By a show of hand…

Who do you think will be the “best” Republican opponent for us? I think that if the economy gets better, it wouldn’t matter, but still, just for the game, who is your pick? (Palin is too easy, guys…:)).


Hee. Had to post this.

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  1. Oh my god, that little boy kinda looks like me at his age. Finger up the nose and all!

    Really, all the GOP hopefuls are, well, hopeless. Mittens might be the biggest worry, and he’s not much of a worry; PBO will just hammer him about all his flipflops. But, if Romney wins the nomination, I definitely expect a 3rd party challenge from the Right. So I’m all for Mitt.

  2. I really don’t think Romney will survive the evangelical opposition to his Mormonisn, and all his flip-flops. I think Pawlenty will be the nominee, unless Bloomberg is planning a late entry.

  3. The ‘best’ opponent? not a clue. I honestly don’t think it matters who runs, who wins the repub nomination because it will be the media who is the President’s true opponent. That is who will take whatever the republican candidate says or does and magnify and manipulate it.. to ‘win’ the day. POTUS will be fighting the bullsh** as usual of the media spin on behalf of whatever candidate.. even Palin would become ‘hard to beat’ by the time the media was finished pimping and proping her. The thing is, even if we didn’t love and respect POTUS the way most of us do- his multiple accomplishments, his intelligence, his common sense, his brilliant political sense ALL far outshine anything the republicans have to offer or have had to offer in eons… thus it is the media who we are up against.. imo. And we kicked their collective ass quite soundly in 2008.. we will do it again as long as we work like we’re always 20 points behind.

  4. I worry about a third party challenge (Palin) taking away votes from indies, but perhaps the indies won’t bight as they did with Perot in ’92

  5. Best as in easiest to beat? Cain and Santorum would be easy. Romney will have money and a good battle tested campaign, Huntsman would have the press gushing over his civility and ability to “bring the country together” and looks “presidential”. Pawlenty is having trouble catching on in Iowa and is spending a ton of time there – he has the backstory the GOP would love to paint him as the common man.

    Rumors have Giuliani going to run with the idea he could win New Hampshire this time which would give him enough juice to stick around until they got to the bigger winner take all states where he’d play well – Cali, NY and NJ.

    Rick Perry is also making appearances in Iowa testing the waters.

    Romney, Huntsman and Pawlenty worry me for different reasons.

    Best to worst –


  6. Oh and the photo with FLOTUS and adorable child with finger up nose.. is perfecto! I’m betting his mama is between laughing and crying viewing that photo of her baby with the First Lady of the US 🙂 🙂

  7. I say anyone because they ALL have their skeletons in the closet.

    My preference though for a candidate is Willard. POTUS would be able to hammer him as a flip flopper and pull a John Kerry on him (“You were FOR this before you were AGAINST it”). Plus Willard has a horrible jobs creation history during his one term as governor, so it would be easy to hammer him as untrustworthy on economic matters.

    But I say let the Republicans get cocky and reckless. Let them believe they have 2012 in the bag and have all the races locked up. That way when push comes to shove, they fail just like they did in 2008.

  8. Palin wouldn’t appeal to indies, she’s appeal to the far right base and peel them off. If Bloomberg ran as an indie I’d worry, not because he’d win, but he could muck things up.

  9. On a related note, who’s going to tune in to the CNN Republican debate? I would, but I fear my television would suffer some damage from me throwing my shoes at it. Repeatedly.

  10. Huntsman won’t be a threat. He has flip flopped on his moderate views to embrace far right views, and his history of working for President Obama will doom any chance he has at winning the Republican nomination.

  11. This is ‘Faith’, by the way with my newly minted username from wordpress.

    My husband said to me yesterday — notice how quiet the Republicans have been on whether Weiner should resign? That’s after Cantor stuck his foot in his mouth and asked for his resignation. Before the progressives on MSNBC did a look-back at how he felt about Vitter and Ensign.

    That being said, my husband’s point was that the Republicans don’t have to go on record about the resignation because Democrats are doing it for them. The MSM’s take is that Democrats think what Weiner did was TERRIBLE and it must be more TERRIBLE than Vitter’s hookers and Ensign’s buy-off of the mistress’ family. It Must Be Worse because Democrats are saying it is.

    I’ve seen more of Tim Kaine in the last 48 hours than I saw of him throughout the 2010 election cycle, when his inaction and lack of vision, message or support for our President’s policies gave us the most batshit insane Republicans we’ve ever seen.

    Why should Republicans do any work when the Democrats are doing their work for them?

    The new Republican talking points are about ‘accountability’ of President Obama. If he doesn’t say what Rick Santorum says he should say he is not being ‘accountable’. And he says it like he means it — with passion and focus.

    I completely agree that one of our major enemies is the MSM. But I’d still like to see Democrats learn how to do this better. I just don’t get it.

  12. I was talking about GE. Many whites, indies and even some pl might vote for him since the media will fluff him up as a ‘serious candidate’. If he loses the primary, I’ll be the happiest man.

  13. Did you guys see this hilarious post from Balloon Juice about the GOP presidential candidates??


    Yep, Rudy is good at the word salad thing even if he does limit himself to “9-11” and a few other word strings—and yet, he doesn’t stand a chance. The GOP clown car is filled with word salad ninjas—and some serious kung fu word salad masters (Bachmann and Palin) seem likely to put on their big shoes, red noses and jump on in. The best Rudy can hope for is a great pratfall out of the car on the first turn around the center ring that increases his earning power on the wingnutopia grifter circuit.

    Still, it is quite a show, and the crowd giggles with excitement as more and more of these clowns squeeze into the car. And in the wings are Chris Christie, Rick Perry and possibly Paul Ryan. They each have so much to bring to the spectacle and one can only hope they’ll try to squeeze in.

    It is all quite silly until you realize that one on these fools could ride the proven stupidity of American voters to a 50% plus-1 victory. After all, we live in a Nation that actually did elect George W, Bush in 2004—and even the worst of these clowns start a General Election campaign with the blind support of the 27 percenters.

    In a recent post about the Quitta from Wassila, Andrew Sullivan predicted how she would run against President Obama:

    NOTE: The very fact that someone as inept as Rand Paul could be elected to a six year term as a United States senator is horrifying. But then again, there is an endless supply of batsh*t crazy Republicans in congress.

  14. I think it will be very interesting to see if Mittens survives the primaries. I think there is a possibility that Republicans will pull together faster than we now give them credit for. It has been the secret to their march toward success. I also think that they know he will be and do anything they want from him — he is a complete soulless, vision-less puppet and that may be their best path to victory.

    He’s not going to win Iowa. That would be the Death Knell of a Democrat, in the Chuck Todd world, but excuses will be made for Republicans.

    Huntsman. I’m still afraid of Huntsman. I don’t think he’d be in it this far, this early if he didn’t know he could point to ’embarrassing’ private conversations he’s had with Obama. If there are going to be any surprises, it will be from Huntsman and we should be vigilant.

    I think Pawlenty may stand a good chance at the nomination.

    Republicans are capable of blowing up the country and the world economy if they can get one of their guys elected. I am now officially more worried about the economy than I was even a week ago. The drumbeat (or the background noise as I like to call it) is to erase from memory any and all advancements Obama has made. It’s going to be a long, difficult war.

  15. I don’t see how ANY indie would vote for Huntsman, seeing as he has flip flopped on being a moderate to embrace extreme right beliefs.

    Heck, he’s polling at less than 5% right now behind the other contenders. He’s polling behind NEWT GINGRICH for crying out loud, and we’ve seen what’s happened to Newt, an EPIC FAIL.

  16. Agree (and I am also 61 & female :)) – MSM is our worst enemy; Huntsman might be more a threat than originally thought. If the Dems act like they did in ’08, we won’t win any messaging battles! It’s really up to us to keep trying to set the record straight – truth will prevail. I have to keep believing this ….i

  17. Jim Webb — a resolution rebuking Obama on Libya?!?!? \

    My head is completely exploding.

  18. So what will Mr. Noun, Verb, 911’s campaign platform be now that President Obama hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden?

    As for Rand Paul, he was running in Kentucky and they have a habit of voting for Republicans nationally. If Kentucky wants batshitcrazy, they deserve it. I’ve got a feeling Rand will follow in his dad’s footsteps and run for POTUS in the future, Senate was just a stepping stone.

  19. With the bigger fish there I’ll tune in – though only if they’re attacking each other and it’s not simply a Obama bash fest. So far out though and I think it will be the latter.

  20. As I pointed up above, Huntsman isn’t a threat. He’s polling at less than 5% right now, and even the Tea Party radicals don’t trust him. The Republican contender has to win the Tea Party radicals over to win the nomination, and Huntsman is already flip flopping on his moderate views to embrace far fight Tea Party ideals.

    Republicans don’t trust or really know him, the Democrats don’t want him, ergo he’s not a threat, and I highly doubt any indies will vote in the Republican primaries for a man who gave up his moderate views to embrace far right ideals for political gain. Not to mention if even he did get the nomination somehow, the man can’t give stump speeches, he’s not charismatic at all. Just look at the speech he did for Sarah Palin and ask yourself, is this man REALLY going to inspire the masses to vote for him?

  21. president obama insists that he can’t issue an executive order to halt deportations of certain latinos.

    Latino groups, the new york times, and several lawmakers keep insisting he can.

    Do you really think President Obama is right on this one? If so, please explain your reasoning logically.

  22. But in order for him to even be in the GE, he has to first win the Republican nomination, which as I pointed out, is pretty much out of his radar. The Tea Party wingnuts don’t trust him, and he’s already given up his moderate views trying to pander to them. Without winning the Tea Party base, he’s not going to win the nomination, hence why I say he’s not a threat.

    Also as I pointed out, the fact that he worked under President Obama pretty much dooms his chances. The Republicans have made it clear that they want an anti Obama far right radical as their nominee, hence Huntsman is pretty much toast as far as winning the nomination goes.

  23. Bachmann, Santorum, Romney, Pawlenty, Newt, Cain, Hunstman in those order.

    My biggest FEAR, the MSM.

    I am beginning to wonder if many of these Journalists have seeded racial attitudes towards the president. All I ask is for them to treat him as they have treated the 1st 43rd POTUS’.

    CNN and the media, since pres had polls showing him more favorable, they must tear him down for their up coming debate to really flame it and get lower poll numbers to generate more bad news.

    What’s up with Weiner gate?

    Vito Fossella was a GOPer from NY with a child from a woman who was not his wife. The NY media didn’t care.

    Chris Lee, they didn’t even when more information came out.

    But those Deems:

    Spizterm Massa and now Weiner, the NY press and MSM are going bunkers.

    Why, to further disparage the Dems and pres Obama, in particular.

  24. OT, I pray that John Stewart lose viewers and fans. I mean since his rally he has become so full of himself. He is so overrated. I heard on the Obama diary that Stewart bash AA and Obama last night. I stop watching Stewart when he made fun of the Dems the night after the 2010 elections. He also made fun of the Wiscionsin union marchers, which I thought was very rightwingery. I see him as another opportunist like Ms. Huffington. He uses the left to make money. If the left would stop watching his show he would lose. I know some are worried about John Stewart’s influence on the youth. When I compare John Stewart’s facebook fans of over 2 million to PBO’s 20.5 million it gives me hope that he won’t have too much effect on the youth. I hope people would watching Conan when his show is on, then maybe this would deflat the ego that he has.

  25. Ok, sorry. Excuse the hijack of the conversation…but I found THIS to be a good reason to go to Old Navy and buy up some of these tshirts! Truly…I’m going today:) I’m doing it for spite, and doing it to support a worthy cause.Anyone else in?

  26. If your ‘huntsman is toast’ prediction come true, I’ll toast you a virtual beer … what the heck, make it a virtual champagne. 🙂

  27. Truthfully, amk, I think this is a practice run for Huntsman: a chance to become better known nationally while preparing himself for the time when the repubs are more concerned about electability than purity.

  28. I think Romney and Huntsman would be a viable pair, president and vice president. Romney, in spite his flip-floping might take Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. But, sad to say, Huntsman, a Utah governor for whom I had a lot of respect ,has harmed himself among intelligent voters by flipping on his health care and gay-equality beliefs, among other things.

    Actually, every one of the candidates could be ridiculed for that sort of thing. I also think that President Obama will win re-election, no question, the only question will be whether or not it will be by a landslide, which I would love to see. A landslide, that is.

    Things were still bad in the country’s economy at the time of FDR’s re-election bid, but he won by a landslide, nevertheless. People trusted him, even after a dip in recovery caused by a Republican led beating-down of FDR’s job-creating efforts.

    But this morning I feel so discouraged that I can barely make a sensible suggestion for this fun kind of game. I have a wonderful young father of four and principle of both an Idaho high school and junior high school who oversees our crew of weeders and landscape workers, all of whom are exceptionally good workers of high school and college age.

    I e-mailed some maps about the drought and fires in the southern states, not making too much of the fact that it’s our fault, this climate change, because he’s a Republican, many of whom think the whole idea is a hoax., as you all know.

    To my surprise, he agreed that the climate is changing. Then he said, and I quote, “I personally believe they’re signs of the time before the return of Jesus Christ. ”

    He and his dear family are Mormon, and I would expect him to say something about May God help us see the error of our ways or something, but not to refer to the end times like the loons among us. He’s well read and intelligent and he and his wife, both of whom I love dearly, are voters.

    To use his phraseology, I personally believe that the whole panoply of Deities, whoever they may be, has washed its hands of us in our determined ruination of the beautiful world bequeathed to us.

  29. Any of them, BWD! Seriously, there’s absolutely no one in the current GOP field that would worry me, they all have ‘fatal’ electoral flaws. People go on about Huntsman being a potentially strong challenger, but honestly: how on earth could he win this GOP’s nomination? And if a moderate (by their standards) won the nom, surely they’d have to pick a nutjob right-winger to join the ticket, just to appease the Teabaggers? Otherwise the danger of them fielding their own third party nutjob woukd increase. As for Romney …. those flip-flop ads will bury him. Hey, I’m loving it!

  30. Yea. I just saw him spouting off to Andrea (I detest her). The story RIGHT BEFORE they had Webb on, was talking about how the international court is going after Daffy because of mass rapes ordered by Daffy as retaliation of those that would be against him.Plus, MANY MORE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Then they put Webb on to ask out loud why we’re in Libya and that the President should have gotten Congressional approval! Crist on a crutch! Please…do something with these people!!!!!If raping (with Viagra like drugs…they said…could have gone on for hours and hours, don’t you think) the female citizens isn’t IMPORTANT or considered humanitarian assistance…then FU Webb! REALLY???? Add to that, all the murdering DAffy did and the shear tormenting of the country’s citizens…oh god…my head hurts.It’s 5 o”clock somewhere, right?

  31. Our epic president will trounce all of these people. Not one person from the GOP crop gives me cause to pause. lmao MSM lulling them all into a false sense of security, thinking they can come close to testing this exceptional POTUS,.

    As far as MR.”flippity flop flop flip” Romney? Never forget…..

    Published: November 18, 2008”

  32. Yes. Thank goodness. In the mean time, we still have to listen to his BS.

  33. Added clarification — Utah, Idaho, and Nevada are all Mormon-filled states and where voters would plump for two Mormons, Romney and Huntsman, with their eyes closed and hands clasped in prayer.

  34. There are ways to go around it. People saw Bush doing it for terrible causes and they want PBO to do the same for what they feel it’s a good cause. But he won’t. He will not step over congress no matter how terrible they are. I read somewhere that on 2.5 years he issued one (!) veto. The average is one beto threat every 20 days! This is astonishing.

  35. Yea. But nobody else would. After all, according to all those evangelicals…Mormonism isn’t a REAL religion:)

  36. LMAO! Herman Cain 2012 = Alan Keyes 2004. Perfect 😛 !

    I say, Herman or Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann for the win. Bachmann would be entertaining as all get out.

    Then, bringing up the rear, the milque toast candidates of Pawlenty (zzz), Romney (flip flop), and Huntsman (who?).

    Obama 2012!

  37. Huntman will have a LOT of trouble…Mormon, worked in this adminisration,not widely known,liberal on too many ideas for the RW. There. Done with him.

  38. I think you are dead on with that assessment. We are really going to have to run against the media again.

  39. I would be very surprised if the repubs actually “pull together quickly” in this election cycle. They’re still held in the throes of the baggers and Birchers. If by chance some chance Pawlenty or Mittens wins the nomination, I fully expect that the nominee would have to pick a Bachman for VP (Palin redux) or get an independent running from the right.

    My major worry is someone like Bloomberg running as an indie. He could be a spoiler for PBO.

  40. If I may be so blunt – I am far more interested in ‘why’, or ‘how’ Romney, the son of the Rambler, can come within single digits of the President.

    I mean:

    1. A Mormon, so the religious right outside of Utah won’t vote for him.

    2. Health care of Massachussets (this doesn’t seem to be the right spelling, I give up)
    – how much more negative baggage do you need.

    3. No charisma (Obviously, the only candidate that can get ahead of Romney is a
    hand-written sign “NOBAMA 2012” – as per the Onion).

    4. A business man who predicted in 2008 that the American Auto Industry couldn’t be saved.

  41. The economy. If the economy won’t get better – let alone go south – we might lose to almost anyone. There is no one who can beat PBO even if unemployment is 8%, but we need to get there.

  42. Ooooo, the scenario of Palin running third party in protest to a Romney/Bachmann ticket would be like….like….like… ultimate political fantasy. *starbursts at the thought*

  43. And let’s not forget Willard’s dismal history on jobs as Governor, and the fact that he has no convictions of his own, yet he is whom the Republican establishment are pulling for.

    I hope the Republicans run him, POTUS will John Kerry him, especially on the healthcare issue and the auto bailout. Heck, John McCain John Kerry’ed Romney, which is why he dropped out early on during the Republican primaries.

  44. Mr. Stewart is a cohort of the impeached former potus Clinton. Their sanctimonious attitude is nothing more than them trying to make things as difficult as possible for Barack. The frat boy, good ole boy network is just as alive and well in the democratic party as in the GOP. Check the linkage of all these people Including the disgraced sleazy congressman Weiner (who was always one of the first to try and talk greasy about our president) all these men are friends and they all carry hateful personal feelings against president Obama.

  45. Check this crap? Andrea mitchel went from interviewing senator Webb bashing the president on Libya for fifteen minutes, then to weiner for fifteen minutes, now to a republican bashing the president on Libya for fifteen minutes.
    Folks, this was her whole show! Lol!

  46. It becomes clearer every day that we will need to ignore the media. It takes a LOT of discipline. Just think back: remember all the hand wringing about the “Bradley effect?”

  47. I wouldn’t leave anything to chance. His ties to big business, the Koch Brothers have to be publicized FAR and WIDE.

  48. name recognition is all. notice other polls have potus beating them all by double digits so when the real election kicks in watch what happens. for now donate, get the word out regarding our amazing democratic potus accomplisment and enjoy the drama going on in GOP land. I personally have my pop corn ready for when Bachman or whatever her name if, puts her foot in and please let Sarah join in. A beg…. 😀

  49. “I don’t think he’d be in it this far, this early if he didn’t know he could point to ‘embarrassing’ private conversations he’s had with Obama ”

    You know something we don’t ??

  50. More than once. From health care to tax deal, he was always the first to run to TV and questions the president’s “leadership”, “spine” and even “values”, if you can believe it.

  51. I agree about Huntsman’s chances, but we should keep our eye on him anyway. Because Republicans don’t know him yet doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of time for that to happen.

    I have long since stopped being surprised at what Republicans do and how they do it. I hope it doesn’t happen, but they want to defeat Obama more than anything and I would not be surprised if they coalesce sooner than we give them credit for. Whether or not that leads to a tea party challenge would be interesting as well. honestly don’t see Republicans voting for a tea party candidate in a crucial swing state and lose the election, they way liberal purists voted for Nader in FL and NH. We always forget that NH would have given Gore the election as well.

    Not one of these idiots is fit to lead a dog on a walk, much less the nation. But they elected George Bush — twice. They turned the entire MI government over to batshit insane Republicans while Obama was saving the auto industry. I no longer laugh when they are completely stupid and craven and crooked and heartless and traitorous: a good 35% of Americans will vote for just those people and they only need to convince a small sliver of the unengaged electorate to vote for them. They. Are. Dangerous. They are organized, they are focused, they always know who their enemy is. We laugh at them because they are so phenomenally stupid. We laugh at our peril.

    So if they think Huntsman has dirt on Obama, they’ll vote for him. They don’t look for saviors and superheroes like Democrats do — they look at everything institutionally. These are the people who gave Vitter a standing ovation for NOT resigning. They know how to fight their enemy. I do not underestimate them in the least.

  52. I also heard that Jon Stewart was bashing Obama last night. I do not see an article on google news affirming that.

  53. Cain is been used by the MSM crap, they full well know this guy does not have a chance sorry against Obama?

  54. The smaller deficit gap was a good surprise for the markets, but job reports is not good again. I don’t know what needs to happen to reverse this thing.

  55. I don’t know hun, I don’t watch these people. But I am sure its some made up yawn…nothing new.

  56. amk for obama, Hunstman supports the Ryan plan fully and publicly. That is not something the media can sweep under the rug and hope that people forget.

  57. But, But, do we think the latino comunity and Black comunity are going to vote republican? do not think so. Not to mention the younger voters most of the are for Obama.

  58. He had the nerve to do that on Andrea Mitchell’s show even after all this? He makes me sick.

  59. I don’t know squat. I do think they are capable of it.

    Here’s why: the tea party can get normally sane Republicans to do their bidding just with the fear of a challenge. They don’t need to do it, they just need to threaten it. They don’t care if Rick Santorum becomes President. They’d be thrilled to threaten Mittens enough for him to do their bidding. Then they win. I think they are that cagey.

    Nothing’s going to pull together in the first early primaries. And it may not hold together at all. They may actually believe that Obama is a shoo-in and they might as well nominate someone they really like. I frankly don’t find them that naive. There is a huge difference between a congressional race and the national election and I think they understand that.

    My hope and dream is that they really are that ideologically pure and refuse to wait even one more minute to get their dream presidential candidate. God, I hope that’s true. That gives us either a ridiculous nominee or a tea party challenge. Either scenario is good for us. But they are awfully good at this game and I do not underestimate them for one minute.


  61. Like I said before…I detest Mrs. Greenspan. Tells you all you need to know:)

  62. The only ones I worry about are Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman.

    Trump would be my ideal candidate but alas, that is an impossible dream.

    And please, let’s not get into handwringing again. Tweet and email the relevant people in the media.

  63. He wants to force Congress to take on Immigration Reform. Create the political space so Congress will HAVE to act. Same thing as he did with DADT. Not using executive orders to make cover for the cowards in Congress.

    I may be wrong, but I suspect President Obama has every intention to use the leverage of the 2012 elections to win some immigration reform in Congress. The Latino vote…

    BWD, please don’t lose hope. I sense you are a bit less upbeat those days….


  65. I want to see us set the narrative this time and not just react. We really need to learn how to do this. I have every faith in DWS and Steve Israel to get Democrats to do this better. It cannot and should not be all on Obama’s shoulders. He’s the POTUS, for God’s sake and the institution of the party should be crafting the message effectively.

  66. Apparently JStew put on his Klan suit and attacked African Americans supporting POTUS, saying it was only because Obama is black, that’s what I’ve read from other posters who actually tuned in.

    JStew’s job is to be a comedian, not a political commentator, but he has shown his true colors. I haven’t watched him in months and I’m glad that I haven’t, if all he does is attack POTUS and show his racist colors.

  67. In a week where Democrats are falling all over themselves with outrage about Anthony Weiner, we have Webb coming from the other flank, ‘rebuking’ President Obama over Libya. Republican presidents are treated like Louis XIV, Democratic presidents are treated like naughty school boys who should give the keys to the car back to the ‘adults’ in Congress.

    How dare Jim Webb pull this stunt.

  68. Precisely why I’m glad Democrats are upping the ante to push him out, force him to resign. He’s a loose cannon and is doing more and more to hurt the Democratic Party with his huge ego and sense of entitlement.

    He has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many issues to sort out, he’s the Tiger Woods/John Edwards of Congress. The man needs to bow out now, admit he blew it, and seek the help he desperately needs. Heck, Tiger Woods took a long break from golf to get through his cheating dilemma, why should Anthony Weiner be any different, because he’s an extreme left politician that the blowhard left look up to? Why would anyone look up to a man who tweeted his weenie to women he didn’t even know of? They could have been minors or police officers, which would make it a felony and land him in prison, and the fact that the extreme left are bending over backwards defending his ass says a lot about them. I’m glad I’m not one of them, ANTHONY WIENER MUST GO!!!

  69. Well, he does believe that President Obama has not worked as hard as he should have for this country.

    “I believe we were living in a more transformative time. He had the opportunity to be a president of the ronald reagan mold, being a more bully pulpit president”

    He think his governing style has caused him to not work very hard for this country.

  70. By the way, he is a socialist, like Bernie Sanders.
    Giving Obama’s governing style and disagreement points, there was bound to be bashing by Jon Stewart.

    Many hardcore progressives passionate about the direction of this country overlooked President Obama’s clear statement in the campaign that you will not always agree with him.

  71. That’s the report I saw and it sent me over the edge. Obviously.

    And when did right-leaning Democrats decide that NOT fighting a dictator like Daffy was a good thing?

    Would Webb be out there calling Obama weak if he hadn’t joined in this fight?

    This President needs and deserves the full and enthusiastic support of every elected Democrat in this effing country. I get furious when he has to fight his own party and take precious focus and energy away from our real enemies.

    And when are Democrats going to learn that they gain NOTHING by buying into Republican memes? Did Barbara Boxer have to go batshit crazy on ACORN and stay silent when it ended up being a total lie? And she’s one of my absolute favorites, for God’s sake. You think Barbara Boxer got one Republican vote because she was so outraged over ACORN? Seriously?

    I know Jim Webb isn’t running again, but here’s a novel idea: instead of buying into a Republican/MSM meme, how about showing some strength and intelligence and arguing effectively for the right position? Instead of running from HCR, how about defending it. And not just parroting a few phrases that don’t sound sincere. But with conviction and focus, the way Republicans tell lies? Why can’t the entire Democratic political machine learn how to do that?

  72. the economy—-all Obama’s fault—-it was a top of the show segment that could have been written by FOXNews or any rt. wing nut. He then followed that up with a segment mocking AAs for supporting Obama only for skin tone. It was horrific.

  73. “A more bully pulpit president”

    That alone says it all, I’ve had it with all this talk from the extreme left about how POTUS needs to use the bully pulpit more. Why are they forcing POTUS to do all the heavy work?

    It was always “Yes WE Can,” what part of “WE” do the extreme left not understand? There is no “I” in team, yet the extreme left thinks that POTUS needs to do it all himself. They were yelling for him to be on the ground in Wisconsin during the fight against Emperor Walker, they were demanding that he be Superman and solve the Gulf Oil crisis last summer, they are yelling that he needs to do more about the economy despite the fact that it’s in MUCH better shape than it was in 2008 and that the Republicans control the House and they’ve done nothing but pass ideological nonsense about defunding NPR, Planned Parenthood, legalizing rape, and the RyanScare Road to Ruin.

    I’m glad I don’t pay attention to JStew or any of these extreme blowhard left commentators/pundits, it’s enough to make a sane person go stark raving mad!

  74. He also said he would consider voting for Romney and Pawlenty if he felt they ‘had a better sense of what direction to take this country in’. Admittedly, that was in an interview with Bill O’Reilly and he did deride Palin and Bachmann if I recall correctly. Still, it doesn’t say a lot about his judgment.

  75. Democrats are totally blowing it on Weiner-gate. It would have gone away, or Republicans would have been forced to be the ones crying for his resignation, bringing up their rank hypocrisy with Vitter, Ensign and Craig.

    But, no. Democrats had to get all righteous and get into the fray. Hell, Weiner’s own constituents don’t give a damn. Do we need Democrats becoming the story and giving it news cycle after news cycle? How phenomenally stupid it that?!?!

    That being said, may I just add that Anthony Weiner is scum. He was stupid for doing what he did, but by sucking in the entire net roots to defend him in his lies is unconscionable to me. However he didn’t come close to breaking any laws and was miles away from what Republicans do on a daily basis and his own constituents should decide if they want him to be their representative.

    Democrats, please STFU. Right now.

  76. The only one I was seriously worried about was Huckabee as he is an interesting speaker, seems down-home and appeals to the Crazy Right so he could win the primary and some moderates and Independents might have voted for him in the GE if unemployment remained high. So I was relieved when I heard he wasn’t running.

    Unlike his boss and the rest, Sam Stein from Huffington Post is a fairly good reporter. This is a good report:
    “…In an interview with The Huffington Post on Wednesday, Obama’s adviser David Axelrod offered a fairly sharp criticism of Tim Pawlenty (for this early stage, at least). Axelrod was decidedly un-persuaded by the former Minnesota governor’s idea that, if you could find a private company to handle a function via Google, the government shouldn’t be involved.

    “What he should Google is ‘job growth for the last decade,'” said Axelrod, who, despite not officially being involved in the reelection at this point was huddling with top Obama advisers in D.C. on Wednesday. “What he should Google is ‘what happened to income for the last decade,’ when in many ways the policies that he prescribed were the governing theory. And then he should also Google ‘budget deficits in the state of Minnesota.’ And what he’ll find is, when he left, he left a projected deficit of $6.2 billion, which doesn’t exactly qualify him as an expert on fiscal responsibility.”

  77. BWD this is one of the few times where I’ll have to disagree with you. The unemployment situation is historically unprecedented since the Great Depression (when FDR won election TWICE) despite high unemployment.

    This is the narrative that the MSM wants the voters to buy. Notice that in their braying about Obama vs. Economy, they fail to mention how the GOPers in congress, as well as the GOP state officials have done NOTHING to facilitate the recovery – while actively working to undermine the recovery . Think voters cannot see that? This is not the midterms where voters barely knew the house reps that were on the ballot, and couldn’t really differentiate Dems vs Repubs.

    So far NONE of the Republican candidates have a better record of job creation than the President. Frontrunner Mitt Romney’s idea was to “let Detroit go bankrupt!” As of now, more people STILL blame GWB (the last Republican President) for the CURRENT state of the economy than they do President Obama. People are becoming increasingly aware of the GOP’s efforts to sabotage the economy and disenfranchise unions and workers. This is why in states like Florida the the GOP governors are deeply unpopular, while PBO enjoys decent job approval ratings – bad economy and all.

    And I would caution folks to not compare a Presidential election with a midterm. I would wager that at least 30% of American citizens over the age of 18 don’t even know who their congressional rep is. The media and Koch brothers could easily pull a fast one during the 2010 midterms simply because Barack Obama was not on the ballot. In 2012 – DIFFERENT STORY entirely!! The International (as well as domestic) reaction on youtube when Obama won in 2008 just gives you an idea of how much people are attuned to the Presidential elections vs midterms. If you think people were attuned in 2008 – watch out for 2012. It will be 100X more intense.

  78. The FDR comparison does not hold. Times were very different. The electorate was different. There were mainly moderate Republicans, not the insanity we have now. We had a level of respect that the Republicans have destroyed.

    I would not put too much stock in FDR’s reelection as a template for 2012. I think BWD is a tad too pessimistic. We should be able to make an effective case for the progress that’s been done. And yes — it’s time to demonize Republicans and find effective ways to explain the damage that they’ve done and how they will implode the American way of life if we hand them back the keys.

  79. So he’d rather vote for a Republican as opposed to supporting an actual progressive POTUS and leader… so much for JStew standing up for “progressive values/beliefs.”

  80. That was a big IF. He also is an independent as well. He is open minded to voting for a republican.

    Many people probably would have considered voting for Mccain if he had not picked palin and stuck to his reasonable positions as opposed to pandering.

    That having said that, the key word is IF. Ultimately, there will be no republican better than no Obama and he will vote for him. Even Matt damon has no plans to vote for a republican.

    He has 90% of the demoratic vote in each poll matchups. He is fine.

  81. IF both republican candidates were better than Obama. Ultimately he won’t and he will vote for Obama.

    Both candidates will show themselves to be inferior to Obama as the campaign season heats up.

  82. I believe Huckabee lost it when he started embracing birther beliefs and his baseless attack on Natalie Portman.

    Huckabee might sound down to earth, but when you actually hear about what he actually believes, it’s down right scary and nasty. If he did run, he’d probably gotten the nomination, but he’d be too far right for moderates and independents to vote for, POTUS would have shellacked him.

  83. I agree with you – I think he’s getting his feet wet, getting his name out there. But I am perplexed why he would have gone full tilt into Ryan-land if he was really trying to be the moderate candidate in 2016. He’s cooked his own goose with that endorsement, and it will live on well after 2016. I think he’s being advised by McCain, which might explain his faulty strategy. McCain is the one who brought us palin, after all.

  84. and they did not tell people to vote against republicans and president obama actively warned the people not to let the republicans gain back control.

    Now what’s left of the PL wants to blame him for the economy

  85. Because every Republican starts out with about 38-40% of the vote. Period. Then it’s just a matter of convincing some of the ‘independents’ who can’t tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

    This country used to have a sense of loyalty to their President. We ‘supported’ Bush at about 90% after 9/11, even those of us who loathed him because that’s what Americans are supposed to do in times of crisis. President Obama has enjoyed none of that. Only in this Presidency have not seen great majorities enjoying the loveliness of our First Family and their celebrating the kind of reception they received in Europe. This used to be a given, even if you hated the POTUS’ politics. That level of decency has evaporated.

    A Republican would have jumped to 85% after killing bin Laden. Obama barely got to 60%. There is a swath of the electorate that will NEVER give Obama any credit for anything. NEVER.

    Screw Bill Clinton and the Telecom bill. He turned over the entire media to the right wing. For this I will never forgive him.

    There is perilously close to almost half of the voting population that would elect anyone as long as it wasn’t Obama. Obama only has 60% of the electorate to sway on a good day. He gets demonized from the left, that 25% of the middle doesn’t know what to believe except the last thing they heard.

    I remember last June it was unthinkable that there would be Speaker Boner. Look what they were able to accomplish. We’re doing well on Medicare, because they handed us the issue. We need to start making our own issues and make THEM answer for their destructive ideas.

  86. You missed the beginning of her show with Rick Santorum. Un-freakin- believable.

  87. Hi Faith – I think you’re right. Democrats have been a huge disappointment during the Obama presidency, since they’ve been unwilling to defend their own principles, and expected the President to do all the heavy lifting in terms of getting the message out. Imagine what the President could have done with his party staunchly behind him, and with Tim Kaine being more effective, and the support of the people behind him? This country would be humming. It has to be disappointing for the President, to have spent so much time fixing everyone else’s problems, and then being blamed for the existence of the problems to begin with. Plus, with having his own party so easily hoodwinked and distracted by these petty media-contrived “crises”. I’ve been very disappointed in the poor showing by the party, but I have more faith in Debbie W-S, who seems to be ready to kick some butt.

  88. Can’t stomach the Faces of Evil on my teevee screen. I’ll read the post-mortems the next day to see who got out-crazied, and who did the out-crazying.

    Either way, I’m sure Wolfie will be breathless with infatuation for whoever gets crowned as the Supreme Crazy (and if it’s Mad-eye Bachmann, he’ll be breathless while hiding his woodie under the desk.)

  89. Sorry, that’s standard political comedy. Just like Saturday Night Live or Second City here in Chicago, they do political humor. I think you guys are completely missing the skit. It was a bit with one of Jon’s “guest political commentator” Larry Wilmore (who is a staff comedian on the show). Wilmore was trying to be funny about possibly voting for Herman Cain if he still delivered pizzas. etc. It was lame but far from being Klan.

  90. I think he got his info from Cornell West & Tavis. He sounded just like them. You would think unemployment in the AA community just went up since PBO was elected.

  91. The really sad thing about Weiner is that he married his wife only 11 months ago and she is pregnant. I feel so sorry for her stuck with that arse.

  92. Oh no they won’t be forgotten. The Obama campaign will remind the public very often. The media can go sit down somewhere – they are almost always useless.

    I don’t fear Huntsman at all.

  93. Plus, didn’t Huntsman back away from his Mormonism last week? The congregation may not be too happy with him.

  94. We should just replay the President’s 2010 campaign speeches – he went hoarse telling people exactly what the Republicans had in mind, and imploring them not to do it. Nothing has changed – except we now have evidence that the President was absolutely right in his predictions.

  95. 40 years from now…What did you do when you met Mrs. Obama? I picked my nose.

  96. See? This is the yin and yang. Macy’s loses my biz because of the Chump Game Show Host, and Old Navy gets my biz because of this 🙂 I will make sure I mention that real loud when I get to the checkout. THX desertflower

    To All:

    BWD is 100% correct that the GOP Owned and Operated Media is the real enemy in 2012. The only way to hit them is to hit them where they live: REVENUE. Do whatever you can to diminish it! Don’t watch. Don’t click.

    Become the Media!

  97. As far as entertainment value, I think Herman Cain would be the most amusing to watch, especially since he’d have to pick a running mate he hated (No, Herman, your name can’t appear twice on the ballot.)

    MSM as the enemy? Naw. They have absolutely nothing fresh to say. It’s all been said. The President doesn’t listen to them, neither does his campaign. Just the other day I saw an article that spoke to the level of involvement in the early campaign and what I recall as being most important is that he only asks, “What are you hearing on the ground?” The MSM is not in touch with the average voter. They completely missed the sentiment last time, they will this time too.

    Biggest enemy? Panic. More specifically non-stop panic. We can’t be effective if we spend all our time wringing our hands and putting out imaginary fires.

  98. Exactly what ideas on the right would inspire someone to vote for a Republican -either in McCain’s day or now?

  99. I don’t understand why you think they are blowing it. If Dems weren’t calling for his resignation, Republicans would have and then it would look like Dems are being hypocrites. The Republicans would say Pelosi is once again covering for Weiner the way they covered for Rangel. What Dems are doing is CYA. They are protecting the party and most likely punishing Weiner because he is not well liked in the party. I don’t think it has anything to do with morality.

  100. Huckabee is currently running non-stop ads encouraging people to repeal the health care law, and vote against their own best interests of security. He runs images of the President, talking about the health care bill being “concocted” in the middle of the night. That’s not someone who should be president.

  101. STOP watching that crap! I know it’s in the name of ‘keeping tabs on the enemy’ but the only way the complicit media can be stopped is to damage their revenue.

    Stop. Giving. Them. Ratings.

    It is the only way to fight back.

  102. I bet when he gets older his family will never let him forget this.
    And this new comment thingy is terrible.

  103. hmmm, now isn’t this a fine start to a presidential campaign…

    Slate Slate
    RT @daveweigel: RT @Philip_Elliott: WASHINGTON (AP) – AP sources: Senior aides on Gingrich presidential campaign resign en masse
    4 minutes ago

  104. I have to disagree with you about the media not being the worst enemy. What story has dominated the news for the past two weeks? What coverage did the President receive for his European trip? Who fueled the lie about the First Lady when she went to Spain? How much did the MSM say the President spent on his trip to China? What poll numbers do people hear about? Why is palin still featuring on the news? Why was Trump consulted over the Weiner scandal, and why hasn’t there been any pressure on him to back up his claims from the birth certificate scandal – which harmed a lot of people. Does anyone know about the recent victory over the China trade negotiation? What did the media have to say about Vitter and Ensign? Why isn’t Schwarzenegger still dominating the news with his far more serious scandal? Why aren’t the hostage negotiations with the GOP over the President’s nominees or raising the debt ceiling being properly communicated? Why is palin allowed to spew garbage about Geithner “fear mongering” over the debt ceiling predictions?

    The media is America’s worst enemy.

  105. politico POLITICO
    RT @jmartpolitico: POLITICO has learned that Rob Johnson, Sam Dawson, Dave Carney, Katon Dawson, Craig Schoenfeld have ALL QUIT Gingrich.
    7 minutes ago

  106. Downright scary and nasty doesn’t begin to describe Huckabee. More like treasonous and insane, as these 2 videos prove:

    1) Outright calls for assassination of the US President:

    2) Intentions to replace the US Constitution with the bible:

  107. These Republicans love to engage in personal attacks, instead of confronting the issues. Unfortunately, I took a gander at some of the comments, and there are plenty who support the right wing hatred of Unions and Romney’s claim of having initiated the idea of a “managed bailout” and his additional claim that the Administration followed his lead. The story is even written that way.

  108. politico POLITICO
    MT @jmartpolitico Newt’s desire to use technology and shine at debates sted of mix of both new & old-style campaigning was @ core of dispute
    3 minutes ago

    That’s the official story. The fact that all 300 of his supporters are now 90 years old might be the real reason.

  109. You’re welcome to it, but I’m sure you can come up with even juicier examples of media duplicity.

  110. Yeah – I find it hard to believe that Newt wanted to use new technology, and his campaign wanted to use old technology – so they quit… I think that smells a little funny. More like – they can read the writing on the wall, just like the rest of us.

  111. ‘Background noise’, Tien. And I don’t mean that in a positive way. There’s a litany of negative press. When the MSM virtually ignores that love shown to Obama in Europe — something that this nation used to be proud of — then did it ‘happen’? If a tree falls in the woods……..

    MSM creates a narrative that fills the airwaves with negatives and none of the positives, not even the positives that we used to be able to take for granted, like a warm reception in Europe. It’s dangerous for those 25% who don’t know what they think on their own.

  112. I consider the source:) Always those that think the unions are to blame for all the troubles in the world….I really don’t think the majority in MI think that way though…especially now. That “I thought of it first” memo not really a starter. Is that all he has?

  113. And over at Crooks/Liars they’re asking if Newt will get them parting gifts from Tiffany’s!! 🙂

  114. Dems can do some serious damage to the GOP field. We could do what they did and vote in those open primary states to get the least likely candidate that could beat the President so that they would have the weakest candidate. I would guess my the time the IA primary the only one standing with money will be Mittens. Mittens will destroy himselve before that time but it won’t matter because he’ll stay in it like McCain because he’ll have the money to prop him up to get the nominee. I suspect there will be a third party or maybe a fourth – Independent (R) and Teaparty.

  115. theo…I think you should send this exact text to every major news outlet and every pundit/anchorperson on the tv! DO IT!Perfect job!

  116. And what do you think pres. Obama has been doing vis-a-vis a potential Huntsman challenge? It was not for nothing that Plouffe opined that in the wake of the 2008 election results they were already thinking about 2012 challengers, including Huntsman.

    In fact I think Huntsman misread Plouffe’s statement to believe that Pres. Obama fears him. And you think Pres. Obama did not set traps for him in Beijing? Huntsman’s patriotism will become central opposition focus, since he himself admitted last week that he used his time in Beijing to nurture relationships with business partners. I said really? And he was not talking about doing this for country. It was for his own ambitions.

    Just you watch what happens to Huntsman down the road.

  117. Some of the partnerships Huntsman forged resulted in direct deals with the Huntsman group of companies. It was in Bloomberg news earlier this week.

  118. lol! I thought I had seen all of his but never saw that one before. Too good.

  119. Well, Karma works in strange ways. Apart from Weiner’s own incessant attacks on Pres. Obama, his wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman was herself a nasty piece of work during the Democratic primaries. Read more about her in Plouffe’s book Audacity to Win.

    No one would wish this embarrassment on anyone, for sure, but I just find it truly strange that all the Obama attackers seem to be meeting their own comeuppance one after the other.

  120. The problem is that while we ignore the media, swing voters don’t. That is what worries me.

  121. Well What kind of Minister Is the Huck??? Does he think our LORd and SAVIOR is pleased with his comments about assassination In reference to our Prez???? SHAME ON YOU HUCKabee!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  122. The best candidate from the standpoint of Obama’s supporters would be the strongest possible candidate the Republicans can put up, whoever that might be. That way when Obama beats that candidate in a landslide, the opposition will have no excuses, and will finally have to become reconciled to the fact that this country chose this man to be president.

  123. I think this is going to be a very difficult election for several reasons –

    1) the electorate is profoundly stupid – they elected Bush and then they re-elected the moron (!) in Florida they elected a criminal (!) as Governor

    2) they always seem to vote against their own best interests

    3) GOP legislators in several states have passed a bunch of laws which will make it much harder to register and to vote

  124. Yup – I think we will be running against the media – corporate run media!!

  125. “The Great White HOpe”… Fortunately , Bloomberg doesn’t seem interested in the job.

  126. Maybe our millions of prayers for justice and integrity to win are being heard.

  127. There was a time a few months ago where I thought Huntsman could rebuild, eventually, the repubiican party. Now I’ve learned that behind this so-called good-boy sooks there is a calculating businessman, a man who has ties with the Koch Brothers, and the worst, doesn’t have the integrity and the courage to fight for his convictions. He’s even prepared to downplay his faith.

    Greed. Power. That’s all. Shame on him. Next to President Obama, he looks so small.

  128. There’s a very dark side to this guy. During the primaries in 2008, he made some creepy jokes about Ron Paul. Huckabee has an obscession about death . Bizarre.

  129. I don’t know who would be worst or best to run against. There will be changing before this is all over. As we know something will happen to change it all. Whoever it is they will be championed by the msm. They want this to be a race so they can make money.

  130. Thanks Desertflower and Sheri – I’ll clean it up and send out a blast this weekend to all the media emails I have. Thanks for the suggestion!

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