“Absolutely urgent”

For those who did not see Messina’s mail:

Friend —

We’ve been working on bringing new people into the political process. That will be the story of our campaign from start to finish.

But right now there’s a concerted effort being made in states from New Hampshire to North Carolina to Ohio to make sure fewer people vote in 2012.

Here’s how they’re doing it: In some crucial battleground states, more than 50 percent of ballots are cast as part of early voting, which makes voting an easier and more flexible process. In 2008, a third of voters nationwide cast their votes before Election Day.

These voters tend to be working families and young people, and a whole lot of them voted for Barack Obama — in some states providing our margin of victory.

So Republican-controlled legislatures are cutting the amount of time people have to vote early, restricting when and how organizations like ours can register new voters, and making the voting process itself more difficult by requiring new types of identification, which lower-income voters are less likely to have.

They’re doing this because they have cynically concluded that they do better when fewer people vote.

That’s the opposite of the kind of politics we believe in, and of the kind of campaign we want to run.

So when we talk about the work this campaign will do to bring new people into the political process — registering new voters, training new volunteers, building an organization — it’s not just the right thing to do. It’s absolutely urgent.

Help us protect the right to vote for all. Join this campaign today:

Protect The Vote


Jim Messina

Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — You’re going to be hearing a lot more about this. For more information on systematic voter suppression efforts, read this New York Timeseditorial from over the weekend.

We aren’t funded by Washington lobbyists or corporate interests. We rely on donations from people like you. You should donate today.


If anyone feel like donating today, you can do it through The Only Adult page or in any other way. Please, donate if you can. 



115 thoughts on ““Absolutely urgent”


    The Republicans came after your Medicare and now they want your Social Security too. The only way to insure that you won’t lose either is to vote Democratic in all future elections. Republican’s used to be much more subtle about how they want to throw seniors into the private market to go head to head with health insurers and Wall Street, but lately the new leaders of the GOP apparently have no idea what they are getting into. When the Bush Administration flirted with it in 2005, they learned very quickly that it was a bad idea. But the new GOP feels so empowered that they think they can just come right out in the open with their stupid ideas. As a Democrat, I want to thank them
    I don’t see any adults in the leadership of the Republican Party so I anticipate even more boneheaded moves in the next year and a half leading up to the next election. I don’t even think the complicate media can help spin them out of some these messes they’ve created. It will take a lot of distractions to keep people from seeing what is going on and the difference between the 2010 race and 2012 is that President Obama is in this race, with his bully pulpit, his 75% personal popularity and his unmatched ability to deliver a message in a clear and concise way. The only thing the Republicans have in their arsenal is their appeal to racists. And with the president at 75% personal approval, their clearly aren’t enough racists to put them over the top. It should be a fun ride to November 6, 2012.


    (reposting to current thread)

  2. One of the obstacles in the way of registering to vote is getting the proper identification. Even if the Photo ID is free (to avoid getting struck down as a poll tax), getting it likely requires producing a birth certificate or other form of identification that costs money to obtain. Making donations to help people pay for this could make a big difference. When you have trouble paying for food and shelter, paying out $15 or $20 for a birth certificate could feel as challenging as climbing a mountain in flip flops.

  3. I would like to stress that we have the ability to set meme too. We don’t have to react to the Republicans. We can come up with our own response to the the doom and gloom. Here’s an example:
    Blame the Republicans for trying to shut down the government and destabilize the global economy by refusing to raise the debt limit. They are the ones refusing to pass bills that will create jobs.

    Focus on the Republicans in everything we say and do. They’re the ones trying to keep us from recovering, not the President.

  4. Gingrich is finished – his whole campaign staff quit en masse. Top level staffers including campaign manager, campaign spox, Top NH aide etc.

    Jumping to a new campaign? Campaign manager came from Rick Perry’s 2010 Gov campaign and he’s been testing the waters in Iowa – that would make some sense. Another possibility could be Guiliani who is supposedly getting in as well.

    Newt had a horrid roll out, then went on a two week vacation, and now comes back to this.

  5. e-mail from campaign

    We can’t afford to leave any matches on the table — especially in the early days of this campaign, when money goes the farthest in building our grassroots infrastructure.

    It’s not too late to double your impact and connect with a fellow supporter.

    Can you help us match every pledge by making a gift of $5 or more today?


    Pity I can’t do it.

  6. I agree – and we need to pressure Democratic Congress people to focus on the Republicans instead of firing into their own camp. This Weiner thing is a prime example – we had a winning message with the Medicare debacle, and now that’s gone by the wayside. and secondly, we’ve got palin out there confusing the issue on the debt ceiling, getting lots of airtime – we need Democrats out there proving why defaulting on America’s debts is no different than defaulting on your own personal debts, with consequences that will be felt for years to come. This is just like a regular person will face consequences when they do the same – except in the US case, it’s magnified by trillions.

  7. Thanks for the reminder, amk!

    I just made a donation and will continue to do so on a monthly basis.

  8. Just made a donation and signed up for monthly recurring donation. Barack 2012

  9. I know ACLU and Project Vote have sued the state of Fl. to prevent implementation of their new ridiculous voter restriction law until it can be reviewed by Dept of Justice. Nutcase Gov. Rick Scott and Repub legislature came up with a beauty, cutting early voting time in half, new restrictions and fines for voter registration organizations and making it almost impossible for anyone who has moved to vote (college students and young people, women and minorities are the targets). The ACLU spokesman said the new law makes it harder to register to vote, harder to vote and harder to have your vote counted. The Repubs tried to say this law was needed to prevent voter fraud—-hahaha—-but Fl. Sec. of State said there was no real problem with voter fraud in their state. Ugliness.

  10. See! This is what I’m talking about…Jovie with her great news and FORUS50 donating. This is good stuff, people. This is what we can pay attention to when we want to panic. Good things are happening in this country and the Republicans can’t even decide if they want to donate money to anyone because they’re holding out for their perfect candidate. Meanwhile, we already have ours and we’re already recruiting volunteers. We rock.

  11. Bob recently made an excellent suggestion: he suggested that one of the Democratic-supporting independent organizations which are being financed by well-to-do Dems should focus exclusively upon making sure that people have the ability to vote. I thought that this was a fantastic approach.

  12. Haha; they finally figured out what was obvious to everyone else: Newt Leroy is engaging in a vanity run. I personally think that he’s raising his profile so that he and his wife can continue to grift. Why shouldn’t he take cruises and enjoy himself during this “campaign”? He aint in it to win it anyway.

    Pointing and laughing at the GOP’s presidential bench. At some point, sane conservatives really do need to take back their Republican party.

  13. That is great news. Hopefully, that means more US jobs as well has helping the environment.

  14. It is hilarious to be abandoned by your own people a few weeks into a campaign.

  15. I do wonder if they are concerned about the donations this quarter. I have gotten 3 calls a day (I keep missing them) for the past 2 weeks looking for money. I hope that is because they are trying to put up a massive $ at the end of the quarter to scare Republicans and not because the donations aren’t coming in.

  16. Alabama now in addition to Arizona and Georgia. So disgusting…

    (CNN) — Alabama’s governor has signed what he billed as tough illegal immigration legislation, requiring police to check the status of anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally when stopped for another reason.

    The bill, due to come into effect on September 1, was signed into law by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley on Thursday.

    Its passage makes Alabama the latest in a series of states, including Georgia and Arizona, to weigh controversial new laws aimed at tackling illegal immigration.

    Civil rights groups and the Mexican government have been quick to condemn the move.


  17. I donated last month so I could get a 2012 t-shirt. I also donate a small amount each month. I did sign on to protect the vote, but I couldn’t give an additional donation at this time.

  18. At least it doesn’t look like they’re short of staff. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m sure people are doing what they can. President, First Lady and VP are doing fundraisers from time to time. Maybe they want to show that they also have a healthy base of small donors?

    I have an idea. Why don’t we have a fundraising day every week? We can take the blog post with the most comments and everyone who is eligible and willing can donate say, a dollar for every 100 comments? Is that too much? I’m not sure how much that would make, but every little helps, right? I hope this isn’t too audacious coming from someone who won’t be able to participate except by commenting.

  19. Talking about a billion dollar campaign probably wasn’t too bright. I mean folks will figure “Hell, the $50 in my pocket will go further for me than it will with the billion dollar Obama campaign…”

  20. Reuters is reporting that Hillary Clinton is seeking the Presidency…

    Of the World Bank.

    Would sort of suck if she had to leave now though, and probably really screw over Kerry as Administration couldn’t risk his Senate seat, and having two Massachusetts seats open would basically ensure Brown would be re-elected.

  21. Connected to Hickenlooper as well.

    (Hick’s my very early choice for 2016)

  22. You know, everybody loves that job. When lbj wanted to get rid of McNamara, he gave him that job.

  23. Are they allowed to use this kind of language? Their twitter accounts are semi-professional in nature, at least in theory. Off-topic sorry.

  24. I think the seat opens up next year and only if Zelnick does not seek a 2nd term.Kerry and the senate seate should be okay I think.

  25. I am grateful for your help in this matter. I contributed about $2000 to others, I just need a $50. Just do it if you can.
    Thank you very much.

  26. Thanks for the update and posting this. I will be sure to spread the word and to donate.

    Not to get off subject, but speaking of the President..I am totally shocked by a well known liberal blog. Apparently a member, while posting a comment, called the Presidenit a derogatory name. It ws a derivative of his name often used by Teabaggers and right wingers. And only one or two people seemed to mind and most were OK with it. So it is not ok to call the President names that right wingers use and not be considered a troll on some liberal blogs.!! I am shocked and appalled !!

  27. I noticed only one person mentioned it and objected to it…the rest let it go or paid it no attention and let it fly or defended it. Yikes !!! This person said that sometimes the right wingers got it right about Obama and how bad he is. Good Grief !!! I can remember a time a person saying that would be called a troll and thrown off the forums..no more I guess…sigh..so sad.

  28. I second to do a lot more and we will double our donations my whole family are all in, and we are a large family. I am not so worried about the polls, The MSM will try to scare the hell out of us, so do not panic.

  29. Republican trolls are back in force. Folks, there is a full blown operation underway. Republican paid operatives are strorming the blogs, working their links with media people. Republican legislatures are pusing voter suppression laws, and the negative campaign against PBO has just begun. Some people are very afraid of Barack Obama, of his impact nationally AND internationally.

    This is the beginning of a very difficult yet very important presidential campaign. May justice and integrity win. May the PEOPLE win.

  30. Hi,
    Found this from CBS News. It must be bad when network news puts out stuff like this:

    “Sources close to the campaign say that it has been a disorganized mess for weeks, with Gingrich offering no direction and not taking the advice of his aides. With no sense that the candidate wanted to do the hard work necessary to win, one source said it was foolish to work long hours, sacrifice time with family, and beg friends for campaign cash if the candidate himself wasn’t committed.

    Sources say that Gingrich intends to stay in the campaign, what’s left of it. Indeed, on his Facebook page, Gingrich posted: “I am committed to running the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign I set out to run earlier this spring. The campaign begins anew Sunday in Los Angeles.”

    In Iowa this week the talk was of Gingrich’s decision to take a vacation while his competitors were working hard campaigning and trying to raise money.”

    Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20070419-503544.html#ixzz1OouVTtKg

  31. Spat on Tien Lee. most people all ready know that the GOP agenda, will be campaining on Moral values, such Abortion, relegion, Bashing mexicans bashing Gays, Plan parenthood, the race card, hate. they will trow everything including the kitchen sink and hope something will stick.

  32. Ignore the blowhard left and the teabagging right. They’re both out to destroy POTUS, but they will fail epically. If it’s one thing about POTUS they’ve failed to acknowledge, is that it’s always wrong to underestimate him. He’s taken politics to a whole new level, a level that no one left or right has been able to successfully figure out.

    Let them bloviate and rant and rave, POTUS will come out swinging and prove them ALL wrong just like he did in 2008, and they’ll be forced to shut up and eat humble crow.

  33. I was thinking the same thing Roscoe. I have a feeling it was the media bellowing out that figure more than the Obama camp. To most everyday Americans 1 billion dollars is hard to comprehend in relation to financing a campaign. Hopefully that type of figure circulating will not discourage potential rank and file private doners. Hopefully we get some good quarterly news. If not our donation strategies must intensify.

    That said I have gotten mailers from the DCCC, the Democratic Senate, PBO’s relection campaign, our own local needs for funds with galvanizing a campaign in Ohio to overturn the anti collective bargaining law, etc. I’d say some of us diehard doners might be getting tapped out. So fresh blood is needed on the donation front. We don’t want to wear out the repeat doners before the heat of the campaign starts. Keep Hope Alive…..Obama/Biden 2012!!

  34. Story about Clinton and world bank

    Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank


    She has said publicly she did not plan to stay on at the State Department for more than four years. Associates say Clinton has expressed interest in having the World Bank job should the Bank’s current president, Robert Zoellick, leave at the end of his term, in the middle of 2012.

  35. I never go over there anymore except to make random donations like when potus has an amazing poll day I donate what that number is. I signed up for them to take monthly amounts from my account so I don’t go there. They never replied to me and my friends emails about the trolls, none of our phone calls were followed up, I just don’t understand it. I am disgusted that they don’t moderate. I hate that place now.

  36. You have to remember CherylAnn that there is RACISM in both the Conservative and Progressive ranks. Racism is alive and well in America. Not only that, like someone has posted in this thread recently, there is an army of “seek and destroy” operatives posting on political blogs across the internet to confuse, disenchant, and cause HOVAC and APATHY amongst supporters and voters on the fence. This evil internet and ground war has just begun. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!! Obama/Biden 2012.

  37. With summer coming, people will be hard to reach for donations, and they need to hit the ground running in the Fall. It makes sense to grab as many donations as possible before school’s out.

  38. A lot of those on the “liberal” blogs are actually right wingers – openly, or with hooded sheets to cover their faces.

  39. Slightly off topic and somewhat trivial but my President looks hot in that photo.

  40. Many of them are Libertarians who have a lot in common with the fringe left.

  41. Followed by over 3,000 nasty, nasty comments. Don’t even bother to read any of them if you want to stay positive.

  42. That’s fantastic. I think that’s so cool she can go unrecognized to certain places. Unless she is with the kids, Bo, or her handsome husband…who would really recognize her? especally if she was wearing sweats and no make up.

  43. Wow, who would pay money to see a pack of lies. Someone needs to make a movie about the “real” Scarah Palin, mother grizzley-grifter.

  44. An existential question: am I the only one bothered by anyone who wants to be President of the World Bank?

  45. Thanks for posting FORUS50. Those babies are so cute and they are entrhalled by the sight of the President. This one is a keeper. I will have to save this one.

  46. That’s a really good idea. I think a weekly fundraising day could be really successful here.

  47. He’s the governor of Colorado. He’s pretty young and has a ton of great ideas. I think he is definitely one to watch in 2016.

  48. Then there’s the $700 million grant Florida won last year in the national “Race to the Top” competition, to pay for teacher evaluation and merit-pay initiatives through 2014.

    Gov. Rick Scott has spoken out against stimulus money — and earlier this year rejected $2.4 billion in high-speed-rail money offered under another program. His administration has dismantled the office that former Gov. Charlie Crist set up to track stimulus money. Scott’s office did not respond to requests from the Sentinel to discuss stimulus spending.


    Unspent stimulus billions in Texas causing growing unease
    a Waco Democrat, is the chairman of the House Select Committee on Federal Economic Stabilization Funding, a fancy title for the public officials who are watching how $20 billion of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is being spent in Texas. Dunnam has, from its passage in February 2009, been a vocal proponent of the twin goals of the act — to get money into an ailing economy quickly and to create or retain jobs.

    “That money is not getting out the door the way it should,” Dunnam said after being given the new totals. “We had better ask for a progress report at our next meeting. It’s disappointing to me because, at the beginning, they seemed to be the agency most on the ball.”

    and many more states…..(their tactic is to delay and delay and blame the President in hopes to be a one term).


    Why is anyone NOT asking Rick Scott, Gov.Perry, Christie, Kusack and others, to why they witholding stimulus money that can create jobs???

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……..Before any Republican utter where are the jobs Mr. President..

    If you live in states that your governor is holding you hostage, Organize, March, BE Vocal, Hit the Streets…..THE MEDIA ISN’T GOING TO DO IT FOR US.


  49. Bothered ? I don’t know. With some seeds of doubt ? You’re not alone.

    There are all sorts of things circulating about the World bank. I don’t know. The goal of the institution is great; all depends on HOW the institution is functionning. If they make loans that put countries in jeopardy and control them politically, that’s not good. I admit after watching an interview with the author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” , I’m not completely at ease with the international banking institutions. I’m always wondering about the integrity of the individuals working there.

    If Hillary has good intentions and can have independance from the big players in the global banking system, then her going there would be one of the best news possible for developping countries. In short, all depends on her integrity and her capacity to not let the big international bankers dictate her actions. I’m not a hundred percent sure of her independance. She was a candidate supported by the establishment, remember ? And I think she’s more accepting of the “power games” than President Obama ,who has to be the most honest and courageous politician I’ve seen in a long time.

    I had heard Hillary wasn’t interested in four more years at the State Department. I WAS SURE she had been offered ,or she was interested in, some position in an international institution. I’m not that surprised about this news.

  50. Adding to my comment… It would have benn more accurate to talk about the more broader concept of “independacnce from big international corporations”.

  51. Every state where there’s a TeaPublican governor and state legislature need to do this and more…

    DNC/OFA, DCCC/DSCC, DEM state legislators and state DEM parties, et al whaddaya doin’?

    The DEM Governors Association is DOin’ SOMETHIN’:

    Protect Voter Rights

    Wisconsin and Florida have already enacted dangerous voter suppression bills aimed directly at Democratic voters. It’s no coincidence that these bills are getting rammed through in key swing states just in time for the 2012 election.

    The DGA has launched the VOTER PROTECTION PROJECT to inform voters of their rights and these outrageous attacks…


    And, citizen lobby, anyone?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!


    Yes, WE are!

    And, WE need to find a way to “throw all of these TeaPublican-elected officials in jail”…Grrr!

    That’s what they, all, deserve done to them!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  53. The link takes you to a make-your-own donation page. I could not figure how to find your page. BWD’s link takes me directly to her page. I like to contribute to as many pages as I can.

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