“The President of the United States monstered down on Eric Cantor. This is so refreshing”

Hi guys,

First, please take a couple of minutes and drop a supporting note to the president. He really is the only thing that stands between us and the empire falling into the hands of the crazy fascist.


Today’s schedule:

10:00 am
The President and The Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
10:30 am
The President meets with senior advisors
Oval Office
2:00 pm
The President participates in regional interviews on the economy and the importance of finding a balanced approach to deficit reduction
Map Room
3:05 pm
The President and The Vice President meet with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner
Oval Office
4:15 pm
The President and The Vice President meet with Congressional Leadership
Cabinet Room


Joe Klein:

David Rogers over at Politico, who has been doing this–extremely well–for about as long as I have, has word that the President of the United States monstered down on Representative Eric Cantor in Wednesday’s deficit ceiling squabble. This is so refreshing on so many levels. Cantor has been using this crisis to undermine his leader John Boehner, by playing the Tea Party/Grover Norquist recalcitrance card. The boy badly needed someone to get up in his face and Barack Obama, of all people, apparently did, telling Cantor, in no uncertain terms, that he’d veto any short term deficit ceiling fix or, indeed, any plan that did not include revenue increases. Then Obama walked out, or the meeting ended, depending on whom you talk to.

So what we have now is the Republican party in, yes, disarray–a word used to describe Democrats almost exclusively, back in the day before the crazies took over the GOP store. You have Cantor and the House Teasies opposing any revenue increases, including a tax loophole closing plan that Ronald Reagan and Edmund Burke would have smiled upon. You have Boehner, struck dumb apparently, after his attempt at bipartisan statesmanship with the President was greeted by tossed shoes and catcalls from the Teasies. You have Mitch McConnell, well, I’m speechless about Mitch McConnell…

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Check out The Obama Diary for a collection of excellent stuff from Lawrence O’donnell.

244 thoughts on ““The President of the United States monstered down on Eric Cantor. This is so refreshing”

  1. It’s hilarious (and predictable) that the first thing Cantor said about the President is that he “lost his temper” (gotta get the Angry Black Man meme out there). I read the President in his usual calm-but-firm manner, dressed Cantor down in front of everyone while Cantor sat there in stunned silence. THEN the President said they have until Friday to get something done and THEN he walked out.


  2. True that. As soon as I began hearing the various reports, I thought about the ‘angry black man’ meme. Just sent PO a “love” note. We will all have his back, huh?

    Good day to all. 🙂

  3. Cantor wants to be speaker and a lot of these tea baggers and traders, like cantor and Rick santelli, have bet FOR a default!
    This should be illegal and or investigated!
    It’s ashame that folks on capitol hill dont care about party, country or the american people, but they do care about their own careers!
    Also, cantors move last night, only plays well in tea bagger land! Whereas, the vast majority of the public say that the president holds a straight flush! Let’s hope cooler heads prevail!

    Good morning!

  4. And btw you should see what the house is voting on now? They want to send all our clean water responsibilities to the states, then they want to get rid of energy efficient light bulbs!
    Then, they always want dirty air, lots of votes on that.
    All these votes succeeded yesterday. Isn’t that sickening?

  5. Btw: 71% like the president personally in this poll. And he gets 81% of the democrats approval. This poll has lots of info.

  6. My note to The Prez:

    Mr. President: I got your back on this debt ceiling crisis, and I’m very glad that you have recent experience negotiating with toddlers to eat their peas. On the other hand, no matter how bad your girls’ terrible twos were, there is no way they were as petulant and recalcitrant as the traitorous slimebags in the House GOP Caucus. Have you considered allowing cameras in today’s meeting so We The People can see the jackal Cantor in action?

  7. Good morning BWD and all. I sent an encouraging note to PBO. Eric Cantor has always demonstrated juvenile behavior.

  8. Somebody needed to tell Cantor to STFU. He thinks he’s big and bad but guess what, the President is bigger and badder. He cannot bully him like he bullies his sheep (the Tea Party freshmen).

  9. Cantor and all his cronies just can’t get through their thick sculls that they are in the room with battle harden warrior of (1) Chicago Politics (2)Stood up to Pirates (3)Told the World and Pakistan To their face if I have actionable information on O Bin Laden in your country and won’t act I will and He did. So Cantor has chose The Last Man on This GOD given Earth to jump up act pick a fight with to his face.President Obama will not only put you in your place and do it with a calm smile on his face ask the one and only Donald Trump. enough said except YES THE HELL HE CAN AND WILL.

  10. Yes indeed. I just sent mine. Thanks to you all…I have a feeling coming together like this in support of this amazing statesman and leader is more important than we can know. Onward upward!

  11. Heads Up – I saw this, this morning:

    “STRAIGHT TO THE PEOPLE: The day after telling House Majority Leader Eric Cantor he would take his case on the deficit “to the American people,” President Obama will sit down with three local TV reporters to do just that. In guidance to reporters, the White House said Obama will talk about “the economy and the importance of finding a balanced approach to deficit reduction.”

    The interviews will be shown starting at 5 p.m., the White House said — just after the fifth round of negotiations with congressional leaders starts in the Cabinet Room.”


  12. This is a quote I read yesterday from the founder of ALEC, Paul Weywich. (It is particularly alarming given our governor’s success at creating the first voter ID law with expiration date which makes it hard for students. Many more laws have followed recently. Beware)

    “Now many of our Christians have what I call the goo-goo syndrome – good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people, they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

    Now this recent quote from our illustrious Mich McConnell, “The Constitution must be amended to keep the government in check. We’ve tried persuasion, we’ve tried negotiations. We’ve tried elections. Nothing has worked”.

  13. Boehner needs to get a spine and reign in that rabid dog, Cantor because the GOP will lose this fight with the American people according to the most recent Quinnipiac poll.

    From the Q-poll

    “American voters disapprove 56 – 38 percent of the way President Barack Obama is handling the economy, but by 45 – 38 percent they trust the president more than congressional Republicans to handle the economy, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

    The country is in a recession, 71 percent of American voters say, but by 54 – 27 percent they blame former President George W. Bush more than President Obama.

    The president gets a 47 – 46 percent job approval rating, unchanged from the June 9 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. That tops a 64 – 28 percent disapproval for Democrats in Congress and a 65 – 26 percent disapproval for Republicans. Obama outscores congressional Republicans on several points in the deficit reduction battle:

    Voters will blame Republicans over Obama 48 – 34 percent if the debt limit is not raised;
    Voters say 67 – 25 percent that an agreement to raise the debt ceiling should include tax hikes for the wealthy and corporations, not just spending cuts;
    Voters say 45 – 37 percent that Obama’s proposals to raise revenues are “closing loopholes,” rather than “tax hike”.

  14. I sent my support to PBO. I am so proud of him for standing strong now in the face of such juvenile tactics. You can bet Wall Street will abandon the GOP if they crash the economy over politics. They bet on the wrong horses in this race.

  15. Talk about some serious BUYERS REMORSE. President Obama warned everybody not to give the keys back to these fools. Just imagine where we would be now if Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House.


    Wall Street and big business bankrolled the tea party in order to put tax cut and deregulation-friendly Republicans in control of Washington. Now, they’re reaping the whirlwind.

    When you’re looking for strength in numbers, opening the doors to the madhouse might seem like an efficient way to give your side a numerical and adrenaline boost. But once they’re out, good luck controlling the crazies.

    Big business and Wall Street types were only too happy to fund the “tea party movement,” creating a quasi-grassroots army that turned back the Democratic tide that rich folk feared would threaten their financial interests after 2008. Socialism! That’s what they feared, and what better to beat it back than a gang of John Birch Society-minded, Ayn Rand-loving, Constitution-mad libbing, low-information voters who could be programmed with right wing talking points and sent out to “take their country back?”

    Well, now the Birchers have enough numbers in the U.S. House of Representatives to challenge the business lobby’s man in Washington, Speaker John Boehner — who is anything but a tea partier — and their Senate hired hand, Mitch McConnell. And they have, in Eric Cantor, a man cynical and self-serving enough to lead the mad person parade.


  16. For Boehner, there is a legacy to be had: abandon Cantor (his own Brutus) and get Dems to pass the vote.

    But I don’t imagine he would seize it.

  17. On the Murdoch front, the British Parliament has summoned the Murdoch’s to the Committee hearing next Tuesday. In the very latest news this past hour, it would seem that if they do not appear, or do not agree to appear, they will be arrested.

  18. Mornin’ all fellow Obamabots,

    Yes, BWD, PBHO needs to “hear” from us!

    I’ve sent PBHO a note of support, w/some love “thrown in there,” and I’ll call and leave a message, here: (WH Comment Line opens at 9AM(CST)-5PM(CST), M-F.)

    PBHO’s “Hotline” – (202) 456-1111

    WE *ARE* STANDIN’ STRONG W/PBHO, each and everyday, against the crazy, nutty elected TeaPublicans and their ilk…Grrr! 😡

    And, they’re 👿 and 😈 !

    That’s why, by any means necessary, WE MUST VOTE ‘EM OUT! lol

    YES.WE.CAN.DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  19. Took your invitation and wrote a fan letter to the President. Here’s what I wrote:

    “Dear Mr. President. I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am at your handling of the very difficult debt ceiling situation. As an attorney I have been in situations where the opposition is relentlessly, obstinately, destructively stubborn and refuses to listen to all reason. You are dealing with the same from the GOP and I must congratulate you on doing a far better job with them than I believe I have ever done in my own work. Your approach has been masterful.

    Keep up the good work. You have many people in this country supporting your efforts. Though there are many who do not understand what it is you are trying to do or why you are going about it the way you are there are many who are trying to educate them to the realities of the situation through discussions, blogs, and Twitter. I intend to work for your re-election in 2012 because I like what you are trying to do for this country.”

    Safe to say “I’m In”?

    This morning I polluted a fine day by listening to the noxious ramblings of Grover Norquist on C-Span. What a creep. It’s up to the people who are paying attention to get the rest of the country to pay attention and take the opportunity every chance we get to educate the public to what’s really going on. Before Norquist came on there was a call-in segment just for Democrats, and I heard several expressing dismay over things which the President has already resolved (Medicare Part D – hello, it was dealt with in the ACA), and misunderstanding of why he’s acting the way he is with the GOP – you know, the old “he’s caving” crap. This is because people have no understanding at all of the sophisticated approach he’s taking to a nearly impossible situation. It’s up to us to educate them.

    On Twitter I’m CFWard57.

  20. Laughed my ass off when I heard the most unflappable, phlegmatic man I’ve ever seen “lost his temper”. Cantor hasn’t got half the education nor any of the smarts of this President, but he has a very large dose of chutzpah to go with his massive, unwarranted ego and overweening ambition. I’ll bet Obama humiliated him with a few quiet, well-chosen words and then stalked out of the room, so the only recourse he has, the only way he can cover his humiliation is to claim that instead of losing his wallet some black thug beat him up and stole it.

  21. “… They bet on the wrong horses in this race.”

    They sure did…

    Buyers’ remorse, ya think! 😆

    YES.WE.CAN.DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  22. I’m sorry. Just how do you spell “AWESOME”?!!

    He’s put down the cudgel and picked up the baseball bat. Gonna hear some GOP glass breaking this afternoon. Bring popcorn.

  23. Good morning everyone, I just sent some encouraging words to our beloved President Obama. I gave him a few scriptures to check out, and be encouraged. He’s dealing with some HARDDDDDDDDDD NUTS to crack. Let’s keep our prayers flowing first, then tweet, e-mail, and facebook. Have a great day and keep the faith 🙂

  24. Mornin’ OSG thanks for this update…

    Murdoch & Co. *ARE* arrogant. They believe they are “above the law!” I hope they don’t “show up” for the hearting, so that, they will be arrested and “thrown” in jail! 😉 😀

    Have a great day! 🙂

    WHY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE NEWS CORP… http://thinkprogress.org/progress-report/why-the-u-s-government-needs-to-investigate-news-corp/?post_type=progress-report

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  25. This article byJoshua Green is a senior editor of The Atlantic and a weekly: Tells us all we need to know about the Republican party and Boehnor situation right now.

    Given the Republicans’ path back to power, Boehner was always an unlikely leader. His weakness derives from his being a 20-year veteran of Washington who happened to be next in line for the speakership when last fall’s Tea Party uprising delivered the House of Representatives to the Republicans. Boehner, the consummate insider, became speaker thanks to a bunch of militant outsiders. Power doesn’t get more fragile than that.

    But Boehner himself never conceded this. Instead, he laid out an elaborate theory of governance whereby he would end the recent House tradition of iron-fisted rule, employed by both Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Hastert (really Majority Leader Tom DeLay), and delegate power from the speaker’s office to the committees, freshly stocked with new ideologues. He presented this as the act of a true conservative instinctively inclined toward decentralizing power, and a sign of his allegiance to the cause. But all this was simply an attempt to put a noble polish on an act of appeasement necessary to maintain his precarious perch.

    Nor did he stop there. He made a series of elaborate deferrals to junior Republicans who could easily have been steamrolled, and he sacrificed with apparent willingness high-profile projects that are a speaker’s prerogative. Earlier this year, for example, he let freshman budget hawks kill off the multibillion-dollar alternative engine program for the F-35 jet fighter that was bringing jobs and money to his Cincinnati district. And though he must have understood how it could damage his party, he allowed his Budget Committee chairman, Paul Ryan, to introduce a radical agenda, including a plan to privatize Medicare, that passed the House in April.

    And all this was in the service of his larger strategy, which went like this: by deferring to Tea Party freshmen and other hardcore conservatives on countless issues of process and policy, he would gradually win their trust so that when he truly needed them to do difficult things like raise the debt ceiling, he would have their support. A cover story in National Journal last month perfectly captured this vision: “A Different Kind of Speaker: How John Boehner is giving up power to gain power.”
    Read the rest at:

  26. I haven’t been able to watch the news or anything this morning, so I don’t know how yesterday’s “event” is being played on the news. When I checked my email this morning, the top story on AOL was how the Preesident “stormed out” of the metting with a picture of the President that is right on the edge of furious. Yet the only person who has reported it that way is Cantor. Everybody else at the meeting reports it deifferently. Slanted much?

  27. And just a quick comment. My wife, who tends to avoid politics, asked me today if people realize just how petty the Republicans are being. Before this she just viewed them as people who she disagreed with. I told her that a lot more Americans are coming around to this.

  28. I just LOVE that this President bypasses the beltway village idiots and goes to local news reporters!

  29. lolol@pimp. I gotta say that Cantor and Boner and McConnell are like dumb, dumber and dumbest! They got schooled by our President. Frankly I’d use the 14th amendment which states clearly “it is our duty to honor the debts…of the USA” etc. To hell with those teabagers and the GOP which frankly has disappeared. They are more worried about re-election than America.

  30. Cantor could use a dose of “smack down” and frankly he’s not got one iota of the gravitas and intellectual chops needed to go toe to toe w/ our POTUS. Quite honestly no one does, except perhaps HRC or possibly the Veep.

  31. Same thing here-sent my love note and you betcha!! We have his back, and I just donated a few $ just for the fun of it 🙂

  32. Cantor was looking for leverage so a democratic aide said he made it up!
    Also, the president storms out of the room. To go where? It’s his house!

  33. I understand the President is going to ground “the kids” up at Camp David this weekend where they can’t grandstand in front of reporters. I hope he puts in a time-out place for them as well.

  34. So far Murdoch has declined to appear
    Murdoch, the chief executive of US-based News Corporation, the parent company of News International, whose newspapers in the UK are under investigation for hacking, has declined to appear before the committee next week, the committee said on Thursday.

  35. Correct, Starm. The events have gone this way:
    First, the Committee wrote a letter politely requesting that they testify before the committee.
    The Murdoch’s declined, although James offered that he could fit it into his busy schedule on August 10th & 11th.
    The Committee declined James generous offer.
    Now the Parliament has sent a Summons to the Murdoch’s. [In my over-active imagination, I sincerely hoped the messenger delivering that Summons was dressed in 18th century clothing and backed up by a full Regiment of men carrying pikes, lances and spears]
    We have yet to get the answer to the Summons, but it is already being let out that should the Murdoch’s decline again, they would be arrested. [Hopefully by that same Regiment
    :-)] Historically, kings have fallen for less than this and ended up in the Tower only to meet the axe-man anon.
    As I said before, it is British theatre at its very best.

  36. Jovie~ the bill to eliminate energy efficient bulbs failed
    “A bill failed to pass the House of Representatives yesterday, which would have repealed legislation banning traditional incandescent light bulbs. The legislation targeted for repeal, called the Energy Independence and Security Act, was originally put in place in 2007 by President Bush. It requires all general-purpose light bulbs to be 30% more energy efficient than current incandescent bulbs by 2012 to 2014.”


    The Alliance to Save Energy, a coalition group of 80 companies and organizations supporting energy efficiency applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for “putting reason before politics” in rejecting a bill that would have pulled the plug on energy-efficient lighting standards.

    “Repealing the efficiency standards contained in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and signed into law by President George W. Bush would have been the equivalent of levying a yearly tax of about $100 on the average U.S. family,” declared Alliance President Kateri Callahan.



  37. My tweet for the day:

    Hey Republicans, your oath of office to uphold the Constitution (14th Amendment) trumps your pledge to Grover Norquist not to raise taxes!

  38. I think they will also need a play pen with swings and slides, so they can have play breaks, with Sasha and Biden’s grand kids

  39. speaking of teaparty freshmen, did you see Al sharpton destroy one of those clowns tuesday? I hope that Cenk guy is ot on vacation and they’ve givin the job to al permantly. He’s one sharp advocate.

  40. The new vote will happen today and is expected to get 218 votes. It will not matter, Harry will not bring the vote up in the senate.

  41. Mr Cantur is no match for our president It’s rumors, rumors and speculation of who did what or said The crazy Fascists will say or do to atract attention, and the MSM is spining this . Let’s stat calm and wait for our President.

  42. Senate Hearing…..

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake is testifying before congress right now on CSPAN-3.


  43. The past few days with the hostage debt ceiling negotiations have been, to say the least, illuminating.

    1. The GOP has shown itself to be both cowardly and incompetent.

    2. More damning for politicians, the GOP has shown itself to have no firm grasp of reality—both the reality that exists outside of the DC bubble, and the reality of the opponent facing them, namely Barack Obama.

    3. They’ve been shown to be cowards because, given almost everything they asked for—or at least seeming to be given everything they asked for—they balked when asked to give something dear to them, namely some form of revenue increase. This itself is not cowardly per se; the cowardice comes in the reaction, the McConnell plan to basically abdicate Congressional responsibility in raising the debt ceiling and giving almost all power over that to the President.

    4. They’ve been shown to be incompetent merely by the fact that they have been played for the past 6 months. First the Biden negotiations, in which, again, it seemed that everything they wanted was being given to them, but then Rep. Cantor walks out when VP Biden brings out the Democratic demand for revenue increases. Then PBO gets involved in the talks, and again a grand bargain is bruited about. But then, like the Coyote who never learns from the Road Runner’s tricks, the GOP is sandbagged by PBO again insisting on revenue increases. Any half-competent negotiator would’ve seen this coming. McConnell and Boehner and Cantor didn’t, and seemed honestly surprised that the Democrats wouldn’t simply accede to GOP talking points, and were left scrambling to shore up their positions.

    5. Their reality is bounded by the Wall Street Journal, Rush Limbaugh, and the rightwing blogosphere. Any data that arrives from outside that circle is discounted as nothing more than the lies of a hostile enemy. The GOP honestly thought that victory in a low turn out election translated to a mandate to completely remake the fabric of US society. One can argue whether the GOP leadership believed this. It doesn’t matter. The new, energized Tea Party shocktroops believed it, and it was their energy which brought the House to the GOP and gains in the Senate. Without the astroturfed Tea Party they may have made some gains—may, indeed, have still taken the House—but their majority would’ve been much slimmer. As it is, the GOP leadership is faced with the same dilemma faced by the Democrats during PBO’s first two years: the Democrats had the unreliable Blue Dogs, while the GOP has a Tea Party faction which will accept no compromise with a President whom they see as illegitimate, unamerican, and to be beaten into submission like an interloping miscreant. These freshman don’t want to govern; they want to carry out a revolution.

    What is most illuminating, however, is President Obama. He went to Washington wanting to govern, to try to do the best for the most. That’s still his guiding star. But the methods have changed. At first, it seemed, he felt that he could forge compromise and goodwill by the strength of his reasoned argument. It seemed as if he believed that if the problems were laid out, and the solutions arrived at in a spirit of amity and cooperation, that the opposition would come around and support his initiatives. We were all American, all patriots, all, he hoped, wanting to do the best for the people.

    I don’t want to say that he underestimated the opposition, because I don’t think any American president since Abraham Lincoln engendered the kind of base and wild vitriol that President Obama has. His victory in 2008 was a triumph of the American Dream; however, it also awoke a much darker nightmare, that of a black man in a position of ultimate power over a prostrate white population. Something clicked, both for good and for ill, with his victory. Many of us leftists, as we are wont to do, thought the deal was done and that he would take it over from then on. But the Right doesn’t think that way. It saw what an existential threat PBO was to its ideology, and from the moment that the final vote was tallied that November night it geared up for a battle the likes of which it hadn’t waged against any president since FDR. There was no quarter to be given in this war. Obama’s destruction was the only acceptable outcome, or it would mean the Right’s own downfall. So it fought a brushfire war against anything Obama and the Democrats wanted to do. PBO compromised to get most of what he wanted—remember, he had to deal with his own backstabbing Blue Dogs, who more often than not aided and abetted the GOP and the Right—and passed legislation the likes of which hadn’t been passed since the Great Society, and the New Deal before that. But he paid a price. On the Left he was seen as a base compromiser, a sellout, someone with “no values” and no spine. On the Right, well, the line still held: he was Hitler and Stalin rolled up with a Muslim extremist.

    But, what the Right and Left missed was this: Obama has a “deadly coldness”, as Lawrence O’Donnell calls it, in him. He will be accommodating, because he wants to get business done. He wasn’t elected to fight a perpetual campaign, but to do the people’s business. But, at some point, you have to stop compromising with hostage takers. Like he did with the Somali pirates, you have to have a deadly coldness and give the order to pull the trigger. Over the past week, he’s given that order. There’s no more playing around. And the GOP finally realizes this, finally realizes the terminal error they made in underestimating the president, thinking that he would just cave in to their hostage demands. He doesn’t do it with bluster, he doesn’t do it with bravado, but with that steeliness with which he ordered the pirates taken out, and with which he ordered the SEALs to kill bin Laden. He’s brought that to domestic politics. He’s done humoring the spoiled children. And by doing so, he may just change American politics for the next few decades.

  44. Terrific post, LL, sums up my thinking better than I could state it myself!!!

    It’s racism that lets the TP nutjobs and the PL foolishly assume that PBO is weak and spineless. If they were not racist, the objective evidence supplied by the trajectory of his life should have told them otherwise . .

  45. The first checks that should be stopped should be the pay to members of Congress, their staffs and any expense checks.

  46. Just heard that the Democratic Gov in Minnesota caved to the Rethugs and accepted the best budget he could get from them without all the other nonsense about gay marriage and abortion. Sad day when there is NO compromise at all from the teahadist republicans when it comes to raising taxes on the very rich.

  47. I seem to vaguely remember some other high up GOP was summoned to testify around the beginning of PBO’s term and refused to show up. It seemed he got away with it. I keep thinking it was Cheney or Rove or someone on that level. Maybe that set a precidence for refusing to appear.

  48. I heard this talking point last night on Hardball, from the odious Steve King.

    There is no ‘crisis’ if Obama chooses to pay the debt service (and nothing else). If he chooses to pay Social Security in lieu of the debt service, then THAT is what will cause the world economy and American credit worthiness to crash and it will be Obama’s fault.

    Not the default that Republicans caused. But Obama for choosing social security over paying interest.

    I have to ask my husband if that was the talking point this morning on c-span (I don’t have the stomach for the call-ins that early in the morning).

    That’s now the argument: there’s no crisis from the default unless Obama chooses to pay veterans before he pays interest.

    What comes out of their minds………

  49. LL, thanks for articulating my thoughts and converastions my husband and I have had. We live in the ultimate red state, Oklahoma, and really need this place!!!

  50. Thanks, Jove! Good to know. I thought the foolishness was over as far as that issue was concerned. Should have known better whenever the GOP is involved!

  51. Good Morning BWD family

    So good to hear we all sent a note to the President, I sent one too.

    Yesterday I had a “hot tip” for blog info – make talking points from a podcast with Sarah Jones of politicausa

    Your wish is my command – here are 3 of the many I pulled out of the audio podcast

    The President is a better strategists than the Republican Leadership

    Obama never intended to cut entitilements, it was a bargaining ploy

    When did it become the President’s job to lead the Republican Caucas?

    The entire list can be found here.

    Please spread these on twitter, at blog posts, facebook, email.

    We need to give the president our support so he feels he has the support of the people and can push forward.

    Keep those great suggestions coming.

  52. LL, Wow!! Just wow!! I too have had those thoughts rolling around in my head but separated and at different times. You have put them together succinctly. Seems like they should be published somewhere so others can take them in.

    Off topic, many of us have congratulated and encouraged PBO concerning yesterday’s meeting. My question is should we try to let Cantor know how we feel he is acting traiterous against the best interests of his country and the world financial situation? Could we flood his phone lines or emails or something? I haven’t tried yet as in the past I cannot get past the not living in his constituency.

  53. All you Twitter people…Maybe you may want to Tweet the fact that Eric Can’t Whore (my new name) has a financial interest in seeing the US default on its debt..he stands to make TONS of money because he bet against the US. How patriotic of him, must be one of those “real Amerikkkans” I would Tweet all the dems in these debt meetings for starters! Pelosi, Durbin, Reid etc…I’m sure the word will get to PBO’s ears:)

  54. A good read about ow mi informed the Liberal Left is to compare Obama to George Bush.

    Liberal Juxtaposition and the Obama Presidency

    The chorus from the “professional left” has been a steady drone of fund raising for their respective groups and threats of boycotting the President’s reelection. I use the term professional left because I honestly believe many of them are more concerned with making money than championing liberal causes. It’s the only conclusion I can come to when normally reasonable people cling to the tiniest inclination of a rumor without the slightest substantiation and proceed to lose their minds or worse, exploit the situation by hyperventilating.

    Some of the comments for this article have been critical, lets give this author our support


  55. I didn’t see it, but I understand Matthews destroyed his argument. Imagine if no SS checks went out. There is the obvious on how it would impact the reicpients, but it would also be devastating for the economy as that money woudl not be going into circulation.

  56. This is a refuge, isn’t it? AH…there is enough “red menace” to go around:) Arizona is what I would call the “poster child” for lunacy! Ain’t easy being a liberal here…

  57. It really is astonishing how the Tea Party folks think they know more about the impact of not raising the debt ceiling than Fed Chairman Ben Bernake. All you have to do is listen to his testimony today. They don’t know what they are talking about.

    The fact that these Tea Party members of congress who don’t understand monetary policy are responsible for the oversight of monetary policy is horrifying.

  58. I started to leave a message at whitehouse.gov, that turned epically verbose, so I decided to edit, then send a REAL LETTER too, so I could have my EPIC SAY. 😀

  59. Matthews tore him apart. Matthews for the last several months can no longer avoid picking a side, and he’s picked one.

    It was particularly hi-larious that Steve King also floated the idea that Obama’s some kind of Svengali because he can change anyone’s mind — his entire cabinet, for example over DADT. This was his answer to Matthews trying to pin him in a corner about “No one’s right on the debt ceiling? Not the economists, the Secy of Treasury, no one?”

    Obama’s cast a spell on them. I kid you not.

    Oh, and the default won’t be a disaster because his constituents tell him so and that’s who he represents. I thought he took some oath to the Constitution of the United States but that’s obviously less important than his oath to Grover Norquist.

    It was a sight to behold.

  60. I hope that the people here who believe in Prayer is praying for Obama everyday. He needs the help of God to fight those evil people.

    Lord protect the Obamas and the American people from the darkness of evil, bring to light the darkness that is trying to bring this country down.

    Lord, every evil meeting summoned against Obama goal to fix this country, I ask in Jesus name to scatter it, in the name of Jesus.

    Every wick plan against Obama, who is trying to fix this country I pray that it dies, in the name of Jesus. Amen

  61. Good for you. I can’t tell you the number of times I have composed a letter to PBO in my head to send off to him.I hope he reads it…he’ll be glad he did.

  62. What PBO actually said to Cantor, according to Greg Sargent: “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people on this,” the president said, according to both Cantor and another attendee. “This process is confirming what the American people think is the worst about Washington: that everyone is more interested in posturing, political positioning, and protecting their base, than in resolving real problems.”

  63. Yes — it was those assumptions about PBO’s character, both implicit and explicit in the rants of the right and the left, that told me the TP nut jobs and the PL were coming from exactly the same racist place. Which of course is why the PL types get so upset when one even hints that racism may be lurking behind their vitriol!! The normal person, unburdened by raw race-based feelings, would look at PBO’s life and recognize the steely strength and resolve required at so many points in his life to accomplish what he has despite insurmountable odds. Where to start as to the obstacles he faced?? The normal, non-racist person might disagree with PBO’s strategic or substantive calls on an issue but would not couch those disagreements as assaults on his character as seems to be all too commonplace on DKos and elsewhere. .

    In terms of hounding Cantor, twitter is another way to go as it is a very public way to call them out . . Cantor’s twitter handle is @LeaderCantor.

  64. I remember sometime around 2003 I came to a realization. I knew Republicans were cynical monsters but sometime in 2003 I turned to my husband and said, “Oh, my God, they believe this stuff.”

    And now there are 50% more of them in the United States Congress.

    Let’s be clear (and I’m not being facetious): you have to be phenomenally stupid to not understand ‘credit worthiness’ if you’re in the U.S. Congress. It’s one thing to be cynically pushing no taxes so that the rich can rape the middle class. It’s another thing to believe that lowering taxes on an individual millionaire opens a corner hardware store. That’s just stupid.

    We expect to hear this drivel as truth from the morning c-span callers. It’s another thing to be making law for the United States and be that wilfully stupid. It’s terrifying.

  65. It’s HuffPo, I know, but every once in a while a pearl emerges. GOP Senator: Maybe We Shouldn’t Haven’t Tied Debt Vote to Deficit Deal.

    Opening grafs:

    Some Republicans are starting to have buyer’s remorse over their party’s insistence that a vote to raise the debt limit be tied to a long-term deficit reduction package.

    “Maybe the debt ceiling was the wrong place to pick a fight, as it related to trying to get our country’s house in order,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Thursday. “Maybe that was the wrong place to do it.”

    Speaking from the Senate floor, Corker said Republicans demanded linking the two issues because the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in more than 800 days. “I credit both sides for that,” he said. But now, the inability of the White House and Congress to agree to a spending deal — and ensure a timely debt ceiling increase — is “helping our great nation go into decline.”

    Expect a primary challenge for Sen. Corker next time he’s up for re-election.

  66. There’s more now to the story:

    Dayton agreed to the Republican proposal of June 30 on the budget items: huge cuts to education and the workforce. Without the odious abortion limitations that Republicans tacked on.

    But Republicans are saying no. They’re saying that they won’t make a deal without the abortion limitations.

    Yes, you are reading it right: MN Republicans prefer to keep the government shut down over abortion limitations.

  67. More from HuffPo: Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell: ‘Hybrid’ Solution To Debt Standoff.


    The Senate’s top two officials are working on what one aide called a “hybrid,” fail-safe solution to the debt ceiling debate that could garner enough political support to pass Congress.

    The plan, which is being hatched by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), would ensure that over $1.5 trillion in cuts over ten years be passed into law. It would also grant President Obama the authority to extend the debt ceiling through the 2012 election season while requiring him to propose — but allowing him to ultimately veto — cuts beyond those initial $1.5 trillion.


    As the dual plan is envisioned, House Republicans would be able to claim that they passed a deal without including revenue raisers or tax hikes. The president, meanwhile, will be able to move the debt ceiling debate into 2013, albeit while having to hold a largely pre-determined vote for a second extension (once the $1.5 trillion in cuts run out) before the election. Democrats would have to swallow a deal that didn’t include revenues, but they will have protected entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare from cuts.

  68. I certainly can’t disagree that they’ve found their cash cow. But I beg to differ on the initial motivation.

    The loony left is fine with total destruction. This is the far left view of ‘revolution’ — tear everything down and it will be rebuilt as a progressive utopia. This is what a lot of them believe.

    The idea that we can count on an enlightenment-like phoenix growing out of the ashes is of course preposterous. They don’t care about the consequences to the vast majority of people, and that is where I cannot accept anything they have to say. You are no progressive if you wish that much pain on that many people, on the off chance that progressive utopia will replace what we have now. Absurd.

    Thom Hartman was advocating this for Afghanistan. “Let it go up in flames all at once , get all the pain over with and [in essence] start over.”

    I sent him a long email after that. And even though he continues to see a huge crash for the U.S. any day now (and so he’s been saying for at least a few years), he’s begun to pull his punches significantly concerning our given government and President Obama, whom he wants to see reelected.

  69. This story needs traction. It’s been out there for a few weeks but now’s the time to show Eric Cantor’s motivations.

  70. It was a head scratcher to me but I trust your instincts and your heart. And from one who wades into the swamp to show our side of things at dKos, I understood. I do it because I know I might add some balance and make a difference to maybe at least one person.

    Sorry it was as bad as all that.

  71. Which would lead to an open revolt among the teabaggers, and would in effect lead to a sort of coalition government between the Dems and the more sane GOP. Like I’ve been saying for a few days, these times are momentous.

  72. I detest Alan Simpson with a passion, but here’s this:

    “Simpson saved some of his harshest criticisms for Republicans, saying their stance on revenues is baffling.

    “The stuff that’s going on in my party, where the—pettiness overcomes the patriotism—it’s just disgusting to me,” he told ABC News. “Reagan raised taxes. We’ve never had less revenue to run this country since the Korean war.”

    Even the craziest in Congress used to have a modicum of understanding of governance. No President has had to face what this President is facing.

  73. Damn. I get it. It may be necessary. But it is a ‘win’ for Republicans. They gave up nothing except the right to make the debt ceiling an issue in 2012. Which they’ll find a way to use anyway.

    There are going to be a lot of unhappy people, and not just the usual loons from the far left.

    If those cuts don’t include anything to the military, if they put all the pain on the lower and middle class with nothing in return, it’s not going to be pretty.

    It’s still about process. We’ll see.

  74. We have no idea what those cuts are. Medicare adjustments were included in the original Biden deal and this appears to be the number that had been agreed upon so can we assume it’s those original cuts. The implications have been that those cuts were all Republican dream cuts. Even the President said in yesterday’s meeting when Boehner wanted to add to the cuts something to the effect that he’d had it with everything being on their terms and giving up nothing.

    So this deal may be necessary. Devil’s in the details. But it’s not the ‘win’ we were hoping for.

    Not over yet. Not by a long shot.

  75. Here’s my problem with Harry Reid as an alleged ‘negotiator’: the original McConnell proposal took cuts and tax hikes out of the equation. Obama would own the debt ceiling increases but frankly I don’t care about that: Obama can sell the importance of raising the debt ceiling.

    So, according to this report (and we know how these leaks pan out) Harry Reid has caved on spending cuts and gotten nothing from Republicans.

    Nothing’s decided. It’s all speculation. But they are a point of discussion.

  76. Well, from Sam Stein’s article, it seems that the cuts won’t touch SS or Medicare. So that’s a major win. As you say, the devil is in the details. We’ll know more by tomorrow’s deadline.

  77. Jovie, I just do not understand the repugs hatred against the energy efficient light bulb, of all things on earth. They save one a fortune on each and every electric bill. If only they would spend a fraction of that energy on something that has worth – like fighting cancer or eliminating slugs from the earth, or anything but flourescent light bulbs vs. Energy saver bulbs.

  78. First, Lib Lib, your long post was excellent.
    Second, the Murdoch’s, in the face of rotting in the tower, have caved. I’ll take that Shakespearean kiss in celebration. One of their execs went to work for the Metropolitan police last year as a consultant. Next Tuesday’s testimony is going to be a not-to-be-missed event.
    Using “anon” in a country that still regularly uses “ye” in ordinary conversation comes easily.

  79. I had the same thing happen to me! I knew I had unsubscribed and then it started up again.

  80. It’s really unclear and that’s to be expected. Stein also refers to the Biden deal and although none of the particulars were out there, we have heard repeatedly that Medicare adjustments were in that deal.

    Visuals matter: if there are no revenue increases it’s a win for Republicans. If all Obama can ask for is additional cuts but not revenue increases, it’s a win for Republicans. As proposed (allegedly): although the President can hold the line on additional cuts, votes will happen close to the election. Now, I think Obama has won the debt ceiling issue and will continue to make sure the American people understand that. But with revenue increases off the table (if indeed that is the final deal) then it’s a win for Republicans.

    We have to get something back in order for this to be a win for Obama, Democrats, or the country. Something. Republicans have to give up something for us to truly win this battle.

    Saying that we stopped Republicans from cutting Medicare or Social Security (if indeed those cuts are taken off the table) is something. But not enough to be considered a win if they don’t have to give up anything, except larger, drastic cuts.

    The WH is saying this is an option of last resort but I guess Dem’s are signing on.

  81. From TPM: The AP is reporting that the Justice Department is looking into the allegations that News Corp. hacked into the cellphones of 9/11 victims. We’re told to expect a statement from DOJ shortly. More when we have it.

  82. Jovie, that light bulb thing went down yesterday like a stone turd. Don’t know about the clean water thing but I doubt that will fly either. The teapotty is just plain crazy!

  83. I sent President Obama a note of support.

    I learned from a reliable source that Eric Cantor will be wearing his spidey briefs and carrying the matching sippy cup to today’s debt ceiling meeting… 😉

  84. Good on you! I hope you also cross posted it on the ‘dark side’ for the people there who are still sane or maybe new to DK. I cut FDL off long ago and I despise Baby Jane but this latest is too much for me. ABL posted her drivel for us at TPV so I got the full dose. This woman is no Liberal, no Democrat and no lady!

  85. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein Scroll down a few posts to – The White House’s case for a big deficit deal.

    Then read the whole post. Don’t get mired in the beginning of it. It’s a very balanced view of what’s happening, all based on sources from the WH (unnamed, I know). An interesting point of discussion.

  86. I sent my letter to PBO also. Plus I faxed Cantor a “Give Peas a Chance” picture this morning. They ought to send Cantor to the ‘baby cry room’ so the adults can attend to business.

  87. Murdochs Now Say They Will Appear Before Parliament


    LONDON — In an abrupt reversal, the News Corporation said on Thursday afternoon that Rupert Murdoch and his son James would testify next week before a British parliamentary panel looking into phone hacking. They will appear along with Rebekah Brooks, the chief executive of the company’s beleaguered British newspaper group, known as News International.

  88. I’ve been liking Chris almost as much as Lawrence these days. It’s been nice to find a couple of oases on the TV dial where I can satisfy my urge to hear about the latest news from DC without having my blood boil.

  89. I believe it is at least as important to express our approval to our elected representatives when they have performed well as it is to express our disapproval when they perform poorly. Though I expect the commenters here are generally sympathetic people, I am sure we have all experienced a sense of distaste now and then when we are confronted with people who perpetually complain, and I don’t see why our elected officials would feel differently. And now I will practice what I preach, and express my approval for this site, its owner and all those who comment here. I don’t have time to do much more than read it, but I appreciate the vast amount of positive information that I glean here and believe it makes me a kinder and better person to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative.

  90. Sheila, you are absolutely correct. I used to work in a service industry and was often the target of complaints from customers, even though I was in no way a party to what they were complainign about. Every once in a great while, my boss would come to me with a letter from a customer that gave me some praise. Sometimes, those letters were the only thing keeping me going. There is a difference between always compalining, occassionally complaining and occassionally complaining combined with occassionally praising. So I second your comment about this site.

  91. For anyone who needs a cast of characters, 39% of BSkyB, the satellite TV network, and now 3 newspapers are owned by News International; that is a controlling interest in Sky but Rupert wants it all because it is very profitable. News International is, in turn, owned by News Corp in the US. As soon as the FBI announcement came out, News Corp stock has been dropping, last down over 3%.

  92. From TPM:

    The FBI has opened an investigation into whether reporters for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp hacked into the phone records of 9/11 victims, according to the FBI’s New York office.

    A source with knowledge of the FBI investigation confirmed news of the probe to TPM, saying it’s been launched in part because of Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) high-profile letter calling for an investigation.

    Peter Freaking King called for an investigation. The sharks are all turning on the big shark.

  93. hmmmm…………Shocking poll results as far as the nation’s perception of PBO handling the economy. 56-38 percent disappoval. Not good. What does America expect? This man has been working his butt off to steer our economic ship right. The unprecented obstruction in Congress and Corporate Amercica has not helped PBO our the country. Thank God his personal approval rating is at 71% and the trust him to better the economy of the GOP and he is favored in the debt negotiations.

    That being said looks like America is totally looking at the jobs numbers and nothing else in reference to the economy, but they still trust him. PBO needs are support big time folks. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!

  94. You beat me to it! 🙂 Good news. Hope they turn over EVERY grain of sand.

  95. ok guys a few things

    1) sent the President a message of support

    2) do NOT buy the curly que light bulbs – they have mercury in them!! Buy the LED bulbs – they are more expensive but last forever and won’t harm you or your children

  96. Sighs. I’ve had it with Gallup. I think I will avoid going to their site. PBO leads every GOP candidate in a head-to-head match up, but “Generic Republican” leads PBO on Gallup. One would think they have a stake in the outcome of this election.

  97. I knew there were serious environmental issues with the curly bulbs. I didn’t know there were LED “bulbs”. There are?

    In my experience the curly ones don’t last as long as they say they will. And Com Ed here in Chicago — we changed all of our bulbs, got efficient a/c units, got really good about conservation — and my electric bills are effing insane.


    Today at the House Oversight and Government Reform Hearing headed by Chairman Issa, Democratic Rep Cooper defended Elizabeth Warren. The Republicans were treating her like she was on trial. The CFPB will launch on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

    In a very calm and measured voice, Rep Cooper made Chairman Issa and his colleagues look petty and small. The smack down basically applies to the Republican Party in general not just this committee hearing.

  99. The problem with this poll is that they fail to give an example of what Republican this would be. So far they are trying to say just some faceless republican which is pretty unhelpful in my opinion. In order for this poll to be remotely useful it has to show a republican that has such a lead against Obama.

  100. Remember when President Obama schooled Rep. Cantor during the healthcare summit?

    Ain’t nothing changed.

    You would think that Cantor would have learned not to mess with the best, but alas, he will have to lose this battle, like he lost the healthcare battle, before he gets it.

  101. 1. “generic Republican” won’t be on the ballot.
    2. Even in their article they talk about how polls this far out mean next to nothing.
    3. As you point out, teh President is leading every Republican who is in or thinking of being in the race.
    This is one poll that means absolutely nothing to mean.

  102. Oh, I know this poll is next to meaningless. Which is why it just peeves me off. It’s a poll with no predictive value that’s released just to push a narrative. I expected better out of Gallup.

  103. A bit more good news from California. One would think we’re a blue state, or something.

    We did it! Governor Jerry Brown has just signed the FAIR Education Act (SB 48, Leno) into law. Together we have made certain that students across California will learn about the many contributions of the LGBT civil rights movement. This bill will also create a more welcoming environment for LGBT youth, as their rich history and legacy will be recognized.

    Time after time, negative stereotypes of LBGT people have been used by our opponents as a weapon to roll back our rights. Today, the inclusion of LGBT people in the school curriculum will help to tell the truth about our place in history and about our contributions.

  104. Enjoyed that greatly over @ Great Orange Satan. Especially the hide rates. LOL.

    FDL to me shall forever be the blog that seriously floated Madonna and Ron Paul as primary challengers for Obama.

  105. This is just embarrassing. China weighs in…..


    HONG KONG — China, one of the United States’ biggest creditors, urged American policy makers on Thursday to act to protect investors’ interests, highlighting rising concerns around the globe about the protracted budget talks taking place in Washington.


  106. A Generic Republican shouldn’t even be leading PBO in a poll. It means there are too many people that still do not realize the damage the GOP have in mind. I would have thought that the WI, FL state GOP Govs antics and such would have sealed the fate of the GOP party intentions by now. Maybe there are so many FOX viewers that never even hear of the loss of freedoms in those states or are there that many people that agree with that ideology?

  107. They need to go back to fourth grade to read what democracy means. This is totally un-American – even I can see that with my Canadian eyes. Disgraceful.

  108. I just came across this quote in The Guardian, and I think it speaks to how people all over the Western world are feeling as far as the economy goes:

    From the worm’s-eye perspective that most of us inhabit, the general feeling about this new turn in the economic crisis is one of bewilderment. I’ve encountered this in Iceland and in Ireland and in the UK: a sense of alienation and incomprehension and done-unto-ness. People feel they have very little economic or political agency, very little control over their own lives; during the boom times, nobody told them this was an unsustainable bubble until it was already too late. They didn’t vote for the system, and no one explained it to them, and in any case the rule is that while things are on the way up, no one votes for Cassandra, so no one in public life plays the Cassandra role.

    The article itself, which is here, is about the Greek crisis, and is well worth the read. Complacency in Europe, venality in the US, and ordinary citizens caught in the middle.

  109. Hi,
    New to commenting on this blog. Posted a comment around noon, but by the time it got moderated there were many more comments, so I don’t know if anyone saw it or not as there were no replies. Seems to me the fact that Cantor stands to make tons of money if the US defaults should be getting wider exposure.

    Please see earlier post on this thread.

  110. Thom Hartmann mentioned that Eric Cantor’s high school year book had him marked as “I want what I want when I want it!” Must be a personality trait. Spoiled brat used to getting what he wants? He has always had that slicked down hair villainous look.

  111. These are the stations/groups with which PBO had interviews today:

    WRC – Washington, DC
    KYW – Philadelphia
    Cox Television, which has 15 stations in 11 markets

  112. Hysterical!! Just saw on twitter that today’s negotiating session has just ended and Eric Cantor said not a single word!!!!!!!!!! Wow — his Wall Street masters must have been in to chat with him . .

  113. As much as I admire the US Women’s National Team, inviting POTUS to Germany to watch the final on Sunday when he literally has the country’s solvency hanging in the balance is a bit childish. Do they not watch the news?

  114. I heard his mommy remembered to put the pacifier in Eric’s diaper bag today before she sent him off for the day.

  115. More on last night’s “walk out”. From TPM:

    Hey, remember when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said President Obama walked out of the debt talks yesterday? So, yeah — Obama says that never happened.

    “No,” Obama told Cox TV’s Scott McFarlane in an interview Thursday. “At the end of the meeting, what I said to the group was what the American people feel: We have a responsibility to do the right thing. We shouldn’t be partisan, we should solve problems.”

  116. Clarify something, please. Do you mean that Cantor didn’t say anything to the media afterwards, or that he sat mutely during the entirety of the meeting? If the latter, then, yes, he’s been bent over and caned.

  117. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @NorahODonnell: BREAKING: Source close to Bachmann tells me she will report nearly $4million raised. Banked $2m in 2 ½ wks and transf $2m from cong account

  118. from Think Progress:

    “New data released by the IRS reveals that, over a period of 12 years, tax rates for the richest 400 Americans were effectively cut in half. In 1995, the richest 400 Americans paid, on average, 29.93% of their income in federal taxes. In 2007, the last year for which the IRS has released data, the richest 400 Americans paid just 16.63%.

    In 1995, just 12 of the 400 richest Americans paid an effective tax rat of between zero and 15%. By 2007, that number skyrocketed to over 150. The massive reduction is due to both Bush-era tax reductions for the wealthy and the aggressive exploitation of tax dodges and shelters.”

  119. MSNBC reported Cantor didn’t speak once during the meeting. Just sat quietly while the adults had a meeting. Given that the average 10 yr old can do this without much fanfare, good to see Cantor catching up with the typical 5th grader in terms of maturation.

  120. I’m following you (bbkenn92), and I really like what you wrote to the President. I also wrote him a short letter just telling him how much I appreciate how he’s been dealing with the Republicans in the debt ceiling and how much I support the great job he’s been doing as President these past 2+ years. I also told him I am voting for him in 2012.

    I’m an unabashed Obamabot!

  121. Welcome Likeminded. Love the username. 🙂 If you have been lurking awhile like I did for several months, I believe you’ll like posting even more. I don’t comment often, but I do visit the site multiple times daily.

    I do believe most people on this blog are probably familiar with the unethical antics of Rep. Eric Cantor that you mentioned in your comments above. Whether or not the MSM (mainstream news media) decide to report on it remains to be seen. If the traditional media continue to ignore it, it may be up to us bloggers to get the word out on a massive scale.

  122. Saw on Lawrence O’Donnell where the Left never said one thing when Prez Clinton made the biggest changes in Medicare and Social Security ever. He sited what, when, etc. but guess it helped along with the tax raises to get us to solvent.

  123. Seems like we may need to take several steps back just so we are prepared for whatever PBO has figured out in terms of handling this one. I need to admit my reading of what Reed/ChinlessMitch are hatching does not feel good but I trust PBO! Still these repugslugs may get away with murder. American citizens are suffering-seniors, unemp children homeless disabled while these traitors play games with their lives. It makes me sick to my stomach!

  124. As smartdem said, Cantor was silent throughout the entire meeting.

    Lawrence did a great piece on what an ass is tonight — found some old tape of Cantor hemming and hawing over whether he would vote in favor of a Rangel amendment to taxes bonuses received by TARP recipients at a 90% tax rate. Even Boehner didn’t vote for it but in the end Cantor did. Lawrence was using the footage to show how stupid Cantor is and what a hypocrite he is.

    PBO will be having another presser tomorrow at 11AM — stay tuned.

  125. Really? Gallup is a Right leaning poll. Anyways 6 months ago Obama was even leading generic Rethugs in all polls. So I can see some of you folks concern with the meaningless poll that states PBO is behind a faceless Rethug. Even if it had any validy I would say the economy mixed in with the continued MSM brain washing has had its effect.

    I live here in Ohio and NO way IMO should the public be favoring a Rethug with what has been going on from state to state. It is baffling. This poll makes you believe that if there was a suitable candidate in the eyese of these poll respondents that they would choose that person over PBO.

  126. That being said I have faith in our President inspite of the tremendous amount of hate, racism, and obstruction. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  127. I do not give a $#!t what the polls say! Remember 2008 and all the bs about this and that group not voting for a “black man”…

  128. Whoever said “we are giving you a republic if you can keep it” was right The level of ignorance, racism, lack of education is tearing this democracy apart. We will continue to decline until we educate our people and get voting up to 90%.

  129. I know he had Cantor on tonight, but didn’t get a chance to see it. How did he do vs Cantor. (All I saw was a glimpse of the weasel’s face)

  130. OT: Earlier tonight I got a Forward about the new EID Muslim holiday commemorative stamp. It is the typical BOLD print, things underlined, etc., etc. One line is: President Obama has directed the US Postal Service to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday…….The there’s all the bold print and directives to boycott this stamp and forward this email blah, blah, blah. I tried to find something on factcheck, but no luck. Anyone here heard anything about this?

  131. He didn’t have Cantor on. His Rewrite was about an interview he did with Cantor 2.5 yrs. ago on Morning Joe. There was to be a vote later that day in committee about raising the TAX RATE to 90%…….was about the TARP money that was paid in bonuses. Remember that? Of course, Cantor never really answered the question, but he did say he was ready to do anything to get that money back in the Treasury. LO showed the votes. Boehner voted against it because he will never vote for increased TAX RATE. Cantor voted for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 85 R’s voted for it, in fact. 🙂

  132. I think they just wanted to issue the invitation as a matter of courtesy, LL. It was very sweet of them, but as you said, PBO is much too busy to accept their offer.

  133. But Clinton wasn’t a member of a group of Americans who have always been looked upon with suspicion. These tools would never admit it, but PBO being black makes his every move/word/idea suspect. That little thingy in the Declaration Of Independence about “all men being created equal” has yet to come to full fruition in America. Many Americans still don’t realize that many of us aren’t accepted as loyal patriots because of our race, religion, sexual preference, etc, and if we are intelligent, that makes us even more worthy of scrutiny because, in the minds of many Americans, even in the 21st Century, superficial characteristics matter more than substance, and only certain persons can make “real” contributions to this country.

  134. The rw pulled the same BS last year. I recall a mayor in TN making a fool of himself last year about this stamp by trying to use the holiday and the stamp to claim it was “proof” that PBO was a Muslim infiltrator who had taken over the WH. It was later revealed that the EID Muslim holiday stamp was around when GWB was president. Whoever sent you that email, tnmtngirl, is engaging in more fear mongering. I think that at this point in the debt limit negotiations, the far right of the GOP will do anything to shift the focus from the fact that republicans have been lying to Americans for years by claiming to be the fiscal conservatives they aren’t.

  135. I can’t believe the right are running this scare tactic about the president being some secret Mooslim trying to advance Islam in America. I thought that crap went out when PBO got Bin Laden. I know the EID stamp was out when George W Bush was president because when I would go to the post office during the holidays I would always see it. A really weak and lame attempt at scaring people.

  136. The right has nothing left so they are simply flailing around hoping something sticks…

  137. Earlier in the day the WH said this ‘hybrid’ was a avenue of last resort. God, I hope so.

    Lawrence O’Donnell also said tonight that it never came up in negotiations.

    I think it wouldn’t hurt to get out an email or a tweet to Harry Reid to let him know that all cuts and no revenue increase is a win for Republicans and we have to do better. Remember, the first McConnell proposal was no cuts, no revenue. I understand having to give something up, but so do they. Something.

  138. Thanks for posting the video. I just love my president, trust him, admire him, and am completely In!

  139. Thank you so much for the welcome… It feels sweet to be acknowledged in that way.

    Don’t know that I’ll post very often because you all are so much more up on things than I am, but I too visit several times a day.


  140. This is such an excellent comment. People mistake bombast for self-esteem, security and strength, and thus they fail to perceive POTUS correctly. Just saying, I would not play games with someone like President Obama; along with the genuine kindness and million dollar smile, there is a real hardness to that man…

    Stellar observations and prediction, LL.

  141. Brilliant commentary, LL! in addition to the magnificent work by BWD, it’s the very thoughtful, intelligent, and wise commentaries, like yours, that make me look forward to coming to this site every day. I enjoyed reading your comment. I wish more Americans were exposed to your intelligent analyses of the President instead of relying on bogus memes peddled by the MSM, the right wing media, and the “holier than thou” progressive blogs. Thanks for a job well done.

  142. Somewhat OT,

    a very nice summary of Republican history of generating government crisis by Booman:


    “You want to know why American politics are so exhausting? Because everything is always a goddamn crisis with the Republicans. They win back the House in 1994, and the government shuts down in 1995. They lose the presidential election in 1996, and they try to overturn the election by impeaching the president over some seriously low crimes and misdemeanors in 1998. They lose the popular vote and (most likely) the Electoral College in the 2000 presidential election, and they have their majority on the Supreme Court shut down the Florida recount and hand the White House to two of the most incompetent and immoral individuals the country has ever seen wield power. We get attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, and all of a sudden we’re invading countries that had nothing to do with the attacks while we’re being advised to wrap ourselves in protective plastic and duct tape. They lose the presidential election in 2008 and all of a sudden we can’t even confirm a judge or have an up or down vote on anything in the Senate. They win back power in the House in 2010, and they try to make us default on our debt and destroy our impeccable credit rating in 2011.”

  143. Please let all your friends who either failed to vote last November or voted for a GOPTea nut that we congratulate them on taking us to the brink of disaster (again)!

    We all need to be thankful we have Obama in the White House to give us all a chnace to survive this lunacy!

  144. You are so right – exactly what I was thinking! I saw a headline, “DEMs afraid Obama is giving too much to Republicans”. If we had Dems that had spent just 1/2 hour going to vote last November – instead of wasting time pounding the keyboard for hours every day this year and last – then POTUS wouldn’t have to spend hours EVERY damn day dealing with this totally moronic crap.

  145. Jane hamsher, paid republican consultant, is really being viled by many progressives.
    Adam green was smacked down by lawerence o donnell.

    PL is being smacked.
    Republicans are being smacked.

  146. Eric Cantor’s allegiance is to Israel and not the United States of America. He is betting against US bonds, he does not want to help the tornado victims of Alabama but supports billions of dollars going to Israel. Now he wants to US Government to default on its financial obligations. What a traitor, he is not working in our best interest and should resign, he is an enemy of these United States.

  147. Hi ewok21
    Thanks for speaking that truth so eloquenly! Cantortheclown is absolutely an enemy. He was a ringleader in the Bibi fiasco recently. He has been going behind PBO’s back the whole time undercutting him with Israel/Palestine negotiations. He should be impeach/tried for treason, etc. You probably noticed I cannot stand him!!!!

  148. What would be so refreshing is if the PL would stop calling Obama and his supporters vile names and point their vitriol where it belongs.

    The WH and Democrats are not going to call Republicans traitors. That’s the job of the PL, who instead would rather hate the President than the real enemy.

    Celebrate progress. Ask for more. We are seeing Congressional Democrats able to walk a damned good line on being against Medicare and Social Security cuts without doing damage to the President (have I said how glad I am Anthony Weiner is gone?). I’m crediting DWS for finally ‘getting it’ when it comes to Democratic messaging and actually herding her cats to get the message out.

    But the alleged flaming liberal blogs — imagine the good they could be doing now. Adam Green, Jane Hamsher, MoveOn — they could call out the real traitors and move the ball down the field. Instead they think they have the same rights and power that the tea party has after 35 years of laying the groundwork for their ascension. And frankly, the fringe right is doing itself damage — can’t we help them dig their graves instead of empowering them?

  149. Couldn’t have said it better. Why are so few people, nearly nobody picking up on this? Cantor is very consistent and very public about it! Can you imagine if a Dem or even the Prez or the minority leader was doing it? Repugs and their trolls would be screaming on top of their lungs.

  150. Here is a link that demonstrates how much aid goes to Israel state by state. Eric Cantor hates America and Americans, I was very upset in 2009 when he went over to Israel and disrespected President Obama over there, since then I have been observing him very closely, he seems to be an agent of Israel a mole so to speak. I may be sounding paranoid but I do not trust these Republican operatives.


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