Look around, we’re winning.

Forget the corrupted media.

Forgot the so-called “progressives” who can’t see actual progress when it hits their nose.

Forget the bitter John Edwards (aka, “The Saint”) and Hillary Clinton (aka “Real Progressive!”) voters, who were never in Barack Obama’s corner – Yet now they hate him because he refuse to bow to their demands.

Forget those with short memory and short sight, who already forgot the mess we were in just two years ago, and can’t even begin to see the big picture.

Forget the professional left, they are in this for the money. They make more money when the president is a Republican, they make more money when the “sky is falling”, and they want to bring this president down just as much as the other side. This is why they told their sheep not to vote last November, and they’ll probably do it again next year.

Forget the racists from the right. They are ignorant and miserable.

Forget the racists from the Left. If this were a white president – the most progressive president in 50 years, one of the most progressives ever – they would sing his praise. The black president must be 10 times better and it still won’t be enough.


Forget all the above, and just look around. Look at the blogroll here, look at the blogroll’s blogrolls, read the comments, spread them around. We are awake and will not sit quietly anymore, not when a great president and even a greater human being – A man who is working for the people 24/7 –  is demonized by opportunists, lunatics, ignorant, fanatics and racists.

And above all, look at these clips. This is the real world. Keep hope alive. We’re winning.

Have a great Sunday.



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  1. By DEANNA BELLANDI, Associated Press Deanna Bellandi, Associated Press – 1 hr 29 mins ago
    CHICAGO – President Barack Obama’s relationship with his hometown may be best described as a long-distance love affair.

    That looks like it’s about to change.

    Obama is returning to his roots as he embarks on his re-election race for 2012. He’s setting up his campaign headquarters in a downtown high-rise near Grant Park, the site of his victory celebration in November 2008.

    A Chicago base could reinforce a connection to a city that aides say keeps Obama grounded while he lives in the nation’s capital.

    “The conversation in Washington is completely different than the conversation you hear out here,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist who left the White House this year to return to Chicago to work on the re-election



  2. >>> A man who is working for the people 24/7 – is demonized by opportunists, lunatics, ignorant, fanatics and racists.<<<

    BWD – did anyone ever tell you that you are a better writer than any one of those PL hacks?

    Thanks from the heart for all you do 🙂


  3. President Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe will appear on four Sunday morning TV shows – NBC’s “Meet the Press,” CNN’s “State of the Union,” ABC’s “This Week” and Fox News’s “Fox News Sunday.” Plouffe, who managed Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, is expected to discuss his boss’s newly launched reelection campaign.

    Obama, whose weekend family trip to Colonial Williamsburg was canceled due to the budget negotiations, has no public events on Sunday. Vice President Biden is spending the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware.

    P 44-

  4. I am still reeling over that amazing press conference that the Democratic women of the senate gave on Friday. I have sent emails to the DNC and the White House begging them to please make this video go viral. It should be permanently posted at the DNC website.

    It was the post powerful display of advocacy that I have seen in a long time. I hope the link to that video is going out across the country over facebook, twitter, youtube and email.

    The last time I checked the view count on cspan it was 2,267. That’s not good enough. I would like to see that get up to one million. This video is pure gold.

  5. Man, are they smearing the President on cspan. Just one stroy-line after another about how bad a president he is! Wow! And Lynn Sweet just lied and said ryans plan can save alot by cutting all these services, and they showed ryan in a superman outfit! You believe this sh*t? No Swifboating for 2012…
    That is my bumper sticker.

  6. Thank you, BWD, for all you do… and this positive and uplifting post was very welcome this morning! Love to see the smiling faces in the pictures, just heartwarming. There is Hope in the air this spring!

  7. (Reuters) – The Obama administration said on Friday it will provide incentives to gasoline stations to install more pumps with a higher blend of ethanol in an effort to boost consumption of the renewable fuel.

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the administration hoped to install 10,000 flexible fuel pumps nationwide in the next five years.

    The units, also known as blender pumps, allow consumers to blend motor fuel with up to 85 percent ethanol (E85) for cars that can run on the higher mixes.

    The Environmental Protection Agency in January approved raising the amount of ethanol in gasoline to 15 percent for newer cars and trucks from 10 percent, a ruling welcomed by the industry and farmers who supply the corn to make the fuel.


  8. White House lists cuts made in budget deal
    By Jamie Klatell – 04/09/11 09:36 PM ET

    The White House on Saturday released some details of the budget deal that congressional leaders agreed to late Friday.

    The information was delivered in a blog post on the White House website, which also pushed the administration’s message that the spending compromises made by all sides would add up to a victory for all involved.

    “This deal cuts spending by $78.5 billion from the President’s FY 2011 Budget request — the largest annual spending cut in our history,” Dan Pfieffer, the president’s communications director, wrote. “These are real cuts that will save taxpayers money and have a real impact. Many will be painful, and are to programs that we support, but the fiscal situation is such that we have to act.”

    The blog post then detailed some of the spending cuts:

    $13 billion from funding for programs at the Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services.


  9. jovie, Lynn didn’t lie. Cutting all those services would save money as long as the tax cuts didn’t go with them. Lynn was being sarcastic with Ryan in the SM costume. She was actually discrediting Ryan.

  10. Went to my AOL account and was shocked. The lead article is of course about th budget deal and starts out saying “evn though Boehner is declaring victory…” and then goes on to talk about how Obama won on several key points. For a place as conservative aas AOL, that is pretty remarkable.

  11. When I saw your post about this yesterday, my first thought was how tired he must be after all those hours spent hearing from the likes of Boehner – and he must have needed some grounding in what regular folks look and sound like. I think he craves that kind of connection outside the “bubble.”

  12. Morning BWD ,

    Thanks for reminding everyone to be grateful and to keep our eyes on the prize.

  13. WOW! thanks so much for all you are doing to get the word out ! Loved the videos, one had chants of “O BAM A” just like 2008 capaign, looking forward to this one!

  14. Thanks for your pep talk, BWD. Thanks for all your work.

    You’re always there, you never give up. You are an inspiration.

  15. It;s a concerted effort by the right to effect the storyline. Just like they do online and with their misleading book sales reports, they band together, send out the word to call-in on these shows to bash the president. Sadly, it works.
    We really need our own group to collectively troll message boards, do book reviews and call in to CSpan in order to counter the games they are playing. United we stand. Let me know if anyone has plans to do so; I’d be happy to join in.

  16. Wow, I’m shocked.
    AP and Yahoo is firmly in the GOP corner, with various stories about how Boehner controlled the narrative and is the big winner in this.

    I really truly hate the AP.

  17. Now how is it that I managed to catch the Republican women of the House press conference but not the Democratic women of the Senate one?? Thanks so much for mentioning this — I will go watch it on CSpan’s website right now and spread it around. I’ve seen Patty Murray a couple of times but not the whole group.

    The Republican one was almost painful to watch, by the way — all those sad and angry women trying to figure out how to say they are against funding for women’s health! I will never understand how any self-respecting woman can be a Republican, even though there are several in my family!

  18. Leaked by conservatives! That is one thing the dems do not do well, leak things that define the opposition and/or exxagerates your own accomplishments.
    Robert Riech is a PL tool! He worked in the labor dept in the clinton adminstration, when the repeal of glass stegal and NAFTA went down. Thus, What a hypocrit.
    BTW: Plouffe is killing the game this morning.

  19. What a wonderful way to wake up this morning! It is frustrating to read the msm and the pl bash this wonderful caring man! I so agree with everything BWd says! Thanks for this wonderful place of sanity!

  20. Good Morning Jovie, thanks for posting this news. Lynn Sweet has been covering President Obama longer than anyone, she knows him better that these lack luster folks in the beltway.

  21. Boner said last night in a speech to the weird os: Their will not be a vote to increase the debt limit ceiling, unless we have massive cuts attached to it!
    Yeah, he is trying to save his butt from his right flank. Not the HERO that the MSM though he was! LOL!

  22. What a wonderful way to start the day. I do think that we’re winning, but it’s also important to feel and act as if we are. Remember the Polish dockworkers who acted “as if” they were free of state tyranny before it happened and as a result made it happen soon rather than later?
    During the 2010 election I heard a lot of defeatism from Democrats–we’re going to get creamed, we can’t beat a tsunami, etc, etc. Well when you think that way you will get beaten. So I’m heading into this campaign with the sureness in my heart that we are the ones who can’t be stopped and with this community and others like it working together, we’ll be an irresistible force.

    On another point, there may be a lot of negative noise on places like C-span these days because the right “knows” they lost on the budget and they’re doing everything they can to undermine the perceived victor–PBO. If they felt good about recent events they would be smug and less noisy. So ignore, smile, and march on.

  23. Their is 18 billion in cuts to the Pentagon, that they demed unnecessary! 18 billion to defence! Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

  24. Thanks for the correct interpretation, japa.

    I have to be careful when I read second-hand interpretations — especially when they’re consistently breathlessly! alarmist!

  25. While we all gripe about the dems’ messaging (self included), where exactly they can go to, to get their messages out ? Tradmed is totally rw. npr & cspan as supposedly neutral media avenues are a sick joke. And the chest thumping progressive voices are in teevee & blogs are the first to kneecap your side. It really must be frustrating to be dems post 2008.

  26. Budget cut details:

    Pentagon – $18B
    Labor, Education, HHS – $13B
    Non-defense Agencies – $1B
    State & Foreign Ops – $8B
    Transorporation earmarks – $3.13B
    Farm subsidies for farmers who don’t need them – $35M
    Student Loan Processors – $30M

  27. I’m sure he is more aware than anyone of the constant drumbeat from the DC crowd intended to twist everything he does and everyone’s perception of it to some beltway opinion that doesn’t actually match reality. Going out and seeing how the people actually react to him must reinvigorate him and give the courage to continue following his instincts about what is really happening. The media can keep trying to sell everything as a win for the republicans (after all everything is good news for John McCain) but the smiling faces and the excited reactions of everyday people who are surprised to see him, like those at the Lincoln Memorial, have to help ground him and keep him in touch with actual sentiment of the people. And that sentiment is behind him and his efforts in a much bigger way than he would ever believe if he just listened to the folks in DC and the press.

  28. Oh, he is doing really well in the interviews on all the shows~! It is a pleasure listening to him! Also, he said POTUS will come out with a long term, deficit reduction plan this week, in response to the ryan plan.

  29. What a welcome read this is, indeed! Thanks, BWD – after reading another paternalistic post denigrating Obama from someone whose actual family was saved by the budget deal, I had to see some logic and levity while the coffee brewed.

    I wish people understood what those cheers and screams and tears mean in our country’s hearts and spirits. I wish they understood that we were able to sustain the Senate – and prevent a bath with this budget – because of PBO’s popularity, not in spite of his choices. Because they are extreme, just as the Tea Partiers are, they do not understand the comfort and confidence less entitled people feel when faced with a moderate, deliberate plan and politician.

    I am not willing to give up the name “progressive” to anyone. I am part of the progressive left, have been for what is now decades. I will just call them “The Entitled Left,” because there is no better description of their behavior. WE are the PL. They are the EL. Enough.

    Keep it coming, BWD. #nowTHATSwinning

  30. I actually saw an article on the hill that said, maybe Boner should negotiate Peace in the middle east.! GASP!

  31. So nearly 50% of the cuts went to the progressives’ pet peeve and yet they are on a whinefest this morning ? Sheesh.

  32. Excellent post, BWD, and all I can say is “Amen!”

    I voted before 2008, but I wasn’t he political junkie that I am now. In fact, I was a bit politically naive. However, I caught on very quickly — during the Dem primaries — that a lot of the PL types were looking to cash in on criticizing Obama.

    It’s an easy gig if you can get it: whatever he does, bitch and moan that he should do the opposite, while throwing in a little “liberal” or “progressive” terminology, and voila! you are now an “expert” of the PL.

    Never mind that you have never actually been in the trenches getting anything done, never mind that you have a fake view of history, never mind that you have no understanding of how actual governing in the United States works — never mind all that. You’re a PL expert nonetheless.

    These people are jokes, whoring themselves out to their corporate masters. They better grab the cash while they can because pretty soon they’ll be out of vogue (as you can see from their dismal ratings and increasing hysteria).

    These types always fade into a bitter oblivion.

  33. “It really must be frustrating to be dems”? Not if you are Kucinich, wiener, defazio, mcdermott, who fundraise off bashing POTUS! Maybe we should have another unity rally, in Unity NH? LOL.

  34. They keep trying to convince people that we are wrong about how we feel about the president but it isn’t working. It didn’t work in 2008 and won’t work this time either. According to the media, there is nothing a Democrat can do, especially the president, that constitutes a win for him. Remember, according to them he lost all the presidential debates, he wouldn’t win Iowa, he would lose Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida and Sarah Palin was the savior of republican hopes for taking the presidency in 2008. Most people don’t pay attention to what they are selling. Most people aren’t even aware of 95% of what they put out there. If you spend time reading what they write and watching their shows you will start to believe that their opinions are somehow the majority opinions but they never are. They are a bunch of people who live in a land disconnected from the rest of us. It allows them to say that Ryan’s plan to kill Medicare and Medicaid so that the richest few can have even lower taxes is a serious plan with a straight face.

    But in reality, the tea party is rapidly losing support, Sarah Palin is the most hated politician in America, the President is overwhelmingly liked by the people, and the republican party is being seen as having become more and more radical and out of touch. That’s not winning no matter how much the DC clowns may think it is.

  35. Exactly. And they don’t do it unless they see $ signs. For ex: Look how much Lawrence O’donell has changed since taking the 8 o’clock time slot? Thus, He is a HO.

  36. I don’t listen to, watch or read that crap. My docter said my blood pressure is great! I have a circle of family and friends who I share information with, such as this blog. I ask them to share it with their friends, and so on and so on. That’s how we beat the talking heads’ messaging. It starts with us.

  37. I have some hope that Debbie W-S will be better at messaging than Kaine has been. She is more media savvy and more practiced at being a strong advocate than he is. I think she will work well with Nancy Pelosi in organizing a unified response message as well. They get along well and both are staunch supporters of the president and the Democrats. Between them and having Plouffe around, I think we are going to start seeing a much more coordinated and effective message machine from the Democrats. There will still be the whiners and the PL but I predict they will calm down as the messaging improves. Let’s face it, they aren’t the brightest bunch (I’m looking at you, Ed and Cenk) and they are influenced very easily. It just takes some smart strong women to show them the way. 🙂

  38. Check in with Tribeca For Change in NYC. Attended a grassroots event they held last month. They have a group that aims to use social media to reach young people and to effect the message.

  39. My MOM said, when the news people start to praise POTUS, like they did BUSH for quite sometime, then you know he is playing their game.
    But, as you noticed, every channel has a swiftboat meme. Whch means, they are tryng to detract support, or dissuade you into thinking otherwise. That is not being an alarmist. It is the truth!


  40. What really galls is that the same people see themselves as experts on every situation and subject. They sell themselves to the public as all knowing about foreign affairs, oil drilling, energy, education, the economy, and everything else. They don’t present us with real experts and when confronted with what actual experts in these subjects have to say they ignore any and everything that doesn’t go along with their narrative. That might make it so much harder to just bash all the time. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

  41. BWD, come on man. You use my story line that I provide to you(many articles), time and time again! It seems, you want to run me off you blog, the way KOS ran you off of theres!
    If that is the case, just say so? IF not, stop trying to turn people against me.

    BTW: I appreciate this place, but not if you are going to give me a hard time, in order to placate some who may have a problem with me.


  42. Better cuts that can be restored than destructive social policy that can do real damage in the year and a half before we take back the House (think women who can’t get Pap tests or mammograms or reproductive health). It may be that Boehner is trying to keep the focus on cuts and away from those policy issues that he knows will be disaster for the GOP and won’t fly. So when he talks about massive cuts, think of it as diversionary tactics. And remember, they can be restored. We just have to get out there and vote!

  43. If the GOP does not vote to increse the debt limit and the economy goes into a second great depression, it will be all the GOP fault! And you want to see super majority? Wait for it.

  44. Yes! I would read in disbelief as keyboard warriors and YouTube screamers would move from topic to topic, rattling off nonsense they presented as expertise. This was on complex matters, like the bailout. I read what I could find and kept quiet because parts of that financial situation were inscrutable (and I’m a pretty smart girl).

    But you would hear idiotic, teabag-esque talking points coming from a little gaggle on the “left” about how this economic situation could be solved if only PBO would get on his bully pulpit like FDR or LBJ did.

    They are very similar to teabaggers in their opacity and aversion to facts.

  45. Thank you BWD for a place of sanity in a world of political lunacy!

    President Obama is DC’s travel agent in chief. I don’t read or watch the lies and misinformation of the MSM – and apparently the folks in these videos don’t either.

  46. The “entitled left” is a good description. I just wanted say though, that when I use the term PL, I’m not calling them the progressive left but the professional left. The people who are paid for their opinions – that’s the professional part :). And their followers who think that the term includes them although they are not professional opinion writers or speakers in any way, shape or form but who are so egocentric that they can’t imagine they are not important enough to earn the notice of the White House when they bash on the internet.

  47. Preach!

    I’ve always said, I’d rather be us than them. Even when things have been dark, frustrating, or disappointing, I’d rather be on this side of history than on that side. How miserable they are.

  48. That’s it, lilaf1 – They sell themselves to the public as all knowing about foreign affairs, oil drilling, energy, education, the economy, and everything else.

    They know everything. They have all the answers to all problems and yet they have no experience in any anything. They are journalist. Some have degrees in that field and yet they can’t inform us or give a report without their personal opinion and biases.

  49. Mornin’ All,

    BWD, yes WE are…And, WE don’t quit!

    I heart TOAITR’s Blogroll, I’m always checkin’ it out.

    So, I want to let you know Dear Mr. Pres doesn’t work nor is your recent add, ExtremeLiberal…Full link is showin’…

    By the way, you may want to add this one to the blogroll, too: 😉

    http://1461Days.blogspot.com/ (It’s correctin’ FAUX and Co.’s lies by presentin’ facts, one at a time!)

    Yes. WE. Can, Again…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

  50. Anyone who presents himself as an expert on multiple complex subjects has done nothing but prove himself a fool. The intelligent person will be asking questions and seeking out advice and knowledge from those who have spent years studying one particular discipline in order to get a basic understanding. The fool will superficially read summaries of the topic, ask no questions and then pontificate as if 20 minutes of reading on the internet qualifies them as an expert on a subject that takes years to master and ongoing research to keep up with.

  51. If I had known this wonderful message was waiting for me to read here, I would not have slept in this morning.

    This has expressed what I see and hear from those I come in contact with everyday.

    This is the message we must carry in our heart and on our lips.

    Thank you and as the President says, “I Got This”

    BWD is a mighty, mighty voice. Keep this sermon going.

  52. from my twitter feed

    Sunday shows running Boehner soundbite from last night saying there’s “not a chance” Obama will get a “clean” increase in the Debt Limit.

    Boehner served notice that any bill to increase Debt Limit must include “something really really big” to limit future deficits & debt.

  53. “Entitled Left” — love it!

    I noticed a sort of entitlement from people who thought that because they voted for PBO, and perhaps gave some money, that they *made* him. He was now their errand boy.

    This is a sort of subtle, twisted rationale that they would never apply to someone like Bill or Hillary, or John Edward.

    There is a group of people who believe that they personally stuck their neck out by supporting this man, and so now they must be repaid by him doing what they tell him to do.

    Never mind that they never broke a sweat, never had to campaign tirelessly, never had people calling their wives names, never were editor of Harvard Law Review, never had threats on their lives.

    No, simply by voting for him, endorsing him and/or sending him some money, they had done as much as he had, and thus deserved for him to be an extension of their thoughts and desires.

    In their minds, he is not his own man — fully developed and formed — no, he is (because they “took a chance on him”) to be directed and controlled down to the minutest detail.

    It’s a twisted thought process, and I’m not sure they’re even aware of it completely.

  54. What a shocker, feet-stomping and gnashing of teeth on the PL. Pouting and bullyboy screaming from the right.

    Time after time i’ve seen that on issue after issue, and what happens at the end? PBO comes out on top; smelling like roses and gets almost exactly what he wanted in the first place.

    Don’t people ever get sick of being wrong?

  55. And folks swore it was a good idea to “stick it to Obama” last year. Now we all have to deal with Boehner for two freaking years, which pisses me the hell off.

  56. I remember, too. But off late most of the articles I have read from here have been pretty begnin.

    Interesting. Wow. I used to watch C-Span. It was a mainstay for me, but I have soured so much on TV and the silly news coverage, I don’t even bother anymore.

    Go figure.

  57. …You don’t judge a leader by how good their nation is, but by how much better it gets on that leader’s watch.

    President BH Obama has already taken a nation that was sinking and started it floating again.

    What price do you put on that?

  58. Yes, there seems to be a major rush of energy for pro-POTUS blogs.

    Look at what went down on twitter with Joan Walsh. People are fed up with their lies and hatred. We are pushing back.

    To be this energized before the campaign has even truly begun is amazing.

    There’s no stopping us or this President.

  59. It was awful. That mean-Jean looked terrible. They all looked ruthless when they tried to answer the questions (which they had trouble) doing.

    But the Democratic women, on the other hand, looked dignified, even as angry as they were about the issue.

    They came armed with facts and each one, calmly, but forcefully, stated what devastation such a cut would have to Plan Parenthood — contrary to what these people want to believe is an abortion organization, rather is one that provides preventive health care screenings for women.

    It was powerful. And the statement from Harry Reid, coming from him as a man, I thought was also powerful.

    Reid, the women, the president, they all did a good thing for the people of America this past week.

  60. Just think how “entitled” they will be when 2016 and they get their “progressive” who will save them and start begging for the AA and hispanic vote. If they think that bad mouthing PBO will get us to support their man or woman, they have another thing coming.

  61. I read this morning that one item targeted by GOP was to prohibit any new regulation of the for-profit college industry. The GOP lost that one too. But most telling to me of all is that the PL does not mention the $18B in Pentagon cuts.

  62. Good Morning BWD Family

    I have been quiet lately because I have been working on a project I hipe to make a weekly event. Inspired by TiMT’s “amazing list”, I have decided to create a video each week that highlights President Obama’s accomplishments for a particular group.

    This week it is women’s issues.


    If there are things I have left off please post here or at the blog.

    Also if any of you would like to include the video at your sites, Facebook, twitter, feel free, you do not need to give me credit since the URL of my blog is at the end of the video. If you click on the YouTube icon on the video you will be taken to the URL for the movie.

    I am hoping this video is viewed by a large number of folks who think women’s issues are important.

    This is so fun…

  63. So right on, Lilaf1. Fools, indeed. And per Einstein and Franklin, I gave you:

    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” –Albert Einstein–


    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.” –Benjamin Franklin–

    That’s why I give zero credence to ALL of these people, who call themselves experts. Whether it is health care, the economy, war, kitty litter, dog poop, you name it, they’ve got something to say. Ha!!

    Sorry, they dont’ get to waste not one iota of my precious brain cells.

  64. Another attempt at blackmail. He knows there is no choice but to raise the debt ceiling.

    This time though, I think he has less leverage. A shut-down of a couple of days was possible. Very hurtful but possible.

    Not raising the debt ceiling is impossible. And both parties know it.

    What’s left is political theater. What the GOP wants is to make democrats look bad in defending the current spending.

    We are now nearing the moment of truth. PBO and democrats will have to explain that you can’t contract the spending too quickly because it will hurt the recovery. And there is this fundamental question of tax revenue vs spending vs role of governement.

    The challenge: the economic model of the GOP is wrong and cruel but easy to explain and to demagog. The economic model of democrats is much more realistic and fair, has given results in the past, but is more nuanced and requires more patience, more faith in the future ( getting rid of the deficit yes but in a slow and careful way).

  65. Okay, I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut because a lot of times you do bring a lot of good news articles around that I wouldn’t know about otherwise but, seriously, cut the crap. Just because some people are calling you out on your alarmist tendencies, and not always in a polite way, doesn’t mean they’re trying to run you off. There’s an example upthread of how you completely misinterpreted something Lynn Sweet said on C-Span. It does get to a point where the alarmist stuff overwhelms the good you provide. Me personally, I just hit the scroll button when I think you’re going off the rails, so it doesn’t matter to me if you stay or go.

  66. Every week you post it WIW i will email them and ask them to email 10 friends.

  67. itgurl_29, you are so right. The growth of pro-Obama blogs is amazing. We Obamacrats will not be silenced by the loud minority of haters and the msm shilling for the republicans.

    BWD, you are so right that we are winning in the real world. This is exactly what David Plouffe said about the 2008 campaign. He said what the msm and washington beltway were reporting and yelling about was not what they were seeing on the ground so they stuck to their strategy, their ground game, and PBO won.

    Now the msm would have us believe PBO is no longer popular. Tell that to those folks at the Lincoln Memorial who were yelling their love and clamoring to get a photograph. Tell it to the little girl in the blue jacket whose joy couldn’t be contained at meeting the President.

    I’m so thankful for what BWD, Chipsticks, WEE See you and the others on the blogrolls have started so that our voices can me heard. We know what the media tries to feed us is not what’s really happening.

    I love how folks are fighting the media on twitter. It’s hilarious. They will not be able to get away with their lies.

  68. I’m not trying to run you off, I appreciate the information you bring and your passion, but I asked you again and again to leave these MSM talking points and the panic button outside. This has nothing to do with whatever anyone else think. This has everything to do with the atmosphere I want to create here. You can accept it or not, it’s your choice.

  69. Yes, and he gets to look like the only reasonable person in Washington while doing it.

  70. And their petty responses shows just how effective the pushback is becoming. They really hate social media’s ability to let average people speak up and disagree with their pontifications and lies.

  71. BWD, thank you for expressing yet another profound sentiment.

    DC Sandy:
    I am the same as you. I don’t watch or read anything the MSM has to offer!

  72. Wiw im trying to share you video to my email but i dont see the share button for emails. Is their another way i could do it. Im not that savvy.

  73. Thank you for being so positive about our President, there is so much hate elsewhere

  74. Democratic women senators spoke about the impasse between Republicans and Democrats on a budget to fund the government through the end of fiscal year 2011. They believe negotiations are stalled over policy provisions favored by House Republicans that would eliminate federal funding for the women’s health group Planned Parenthood.

    Boxer, Barbara
    U.S. Senator
    [D] California

    Cantwell, Maria
    U.S. Senator
    [D] Washington

    Feinstein, Dianne
    U.S. Senator
    [D] California

    Gillibrand, Kirsten E.
    U.S. Senator
    [D] New York

    Hagan, Kay R
    U.S. Senator
    [D] North Carolina

    Klobuchar, Amy
    U.S. Senator
    [D] Minnesota

    Mikulski, Barbara A.
    U.S. Senator
    [D] Maryland

    Murray, Patty
    U.S. Senator
    [D] Washington

    Stabenow, Debbie
    U.S. Senator
    [D] Michigan



  75. Instead of using BWD’s site to raise money, maybe, we can make a concerted effort to push positive and informative stories from this blog and others on google’s news search. Dkos (no laser beams) was promoting this strategy awhile back. We can use that same strategy to our advantage.

  76. Bri – Just remember two years with Boehner is nothing compared to eight years of W.

    We can do it, no matter how … er … gruesome it seems!

  77. snowbird42 – We might all remember that Boehner also “insisted” on gutting Planned Parenthood and the EPA. Hehehe. How’s that workin’ for ya, John? And, by the way, John – where are the jobs?

  78. From your link:

    $18 billion in cuts deemed unnecessary by the Pentagon

    This is good. I don’t like most cuts but I am glad the President took the opportunity to take a sizeable chunk from defense spending.

  79. Thank you so much WIW! What a wonderful project! I will also pass it on to my list!

  80. As our new DNC chair stated, the GOP plan is the Path to Poverty. You will be hearing that a lot. Remember, dole’s bridge to the past statement and how it was turned to bridge to the future?

  81. Dear BWD,
    I was away on vacation and came back last night, and read so many negative things about our president, I just went into a blue funk. I posted a comment about my worry on your site under the article about the budget, and went to bed. This morning I read your comment and it was as if you were writing to me to stop worrying. President Obama’s got this. I really want to thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words. I feel so much better already.

  82. I just love your post lilaf1. You’re right.

    In the same vain…Yesterday or the day before, in response to a question I asked, Saint Roscoe posted a detailed message on the strategy he would want to see implemented. It was great.

    Saint Roscoe, if you’re there…. please repost it !

  83. “…We really need our own group to collectively troll message boards, do book reviews and call in to CSpan in order to counter the games they are playing. United we stand. Let me know if anyone has plans to do so; I’d be happy to join in.”

    TrumpDog, that’s a great idea/suggestion…

    You should go to the TOAITR’s Sticky Action Thread, “Yes. WE. Can, Again” to add it to its’ comment section:


  84. Thank you so much this is great. I am going to an African American natural hair show next week so i will really pass the message on.

  85. I’m not sure greed plays such a big role. As I see it, it’s more a question of a psychological mind set. They are rigid thinkers. They are very poor listeners. They are only comfortable in the politics of confrontation.

    The sad thing is that while they dream of a more just world, their actions, collectively, ENABLE the forces who work AGAINST justice.

    Republican strategists LOVE them, I’m sure.

  86. I already sent all those women an email of support and appreciation. I watched them on CNN but I will go to C-span and view there again to just to give them the ‘hits.’

  87. Alot of people are in good moods on this site. It seems that from a keyboard, people Perceive things differntly. Maybe I say thing inartfully, but if you read rreally carefully, my words are no differnt than anybody elses!
    Sorry if I offended any of you!

    I am out of here, to much stress and double standards!

    Thus, good job, you did it!

    see ya. Dot, dot, dot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. WIW, thank you for your magnificient work !

    A little comment though: If I’m not mistaken, Hillary is NOT the first woman SOS. That honor belongs to Madeleine Albright, named by Bill Clinton.

  89. ok, so I’m in CA, and it’s Sunday, and I slept in a little…..

    but to semi quote Matt Stone and Trey Parker via BSG –

    FRAK YEAH!!!!!

  90. Oh, one more thing that may be of use to some of you. Over at KOS and FDL many of you complained that people knew it all, and that they had superiority complexes!
    Same thing actually happens here, and everywhere on dem blogs.maybe the POTUS is having such are hard time bc we can never come together on anything.
    Just saying.
    Have a good one, my fellow dems, I am ghost.

  91. Take it easy jovie. I for one like many of your posts. They are often informative about this admin. Some may object to some of your posts. That doesn’t mean they want you gone. So, relax and come back after a break.

  92. you are on fire, BWD! Blessings on you for what you are doing here. Your work keeps me sane and lifts me up.

  93. Jovie, all you need to do is SOFTEN your tone. Simple.

    Double check to make sure you are posting relevant information,

    Thank you. I don’t have anything against you.

  94. Jovie, please don’t go! Take a break if you need it but don’t become a “ghost”

  95. //begin rant (fair warning)

    After reading the masterpiece from rootless at The People’s View, I have decided as it relates to ME, that I no longer want to be associated with the labels “progressive” and/or “liberal”. I totally reject these labels precisely because as rootless says Joan Walsh and her ilk don’t speak for me. I hardly recognize these people.

    I am simply an Obama Democrat. I am a realist. I’m pragmatic. I never expected that President Obama would fix the wreckage of the Bush years while dealing with crisis after crisis in two years. I never expected perfection. What I got was a brilliant, charismatic, and effective leader with a vision for improving the lives of the American people.

    The professional left and the frustrati have lost me completely. I no longer want to be associated with them. I seriously thought that after we lost the house during the midterms that they would realize that their constant criticizing of President Obama was counterproductive. I thought that after they saw the unhinged GOP agenda and their determination to sabotage the recovery they would realize that President Obama was our best hope for the future.

    Instead, all I got was more intransigence. They seem to have doubled down on the criticism. It’s worse than ever. There is just no logic to the left piling on along with the media and the Republican Party. It is an impediment to getting out the facts on the accomplishments of President Obama and his administration.

    The whiners have lost all credibility with me. They have taken the circular firing squad to an art form. I’m out with them, but I’M IN with PBO.

    //end rant


    (We didn’t leave the progressive movement, we were kicked out and that’s looking more and more like a blessing. )

  96. Al sharpton is letting them have it about blaming the president. he is on fire.

  97. Jovie i see you as very energetic person, who has a lot of excitement. you bring joy to me daily and you also educate me a lot. I really mean that. you are important to me and many others. So if you want take a break, break off a piece of a kit kat bar. LOL!

  98. OK, it’s a “little bias.” But, score another one for PBHO… 😉

    Who Won the Budget Battle: [President] Obama or [“Speaker”] Boehner?

    SO WHO WON THE BUDGET SHUTDOWN STANDOFF – OBAMA OR BOEHNER? INTERESTINGLY, IT SEEMS THE MORE PARTISAN THE PUNDIT, RIGHT OR LEFT, THE MORE THEY THINK THEIR OWN SIDE LOST. This probably is a reflection of how the more partisan you are, the more you value what your side conceded, and therefore the more angry you are over the budget deal.


    IN ANY NEGOTIATION, IT’S ABOUT LEVERAGE. If you don’t have it, you need to manufacture it to level the playing field. If you do have it, you have to be wary of overpaying. The inequality of bargaining positions, and the absence of perfect information about what the other side’s price is to reach agreement, creates opportunities for either side to significantly miscalculate.

    A KEY DRIVER IS WHETHER EITHER PARTY IS WILLING TO WALK AWAY FROM THE DEAL. In the transactional context, there are some who live by the edict of never doing a deal that you are not prepared to walk away from. It can be fatal if the other side detects, from your negotiating behavior, that you must do the deal. But in the litigation context, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of walking away. You must strike a settlement. The trick is striking the best deal possible under the circumstances. Political negotiations share dynamics of both transactional and litigation negotiations.

    IF ONE SIDE MUST DO THE DEAL AND THE OTHER SIDE DOESN’T NEED TO, THEN THE METRICS FOR MEASURING THE DEAL’S SUCCESS WILL BE 1) did the side who had to do the deal pay less than the other side’s original, undisclosed price, and conversely, 2) did the side who didn’t have to do the deal pay more than the other’s side’s original, undisclosed price?



    * HIS CAMPAIGN-DEFINED IDENTITY DEMANDED IT. Obama ran for office as an antidote to the perceived imperial presidency of Bush/Cheney. His broad theme of changing this dynamic in Washington, which had its roots in his 2004 DNC speech, required that he find a way to bring a polarizing debate to a resolution. It’s one of the reasons he won independents handily and many disaffected, moderate Republicans in 2008. He lost these voters in the 2010 midterms. Fairly or not, many rational, smart voters around the country believe Obama was far more partisan than they expected in his first two years. Liberals can explain until they’re out of breath about the GOP’s constant filibustering and obstructionism during that time, but the 2010 election results don’t lie. Indeed, you don’t even have to look at issues like Healthcare Reform, the Dodd-Frank Act and the energy bill, Obama’s 2011 budget is Exhibit A. That bill was passed by the House, but was successfully filibustered by Republican Senators. Despite the Republican obstructionism, the GOP ran on cutting spending in 2010 and won in a landslide. By the time this new Congress revisited the 2011 budget, the issue was not whether the budget would be cut, but by how much it would be. So while the political environment shifted for Obama, he remained obligated to bridge the partisan divide and find a solution.

    * THE DYNAMIC OF SHORT CRs W/CUTS HAD TO STOP. Boehner was quite happy with the status quo of repeatedly enacting continuing resolutions for short periods in return for spending cuts. He could do it indefinitely. Although short term CRs hurt business by creating uncertainty, to Boehner, that cost is outweighed by the disruption to the Obama agenda.

    * VOTERS NEEDED TO SEE THE IDEOLOGY BEHIND THE GOP CUTS MORE STARKLY. CRs rolling out in the form of relatively harmless cuts of $1B-2B at a time are not enough to win back independents and awaken the Democratic base. CRs allowed the GOP to get what it wanted without paying any serious political cost. The only way for that dynamic to shift was for voters to see the GOP’s broader ideological plans in plain sight. Boehner’s proposals to defund EPA clean water regulation and Planned Parenthood did exactly that. Indeed, the dynamic didn’t really begin to shift Obama’s way until the focus shifted from CRs to the broader plans in Ryan’s 2012 budget to cut these programs. Senate Republicans and even some GOP House members began to publicly back away from the House Republican policy riders. In other words, Boehner was finally forced to pay the political price of his policies that he didn’t have to under the CR scenario.

    * DEMOCRATS EXPECTED OBAMA TO COMPROMISE. Pundits focused on polling showing that, in stark contrast to Republicans’ view of Boehner, most Democrats expected Obama to compromise on the budget. They cited this polling to argue that Boehner was at a disadvantage, hemmed in by his Tea Party base. But what this view missed is that the Democrats’ base had a correspondingly restrictive effect on Obama’s ability to walk away. Short of the GOP demanding devastating cuts on cherished programs, most Democrats would not have accepted Obama walking away and letting the government shut down.



    * BOEHNER’S TEA PARTY BASE WANTED HIM TO WALK AWAY. Boehner actually would have been cheered as a hero by the Tea Party elements of his base. It would have been entirely consistent with their campaign promise of blocking Obama’s agenda.


    · THE DEAL BREACHES BOEHNER’S PLEDGES TO MIDTERM VOTERS. The reason why pundits on the right are angry at Boehner is because he breached the GOP’s midterm campaign Pledge. Boehner promised to return spending to 2008 levels pre-TARP and Stimulus, which they said would amount to at least $100 billion in spending savings in the first year alone (2010). They also promised to add hard caps on discretionary spending, and put an immediate stop to any unspent Stimulus spending (presumably excluding the healthy one-third of that law’s total cost that was composed of tax cuts). That’s not imaginary cuts from Obama’s proposed 2011 budget that was filibustered – it’s $100B cut in actual spending from 2010. None of these things happened in last night’s budget deal. Not even close. I think Boehner saw this coming, which is why they tried adding the policy riders – to make the much more modest reductions more palatable to the base. But Boehner blinked on the policy riders, too. So the deal, by falling so short of his Pledge, comes at a high political price – obviously much higher than his original price disclosed in the Pledge. And remember, he was free to walk away.

    · MANY BELTWAY PUNDITS GIVE BOEHNER A PASS FOR BREAKING HIS PLEDGE BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOOK IT SERIOUSLY IN THE FIRST PLACE. I get that the salt of the Earth pundit who has covered Washington politics for years viewed Boehner’s Pledge cynically, but you can’t have your cynicism distort your evaluation of the facts. Doing so only allows Boehner to escape accountability for his own promise to voters, and tilts the scales in his favor. Boehner set his own bar high. The passionate conservatives and libertarians that shouted at town halls and rallied at state capitols took the Pledge seriously.

    · SOME BELTWAY PUNDITS IGNORE THE PLEDGE AND INSTEAD MEASURE THE $38.5B CUT AGAINST WHAT OBAMA PROPOSED IN HIS BUDGET FOR 2011, WHICH THEN MAGICALLY BECOMES A CUT OF $78B, WHICH THEN APPEARS MUCH CLOSER TO $100B. But that’s moving the goal posts for Boehner. The Pledge didn’t use Obama’s 2011 budget as the baseline for its savings of at least $100B in 2011. Obama’s budget never passed in the last Congress, and the Pledge promised “saving us at least $100 billion in the first year [2011] alone.” Pledge at 21. That suggests real savings of $100B against 2010’s actual spending, not theoretical reductions against a prior year’s proposed but never passed budget. I say “suggests” because it never says it any more clearly – any interpretation that the Pledge’s language meant at least $100B in cuts from Obama’s 2011 budget requires a leap of faith.

    · OBAMA DEFLECTED HARMFUL CUTS. Boehner blinked on the red meat cuts (with the exception to the restrictions on abortion funding in DC’s budget, although these restrictions are consistent with the Hyde Amendment and not new). Some liberal pundits have argued that Boehner’s proposal to defund Planned Parenthood was probably just a bargaining chip to obtain more cuts, which Boehner ultimately got. Yes, the funding at issue for Planned Parenthood was apparently in the neighborhood of $335M, and the deal terms did seem to go up a billion or two in the end after this policy rider was dropped. But who gave up more here? The policy rider was designed to make Boehner’s base happy. There were protestors staging sit-ins in the Capitol yesterday demanding the Planned Parenthood policy rider remain in the bill. The anti-choice component of the GOP base is a hugely important part of its coalition, and they viewed it as far more important than the $335M price tag. Defeating this policy rider was far more important to Obama than the amount in issue as well. The total budget is in the neighborhood of $3.8 Trillion. In a budget that size, finding a billion or two more to cut to protect Planned Parenthood is an easy call for Obama, and Boehner is the one who sold out for cheap. The extra billion or two tossed in was a face-saving gesture.

    SO NOW WE MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ROUND. Obama, as he spoke from the Blue Room last night, spoke in calm, reasonable and bipartisan tones. He was the adult, speaking last, and even speaking favorably of the deal and Boehner. IN THE NEXT ROUND, IF BOEHNER STICKS W/RYAN’S 2012 BUDGET, THEN WE WILL SEE A FAR GREATER ESCALATION OF THE PARTISAN FIGHT OF WHAT WE JUST WITNESSED last night OVER PLANNED PARENTHOOD. It failed yesterday, and I can’t see how plans to destroy coveted social programs will go any better. But, BY REACHING A DEAL last night, AND AGREEING TO “SIGNIFICANT” CUTS AS FRAMED BY HIS TEAM (although, again, not compared to a $3.8T budget and not seriously affecting cherished programs), OBAMA IS ACTUALLY IN A BETTER POSITION TO WALK AWAY IN THE NEXT ROUND. HE HAS GAINED MORE FLEXIBILITY. And, IF THE GOP STUBBORNLY OVERREACHES, IT CAN BE FRAMED AS THEIR SECOND ATTEMPT AT INSERTING PARTISAN IDEOLOGY INTO BUDGET NEGOTIATIONS. BOEHNER’S TEAM ALREADY POISONED THAT WELL, AND HAVE LITTLE TO SHOW FOR IT.

    Via @Karoli: best analysis I’ve read of the budget outcome, who won and who lost yet. http://bit.ly/h6O2sv thanks @rkref

    Yes. WE. Can, Again…Obama/Biden 2012

  99. In general sometime we all need to just chill.
    Take a page from Obama playbook, don’t take all of this personal, because if he did he wouldn’t get anything done. President Obama stays focused, and so should we. Let concentrate on the big picture the prize, getting Obama re-elected. I think we are here can agree on that.

  100. This aspect of the PL never ceases to amaze me. We see it again and again as they hop from issue to issue, whether it is how to clean up a blown oil well, fix a very broken up financial system, design a new health care system, etc. Ah, to come by genius with such ease and to be so certain you know all the answers. To say nothing of the arrogance of disregarding the fact that many Americans hold far-right positions and send reps to Congress who share those views.

  101. ladyhawke you sound like a classic liberal to me; your opinions are exactly like what I encounter in real life–liberals of all persuasions are standing in coalition with people of color of all persuasions to keep this leadership in place because we all became fed up with the right wing in the WH. And we’re happy with what we accomplished. Your viewpoint is the typical one; Walsh’s is typical of the professional left media village. Thanks a MILLION for speaking up.

  102. $50 says you won’t hear anything about the defense spending cuts from Cenk Uygur this week.

  103. I’m saying, without bwd and some of the spaces on the blogroll, I would have tuned out of politics entirely by now. Who needs it? bwd kept me sane, lifts me up, and keeps me 100% involved. That’s why I want bwd to get credit for some of my OFA donations, weeseeyou, thepeoplesview to get credit for some others, because I surely wouldn’t still be this eager for 2012 if not for these wonderful pragmatic spaces.

  104. Aw, I hate when people leave (has anyone seen overseasgranny and parkranger?–they’re missed). Not sure what brought this on, but I personally enjoy your comments, yet I have noticed that sometimes you take things to heart which were not meant to be offensive to you personally. I do it too so this is not a negative critique.

    Just relax, do you, be you, stay open to people’s thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and enjoy this space.

    Or if you’d prefer to be at ofa’s blog exclusively, that’s more than cool too, but no need to throw punches on the way out the door, as you’re going to see a bunch of us other there too lol!

    You’re always welcome back by me at least jovie. 🙂

  105. jovie you’re not going anywhere. Take the dog out for a walk on the beach and then return. We like having you here!


  106. Hi Jovie,
    I created my account at daily barf in 2004, so I know of what I state – BWD’s place is nothing like the orange swamp.

    I do not detect anyone here ‘against you’ – just a few folk requesting that you be a bit less confrontational.

    As you can see, folk are not asking or wanting you to leave.

    You’ve posted quite worthwhile and timely information.

    So, please do take a bit of time to relax, but no need to leave and certainly no need to feel anyone here is against you. They’re not.

    They just offered suggestions as to enable the discourse here to be in the spirit BWD has requested from the beginning.

    Thank you.

  107. you know i emailed ed i wondeing i think he got my email, because he addressed somethings i mentioned in my letter. One of them is what is the Tavis, Cornell doing in our community. I also let them know they do not speak for us and have not came in our communities to speak to the youth he brought that up. Al Sharpton is not letting them pinn this on the President neither is Johnathan Capeheart. This is a lot better than the previous discussions

  108. The real liberal base is 100% behind Obama. I proudly label myself as liberal, despite what the comparatively tiny bloc of whiners think.

    I find it interesting that so many on the angry left and Professional Left have adopted right wing talking points to draw attention to themselves. They’re saying the President is not a leader, and comparing him to Neville Chamberlain. Someone on Daily Kos purporting to be progressive actually told me that it’s Obama and the Democrats’ fault that the economy sucks. Well isn’t that a cream dream for Republicans, to have “progressives” lifting right wing talking points to depress voter turnout among Democrats.

  109. Service was wonderful earlier. I always feel great when we get to the prayer for our leaders and especially potus Obama and family. They really have become part of our own families. Our nation is on the right course and I am jubilant that we have reached this point under the leadership of president Barack Obama, after the disgrace of the 8 years of Republican fiasco.

    I didn’t even realize that Wall street had gone way over 13,000 mark. I was excited when we were over 12,000 so to be at 13,000 plus is great news. One of our church members made me aware of this and I usually watch the market. Wow go USA!!!

    And yes BWD to everything you said especially MSM irl trolling. I don’t follow them but the comments from people who do is eye opening. How people actually watch, listen to that stuff amazes me. bless

  110. I with you StarkyLuv.

    Looks like we’re going to have to put on our boxing gloves and go toe to toe with a lot of haters from now until 2012.

    But ya know, I’m ready for the fight, I have a couple of people in mind right now who I would love to deliver a TKO to!

  111. This place is in no way equivalent to dfox or fdl, I mean in no way shape or form. Agreed 100% with your comment.

  112. Agree wholeheartedly with your message. How can we quash the desperate,fanatic and corporate backed right?

    It is painful to know how rabid the Republicans are especially the tea partyists. They would rather ruin America to get rid of Obama than tell the truth.

    We are a nation of sheep and bigots who are heading for a big fall if we do not support Obama.

    Please, let’s stand up for what is right!

  113. That term is quite catchy “The entitled left”.

    Thank You, I will be borrowing it from here on out.

  114. Did you noticed how everyone kept dead silent while the Communicator-in-Chief spoke ?

    Those are the same people who will turn off their TV’s, radio’s and other blather when their President is “voiced-over” by Talking Heads.

  115. Oh, GN, this is incredibly kind of you. I don’t need any credit, really. All I want is for us to have a safe haven. If this place help you to not give up – It’s the most rewarding thing I can hope for.

  116. Here is my rant to CENK!!! He wrote the most assine diary. I sent him an email


    Let me say this speaking as a left leaning independent. The problem we have right now as a country are PROGRESSIVES and CONSERVATIVES. They are the two purist parts of the party that is causing all the havoc in this country. The reason? Both are not willing to give any to the cause of driving our deficits down.

    The Progressives have to sit down, calm down and realize that we have a deficits problem. Yes the deficits were caused by the mismanagement of Bush Administration, their going on a druken sailor binge, their cutting taxes during 2 wars, their creating a medicare advantage without paying for it. Yes, they are the cause of our deficits but the deficits are there and we have to do something about them in the near future or someone else will. You as a journalist cannot simply ignore that we have a deficit problem by burying your head in the sand. The progressives can’t get their way on this by simply living in a fantasy. You all have to come to grips that we are going to have to reform a lot of the things we as a society like with regards to spending. You can’t sit there and say DO NOTHING to medicare, medicaid, SS, other progressive programs and TAX the rich on EVERYTHING. We can’t TAX our way out of the problem. Do taxes need to go up? HELL YEAH especially on wealthy families and corporations, but doing that alone will not solve this deficits problem

    Just like progressives need to calm down and face reality, the conservatives need to sit their collective asses down, calm down and face reality too. Their party nearly destroyed this country with their screwed up bush policies. With regard spending, deregulation, middle class getting hammered in the process, and salaries flat lining, the deficits skyrocket and with unemployment so high money wasn’t going into the system which has caused, medicaid, medicare to be on the verge of going broke and contributing more to the deficits. Tax rates are at its lowest in decades, and corporate loopholes that are giving companies billions of dollars in revenue that could be pumped into the economy is also causing it. The rich and wealthy in this country will have to pay more taxes. PERIOD, but just like progressives can’t tax our way out of the problem, the conservatives can’t sit there and say taxes are not the problem. IT IS A PROBLEM!! They need to stop being naive into thinking that we don’t have a revenue problem when clearly every single economist have said we have a REVENUE PROBLEM!!, Conservatives need to realize that we can’t CUT SPENDING our way out of the problem. It has to be a COMPREHENSIVE approach which means both sides are going to have to give up on something they love. That is reality with a divided government.

    Cenk, President Obama is faced with a divided government that he didn’t ask for. He is faced with the most hostile environment that any president has had to face. EVER! Why? Because progressives stayed home in 2010 to show this president he is corporatist, he is sellout, he is not a progressive, he is compromising too much, he is weak, he isn’t a leader, blah, blah, blah and now because folks stayed home and didn’t bother to vote, this is the reality that he is faced which is the most conservative radical congress in history. How can any president get any progressives bills passed? He CAN”T!!! You can scream, holler and bash this president until you are blue in the face, you all stayed home and caused a teabag radical party to take control of 1/3 part of the government. So if people are upset that obama isn’t being PROGRESSIVE enough, the bottom line is he can’t with a teabag congress. Both sides are seriously are going to have to leave the poltics at the waters edge and seriously share the burden to fix the deficits in this country. Purist on both sides of democrats and republicans need to STFU and stop being part of the problem. There is 300 million people in this country and all them are not PROGRESSIVES or CONSERVATIVES so this president and congress have to govern for EVERYBODY not ideologues on either side.

  117. And I believe this analysis is much more in line with how the public views this. The pundits are not very aware of real public sentiment outside of Washington and that is why they are losing ratings. They just don’t get it.

  118. Great idea younger wemen when they see how extreme the Teaparty is shoukd be very concern.
    We must all protect weman no matter who they White, black, latinas, asians. this is very scary and sickining. I hope weman in the MSM talk about it what this debate was all about.

  119. Bloody WELL SAID Bwd.. Spot on girlfriend.

    I love this President and have such admiration, respect and regard for him, all that he’s done and all that he continues to do.. and the grace and class in which he accomplishes it all are unparalled- except perhaps by Gandhi 😉 and frankly to hell with those that are making their $$$ and their names off attacking our POTUS.. got no time for their shenanigans.

    And a very Happy Sunday to you all.. Today, finally we have sunshine in my area. yippee!!

  120. Well said lac, agree with you.. I’ve to am a proud liberal and those folks do not and have not spoken for me.. I have often thought they were in fact republicans.. or as you say they’ve become very adept at adopting right-wing speech and behavior… which amounts to the same thing, imo.

  121. Yes, I noticed! The MSM absolutely hates that when our President talks, people listen, and they BELIEVE him. That’s why the MSM has to interrupt him, distort what he says, and then turn around and claim that the WH has a “messaging problem.” My arse.

  122. That’s exactly how I feel. Would make a great essay/article if you write it. It needs to be a newspaper op-ed.

  123. Yeah, but in truth, who the heck really watches C-Span? Political junkies…who all already have their minds made up, including us.

  124. No, bwd, you really should get a great deal of credit, I’m insisting on this one. To keep it 100%, if there were no pragmatic progressive blogosphere, I would be tuned 100% out of the media, and my excitement would not be as high as it is now, as I get more and more excited going back and forth with people who feel like I do, and see what I do. It lifts me up so much, this Obama coalition. I think that without the pragmatic progressive point of view being so prominent, I’d probably think “for his own good, I want POTUS to take his family, go to Hawaii, and tell this ungrateful country where to go.” Now, I see how many people are so invested, so grateful :-), I’m fired up to add my voice, my couple of bucks, and my walking shoes to this beautiful collective.

    I’m not being kind here, this is real in terms of the impact.

  125. I have some concerns about our overseasgranny and parkranger too. But if Ranger is a federal employee he/she may have been busy and preoccupied over the possible shut down. I know that my own Hubby and his crew were working like beavers to get as much work done as they could just in case a budget wasn’t passed. Closing any federal facility for any unforeseeable length of time is not just a matter of putting on your hat and walking out. It is time consuming and complex.

    Hubby had to also cope with the anxiety that he felt about those who would really suffer without the next paycheck. His focus was totally on the job and his people and nothing else.

    Overseasgranny may be busy with family or local issues. I do try to stay positive but if we don’t hear from them soon. I will begin to worry.

    Last thought, I second everything you said to Jovie. I would be really sad to not see her/him commenting here.

  126. Amen. Indeed we are winning. Thanks for this beautiful site with all the beautiful people. Have a great day.


  128. Iac, that person could very well be a republican troll. That place is infested, like HP.

  129. Exactly, can’t we all just get along? Love everyone here. But sometimes people critique, there’s no need to leave because of that.

  130. Yeah, but we got game and they got lame.
    I am always re-energized by watching how optimistic PBO is. Its almost as if he knows more about how to successfully run for president than the pundits do.
    I am done with pundits and their motives and spin. All I care a out now is how can I help him and Democrats win in 2012.
    Fired up, ready to go.

  131. Thanks. Even though I believed from the start that this was just ideology on the part of the Republicans, it is still good to hear from women in the Senate about the *consequences* of these proposed measures (I was really upset about just how many people would be affected).

    Thanks for the link !

  132. Wow, where has that been all this time. That’s some resource, thanks for pointing it out. I’d be okay if it were given a spin on the blogroll just to see if it is consistent at being positive.

  133. I got a chuckle out of listening to James Baker trying to answer Fareed’s question about the Tea Party and if he thinks it helps the Republican Party. I’m not going to go into detail. Suffice it to say he was very careful what he said and how he said it, but general idea was: Of course, it’s wonderful blah, blah, blah. Where it got really funny was Fareed trying to pin him down about presidential candidates to run against PO. He was extra careful responding to that. It really was funny! I couldn’t laugh aloud or say anything since my Republican husband was sitting at the table. 🙂

  134. Well I am still a liberal, progressive, democrat, and Obamabot and whatever else I want to call myself. I don’t care what those imposter muddafuggers call themselves!

  135. You said it all for me GN. After I worked so hard for GOTV last fall, I felt discouraged when I read things on some sites. My own State of AZ was in teapotty chaos. I felt defeated and useless.

    BWD’s site lifted me up, got me to dust off the crumbs of defeatism and get back to work. Eyes on the prize! I am GOTV for President Obama and Dems, 2012!

    No retreat! No surrender!

  136. Excellent points in your email to Cenk, Nonie! People like Cenk, the PL, firebaggers, and the frustrai need to be reminded that they share some of the blame for allowing the republicans to gain the majority in the House. I’m sick of them sitting in the comfort of their homes/offices second guessing every difficult decision PBO and the democrats have to make. They forget that they are NOT going to be held responsible for any backlash that may occur, and that they are NOT party to everything that is involved in these negotiations. Sitting on the outside b*t*ching about everything is easy, but I can imagine that few of them did the hard work of GOTV in 2008 or 2010.

  137. When boned actually achieves something i’ll worry. Besides on the debt ceiling issue all of Wall Street will have kittens if the full faith and credit of the US is threatened. There will not be a shutdown on that issue. Nope. Done.

  138. Girl,
    You deserve sainthood! I don’t know if I could have restrained my impulse to LOL under your circumstances. Good job!!

  139. Hillary Clinton was not the first Female Sec. of State.
    Madeleine Korbel Albright (born May 15, 1937) is the first woman to become a United States Secretary of State.

  140. tnmtngirl – You got further than I did. Had it recorded and just FF through Baker. So, thanks for the recap!

  141. Ladyhawke, I so agree with all you have said. If it wasn’t BWD and the others on the blogroll I would be in a serious state of depression. Now I don’t listen or read what the others have to say. I have quit watching news show on TV. I want to be an Obama Democrat. Someone who solves problems for everyone!!! Not just the chosen few.

  142. What the Dems should do in response to this is hammer home what the consequences of his “win” are and keep saying that by winning this he has to take the blame for the pain of these irresponsible cuts insisted on by the GOP House.

  143. We Democrats and Independents need to come together and back President Obama. That doesn’t mean we can’t lobby him/Congress to support our point of view. For example, I wrote whitehouse.gov today to suggest that his upcoming deficit reduction plan look like a Robin Hood plan to counteract Paul Ryan’s Sheriff of Nottingham plan which shreds the social safety net. We need to consider raising revenue, not just making painful cuts.

    I come to this site because it updates me on all the positive accomplishments of the Obama Administration and has fantastic, uplifting pictures. Let’s not raise our collective blood pressures by paying too much attention to the purists on either side of the political spectrum. I certainly hope the far lefties come around and actively support the President’s re-election when they see what the Teapublicans’ choice is. We should try to tamp down the infighting on our side and ignore the screamers.

    My husband and I and our kids are extremely progressive and have been Obama supporters since his previous campaign. Most of our friends are, too. We have already been to OFA grassroots training, had a house party for “Ladies in Blue” and donated money. Let’s stay positive and persuade people with facts.

  144. Actually, I am thinking we don’t want to prematurely celebrate. It might be good for the Right to think they have won this so they don’t oppose the real vote on it this week. Then after the vote the real winner can come forward. The journalists time and time again get it wrong in the first place. It is either a lack of research, incompetence, or corporate influence. I tend to think all three are involved.
    I heard this morning that PBO said he was willing to work with Boehner on looking at Medicare and Medicaid. Right away I thought the press and the Left will turn this into a big deal and scare people. I just went on Medicare this year, but I KNOW PBO is in our corner so know he isn’t going to want to privatize it or cut it like the GOP.

  145. Nonie, you totally rock! Sing it Sister/brother! Give them the truth and shame the devil!

    It is well past time that we all stopped letting these pukers of hate and drivel on the Left be allowed to keep spewing in public for their personal gain.

    They don’t speak for me or mine! It’s time to start confronting them everywhere we can.

  146. Great e-mail, Nonie, but somehow I doubt that Cenk is interested in actual information!!!!! I knew MSNBC was beyond redemption when they gave that creep his own show. . .

  147. Actually, BWD you are right you have created a calm atmosphere here. I think people who are very close to this President appreciate this blog as a place where we can find information and like minds without having to endure endless blood pressure raising confrontations.

    I don’t exactly know why but I feel like this President is a member of my own family. I want to protect him and say daily prayers for his safety and for others to realize he is trying to help us. Maybe it is because I became involved with elections for the first time because of him. I became hopeful about what politics could mean and do to help our Country. It is also the first time I have donated to a candidate for any office. Not to mention calling state and national legislative offices, writing letters, postcards, attending rallies, townhall meetings, boycotting sponsors, and talking to those I come in contact with daily to inform them of what is going on besides gathering information to inform myself. To see and read about those who are mean, bigotted and hateful actually hurts so I appreciate BWD trying to keep this blog calm.

  148. There is someone who goes by the name of “APA Guy” who used to be on DKOS (and probably still is). Guess what, yesterday I saw that same person on Redstate when I went browsing for teabaggers’ responses to the budget deal. I was rather shocked because that person supposedly was one of those initially supportive of the President, but became disillusioned because the President wasn’t “liberal” enough. Yet that person is now on Redstate saying some bad things about “progressives” and saying that Newt Gingrich could easily defeat Obama in any presidential debate.

    Now there is a possibility that this person is simply playing the other side as well, but I have to wonder what’s really going on here.

  149. I was an Edwards supporter in the primaries. When he lost, I absolutely got on board(“Dreams From My Father” was SO great!)
    I’m absolutely loyal to Obama and this site…give some of your fellow Dems a break.

  150. Ladyhawke: THIS! A thousand times!

    I feel the same as you do and don’t ever call myself a progressive anymore, nor do I listen or read the so-called Professional Left, as that saps energy and accomplishes absolutely nothing except to raise blood pressure and cause depression. BWD has given us a safe haven here and I am so grateful for that and appreciate it more than I can put into words. And I love most of the commenters here:-) Thanks all!

  151. As always, thank you BWD for the great photos and videos, your positive point of view, and all the news about our intelligent, pragmatic, reasonable, respectful, responsible President. This guy never ceases to amaze me in his ability to hit the right note. He so perfectly assessed this budget thing- and now gets to put forth his ideas – AFTER Paul Ryan’s – brilliant!

  152. I just had one final thought to share in this diary.

    It is much more important and productive to focus on the positive outcome you want than to squander energy in worry and fear about a future that hasn’t happened.

    As so many have said here: “Let’s keep our eyes on the prize” We know what we want, so lets focus on that and go all out for it.

    Obama and Dems, 2012!

  153. lol, hopefruit! For whatever strange reason, I thought about APA Guy yesterday. I couldn’t remember his name, but I did think about him. Strange, huh?

    Yes, he (supposedly) was a corporate guy who realized his calling was to teach at a local community college, and iirc, was a republican who saw the light and started voting democratic. Strong supporter of PBO, then overnight did a complete flip to join the “he’s a sell-out” brigade. His story always seemed a little too calculated to me.

    But who knows, could be a redstater using APA Guy’s name. Or, it could very well be him. Whichever is the case, it’s pure craziness.

  154. Seriously, thank you for this blog.

    It beats the hell out of being seen as a “threat to us all” all because I’m an “apologist” and Cenk is the new almighty god.

  155. Don’t worry…we’re cool.
    As for Edwards, I just wish he hadn’t done *such* a thorough job of proving he wasn’t perfect.
    So many good Dems lost chasing tail…at least Obama did that before he was married.

  156. I think you are right about this. I’ve often heard him say, in some of the interviews, that what he hates most about being President is being in the “bubble” most of the times. I don’t care what the media is saying about who won. Those pictures really captured the essence of what he is all about.

  157. I believe Reich was out as Sec’y of Labor by the time Glass-Steagall was repealed. In all fairness to him, he was too progressive for the Clinton Administration.

    That being said, he is doing progressives no good with his Obama-bashing. But that appears to be an existential battle we’re having with the PL.

  158. Agreed 100%, Ladyhawke!

    You know what we should start calling ourselves?
    LibeREALS. Real liberals. Libereals! I think it’s catchy, don’t you? 🙂

  159. THANK YOU!!! Politicaljunkessa

    I deeply believe you are right and I see more than a tinge of racism in your observation. It is like he is a “house boy”. This refusal to even call him “President”. It is heartbreaking. Most of them will deny it to the last but I really think you are right.

  160. I remember Obama saying that he missed being able to go to the drug store and buy his own shaving cream.

    Now if I could just get my husband to buy his own shaving cream……

  161. BWD, your excellent post made me think of a future scenario:

    Charlie Sheen endorses President Obama for 2012. He shows up at one of his campaign rallies, and both deliver a speech about how we’re “WINNING! the future.”

  162. Beautifully stated…keep hope alive and we’re winning………I come here several times a day just to find peace, humor, goodwill, genuine people all in for him……..your blog is a God send………love it!!

  163. Prez Obama is to give a big budget speach on Wed. Let the “he shoulds” begin!

  164. The thing that really frosts my cupcakes in this PL vs Liberal label thing is that for all their talk of standing up against the goopers the PL caved long ago on the Liberal label. Instead of defending Liberal principals and their very own name they just walked away and declared themselves Progressives.

  165. I remember that guy; he left a negative impression on me when I was on my way out. We really got into it because of that disillusionment flipflop; long story short, I shared my opinion that these folks were a pack of trolls, upon which he traded emails with Colorado is the whatever about me, then pronounced me worthy of pity and insane based upon whatever they gossiped about in the emails.


    Left a really bad taste in my mouth and thus I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a straight up GOP troll, if indeed it’s the same person. I think that there are a metric ton of trolls there.

  166. Hi Calinny
    I was wondering about the President waiting for Ryan to step into the do-do first! I think that was his strategy..let the media go crazy, accuse him of not leading, make all the seniors mad, watch him keep all the tax cuts for rich in and then dropping the boom on Ryan. I think it is brillant if it is true.

  167. My eyes are stinging from tears watching those videos! I needed to see that crowd’s enthusiasm for our President running up those stairs to greet them. He’s a gem! While my heart is heavy for all the meanness I read from those who have lost their little petulant minds, I know I can come here and I feel revived.


  168. I actually wondered if there was a strategy somewhat like a double agent to pretend to be a Liberal Left Progressive and sneak in the Right’s ideology and talking points from time to time and methodically criticize their Left leaders to the point where the Left is turned around. They no longer even support their own so become unimportant and no longer a threat to the GOP. Quite a theory right? I keep hearing that many of the so called PL media were former Republicans possibly looking for another niche to make it in.

  169. He also sounds like one of the OFA trolls that changes names frequently over the past four years. (Before and after election)

  170. I swear, if I were to listen to the MSM and the ProLeft I wouldn’t even know what it is truly going on. To wit, today on Meet The Press:

    DAVID PLOUFFE: We’ve had a lot of savings in healthcare. We have to do more. So you’re going to have to look at Medicare and Medicaid and see what kind of savings you can get. First squeezing them out of the system before you squeeze seniors.

    Also, too:

    (when asked about Rep. Ryan’s “serious” plan)

    DAVID PLOUFFE: It may pass the House. It’s NOT going to become law.

    (emphasis mine)

    So the President is willing to talk about savings in Medicare the same way he found savings in “Medicare Advantage” in the Health Care bill, but that Ryan’s “serious” plan is basically dead on arrival. Good.

    I wouldn’t know this however from reading the ProLeft claiming the President secretly loves Paul Ryan’s plan. We went through the same garbage over the great “catfood commission” that was supposed to be the end of the world, but subsequently went down the memory hole where it was headed all along. Jeez.

  171. I can’t imagine. Seriously, I lead a very simple life, don’t have a whole lot going on most of the time and I can’t even begin to imagine filling my time in that way. Whatever would possess people to do that? I wonder what the psychology is behind that type of behavior.

  172. gn, can you imagine what it’s like there now that they have instant messaging?

  173. It does amount to the same thing. If you’re a Democrat using right wing talking points to attack the President, you’re advancing the Republican agenda. The people threatening to vote Nader or not vote are casting their lot with the Republicans. The ones who say Obama is the same (worse?) than Bush are simply as ignorant and unthinking as the Tea Party, and thus advance the goals of the Tea Party. These people are not the Democratic base, as they are not reliable Democratic voters. With their words and actions they are doing the work of the right wing. The irony is that by standing firm as a principled progressive threatening not to vote, Obama will move his policies closer to the center to get re-elected, further marginalizing their precious progressive policies. This is another basic fact about American politics that these people fail to realize.

    I do think that some of these people are probably paid right-wing operatives. What is unfortunate is that it seems that many “principled progressives” have fallen for yet another right-wing canard. Target those ignorant of the American policy making process and influence their vote.

    However, the remainder of rational liberals can take heart, for the group of people I’m talking about are loud but very, very few in number. I would be surprised if they made up 5% of the electorate. Maybe closer to 2-3%.

  174. Oh, and according to the ProLeft, as of today we (folks who support the President) are now offically a “threat” and a “disease.”

    So put that in yer pipe and smoke it! So sayeth the “true progressives.”

  175. What I want to see is for us to get in these people’s faces in the real world when we encounter them and straight up call them Republicans. See what happens. Talk truth to children.

  176. Luckily I don’t know any of these people. All the liberals I know support and will vote for Pres. Obama in 2012. Apparently they haven’t forgotten how dangerous the Republican Party is to the nation and the world.

  177. I have been so relived to see the push back against the PL from people who can write well put together thoughts. I’m thankful that I’m not the only one tired of the constant whining from the left….

  178. WIW, what a wonderful film…It brings back into focus what all this President has done….Thank You!

  179. Maybe they’re all living in the Northwest. We’re eyeball deep in la-la land up here.

  180. I saw a post on Americablog earlier that said that if PBO has a primary contender, he’s toast. Where do these people get these ideas? I’d like to see them try propping Kucinich, Weiner, or Nader up to run against him, especially when I think about what the GOP has to offer at this point in time.

  181. I’m one of those who looks at your posts daily and am always so moved by the photos of this remarkable man in action. From his birth, his entire history created a man for these exact times with a brilliant mind to respond to his compassionate heart. I have seen many presidents come and go in my time, and …or course…everyone is excited to meet the president…even, at times, if he is not their choice. But these pics and vids are very different. These people are not only thrilled, but really joyful in a way I have never seen before. I, like many others, LOVE to look at pics of Obama being Obama…but equally transfixing are those who are so joyful at a very deep level…simply to be in his presence. Thanks for so tirelessly sharing.

  182. Oooo I remember APA guy also.. he was first to comment in all the positive Obama diaries.. initially… then he had an overnight epiphany concluding that POTUS was teh evilll and suddenly he was first to comment negatively in every Obama diary. I thought his ‘change’ was kinda obvious. I never trusted most of those folks over there.. it was just too weird- kind of like some sort of contagious virus or something and all it took was a Colorado or whats her name- the other loud mouth to jump in being nasty and pretty much all the followers came out of the woodwork. Very rightwing behavior I thought. I won’t even talk about Colorado calling you insane.. good lord that person was a piece of work if ever there was one.

    Hey gn.. long time no chat, hope all is very well with you these days 🙂 I do read all the comments here most everyday, I’ve just not had too much time to make any actual smart comments myself 😉 I’ve become very reliant on all of you to keep me informed- and thank you for doing so.

  183. See Nellcote, I’ve always thought that a lot of those “progressives” were actually not liberals previously.. but republicans, who switched .. and didn’t really want to be associated with we liberals- so called themselves progressives. I think they’re still republicans at heart and I think they did this merely to not be connected to George Bush. And they’ve managed to set the tone and the topic on the national airwaves as being the spokespersons for all we liberals.. when they’re just not.

  184. Well your theory Obama Grandmama.. is my theory too ;). I got a real bad vibe early on over at dkos.. how all it seemed to take were the usual suspects- the ‘progressive’ voices of ‘dkos’ calling out someone (usually POTUS) for some unrealistic issue.. and pretty soon the whole damn place was running amok.. it always seemed rather orchestrated and feined to me. And it was ALWAYS the same bunch running the muck.. and the same goofballs following. I think that several of them in the lead are indeed republicans/rightwingers.. and I think they’ve managed to harness a lot of followers who probably are actual ‘progressives’… they just follow the latest loudest noise.

    I think what we’ve always had (in America)are lotsa folks who are much like a ‘mob’ on any number of topics- they follow and follow- its how GW stayed in office and got away with all the shite he got away with. Lots of Americans following the loudest scariest voices. And frankly.. about your theory: Republicans are sneaky and devious and corrupt- all we have to do is remember all the election stealing and fraud they’ve perpetrated.. and remember who McCain opted for as his VP.. thus I don’t think ‘taking over’ dkos and other ‘progressive’ sites are really that hard or ridiculous in reality, are they?

  185. The right-wing Teabagging underwear of the “ProfLeft” is being exposed more and more.

  186. Thats why their definition of progressive is everyone elses definition of Marxist. All these “progressives”have as their only agenda to destroy all corporations. God luck with that Comrade. They are pathetic

  187. I stumbled upon MSNBC this morning and saw Rev. Sharpton rip the good Dr. Cornel West a new a**hole. All of a sudden every goddamn black intellectual has a problem with President Obama, but they didn’t have a problem with President Clinton. Come to think of it the only time they opened up a mouth it was to fight for Clinton after than nonsense with the intern. To hell with West and his sidekick Tavis Smiley.

  188. Epic videos. I think some of Obama’s critics are just annoyed because he could play himself in the movie 🙂

    (Seriously, once he’s done his eight years, a bit of hair dye and ` Barack Obama is Barack Obama in “Barack Obama: the Barack Obama story” ‘)

  189. Love ya sheri, everything is great with me. How are you? Hopefully your move went well. Thanks so much for checking in.

  190. Oh sweetie, I love you right back 🙂 I haven’t moved yet gn, am shooting for August.. I’ve been working endlessly on my house.. we had ice melting through my son’s bedroom walls at one point.. so have so much to do.. also trying to sort whats going whats selling and whats donating 😉 – anyway just loads to repair, and finish up so I can sell this house and I’m still looking for another ‘fixer-upper’ in Baltimore. A glutton for punishment. I plan to be good and settled in.. in time to work my hiney off getting POTUS reelcted.

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