How a fake “movement”, built on nothing but racism, took control over America

I don’t know if E.J. Dionne’s column yesterday was very discouraging or just mildly discouraging, but discouraging it was. In an excellent piece, Dionne told the truth that we prefer to ignore, but it’s time for us – and especially for the White House – to face: The Tea Party Is Winning.

On every turn over the past two years, they won the message war. With a disciplined and immoral Republican party in Congress, a corrupted media that was just waiting for them, and by exploiting ill-informed and uneducated public – they control the national agenda. Completely. 

What’s even more disturbing, and this is something Dionne didn’t dare to write – and no one else in Washington is going to either – is that this country been taken over by a huge fraud. A fake movement, who was built on one and only one “ideal”: Burning hate towards a black president.

If anyone in the media would bother to check the facts, they’ll find that this “Tea Party” nonsense started more or less after President Obama got into office. He was yet to do ANYTHING, and they were already on the streets with Hitler signs. They don’t care about the deficit, they don’t care about taxes – because if they did, they would know that on both accounts, PBO is better than probably any previous president – they only care about getting the black man out of the White House.   

As Dionne said, they won the message war over the stimulus, over the health care law, and now the manufactured outrage over the deficit. They lie, they deceive, they have no shame or conscience. We’re losing to a fake movement driven by racism and we need to stop pretending that they will just go away. Not when they got endless money resources, complete control over the media and the advantage of a highly ignorant electoral.

I don’t know what the WH is thinking, but I hope that someone over there can get a grasp on the gravity of the moment – otherwise, I’m afraid, this will not end well.


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  1. We will win this but it will take time. We won in 08 because everyone came together and I believe that people are starting to wake up once again.

  2. You are 100% correct. I have been watching these T Potty types since their formation and it all got started back during the campaign when despicable people with hateful signs and comments showed up at republic party campaign rallies and were welcomed with open arms. They did not then and can not now accept the fact that an intelligent, reasonable, middle of the road black man could be or was elected POTUS by a margin of almost 6 million votes. So they set out to delegitimize him by any means possible. This generally took the form of lies, crazy comparisons with witch doctors, Hitler, or idiotic statements the crazier the better.

  3. They only win when we sit out and try to ignore them. We just need to keep pushing the truth and call them out at every turn. Every lie, misdirection, and claim needs info thrown at it. There are those that will believe whatever the TPers say regardless. But, the centrist and lefties need the right info to counter them.

  4. The White House’s problem is that President Obama gives folks too much credit. He and they think that people will take the time to hunt out the truth rather than accepting GOP and Fox and the rest of the MSM’s lies. That simply isn’t the case, people are too busy or lazy to be proactive about their politics and will instead react to the bumper sticker slogans and the one minute news story.

    I just have to hope it’s some sort of long game trap that is being set. Because we’re a week from March and the GOP hasn’t did one damn thing about jobs and nobody is talking about it. Boehner says “So Be It” to job losses resulting from the GOP budget and there isn’t a peep from Democrats, let alone a full on blast of the remark. It’s so discouraging and disheartening. If they’re not willing to fight for themselves, why should people fight for them?

    GOP has won the frame – the ran on “jobs, jobs, jobs” and now as President Obama is talking only about jobs, they’ve moved on to dominate the conversation about the deficit as that is now the main issue bigger than jobs. Because they know that killing the economy, keeping UE rate high or even boosting it will make it easier to run against the President in 2012.

    President Obama will be smiling and joking in his address in Ohio today, but I worry it just might be making him look out of touch given the debates in Congress right now.

    Dems are at a disadvantage because the GOP doesn’t care if they crash the economy – that’s beneficial to them. Obama will not attack the GOP House on their cuts because he needs to negotiate with them for any eventual budget. So while they kneecap him at every chance, he just has to grin and bear it and if he’s not willing to punch back, then why should anybody else fight for him?

    It was the same thing the last two years, and it looks like it’s going to be the same thing for the next two years.

    The House Budget would be catastrophic to the economy and NOBODY is calling them on that fact. It would cost the economy millions of jobs and that’s barely whispered.

    Makes you wonder what exactly is the point of giving a damn.

  5. BWD, I agree 100 percent that the tea party “movement” was conjured up by the likes of the Koch Brothers, Dick Armey and the other old, white, rich men whose heads exploded when America elected a black president. There I said it. These old, white rich men have been used to having everything – all the money, all the priviledge — and don’t like that America elected a president for all the people. So they went to their friend Santelli at CNBC and told him to rant about a tea party. Then they told the media what to do. And there you have it.

    I understand the WH doesn’t want to go there regarding racism. But we, PBO’s supporters can be the champions for truth.

    I really believe we need to launch a full-scale offensive on the media. It may even take marches on MSNBC and CNN headquarters. I wonder if we can all get twitter accounts and spam the Chuck Todds, etc. every time they lie, use a republican talking point or let the republicans spew their garbage without any follow up. I notice they do this on the Wee See You site. We need to rachet it up.

    I also think we need to demand that the democrats get behind their president. Today there’s a story on TPM quoting Sherrod Brown as saying PBO has done more for manufacturing than any other president but he hasn’t done enough. This nonsense must stop. The democrats have to get united behind PBO or we need to kick them out. Period.

    I intend to call Brown’s office and give them a piece of my mind to pass along to him.

    We need to take a page from our courageous Wisconsin brothers and sisters who have been shouting Fox reporters down.

    We cannot afford to just sit and let this continue.

    We need to spam our friends and family with information. We need to spam our local media with the truth.

    Sorry for the rant. But like Rosa Parks, I’m tired. I welcome any other thoughts on how we can go on offense and fight back.

  6. I’m not sure that we are losing per se because people are finally waking up to what is going on especially with govenors in wisconsin and ohio taking away collective bargaining and the protests erupting in wisconsin and idaho. I do beleive that the Tea Party is backed by racism and also the billionaire boys , the Koch Brothers. People stil beleive in this idea thatthe American Dream still exists but it only exist to certain classes of people. And now that it’s not just minorities that are suffering, people want to find a scapegoat. We have to look at what has been accomplished so far as with HCR and the tax cuts being passed and now with this deficit, I’d say that if the tea Party is winning on messaging alone, then we wouldn’t have these victories to fall back on.

  7. BWD, I agree with everything except the outcome. PBO is bending that arc as fast and as hard as he can. I agree the South and the old farts don’t want a black man to be a better president than any old white man [read Reagan], but PBO will win as he is already on the list as one of the greatest presidents ever. Not that that will help heaps in 2016, but maybe. Getting the youngsters back involved is crucial.

  8. and let’t not forget that the left keeps kneecapping him at every advantage they could by carpping on policy and plans that havn’t even been enacted yet or haven’t worked yet i.e the stimulus and the tax cuts. If anything, I’d say that it’s the left that’s working hard on bringing this administration down just to say I told you so

  9. Amen…….beautifully stated! I lived in Georgia during segregation…couldn’t understand it as a child how simply because people were a different color from my family, they could be treated with such utter disdain/disregard/disrespect. I was lucky to have my parents explain that was being done was hideously wrong! Seeing it all upset me, but never frightned me… scares me to deeath now the hatred, outright hatred towards our President…and angers me no end, that decent people, or what passes for the media, never calls anyone out on it!! NOT EVER! What is wrong, seriously wrong, with so many people nowdays?!

  10. What it really amounts to is a small group of very rich people, like the Koch brothers and former Republican operatives, saw something during the campaign that they knew they could manipulate to their own ends.

    And yes, what they saw was blatant racism at both McCain, but specially, Palin rallies. The people with the stuffed monkeys representing Obama, the signs, etc.

    They knew that these people, though still relatively small in number could be manipulated to orchestrate rallies, elections, etc so they (the rich) could eventually get what they wanted.

    However, they were smart enough to know that if it was openly built on racism, it wouldn’t succeed. So they spent the money to organize the tea party movemnet, brought in the blatant racists and then spread the lies about everything else, taxes, the deficit, HCR, etc.

    They also taught the racists how to tone down that aspect of the protests, again knowing that would drive away a lot of people.

    But they had the message machine going. They made sure a group of 300 TPers got more media attention than a rally of 3-10,000 people supporting the president and adminsitration. And with Citizens United they no longer had any finacial limitations.

    They gave money to people like Walker, Kasich and others, built up the emotional storm, fomented additional unwearranted anger, which got people to the polls.

    However, I do think that their puppets in government may have overreached too quickly. Michigan is an example of a person, Snyder, who is trying to please his masters in the more appropriate way, by seeming less radical, but schmoozing the populace, and appearing non-threatening. If the others had done the same, I would really worry about the future.

    It is not the TP we really need to worry about, but the puppet masters who pull the strings. These are the people who have to be brought into the light of day. If and when they are fully exposed, a lot of people who got suckered in, like that police officer on the video, will turn against them.

  11. The dems not backing their pres is one of the reasons why the WH is losing the messaging war. So sherrod brown aggrees that the president has done so much for manufacturing..but he could do more???? Stuf like this is why I feel like I have no faith in the dem/GOP party or really the American people’s mindset because they just can’t seem to separate fact from bullshit

  12. Our message is resonating from the ground up, one disgusted, disenchanted person at a time.

    I agree, however, that the corporate controlled and funded Tea Party/GOP uses racism and an ingnorant base to gin up their followship. Their MO has always been creating and/or instigating division to subvertly push corporate control of our national agenda. They have the money to spread their lies and deceit via the laziest media infotainers on the planet. And, of course, some people will vote for a turnip with an R behind it.

    The Koch brothers and their twisted brethern on the Supreme Court, in the congress and in corporate America are overplaying their hand. Dubya and his crooked cronies are long gone (thank God!) The 2 stooges, Boehner and Cantor are a bust. Walker is quickly being revealed as a paid Koch shill. Most importantly, they have a formidable opponent in President Obama. I have faith that the common sense and decency of everyday people will triumph over evil. Keep the faith!!

  13. I agree with this as well. We must continue to target the youth. The old farts need to be made extinct when it comes to the political process. And they know their days are numbered. November was a fluke because they lied and scared the heck out of independents. But Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana has brought it all out in the open.

  14. Suzanne said:
    “What is wrong, seriously wrong, with so many people nowadays?!”

    It is not just nowadays. Hatred of the different goes back into the most ancient history where one tribe would slaughter another because they were different – different skin color, different pagan god…whatever. Remember Dr. Seuss’s book about the bellybuttons, the innys and the outys? They were ready to go to war. Perfect illustration.
    I agree with Japa, it is the puppetmasters that we have to stop, the ones inciting all the hate to come out and ready to kill to get their way.

  15. Just to be fair, there are some people that will vote for a rutabaga with a D after it as well. Unfortunately, lately there have been more turnips running for election than rutabagas.

  16. Great rant, Proud of Obama. It’s time we called out our own dem legislators as well as the PL/Soul Patrol. We have to be the multi-million points of light. The dictatorial behavior of the WI governor is already providing an eye-opener for the republicans’ real plans for America…and they ain’t pretty.

  17. I understand your sense of discouragement, I’ve been there for weeks myself, since Nov 2010. I wanted to leave the country. I have renewed hope, and I think it’s not time to ask the president to speak out, not yet. No one will believe what’s happening until the craziness is so clear it can no longer be ignored. That’s beginning to happen. And what President Obama tells us again and again is this: Be the Change You Want to See. Wisconsin is showing all of us how to do this, as is Egypt, and Libya, and Tunisia. It won’t happen from the top down, this is our fight. If we aren’t organizing on the ground we’re ceding out future and our lives to the top 1%.

    It’s necessary to allow the crazy people to keep upping the ante. When President Obama is silent they’re energized and emboldened, and he knows that. Scott Walker personifies the worst of the Tea Party ideology. It would be a huge mistake for the president to take him on publicly – that’s how right wing martyrs are created. Obama knows he’s a lightning rod for the crazies, and I’ve grown to trust his political sense.

    There are a lot of them, it will take a lot of rope, but they will eventually hang themselves.

  18. I’m not a fan of Dr. Jeffery Sachs, but I was proud of him today on the “Morning Cup(Joe Show” when he tried to make this point, and of course, you know the Joester had to try to shut him up.

  19. I think, in the end, the truth will out. I honestly believe that the Rethuglicans/Tea Baggers/Racists are showing their true colors and it’s going to blow up in their hate-filled faces. Remember when they carried stuffed monkies to their rallies for McCain/Palin? Remember how McCain/Palin LOST in 2008? Well, I remember the civil rights marches led by MLK that resulted in fire hoses, nightsticks and dogs being set on those marchers and the racists LOST that battle, too. The racists are fighting with everything they have and they appear, at first, to be winning, but in the end they are going to lose BIG. Their agenda can’t be this obvious because THE WORLD HATES THEIR AGENDA. They have to keep it a secret and they’re losing that battle, too.

  20. We have known this in the Black community since the so called movement began. Glad to read that others in the counry are waking up to reality. Truth usually wins so stay strong!!
    Vee Pea

  21. The key is that the Republicans have remained unified, and the Democrats have not. The left destroyed itself just as it did with Clinton, and just as it did with Carter, and left the President out there as generally the lone voice out there speaking on anything. The fact that over two years later there STILL isn’t anyone else in the Democratic party who has ammassed enough clout to get out there and be an effective spokesperson on day to day issues is disturbing. I will keep screaming this at every turn, THE WHITE HOUSE CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONES DRIVING THE MESSAGES! No other republican administration ever had to do it alone, there was always outside backing. Republicans are now trying to kill one of the few effective messaging channels that we have. The schism on the blogs is a microcosm of what’s going on. Too many factions are hell-bent on pushing their own agenda, only coming together when reality clubs us over the head, and usually it’s too late. Left blogs, two years later, were still complaining about the stimulus and single payor prior to the election. And now a lot of them want to prove how independent they are by asking for primary challengers and blaming the President for all uprisings everywhere ever.

    If what’s going on in Wisconsin now and in other states lasts more than a few weeks, then I’d say that we most definitely have not lost anything other than an election cycle. But if the threat of literally having our rights stripped away by Republicans is not enough to fire up Democratic voters for the next two years the way the Tea Party still is, then quite frankly there isn’t any administration past, present, and still to come that can help us.

  22. I definitely echo much of this essay, but I have to note that President Obama cannot do this alone. Utterly agreed that it is a national shame and emergency that an astroturf “movement” started by the rantings of a CNBC oligarch complaining about the horrors of being taxed in order to live in a decent country has become a “movement” which successfully pushes memes and narratives through the media. How do we counter this? Madison, WI is an excellent example. Raising our voices.

    In terms of Democratic and liberal media leadership, the message is incoherent and disjointed. And that’s because there is an anti-POTUS fetish spreading throughout the left which prioritizes slamming this man over articulating core values in a manner designed to appeal to persuadable Americans who unwisely sided with the GOP in 2010.

    We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

  23. I disagree that people aren’t calling them on it. The unfortunate part is that they are being ignored by the general media in favor of pushing the “debt crisis”, primarily because they want to ignore the slowly improving economy. Look at how they trumpted the passage of the House bill, when they ignored pretty much every bill the Democratic House passed, so as to cover up how productive they were being.

  24. President Obama gives folks too much credit.

    Yep. It’s so depressing: You have a president who believes in the American people probably more than any president in my lifetime – and almost every day this belief seems to be like a mistake.

  25. Very well said. And you can’t tell me that all of this bickering is in good faith, either. I have NO doubt but that there are lefty new media spaces which have been infiltrated by right wing trolls posing as disenchanted progressives and leading credulous readers right over a cliff.

    If the AOL HuffPo/”liberal morphing into right wing third party advocate” story isn’t enough to convince people to be independent and extremely suspicious of people who never have a kind word to say about Dems, I don’t know what else to say.

  26. I agree that the Tea Party is winning. They were never a legitimate group pre-Obama and now CNN is covering their SOTU response. It’s absurd. And with people from the professional left undermining him at every turn it’s open season on the administration from every angle. I agree with Roscoe that Obama gives Americans too much credit. We as a nation are near-sighted, gullible, impatient (like toddlers), and have a serious case of amnesia. With the economic collapse Americans were sinking and the GOP and Tea Party threw out straws while Obama was working building a newer, better ship. Of course the Americans went for the straws.


  27. We are not losing. This is just what the implosion of conservatism looks like. They don’t leave the field or quietly surrender they fragment into myriad factions all more or less based in resentment over disempowerment. When Palin and Bachmann are being floated as the future of your party you know that Ronald Reagan is truly dead and his ghost exorcized.

  28. Indeed we have. The racist undertones of the teaparty is just about as subtle as a moose in a china shop. In fact, this was one of the first major chasms within the lefty new media, as some people were insisting that not only was the teaparty not racist, but that we should collaborate with them to tear down the President. If we can get it together within the lefty new media and raise alternative and more trustworthy voices, we’ll have done a ton to fix some of these communications problems.

  29. I was hoping there would have been more analysis in the post. Believe me that i feel the same way about this issue. The Tea Party with the backing of Faux News, and their corporate backers are continuing to control the message. But i was hoping you had more than just your feelings on the subject to read. Lots of people feel exactly the way you do.

    I am going to do a wee bit of advertising for those of you who would like to join others tired of the Koch Bros greed, and corporate greed in general. There is an organization starting that was started in the UK first. We’re not hearing much about it hear cause the MSM doesn’t want to loose their foothold of power. UK Uncut is dedicated to exposing corporations that are not paying taxes, and or not paying the amount they owe. They are also dedicated to exposing corporations using tax havens. Tax havens, and tax dodging add up to no money in the governments coffers when there is a recession. If corporations were paying their fair share then we would not be talking about cutting programs that help the poor, and disenfranchised. US Uncut is forming NOW. Many states already have chapters. UK Uncut mobilized people not typically involved in any kind of protesting. People who would never have thought they would get involved. US Uncut stands to do the same thing, and the people getting involved now have the Koch Bros on their list of who to deal with.

    check out the US Uncut website here.

    There is also a facebook page, and chapters have been formed in a number of cities, and states.

  30. That’s a really important note. I’ll also say that the teaparties are just a proxy for the elite. They’re not just a group of grassroots racists who got together to expresss their contempt of POTUS. They are a media creation (even the name is derived from a CNBC rant!) who are heavily financed and given grossly disproportionate attention within the media.

  31. I called Brown’s office and I called the DSCC and DNC and told them they would not get another donation from me if they didn’t get the party in line behind President Obama. And I mean it.

    If they think they’re going to win over tea party republicans by trashing the president, they are crazier than the tea party.

  32. Thank you OCD,

    There are only 2 things our president asks of us: 1) “Be the Change You Want to See” and 2)patience.

  33. “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. It bends towards justice, but here is the thing: it does not bend on its own. It bends because each of us in our own ways put our hand on that arc and we bend it in the direction of justice.” Martin Luther King.

    Thank you, BWD, for your contribution to bending the arc towards justice. Collectively, we all must keep putting our attention on what is right and don’t mind the destructive forces. They may discourage us but ultimately they are not strong enough to bend the moral universe in the other direction. Of this, I am sure.

  34. BWD welcome back we missed you, You are 100%
    corret about the Teaparty it’s all about raicism We thought so a long time ago.

  35. That’s a nice commercial. Goes right to the point and appeals to the people of the state in a polite but firm way.

  36. Trufax, BWD, the racism and ignoring of reality is unfortunately not surprising to me. As a commentator downthread said, many in the Black community have always had our eyes open to the weaknesses in the Democratic party and on the left in general, because quite often we are the last to benefit from even the most well-meaning politicians. Now this is just me talking, but I think a lot of black folks understood a long time ago that incremental, even micro-incremental change was still better than nothing at all, and to be happy for it while still pushing for more. The change in sentencing at the federal level for crack cocaine, for example. Years overdue, and still not enough, but I’m glad for it while I keep fighting for it. That’s why I’m hopeful Senator Webb is successful in making prison reform a priority before his term ends.

    On another tangent, it just seems to me that a lot of, excuse my bluntness, white people on the left just never figured out how to deal with hard reality when it comes to politics and compromise and are perpetually living in this fantasy land where they are entitled to every progressive idea they ever had, and woe to anything that intrudes on that. And to really go there, there are too many so-called educated black folks who are more than willing to exalt a Great White Hope, but get bitter and resentful when there’s another Black person there instead, and do everything they can to undermine them and tear them down. Barack Obama let a lot of sunshine in on how stagnant many of our black leaders had become, and they don’t like it one bit.

  37. I don’t think we’re losing, either, although we may seem to be in the short run. Although I believe that racism plays a crucial role in the lunacy we see now, the tactic of delegitimizing a Democratic president began with Clinton. It’s a tactic, period, although at this particular time racism plays into it big time. But it will go on no matter what the race or gender of the Dem president is, until it no longer works as a tactic. And then there will be another tactic.

    Ever since the 70’s the “old guard” has been working to try to make sure the youth never rose again the way they did in the 60’s. Justice Anthony Powell (pre Supreme Court) wrote a paper about just that. It’s one of the reasons that tuition is now so high, and debt so rampant. Who can protest if it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get an education, and who can protest when it takes until people are in their fifties to pay it all back?

    A well educated middle class is anathema to the old guard, so education has not only suffered, but now the push is to privatize it. It’s all about dividing, delegitimizing, dumbing down, getting everyone mad at “the other,” whoever the other is at the moment.

    There are so many trends and forces one could despair over. But in the face of this, for whatever strange reason, I see the forces of the world as changing profoundly for the better right now. People are rising up in the most amazing places, including our own states. A young man in Egypt says we are all one when talking about the protesters in Wisconsin. And that’s where the change will come from — young people. They are not the same. The Powells of the world, despite the current power of the Koch brothers, are dying off. My 24 year old son, some of my nieces and nephews, don’t even get it when some of these hot button issues come up. Some do. I have some very conservative, politically and religiously, relatives. But even some of the children of those families (depending on how well educated they are, interestingly) are leaving those divisive beliefs behind. One niece had a fit on FB, of all places, when she thought someone was defending Manifest Destiny.

    The oligarchy is going to fight change tooth and nail, and that’s what we’re watching now. But change is coming. A few years ago we began to say the new generation was arriving cable ready. Now they’re wireless. Women all over the world are raising their voices, louder and louder, and keeping them raised. It was women who forced the warring factions in the Liberian civil war to come to an agreement. The whole middle east is exploding from the energy of the young, including women.

    It’s a time of great excitement, but it’s going to be messy. It’s too large and diverse a country, and world, for it to be anything but messy. Those of us who grew up in the sixties and took those great desires for a more just and noble world seriously didn’t know how long we’d have to wait, and a lot of us got waylaid along the way. A lot of those dreams — for true racial equality, gender equality, resource equality, environmental protection — are dreams we’re still working incredibly, and frustratingly, hard for.

    But there’s something shifting now. More and more avatars are showing up, in the White House, in the streets of Cairo, in a tireless effort to educate the girls of Pakistan, in green business visionaries. They’re not going to have an easy time, but the more that show up, the easier it will get.

    I absolutely love this site, but sometimes I come away full of anxiety and anger, and sometimes that’s the only appropriate response to what’s coming down. And the reality is that a lot of good has been done in response to anger and fear. But I’ve been there too long, and, at 60, I’m doing everything I can to go forward with joy and hope, and work out of that wondrous energy.

  38. Last night I was having a conversation with my 28 year old son. He used terms in his field, math and computers, that I can’t remember but in layman’s terms he said he thinks sometimes people or societies get to a peak position (picture a 3D graph I guess) and can’t get any higher than that value without taking a risk by going down into a valley in order to scale another adjacent but higher peak. He said he thought socially it will feel temporarily like we are losing ground but its necessary to experience that in order to reach a higher value. I thought, you know, he is right. Its hard to risk the going downward but otherwise we can’t reach out for something greater. To me since we elected a biracial President the reactionary Right wing response and sometimes left wing response combined with the ongoing monopoly on money and power that people like the Koch brothers are busy engineering, have combined to make it feel like we are losing ground. But what if we hadn’t left that comfort zone of only electing people that don’t threaten the bigoted. It’s going to be a long uphill climb on our new trajectory but we can be proud as a people that we have once again left that maxed out peak to risk and reach out for something greater.

  39. 2010 should have proven that Dems will stick together or hang separately. With POTUS at the top of the ticket in 2012 it makes zero sense to pander to anti-POTUS sentiments. Another annoyance is that the “do more” meme doesn’t require any sort of expertise or specificity. The WH indeed needs to know whether specific programs are working, and if not, why not. That sort of helpful information stands in contrast with “well he could do more…” and a wishlist of legislative impossibilities.

    Time for elected Dems to get serious IMO. The netroots is a lost cause IMO of ego and profiteering. But we really can devise a strategy of making more of a media impact.

  40. Simply because I love to see my words on my computer screen I want to repeat a comment I made on the lengthy thread while BWD was gone. It was in response to soemthing EricFive said about WI bringing the full light onto the TP.

    “Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t create some fissures within the Tea Party (which wasn’ty monolithic to begin with) itself. A lot of people viewed themselves as Tea Partiers because of one thing: the deficit. In other areas they are like a lot of people.

    And this is also bringing to the forefront just who has been doing a lot of financing of the tea party and why. The mere fact they could only get 2,000 counter protestors to Madison shows that they may be losing some steam.”

    Now I must admit there are times i engage in wishful thinking, but I really believe that the current overreach is going to cause major fissures within the TP and the Republican Party.

    I also want to reiterate something I said on the previous thread. My biggest concern about what is happening in WI is that the nation is being distracetd about the union situation and ignoring the potential damage to MedicAid, and even more importantly the ability to sell of power plants with no bid contracts and disregard environmental safeguards. (The latter is what the Koch brothers really spent their money to achieve).

    I am afraid that when Walker backs down on the union fight (which he will) everybody will feel relieved and the others things slip by unnoticed.

  41. On Hardball the other night guest Joe Scarborough flat out said that all the GOP candidates know Obama will be impossible to beat – One reason: Obamas approval numbers are much higher at 9% unemployment than either Reagan or Clinton. The singers are so invested in their racism that they cannot understand WHY Obama is popular. They assume all white people deep down really agree with them, beacause, after all, they all try to hide their racism out of politeness. Somehow they think they need to remind other whites that PBO is a scary black man. Well, its only working with the hatred and their overt racism now is pudding off the rest of us whities.

    Look, the last election was a low turnout affair and raced went to the people who could turn out their base. That almost always means the party that is out of power. But with no quality control left in the GOP the people newly elected are over-reaching, idiotic, drama queen or merely incompetent. We will win big in 2012.

  42. People tune in for Presidential elections and then tune out for the rest of the time. But we are gearing up for another Presidential go around and people are beginning to pay attention again. The Republicans, as usual, as overreaching and it will backfire on them. The popularity of the Tea Party is falling. I do think we need to stay on top of things and keep fighting against the messaging from the far right, but I don’t believe that the Tea Party is going to continue winning. Their “leaders” in the media are losing steam. The protests in Wisconsin are getting attention. After all the complaining about Democrats not working with Republicans the past two years, the Republicans are now loudly and consistently refusing to work with the Democrats and all those voters who voted for Republicans because they believed they would work with Democrats to help solve problems are finding themselves more and more disappointed.

    The Republicans are playing to their base, forgetting the important independents. They were warned that the election results wasn’t a mandate for their policies but just a reaction to the economy and people wanting cooperation so the government could do more, faster, to help the people in a tough time. But being republicans, they can’t help but blow it by instead pushing social issues and being intransigent instead of cooperative. The Tea Party has already peaked and is now losing steam. That will continue. That’s the biggest problem for the media that is obsessed with trying to make them bigger than they are. The only way to do it, is to cover them and the more the public sees of them, the less they like them.

  43. Very interesting. I will have to give that some thought. But you are right in that electing Obama was a form of risk taking because anybody with a 2 year old thinking baility could have forecast some strong reactions to it (although maybe not as much as we have seen).

  44. Great article in the NYT; the Koch brothers are no longer as deeply under the radar as they were even a year ago:

    Billionaire Brothers’ Money Plays Role in Wisconsin Dispute

    Among the thousands of demonstrators who jammed the Wisconsin State Capitol grounds this weekend was a well-financed advocate from Washington who was there to voice praise for cutting state spending by slashing union benefits and bargaining rights. [total callout]

    The visitor, Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, told a large group of counterprotesters who had gathered Saturday at one edge of what otherwise was a mostly union crowd that the cuts were not only necessary, but they also represented the start of a much-needed nationwide move to slash public-sector union benefits.

    “We are going to bring fiscal sanity back to this great nation,” he said.

    What Mr. Phillips did not mention was that his Virginia-based nonprofit group, whose budget surged to $40 million in 2010 from $7 million three years ago, was created and financed in part by the secretive billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch.

    State records also show that Koch Industries, their energy and consumer products conglomerate based in Wichita, Kan., was one of the biggest contributors to the election campaign of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican who has championed the proposed cuts.

    Even before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown, Mr. Phillips said in an interview on Monday.


    These guys are getting called out; let’s keep up the pressure and not get discouraged at such a crucial moment.

  45. The Tea Party may or may not be winning. But this much I do know. Within the American public there are some of the uninformed, misinformed apathetic people in the world. What is the percentage of eligible people who vote in a presidential election? 60% ? Look at Wisconsin. Did the people who voted for Walker know of his connection to the Wackenhut scandal? Did they care? Why didn’t the American people loudly protest that the racist activities during the campaign were unacceptable. The media certainly didn’t take a stance. And if they did it was almost with a wink and nod. Since President Obama has become President the racist are coming out of the woodwork. I’m not suggesting that everyone who disagrees with the President’s policies are racist – not at all. But why are these old teabaggers who are on Medicare and Social Security – who are part of the middle class and the poor so against this President? Do they really want their Social Security privatized and be at the whim of the stock market? Really? If so, then I charge stupidity. Some are surely racist, but stupid is as stupid does.


  47. Anger is what drove the 2010 elections. It was directed toward the worng people, unfortunately, but that is something we have to live with.

    What is currently happening is creating even more anger, but towards the right, not the left. The turnout in 2012 will make 2008 look like a primary. And this can only help all the way down the tickets.

  48. With all due respect, BWD, and I really mean “respect”, I completely reject this characterization.

    The midterm elections were not lost because the tea partiers won. By and large, in fact, they DIDN’T win. Sure, they won a few victories here and there but the reason Republicans won was because the economy was still in the toilet thanks to the previous president.

    Now, today, we are living with the fact that the Republicans won a substantial victory in November. That is to be expected. But the idea that everything we are seeing from the Republicans is from the tea party is an idea I just do not buy. They are getting substantial pushback on a lot of fronts (just look at what’s happening in Wisconsin) and I truly believe that buyers remorse is setting in now and will only get worse when they overstep their bounds.

    In the end, they will be seen as an ineffective bunch of misguided superconservatives that have no idea how to lead or govern. They have sucked all the air out of the room for moderate conservatives and that is not sustainable. Just like there are far more middle-of-the-road liberals out there, there is also a giant swath of conservative America that simply isn’t racist or violently opposed to all forms of government. These moderate conservatives will, at some point, return their party back to sanity. It’s just going to take time for them to see the folly of the tea partiers and how damaging to their party and the country they are.

    But winning the debate? It may be the Republicans in general of have beaten us in that area but I would never give credit for that to the tea party. In terms of the Republican party, the tea partiers are just “useful idiots”. And I do mean that in the true sense of the word “idiot”.

  49. Bravo, We need to follow your lead. A person I’d like to see inundated with calls, e-mails, etc. is the weiner dawg from NY.

  50. The E. J. Dionne article was depressing to read. We will need to recapture the enthusiasm and power of the 2008 campaign to overcome these obstacles:

    1) MEDIA: A traditional media where “real” journalism is sporadic at best. They like to set the narrative. The only good news about President Obama is bad news. Circumenventing the media firewall continues to be a major challenge.

    2) FOX & CONSERVATIVE RADIO: The reach of the Fox Noise Channel and the plethora of conservative talk radio stations pollutes the airways with lies and distortions 24X7. There is nothing equivalent for the Democrats.

    3) GOTea Party: The party of “NO” has mastered the art of the sound bite and they have remarkable message discipline. They are currently trying to sabotage the economic recovery that they claim never happened. It’s party over country all the way.

    4) FICKLE INDEPENDENT VOTERS who crave attention and swing back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. I just don’t get these folks.

    5) LOW INFORMATION VOTERS: Too many Americans just don’t know basic civics (goverment 101) and are not getting the facts about the Obama administration.

    6) CITIZENS UNITED RULING was devastating (Conservative Supreme Court)

    7) U.S CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and anonymous foreign donations supporting Republicans.

    8) WALL STREET and financial institutions that don’t want to be regulated supporting Republicans.

    9) LOBBYISTS & SPECIAL INTERESTS like health insurers, big oil, Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Dick Armey, etc.

    10) FRUSTRATI: The professional left and other Democrats who dropped President Obama six months into his presidency because he wasn’t making changes fast enough and to their exact specifications. When he accomplished a major initiative by getting 80%, they complained about the 20 we didn’t get. Major accomplishments were never celebrated and promoted. They just itch to (you know).

  51. Since there is a defeatism attitude in here today. I will put this out there.

    Obama should not run for president in 2012, let one of the candidates that the PL or firebaggers support run or let a Republican win. I mean cause Obama can never do right by both the left and the right. I am also hoping for a governenment shutdown so Americans can wake up to the fact that the GOP does not care about them.The American people actually need proof that the GOP does not care about them the shutdown of governement is it. The communication. from the Whitehouse is not the problem, the MSM. If MSM was not so busy trying cater to the GOPTea and get ratings, Americans would get the right information. I just don’t see hoe the Whitehouse can go around the MSM. This is why I wish George Soros and Ted Turner should get together in form a liberal network. It woul be equivalent to Fox.

  52. I don’t see that they are winning, I just see that they are out in the open now. I’ve read where there have been men fighting social programs since FDR. Beginning with Nixon they found that they could lie and cheat and there would be people that believed them. They built their base using Limbaugh. Got their own media outlets. They have worked to get at their people on the Supreme Court which resulted in Citizens United. They back Senators and Representatives. And now they are out in the open. And, oh boy, do they want everyone else to believe they are powerful. They want everyone to get discouraged. You are a shining light, bwd, and it is understandable that sometimes you would feel they are winning, but they are not.

    They are loud. We don’t have to give them attention. That is what they want — complaining, pointing out whatever stupid thing they did — that is giving them attention.

    That silent majority who just wants to watch TV and go on with their lives can’t help but see what is happening. This isn’t rhetoric anymore. People’s lives are being effected by the GOP/Tea Party laws and actions.

    The GOP baggers are the bad guys now. Not the good guys. There are people who will always believe them, but for others, they are the ones to blame now.

    The same nonsense was said of Kennedy, that he was the Antichrist. JFK was Catholic and they said the Pope would run the country.

    I’m in Indiana. My mother saw the Klu Klux Klan march in my small town when she was young and I did, too. I grew up hearing my father, brothers and uncles used the n word and hated it. I agree that race fuels the anger for this president, but it is the same ignorance, insecurity and fear that has been here long before.

    That’s not to say we don’t have to pay attention or stand up for what we believe in. All that means is that we need to focus on what we want and take part in creating it.

    Life is change and nothing remains the same. Each one of us is powerful to create the life we want. We have the ability to choose our thoughts and to act on the truth that is in our hearts. They can never take that away from us.

    They are saying “this is reality” and if they say it enough they think everyone will believe it. Well it’s not reality. Lets find solutions and join in with others — not out of fear or pushing against the GOP baggers, but out of love, creating the life that we want to live. Love is the most powerful emotion we can have. Hope. Passion. Excitement. Joy. There’s tremendous energy in those emotions.

    You are creating a beautiful community, bwd. I have felt your strength like a rock from the first time I read you at the other site. What you are doing here is powerful. We will see the next steps on the path as we continue walking.

    Together we can do this.

  53. I don’t mean to sound defeated. I don’t feel that way. I’m ready to fight the media and the republicans. I’m ready to fight for President Obama.

  54. ICAM! the ones that keep saying that he could do more, but haven’t said what, are pretty much being vague and are hating at best. I’ve pretty much lost any respect I’ve had for our wannabe black pundits and leaders asking for the president to perform miracles out of thin air after 2 years in office

  55. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that, my dear. 🙂 I just hope that all those Dems who stayed home in November, thinking that they’re punishing PBO or the party – will see what a terrible decision this was and run to the polls next year.

  56. I hear you. I have wondered whether I want President Obama to run again. It’s more to do with him than us, actually. I’m not sure I want him to subject himself to all this BS. And I definitely agree that we need a counterweight to FOX and MSNBC ain’t it – regardless of what the rightwing would like everyone to believe. There 3 shows on MSNBC to counter FOX, IMO. And one of the host is a lightweight.

  57. While Rachel can be maddening sometimes, for more than a year, she has been calling attention to the Koch brothers, with nary a mention by the so-called MSM.

    It is good to see that outfits like the NYT are shinning the light on the Koch brothers. They should go beyond that and expound on Dionne’s piece about the media being in collusion with this fake grassroots operation we’ve seen taken hold in the country.

    As for the messaging on the left, despite doing more than his share to get his message out, President Obama gets very little help from people in his own camp. Many of them always want more and more from him, no matter what he does, even when he does it without their help. Some like Weiner from New York have never met a camera they did not like.

    I can’t help but shake my head in disgust as I read about people on the left now being worried that the Republicans want to repeal the health care law.

    These are some of the same people, instead of fighting for the bill at the time, were the ones in the “kill the bill” camp.

    They helped to demonize the bill, without or refusing to understand the tremendous fight the president had on his hands, not only from Republicans, but the entrenched insurance giants.

    Instead of training their sights on the Republicans, time after time, they look for anything to criticize this president.

    Thank God for this space. Those of us who have seen for a long time the faux outrage disguised as populism, need to keep doing what we are doing — helping to educate other people about what the president has done, and contacting the naysayers in the press when we see their distortions.

  58. No, we’re NOT losing. It may take a long time, but the Obama zeitgeist is under way. As for Wisconsin, if the bill passes (and I fear it will), we will take it to the courts and we will begin organizing now for Walker’s recall. If we think long-term, a year is not very long. We will not forget It is time to become an enlightened democracy, and one begins by being an enlightened democratic citizen oneself so we can spread it. I’m getting lots of emails about boycotting Koch products, none of them from the blogosphere, so it IS spreading.
    Good to see you back, blackwaterdog, though I encourage you to take more time for yourself to keep up your health and spirits. You’ve put something into motion here and we can continue it when you need time to regather your energy, though no one takes lightly your power to amass positive information.

  59. And we must take heart in the fact that they are mostly old and a dying breed, not that I wish them ill will (though sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a neutral stance in regard to their welfare). But their kind must change with the times or sink into oblivion.

  60. I add my apologies if I sound defeated, because I personally am not. I agree that it’s time to get serious about messaging and serious about the teaparties, but really, we’re talking about a handful of billionaires in the shadows looking to impose unpopular policy. If that’s what it takes to wake people up to the reality of the modern GOP, which is radicalized, so be it.

    For a quick lol, a teapartier just made his way into weeseeyou to defend himself against an article which pointed out that he was depicted as “grassroots” when he’s anything but. Tee hee:

  61. Saint Roscoe, I’m not sure this is a bad strategy for the White House to take, though it is extremely long-run in effect. Goethe writes: “If you treat man as he appears to be, you make him worse than he is. But if you treat man as if he already were what he potentially could be, you make him what he should be.” Or at least, you steer him in the right direction.

  62. I asked myself this question many times, but i think he knows that he must run again.Seriously, he’s all that stands between us and a complete madness. If only those on “his side” were really on *his side*.

  63. desraye, I do not believe that President Obama should not run or that the GOP should win. We already had 8 years of that with GW Bush!!!

    There are people standing up with courage right now. We need to pay attention to them. We need to support state or US senators and representatives that are speaking out with courage.

    If football teams felt like it was all over we would never see the underdog win. Just because it “looks bad” doesn’t mean didly. It’s not over until it’s over — and it ain’t over by a long shot.

    I suggest that we all put our energy into positive action today. Let’s read positive news. Let’s post comments about people who are taking positive action. Let’s make calls to support those congresspeople. Let’s take action to create the world we want to live in.

  64. We are not losing at all this was a slap in the face for those progressive, who sat out and refuse to vote lead by Greenwald, Schultz,Hamsher and others. progressive groups, like net roots, and others are the ones who lost when they went against this president. They let the door open and republicans took it. We all know the insults that was being thrown at this president before the election. Theo made a comment yesterday that was spot on. They were letting this president get hammered and started to agree with the tea party. Now that they have stepped hard on their shoes, they decide to wake up. Not one group lead a march for health care. Not one group lead a march for citizen united. President Obama took these issue to them and they left him finning for himself. Now take the slap and lets get to work.

  65. Okay…guys I am about to make a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Rant and I will post it again on another blog if BWD add a new one……

    I have been watching this crisis in Wisconsin unfold for the past week. I have cried with these people, I have laughed with these people, I have read people’s anger on facebook, twitter and blogs, I have seen people’s rally together as one in peace, I have seen people’s vitriol against Scott Walker. I have read rants from some people mad at President Obama for not stepping up and either commenting or stopping this on this blog and in other places as they see the biggest assault on unions in a generation. I have seen and heard Ed Shultz who have blasted not only President Obama but other top National folks for not commenting enough about the injustice that is happening in Wisconsin.

    I agree with everyone who says that Wisconsin has been taken hostage by not only Teabag Govenor Walker but the Koch brothers and the Republican party. The way I feel right now is that I want to take the whole state of Wisconsin and give them a huge HUG, but then after hugging them want to smack them upside the head.

    Wisconsin. WTF were you thinking about electing these folks?

    President Obama, told ALL THOSE FOLKS out there now protesting what would happen if they GOP got control of these seats.

    He started WARNING what would happen if Unions didn’t come out and start getting ready for the election at the LABOR speech in WISCONSIN in Sept of 2010

    Then he came back a month later and warned Wisconsin VOTERS AGAIN to support Democratic Senator Russ Feingold and what would happen if GOP took control. For those who have time to watch his rally in Wisconsin…..

    Rachel Maddow talked about this rally

    Michelle Obama campaigned for Feingold and told those people what was at stake.

    President Obama, Michelle Obama campaigned and rooted for Wisconsin democrats running and told the UNIONS and ALL THOSE COLLEGE KIDS that the GOP is trying to drive us back into the ditch. Where were they November 2, 2010? Did the voters of wisconsin fall asleep at the wheel? Why did they not trust President Obama, Michelle Obama, Russ Feingold and all the Democratic congressman who told them to support democrats in the midterms? How did a once progressive state of Wisconsin lose the govenor’s seat, lose both state houses, a senate seat and 2 congressional seats to Teabag Republicans. HOW?!?!?! This makes no sense to me!! You can best believe that President Obama and Russ Feingold felt betrayed from the main people they have been fighting for all there lives. They didn’t stand with them and fight with them, they just gave up and let a ruthless dictatorship of a party take over their state and now that decision may have ripple consequences not only to the Unions but to the whole democratic party.

    Also last week I watched Ed Shultz try to put this on the President for not speaking out forcefully for the Unions, when he is the main person was telling folks not to vote in the midterms…He told the 99’rs not to vote and now he is mad that the GOP is trying to take us back to the 50’s all over the country? He has some NERVE!!

    Don’t believe me? Here is the clip

    I like Ed Shultz because he is for working folks in this country and for a fair deal with middle class americans. But he sometimes makes me sick for his continuing bashing and blaming this president for everything that goes wrong. The president went all over this country WARNING voters what would happen if they didn’t vote. He told them repeatedly. He told the Ohio voters, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania what would happen. So when I hear Ed Shultz blasting this president for his “NON-INVOLVEMENT” of this fight, I shake my head because he is the last person that should be blaming this president.

    President obama political arm OFA the ones that got blasted repeatedly from some progressives over here, are now trying to stem the damage that has been done by teaparty by setting up phone banks, and knocking on doors for support to sigining folks up to begin the stages of trying to recall some of the senators and blocking this bill from passing. The people in wisconsin have the power to correct a big mistake that was made last year by getting rid of some state senators and begin raising money for 2012 election and getting folks to begin the campaign of recalling govenor walker.

    I know wisconsin knows that electing these folks was a mistake and they are in the fight of their life, but I have faith, and belief that the working folks in that state and around the country will win this battle.

  66. Spot on. I know I’ve been to some of the ubber-left groups and was astounded at the names the President was called – even racist names by so-called progressives.

  67. So well said. I was thinking this morning on my way to work, you know what it’s like? It’s like a teenager with a single parent who works two jobs. The kid calls the second job relentlessly with demands and complaints, annoying coworkers and bosses. The parent says, “you can’t call six times per day because I’ll lose this job and won’t be able to buy everything you need and want.” The teenager responds by starting to call twelve times a day with sobs, tantrums, and rants. The parent loses the job. Upon which the teen commences with a tantrum that the parent can no longer afford what s/he could afford a year ago because of the job loss.

    Might be a silly metaphor (my specialty) but in terms of shooting themselves in the foot, this came to mind thinking of the frustrati.

  68. I just want to add that Presidential elections are very different than mid-term elections. While I detest these Tea Party freaks and the wholesale destruction they are attempting to impose on this country, in some ways the Republicans taking back the House gives us an even better chance of retaking the House and holding the presidency in 2012, if history is any indication. Yes, I realize that this is a Black President and the larger and very important point BWD is making about racism but I think what we are seeing in Wisconsin is a great example of people who refuse to stand idly by and simply take this Tea Party BS anymore. I see hope and determination. The MSM won’t report on it but it’s there nonetheless. The right-wing extremists have no viable candidates. If Donald Trump is the best they can do, I really think we can fight hard and keep making a difference. I will be on the front lines of this fight NO MATTER WHAT, I can tell you that.

  69. So good to have you back BWD.

    I have to agree with Sheila. I guess I do not know what EJ thinks the president is supposed to do? Reason with the teabaggers? They hate him, it would not matter how he might respond to them,
    because they will never change the way they look at him.

    This kind of smacks of the same now old song and dance. Why hasn’t the president done this, that, everything, nothing.

    EJ has been all over the place recently in terms of PBO. Mostly negative over the past year I would say.

  70. Why should he not run again? He’s on top of the game, even if the game is extremely difficult and slow-moving. He is truly the only politician I would trust right now to be President, as he has an inner serenity and detachment (not to be confused with indifference) that sets him apart and which is necessary to see the big picture and not succumb to the irksome details.

  71. Thanks for this, I really like how your son thinks, and tend to agree that he’s right. That’s why that Deprok or whatever his name was irritated me, he was aghast that progress was stil hard and there was still work to do because he was in the mentality that his progressive utopia had been achieved already, and now he wants to subject us to another Republican president just so he can elect his “true” liberal ideal. Ugh.

  72. I think that the fickle swing voters accounted for the disappointing 2010 results. They bought into the GOP’s nonsense.

  73. Excellent post ! And you should post this on every blog you can – even HuffPo, but I don’t it will get through.

  74. Unions fought long and hard against difficult odds to win the reforms in the workplace. They are not going to give up now.

    From the AFL-CIO blog on Feb. 18:

    “Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant faith leaders from Illinois and Wisconsin today offered sanctuary to the 14 Democratic members of the Wisconsin state Senate who left the chamber Wednesday to prevent Gov. Scott Walker (R) from railroading through his budget measure that would destroy middle-class jobs and eliminate collective bargaining rights for public service workers.

    If you’d like to support the 14 brave Democratic senators who stopped the vote on Walker’s bill with a contribution of any size, you can do that here:”

    Go to the AFL-CIO Facebook page, We Are One, to read the information about rallies and support.

  75. I too blame the media. I mean, I don’t understand what the president is supposed to do.
    I remember his interview with peter jenning who asked PBO about the teaparty. He said that people are worried because the times are bad.

    What would he possibly gain by saying the tea party folks are crazy. They hate me, because I am black? You can imagine how the press would go ape over that.

  76. you know what won racism and fear. The different response to the fear is what worked. White middleclass workers have never had a insult placed on them so hard. what bush did he did not discriminate. For years under many presidents African Americans lived what many are living now. we adapted and searched ways to survive. We constantly voted democrat because of what the party stood for. When white middle class felt the pain that blacks was feeling they panic and allowed the meme of the black man as president is going to do us in. The republicans hit those fears which lead them to vote against their inteerest and join the tea party disquising itself as a new party when all along it was republicans. Now that the tea party has revealed their true intentions those who fled and listen to the meme is stuck and now see, that the fear was all made up. This is how they divided and is attempting to conquer. This is one reason why the polling in AA communities remain high we knew what their game was. This is why polling in white areas went down. Now people are waking up and the polling is in the president favor. One thing the Tea Party did not consider, was who they were dealing with. They were not dealing with the angry black man, the popolous president. They are dealing with the real thing. A president that is patient, caring, smart,knowledgeable to know the game. He has prepared for this is one steps ahead and the only adult in the room, with a long term plan.

  77. Sheila, That is brilliant, and I believe it is totally true. I do not think our president is an eye for an eye kind of guy. What would he gain but more hatred.

    It is hard for me to imagine that the teaparty people are all that large in terms of actual numbers. They just get all of the attention.

  78. Well,, Dorothy, we must give the true credit where it is due, to Goethe, and to the President who asks in this vein even if he may not know Goethe wrote this.

  79. Personally I do not trust Sherrod. I think he is thinking of bigger titles for himself.

    As such, he likes to get a lot of attention on msnbc so he always half praises the president.

  80. Thank you for this rant BWD. It is how alot of us have felt, but I don’t agree anymore. You have created such a wonderful place here that we have learned we are not alone. And I truly do believe people are starting to wake up as to what is really going on. It may not happen as fast as we want it to but I have hope now. The people who hate will never win over the people who hope. They may win in the short run but not in the long run. Money is winning but now but we do have President Obama and I do have great faith in him.

    Keep the faith everyone~!

  81. Losing steam, or they weren’t that big to begin with, and were the astroturf creation that a bunch of us have always accused that “movement” of being. They’ve got a lot of money, and disproportionate media attention. That provides a disadvantage to us, but certainly not an insurmountable one.

  82. I just posted it so and the setup is different now on the new blog…I will be checking on it throughout the day.

  83. I agree Eclectablog, it isn’t as easy as just blaming the Tea Party. After the Tea Party fades we are left with Boehner, Cantor, Christie, etc. Much work to do. Confident this group will help create a unified voice for Democrats.

  84. They can’t figure President Obama out. President Obama has revealed who these people really are on the right and the left.

  85. Okay, I’ve got just the thing for everybody.

    This is a beautiful, on target comment posted by Christin in bwd’s Happy New Year thread. Enjoy:

    I was somewhat skeptical of February of 2007.
    I was somewhat kinda liking what I was seeing in June of 2007.
    But had to chose one.
    I was a confused Edwards supporter in November of 2007.
    Confused as in thinking maybe I was on the wrong team.
    On December 2nd 2007 I picked up the phone.
    It was enthusiastic Democratic supporter of Barack Obama calling from OFA, giving me a complete rundown on Barack Obama, and could I give any type of donation.
    I told him I was for John Edwards, but would be quite happy if Barack Obama won.
    But would hold off financial support for now.
    And then somehow, wound up giving my first 100 to the campaign.

    In January of 2008, I put up the NY Times front page article in my office at work.
    Sen. Barack Obama wins Iowa.
    A smiling Barack Obama clapping.
    I’m still looking at that yellowed picture.
    We then left for vacation in Saint Thomas.
    A few days into my tropical paradise, we’re in a little grocery store on the island, paying six dollars for a box a Cheerios.
    And I’m losing it because New Hampshire goes the other way.
    On my vacation!

    And then it begins.
    Obsessing over every poll in existence.
    Cursing the longest primary in history.
    Glued to the internets to see how some election in a US territory I never heard of is doing.
    American Somalia too! Ours!
    Pissed off at home state for going the other way. What? My state?
    February, March, April……I tell my family I can’t take this.
    When will it end.
    They look at me in disgusted disgust and think and/or say the same two statements.

    I blame my friend who lives in PA for that loss.
    She kept asking me what date the primary was. Like I live there?
    I keep looking at her Larry David like wondering did she even remember to to vote.

    I am up to twice monthly donations.
    One from my account. The other from my SO’s.
    Sometimes he does not know that when he tells me fifty, I make it one hundred.
    When he says one hundred, I make it two.
    It’s only numbers.

    The articles in my little cube are growing. A whole wall.
    May! Finally!!! We win! For a few hours I’m beyond myself with happiness.
    Then I remember now we start all over again.
    More money. More pouring over polls.
    And then the cavassing starts in July.
    Knocking on door after door after door.
    August. More doors. The convention. Me all crying.
    We cannot lose. If we lose I have to tell everyone once again I am moving to Canada.
    And they will know I am full of shit as usual and I will lose more friends.

    September. More canvassing.
    Now go onto PA to knock on more doors.
    And then – finally. It’s done. Sheesh. Finally.
    So ballistically happy and overjoyed and insane and delirious with utter shear amazement and relief that the local news interviews me at BO HQ in NJ.
    I come off looking one hundred times worse than Dean when he was all yelling.
    I even had mascara streaks on my face. Yup. Good representation.
    Tickets to the D.C. for the big day in January 2009.
    And that was the beginning.

    Of two years.
    In which my hope. My joy. My faith.
    Were restored.
    And my respect.
    Just so much respect.
    And pride in my country.
    And just this overall incredible feeling of peace.
    On the politics side of my life.
    A feeling of peace that had been missing since November 2000.

    And no one.
    Least of all some members of the professional left.
    Least of all some sad Naderite voters who hate all Democrats.
    Least of all about 20 remaining PUMAs.
    Least of all about 1000 still bitter John Edward supporters.
    And least of all about a few bloggers.
    One who makes his living off of his blog.
    The other who was a failed Hollywood screenwriter.
    The other who can’t make up her mind which party she’s a member of.
    The other who figured out screaming gets attention and some viewers on his You Tube site.
    But all who were once Republicans.
    Unlike me. Unlike most of us.

    For them – the Professional Left.
    It’s all about money.
    Advertisements on their web sites.
    Clicks on their web sites.
    Invites to appear as talking heads on some cable show that hardly anyone watches.
    It’s just about how to make money off ranting, screaming, and hating.

    None of those losers.
    None of those Non Members of this real base.
    The five percenters.
    Will ever. Ever.
    Take that away. They can’t. They don’t know how.
    And the more they can’t?
    The more they hate.
    And the more they hate?
    The more miserable they are.
    And the more miserable they are?
    The more without hope they are.
    And the more without hope they are?
    The more they close their curtains and sit in the dark.
    Pounding away at their keyboards.
    Just screaming how much they hate everything and everyone.

    HELL NO YOU CAN”T yelled John Boehner before HCR passed.
    He was not orange that day. He was red.
    Screaming HELL NO YOU CAN’T.
    Over and over and over.
    He looked so hateful. So miserable.

    I could not tell the difference between Boehner.
    And the Professional Left.
    The Professional Left.
    That is not the base.
    That is not the heart. The soul. Or the canvassers of the party.
    They are the base of their own party.
    Some third party that voted for Ralph.
    And now wants to vote for…they don’t know.

    When Democrats give the President an 85 percent approval rating?
    All what I babbled on was just one big fat “goes without sayin’. ”

    And when I used to go to my local campaign office to pick up my packets to canvass.
    Almost none of those foot soldiers were bloggers.
    Almost none of them heard of Daily Kos. Or Firedoglake.
    Just blank looks.
    As they got ready to convince another voter to do the right thing.

    So to President Barack Obama.
    I thank him for giving me back so much of what we lost in 2000 and and more.
    In more simple terms, I thank him for knowing that what makes a leader is not being a jerk and a bully and screaming my way or the highway.
    But for knowing that in order to move forward and help as many as possible, you have to give a little to the other side so they come on board.

    And for BWD.
    I thank her for giving us a place to revel in that joy.
    And for being a place in which the curtains are always open.
    The sun shines.
    And we get ready. To help elect. For the 2nd time.
    One of the greatest Presidents this country has known.

    Happiest Bouncing Bot ever. 🙂


    “A place in which the curtains are always open.” Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will.

  86. Saint Roscoe, President Obama is one of the most creative people I’ve even seen. He is on his own path. If he worried about what other people thought he wouldn’t get anything done!

    Those naysayers don’t have any power unless we give it to them by believing what they are saying or thinking they have power.

    Our POTUS is a different type of President than we usually have — he’s open to try new ideas, see how they work, and modify if needed. People who see life in terms of absolutes and extremes from either side see this as a weakness, but it’s not. It is in President Obama’s powerful nature to reach out to others and to create change by transforming thinking and beliefs.

    I started reading a book called “Reading Obama” by James Kloppenberg and I think he understands the president more than anyone I’ve read so far.

    “Most of the book is an illuminating analysis of what formed the president’s pragmatism, which is characterized by continual debate, input from supporters and adversaries, and compromise. This process is much different from the shrill attacks made by both parties on each other and on Obama himself.”

    I voted for President Obama because I liked who he was as a person as well as his beliefs. I didn’t think I would agree with everything he did, but I trusted him to do the best he could. And he has. And I’m more impressed every day.

  87. Not only the fickle swing voters but the abysmal turnout. There are people in Tunisia, Egypt, et. al, who are willing to give their lives for free and fair elections…and too many here can’t be bothered. Apathy=killer of democracy.

  88. I think that seeing that is part of what is driving people out into the streets. We have it so much easier here in that many of our ancestors already died for the right to organize and be recognized by the government. It really is easy to take for granted (I myself did for many years) and get distracted by other aspects of the microwave culture. But I couldn’t have been more heartened this weekend looking at videos and reading through accounts of this protest. Awesome.

  89. BWD! What’s going on? Did you really write that? It’s just so out of character. First, thank you for this place of reasoned discussion and inspiration. I check you out daily, though I post few comments.

    I suppose none of us can be upbeat all the time. So my dear, as an African-American woman who’s childhood encompassed the dark final years of American apartheid, I can only share with you what my mom told me at the worst times, “God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.”

    Some of us have been running around with our hair on fire about the republican agenda for, well, since Bush v. Gore. Minority communities and interests were under attack from the beginning. In ten-years the intentions of the republican agenda has become absolutely clear to these communities. President Obama and democrats won the White House with these voters and a substantial minority of white middle class and working class voters. But the reality is the majority of white middle class and working class voters did not really think that the republican agenda threatened them. After all weren’t they “Joe the Plumber?” The good, solid, “real” americans, the ones screwed by both parties? Do these majorities have any doubt what the agenda is now? The goal is not a balanced budget, but to destroy the organizations that protect their rights as workers, and the policies that provide them a safety net as citizens.

    The President and the executive branch cannot single-handedly defend the union movement. The right to organize and the right to bargain collectively were won in the streets and those rights will be preserved in the streets. Union members must fight – as they are doing in WI – and in that fight the brotherhood and sisterhood of union workers is reborn. They regain a vibrant community that had been sleeping.

    “Lord, make me a way out of no way.”


  90. We are not losing.

    No time to get discouraged. I would much rather be us than them. Imagine how *they* have felt since 2008. If anybody should be wallowing in discouragement, it is this dying breed of teabaggers and right-wing racists.

    Nobody said it would be easy, but this is the side I would rather be fighting on.

  91. I watched him, too, Proud of Obama. He looked so confident and full of energy. Love that man!

  92. President Obama should run again because of the principles he has been stating since he started running.

    “I don’t quit”, if he didn’t run he would be quitting.

    “Change is hard” – if he is willing to put in the work, so am I.

    “I believe in the resilience of the American people” – if he believes in the American people we need to too. We need to believe that if we continue to work to get the truth out, it will prevail.

  93. Also remember that these Tea-Publicans were elected by the slimmest of margins nationwide, and by very small voting populations. The overwhelming majority of people simply did not vote in the 2010 elections.

    Maintain perspective. What was done will be largely undone in 2012. We just have to mitigate the damage til then. Luckily, the idiot teabaggers have no long term strategy or vision — only boneheaded tactics, like the ones employed by the idiot gov of WI. By the time Election 2012 rolls around, these assholes will be sooo out of vogue.

    Again, who would you rather be? We, on the side of progress and change who have seen numerous victories since January 2009, or them, who are dragging their heels, screaming in ignorarance, and in shock that their world has been turned upside down?

    Onward and upward.

  94. I agree. I think that’s why a president has surrogates in his party. But when you have the ones who are supposed to have your back constantly running to the nearest microphone to criticize everything you do or offer faint praise, it is just mind boggling to me.

    President Obama cannot do this all by himself. If President Obama came out today and called the Teaparty out, the media, led by Faux will beat it like a dead horse.

    When the Administration called Faux out last year, the so-called media stood up for Faux, even though many knew that Faux is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Republican Party.

    The media helped to breathe life into the Teaparty and keep it afloat, despite knowing that it is being backed by these rich guys.

    Take a look at the coverage the Wisconsin protest is being given compared to the nonesense we saw over the health care bill in the summer of last year.

    How many days has it taken for media folks to give the protesters coverage, and even at that they can’t get the story right.

    For months, Rachel Maddow, to her credit has been railing about the Koch Brothers, only now the NYT is getting around to talking about them. But better late than never, right? Sigh.

    We are up against a huge machine, but we have to do what we can to push back in our own little way. And lord knows this space has been a godsend.

    It is hard not to get disappointed and rightly so because we know the facts, but we have to continue, because anything short of that is to let them win.

    Perhaps the events in Wisconsin of late will open the doors a little wider, shining light on the ugly acts by these people.

    Deep breaths, positive affirmations and peace!!

  95. Nonie, I had no idea that Shultz promoted not voting in 2010. It makes me wonder if he isn’t on Koch’s payroll. I hate going down that road, but c’mon, encouraging people to stay home?! Mind blowing. I have to wonder if the folks who watch him and the others “get it” now? Do they see how these pundits have led them to do the wrong thing?

    Thank you for your above comment. It is greatly appreciated.

    I’d like to give the people here a big hug, but I would not to slap them upside the head. 🙂 What a great place this is.

  96. Of course, this is true. Some of us have been saying this from the beginning. But perhaps, if you are in dobt, listen to talk radio to see the real shape of this hatred. Beck is no longer the purveyer, the real Fr. Coughlin of the era is Mark Lavin followed by Hannity and Limbaugh.

  97. I have been thinking for quite some time that the president decided to take the high road with the tea partiers and the GOP the way he did in 2008 with the McCain/Palin duo. He allowed them to “act out” and this gave the voters a chance to see how petty, vindictive, and immature they were for unleashing Palin who was/is willing to say/do anything to win. Slowly, but surely, it seems as if more people are beginning to pay attention to the tea party politicians and the mainstream republicans like Boehner. I believe this is why the president is polling so well during their period of deep recession. He remains calm, cool, focused, and optimistic about our country’s future, and I believe that most citizens prefer this over the manufactured histrionics they witness coming from almost every person on the right. I think we also need to remember that although Fox and the rw media does have a lot of influence, the majority of Americans don’t pay much attention to them. I know that a few years ago, I knew who Beck, Limbaugh, and others in rw media were, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. It was only after I retired in 2009 that I had the time to invest in “tracking” them and their comments, so I think most Americans are too busy with working, rearing their kids, and other concerns to care what any of these rw entertainers have to say, but I do know that when PBO makes a major speech, they listen to him. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing and help in getting the real message about our president disseminated. Soon, I’m going to begin canvassing for PBO in my area of the city so that I can educate people about our president’s policies and his vision for the country. I will also be focused on identifying those who are not registered to vote and on getting them to the local elections board to register to vote in 2012 and beyond. I think many people don’t vote in midterm elections because they don’t think that it makes a difference whether they do or not, and I plan to work to change that.

  98. Yes he was on the radio and tv. Have you noticed how his rhetoric has toned down. i state representative from wisconsin was on Friday and he asked her what does he want the president to do, has he done enough. She said Oh yes him making that statement was encouraging and this was a fight for the state. They have to fix this. in other words,they know in Wisconsin the mistake they made for voting for these guys, now they have to fix it.

  99. OMG, gn.

    Read every word. I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Powerful, in a poetic way like Walt Whitman or Allen Ginsburg.

    To our dear bwd: we all have days of despair and it’s our turn to uplift YOU. I wish I had the power to get the president to call you himself. I’ll bet he gives a righteous pep talk to help dispel the funk.

  100. I know the quote, but you were the one to use it as an analogy to point to the character of our fabulous president.

    Frankly, I do not think our president is going to change. I think the administration is getting better about messaging, but Barack Obama is a man of honor and compassion.

    I have always believed him when he said, he would be willing to be a one term president.

    If that were to happen, I would be devastated. So we have to stand up and make our voices heard.

    I liked the idea above(?) to start a media blitz against the lies.

  101. God works in mysterious ways is a statement my family say all the time. We are going to be alright.

  102. Great. BWD, this is something I try to do on a regular basis. I usually send e-mails to the ones whose e-mails I have when I see stuff like this.

    How about we (collectively) make it a habit of doing this sort of push back every time we see something along the lines of the story we see with Sherrod Brown today.

    Every time there is a story like this, we get the phone numbers and e-mail addresses and flood them with e-mails and phone calls voicing our disagreements with their stance, and if need be send them the facts to boot.

    BWD, I have read here on numerous occasions good numbers on manufacturing.

    We have to find a way to push back at these guys. And not only should we call and e-mail the people being quoted in the stories, we should write the reporters/editors who publish the stories to set them straight, too.

  103. We’re going to be just fine. Another point is that despite the GOP’s declaration as Supreme Masters of the Universe, they actually underperformed in November thanks to…wait for it, the teaparties. Remember how utterly unpopular Reid was in his own state? Why is he still in the senate? Awesome turnout and collaboration on the left, as well as a teaparty nutcase on the ticket which drove swing voters to hold their respective noses for Reid. Ditto re: Delaware; the teaparty practically took that seat from the Republicans and handed it to Dems via snatching the GOP senatorial nomination from a well-liked, moderate Republican and handing it to Ms. I’m Not a Witch.

    We will definitely keep on keeping on. November was a temporary set-back (and we’re going to to feel it via the federal and state budgets), but it’s not the end all to be all IMO.

  104. When Barack Obama started his campaign for the Presidency, I was intrigued. Here was a young, articulate liberal Democrat who made so much more sense than his opponent who was heir to the Democratic Party machine. But I had doubts. He was not really well known (except for that memorable speech that had everyone talking about him for weeks). He was also biracial and identified himself as African-American. My sense then was that he would be Hillary’s running mate and might even have a real crack at the Presidency later. But as the campaign continued, I abandoned my prognosticating and poll watching. It had become quite clear to me that what we really had was an unbelievable opportunity. We could have a President who would put all his energy into moving our country from a stale, special interest dominated society to a place where the true interest of all the people would be heard and where justice, excellence and optimism propelled us forward.
    A nation also, that would once again be respected and supported by other peoples around the globe. So then it didn’t matter to me if the pundits continued to predict his failure at the polls. I had found someone worth fighting for, and that is exactly how I feel today. I am still somewhat to the left of our great President and I only partially understand the cancer of racism, having come here as an immigrant from Europe. I don’t have an answer except to make it clear to everyone that we, the American people, still have this incredible opportunity. We have a President who will lead us at a time when the world is rapidly changing, who will keep our country strong and secure and who will help to heal the wounds caused by our social warfare on each other. I am immensely grateful to President Obama for being such an example of decency, hard work and belief in us. I noted that several people feel that he gives the American people too much credit. I understand that thought, but his belief in us is the root of his effectiveness. It’s time we all let the rest of the world know that we are the people who will work with him to “win the future”.

  105. Yes they are mentioned more and more, and they have even been booed in person:

    David Koch masks his role as one of the top financiers of the Tea Party movement and pro-polluter front groups by loudly tacking his name to more laudable charities, like the New York city ballet. Koch, who has professed his devotion to “The Nutcracker” ballet performance by Alexei Ratmansky, made a matching grant of $2.5 million so that it could go on this season. At a special opening of the performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music shortly before Christmas, Koch made an appearance to talk about his donation. The Financial Times’ John Gapper was in the audience and witnessed a crowd of “harried Brooklyn moms and salivating balletomanes” erupting in boos at the sight of the Tea Party billionaire…

  106. Like I said upthread, bwd: no need to be “sorry”, we ALL have our days when things look bleak and we want to give up. Still, if I had a magic wand, I’d wave it and President Obama would give you a call.

  107. I’m in! Thanks for the link and I will share it with others. As they say: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” Exposing these corporate pirates and looters is a very proactive step.

  108. I haven’t watched MSNBC in a very long time. I checked-out of MSNBC about the same time as I checked-out of the other website. I had so many discussions, and then arguments, with commenters about why we SHOULD vote. It was as if I were literally beating my head against the wall.

    It’s crazy, they seemed to be so concerned about “corporatists”, but then they willingly played right into the hands of the Koch Brothers, Dick Armey, et al. Bizarre.

    I’m grateful the state representative told Ed the president has done enough. She’s right, this is something the state has to settle. Can you imagine the uproar if the president tried to tell a state government what to do?!

  109. AOL co-founder Steve Case will join President Barack Obama’s new presidential council on jobs and competitiveness, spokesman Jay Carney said.

    Paul Otellini, the chief executive officer of Intel Corp., the world’s largest semiconductor maker, was named by Obama last week to the council that’s headed by General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

    The panel, created last month to find ways to encourage hiring and boost U.S. economic competitiveness, holds its first meeting at the White House on Feb. 24.

    Bloomberg News-

  110. Yes, yes, yes:

    To our dear bwd: we all have days of despair and it’s our turn to uplift YOU.

    Let me tell you, I have indulged in fantasies of POTUS walking away and letting the purists lose with an unrealistic ticket, and the right wing lose by successfully electing yet another President whose policies are harmful to average Americans. Others lifted me out of that discouragement, and this comments section is a wonderful exercise in facts, reason and upliftment as well!

  111. That commenter, Christin, is one of a kind. She seems to participate in blogs cyclically due to work demands, but I just love her commentary, and this comment is so utterly appropriate right now.

  112. There is nothing one can do against racism, except what the President has done in his speech on race, and his continued fine conduct.

    This is not simply a blind hatred of him because he is black, or if it is it is because he is black, talented, bright, handsome, charming, and especially good at what he does. This is jealousy of a man who breaks their stereotypes of what they think a black man should be.

    It has happened to anyone “different” all our bigoted history. The same kind of people were hating Jack Kennedy because he was Catholic. Almost the same kind hated Franklin Roosevelt because he was citified and upper-class and very interested in initiating programs that helped struggling Americans and not just the upper l/4 of l% of the population.

    The history of this country shows that there are these frantic fear attacks that blot the centuries against all who are “different” in some way, especially if that person seeking and attaining office is a magnetic person, and with unparalleled oratorical skills.

  113. I think he’s fine. He said previously that he wanted to focus a little more on his family and some of his own projects.

  114. Why do you all think Obama is silent on Libya? They were talking about it on NPR this morning.

    BWD I tend to agree with your well written piece . Watching the labor groups rise up gives me hope. Indianas Dems walked out too. Makes me a bit hopeful.
    Watch Rachel’s piece on Think Progress about Walker. Its a teaparty/Koch eyeopener.

  115. The Tea Party hasn’t won anything. They have been with us throughout history. Under different names, peopled with different faces, fighting against progress since the dawn of mankind. As some very astute commenters have pointed out here, all Presidents have faced opposition from similar groups when trying to change the status quo. I do not deny that they have used racism and divisiveness to further their “cause” and that their tactics have been sickening to watch BUT their “win” in the messaging war over a few issues does not translate into a lasting victory of any kind. Social Security and Medicare suffered from the same kind of attacks and yet they have survived and flourished. Lincoln and Roosevelt were excoriated by the left and right, yet they prevailed. It has always been and always will be much easier to push a negative meme, in the end, as the efforts to improve people’s daily lives start to bear fruit the Tea Partier’s messaging “win” will be forgotten. EJ Dionne got some of the small picture right but in looking at the details he seems to have missed the big picture.

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.”- Gandhi

  116. “It is not just nowadays. Hatred of the different goes back into the most ancient history where one tribe would slaughter another because they were different – different skin color, different pagan god…whatever.”

    For me, this means that the “c”hristians in the GOP have failed at being Christians in a big way because their racism is NOT what Jesus stands for. What gets me riled about them is the constant talk about God, Jesus, speaking for God, God “telling” them what he wants them to do, the endtimes, etc. is always accompanied by constant hatred for every group in America and on the planet.

    I was reading in Second Corinthians yesterday where Paul stated that love is the greatest thing Christians should possess. I also remember him mentioning hope and charity, things that the president mentions, and the rw tries to tear him a new one for doing so. Palin even mocks the president for focusing on hope, something the Bible clearly states should be an important part of any Christians’s life! According to my Bible, folks like Palin, Huckabee, Beck, etc., are not true Christians, because if they were, they would find it impossible to live with themselves while they stand before the public and promote hate and divisiveness to benefit themselves in some personal way. If they put the teachings of Jesus first and remembered the Ten Commandments, they would take pride in telling the truth instead of taking pride in telling the public things they know are lies. (Remember Newt’s second wife’s interview when she said that he doesn’t think it’s important that his words match the way he actually lives?) They also forget that in the New Testament Jesus says that what comes out of one’s mouth is what is in his/heart heart. One only has to listen to these liars to know that their hearts are as black and filled with malice toward their fellow man as they can be.

  117. The 2012 Election has BEGUN!! The gop is going to get SWEPT OUT in 2012. They just don’t understand what they have done. They have awoken a sleeping giant.

  118. I don’t agree the tea party is winning more along the lines of MSM are not doing their job. They are repeaters not reporters, if one person says something instead of them checking or researching on their own it is faster to just repeat these lies than it is to actually perform their jobs.

  119. I do enjoy your writings but the dems didn’t have President Obama’s back during any of the fights during the last 2 years. Dems spent way to much time whining over the “Public Option” well beyond the point that we all knew the gop would never give on it. The Dems went against him over the taxcuts, although the main reason Pres. Obama did them was for the unemployed to continue geting their checks (gop had blocked this over and over).

    The Prof. Left sits on tv and calls him everything but a child of God so I don’t see them as having his back. As a matter of fact Pres. Obama had a lot of people biting at his heels but not many speaking out in support of him.

    He needed more dems to cast votes in the house and senate not less, which is what he has now.

    Pres. Obama asked, begged and pleaded with people not to give the keys back to the GOP but they did it anyway….Maybe next time dems will go out and vote. President Obama can’t make people vote if they are still pissed off about not getting the Public Option.

  120. Great post and your son sounds like a real positive and brilliant thinker. I believe it was Sartre who also called this “The leap of faith.”

    There can’t be an up without a down. We may be a bit down but we’re sure not out.

  121. Sing it Sister/Brother! Let’s keep calling out all these “unpersons” Sun light is the best disinfectant!

  122. I think Rahm Emmanuel will win. They are reporting a large AA turnout and so far they went for him. Im voting later.

  123. RinaX, you have summed things up really nicely….especially about the so-called educated black folks….(I guess that jealousy has been around for ever, I’ve just never seen it so up close and personal before).

  124. They didn’t have his back even once. This is one area where i truly envy the Republicans. They stick together, no matter what. Hell, a lot of them stuck with BUSH! until the end.

  125. Agreed about the stupid but the constant fear mongering in AZ before the elections was horrific and Dems were shut out of debate and the media.

  126. Hee hee. That would be strange. Who’s gonna volunteer for the spanking??? Time’s a-wastin, lol!

  127. I tend to agree with most everything you said, SR. I realize that/our attitude tends toward the negative, but yet we can’t deny the facts that we see and hear over and over and over. I’ve commented before on here that we cannot out message them. They have talk radio (10 to 1), Faux “News” and gobs of think tank and front groups backed by BIG money and the MSM (for lack of a better description) will NOT do their job. All that is fueled by a HUGE amount of hate and racism. That’s a LOT to overcome. I say the same pray EVERY day–that people will wake up; have open minds, etc. & that God give PBO & his entire team wisdom, guidance, insight and courage. I won’t stop doing that, but I sure do get discouraged.

  128. I think we need to always keep in the back of our minds the way the right has responded to anything having to do with race/racism the past 2 years. In every case, they demonized and condemned PBO and liberals/progressives as being the cause of the problem, never admitting their role in promoting racism. Beck has made a career of convincing his listeners/viewers that PBO/liberals/progressives/progressivism is/are the most powerful, destructive evil on the planet, and the cause of all of America’s problems.

    When President Carter spoke about the racism in the tea parties, the rw went nuts. They did the same thing when the NAACP published it’s findings of racism in the tea parties and with the New Black Panther non-incident. I think this is why PBO is wary about having anything to say on the subject of race/racism, and I understand why he does it since I’m an older black female. It is usually the custom that when someone who is a member of a “less well regarded group” has the temerity to speak out against racism, the opponents bring out the long knives, even if what is stated is true. We all know that a favored tactic of the rw is spinning things to their advantage and demonizing their opponents by lying 24/7/365, so I think PBO doesn’t want to give them another opportunity to use whatever he says about the tea partiers having members among them who are racists as a cudgel to beat him over the head with—something they’d do with relish.

  129. Great post Eclectablog and I tend to agree especially about the “buyers remorse” I’m seeing more and more of that here as our Statehouse Repugnants go further and further over the line of sanity and decency.

  130. As I read the comments about Tea Party, Wisconsin, Liberal Left, for me the common thread is – I am frustrated – Frustrated by lies, ego, greed, ignorance, or just plain laziness.

    Well we all handle stress and frustration in our own way. For many of us coming here is the best way to handle both.

    This site starts my day, and when I need an energy boost I come here. Its like recharging my batteries.

    After feeling encouraged – I need to DO SOMETHING. For the past few days I have been trying to figure out what to do next. My answer – organize links and videos.

    The links and comments flow into this site at such an incredible pace sometimes it makes my head spin. I have so many tabs open on my browser I get lost.

    So…. I have created a page of Wisconsin resources that lists videos and links. I will make more pages in the days and weeks ahead. It is a very small thing to do, but it brings me a sense of satisfaction and calms me down.

    I wish this need to organize would spread to other areas of my life like my house, desk drawer, or glove compartment, but alas, the only place where organizing seems to make me feel better is online.

    Please post here or at whatisworking if you have corrections or additions.

    Don’t give up, make a list :->

  131. I think you are having a down day, Kiddo. I find EJ Dionne to be quite negative at times. We just need to work harder getting the positive message out. Illigitmus non carborundum (Don’t let the bastards grind you down) ♥ Sweetie.

  132. Now we know what his presser will be about at 7pm:

    Feb. 22, 2011 6:59 a.m. |(275) Comments

    Madison — Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday morning the state could send out layoff notices to state workers as soon as next week if the budget standoff is not resolved.

    Speaking at the Channel 3 studios, the Republican governor said he would have to send out the notices next week to start seeking savings for the state budget if his repair bill is not passed. Walker said workers would not be laid off immediately and a spokesman later confirmed that.

    “There’s a whole process we’ve got to do,” Cullen Werwie said.

  133. I want to add that Sherrod’s attitude and so many other white senators seem to feel that my incredible president is not up to snuff. He just does not get it. That group of white male senators, not the women, almost talk down to him as if they are smarter. NOT.

    That is exactly why I will not watch msnbc or
    any station. I just read on the internet.

    Look I like Sherrod’s values, but I do not appreciate him standing against the president.

  134. I think many of the Dems in congress do this to the president to cover for their own ineptitude. They can’t stay together on the most basic of Democratic goals and they know they are the problem and not the President. But, if they can get people to focus solely on the president, they can be let off the hook for their own failures to pass progressive legislation. It’s all “look over there and not at me”. We do need to call them on it. They see short term gain for themselves in blaming the president or implying that he, and he alone, is responsible for legislation and ignore the long term effects that attacking the president has for them and their party.

  135. I feel so bad for them but it’s like how could you be so stupid to let this man bamboozle you into thinking he’s moderate.

  136. because of how they supported that charcater that got off on health issues, come to find out he is not sick!
    Also, that little related thing about lockerbie terrorism!

  137. I agree! GOP in its arrogance has over reached. I never thought I’d see the dems in my state grow a spine but they have. The American people are not going to sit back and let the GOP kill this country. We are not going to sit back and let greedy unpatriotic billionaires like the Koch Brothers kill our country.

    The American people are like a child whose mother tells them don’t touch that and they do it anyway and get burned. Well that’s what happened in Nov. Now the American people have had enough. It didn’t take long.

  138. I see that the republicans have put many polls in the field today, suggesting that POTUS can just barely beat Huck and Rom.
    Now, another one, headlines say, POTUS barely beats TRUMP!
    Yeah right.
    Problem is, all those polls they did(in 2010) became a self fullfilling prophecy!
    Are they going to do the same thing, the same Polls every day, and flush the MSM with them? Is that their strategy?
    Oh lordie Miss May!

  139. What he needs to do is repeal his 125 million dollar tax break he just gave to corporation to save those folks jobs. This not going to end well for him.

  140. Actually, you are right to be worried. This is nothing to just pay no attention to. But worry and despair are two different things.

    We have to have faith that things will turn out all right, and then work our butts off to make sure they do.

  141. His first big act will be to layoff tens of thousands and it will get national headlines.
    Instead of creating jobs, they fire people…
    The economy will take a hit, but POTUS can flip it and balme republicans. That is obvious!

  142. Don’t get shaken up by the media. I said on the FYI open thread, that our level of energy and discouragement is being watched closely. While of course a bunch of trends bear watching, polls this far out with no serious declared candidates don’t mean a whole lot. Keep your heads up, guys, and see you later.

  143. Haven’t gotten through all the messages yet, so don’t know if anyone already addressed this topic.

    As Dionne said, they won the message war over the stimulus, over the health care law, and now the manufactured outrage over the deficit.

    BWD, I feel your pain luv and would be all hugging you right now were we in the same room. Here’s the thing. They didn’t win the message WAR. They won the message battle. We won the WAR. The stimulus passed. Health care reform passed.

    They won some battles at the ballot box, too. But those are all battles that can be fought again in 2012 with different outcomes. There will be plenty of damage done in the interim, but nothing like the wholesale destruction of the Bush years. Ultimately, we can change the message delivery system and we will fight back. Period.

    We will prevail.

  144. Great sharing, thanks for that! This just goes to show that all our great blogs here are having some impact.

  145. I think you got it right. What to do? We need to get people on our side against the monied interests. The corporations and banks have taken us down. We need to nationalize the Fed and take away the rights of the private banks to create money. Only the federal government should be able to do that. We need to be spending money into the economy by greening the nation. Let the U.S. government be the lender. Let us pay a small amount of interest to the government on money they lend. Each state should have its own bank, like North Dakota.

  146. Those ugly people caught on camera proudly saying Barack Obama is a terrorist. He should be hung. God those were bleak days.

    But we have to remember that those people are the big mouthed minority. Again, it goes back to the failure of the media who stop sensationalizing every damn thing that those idiots say or do.

  147. The good news is though, that of all Democrats in office, it is the President that people respect and support the most. It would be great if the other Dems would show more solidarity with him for messaging sake but it really hurts them more than it hurts the president. That’s not good either, because we want to have more Dems in office, not fewer. We need to make them understand that attacking the president, to deflect from the failures of our legislative branch, is not a winning tactic. That means letting them know when they say things that we, the democratic voters, don’t like. Right now, they think that turning all the frustration of voters onto the President is a good idea. The extremist wing of the left rewards them with kudos and money when they do so. What we need to do is let them know that there is a much larger group of voters who view that sort of thing as a big negative, not a positive. Remind them of Alan Grayson, who was so beloved by the far left, but was not nearly so popular with rank and file voters.

    There is a reason that the President maintains high approval ratings in spite of high unemployment. And that is because people trust him, like him, see him as calm, deliberate, wise and not extreme. He is not angry and nasty. He doesn’t blame other people. He just states what the problem is, listens to everyone’s input and then goes about trying to find the best possible solution to address the issue. That is what people want and that is what our Democratic lawmakers need to emulate. If they act like adults while the GOP act like spoiled toddlers, they win. If they join in on the “don’t look at me, he’s much worse than I am” brigade, they lose. It’s really that simple, but we need to make sure they get that message because right now they aren’t hearing it enough. All they hear from are the even more childish than themselves extremes from the right and the left.

  148. Personally, I say we take it as speculation at this point since no one in the media really knows what goes on behind the scenes in the WH. We need to remember that the MSM got the level of PBO’s participation in the situation in Egypt wrong, too. I feel fairly certain that the president has spoken to officials in Libya and has met with his national security team about all of the events that are unfolding in the Middle East. We also need to remember PBO’s style of governing. He likes to study a situation, gather information, and listen to all viewpoints before speaking to the public. He has already condemned the killing of innocent civilians in Libya. I also read a post on Think Progress on yesterday that mentions that Senator Leahy wrote a letter to the State Department about pulling foreign aid to Libya based on a law he authored and helped to pass in 1996. Some things are being done, but they seem to be flying under the MSM’s radar at this time probably due to its focus on what is happening in WI and the next utterance that a crackpot right-winger makes.

  149. Start registering young kids at college campuses… Any of you have kids in college? Ask them to find out about doing this at there school!


  150. I love that! Thanks for bringing it forward, gn. You seem to have an extraordinary memory for where comments are. And, while I’m at it, thanks for bringing forward the 13 year old girl’s reply to Gerda Weissman Klein. I was so touched by it. I read the book, too, when I was that age, and have never forgotten it.

  151. Thank you WIW!!! That is going to be so helpful! Just know that what you are doing is touching alot of us other frustrated voters. We also wish we could get out homes and offices cleaner. Of well I do know where most everything is!

  152. ‘A person I’d like to see inundated with calls, e-mails, etc. is the weiner… from NY.’

    The only question I’d like to ask Wiener is if he understands the concept of loyalty? Ever since I’ve encountered him on the news he’s ALWAYS criticizing the president. For someone who purports to know how things should be done, he sure is not smart enough to see how his lack of support undermines the president. Unfortunately, I’m not in his constituency, but I would never vote for him if I were!

  153. The Obama administration plans to nominate a top White House Middle East advisor to be the next U.S. envoy to Israel, POLITICO has learned.

    President Barack Obama intends to nominate one of his most trusted Middle East aides, the National Security Council’s Senior Director for the Middle East and North Africa Dan Shapiro, to be his ambassador to Israel, administration officials said.

    Shapiro has been one of Obama’s most trusted foreign policy aides, and one who uniquely seems to get along well with everyone else. Shapiro has worked closely with National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, the NSC’s top Iran and regional strategist Dennis Ross, as well as Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell, and has a good rapport with Congress, where he previously served as a staffer. Shapiro also has good ties with the Jewish community, having served as a key White House point of contact for the Jewish community, and helped head up Jewish outreach for the Obama campaign.

    Shapiro, who speaks fluent Hebrew, also has a good relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has accompanied Mitchell on countless shuttle diplomacy trips to the region.

    While one former U.S. Middle East hand wondered if there might be quiet grumbling that career Foreign Service diplomats were being passed over in favor of a political appointee for the key post, an official noted that sort of critique was usually leveled at donors, and that tapping a policy veteran and regional expert with such close ties to the President would be seen as an elevation of the post.

    Shapiro did not respond to a query from POLITICO on his expected nomination.

    Diplomatic rotations typically occur every three years over the summer and Shapiro’s nomination is expected to be announced shortly. It couldn’t yet be learned what outgoing U.S. Amb. to Israel Jim Cunningham’s next assignment will be. Also due to rotate this summer, U.S. Amb. to Egypt Margaret Scobey. Officials previously suggested that the former U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem Jake Walles would likely be nominated to be the next U.S. envoy to Jordan. Former senior Middle East hands said the recent Egypt and regional turmoil has seemingly slowed down the normal new year notification of several expected regional diplomatic postings due to take place this summer.


  154. Agreed again and again. No one can tell me that a majority of Americans are not appalled by these idiots.

    I think the president feels they will eventually do themselves in. I think their red meat movement is probably turning off so many people.

    Yes, we lost an election because dems did not turn out.

    When the president was in Seattle just before the election in Nov., I went to see him at a rally at the University. I was sitting with a ton of college students, and I asked them if they were going to vote? They said Obama is our hero, we will always there for him, yet most of them said they were not going to vote even for Murray. They just assumed she would win.

  155. He won’t be a one-term President. He’s already setting up his campaign for 2012, and the Republicans have absolutely no candidates other than cretins. And you are right, it is up to us to support him and push back against the indolent and dishonest media.

  156. Well, I have had plenty of dicouraged days but I see some bright lights on the horizon, E.J. Dionn,notwithstanding, who always leans slightly towards the pessimistic. The encouraging signs are that the sleeping giant of complacency has been awakened by the WI spectacle. Democrats are fired up, Independents are getting a closer view of incompent tea party candidates in action.

  157. I miss Christin, where is she?! I hope all is ok.

    gn, I can’t thank you enough for posting the Part 2 video of the Wisconsin protest. I’ve watched it more than a few times, and I’m still getting goosebumps. One of the commenters at vimeo is from the IBEW and he said they are now using the video in meetings.
    Matt did an outstanding job conveying the emotions of the crowd.

  158. Oh Sweetie, don’t be sorry. Worry gets to all of us time to time. We all love you and your blog. You have lifted me up so many times when I felt down, now it’s our turn to lift you up.

  159. He’s been doing a lot of diaries at TPV to help keep things going with Deaniac away. He has a young family that he wants to give more time to.
    He will be back when he can.

  160. I so agree with all you have said, I Love
    OCD, in particular with your conclusion –

    ‘There are a lot of them, it will take a lot of rope, but they will eventually hang themselves.’

    I think that voters are slowly waking up, and if sites like this continue to push back calmly and intelligently with truth and emails and phone calls, more and more eyes will be opened heading into 2012. I do not believe that the evil (or racist)forces will win in the long run, as long as concerned citizens stay motivated [and encourage each other not to give up].

  161. The fact that over two years later there STILL isn’t anyone else in the Democratic party who has ammassed enough clout to get out there and be an effective spokesperson on day to day issues is disturbing.

    I thought the “Wisconsin Uprising” took care of that.

    Granted, they aren’t shot at from helicopters, like in Libya, but perhaps that is not necessary to win.

  162. Part of Obama’s greatness over these last 2 years has been his ability to get things done while the din of the ‘white noise’ that dominates the 24/7 media roars on.

    Let’s face it: What CAN the WH do about a media that would pay as much, if not more attention to a fresh Palin Tweet as they will to President Obama’s meaningful trip to Ohio today?

    Obama is actually doing something that MATTERS today, and in a state, Ohio, that is important in 2012. And considering his approval rating in Pennsylvania is around 55% according to a recent poll, I’d say 2012 is looking good.

  163. I’d like for some of these lefty columnists to try an experiment: spend every single column for two months devoted to discussing why the GOP in power is problematic, versus why this country needs to get Dems, imperfect or not, back in the drivers’ seat. No managing WH policy, no fingerpoint among the left, and pure content devoted to Dems’ demonstrable difference from the GOP when it comes to the American worker, when it comes to the least of these, and when it comes to a far-reaching positive vision for the country. I would pledge to cease my badgering of the professional left for the same time period in my relatively tiny effort to contribute to that new focus. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  164. ‘What we need to do is let them know that there is a much larger group of voters who view that sort of thing as a big negative, not a positive.

    If they join in on the “don’t look at me, he’s much worse than I am” brigade, they lose. It’s really that simple, but we need to make sure they get that message because right now they aren’t hearing it enough.’

    X 2, Lilaf!

  165. I have the extraordinary access to google, lol! And I just pulled 13 year old girl’s comment from the recent list; someone else actually found it. Thanks very much, Betsey.

  166. Christin tends to post in cycles. You’re so very welcome for the video link; in fact, the FYI thread is an excellent one in its entirety for uplifting videos and discussions of the people-powered movement in Wisconsin.

  167. That man is such a camera hog (I had a much harsher word in mind). He never misses a chance to ridicule the president, evah. He is in my state but not my rep.

  168. Spot on. If you look at what he has accomplished these last two years despite the massive obstruction he faced from the intrasigence on the right and from the opposition from those in his own party, one has to wonder.

    I can almost bet that if it was a George Bush, or someone of another hue, this president would be heralded today. Yet, we see nothing but outrage from people, particularly in his own party.

    What gives?

  169. Classic GOP overreach and fail. Kudos to those who participated in the clear messaging which helped to spread the word that the WI unions didn’t have a problem with the economic concessions and only wouldn’t compromise on the collective bargaining. Successful messaging IMO.

  170. The tea party is giving the Republican party a black eye, but it won’t last forever. The tea may have steeped. The public is losing interest in them, slowly but surely.

    It’s the people behind the faux-grassroots fervor who bear watching — the money people; the people with the corporate agenda. They’re making hay out of the useful idiots like pawns in a chess game.

    But there are indeed a lot of regular people out here, some of them quiet Democrats not active on the internet or any organization, and some of them are reasonable Republicans, a number of whom may be checking out thanks to the unruly and unreasonable rabble that’s taken over their party.

    But really, it’s people like the Koch brothers and their ilk who are using the tea party to ride the elephant.

    The more their bought-and-paid-for representatives overreach and attempt to stomp whatever’s left of the middle and working classes to death, the more regular people who don’t have malice in their hearts might wake up.

  171. Thanks for the FYI tip. I haven’t been able to read all bwd’s posts and everyone’s comments. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here.

  172. Presidential Job Approval for PBO, Feb. 2011:

    Dems: 83% approval
    Liberal Dems: 89% approval
    Moderate Dems: 76% approval
    Conservative Dems: 70% approval
    Liberals of all party affiliation: 78% approval

    As has been the case for some time, POTUS is still struggling to get over 50% with swing voting Indies, and his approvals amongst Republicans are really low.

    But as for the base, that’s supermajority approval right there. Problem is the media and elected Dems who are responding to that media and not the base IMO.

  173. My mother is one of the people who thinks the President should not run in 2012. It’s mainly because she worries about his safety. I thought about Harriet Tubman making over 100 trips to help free the enslaved and was never captured. I think there are some people who were put on this earth to do certain things and I feel that the President is one of them. I get very angry at the Democrats for not sticking together like the other folks. I don’t condone telling lies and spreading misinformation, but the other party will not bash their own. If the President acted like Christie or some of those other so-called “tough” guys, he’d be called a thug (he’s probably been called it anyway). Jimmy Carter called long ago. I know that most people don’t like hearing this, but the bottom line is, he’s black. He can’t do or say some of the stuff that we think he should say. And if you’ve never been discriminated against, it might be difficult to recognize. Just think about it, there’s some poll out every day about what he’s doing or not doing, he’s expected to get into every situation in the US and around the world, he’s on TV too much, he’s not on TV enough, he’s referred to (too many times) as Mr. instead of President, when he’s mentioned in the media, look for the comment to be negative, he’s expected to stop oil leaks, pirate ships, you name it. Even the First Lady is ridiculed. This is why I like this site so much, because our President is doing a lot good things, and if we don’t figure out a way to get the facts out there, we truly won’t recognize this country.

  174. I completely agree. I know he will run and
    and my hopes, prayers, and hard work will
    help to make sure that he is reelected.

    He may feel that his reelection is more
    critic at this point because we cannot
    allow this country to be destroyed under
    the rule of a destructive republican party.

  175. Pamela, he would be my first choice to go after.
    Whiny, baby who wants everything to be his way, which of course is the only way.

  176. I think you’re spot on with this commentary. I also believe that, in places where the tea partiers DO get their way, once people realize that they are ruining the general quality of life of everyone by degrading government services that we have come to enjoy (snow removal, police protection, fire departments, trash service, etc.), there will be a large resentment-charged backlash against these know-nothings.

  177. First, it’s hard to see you being so pessimistic; it’s out of character for you!

    Second, as to your last point, I really do think that will be the case. People are already getting more active with OFA all around the country. I’m pretty well-connected with OFA volunteer leaders (OFA Community Organizers, primarily) all around the country and everyone is reporting an upsurge in volunteerism along with lots of new faces.

  178. I love you for this rant. It also goes to the heart of those (libs included) always trash talking about POTUS not addressing this nor addressing that. His messaging this his messaging that. WTH does one need other the frigging facts? So glad video evidence is there to show he is always ahead of the rest. Its like America became stuck on stupid after Jan 20, 2009. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!!*oh that scream felt good* 🙂

  179. Excellent proof of the President’s involvement and foresight! Nonie, thank you for putting these videos together. Wish I knew how to get just your info so that I could matbe share it on other sites where they might question Prez O’s involvement.

  180. This person and many on the PL promoted this notion and the progressives fell for it. The Kochteapublicans reveled in it.

  181. Also, this guy in Libya could do even worse if he feels Obama is trying to one up him or get him ousted.

    I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

  182. With regard to Weiner, keep in mind he just married Hillary’s assistant, Huma(?) and is very devoted to Billary. He also wants to be President some day since he has no chance of being a senator from NY bec neither Schumer nor Gillibrand is going anywhere.

    OT- Welcome back BWD! We missed you!.

  183. Majii, you are really on the mark today with your comments (this one and earlier one). I don’t recognize the Jesus of the Bible in any of their actions but the one they want to say is anything but a Christian – Our President – is more Christ-like in everything he does than they will ever be.
    I think it is a miracle President Obama was elected to begin with – and I believe that he will be elected yet again because of miraculous works!!! Hate never wins – Faith, Hope, Love – these 3 but the greatest of these is LOVE!!! Our President should not change and become the angry black man they hope to see. I pray he will continue to be Christ-like and I know it will be all right!

  184. I like the idea of us “pushing back against the indolent and dishonest media.” But here is my dilemma? How do we do that when we don’t own the media? Personally I think the President has always pushed back against the media, but generally the media ignores that push back and the rest of the people never get a chance to learn what the President said. I also think that some of us have short memories. I remember how the WH pushed back against the Republican propaganda machine, FOX. Guess what, the so called “liberal” MSM media all came to Fox’s defense, suggesting that the President was infringing on freedom of the press. So far as I am concerned the MSM, from the first day he took office, have been very hostile to President Obama. They’ve tried to provoke him to get angry, but thank God he is cool under pressure. If he had lashed back they would all be framing him as an “ANGRY” black man. I think our challenge is how to go around the MSM to communicate with most Americans. The President is really doing that by visiting all this different places, giving speeches and holding town halls for Q&A.

  185. I think it is incumbent on us to go out and show support. We need to have a march on Washington and nation wide that can’t be ignored….that speaks our truth that we believe and support this administration, the ideals of our government and positive movement that values all American life. Pro Democracy, Pro Obama, Pro Government, Pro Equality, Pro Immigration, Pro Equal Opportunity, Pro Religious Freedom…..etc, etc, etc…call me dreamer, but I think it’s time reasonable voices are heard and more importantly acknowledged.

  186. It is what it is, lol. If I had the time, I’d create a long comment outlining, in video, just how underestimated the WI pushback was (the protests ballooned from hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands, with remarkable scenes of solidarity from some of the unions exempt from Walker’s unionbusting efforts), how underestimated the country’s sympathy for the workers was (polling cited upthread shows support for collective bargaining, and then there is the delightful unscientific anecdotal stories of people donating food from all over the country), and how futile are Boehner’s and Walker’s complaints about OFA involvement and failed efforts to make this all about POTUS.

    We really really really and truly can make a difference. When the rubber met the road, tea partiers had to be bused in and were far outnumbered by regular, grassroots activists. Cameras were everywhere, so the ridiculous antics and any attempts at agent provocateur behavior were headed off. This is the future of this country. The people are far ahead of the media. Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will!

  187. The TeaParty is not winning simply because the tea party is a small group of citizens who banded together to fight the myth of Big Government and Big Spending.

    The monied interest that stole the Tea Party mantle is completely different. They are financed by millionaires, large corporations etc. whose interest is to make sure that the policies of this administration does not take root.

    Two separate battles and in my opinion — neither one of them are winning anything. They are not making any decisions that directly impacts the American people, they are not focused on job growth, education or helping to solve the problems of the rising costs of social security and medicare.

    What is disconcerting is that some are actually falling for the concept of “The tea party is winning the message war” as reality.

    Folks tuned out over the last few months. I know I did. I am a no drama type of woman so I ignore the constant whine. However, when it gets time to get involved and solve issues, or to support an election or to lend a hand to ensure the change I want to see can be accomplished (i.e. make phone calls to government officials etc.) then I tune back in.

    This other stuff. . . . don’t have the patience or the inclination to entertain the foolishness.

  188. “The President is really doing that by visiting all this different places, giving speeches and holding town halls for Q&A.”

    well said

  189. THANK YOU, GN! 🙂 🙂 I had totally forgotten this. Now we have to keep it handy to perk each other up when the going gets rough.

  190. Tell your mother that fear shouldn’t stop anyone from doing something. No way would PBO let them run him out of the White House, he plans on moving out January 20th, 2017. Hopefully with a Democratic president to follow in his footsteps.

  191. “We’re losing to a fake movement driven by racism and we need to stop pretending that they will just go away. Not when they got endless money resources, complete control over the media and the advantage of a highly ignorant electoral.

    I don’t know what the WH is thinking, but I hope that someone over there can get a grasp on the gravity of the moment – otherwise, I’m afraid, this will not end well.”

    I respectfully disagree with this one. BWD are you feeling okay?

    This is truly a self defeatist attitude and E.J. Dionne can say what he wants but he has never walked in the shoes of a President and I don’t think all the President has endured is driven by racism. Dionne would be better served if he in addition to citing the areas where misinformation takes hold from the GOP and media, that he takes every opportunity to point out all the things that this administration has actually done. But that would be too much like right. Much better to sit on the sidelines and adopt the “woe is me” attitude.

    This brings to mind something I always tell my kids — You can’t worry about what other people think. You have to stay focused and by your actions allow folks to make their own decisions. Just do you.

    I am completely confident that PO will be re-elected President in 2012. Keep the faith BWD. Keep up the good work that you are doing on this site. Don’t allow the negatives to bring you down.

  192. gn, thank you for that link about the Koch brother getting booed. I’m glad to hear it. There has actually been quite a bit of press that mentions them in connection with other things. I’ve kept some of the links — I think I’ll make a list. I know there is a site about boycotting Koch products, but I would also want to write those companies, tell them I’m boycotting and why.

    Here’s the Koch product boycott link:

  193. I think E. J. was just articulating a problem that we cannot hide from.

    Here’s an example: the concept of raising revenue is gone from the national dialogue. GONE. Republicans and the tea party have so demonized the actual truth. We are paying less in taxes now than we have in almost a century. But if you ask the average independent, he will not know that.

    A good discussion with Sam Seder and Mike Pampantonio filling in for Ed Schultz today: the meme has taken hold that the public worker is the reason for the budget shortfalls.

    here’s the reason for budget shortfalls: REPUBLICAN RULE. Republican rule deregulated the entire economy to casino status. Money lost by state governments? The implosion of the Republican casino economy where pension funds lost billions and taxes have gone down for the wealthy.

    EVERY Democrat should be out there repeating this stuff. There should be a stable of passionate spokespeople for the message that it’s not the worker, it’s REPUBLICANS who gave us this disaster. And yet we can’t coordinate a message compelling enough and easy to understand? How is that possible?

    I find it frankly unacceptable that Democratic leadership hasn’t figured this out yet and hasn’t taken the necessary steps to put forth our own compelling narrative. the entire Democratic party leaves it to Obama. If I have one criticism of Obama, it’s that he hasn’t properly delegated the message machine.

    And I don’t want to hear that it’s “early”, or any of that nonsense. These memes are taking hold, they are becoming CW. E.J. Dionne is not wrong about what is becoming ‘truth’ out there. There should be no reason for progressives to be in defensive mode. We are always in defensive mode — why don’t we take the offense for once?

  194. Sabreen, I used to worry about what President Obama was being subjected to, but I’ve heard him say several times, and one fairly recently, that he enjoys the challenge. That’s why he’s the only adult in the room. He’s human, but he can deal with it and he took this job wanting to make a difference for this country, not because of his ego. It’s only ego oriented people who care so much about what others think that they lose their sense of who they are.

  195. Proud of Obama, I’m in Indiana and hadn’t seen that. I’ve read several places that Daniels didn’t want the legislature to pass that bill and TPM has an article about that

    Mitch Daniels Calls On State GOP To Abandon Union-Busting Bill

    There are actually 10 bills that affect workers rights so we need to make sure that all of them come into radar range.

  196. John McCain will forever go down in infamy by shoving Palin on us. And to think he thought he was qualified to be President.

  197. The more that I think about it, the more that I think that you are 100% correct. I have to question how Dionne, looking at the events of these past few days in terms of a reassertion of people-power which absolutely overwhelmed any teaparty presence in Madison, WI—why not spend his column celebrating that and exhorting all people to do the same, instead of publishing such a negative piece which conflates the right’s years-long ability to control the media narrative (which just so happens to benefit the elite) with the astro-turfing teaparty, which really shouldn’t be ignored as bwd notes, but shouldn’t be a source of discouragement as well. Thank you to the BWD family for such great comments. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and I’ve been there myself too; nice to be reminded of all of the ways in which we continue to progress despite the many challenges.

  198. Walker is creating this problem with the shortfall to bust the unions. That needs to be mentioned every time they talk about the protests.

    Republicans reject offer by unions to compromise on concessions

    10 Developments in the Huge Story of Wisconsin’s Uprising (Multiple Updates)'s_uprising_(updated)/?page=entire

    “Politifact did an analysis of this issue which shows that Walker in fact inherited a manageable, long-term budget gap and then spun it as an imminent crisis that must be addressed this year.”

  199. jovie, they want you to feel discouraged so that you won’t take action. We know they are going to do it. They’re running the same old game plays. You can’t stop them doing it, but you can ignore it.

    There’s plenty of positive action and positive news for us to concentrate on. I always feel better when I do that.

  200. You are so right. The power of our president is that he speaks to the better angels of our nature and calls out to our promise as a people, our power to create a more perfect union. My aikido teacher always said that energy follow attention. We do better if we focus on bending the arc of history towards justice.

  201. Amen!! majii, the Bible tells us to “WATCH & PRAY”. When we hear People talking, acting & possesing evil deeds, well, that tells us, that, that’s not “FRUITS” of the Spirit.

  202. I read somewhere and I apologies for not having the link but I read that the whole bargaining rights issues is a smoke screen. In fact, the “repair” budget has at least 2 very detrimental items:
    1) authority to turn over the nuclear plants to Koch without a bid and
    2) authority to decimate the Medicaid and other heath programs for the poor without consulting the legislature.
    Has anyone see this info?

  203. Excellent article, WIW. Is there a way to email you from your site? I’ve been searching and haven’t found it if it’s there.

  204. I wonder about that too, gn. The past few weeks have been good for the president. His approval numbers have gone up and the Wisconsin demonstrations show there is strong support for workers’ rights still. The republicans are looking bad. There is buyer’s remorse in WI, OH, IN, etc. So what does Dionne come out with? An article to try to bust that optimism and make it appear that Dems are all doomed. Why? Why now? It just seems strangely times if it wasn’t done with some motive to dampen enthusiasm just as it is growing.

  205. The Tea Party only appears to be winning because the ‘msm’ focuses on them day and night whilst simultaneously undermining the President.
    The bloggers on so-called democratic sitews gripe about everything and nothing much therefore it is a wonder this Prez can achieve anything much.

  206. Speaking on behalf of “the old farts”: Please don’t count all of us out! Many old people can be won over if we figure away to educate them on the truth. I also know many young people who are avid viewers and followers of Glenn Beck and nothing you say is acceptable if it challenges Glenn Beck. We cannot afford to write off any demographic group, except the diehard racist teabaggers.

  207. Proud didn’t mean us! Have you counted up the grannies here? She meant the old die-hard Republican farts [sorry, Tien] Those will have to die off. I haven’t been able to change one of them over.

  208. Sheila, this news should cheer you up!

    “[Mitch]Daniels is dealing with protests in his own state that mirror those occurring in Wisconsin. In fact, Indiana Democratic lawmakers left the state today — denying the state legislature a quorum — in order to block a bill that would make Indiana a “right to work” state, which would allow non-union members to free-ride on union contracts.”


    ” UPDATE Daniels today said that Republican legislators should drop their anti-union bill, echoing previous statements that he believes this is not the year for such legislation to be considered.”

    “Protests over the radical Tea Party agenda have spilled over from Wisconsin into Montana, where hundreds rallied on the state capitol steps on Monday.”


    ….Like their colleagues in other states, are challenging Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) with budgetary plans to cut health, environmental, and labor programs in order to pay for corporate tax cuts.”

    “Protestors packed into Ohio’s State Capitol building and several thousand more gathered outside on Tuesday, as its legislature planned new hearings on a bill that would effectively end collective bargaining for state workers and dramatically reduce its power for local workers, like police officers and firefighters.”

  209. Thank you Nathan. Indeed I remember that
    smarmy chuck todd was in on that so called
    unfair behavior on the part of PBO.

    Actually, msm is his worst enemy. He can
    deal with the frustrati, but when the
    media is working against you 24/7, it a pretty tough place to be.

    Frankly, I am still shocked by the way
    msnbc turned their back on PBO.

  210. I agree with you GN, when we read pieces like Dionne’s we must question their motives in light of the positive evidence.

  211. (Hello everyone. I’m new here and been following blackwaterdog since she was on DKos. I also post on Huffpost where HumeSkeptic was the blackwaterdog for that site. Unfortunatley I can’t come here and mop the floor with trolls by dropping a ton of facts on them, but oh well lol.)

    Lilal, that’s exactly what it is. That is also why no GOPers have declared yet (and it’s almost March). They all know that as long as Obama is over 50%, there is no beating him.

    Their only chance is to get those poll numbers down. But, as you alluded to, the tea partiers are acting a fool, which presents a stark contrast to Obama. People look to left, look to the right, and see that Obama is the best bet for continuing to improve the economy.

    If you look at Obama’s past, his opponents tend to destroy themselves and implode from within. Despite his foreign and domestic opponents, he has gotten alot done (i.e. negociating for a peaceful North and South Sudan, which the “liberal” media isn’t talking about).

    I expect as the GOPtea continues to act crazy and point both guns at their feet, Pres. Obama’s numbers will continue to rise.

  212. If no one wants to run, then I’ll run for the GOP. I’ll gladly suffer defeat in 2012. I’ll be joining the revelers in the streets after PBO wins, just like we did in 2008!!!

  213. I don’t even necessarily question his motives so much as I question the choice to focus on the negative in light when all of these columnists need to be exhorting us to continue to take steps to reclaim our power, and get in the street, or at least do whatever we can to give kudos and positive energy to those who are doing so! I just personally am finding even the lefty media less and less helpful with regards to moving ahead with what we started in 2008.

  214. I went over to to read more about this new “movement,” and I am not ready or willing to commit to any organized effort that refers to our President simply “Obama” and then goes on to make the following point while putting President Obama in the same category as Republicans in regards to efforts to reduce national debt:
    ———————————————-“Obama seeks to trim $1.1 trillion from the budget in the next ten years by cutting or eliminating over 200 federal programs, many dedicated to social services and education. For instance, it cuts in half funding to subsidize heating for low-income Americans; limits an expansion of the Pell grant program for students; and decreases Environmental Protection Agency funding by over 12%.
    Meanwhile, Republicans are using their new House majority to slash spending even more brutally. The GOP has made it clear that they are bent on raiding funds for Social Security, Medicare, education; determined to kill health care reform; and gut needed investments in infrastructure, climate change and job creation, at a time when America needs it most.”
    ———————————————-I think we really have to be careful here and not jump on every bandwagon that comes along. An underlying message of this organization seems like yet another attempt to undermine our President by taking out of context what he is saying or doing and erroneously implying that he is just like the Republicans.

  215. Even when the left is out on the streets, finally, it just continues and continues and continues in terms of people who are coming in, and while totally omitting context, attempting to spread the message that our best way forward is to ignore the differences between the parties. If that’s what this is going to turn into, I’m just really disappointed. If I wanted to be around this type of thinking, to which people are entitled but which I find distracting, there are any number of spaces which I could visit.

  216. Late to the party, but I feel ya BWD. I have been scratching my head since the president’s State of the Union address. I am just not feeling this stage of things….all this deficit talk seems so disingenuous and I feel like we have pretty much ceded the argument to the Republicans. All this talk about cutting – when everyone knows now is not the time to cut – is pointless. It’s kabuki.

    Anyway, I’m kind of just observing things. I am nervous about how the government shutdown will turn out. I don’t know what’s going on…I am surely tired of hearing from the Republicans, though.

  217. I actually have a question: do people truly expect a liberal budget this year, and if so, what is a viable pathway to it other than undoing the November 2010 election results. I’m not feeling the current government either and will try my hardest to give the gavel back to Speaker Pelosi.

  218. Thank you BWD…sometimes I feel the same way too. I know that past presidents have had their share of hate…But..what I’ve seen with President Obama, there’s an added element of racism that makes it hard for him to succeed, none like previous president.

    I recall..President Clinton, saying that he, too was surprised by the treatment the President was getting and blocking all his bills/agenda even those that the republicans previously voted for.

    For those that were on a sideline and didn;t really want to vote for Obama, just because he was black, but voted just because they felt he was the right person at the right time, they were blindsided by the Media (fox) and the rest so called PL that sat home this past November, to show him or teach him a lesson, I wonder if they ever walked in his shoes? They didn’t listen when he was out there begging to all of us “DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT” because the consequences would be grave….we will go backwards….(Wisconsin comes to mind)

    In spite of the hatred, this President, kept his head hi,with grace, compassion for those “Who Don’t Know Him” keeps moving this country to a better place.
    God Bless Him!

    I am saying all of this to say…I see Republicans voting against the American interest, so that A black President can’t be successful,they are buying the political agenda, including the supreme justice through KOCH Bros and friends, just to get this President out of the White House…. Hey!! It happens everyday in black america, you have to work 2 or 3 times as hard to get a dime raise….Look at our judicial.
    Until America is colorblind, it is safe to say that This President will be a beneficiary of the past, because some Americans refused to move forward.

    Stay Blessed BWD (Love ya)

    My 2 cents

  219. Nathan, I think by visiting other websites such as Alternet, ThinkProgress, ProPublica and others we could contribute to the discussions taking place. Doing this will ensure that people are receiving facts and accurate information, up-to-date news about what the President is doing and/or has done, and perspectives on policy issues that may cause them to re-think their positions or at least be willing to talk and listen to each other. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to put our differences aside and find solutions…

    We will never have the financial resources to compete with the media but by spreading out we will reach a broader audience. Think about all of the people who visit various websites to read the articles and comments that have been posted but don’t participate otherwise. That’s an untapped demographic right there.

    We could also find creative ways to use Twitter and Facebook to circulate “news flashes” about hot topics on a regular basis from pragmatic blogs.

    Just look at the repository of knowledge, insight, analytical skills, optimism, and
    unbridled energy that’s present on this
    site, and others. I think we should just go for it and figure it out along the way.
    We can do this…because if we don’t…who

  220. Faith,
    Get out of my head. Palin is his way of destroying the republican party on his way out, but he snagged us into her mess too.

  221. Thank you creolechild ( by the way, I love your screen name) for all the positive and practical suggestions. I didn’t mean to convey a message of defeat. I was just highlighting my complete disgust with the so called “liberal” media. I also wanted to urge us to start focusing on alternative routes to counter the MSM misinformation and hostility against the President. Of course BWD is doing exactly that, as many other sites. I think people with special technical skills, especially young people, can devise ways of spreading our message. Finally, I do agree with your message that we must stay positive and optimistic, and harness all our energies to get our message to the people. How can we do otherwise when the President we are supporting shows us, by the way he conducts himself on daily basis, how to remain positive, optimistic, and focused on the big picture.

  222. THe problem is that too many “DEMS” are really Publicans in disguise, and they too do not have the Country’s or the President’s best interest at heart.
    Their bread is being buttered by the same supplier as the Publicans..
    How can it be that the President is the only one we see out front trying to get th estory out , where is Reid, Pelosi and Schumer .. somehow we always seem to see the old minority, now th enew majority in fron of the TV cams,, telling lies.., and becasue of RACISM.. people are eating it up..
    For all those who practiced APATHY during the last elections, and did not vote they are now feeling it.. Wisconsin.. all those states where is poorest of poor resides, did not vote for the DEMS .. they are feeling it now with all these publican ‘governvors’ in office.. all the folks who relies on SS and Medicare etc.. voted for publicans not realizing that they got duped..
    in 2012, watch and see President Barack will be back in office!!

  223. Everyone worked their butts off in California and we saved several close seats such as McNerney in Alameda County and elected Kamala Harris despite massive infusion of outside money to defeat her. We also stopped the Koch supported proposition to repeal environmental protections. As our president always says, change comes from the bottom up. People like Dionne underestimated our power in 2007 when then Senator Obama was way down in the polls. Even his financial backers were nervous. We know how that turned out. The pundits all underestimate the true power of community organizing. We can do it again in 2012! Don’t underestimate the power of sites such as your. We take the positive information and pass it on, counteracting the lies one by one.

  224. Great Idea BWD! These people need to hear from loyal Democrats who support this President, and who, based on all the polls I’ve seen, constitute the vast majority of progressive Democrats. It is time for us to remind Senators and congress people that the self anointed progressives, like Hamsher, Huffington, Shultz, Cenk, Markos and others, may have the megaphones, but they are not the real base of the party as they claim. We must remind them that, in 2010, many of the candidates championed by the so called pure progressives lost, while many of the candidates, who didn’t run away from the president, won. We must also remind people like Congressman Weiner and Senator Sherrod Brown to avoid being pawns in the Republican strategy of “Divide and Conquer.” I have no problem with Democratic Senators and Congress people disagreeing with the President. But,those disagreements should be voiced and worked out behind the scenes. Democratic members of Congress should act more mature than bloggers, and especially certain blog owners who may be criticizing the President just to make money. Would it have taken any thing from his message if Senator Brown had simply said: “President Obama has done more for manufacturing than any President”? Did he have to add on “he could do more”? Why not reserve that part to use in a talk with the President to tell him exactly what more things you specifically would like to see him do to enhance manufacturing? I am sure that, unlike me, Senator Brown is more likely to have more access to the President to express his concerns. So why play in the hands of the media vultures?

    I had decided to boycott the MSM because every time I turn the T.V. on to watch News all I see are pundits, from the left and right, bashing the President. However, after reading all the energized people on this site, I have decided to change my mind. I will from now try my best to watch MSM news. Every time they bring on a so called liberal/progressive to bash the President, and claim that he/she represents the base, I will call the channel, or write to the interviewer, to point out that the person bashing the President doesn’t represent me or the almost 90% of progressive and moderate Democrats who still support the President. I will also challenge them to cite me any examples of Republican bashers of George Bush that were routinely trotted out to attack President Bush alongside Democrats who were criticizing him. I will also remind them that there are many intelligent and articulate and reality based supporters of the President, who actually do represent the vast majority of Democrats that still support the President, who could be called on to effectively counter the lies and distortions of the the right wing teabaggers and the “frustrati” leftists.

    By the way, there were many Republicans critical of Bush’s policies, and especially his misguided invasion of Iraq. Does any one remember any of those Republican critics of Bush being given amplified megaphones to attack him? There are also some Republicans who have been arguing that the Stimulus worked. A good example is Mark Zendi. Except for being cited, now and then, in print media, when is the last time any one has seen Mark Zendi, McCain’s economic advisor, who repeatedly says that the stimulus worked, being prominently interviewed by the MSM? How many interviews have been conducted with Republican Ray LaHood, Obama’s Sec. of Transportation, who also touts the success of the Stimulus?

    From now on, every time I hear Ed. Shultz attacking President Obama, claiming to represent the base, I will call his show to remind him that he does not represent me, or the vast majority of Democrats who support the President. Every time MSNBC or CNN or PBS rolls out Jane Hamsher, Arianna Huffigton, Anthony Weiner, Tavis Smiley, and others, to attack the president while claiming that they represent the base, I will call those shows to protest by pointing out that these people do nor represent me or the majority of Democrats.

    I am grateful BWD for all the energy you’ve invested in fighting back against all those who continue to manufacture lies and hatred to attack this good man serving as our President. It is time for each one of us to devise some methods, big ones and small ones, to support you and all the other positive bloggers. You are fighting a heroic battle to save progressive changes, President Obama has started, from being completely destroyed by those intent on taking us back to the failed policies of the past.

    So in addition to calling the DSCC and DNC, let’s also bombard the media every time they feature a self anointed progressive, claiming to represent the base, to attack and denigrate the President.

  225. You are probably right Dorothy about Sen. Sherrod Brown’s aspirations. I think the same may be true of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s aspirations. But here is my take: These member of Congress must be reminded that there are more of us who support the president than there are supporters of the self anointed bashers of the President, who have been given way too much coverage by the MSM.

    For example: Three U.S. Senators here in the West: Barbara Boxer (CA), Pat Murray (WA), and Harry Reid (NV), were all targeted by Republicans. Republicans poured in enormous amounts of money trying to defeat them by tying them to President Obama. All three of them refused to run away from the President. In fact they invited him to campaign with them in highly publicized rallies. Guess what, all three of them won.

    I think it is way past time for the majority of Democrats to start pushing back against this small clique of people who seem be on a mission to divide the Democratic party. May be this clique, of the so called pure progressives, has learned nothing from history. But some of us who remember the price we paid when the party was deeply divided must work hard to prevent that from happening again.

    Our mission should be focused on convincing good progressive Democrats who may blindly be following those who use their blogs, and MSM megaphones, to distort the President’s record. I may be naive, but I think there are sincere progressives as well as Independents, and may be moderate Republicans, if there any left, that can be won over if they are exposed to truth. That is why every chance I get I urge all the people I know, who are not firm supporters of the President, because of what they read on Huff Post and DKos, to check out this site. That way they can be exposed to unfiltered information about what the President is doing or has already done.

  226. Not sure how he can be “out of touch” when he’s the one who was sounding the alarm during the mid-terms about the Republican intentions. There are 535 people in Congress who are paid to do a job. How out of touch are they?

  227. Japa 21,

    I think there were warning signs during the campaign that we shouldn’t have ignored. I definitely remember all those angry crowds at the McCain-Palin rallies. I also remember some of the provocative language Palin was using. For example: She talked about the people supporting her side as “Real Americans” and She accused Obama for “palling around with terrorists.” Even John McCain’s calling then Sen. Obama, in of their debates, “That One” was quite troubling to me. They both seemed to be sending coded messages to the racists. Of course after he was elected the gloves were off. Increasingly some people had no qualms being overtly racist. Others like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh chose the methods George Orwell warned us about: They started telling the country (their message was really aimed at white people) that Obama was the one who was racist. This tactic of non stop accusation that Obama was a black racist was, in my judgement, more damaging than the overt racism of ignorant people.

    Having said that, I still think that the fact that President received 70 million votes tells me that the vast majority of the people in the country were voting for the best candidate. Of course what the right has done is to exploit the economic distress, which they caused by the way, by using their vast media and money resources to blame all the economic problems on the president. At the same time the right has continued to energize their racist base, using both covert and overt racist attacks on the president

  228. Hello there, tiger! Wonderful comment. The lefty media is just. not. helping. at this point. From the muddled reportage which gave credit to the protesters but was unable to keep the focus on Walker, instead, we had the usual demands that POTUS get front and center in that story…to Dionne’s insistence that the teaparty has won despite a strong showing in real life, on the ground, that this so-called massive grassroots movement is such a fail that they had to bus people in (some of them hardcore party operatives) in a futile effort to counteract the real grassroots left which is finally out in the streets…the lefty media is still asleep at the wheel. They in the media are the ones who lost focus and became passive and POTUS-centric in January 2009, and have tried intently to spread that to the rest of us. That’s not going to serve liberals well in 2012.

  229. You’re welcome,Nathan. Thank you for the compliment regarding my screen name; it’s
    my way of honoring my Louisiana
    heritage and my grandparents. By the way, I didn’t feel as though you were conveying a message of defeat. You just seemed highly frustrated which is normal under the present circumstances. We’ve all been there

    I hope to see familiar screen names, and reinforcements, on some of the sites that I listed as we begin to play “offense,” setting the record straight whenever and wherever we can.


  230. BWD,

    I don’t think that we are losing. As a matter of fact, things are getting better for this President, and for Democrats as a whole according to most polls. The President has been above 50% in most polls for about a month now.

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