It’s all about their ego. And their racism.

The so-very-predictable hair-on-fire party following the nomination of Richard Cordray as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – really has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren (who didn’t want the job) or with Rich Cordray (who is a terrific choice) or with the strength of the CFPB (which is great).

Oh no, this is all about their ego. And their racism. They are no different from Eric Cantor. They want what they want and they want it now. They want the big pie fights that will bring clicks and traffic and money they can spend on themselves. Oh, and they want the black president to do as he’s told.

I remember once – in what now feels like different life – I commit the huge crime of suggesting that there’s racism on the Left. They killed me. Liberal racism? Surely it can’t be. Well, it can. Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out last week that Bill Clinton cut both Medicare and Social Security, and the Left did not beep. But now, even before PBO did anything – They already making money of lying about his “intentions”.

They are liars and racists and childish and they have no idea how politics work and what disaster is coming if they’ll achieve their goal of getting rid of this man. We really can’t let them win.

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  1. They’re all under the delusion that HIllary will run again if they throw a tantrum big enough.

  2. Liars and racists and… PSYCHICS, since they can divine PBO’s “intent” from… what? Seances? Ouija boards?

    Don’t go to TPM today. A) there’s very light updating since Josh is on vacation, and B) there’s a screaming headline that the GOP vote on Cap, Cut, and Balance is a deadly trap lying in wait for the Dems Ohnoes!!! I had to laugh.

  3. Thank you BWD! I’m out there every day educatin’ the unwashed masses about these Republicans in sheep’s clothing.

    If they truly cared about progressive issues, and not just lining their pockets, they would ask their sheep to “stand with President Obama against Republican rule”. If they truly cared about progressive issues, they would realize that their tactics are akin to shooting yourself in the foot – or – as my mother used to say, “biting off your nose to spite your face.”

    They are NOT Democrats. They are undercover moles for the republican party. It’s just one more ugly tactic that The Right uses against us.

  4. Tally, that is so true most of them can’t get over she is not President. But the hardest working SEC. OF STATE doing a helluva job that some men couldn’t keep up with.

  5. For some, whether on the left or right, hating President Obama is a lucrative business. Gin up a controversy about a fact-free issue, and viola, you’ve got a toxic mix of fundraising bonaza.

    Only one thing is becoming clearer and clearer, people are fast getting on to this crowd. And the more — via this site and others like TPV, TOD, Weeseeyou, etc. — they will be exposed.

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant, they say. No amount of lies will eliminate their stench.

  6. There is NO thinking human who is without prejudice.

    The difference is when those who deny their faults and those who understand them and correct their faults.

    Watching a tad of C-SPAN this morning was any eye opener for me and how I feel about Jane Hamsher of FDL.

    The envy, hate and prejudice in her voice and face were just ugly.

    I wonder how she gets up in the morning.

  7. They twist anything and everything to fit their meme built up in their fantasy – Not only is President Obama lying, but Elizabeth Warren is just being the good soldier and was left hanging and really wanted the job eventhough she says she really didn’t because it’s not her expertise.

  8. Just maybe our President is on it and thinking ahead strategically (like he always does) by knowing it is better for Elizabeth to represent Massachusetts which is her home and where she wants to be anyway. I’m so tired of the stink from both sides.

  9. Yup. I have pointed out that the racism on the Left. The reaction (elsewhere) was pretty intense, but I also noticed that none of them wanted to confront me over it. Pity, I had a nice set of examples and my flamethrower all fueled up. 😉

  10. BWD, ain’t that tha truth…

    On a previous thread, “Yea, But Where Is Matt Damon???,” donnad4o said, “Why this President???”

    And, although is a conservative site, like the daily caller and the, it did us a favor, Rep Jackson is just “voicin’ the truth,” PBHO is treated differently because of the color of his skin…

    That’s why, by any means necessary, WE gotta VOTE ‘EM OUT and/or REPEAL/IMPEACH & REPLACE ‘EM!…Grrr! 😡

    Let’s JUST DO IT! 😉 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  11. I hear you. I found myself thinking terrible things for her. I was so incensed, I thought, this woman had cancer at some point or so she claimed, why did she not expire then? Then after taking a cup of coffee, i realized how terribly unholy the thought was and repented in a simple prayer…no libations for ancestors involved.

  12. I knew the hair-on-fire crew would circile the wagons and start firing as soon as the White House announced Cordray’s nomination. They’re so predictable. I also agree that the emoprogs’ main goal in this foolishness is to gin up the Obama haters for ratings and/or $$$. And they call us dumb mfs.

    I hope Warren decides to run against Brown in MA and take back Ted Kennedy’s liberal seat. Now THAT would be news!

  13. If the Republicans win, we’re going to look at 2000-2008 as the good ole days. Especially a pandering ass hat like Mitt Romney or worst case Michele Bachmann. I might be in the minority on this one but I think the thing the motivate Green,Cenk,Hamsher and the rest is money. They made crazy money during the Bush years, Obama gets in traffic goes down and they lose money.

  14. Elizabeth Warren is part of a pattern that I’ve noticed since following Obama’s presidency. First, a problem comes up, or a bill is proposed or a position (in Obama’s cabinet) opens up. Then some prominent liberal or blogger will write about The Best Idea/Plan/Person EVAH! The suggestion is spread from blog to blog then gets to the House Dems then to MSNBC’s liberal hosts (’cause who else listens to liberal blogs?) Now the solution is out there and everyone becomes fixated and attached to it. It then becomes the ONLY solution/idea/person that will work and if Obama doesn’t do it “ZOMG! I will never vote for him again!!!”

    This all ends in the tiresome wailing that Obama has betrayed us and never fights for anything. I’ve seen this happen with the stimulus – only Krugman’s suggested amount will do. Its happened with healthcare reform — only the public option will make the bill worthy. You’ve seen it with Wall Street reform and the consumer agency–only Elizabeth Warren can run it. I see it with the jobs problem with everyone calling for a WPA style program and I smell it in the debt ceiling talks where so many people are demanding that Obama use the 14th amendment on the GOP.

    I also notice these suggestions ignore political reality so I don’t get attached to one idea or person because of the congress we have. Even with the last congress I didn’t hold my breath. The left continues to set itself up for these disappoints and never ever let them go. People are still bitching about the public option when they could be focusing on getting other states to enact single payer like Vermont. And despite Warren saying she didn’t want the job, I still see comments saying Obama never fights for anything. Its disturbing. I believe some of it is racism but I do think there is a personality trait that these people share.

  15. They cannot possibly have ANY clue how irrelevant, such a ridiculous…President Obama is admired, DEEPLY, around the world. People think that Americans are crazy as hell to disparage him, professional left included. I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that most of this country is just fine with letting the man govern, whether people agree with liberal progressive ideas or not, and are not freaking out over the manufactured media crisis of the day. No one cares, And I hate to say that. It’s hard enough getting people to care enough to know who their freaking House Rep is, much less that President Obama’s original selection for this bureau has been blocked by the GOP and is likely to be vying for a MA senate seat and thus the replacement candidate is someone else…blogistan has no clue just how divorced they are from IRL concerns in which people who consider themselves very political don’t worry about s**t like this; I didn’t either until I was forced to disengage from the political minutiae because of unrelated life circumstances.

  16. These people share the personality trait of bigotry I think. They thought when President Obama was elected, that he would do THEIR bidding. They can’t get over the fact that he is smarter than any of them, and is his own man. He thinks and consults and acts after careful consideration. They thought they could dictate everything and make him do their bidding, enacting their private hobbyhorses by executive order. They seem to be completely ignorant of how the government works, but truly they are bigoted.
    Each one of these people has a favorite cause they want the President to spend ALL his time on, and yell when he doesn’t, like all of Ed’s yelling because the President didn’t go to Wisconsin and “march.” He never accepted the fact that the Wisconsin wanted to do it themselves and were very capable and smart in what they did and how they did it. Both they and the President knew that if he went, it would be all about him, and it isn’t. What about that was so hard for Ed to understand???

  17. One general and two primaries tomorrow in the Wisconsin Senate recalls. The general pits Dem Sen Hansen against GOPer Vanderleest, a slumlord domestic abuser teabagger who was recently quoted as saying “I don’t smoke rocks”.

    Both primaries are for the GOP field who will challenge Sens Holperin and Wirch in August. Dems didn’t run any fake GOP as payback, and don’t seem to be calling for any “operation chaos” GOTV drives to vote for the more beatable candidates. There was about 30,000 votes cast in the Dem vs fake Dem primaries, if even 3000-4000 Dems cross over to vote in the open primaries tomorrow they could make the difference in a close race (GOP has as high as 16,000 vote for a fake Dem).

  18. Of course there’s racism on the left — there’s racism everywhere. However, the leftists that I know admit it, struggle with it, and do their best to examine their statements and behavior for evidence of privilege.
    This is a racist society, a racist country, a racist world. Acknowledging that is not giving up because progress is being made. Slowly. Unevenly. But definitely. As Dr King said the arc of history is long but it bends toward justice.
    I have been an activist for racial justice, for gay rights, and for feminism for almost FIFTY years and I am not altogether free of racist thoughts, homophobic ideas, or even of sexism. I don’t beat myself up, but I continually try to do better.

    You know the old saying: Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. And admitting it seems to be the hardest for many, many people.

  19. Even tho he’s on vaca, I thought it was inter—-esting that Josh was listed on one recent story as being one of Horrible Hamsher’s buds.

  20. Elizabeth Warren said she had worked 14 hrs. a day getting organization up & running, & was ready to go home, visit grandchildren & rest awhile.. she sounded tired.
    I’d accept it was her decision..

  21. The hard left wants ideologues who get nothing done. That’s why they fawned over Alan Grayson, Anthony Wiener, Dennis Kucinich and continue to call for the President to be primaried.

    I don’t think this has really much to do with race as it does with the fact that many of these folks are STILL sore over the 2008 primary season. They truly still believe that Hillary was supposed to be the anointed one, that it was her time to be President.

    And then of course you have the libertarians and the Naderites who claim to speak for “progressive” values, but are really regressives. They want to hold back progress as much as possible because in their minds, “both parties suck” and they believe that through some form of magical revolution, that a third party will emerge and bring Progressive Candyland into reality.

    Of course these folks still bitch about Geithner and Summers and want Paul Krugman as Treasury Secretary as well. Like I said, they want ideologues who do nothing but bloviate all the time… and they wonder why President Obama consistently outpolls all of these hard left loons.

  22. I would also suggest its not just racism but anti-male genderism by some of the more ardent feminists. Taylor Swifts useless site comes to mind. They NEED Obama to lose so they can open up a bottle of 1968 vintage ITold You So.

  23. Tally mentioned upthread about many of these people were Clinton supporters. I don’t know if they realize it, but I doubt Clinton would have gotten, or even have wanted to get, as much done as this President. Plus, I have no doubt she would have sent even more troops into Afghanistan and not be reducing the number now, that she would have been much slower pulling troops out of Iraq, the OBL would still be around.

    Don’t get m wrong, I think she would have been a good President, just not a great one, which, IMO, PBO is. Plus, I do think she has been anexcellent SoS.

  24. But let’s also remember, they don’t just whine because they lose this skirmishes with PBO, they whine because they were wrong in the first place.

  25. If someone gave Bill Clinton a pass for signing legislation cutting Medicare and Social Security, welfare “reform”, NAFTA, Wall Street deregulation, bombing Serbia and Iraq, etc.; if someone gave Hillary Clinton a pass for being co-President with Bill when he supported the formerly-listed policies, for supporting Bush’s war until her primaries, for saying she would be willing to “obliterate Iran”, etc.; if someone gave John Edwards a pass for voting for and supporting Bush’s war, voting for the Patriot Act, Bush’s tax acts and No Child Left Behind, etc.; but is in a perpetual rage that President Obama cannot turn around 30 years of bad policy in two-and-a-half years; then, yeah, I think one might suspect some racism is involved.

  26. Well we know that some of them actually believe they are supporting President Obama. It is the strangest form of support I’ve ever witness.

    Today I was forced to confess to being a “fervent supporter” of President Obama. I guess I was supposed to ashamed?

    They do read this site. Where is BWD’s Rapid Response Team when you need them?

  27. I don’t even know why you click on those sites.

    I mean, I don’t watch a second of Fox News, with is the same thing.

  28. Some of them seem to believe that somehow someway, Hillary Clinton would have gotten the public option or single payer… remember, this is the wife of the President who FAILED HCR in 1993 and ended up giving both Houses of Congress to the Republicans.

    And of course, many are like Hamsandwich: they’d be kissing Hillary’s behind if she was doing the EXACT same things Obama is doing right now. Because it’s not Hillary, Obama is already a failure in their minds. It reminds me of the old PUMA lady from 2008 who said she was going to vote for John McCain because she was upset that Obama won the nomination. Yeah, voting for a Republican is a REAL way to support the values/ideas Hillary stood for 🙄 and some of them are even contemplating voting for a Mitt Romney or even a Jon Huntsman “because Romney/Huntsman wouldn’t be any different from Obama,” their words. I don’t understand how Obama is “so far to the right” that some folks actually end up voting for the REPUBLICAN, talk about crazy!

  29. BTW, I just deleted a comment by some “progressive” claiming that the Obama campaign is lying about the number of small donors they got.

    These people are seriously deranged.

  30. When I was on vacation, I actually flipped onto Fox News one night and caught Greta Van Sustren. She had Michele Bachmann on, and they were talking about the “walk out” by President Obama (which really wasn’t a “walk out,” Can’tor LIED once again).

    Imagine all the energy these left wing loudmouths could use against a nutter like Bachmann, but no. They focus their energy on President Obama and make it that more difficult for him to get things done.

  31. Yeah, they’re lying, because it would be impossible to find out the true number by, oh, going to the FEC. They probably read it on their favorite blog. 🙄

    I can understand anger. I was pretty angry during most of the Bush Administration. But, in that case, I think it was well-placed anger: Bush and his regime were bit by bit destroying the America that I loved. What I can’t understand is misplaced anger, and why it’s directed at Obama, aside from the elephant in the room that you mentioned—racism—and directed at him from supposed liberals. It’s not just that PBO is the most liberal president that the country could get at this time; he’s LIBERAL, period, end sentence. But he’s not a fire-breather, so he must be a squishy corporatist compromiser. Oh, and he’s black.

  32. Nena171115: Honestlly I do not know why are paying too much attention to JM she is CRIPY. the more people talk about her the more she thinks she is so fucking relavent.
    We should jusy focus on PBO and trust him so far he has not let us down, we know that there is a lot of racism out here, but POTUS has gone trought all of that, he knows how to handle things, we are smart people here, and i think there are a lot smart people here that can take care of the crazies.

  33. Can we Oaklahoma! i hope Inhof the crazy Senator can cool them down HE, HE since he thinks climate change is a myth.

  34. yep indeed – they’ve been attemtping to force this black man to do their bidding since he walked into office. And they will not win at keeping him from a second term. I absolutely believe that even when they team up with the rabid right there isn’t enough of them to make a difference.

    One thing we have to do- is when Hamsher and her hoards make their way onto teevee- we need to make a lotta noise to the stations- as in Cpan today- she has no business getting on tv UNCHALLENGED by us. We have to protest her BS so that she is never allowed to be the speaker for the ‘base’ or the ‘left’.

  35. Peter, this is exactly why we should turn our attention away from these toxic personalities (I know, a cliched phrase, but they do fit the profile). They bring out the worst in both their supporters and their opponents. They have little or no presence outside of their own isolated worlds unless one chooses to notice them. If we leave them to their own closed systems, the law of entropy will bring about its usual results.

  36. They read this site? Where no one likes them and they have no opportunity to respond? Masochists much? No wonder they’re so unhappy.

  37. Well said – totally agree gobrooklyn!! BTW, in a previous post I read that you were not a big fan of Warren. I’m in the same boat as you. Personally, this whole concept was Obama’s from years ago before he was President – he gave a speech in 2008 that I remember very well since my work is in the mortgage business. Here is an excerpt but if you want to see how he had been thinking about this well before Elizabeth Warren please read the whole thing. I’m not saying she didn’t agree with his ideas 100% philosophically but I am SURE they were his that she implemented versus her own. Most of what she had written about prior to her involvement in TARP was about family bankrupcy and family financial planning – it wasn’t about large scale financial regulatory reform that Obama envisioned. It’s so interesting to go back and look at how consistent he is on all fronts. Bottom line, the joker PL idiots are thinking it’s all her lol because they loathe the idea that Barack Obama came up with financial reform prior to Dodd/Frank and Elizabeth Warren.

    “The goal should be to ensure that financial institutions around the world are subject to similar rules of the road, both to make the system more stable and to keep our financial institutions competitive. Third, we need to streamline a framework of overlapping and competing regulatory agencies. Reshuffling bureaucracies should not be an end in itself. But the large, complex institutions that dominate the financial landscape don’t fit into categories created decades ago. Different institutions compete in multiple markets. Our regulatory system should not pretend otherwise. A streamlined system will provide better oversight and be less costly for regulated institutions.

    Fourth, we need to regulate institutions for what they do, not what they are. Over the last few years, commercial banks and thrift institutions were subject to guidelines on subprime mortgages that did not apply to mortgage brokers and companies. Now, it makes no sense for the Fed to tighten mortgage guidelines for banks when two-thirds of subprime mortgages don’t originate from banks.

  38. SR There is a lot of spinderela going on this is a 24/7 SHIT, because they do not have anything alse agaisnt this President, and remember the PL were PUSHING Elizabeth for a long time Obam a and Elizabeth know each other since Harvard, and they are WTF, the PL is just making a lot of SHIT tha’s all.

  39. Exactly gn. President Obama having a personal likability raiting of 71% (latest from Quinppituck sp) should be a clue that these firebaggers, talking heads, and pundits are in the minority. 71% likability would indicate that there are plenty of conservatives that find him okay or engaging. NEXT…………………………….

  40. Oh, it’s definitely about money. Interesting thing about reading FEC filings, is that you get to look at where their money comes in, and what it’s spent on. It isn’t spent on elections. Looking at Jane & Glenn’s “Accountability Now PAC,” the first quarter donations were … anemic. As in not even cracking $1000, by a long shot. Hence her screaming fury about the President’s huge haul. 😆

  41. W……E…….L…….L!! Preach it sheila girl. It is only to obvious.

  42. “hard enough to get people to freaking care who their House rep is”. So sadly true. I canvassed for Melissa Bean in ’10 who was up against crazy teabagger Joe Walsh. I was sent to the most upscale country club community in our area. These were presumably educated people, successful people in million dollar plus homes, and at least half, maybe more, had no clue who Melissa Bean was. She was running for her 4th term. That was just a real eye-opener for me. “Who are you campaigning for? What is she running for? What party?” Of course as soon as I said Dem, they would shake their head no. But I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t seen a newspaper story or something somewhere along the way about who was representing them in Congress. Even the people who dutifully vote, most have no clue and could care less. Sad but true.

  43. Like I’ve been saying, Obama as a “disappointment” is a racist, left meme. I cringed when Chris Wallace asked Jon Stewart if he was disappointed in PBO. It is condescending, fatuous. Liberals deny that this is code talk, that they reserve the right to criticize any president. But if I remember correctly, the only disappointment I’ve ever heard about Clinton was his private behavior. The Republicans were never disappointed in W.

  44. Actually almost all of dkos were Edwards supporters. When he fell by the wayside, the anti-Obama peeps then tended to side with Hillary. There were a few die-hard Hillary supporters from the get-go but most didn’t show up on most sites until Edwards was gonezo. Edwards was the PL’s darling. (not very good judgment then or now)

  45. Yeah, because the GOOP admired and respected Hillary so much, they definitely would have played nice with her. /snark

    It’s the PL who has lost the base.

    2Obama12 & Hillary for SCOTUS.

  46. WiW, I sent you some links to mine talking points for the Balanced Budget Amendment.

  47. Frank Rich is going after Obama on Lawrence’s show, which Lawrence is not refuting in any way. Bah. Obama should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve…

  48. I agree with your post except for the not a fan of Warren part. I think someone else wrote. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Warren.

  49. BWD, I really don’t think they’re racists. I think they’re just totally unrealistic. These are the same people who were going to explode if Obamacare wasn’t “universal medicare.” That wasn’t racist, it was just unrealistic. They have either forgotten or they never knew that nothing gets done without compromise.

  50. Yes, did you miss the popular diary that mistook the White House Rapid Response Team for something BWD created to say mean things about certain people over there? It was hilarious and in reading the comment thread, it was quite clear this site is monitored.

    I don’t know what became of the diarist’s urgent inquiry into whether or not it was acceptable to use material from any site created by those “banned” from that site. Obviously the diary was factually-challenged.

  51. We should not be shy about pointing out the racism on the “left.” Whenever “liberal” pundits, tv personalities, or members of Congress pop up to impose a double standard on PBO (higher standards as to expected performance versus standards applied to other Dem presidents) or to casually and easily savage his character and motivations (spineless, weak, anxious to bow down to corporate masters), you’re probably looking at a racist. My list of racists includes Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Joan Walsh, Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygar, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow. Harsh, I know, but you know when it is so easy to deride and express contempt for our first AA president and you seem to take pleasure In expressing that contempt, you are not really all about pursuing that liberal agenda you like to pretend is your agenda.

  52. So sorry about that! I was going to look it up before I hit post comment. I did now and the poster I was referencing was from the last thread jacquelineoboomer who stated she had never warmed to Warren.

    This new agency is a HUGE deal. HUGE deal. There will be so much redundancy of regulations removed to make it easier for consumers to understand rules and regulations.

  53. Harsh? Hey call it like you see it. I think racism plays a part, but I think they are ideologues. The folks on your list who are “former” Repubs, I simply don’t trust.

  54. FYI – for anyone who is following the Murdoch scandal:

    Livestreamed tomorrow morning at CNN:

    7:00 AM Eastern
    Police testify in phone hacking probe. Current and former London Metropolitan Police officials are questioned by British lawmakers over the phone hacking scandal.

    9:30 AM Eastern
    News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch and ex-editor Rebekah Brooks appears before Parliament regarding the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

  55. That is exactly the conclusion I have come to also. That being that the GOP has planted people in the Dem party to divide the party and make it look like EVEN his own party does not support PBO. Look how fast in WI that they came up with the idea to run Fake Dems against the Dems in a Primary for the recall election. Also the C Street house that Rachel Maddow reported on a couple of years ago many times pushed to get Dems involved in that push by the GOP.

  56. I am seeing Elizabeth Warren being interviewed on Rachel Maddow right now. She is setting the record straight.

  57. Listening to Elizabeth Warren, it is so nice to see her be so positive about President Obama.

  58. I am seeing Elizabeth Warren being interviewed on Rachel Maddow right now. She is setting the record straight. Liz Warren explained she could not get elected because of those people, speaking about the opposition against here.

  59. This attitude is not new, during the early 60’s when i joined the ‘corporate workforce’, the Government had to impose ‘quotas’ that allowed me to be hired. Once hired, there were only two blacks working in the department including myself. I know, kinda, sorta know, at a different level in corporate america, the attitude of many. I considered myself as a relatively bright black man, I was qualified for the position, I met every educational and experience requirement called for on the employment form. But so often my manager who interviewed me and hired me would not accept ideas and suggestions that I would bring to the table. As time went by I learned that if I made the suggestions in private, one and one with him, I would always hear these ‘brilliant ideas’ being proposed, my ideas being placed into operation,yet not from my lips.
    So today so many in the democratic party are just as backwards and self-indulgent as the publicans, that they would rather see him lose than look out for the best ideas for the country.

  60. Dear BWD,
    First I want to thank you for all your work and dedication. I have been subscribed to your blog since December and it was through your blog that I discovered and started writing myself. I then started to comment on the huffpo, (I know you have written them off) I have been doing it since December but each time I write what and how I feel about our President, boy do I get a tongue lashing from all sides. Your site is so important to me because after reading both sides beating up our poor President, I visit your site and I feel better instantly. A fan.

  61. I had an experience with my daughter-in-law this weekend of her saying she didn’t want to know what was going on politically as it saddened her. She had enough to do to care for her baby. She has her Masters and is working in her school district. She has been and continues to be a PBO supporter but doesn’t really care to know details or help with anything. I wonder if there are a lot of people like her? She makes fun of me for being involved like I am crazy or obsessed and she is normal. Maybe she is right that she is representing what the majority of citizens are like. That saddens me. I don’t expect her to become involved as she is busy, but at least listen to what is happening and be glad some people are involved.

  62. Hey, I’m from Indianapolis. We are working really hard here to turn this stupid state blue again. Had a great Day of Action weekend registering voters and signing up “I’m In” pledges. It was really awesome. People love the President and can’t wait to help out. I was on a conference call today and they said we did really well around the country.

  63. There are publicans in the democratic party, disguised as ‘liberals’, i’ts all about the money, the power and yes some racism. Some are still not comfortable with us black men in the same room, especially if we are bright, eloquent and smart like PBO. Now PBO’s Mom was not black, nor his grandparents on his mom’s side, so like me whose grandfather was an Irishman, who am I, in America I am black. So racism I have learned plays a big part in how people look and respond to our President. The brightest and smartest we have had in a long time in this country.

  64. Tally,
    Are you able to follow me on twitter? I just logged in, and it says I don’t have any followers nor am I following anyone. Is that just Twitter’s mistake, or do I need to contact them?

  65. Notice how quiet Rachel is in response, especially compared with her opening segment about Adam Green’s group that went to President Obama’s HQ in Chicago.

  66. I also wonder if some of this Left phenomenon could be attributed to blogging and being part of a group? Those sites breed anger and activism. There is strength in numbers and belonging to a group. Many may have let their feelings go in other times without having their anger constantly stoked as now with computer blogging.

  67. Star Parker took to The Washington Times today to pen an editorial taking black Americans to task for not aligning themselves with the Republican Party. She was pushing the same old tired BS about us blaming others for what we haven’t “accomplished” and not caring about “freedom.” I put it on my FB page with the comment that Park doesn’t know ever black person in America, and that if she thinks I should sign up with the GOP, she’s looney tunes. She fits into the same category with me as do Steele, that Maze guy, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and the other blacks who have made themselves carpets for the abusive GOP and Tea Patty members to walk all over. I’m my own person, and I don’t need Star “Sellout” Parker to tell me for whom to vote. I will never sellout my values, principles, and fellow Americans to corporate America. She should be ashamed to call herself a Christian and work against the principles that Jesus stood for.

  68. I’m here at work and there are folks talking about the Gallup GOP generic ballot (poll) defeating Obama 47%-39%. I don’t understand this poll. Are the American people that blind to the what the GOP are doing? 39% is the lowest number I have seen in an Obama related poll since he has been president. Even with that he is still leading named faces of GOP candidates by pretty healthy margins. Romney comes closest back by six points 47%-41%. The only conclusion that me an my Dem friends at work can come to is that voters are waiting for someone that that they can see as more Presidential than Obama and be more effective with working with Congress. Could is be RACISM is finally catching up with our beloved Prez? As much as we hate to admit it could the MSM and all the firebagging and teabagging from all sides actually taking effect on the electorate?

    Or is this generic Rethug poll by Gallup just a hiccup? Quinippicup polsters (sp) had the same type of generic poll numbers. Our saving grace is at this point the GOP has not put an opponent up vs PBO that seems to be gaining traction. That said we must work harder than ever to re-elect this man. A Bachmann, Romney, Perry, or Pawlenty in the Whitehouse will be CATASTROPHIC for America!! O-O! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  69. I can’t describe what a relief it is not to cringe every time our President goes to another country, wondering just how he’s going to put his foot in his mouth this time (as his predecessor used to). And it’s such a joy to see the respect – and even affection – that other countries have for our President. (And such an embarrassment to see how he’s treated at home)

    I don’t think it’s automatically racism to be concerned about something. For instance, I do have a friend on Social Security – her life savings were wiped out in a health crisis a few years ago, so her $587 a month SS check is ALL she has. So, hearing the rumblings about “omg they’re gutting Social Security” I admit I was concerned. Wasn’t panicking, but… I also knew I didn’t have all the facts, ether.

    And later, being reminded that under Clinton, Social Security was cut, and Medicare – and that yes, there was some fuss about it at the time, but nothing like we’re seeing today. I was also reminded that Social Security is not going to last the way it’s going at the moment; we have fewer people paying in, and more people signing up. It needs some serious attention, yes.

    Meanwhile, I have *never* seen anyone play his cards this close to his chest, ever. Now, I’ve never been good with blind allegiance to well, anything, really. But I’d far rather trust the President we’ve got (and for an additional 4 yrs, while we’re talking about it) than have any other person in there instead.

    I’m so beyond grateful we’ve got him in the Oval Office.

  70. A word about presidential polls: the presidential race isn’t one national race, but 50 state races. The goal is to get to 270 electoral votes. Polling by state is what’s important, and the latest PPP polling shows PBO still on course for a large victory. Not to get complacent, of course, but that’s where things stand now.

  71. I am so done with cable news. I honestly don’t care what they say. They are just trying to push buttons, and it just doesn’t matter in the long run. Anyone that gets a paycheck from corporate media is just an actor. i have no respect for any of them.

  72. I know you’re telling the truth, FC. I began college at the University of GA in 1971, graduated in 3 years, and began teaching high school social studies. I taught for 33 years until 2009, and along the way, I earned multiple graduate degrees in different fields of education. My white colleagues, who had also graduated from UGA, always seemed to take pleasure in making comments that indicated that they thought their degrees were somehow “better” than mine, and that somehow UGA had “let” me in. It never occurred to them that I had good grades and good SAT scores. What millions of Americans don’t seem to understand is that in the case of a Person of Color, IF affirmative action plays a role at all, the person STILL has to have the ability to measure up to the qualifications/requirements of the college/job. Few of them seem to know that the majority of the beneficiaries of affirmative action have been white women. There are a different set of standards that are applied to people in this country based on race, and I think the reason so many are unwilling to acknowledge this is because it doesn’t affect them in a personal way.

  73. What the PL has failed to realize is that they are just the radical opposite of the Fox right wing driven media machine. Presidential elections are won based on the conscience of the middle. Whoever is believed to be more radical on either side will be the loser. It is all about bread and butter issues. Have you actually spoken to voters who are not that educated about politics? They are like sheep who can be hearded either way. Most people fair to see fairness and justice. With decisions made by their elected reps. Extremism will not win the next election. Steady realism with a progressive middle class perspective. That’s why the GOP is looking bad right now – they are correctly perceived to be about millionaires and corporations first, and people will just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Unemployment, real estate, income, financial security,and personal safety – those are their staples people want to see protected and imrpoved. Who has done a better job in these areas will triumph next year. Obama’s positive progress in these areas must be our focus every day. Everything else is just reality TV noise and entertainment.


  74. Wow!! What’s next?

    Everybody needs their 15 minutes of fame and to get it, it is become clear to me that they need to find something silly injecting PBO’s name to get the attention.

    Go figure.

  75. PBO leads every republican in every section of the country, except in the South where I live. These folks are fed a constant diet of anti-Obama propaganda 24/7/365 via Fox News, rw radio, rw blogs, and right-leaning newspapers. If PBO stepped in front of them and took a bullet for them, it wouldn’t be enough. They’d still hate him.

  76. meta thanks for the heads up…

    Since I don’t have a TV, at the moment, I’m glad it’s online!

    Yeah, business by business Murdoch’s empire IS bein’ dismantled! 😀

    Although I “ran across” this, next is Fox “News”…Grrr! 😡


    @mmfa (Media Matters), @stopbeck, @colorofchange and others ARE goin’ to “bring down” Fox “News!” 😉 (Media Matters is located on the TOAITR Blogroll.)

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  77. I’d like to get close enough to this sucker to ask him whether he thinks GWB should be accused of crimes against humanity for starting an unnecessary war that killed over 4,000 of our own citizens in a nation thousands of miles away. For me, that’s been way more painful than PBO taking out OBL.

  78. I do not think we should do our own demonizing. dkos is a large site, it has many useful facets besides the common ranter, unfortunately, I have to admit, a rather abundant species over there:-)

  79. Thank you! for the heads up on that show I don’t generally watch Rachel anymore. I’m just so sad with how our president is treated. I’m so grateful for this blog ((BWD)), Chipsticks, and few others. What’s more despicable is how “progressives” treat this president ….sigh

  80. Very true lol,I believe you could count us Obama supporters on one hand another blog I used to frequent I was the only Obama supporter..Edwards was definitely the darling.

  81. Well said Shelia! I once had a very respectful conversation with someone on dk and pointed out the things you just referenced about President Clinton; he had no argument he finally just told me well I, I, ,I, I just love the guy; but yet he expected our new president to change over 15 years of policy in about 7 months…just wow, no words.


    On July 18th, THE PRESIDENT HOSTED AN EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE WITH KEY LEADERS IN BOTH THE PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SECTORS TO DISCUSS WAYS WE CAN ENSURE A COMPETITIVE AMERICAN WORKFORCE. The attendees, including business leaders, Secretary Duncan, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes, and General Colin and Mrs. Alma Powell of the America’s Promise Alliance, talked about expanding strong industry-led partnerships that are working to transform the American education system.

    The President’s meeting with America’s CEOs builds on his continued focus on addressing the pressing needs of educating our children:

    “A world-class education is the single most important factor in determining not just whether our kids can compete for the best jobs but whether America can outcompete countries around the world. America’s business leaders understand that when it comes to education, we need to up our game. That’s why were working together to put an outstanding education within reach for every child.”

    THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS RESPONDING TO THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE WITH MORE THAN FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Corporations have made commitments that take advantage of their areas of expertise and the skills of their employees. These undertakings include programs like Change the Equation, which focuses on corporate investment in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, Skills for America’s Future with its support of business partnerships with community colleges, and the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness…

    THE PRESIDENT IS DEDICATED TO KEEPING AMERICA’S WORKFORCE COMPETITIVE, an achievement that can only be reached through addressing the pressing needs of American education. This week’s education roundtable is a clear example of the President’s dedication, and these new commitments are evidence that America’s business leaders share his concern and his belief that change is possible.

    While the House and Senate TeaPublicans are non-workin’, 2 weeks on and 1 week off, PBHO and his Admin *ARE* workin’, each and everyday, to find ways to “speed up” job growth to help lower the unemployment rate…

    By any means necessary, they’re tryin’ to get Main Street back to work!

    So, let’s do whatever is necessary to VOTE ‘EM OUT! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  83. Who me, nah! 😉

    By the way, how’s that trip?

    Are you back home, now?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  84. Jovie, more good news for FL…


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  85. Hi snoops.

    Nah, Arrived in Joburg from Nairobi about 8 hours back. It’s 5.15 am here and I’m already at bwd’s site. 🙂

    Got a big day of meetings starting in another 2 hours time.

  86. Great clip…

    donna thanks for postin’ it!

    Of course, this needs to “GO VIRAL,” online and off, Tweet it/RT it, FB it and Email it, et al!

    Let’s JUST DO IT! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  87. By the way, seeing Gen. Colin Powell (ret.) in the picture, reminds me to ask…

    Is Colin Powell still a Republican?

  88. Here we go again! Priebus- the rnc director wants to impeach the president, for violating the hatch act! He is accusing the president of this crime, after the president filmed a video inside the WH, asking for money.

    Fact is, it was in the map room, and WH counsel says political events can happen there. Also, tge dnc attacks priebus, saying basically they will say anything to stop the presidents fundraising…

    Well, this partisan divide is becoming more and more a free for all!


    ONE OF THE MOST GRATIFYING ASPECTS OF WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS THAT YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MIGHT SEE ON A DAILY BASIS. A wonderful and diverse cadre of Americans pass through for meetings and events, including renowned scientists, members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and occasionally even entertainment celebrities. Often, these visitors represent the most talented leaders in their respective fields.

    With this in mind, I was particularly pleased to recently participate in a CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE roundtable with eighteen Rural Americans, representing the spectrum of excellence in Rural America. The group included farmers, ranchers, local educators, small business owners, and folks who are improving their communities through innovative actions. These rural champions represent the best of the best in their respective fields.

    WE WERE HONORED TO BE JOINED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA, who shared his vision for economic growth and development in rural areas. The President highlighted the importance of exports in agricultural areas, and the critical nature of transportation issues. He emphasized the need for high-speed internet access and stated that rural areas should expect to have opportunities equivalent to those in other areas of the nation. The President also discussed the importance of identifying rural Americans’ success stories and sharing that knowledge across the country…

    If you visit a farm machinery dealership anywhere in the country and ask for a “Champion,” you would likely be given a spark plug. As I sat with our 18 Rural Champions for Change, I saw the talent, energy and “can-do” spirit that serve as a daily spark for America.

    Melody Barnes is the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

    Ed. Note: CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE IS A WEEKLY INITIATIVE to highlight Americans who are making an impact in their communities and helping our country rise to meet the many challenges of the 21st century.

  90. Jovie, no worries…

    Priebus needs STHU & GO SIT DOWN!

    PBHO and DNC/OFA *ARE* “kickin’ their butts!” 😀 😆

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  91. One benefit of Elizabeth Warren potentially running for the Senate – it gives the nutroots their shiny object to focus on and donate money to. So instead of spending money primarying Dems who they deem not to be pure enough, they can fund Warren’s challenge of Brown.

    That $10M that went to primary Sen. Lincoln would have probably been the difference in Sestak winning his race. He was outspent a whole lot early and was allowed to be framed by Toomey.

  92. That happened to me too, but as a white woman, I’d hear my boss spouting my ideas. It was not fair.

  93. There are a few plants but I have to disagree. The loony left has done this all by themselves, I’m afraid.

  94. Obama Derangement Syndrome in a nutshell. That is just attacking President Obama’s character (in a ludicrous fashion, no less) to try to cover up the mother of all lies: that of the supposed desertion of the Democratic base, predicted by the collection of grifters and their nutcase true believers on blogs. Thanks so much for deleting that garbage from here.

  95. It’s real simple: a small collection of people are getting their grift on, and playing into the underlying and many times unrealized feelings of fear and total suspicion which a few people on the left have for this POTUS. The grifters constantly whip this group up into a fury; they jump from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. As each crisis is exposed as bullshit, they merely double down and jump right onto the next. What results is a narrative that President Obama just plain old sucks, with no accountability for the LIARS who built that narrative. This is a pure new media problem IMO, caused by grifters (and I strongly suspect, Republicans posing as disaffected Dems) and largely does not impact President Obama’s core base of support.

    The outrage machine is lucrative for the sell-outs who run it, and the right has used this to take away certain blogs as effective nexuses of organizing. Thank God for pragmatic blogs.

  96. I think you have hit the nail on the head. Elizabeth Warren is a super , super person to run against Brown.. fortheSenate seat and hope she does it. This is what being a part of the Democratic party is about…let’s get President Obama re-elected and also give him more seats in the Congress!! Then we will see what he can do when not being blocked all day!!

  97. You said this well!! I hope that those who consider themselves a Progressive and differentiate between themselves and the Democrats ..( me) come to your conclusion. We are lucky to have this fine man in the white house and we really need to do what we can to keep him there.

  98. Congratulations Limpidus
    You hit the nail on the head. They are racist in the most intellectual way-cloaked in rational thinking without an examination of motives. The “why” is really the part they do not get. One does not have to wonder what they would be saying if PBO was white. Look back and see if you can recall any other president being 2nd guessed like this one. It is inexcusable and racist!

  99. Hi SR
    RE: Sestak- a couple of my friendds worked in his canpaign. They said he had money and held it back. Then a few days before Election Day he tried to undo the damage.
    RE: Blance I think the Lincoln effort was extremely worthwhile in terms of the lesson it taught. We wont lose every time. She was a tremendous threat to our agenda. With a repugslug/traitor you know exactly whats up and can use public media to expose them. I am so sick of pretend dems.

  100. For one thing, dkos, for all its faults, is a very far cry from Fox. And secondly, one should now and then watch the enemy, to study what they are up to, and how their propaganda works (or doesn’t).

  101. “WTF was she doing on C-SPAN?” That is exactly the question, Tally, that we should all be asking the MSM.

    I agree with Sheila that we should do our best to ignore these “toxic” people. The problem, of course, is the MSM. They keep giving them massive exposure to spew their lies and hatred and create divisions within the Democratic party. The PL totally embraced the Republican tactic of scaring people based on manufactured lies. I think it’s the MSM that we should go after for not doing their home-work when they prominently cover a person like Jane Hamsher, under the guise that she represents the Democratic base.

  102. GN, As always very spot-on comments! Besides, this “small collection of people” would really be so insignificant if the MSM were not giving some of its leaders such prominent coverage. That this “failure wing of the Democratic party,” –as Jason Easley at PoliticusUSA calls them — is given such massive media exposure is more evidence of the debased state of the U.S. media.

  103. Well said, Sheila! In addition to excellent list of things President Clinton did, without a massive attacks from the left, included: initiating and signing into law DADT, signing DOMA, and signing the 1996 Communications Act that made it possible for media monopoly of Radio and T.V.

  104. Bravo majii! You certainly spoke for many of us. I usually try to avoid going there but some of the people, like Star Parker, force me to go there. You know the kinds of Black people Parker likes remind me of loyal house slaves sent North by their masters to try to counter Abolitionists’ attacks on the inhuman practices inflicted on slaves. These selected loyal slaves were sent to dispute stories told by former slaves like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, Solomon Northup and others that highlighted the brutality of slavery. Instead, these loyal slaves painted slavery as a benign institution where slave masters treated their slaves kindly and humanely. The vast majority of black people, slave and free, knew they were lying to please their masters. Why would any thinking African American think of supporting the Republican party which embraces teabag racism? Unless, of course, they are motivated by personal greed.

  105. I get a lot from this site and its steadfast support of our President. But today’s comment: “They are liars and racists and childish” is petulent and rude without adding any support to our administration. I think you should look at this comment again, and see whether you want to let it stand or revise it.

    With thanks,


  106. I don’t see any of those on my list as true ideologues. Krugman, for example, was obsessed to the point of disingenuity with the tiny differences between HRC’s and PBO’s health care plans during the primary season. No true ideology there other than looking for a pretext to bash PBO. John Walsh?? Just a vaguely Dem hack with no clear-cut set of beliefs except for being vaguely on the left side of the political spectrum. Dylan Ratigan pretends to be all worked up about the “banksters” but before the 2008 crash he was just another huckster on CNBC pumping stock in big corporations. Jon Stewart? Just a wise guy who really gets off on bashing PBO .

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