552,462 people, average of $69 per donation. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The more they lie about him, the more they insult him, the more they disrespect him, the more they smear him and his family, the blinder they are to the enormous goodness of this man – The stronger we’ll have his back.

I’m incredibly proud of our small part in this amazing achievement, and I hope that this is only the start.

Thank you guys, Love you.

62 thoughts on “552,462 people, average of $69 per donation. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  1. Hell yes, we are the ones. He’s a great man, a great president and we will re-elect him in 2012.

  2. Do not feel bad. Every dollar counts. There are many that want to give financially, but cant. Donate what you can in dollars and make up the rest with your time. PBO needs all hands on deck. The campaign appreciates your $25 and so do we. 🙂

  3. mk it is not the amount but that you do take part.all of us together do make a difference. YES WE CAN AND YES YOU DO MATTER IT DOES HELP.

  4. Bernanke was just asked if there was a default what kind of effect will it have? He said, in 08 we had -6% GDP growth for 2 quarters and that is probably what will happen if we default!
    Great! 700k jobs lost/ month, bc guys like Rick santelli and cantor are betting for a default!

    Isn’t that nice?

  5. This is a great day for PBO, VPB, Democrats and Americans! I love that the grassroots are so fired up and ready to go and have already donated a record amount to re-elect this incredible man. So happy that I was able to donate a lot this quarter, myself. Thanks to PBO, my very small business is running a profit that provides a decent income, which is WHY I was able to donate as much as I did! YES, WE CAN!!!!

    Thanks, bwd, for always being there for all of us. YOU ROCK!!!

  6. From TPM, this is worth a hearty laugh.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee, which is charged with getting Republicans elected to the House and keeping them there, sent out a press email overnight on the results of the CA-36 special election titled “Statement on Janice Hahn’s Entry Into Democrats’ Swamp of Corruption”:

    Washington — National Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director Paul Lindsay today made the following statement in response to the special election results in California’s 36th Congressional District:

    “Janice Hahn is now Nancy Pelosi’s problem. Between her pattern of unethical behavior and close ties to LA’s most dangerous gang members, Hahn is adding to the pollution in the swamp of Washington corruption built by Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats.”

    I love the smell of desperation in the morning. It smells like… victory.

  7. And, as I said on The Obama Diary – as long as I cannot contribute to the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, because I am an alien -> 50 Euros go to Médecins Sans Frontières.

  8. BWD, don’t underestimate the huge role you are playing in all these just by what you are doing here. I know sometimes it’s hard for you but you keep on going and we really appreciate you for it. Thanks.

  9. Thank you to all who donated. A great success, but we are going to need a lot more (sadly) to compete against Rove and Co.

    And just for a big WTF? laugh, this is today’s Ruport Murdoch’s Wall Street J’s idea of a “bi-partisan deal”:

    “We’d far prefer a bipartisan deal to cut spending and reform entitlements without a tax increase.”


  10. please tweet asking the #dccc to invesitgate these gop pledges. Elijah Cummings is onthis committee.

  11. WE would far prefer a bipartisan deal establishing single payer and eliminating the Bush tax cuts, plus all the loopholes identified in the Biden talks, and we won’t raise the debt ceiling unless we get that.

  12. You should feel terrific. In a people-powered campaign, that 25 dollars each month means the world. We’re involved in something for which a very large group of people are collaborating, each as she and he is able, and creating a whole which is MUCH greater than the sum of its parts. This is why so many grandstanders (dkos, Adam Green, etc.) want so badly to take credit for it, and are so desperate to claim that they’re the voice of this.

    Thank God for this site, thank God for the half a million people already standing in coalition to reelect this wonderful leadership, and thank God for Obamabots. Huge service to this country, whether it’s 5 dollars, 25 dollars, or 25 thousand dollars!

  13. When I was a wee lad politically, I always fantasized about there being a true grassroots political movement that would depend on small donations from hundreds of thousands of supporters to drive it. I never actually thought it would happen. I’m glad to have been proven wrong.

  14. I agree 100% with your comment. BWD and Chipsticks are both doing fantastic work – and their sites are only going to grow in strengths in the coming months.

    My only wish is that they get some assistance in maintaining the site (from one of the great writers on here) because its hard to imagine one person doing what they do, with all that people go through with their personal lives. But much respect to both of them. Keep it up!

  15. I’m sorry. I should have warned you in case you’d recently eaten…or ever wanted to eat again.

  16. mk, please don’t feel bad. I am sure everything and anything you give PBO appreciates. I do! and every OBOT appreciates all big and small donors. I appreciate those that can give money but donate time, walking precincts, calling, and just showing up. Look what the folks in Wisconsin did against the goliath billionaires Koch brothers. We can defeat them inspite of Supreme Court 5 citizen’s united. We are the Real Citizens United! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

  17. I think now would be a good time for Newt to remind us how his campaign would be the greatest grassroots campaign in the history of the world. Did he put out his numbers yet?

  18. Truly not ready for primetime. From TPM:

    Democrats are accusing House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) of canceling a hearing on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission this week because his committee uncovered documents which wouldn’t have fit his narrative about what went wrong with the agency.

    Peter Kadzick, an attorney for FCIC Chairman Phil Angelides, told TPM that Angelides arrived in D.C. on Sunday night for the Wednesday morning hearing but was told by an Issa staffer on Monday evening that “they had found some documents at the last minute that didn’t fit the narrative.”

    The Democrat’s report on the committee’s investigation says that Issa’s accusations about the FCIC were “largely unsubstantiated.”

  19. Hi Trini! Each one as she or he is able. Your commentary and encouragement has been invaluable, and that goes for so many people here.

  20. Time for some pollgasm. From Quinnipiac:

    President Barack Obama tops all leading GOP White House hopefuls, hitting the all-important 50-percent mark against every candidate but Romney:

    47 – 41 percent over Romney, unchanged from June 8;
    50 – 38 percent over Bachmann, who was not matched against Obama June 8;
    53 – 34 percent over Sarah Palin, compared to 53 – 36 percent June 8;
    50 – 37 percent over Perry, who was not matched against Obama June 8

  21. And more on-point messaging from Loretta Sanchez.

    This is what I’ve been talking about for ages: When asked by Martin Bashir about Obama putting Social Security and Medicare cuts in the mix, here’s her answer (my paraphrase): “There is a lot we can do to make Social Security stronger and more solvent. Raising the cap would make a huge difference in the health of Social Security without cutting benefits”

    Like she took lessons from Frank Luntz: she did NOT buy into “Obama’s killing Medicare”. She didn’t qualify it, she didn’t even address it. She never got defensive — she just said there’s a lot we can do to fix Social Security on OUR terms. She pushed forward OUR agenda instead of engaging from a right wing frame.

    This is what I’ve been talking about.

    Every time I leave my office today and look at the news and see Democrats, I’m happy with what I see.

  22. I wouldn’t worry too much, Fred. This is to be expected. They are [usually] masters at taking their opponents’ position of strength and try to make it a weakness.

    Here’s the thing (and Democrats are doing a great job today of getting this message out there): The President and Democrats are willing to compromise. It’s the Republicans who refuse to do so, even closing a loophole on a corporate jet. What have the Republicans given up? Nothing. They are willing to risk social security checks so that they don’t have to raise one thin dime of revenue from those who have prospered in this recession.

    It’s the Republicans who are saying — if the President doesn’t give us 100% of everything we want, then it’s his fault.

    Yes, Republicans believe that. Yes, this is who Republicans elect.

    But Democrats and independents want Republicans to compromise and they want them to give in on tax increases for the wealthy.

    And from what I’ve been reading today, there are a few scared Republicans who now see no danger to their principles if the rich kick in a little so that social security isn’t cut and the checks keep coming.

  23. OK, I know us Obots are accused of venerating The Leader, and ascribing to him qualities that mix Jedi, ninja, and chessmaster. But wouldn’t it be a kicker if all of the previous Dem disarray had been orchestrated by David Plouffe in order to lull the GOP? It just seems a bit too convenient that the Dems went from eating their own to presenting a united front within the space of a few weeks. (I don’t include Bernie Sanders in this, as he’s not a Democrat.) Just an idea that appeals to my penchant for wheels within wheels.

  24. These Republicans are immature, totally unprofessional and very bad sports. So pathetic.

    I think back to when President Obama and Hillary Clinton were campaigning – he would call her to congratulate her on her win, or encourage her for the next stop.

  25. I read about Ms. Hahn’s alleged gang connection, LL, and imo, it is just more of the grassroots tea party and republicans’ failure to understand that the work she did in getting former gang members involved in reducing gang violence is the way that it’s usually done. Since the election of PBO I am really finding out how out of touch and un/under/educated many Americans are about things that I think most of them should know. But, I guess you have to want to know how things are done. I think this is why so many rank and file republicans detest dems: many more of us are intellectually curious about a wide range of topics– enough to do a bit of research to learn about them. We tend not to depend on one source for information to learn about things whereas, Fox is their main source for information it seems about everything.

  26. They can wish in one hand and poop in the other if they think that PBO will take this offer seriously.

  27. Clear you folks here did not get the memo! You need to check back at you-know-where so that you can understand that these numbers aren’t real.

    Yes, last week or so, we had a preemptive put-in-correct-context diary that told us not to believe these numbers. I believe we’re supposed to understand that only about 1/5 of the 500k is real.

    Of course, we should also understand that this is another indication that President Obama has sold out to Wall Street, and that his top 10 donors are making the largest contribution, though not as much as in 2008, so there!

  28. I read some garbage like that – the 552,000 donors this quarter are far less than the 3 million+ donors that he had in 2008. Somehow their brains have confused PBO’s total donors in the whole 2008 campaign with this past quarter’s. If we have over a half million this far out in a single quarter, the total donors for the 2012 campaign are going to blow their minds. They will do anything, tell any untruth to lessen his campaign.

  29. Granny, people believe those of us who frequent this site aren’t in our right minds anyway. That is why they work so hard to construct context diaries. These diaries do us a favor by making it so we don’t have to think for ourselves. Of course, the irony is circular because they believe our support for President Obama demonstrates a certain mindlessness to begin with.

    Someone today said that must people there support President Obama, I asked the diarist was he sure because it was hard to tell, and no one bothered to challenge my assertion. Truth is powerful, and part of the truth is that President Obama is going to raise the money he needs to win as will every other candidate until our system changes.

  30. Sebastian, when those people, who are delusional and think they are the base, write comments, the only proper response would be: “$86 million. When you can beat that in a quarter, you can call yourself the base.” I think “$86 million” is a good response to almost anything they may write.

  31. I agree. I wish it were not so, but it points to an inner, deep resentment of a black man getting to this position and definitely deserving it and suited for it. He is man that makes me proud.. and the rest of the world acknowledges it. It is just the part of our own country that cannot get past that old worn out prejudice against someone who is not in their image. I love this President, and though I see the positive in term limits, he is one I could welcome for 8 more years!!!! Obama 2012.

  32. No, don’t feel bad. That is great that you can give that amount every month. Feel proud that you care so much. Times are tough right now, so every dollar helps.

    BWD, Small part? You have played a major role in keep the true progressives feeling positive and hopeful. You are the best cheerleader I have ever seen.

    I read the comments on the Mother Jones site and they insist that the numbers cannot be that big. “well, I heard he has lost his base” Then when faced with reality, they said, well, we will see how many people actually volunteer for him. I love it. These idiots really thought they were Obama’s base. teehee!

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