blue meanies will NOT get me. Remember they can only win you, if you let them. Please do not play their game. Play the Obama long game.

    This is a Holy time for Jews and Christians please remember that the when there is light is crowds out the darkness.

  30. Nevermind, I found it -ABC Poll. 47% Approve, 50% Dis.

    Wasn’t there an AP Poll that came out a week or two ago with him at 53% approval?

  31. BWD – You are not the only one that obsesses over polls. I do it too even though I know polls are useless this far out.

    I think people are feeling discouraged about the economy for two reasons. One, gas prices are going up like crazy as are food prices. Two, the stories about the deficit and how America is doomed are depressing and drowning out the stories on the improving job situation. I do think Obama’s team needs to do better about shifting the conservation back to jobs. That’s what voters care about and his administration is spending too much time talking about the deficit.

    As for Donald Trump, he just said he’ll release his taxes once Obama releases his “real” birth certificate. GOP primary voters may buy that, but the general public won’t and that may be a bridge too far for the media as well.

    Lastly, I am starting to get worried about the Gang of Six negotiations on the budget. the best part of the deficit coverage is that it shows independents a clear difference between parties. The GOP is for cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The Democrats stand for protecting all three and taxing the rich to help reduce the deficit. The Gang of Six is going to muddy this great contract by agreeing to unnecessary cuts in entitlements. It seems the Senate is once again stepping all over the Democrats message.

  32. Yes, japa21,
    Amazingly, given the very difficult times and uncertainty people feel, PBO is doing better than Clinton and Reagan at this time in their presidencies, particularly with voters in their own parties.

    This was an ABC poll (47%) , and it essentially matches the recent NBC one (49%). They are polls worth paying attention to because of their sample size and followup interviews. In other words, they are thorough.

    I am not one who believes that polls are useless or utterly spurious–at least the reputable ones. They offer a snapshot of how people feel, and right now, people are grumpy. Despite better economic numbers, we are still in a major hole left by the immensely destructive financial explosion in 2008. Most Americans have never experienced anything like it in their lifetimes, and want it to be all better quickly, and that is not going to happen. The sudden spike in gas prices really hurts and makes an anxious public feel powerless and frustrated.

    So PBO has gone back to the numbers post holiday bounce he has been at for months and months of challenges, big and small. Not bad, really.

    But the battle lines are drawn, and his message of patience, optimism about the future despite our challenges will resonate when compared to heartless/soulless Republican/Ryan vision.

  33. And also look at the far more consistent messaging you are seeing from the Dems. People tend to react with a delayed reaction. When they see confused messaging that tends to discourage them. But of late, and Paul Ryan has a lot to do with this, you are seeing much more consistent messaging.

  34. Yup; look at how that gallup story about President Obama supposedly bleeding black support is being reported.

    At the time, the man was at 85% black support, up from 82% a few weeks ago, and is at 86% now. Those are FANTASTIC numbers, and are also unremarkable, because black voters nearly always have this sort of approval for modern Democratic Presidents. Funny how the PL didn’t become obsessed with how much black people support Dem Presidents until that President was black! Racists.

    That above paragraph is reality.

    So now for the Professional Left and sole patrol’s version: “President Obama’s ratings slip SEVEN WHOLE PERCENTS WITH BLACK PEOPLE, yay!!!!!!”

    I personally do not believe the hype. The pl/sole patrol are IMO unable to contribute anything positive to building things up. All they can do is tear down. That was fine when we were in the midst of a very destructive presidency, that of Bush, but it is not okay now that we have seated someone who is making so much progress.

    bwd, as much as you can, do not let this nonsense get you down. The media whores and their depressed audiences are determined to go through this presidency in as miserable a fashion as possible. Fine, but please don’t let them take us with them on that ugly ride.

    I’m so tired of fussy, pompous, sour new and national media people; please don’t take them seriously; half of them are just selling books, nasty/nice television shows, and blog hits anyway.

  35. Reagan’s poll #s were similar as well. I think Obama will be fine unless gas prices get above $5. Then, it is going to be a problem.

  36. Thank you very much, for continuing to post pictures that make me feel great. I see faces that are loving this man, and that pleases me each time I do see the continuing enthusiasm from such a variety of people. Somebody has sense. Somebodies get it.

  37. Or if you pay attention to polling, really pay attention to where POTUS is losing support: swing voters. Black people have his back, liberals have his back, other people of color have his back.

  38. What would be helpful would be for Obama to push for a bill to make oil speculation illegal. That’s what driving the prices up.

  39. Booman had an interesting post on the Gang of Six. Conclusion: since neither side will really be willing to sacrifice the sacred cow, there will be no real proposal.

    Someday I will post a comment, of some length, specifically on Medicare and what I think can be done to save money there without reducing any care that seniors receive. It isn’t really hard but will result in some screaming anyway.

  40. Planet messing with the GOP. Trump made a $50K donation to Rahm’s mayoral election campaign. 😉

    The birther stuff doesn’t bother me one bit. He’s truly riling up the GOP base, and making the teaparties impossible for the GOP to ignore and try to put to bed.

  41. So exciting – I hope we get to see pictures of beautiful Ireland, and the wonderful people who inhabit that country. Their excitement over the President’s visit is really sweet and encouraging..

  42. Only hope I have for the Gang of Six is that Mark Warner has Presidential aspirations, Conrad is retiring and thus doesn’t have to worry about ND voters and Dick Durbin has to be in contact with Obama. Chambliss, Crapo and Coburn don’t have any higher political aspirations. Conrad, Durbin and Coburn were on the Fiscal Commission.

  43. I do think Obama’s team needs to do better about shifting the conservation back to jobs. That’s what voters care about and his administration is spending too much time talking about the deficit.

    I agree. I hate that were always playing defense, always at the Republicans court. But I guess it has a lot to do with the corrupted media. They’re not even trying to hide their corruption.

    PBO, god bless him, has a lot of faith in the American peiople. Me? Not so much.

  44. right on, Askew. I fear that the Repugs successfully shifted the conversation from economy to debt. PBO can, and must link how addressing the debt without crushing the middle class will help economically. People get unemployment, they don’t get long term macro debt stuff–not that it isn’t important, it is….damn Senate…I worry about the Baucus crowd…

  45. Love the video, the kind of hard hitting stuff we need.

    BWD – I understand your discouragement, but it will be OK. He will win. I don’t think it will even be close. The Republican candidate’s poll numbers will drop once they have to debate Obama, deal with serious questions from the press, and cope with a campaign.

    I can hardly wait for the Repubs to start making fools of themselves.

    I am reminded of that well worn cliche

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

    They have thrown everything at the President and he still is confident, cheerful, poised and articulate. Trump couldn’t do that on his best day. All this crap has actually made President Obama a stronger more savvy politician and he will wipe the floor with whoever they put up to run against him.

    The final factor is that we all have each other. We are like family provides an essential support system that gets stronger every day.

    Virtual Hugs

  46. hang in there….I’m with you…we will stick together and work work work to get the message out…

  47. Polling isn’t perfect; there are going to be little swings here and there. What happened is that gallup tried to create a larger narrative from a relatively modest swing of black voters (92%-85%, having since gone up a point at 86%).

    The key to being a poll junkie is to read all of the polls, and the crosstabs, so that you can get used to certain movements without freaking out. I learned my lesson in 2010 in which it turned out that the polls were accurate because we were unable to turn out enough of the 2008 coalition to offset the swing voter defection, and so I started to get into polls. But I really get into them, so I knew that gallup’s narrative was bogus because I’ve been watching those black numbers and they stay in the mid-80s, low-90s, dipping as low as 82%, but these variances while not quite meaningless, aren’t evidence of black people dumping POTUS. The pl just wishes that were the case.

  48. BTW, I’m not a proponent of this philosophy (I wouldn’t have the depth or knowledge for that) … I just like the superficial points in the video (as in: whatever works to keep us balanced).


  49. I don’t care how bad it gets – there’s no-one I want more in the Oval Office figuring out the solutions to these very serious problems. President Obama is the only one focusing on the issues, trying to solve them, and dealing with all the opposition (from the left and the right) with grace and intelligence.

    And so far, he’s proving to be successful. We have to live in reality. Even if gas goes over $5 a gallon, or the economy is still sputtering at 8% – who could handle all of this any better than President Obama? Who could even come close?

    I drive around and see people filled up in the restaurants every night. Over 90% of the population is working, and the President is working hard to get the rest of the people back to work. The stock market continues to climb, even in the face of tough news. Industries are starting to grow in green technologies. Nations are cooperating better. He’s an example to us all of a hard working person of integrity. There’s no-one who comes close. And if things continue to be bad, or even get worse (because, heaven help us, the right and the left are working really hard to make things worse), I don’t want any other person in the White House fighting for me and every other person on this planet. Nobody.

  50. We’re going to need the swing voters though. Those casual presidential year voters can “swing” an election.

  51. You said, “I can hardly wait for the Repubs to start making fools of themselves”.

    My dear – they’ve been making fools of themselves for a long time now! 🙂

    The fact that they’ve got Pawlenty telling us of his prowess, Huckabee demanding the repeal of HCR, Bachman just being Bachman, Huntsman on video squealing about Palin, Palin screeching about things she knows nothing about, and then the Tramp – parading around as a tea party fool so he can boost his ratings… Not to mention the seniors who have been advocating for the party that wants to plunge them into an undignified poverty, the uneducated who can’t spell and don’t recognize the fascism being wrought by some Republican Governors, and those little boys who were whining last week because they got their butts kicked by the President…

    They are fools.

  52. I am reposting from the previous thread in my continuing quest to be pesty for the President.

    The education and budget speech 2-3 minute sound bytes are listed below. I encourage you to spread them to family and friends, include them at Facebook and twitter, and insert the URL in comments you make on MSM blogs. Folks may not be wiling to listen to a 45 minute budget speech but will listen to a 3 minute sound byte.

    Obama on Education: Race to the Top costs 1% of education budget


  53. The problem with trying to explain the debt ceiling and what it really means, or what the consequences are of not raising it, is there is no easy, catchy way of doing it. People see increased debt and think “bad”.
    Trying to explain that we would see a major global depression if it wasn’t raised is hard for people to grasp.

    However, that doesn’t matter too much as it will be raised.

  54. Nothing will come out of that Gang of 6 because there is too much difference between the two parties. Republicans refuse to raise taxes at all and they want to destroy things that have made this country great.

    The debt issue actually is a good debate to have. Obama has been able to reframe the argument and the question is “what type of America do you want in the future ?”

    Do you want an America that can rein in it’s debt and live within it’s means while investing in education, clean energy, transportation, and to maintain the social compact of America. Or do you want an America that destroy’s the social compact, cut’s back on clean energy, cuts back on education, cuts back on investing in roads, bridges, and rail, guts the EPA, while giving tax giveways to the rich and not fixing the tax code.

    Obama ha laid out a clear vision and the American people will have to choose in 2012

  55. bwd, please think about getting some help weeding out the trolls. Any number of people who are extremely fairminded would be great at editing the frustrati. They swarm because they *like* to depress other people, they *like* to see people who feel good start feeling bad. Misery loves company. /kanye west shrug

    I think that it’s too much for one person to have to every single day wade through doom and gloom sky is falling where’s my change nonsense, and it’s becoming clear that they are on you so thick because they think that they have a chance to get their message out to us through you, and cannot stand that there are a group of us who are no longer a captive audience to their stuff.

    Hang in there, you truly are loved ((((((bwd))))))

  56. The media is going wild with the idea of Trump. I assume they believe he will provide great fodder for their broadcasts with his authoritarian, blunt and nonsensical statements. I just heard he will be on NBC Nightly News tonight with Brian Williams. NBC is all in with The Tramp.
    The Tramp has assumed the Palin role of unleashing the racists and the fear and hate mongers. He learned it gets you a lot of attention, never mind the immorality and damage it causes.
    And since now all seem to agree that his campaign is for real, triple sigh!, it may be about time to disclose some of the ugly, nasty, dirty people who are behind this campaign, like Roger Stone. It’s going to get a whole lot worse, I fear.

  57. People who say that the Dems are playing in the Republicans court when it comes to the debt somewhat have a point.

    But the fact is that they really don’t have a choice. The debt is a major issue not as big as the GOP tries to make it but it is a major issue that will effect long term growth, create massive inflation, and destroy programs that many Americans hold dear.

    The fact is that the debt deabte was going in the wrong direction until the President made is speech. He showed that there is a way to maintain what we have, cut the debt, and invest and what we need. A stark contrast to what republicans want to do and that is slash and burn everything and turn America into a third world nation.

  58. I remember the days when the OPEC countries set the price and there wasn’t any of this speculation. The only solace is that a lot of these speculators are going to get burned when the prices fall.

  59. Agreed; which is why I think that the PL/sole patrol constantly screaming about POTUS losing his core base, such as that story that POTUS is bleeding black support, is a distraction. I’m not downplaying the challenge; I’m merely defining it.

    With what’s shaping to be on the GOP’s presidential ticket, I refuse to worry right now.

  60. And I think all the succession of catastrophes, here and around the world, have contributed to the general malaise also. People have a sense that things are in turmoil, none of which has anything to do with Obama of course, but folks are mad and upset, and he’s there, and they’re looking to blame someone for this unease. Most people don’t think much beneath the surface.
    We had 2 inches of snow on the ground here in Illinois yesterday—on the 18th of April!—the weather is cold and cloudy and lousy here and in many other places, and I think we need some nice sunny, spring, hopeful days to help pick up the mood.

  61. I agree that it is hard. With the almost constant drumbeat from the Professional Left and those in Congress on the left who come on national TV with their knee-jerk reactions, it’s almost impossible for there not to be some negative impact, IMO. People see Weiner and Eleanor Holmes-Norton and others bashing the President and they not having enough information, accept what these people say without critically analyzing their comments. Some on the left have played right into the hands of the Republicans and IMO they are too stupid to realize it.

  62. Also what is this crap that Obama is bleeding Black support ? LOL !

    The historical average is right on the mark with the current numbers.

    I have never seen more polls done by the media since the primaries when Hillary and Obama entered the race in 08. They have a poll for everything.

    They even asked asked in one poll “if they thought Obama was the Anti-Christ ?” LMAO !

    I think the media is trying to do everything they can to make 2012 a close race so they can have something to talk about because they know that the GOP field is the worst field in political history. It make the Democratic field in 1972 against Nixon look like a world beater. Like I aid before and I will stand by my prediction I think that this next election is going to be a landslide election and I think the media can see it as well.

  63. What needs to be done (I am once again in my Presidential advisor role) is make a strong connection between reducing the debt and creating jobs. There is little doubt that the republicans have tried to move the debate away from job creation, as they are doing nothing to help create jobs. What the administraion and Dems need to hammer away at is that by creating jobs, we automatically start reducing the debt because of increased revenues through taxes, etc. That you don’t need to focus on one at the expense of the other the way the Republcians are trying to do.

  64. Trump’s role is to keep the tea-baggers occupied and interested in beating President Obama in 2012. Trump is distracting them from their disappointment that the House Gop isn’t doing what they want.

    Trump is probably a loner and is in it for himself. HOWEVER, the fact that MSM is giving this clown such a big platform is pretty suspicious in my opinion. It’s just round two of the tea-bagger/Palin promotion of 2009-2010, which helped the GOP in the mid-terms.

    Keep calling MSM and express your outrage. And say to them that you are not interested in listening to them anymore, that their bias is seriously showing , and that you know many people who are thinking the same thing.

  65. Yeah, the media isn’t helping. But, the Obama team is normally good about not buying into Republican frames. However, the team seems to have really missed the boat this time. Plouffe knows better than to make this debate about the deficit while ignoring jobs.

  66. Yep, the debt stuff is too abstract for most people. Hopefully, these townhalls will remind Obama’s team that people are most worried about jobs and gas prices, not the deficit.

  67. I think there’s a lot of bad energy out there today – it’s affecting a lot of us.

  68. Donald Trump is the GOP’s frontrunner. Not a good look for the GOP. At least Clinton as frontrunner was squarely within the mainstream of the Democratic party as well as center in this country. Trump as frontrunner, while playing a birther, says something pretty nasty about the GOP. I don’t know if it’s going to be a landslide, but all I can do is what I can to donate to OFA so that they can start getting an apparatus together, and spread good news. No use worrying either way IMO.

  69. I read on Think Progress yesterday that the legislation is in place in the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law, but the problem is that the panel responsible for imposing the new rules refuse to do it because it is very conservative leaning. IMO, this should be a fire-able offense. The law is in place, but because of partisanship, it’s not being enforced to put the brakes on these oil speculators. The republicans have really frucked up the country with this kind of ultra partisanship. They care nothing about the people they govern. With them, it’s all about winning and being given the ability to s*r*w us all over again and again.

  70. Let me say this. Unfortunately this is a highly undereducated country. The public actually thinks that the government has a role in setting gas prices. This is folly. But there you have it. Gas price = the economy for a large chunk of the public. The president gets the blame for “high” gas prices even though the truth is that gas SHOULD really cost $9 like it does in Europe to force Americans to conserve energy. This is just a lot of noise and very little heat.

  71. cosign. This is the most polled president in my lifetime. They will probably start doing polls when he sneezes. Since the repugs are so afraid of announcing their intention to run is that they are afraid of losing in a landslide.

  72. See now I’m gonna have to start posting jokes because I can’t help but want folks to cheer up:


    If Donald Trump runs that thing that he lets sit on his head and imitate actual human hair will be his running mate.

    I know you all have seen that thing move when you see videos of Trump.

    That isn’t the wind moving it around. It’s sentient.


  73. shoqvalue, after POTUS’ knock-out Medicaid/Medicare/SS speech:

    Impeach Kucinich #p2

    And a hush was heard from the “primary him” wing ::: #p2
    Speaking of crickets. Some people go all “let’s change the subject” damned fast. RE http://bit.ly/hUhd2l Whacked the skin off the ball.

    Hope you sold your Obama bashing stocks before that market tanked. #p2


    rootless: on the “I buy my daishikis at Neiman Marcus” (h/t wsy) sole patrol Dr. Professor Brother Cornel West:

    The Revolutionary People’s Workers Council is meeting at the Faculty Club this afternoon. Topic: Discussing Anti-imperialism with the Nanny.


    Mah Preznit:

    “I said, ‘You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We’ll have that debate,” Obama said, describing his negotiations with Speaker John Boehner. “You’re not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we’re stupid?’”


    Source: wsy’s comments of the week (it is so funny, anyone looking for a pick-me-up) http://weeseeyou.com/2011/04/17/wsy-comments-of-the-week-12/

  74. It’s in response to President Obama totally shifting the entitlements debate; there’s a ton of negative content out there, and it doesn’t surprise me a bit. For instance, the signing statements. I certainly am not that hot on them, but it is clear that President Obama has a justification for using it in this instance, and he has not abused signing statements as did Bush. They’re trying to paint him as a liar (the right wing and Greenwald) because he said in 2008 that he had no intent to abuse them, and from where I’m sitting, he hasn’t.

    Ask yourselves everyone, why is this a story now? POTUS has used signing statements before, and crickets, yet now I’m being told by the usual suspects that I’m being betrayed by the second coming of Bush, and the right wing is co-signing the entire argument.

    Prior signing statements:

    This is pushback against the mojo POTUS was getting from that spectacular speech. Total distraction. I hope that people are ready, because those the PL is going to really be unleashing negative content; it’s going to get worse, not better.

  75. Remember when a President’s performance on the economy was judged by GDP and the unemployment rate? I do. As BWD said, the unemployment rate has fallen buy a full 1% in a little over 3 months. That’s the largest drop in such a short period of time since 1958!

    And here’s 2 another bits of news (“just words, eh”) that won’t be reported by the MSM, or the PL. It’s called “change.” Actually getting stuff done, which is what it’s all about, Matt Damon!

    “Department of Energy Offers $2.1 Billion Conditional Commitment Loan Guarantee to Support California Solar Thermal Power Plant…


    …California Solar Project Estimated to Create Over 1,000 Jobs and Avoid Over 710,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Annually”



    Also, too:

    {Interior} Secretary Salazar Opens Public Comment Period on Sites Significant to Life of César Chávez


    And just today…

    “Secretary {of Energy} Chu Announces New Funding and Partnership with Google to Promote Electric Vehicles”

    It’s called “GOVERNING.” It’s how shit gets done, NOT with speeches that make everyone in the breakroom at MSNBC happy!

    Keep it up, Mr. President.

  76. I saw this breakdown of the poll McClatchy/Marist Poll but could someone please check if this is correct because if so, then it’s not that bad:

    Who Was Polled?
    Support Tea Party 28%
    Liberal 21%
    Conservative 40%
    Moderate 39%

    Who Disapprove of Job Obama Doing?
    Tea Party 80%
    Conservative 73%
    Liberal 24%
    Moderate 39%

    Disapprove of Job GOP Doing in Congress
    Tea Party 42%
    Conservative 51%
    Liberal 83%
    Moderate 64%

    Support Increasing Taxes on Income Over $250,000
    Tea Party 45%
    Conservative 45%
    Liberal 84%
    Moderate 75%

    Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling to Deal with Deficit
    Tea Party 81%
    Conservative 76%
    Liberal 50%
    Moderate 70%

    Do You Strongly Support Tea Party?
    Conservative 20%
    Liberal 0%
    Moderate 3%

  77. I think the Pres. has a strong sense of what kind
    of game the media is playin..They want him to
    star in a reality-less sitcom..
    Although the administration is not lead by
    I would bet that their “internal” polling has
    Pres. Obama right around 51-52%…They can’t wag
    that in the face of GOP/media…doesn’t exactly
    scream humility.

    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!!



  78. I find myself going with some inner compunction when it comes to supporting the President. Two weeks ago I was avidly checking on the news and polls and sticking up for how much I support President Obama everywhere I could online. This week I attended a state wide planning session for 2012, I am sifting through my papers from 2010, getting organized to start outreach, making sure my logins are active and entering in my contacts before checking for new names. We are planning events in our county from many different angles and taking our organization up a notch. I haven’t paid much attention to the numbers or the spin.

  79. I, too, would think there would be a limit also. My parents and their generation had far less access to “information” than do the people of today, and they were not always highly-educated or even particularly thoughtful people, but they would have considered the likes of Trump and Palin far below mayoral level, not to mention Presidential. How have so many become so ignorant and so coarse?

  80. I disagree that Trump is serious, or is a dark horse candidate backed by major GOP elements. Karl Rove called Trump a “joke candidate.” What Trump is doing is dancing on a GOP fault line, that of birtherism, and keeping that issue front and center for the GOP primaries. I don’t care why he’s doing it, but I am pretty happy that the GOP will not be able to skirt or downplay this issue. If a birther ends up on their national ticket, they will lose swing voters who are now not that hot on POTUS.

  81. I have not had one telephone call about polls AND what I remember from the last few days of Senator Obama v. McCain, in November of 2008, the polls were close and who won by a land slide?
    I have had the same phone number for twenty-some years and only this time my telephone must be on mute when it comes to polls.

  82. Jacquelineboomer, that was a fine video and it is exactly what I believe, though very difficult to put into practice. In light of the video, I present a few lines from Pablo Neruda to encourage us to think in terms of feeding people rather than in terms of fighting hunger:

    “Let us sit down to eat
    with all those who haven’t eaten,
    let us spread great tablecloths,
    put salt in the lake of the world,
    set up planetary bakeries,
    tables with strawberries in snow,
    and a plate like the moon itself
    from which we will all eat.

    For now I ask no more
    than the justice of eating.”

  83. I heard today that his show has been picked up for another year, and that official announcement comes in the middle of May. There will be no Trump for President after that.

  84. I don’t think much about polls…we love them when they show what we want to see, and hate them and worry when they don’t. There are over 300 million people in the US. How many of those people get polled? It’s miniscule. LESS than miniscule.It is a minor snapshot of that point in time, by a miniscule number of people. Last night I was at my son’s lacrosse game. A couple guys were talking, and I found myself hearing one say, “What I really agree about is that the top 1% SHOULD pay their fair share and get their taxes raised. I agree with that.” The other guy agreed wholeheartedly.I live in the CRAZY HATE STATE OF AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really, BWD, if I can hear that here, in this republican dominated state not known for their educated public….it’s going to be ok.Pretty soon,people won’t be able to deny what’s working and what improvements are real.Put these things in prospective and you have to consider the source:)Truly…have a glass of wine and revel in the goodness that we’ve seen lately.Chill the f*** out…he’s got this:)Hugs!

  85. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @thinkprogress: .@DylanRatigan slobbers all over Breitbart: You are a “smart man” + “incredibly passionate and effective” #news

    RT @thinkprogress: Essentially, @DylanRatigan didn’t even try to conduct an interview. Turned his show over to Breitbart, occasionally interrupted 2 praise him

  86. The question about the debt ceiling is stupid. It has nothing to do with dealing with the deficit, it has everything to do with whether or not the US defaults on its obligations.

  87. I’ve certainly never been polled in my entire adult voting life. Somebody call me!!!

  88. Tells you all you need to know about Ratigan. I mean he can never say a positive word about President Obama, but waxes poetic over the vile creature that is Andrew Breitbart. I guess Ratigan would call the Watergate Plumbers passionate and effective as well.

    Brietbart is scum, lying, bullying, scum. Ratigan is judged by the company he keeps and the ass he kisses.

  89. This is Hamsher working with Grover, but on a higher plane. It’s the professional whiner left cosying up with the extreme fringe right because they both have the same goal – take down the President.

    MSNBC and Fox are conjoined twins. Share the same heart and brain, one is on the left the other is on the right.

  90. I too worry about the polls sometimes, and this is going to be a very close election but i know that Mr. Obama will WIN in the end. Most of Americans do see the reality of things and one thing for sure President Obama is the ONE we need. OBAMA2012

  91. I think the President is doing a great thing right now by focusing on taxes for the rich. That is well and truly the most critical component for reducing the deficit…that and closing corporate tax loopholes. Yes, the jobs message in important, but capitalizing on the mood of the country and helping them see what the solution is what matters right now. Reinforcing that message will go a long way toward making it possible to let the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy.

    Just yesterday there was featured here an article that highlighted how the President has enough character to take a political hit in order to fix something that is fundamentally wrong in this country. We all agreed. Well, if his poll numbers are down, I believe he must feel that taking this temporary political hit is worth the price. He’s fighting for our very future right now and polls be damned.

    And David Plouffe, if you’re listening, could you please send BWD a box of chocolates, tell her not to worry about polls and to look at one of her favorite pics of the President with one of his stern glares and imagine him saying, “I got this.” Sincerely, Tien Le

  92. gn pitches, sheila knocks it out of the park, lol!

    But in all seriousness, I do think that having a few pundit-free threads here and there are a good idea. Just so people who are sensitive to this negativity can have a place to compress without it, even our super-terrific site proprietor, bwd. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us, and in my opinion, we need to choose optimism in order to face that challenge. A few pundit-free threads may help with that. Just my two, and forgive my presumptuousness bwd.

  93. Meaning, even our site proprietor needs some pundit-free discussions on occasion in order to have a release from the negativity (this thought wasn’t clear in the above comment).

  94. I just read the transcript from the Town Hall – loved especially the question and answer session.
    Our President does such a great job of explaining the issues and the solutions so that everyone can understand them

    I love my President!!

  95. Agree that much of this is a counter-reaction to all the accolades Obama received for his strong speech. It’s a familiar pattern, sadly.

  96. I think the repugs sucessfully changed the topic because 1) they are 103 days without a jobs bill and 2) it allows them to lump all of the extra spending (wars, tax cuts, drug bill)+ recession and blame all of it on President Obama.

  97. Howard Fineman on Hardball just said the WH has to be worried because these poll numbers come after his speech in response to Ryan’s kill Medicare speech. And then I thought—how many people saw that speech or even know that Obama made a speech. The news media gave it scant to no attention. The public was kept in the dark. But they have seen Trump trashing Obama every day on all stations.

  98. I’m always struck by how diverse the crowd is at PBO’s events. Contrast that with the Tea Party/Republican events. No comparison whatsoever.

  99. BWD, it can be very frustrating. You should check out this site called “The Only Adult in the Room.” It’s great for getting a boost when feeling gloomy over our stupid county’s politics.

  100. Swing voters will continue to swing over the next year and a half. Sometimes they will be swinging our way and sometimes the other way. I expect it to be pretty volatile at least until the Republicans come up with a nominee or at least a strong front runner. Right now people only have the President to focus on. And the media loves to pit everyone against him so all the swing voters hear are complaints from right and left. But, once there is someone else out there to focus on, the media narrative will be split between the President and that other person. With the crop of candidates they have going so far, I think the swing will come our way big time and stay there through the election.

  101. I doubt this election is going to be really close. I’m not being overconfident but the GOP field is really weak. Actually one of the weakest fields in presidential history.

    None of the candidates come close to Obama. Romney comes close but he is behind Obama by 5-7 points.

    And with the Obama election machine in full effect my bet is on Obama winning by a healthy margin.

  102. I would suspect that, as usual, the GOP is counting on people just being frustrated with their lives and government overall. Obama is an incumbant now, so even if the frustration is coming from the wingnut governors like Walker and Snyder, or jackbags like Paul Ryan, the overall feeling is a nation depressed about their government. The GOP thrives on people being unhappy.

    This stuff going on now in Michigan–corporations moving in and taking over cities and school districts–is scaring me even more than what was happening in Wisconsin, although in reality I think they are all connected.

  103. I just got polled last weekend about my new tea-Koch party rep., Joe Walsh, a real bozo. Boy did I have fun answering those questions—-about the tea party and my rating of my new tea party rep. and if I would be likely to vote for him again or “unnamed Democrat” etc. Zing, zing, zing.
    It was the 2nd time I’ve been polled—the first was a Rove poll trying to determine if McCain had a chance in Illinois, if it was worth any campaign stop here. Nope was the obvious outcome.

  104. Hey everyone exatly theo and we cannont let it. I have not been on for a couple of days. I have not seen much of the headlines, ive been out among the people and theirs a big difference. Rachel had a great segment where she pointed out the lost support of the tea party and how the Gop is using them to push their agenda. So let look at things. Things are not as bad as the media is claiming. across the tax day small groups of tea party. Why? I think its because they have been exposed, people are getting back to work, and the y are now seeing the drastic measure the right is doing to this country. Before the naysayers admit that they are wrong, like a stubborn child, we become silent, then they weed their way back into reality, hoping no one remember that they was the one making a fool of themselves. There is no jobs bill and the president alone has been bringing jobs. The media is trying to make the gas prices a defining issue. So lets not let them define things to us, i know it get depressing and you ask yourself why is they going to such extrem to make this president look bad. One thing it is race, no matter how much some want to deny it, they can’t have a black man telling them how to get things done, he is exposing the reason why change is hard and we must listen and act and follow his lead. We know its not about the color of ones skin, but the effective change and progress, they can’t let that change be effective especially coming from a black man, who have followers of many races, religious beliefs and class.

  105. Make sure you all read the transcript of the Town Hall today – he stated that one solution to the social security problem is to raise the cap that people pay into social security – the cap is $106,800 and after that you pay no social security tax. I love that he always uses Warren Buffet in his examples!

  106. Yes, the media fights to keep the Republican narrative at the forefront. Before the election it was all jobs, jobs, jobs and since then it’s like the Republicans never even mentioned jobs at all in order to get elected and the fact they have totally ignored job creation since being sworn in is a taboo subject never to be mentioned. That is hard to overcome but if anyone can do it, it is the President’s team. They will not give up and they will keep putting out their message. It will get through eventually. Their job is harder than any republican’s job is because the media will always go against them. They know that people like what the Democrats actually have to say and that would mean less drama so they will keep pushing the republican line so that Democrats have to fight to get their message heard and there will continue to be arguments and controversy and therefor ratings. It’s all a game to the media because they are all living comfortably and not personally at risk by what the republicans are doing. It’s a sad state of affairs but sites like this one can help get the message out that the media doesn’t like to dwell on.

  107. But the media and the polling organizations don’t care about that. They just want to keep things exciting so they won’t be explaining what the debt ceiling is, why we are approaching it and what it means if it isn’t raised. They also won’t explain how often the debt ceiling has been raised in the past. They will just lump it in with arguments about spending cuts so that it appears to be part of a budget debate and will get higher negative numbers in polling. They know the debt ceiling will be raised. It has to be and both parties are well aware of that, but that is so not exciting. If they can keep people from finding out the facts about it, they can keep it a topic of discussion and argument and make it a “controversy”.

  108. Thanks GN for sharing. Those were really “pick-me-up” comments. rootless’ comment is priceless!

  109. Thanks Darnell for sharing the real things this Administration is doing to improve the lives of people. This is indeed what governing is all about!

  110. Kefauver, I am with BWD on this one. I get all cranky and worried if his numbers are falling, and the course, the media talks about it constantly. The sky is falling.

    For today, I will take your words that there is nothing to worry about.

  111. Yup the fair and balanced news. Tramp practically owns NBC. Every time he appears on the Today show, their numbers soar.

  112. DR, his numbers have been fluctuating anywhere from 45% approval to 53% approval from what I’ve seen. He’s still polling better than any other president at this time in their first terms, so I’m not too worried at this point. 47% approval from one poll doesn’t bother me that much. Now, if 5 or 6 polls come out with the same numbers or worse, then I might be a little concerned.

  113. BWD, I empathise and feel your anguish but tears and frustration apart, how’s about a smile/laugh?
    Can you really see this America with Donald Trump as President???? An embarassment to the world! Chump change?
    Come on people. Life is ebb and flow, and so are polls and pollsters, eager to distract the msm with their findings. We gotta be strong. We have to be strong for PBO, and we will be strong for YOU, with all that you do for us,and we are here for YOU.
    Notice the pattern. As soon as he leads and displays his strength they try to weaken and deflate with the dominant headline of woe,woe woe and negativsm and a slide in his polls.

  114. The strategy of the Repugs have a lot to do with our outrage..and they know it. That is what they have,if nothing else. They are armed with defensive/offensive responses and spin.

  115. We are all avid poll watchers because we follow politics closely. I think the most important numbers are his like/dislike numbers. The person the voters like the most wins.

    Given that even Republicans don’t care much for their potential candidates, I’m not worried.

    Given that President Obama has gotten them to grab ahold of that third rail, I’m very encouraged.Without solid senior support, I don’t see any path to victory for the Reps. In fact, if they slip even a percent or two with seniors, that will be more than enough to make up for any lost votes.

    I also think there are kids who weren’t old enough to vote in 08, that will be voting in 2012. Maybe not a huge amount (maybe so), but those are votes that aren’t now counted among likely or registered voters.

    We, and the cable show pundits, forget that the Democratic nominee likely starts off closer to 270 than the Republican nominee. I’m wouldn’t be surprised to see Indiana or North Carolina turn back red, but I also see Georgia, Arizona, and Texas as up for grabs as well.

    So cheer up. Expect disappointing polls, horse race narratives from the media that question his ability to win enough “white working class” votes, and lots of “I’m not working hard/contributing/voting” from fake Progressives. Just make sure that you also expect to win!

  116. I was on a trip to Ireland last March/April right around the time of the volcano eruption and flight disruption. I learned and didn’t know there were more Irish people in America than in Ireland on that trip. The Irish are quick to point out all of their ancestral ties to past American presidents. They point out whose relatives are from each town you go through.

  117. I almost feel like this is de jue all over again. Remember, how President’s senate opponent dissolved, then John McCain and now this pack of no-names. I believe he is going to glide to re-election and that the Universe is already preparing the way.

  118. I almost feel like this is dejauve all over again. Remember, how the President’s senate opponent dissolved, then John McCain explored and now this pack of no-names. I believe he is going to glide to re-election and that the Universe is already preparing the way.

  119. I wish I had been polled on him. I have emailed him 3 times about concerns I have with his votes and gotten not one reply. Was robocalled to attend a town hall to discuss Obamacare and his vote to repeal it. Just the fact that he called it that told me there was no sense in going.

  120. Chris O’Donnell was on Stephanie Miller this morning and he said The Donald is only trying to boost his ratings. Chris said that The Donald’s show is on NBC’s fall line up so he IS NOT running for President. It was so funny, he asked, “how many millionaires do you know NEEDs a television show to get a paycheck”. He said The Donald has NO MONEY to run an election and no one takes him seriously to give him money to be the nominee. Makes sense to me. Th

  121. President Obama has two towns in Ireland claiming him, Kilkenny City and Moneygall, as he has ancestors from both places.

  122. “Controllers at Potomac TRACON, who direct more than 1.5 million flights a year to area airports, made a record number of errors in 2010.”

    Not reassuring…

  123. The ABC Nighthly Corporate news finally put the blame on the Wall Street Speculators. It’s time to start taxing these transactions. I noticed the MSCM when the Dems had the house and senate they never reported that wall street speculators had been driving up the price of oil or the dems would have taxed those transactions.

  124. Gosh… I suspected Ratigan was a fraud, but this is so “in your face” it lefts me speechless.

  125. BWD, I empathize with your concern about polls, but truly, the only poll that will matter is the one that registers a landslide victory for President Obama in Nov 2012. That’s the poll each of us can impact, directly and through massive GOTV – and we will.

    Now, for a must see video segment. What Chris Matthews does not merely to Trump but to Republicans is merciless:


    Hope everyone gets to see it and spread it far and wide, for sure 🙂

  126. Hey, folks… Ratigan, Breitbart, Huffington, Gingrich. ( Remember the photograph of Huffington partying with Gingrich in some place in Europe ? )

    You can’t help wonder… Yeah maybe just a bunch of opportunists. Still…

  127. So when Mr. Obama’s poll numbers inevitably go back up again I’ll wait for the breathless media to report it…Not.

    Oh, and btw, I’m starting to get fed up with Talking Points Memo. It used to be a good site but it’s becoming more and more like Huffington every day. Today, they have the poll story up with a sad-ish photo of the president. And in the article it says that Americans have “soured” on him. Soured, really? Polls fluctuate all the time and Mr. Obama’s poll numbers are pretty good when compared to previous presidents. Screw TPM and their hyperbole. I think I’m going to have to quit that site.

    Obama 2012!

  128. Hello everyone, I truly have enjoyed each comment here today. This was a meaty conversation. I can understand letting the poll numbers get to some of us, but I always say, In the back of my mind, that the ENEMY comes but to ROB, STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. And that’s what’s happening. That’s why they focus on the negatives, to keep us feeling bad and down. I say Cheer up, stay focused on what *WE* must do to reach our goals. For I am Too SANE, to go crazy with their LIES and Viscious Rhetoric.

  129. TPM went down hill once Greg Sargent left. Josh Marshall is a hack, and he hired garbage bloggers who write silly hair-on-fire stories to get eyes/views.

  130. The poll dip is because of gas prices. They have gone up steeply and have not topped out yet. Hard to budget for that.

    Polls also get lopsided attention in the press because the press does not report statistical or scientific information very well. A screaming headline about Obama “tanking” in a poll is more interesting to them than explaining about rolling averages, outliers or house effects. (See pollster.com)

  131. OMGosh look at my beautiful African American President. He is so royal I can’t handle……luv him!!!!!

    Woooo hooooo at the jobs numbers. 😀 😀

  132. The truth is that the Obama-Hating-ProLeft has hitched their wagon, and their massive Egos to Obama’s failure. Why? Because if Obama keeps on doin’ what he’s doin’ and SUCCEEDS then it demonstrates that the Obama-Hating-ProLeft was in fact WRONG about him, and wrong in their criticism of him. Therefore, to protect their name, ego, and reputation with their followers as well as the media villagers Obama MUST fail.

    They’ve painted themselves into a very cynical, anti-progressive corner.

  133. Fineman has more worry beads than the Ladies Altar Society at Our Lady and St. Cyrils Greek Orthodox Cathedral. I would fall over if he ever proposed a solution amidst all his hand-wringing.

  134. Yup, it’s a pattern, and I for one am not going to be led by the Professional Left. Period. I truly would advise us all to buck up, because this gets tougher on out, not easier.

    Great comment, dotster.

  135. Perfectly stated and I couldn’t agree more. Send bwd some love from the WH and a note of reassurance, because the media is about to just be on that next level in terms of negativity, and we’ve got to get ourselves prepared. Disentangle from Avarosis or Aravosis or whatever this a*shat is called, who will never reform, and embrace the bwd’s, and tpv’s. I truly wish that the WH would do more of this, although I understand why they choose to reach out again and again to detractors.

  136. An interesting point made today by one of the slave-scribes at Huffpo: one major problem with the GOP plan to replace Medicare – insurance companies don’t want the business. They want a relatively young healthy population that pays premiums and doesn’t get sick. Not 70 MILLION new customers at the medically most expensive part of their lifespan.

  137. Agree. TPM used to be a must read for me until the tone shifted to Obama punching. Sorry Kins, but you guys would be hating Hillary at this point to. Andrew Sullivan became overnight just unreadable for me recently. Perhaps part of his transition from Atlantic to Time required a lobotomy.

  138. I came back on to tell everyone that tonight’s Lawrence O’Donnell show really laid into Trump. He had clips from a couple of interviews today where Trump seemed to not know the answers. One reminded me of the Sarah Palin moment where she said, “In what respect, Charlie?” The other with George Stephanopolis seemed to just not answer the question and powered on with just move on.

  139. I have worried about gas prices getting jacked up around election time artificially to go against PBO’s re-election and get back in the GOP who does the corporation bidding.

  140. I’m not worried. Gas prices might be high in November, but if people have jobs and the economy has made a serious comeback, then gas prices won’t adversely affect people’s decision at the ballot box. Especially not once they see what the alternative is. This crop of people who the GOP have to choose from…seriously? The GOP candidate will get it’s obligatory 40% of the vote, no matter who is on the ballot, but the independents aren’t going to like the GOP candidate any more than the Republicans do now.

  141. I totally agree Saint Roscoe. I was introduced to Josh Marshall by Al Franken when he started his radio show on Air America in 2004. I always enjoyed Josh when he was interviewed on Al’s show and I followed his blog. I watched his blog grow and I must say in the last year or so I have been very disappointed in Josh Marshall.

    The snarky, hair on fire headlines are so annoying. Whenever there is some crisis like the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan, the headlines just get frantic with constant updates. There was one point during the Japan disaster, where I was literally afraid to click on TPM because their reporting was so over the top. Every time you clicked on the site the headlines just kept getting more and more dramatic.

    Now with BWD and the blogroll, there is an endless supply of excellent blogs where I can get reasoned analysis. I have basically given up on TPM. Years ago, there was a uniqueness about Josh and his team. Now, for me, you could say the bloom is off the rose.

  142. When you said the debt ceiing has everything to do with if we default on our obligations. That dawned on me why Donald Trump would without hesitation vote to not support raising the debt ceiling. He has gone bankrupt numerous times and has even bought companies and right away defaulted on their debt.
    I spent sometime today researching DT as I seem to worry about people falling for his bs. There are many times where he has tried unscrupulous things and when they did not work totally lied that he ever did it to start with. One was his desire to acquire an additional piece of land in Scotland not in the original agreement through asking their government to use a compulsary agreement to get the land. A group of citizens mounted a “Tripping Up Trump” movement to prevent family evictions. When Donald was asked about this he said, “We have no interest in compulsary purchase and have never applied for it.” There are other examples through history of deplorable business practices and misleading statements.

  143. Geez. Ariana is using the polls numbers to say that President Obama’s speech meant nothing. That people aren’t buying his speeches like they did in 2008. In other words, as far as she’s concerned President Obama hasn’t done anything positive in 2 1/2 years. Just WOW ! Of course the thread is on lock down, as is everything she writes so there are no negative comments about what she has written getting through.

  144. Fuck it. Can’t Embed for some reason. Go to this damn link. You’ll laugh;

  145. The problem with trying to explain the debt ceiling and what it really means, or what the consequences are of not raising it, is there is no easy, catchy way of doing it. People see increased debt and think “bad”.

    I don’t see what’s so hard about explaining it.

    Not raising the debt ceiling means that the US cannot pay its debts fully anymore.

    That make “Greece” out of the largest economy in the world.


  146. The key to being a poll junkie is to read all of the polls, and the crosstabs, so that you can get used to certain movements without freaking out.

    Or use the simple mathematics of the statistics that are used to produce these numbers.

    Polls are a “sampling” of opinions, supposed to be held nation-wide, by asking a limited number of people about them.

    Due to the sample size that’s normally used, polls in general have a “margin of error” of 3 percent.

    That means that without a change in opinion nation-wide a poll result can easily swing from 47 % to 53 % (and back) from one sampling to the next.

  147. If the claims being made, by your source, are true then they need to be fully discussed. Otherwise, It’s prudent for you to trade carefully to make sure that you don’t launch unfounded attacks on Markos that may end up humiliating you.

  148. I subscribe to this philosophy, although I haven’t mastered it. What we focus our attention on expands…..we can approach anything and everything from a negative(fear)
    perspective or from a positive(love) perspective. Because our culture tends to be fear driven, it is really important to be actively aware and actively choosing positive perspectives. Reality is what it is. Accept what is and look for the opportunities in the obstacles.

  149. This is exactly right. And I’d also add that optimism is a nature, but it’s also a choice. We can choose it to aid us as we face down what appears to be a very difficult challenge. Let the pl and fauxgressives run off the field without even trying and tell us we’re doomed from the sidelines, it’s a free country and fine with me. However I personally am not going to let the media lead me into such folly, and I recommend that the bwd family seriously think twice about listening to the media where they are making no sense.

    Bless you all; yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will! Happy Wednesday. 🙂

  150. I’m not exactly a fan of Mr. “Kos” and his staff, but take that truther site with a grain (or metric ton) of salt. Thanks for asking sabreen!

  151. Yeah, that “truth” site is no good. I wish that people would confine critiques of dfox to what is written there in plain sight rather than dragging in ridiculous ct. Sabreen is new to the netroots and IMO means no harm; I’m glad she asked.

  152. Who cares what she has to say about President Obama. I’m asking why she’s so greedy and elitist that she can’t share a $100M payday with the people who made her site so popular by writing for free. And I’m also asking why she’s lying about the liberal nature of her blog. I’d also love to know why she tried to elevate a monster like Andrew Breitbart who outed a woman and destroyed her career based on lies.

    Folks need to disengage the corporate product being merchandised at HuffinPuffin. It is as toxic as its creator. It’s like listening to Newt Gingrich writing about President Obama.

  153. Morning Funny—angee@wsy on the Kennedy’s:

    I agree. The only ones I would make an exception for are the Kennedys. They didn’t need the money or the status, they were on a damn mission for the little man. They may have been half drunk driving to it, but the Kennedys were the TRUTH!


    That’s exactly right. Love that family! They are an inspiration.

  154. I think the polls may reflect the fact the ‘red meat’ rhetoric that the president has used lately to appeal to the ‘disgruntled base’ or the ‘pro-Left’, does make them/us happy, but doesn’t have as much broad appeal to the general population as his sweet and easy, compromising side…

    But I’m very confident that he and his team know what they’re doing.

    Everything should shake down nicely once the R’s get started and especially once they pick a pony…

  155. Oh…and there’s the other logical reason for the polls to drop…Since President Obama is touching the third rail of TAXES the corporate titan types don’t like that and the fact is that they can make the polls say what they want by how they are managed…

    I think in general polls are biased and manipulative and then they all try to switch and play it straight right before an election so that they look good the day after…

  156. You’re absolutely correct. However, HP has a wide reading constituency. That’s the only concern I have.

  157. I understand where you are coming from BWD,it gets to me sometimes seeing the polls and listening to the negativity and hatred. I try to ignore them but it can be hard. Having said that the only poll that REALLY matters is the one in November next year. That is what I focus on when I find myself getting down over the polls.

    God bless you BWD and thank you for this inspiring and uplifting site for those of us who love this amazing President.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  158. Thanks gn. I have NOT mentioned that site any place but here, for the very reason that based on what I have read here, I trusted that my question would be answered truthfully.

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