“All that talk of Democrats and liberals sloughing off Obama? Nothing to it” “

Mother Jones:

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So, Obama can rake in the big bucks—no surprise there. The real story is the 552,000 donors who gave to the Obama 2012 effort, “more grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history,” said campaign manager Jim Messina in a video message to supporters. Messina said that 98 percent of donations last quarter were under $250, and that the average donation was $69.

That haul throws a huge bucket of cold water on claims that Obama is losing his liberal/Democratic base. Pollster James Zogby wrote in September 2009 that Democrats were souring on Obama after the health-insurance-reform fight and for his policies on the war in Afghanistan. Liberal TV host Ed Schultz told former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs last year that “you’re losing your base.” If Obama’s donor rolls are any indication, the left appears to be just as motivated in the 2012 race as they were in 2008.

Of course, reams of polling data have been reinforcing this for months. According to Gallup polling, Obama’s approval rating among Democrats has held steady at around 80 percent, give or take a few percentage points, since September of last year. Among liberals, Obama’s doing almost as well, with approval ratings hovering around 70 percent; it’s currently 76 percent.

So all that talk of Democrats and liberals sloughing off Obama? Nothing to it. Today’s fundraising numbers prove Obama’s still hugely popular, and that whomever the GOP picks to run against him will face the major undertaking of matching the powerful Obama fundraising machine.



Wonkette 🙂

Mitch McConnell Quits Debt Talks, Tells Obama To Just Do Whatever So GOP Can Blame Him For It Already



97 thoughts on ““All that talk of Democrats and liberals sloughing off Obama? Nothing to it” “

  1. The base is fired up and ready to go.

    Here’s a little polling from Quinnipiac to make everyone’s day.

    President Barack Obama tops all leading GOP White House hopefuls, hitting the all-important 50-percent mark against every candidate but Romney:

    47 – 41 percent over Romney, unchanged from June 8;
    50 – 38 percent over Bachmann, who was not matched against Obama June 8;
    53 – 34 percent over Sarah Palin, compared to 53 – 36 percent June 8;
    50 – 37 percent over Perry, who was not matched against Obama June 8

  2. Clearly, the President has lost the base. LOL Love to see and article by Mother Jones having to admit that the base is happily with the Prez.But why did he have to add the ridiculous email by adam green?

  3. WOW! Maybe Bill O is saying that because the big boss, ol Ruppie is in the hot seat in London? He’s too busy to worry about Bill O turning on his rich friends. Hee hee :).

  4. Well see to me this: “More grass roots support at this time in the process than any campaign in history”

    does not equal this: If Obama’s donor rolls are any indication, the left appears to be just as motivated in the 2012 race as they were in 2008.

    It says to me that WE ARE MORE MOTIVATED NOW~ 😉

  5. Journalist on twitter have been trying to down what (we’ve done togehter) all day….*snicker*

  6. BWD Family, this is why we keep moving and supporting this President and his Administration. We will not give in to the ugly, nasty, evilness of the others. We are better than that. The goodness in the hearts of all of us who support President Obama will prevail. Thanks BWD for our family here, and all of the hard work that you and Chipsticks do to make our community well informed, hardworking and supportive of our President, and respectful to each other here. Thank you so very much.

  7. Just recc’d the TiMT diary as well but came across a former supporter, turned PL-ist who insists the presidents fundraising was weak based on false poutrage memes and no facts.

    Unfortunately for this person, the FEC and the NYT both contradicted this meme. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

  8. IBS wasted no time posting her usual drivel with false claims that the President has raised more in 2007–she was quickly corrected by me and others.

  9. I’m so glad MSNBC seems to have replaced PL-ist Cenk Uyger, with Sharpton. He is much stronger in his attacks on the GOP and doest gratuitously undermine the president.

  10. Thanks for the article What is Working. Remember the President spoke about this progress back in April, 2011. And Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood also put out a press release on this in late April. Our President is doing what he said he would do. If people will just listen, they would see how the President is keeping his word. Be informed. Thanks again What is Working.

  11. They will not able to do it, because we are in charge yes we the true supporters of PBO
    I will be ready with another donation when I’am ask yes I can.
    The PL is with Maconnell and Bohner and the tea party shame on them it’s time for them to weake up and see who the real ememies are.so to the PL are you with us or them??????

  12. It appears that we have managed to upset Adam Green…with his lips poked out, he says all the money was raised before talks of PBO putting entitlements on the table and if he continues down that road, he will lose his base…

  13. He really isn’t terribly bright, is he? Of course PBO put everything on the table because he knows if he’s for it the repugs are against it. This is how he made the gop look like fools, Green looks like a fool too. That is the problem when people who don’t understand politics follow everything too closely, they don’t realize that if it isn’t in writing it doesn’t matter.

  14. HI all…wordpress is being nasty to me today or something…I just have to say that while I was out and about running errands,,I was listening to Randi Rhodes..the woman was on fire again! She was talking about the NewsCorp scandal, which I believe will come here with investigations…as it should. She talked about the parallel tract that Britain has to us in the instances of 9/11 victims and the cops (bernie Kerkik) and the fact that the second largest shareholder in NewsCorp is the shiek from Saudi Arabia. As Fox and all the newspapers owned by Murdoch bashed immigrants, Muslims,Sharia law etc..THIS shiek may be the one that can bail his sorry ass out of trouble…it was much more involved than that…mentioning the disgusting POS, Peter King…not wanting to be on the wrong side of this scandal:) So many moving parts, so many people involved and the horror that those families of 9/11 victims trying to put this past them while the scab is being pulled off again..I believe they will investigate and find out the dirty little secrets.Things will not be what they appeared to be in the beginning. A NYPD cop has already said that NOW got in touch with him and wanted info on the cell #’s of those victims. He declined, but I would bet that someone else DIDN’T decline the offer. Sick. Up is down and down is up…this will be HUGE!

  15. Hi Desertflower,

    I am listening to Randi right now. So true, she is on FIRE! I am hoping that Eric Holder gets enough heat on him to have a special prosecutor investigate Ruppie Murderor-Murdoch on his unethical dealings in the USA. If he did those things in England he did them here especially during the Bush Administration. I am hoping that all of his miss-deeds will comes to a head right smack in the middle of the Presidential Elections.

  16. I wonder what it feels like to be a White Dog “progressive” and want desperately for the first African-American President in the history of our country to fail. I imagine it feels a lot like racism.

  17. He’s not gone for good. He is on vacation. Our hope is that he leaves permantly to have someone who is a TRUE voice for the left and President Obama.

  18. Thanks – I could only catch 15 minutes of the show at work today. I hope this is the beginning of the end for Murdoch and his minions.

    Isn’t that Saudi Sheik supposed to be someone who is alleged to have sponsored terrorism, or something? Or am I thinking of someone else? She talked about a Saudi shareholder a few months ago, with shady past.

  19. Gee……….someone that is catching on. You called it Shiela. How many times do we have to post that word? It is obvious that is the PL’s motivation. Yes, folks there are even RACIST amongst us Libs and Progressives. Not a eye opening revelation. PBO and his followers will be fighting off the vultures, vipers, and leaches from both and all sides. WE WILL PREVAIL!! KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!

  20. I saw a clip from an interview where Murdoch was sitting on a panel, and the interviewer asked him if he tried to influence public opinion on things like the war, and he said “we tried to”. Well, how did they try? Using these unethical means?

    I find it interesting that Sen. Boxer’s statement today indicated that they are looking at a pattern of behavior – isn’t that the premise for the RICO laws, which they use to arrest kingpins, and such? I hope so.

  21. Read the above post granny. As we get closer to the election more HATERS will come out of the closet. You can bet on it. PBO knows whats up and is mentally emotionally, spiritually, and physically prepared for the onlsaught. We suppoters are the ones who have to get prepared and be tough for what is coming. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  22. Just heard on PBS that the ENTIRE GOP field raised about HALF of what our amazing President did!

  23. Wow. Chris Matthews destroying Steve King. Just wow…….

    Default’s okay, because his batshit crazy constituents tell him so.

    Here’s the new line: If the debt ceiling is not raised, the President can ‘choose’ to use the revenue stream to pay the ‘service’ on the debt. To not do that would cause a problem. But that nasty Obama might choose to pay veterans or social security, so the problems caused by that choice are the issue and THAT would be Obama’s fault. Not the default that the Republicans caused.

    And then there was something about Obama changing everyone’s mind in his cabinet on DADT and he’s doing it now on the debt ceiling, that Svengali.

    Chris Matthews is tearing him apart. It’s a sight to behold.

  24. Bizarre. I just got polled by Rasmussen by phone, and I thought it was about the economy, and then, it turned out to be about the giant controversy over light bulbs!

    Really. At least a dozen questions about old light bulks versus the new, more energy efficient ones.

    I guess the Republicans still believe that might be a winning issue for them, despite not being able to revoke the ban on old light bulbs yesterday.

    The survey even asked if I or anyone I knew had be hoarding older light bulbs!

    (Can you say, GOP desperate for an issue?)

  25. Okay if this is true they must have really pissed him off today!!

    President Barack Obama abruptly ended a tense budget meeting on Wednesday with Republican leaders by walking out of the room, a Republican aide familiar with the talks said.

    The aide said the session, the fourth in a row, was the most tense of the week as House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican in Congress, dismissed spending cuts offered by the White House as “gimmicks and accounting tricks.”


  26. We have our President’s back and he will have a second term!!! This blogsite is a godsend and a wonderful, informative haven for all of us! fired up, ready to go!

  27. Interesting. It takes a lot to tick off PBO, but according to CNN he told Cantor not try his patience and walked out.

  28. The GOP is in a pretty pickle. They’re on a tightrope; on the one side is default, for which they will be blamed, and for which they will reap political oblivion; on the other is a rebellion from the base if they give in too much — or give in on anything really — and again, political oblivion. It didn’t have to come to this. They could’ve eaten their peas and raised the ceiling cleanly and then lived to fight another day on the larger issue of the budget and the debt. But they succumbed to hubris, and thought that the country was behind them, even now after all the actions of state and local GOPers. They listened to the voices in their bubble, and mistook them for mass approval. And their big lies are no longer working.

  29. POTUS has to be thinking tonite, “what did I ever do to deserve having to work with these dimwitted numb nuts Boehner, McConnel and that little rodent Eric Cantor.”

  30. Thanks LL, you nailed it. This post from Steve Benen is also spot on. The GOP believed their own BS. And they can thank Grover Norquist and his no taxes pledge.

    American mainstream rejects GOP debt line

    Congressional Republicans sincerely believed that if they simply cried “no tax increases,” over and over again, the public would rally behind them and Democrats would back down in the debt-ceiling fight.

    A new Gallup poll reinforces what has been true for a long while: the GOP made the wrong assumption. (thanks to B.A.)

    Americans’ preferences for deficit reduction clearly favor spending cuts to tax increases, but most Americans favor a mix of the two approaches.
    GOP officials on Capitol Hill simply take it as a given that the country supports their hard line. Indeed, Republicans are so convinced of this, they’re ready to crash the economy on purpose, assuming the electorate stands behind them.

    The American mainstream just doesn’t look at tax increases, especially on the wealthy, as some scandalous move. Republicans have gambled and lost.


  31. Once again, Lawrence O’Donnell has another amazing segment – this time he actually calls out the Left-wing blogosphere for their distrust of PBO and failure to grasp his command of American politics….please BWD, whenever you are able to, please post that segment!!!

    If I never watch O’Donnell again, I will definitely give him credit for these past several nights

  32. Prayer for Obama

    The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. (Psalm 27:1-3).

    Every cloud of confusion, covering Obama divine goal, I ask the Lord to clear it , in the name of Jesus.

    Every evil meeting summoned against Obama goal, I ask in Jesus name to scatter it, in the name of Jesus.

    Lord I ask that the Anointing to excel, fall upon Obama now, in the name of Jesus.

    Lord, As from now on, I pray that Obama shall prevail against his enemies in the name of Jesus.

    Every wick plans against Obama I pray that it dies, in the name of Jesus.

    Father God, write Obama name in the book of success, I pray in the name of Jesus.

  33. IMO, there is nothing else to do after you offer a group of kids the entire candy store, ask them to pay for one piece of candy, they scream bloody murder, throw a tantrum and shout, “NO!”

  34. Hopefruit2…I’m watching Lawrence now…he did call them out! He’s going to get an email from me singing his praises! I encourage all of us to send him some hugs:) Got to finish watching….

  35. I guess Obama walked out on cry baby Boner and snot nosed Cantor. I would have done the same thing to these jerks.

  36. Steve King is a blubbering idiot…as well as Louis Gommert and their BBF Michelle Bachmann. Bullgoose loony three stooges. I add to this list, the wacko Joe Walsh, who has seen this as the perfect time to call PBO a liar. King had no answer for Chris, but he sure did “bumbling and stumbling” really well. Why is that farce in congress anyway?

  37. That’s pretty powerful. It underscores just how poorly the Republicans have misjudged the mood of the country and the core values of the country. They have been overreaching and it’s not going well.

  38. shame on the people of his Iowa district for sending such a hater to Congress.

    What Chris M needs to ask the next time he questions one of these fools is which bills should the federal government not pay once the debt ceiling is breached on Aug 2. There is a specific shortfall that will kick in in August in the monthly cash flow — I think it is $118B — that’s a lot of bills not to pay . .

  39. Lawrence O’Donnell seemed to think that the wlak-out meme was just Rep. spin — that Obama just ended the meeting as he would since it is his meeting . .

  40. I ask every one to pray for our President because only the Lord can help defeat the evil that is the House Republicans and teabaggers and Senators that want to do him harm when he is only trying to do good for all Americans.

  41. I think you can find a petition over at ThinkProgress to sign. I’ll see if I can find it.

  42. I’m so happy to see Obama stand his ground. This has to happen and he cant waver on this one.

  43. The thing is, I’m sure PBO knows this won’t bring down his Presidency. If anything, it’ll not only secure him a 2nd term, but also bring Dems back in control of the House. We are watching one of our 2 major parties imploding.

  44. ……So true, “Are we going to knell before the Rich or stand for the middle class families”?

    I heard that Chicago wanted to impose a tax increase on Corporations – Caterpiller threatened to move out, now the rest are – Boeing (Who lefte Seattle, WA), Sears, CME, etc., I would tell those corporations, OK – GO! You are unamerican to not want to pay 2% more in taxes during a time when everybody is hurting. You selfish SOB’s. I will ask every Sears card holder to burn their credit cards and buy elsewhere. I would tell farmers and other s to buy their equipment from other American farm equipment manufacturers. I would go to other countrys and ask the businesses there to open plants here in America – FUCK AMERICAN CORPORATIONS!

  45. I will be sending lawrence some kind words myself. I think good citizens deserve to be reinforced for doing the right thing.

  46. Yes, all of them, but Lawrence has found his voice. I do not care if it is because he is getting more hits, but he is at this point in time, on our side. He even totally took down Adam Green tonight. We should make sure and let l him know that we are watching and driving his numbers up.

    He dissed Adam Green on national television. This is so cool I could scream.

  47. OMG! That is amazing LL. My heart is singing and my voice is strong.

  48. What I like about Lawrence O’Donnell is his background of being in Congress and on a finance committee. He is speaking from experience when he talks about how things work, not just a made up version. He gets strategy and political posturing.

  49. What I heard Bill O’Reilly say was we have to raise the deficit not that we have to have a tax increase. He seemed to agree with Bachmann’s arguments against raising taxes just not letting the deficit default.

  50. I shredded my Sears card in ’08 when I discovered it was backed by CitiCorpse. Macys went this year after the Trump Carnival Barker Nonsense.

    Who will buy they’re made-in-china crap when they burn down the house?

  51. It was also listed that the aid saying that PBO walked out was a GOP aid. The Prez ended the meeting, didn’t walk out of the meeting as Cantor said. Doesn’t mean he didn’t end it quickly while ticked off.

  52. It’s not necessarily racism that motivates the anti-Obama left.

    One culprit could be redirected Bush Derangement Syndrome. While Bush was the worst President since Nixon (perhaps since Hoover), even he occasionally did some things right. The Bush Derangement crowd decided on a blasphemous form of Obama-worship — that of molding their “god” in their own image, as opposed to the eloquent centrist he was. The “god” failed to provide, and now his former worshippers feel betrayed and cheated.

    Another culprit could simply be that the Professional Left is called the Professional Left for a reason: they make good livings from their poutrage. Any moves against the rich will hit them since they are now among the rich. MSNBC anchors will need the GOP in office to head off any tax increase, and that goes double for their employers.

    Finally, the authoritarian and revolutionary Lefts know that their worst enemies are not fascism or unbridled capitalism. Their worst enemies are social democrats, independent unions and others who wish to hold back the excesses and built-in weaknesses of capitalism. In Marxian terms, the center-left postpones the crisis of capitalism. Such a crisis is best postponed indefinitely since it brings great human suffering and the revolutions driven by such suffering have a history of generating charnelhouse states like revolutionary France, the USSR, Red China and militarist Japan. (No Godwin here — the depression in Germany did bring forth the Nazi movement and party, but HItler got in via free elections and parliamentary maneuvers.)

  53. I heard on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show that there are about 260,000 NEW contributors to the President’s re-election campaign. That’s amazing.

  54. As O’Donnell said folks (including progressives) who have been whining that the President doesn’t have a spine are just plain stupid – well I said stupid, O’Donnell used more diplomacy. Anyway, O’Donnell mentioned the orders the President gave to deal with the pirates and bin Laden. Why would anyone think he would cave in to the likes of Cantor or McConnell? If you get a chance listen to O’Donnell’s show (The Last Word) that aired earlier tonight.

  55. it’s racism for a goodly number of them — the hatred is too raw to bother with nuanced explanations for the bile the PL spews on the Internet . . Plus, there is the blatant superiority and the constant dissing of President Obama’s intelligence and character.

  56. I read your responses and those of others setting her bullshit straight. IBS is a truly despicable person and I doubt she ever truly supported this president to begin with. It’s funny to see the PL point to her on GOS as a “disgruntled former Obama supporter” when she probably only supported him during campaign season because she thought she would get noticed and hired on. Once he was inaugurated and she received no offers, she went full-scale negative. Such a sad little person.

  57. I agree Dorothy and so I sent him a tweet letting him know that I thought he did a great job and thanked him for setting the record straight on Adam Green.

  58. I know that I gave twice, once before the talk of the debt ceiling and SS and medicare, and once after, because I know the President NEVER talked about cutting benefits. So Adam Green, you LIE.

  59. I love TiMT, but that place is so ridiculous and will never change, because the tone is set from the top down. Happy to be here instead and I kind of wish that I wouldn’t have to read about dkos every day. I certainly understand and respect the arguments to the contrary, but this is my two cents.

  60. I love this story, because it provides concrete evidence of what you, I, and so many people have been saying for months: the small yet loud clique of angry, disgruntled people who are waaaaaaay overrepresented in the media do not represent the feelings of President Obama’s base and do not deserve a sliver of the attention which they currently receive. If this story: the fundraising totals plus the consistent polling, doesn’t prove that and doesn’t cause the national media to disengage already from spaces like dkos, fdl, Americablog, etc., nothing will.

  61. I completely agree Keith! This is why I think that it’s so utterly important to continue to support the pragmatist spaces and keep the chicken little spaces out of here. It’s going to get tougher from here on out, not easier, and for the small percentage of President Obama’s supporters who read blogs, it’s going to be nice to have some sites which represent our voice and not that of the same tired PL talking points which we can read at any number of places.

  62. Bravo Sheri and GN! Finally the PL emperors have been exposed: they have no clothes!

  63. Totally co-sign, Theo. Sheila speaks softly but she carries a big stick!

  64. Well said Tien. People are beginning to wake up. Taking away the rights of teachers, firefighters and cops is definitely a stupid political tactic. No community can survive without their services.

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