“The Real Special Relationship: Obama and the Queen”

Very few things I hate more than linking to Huff-Crap, but Christina Patterson deserves all the love for this beautiful, moving, full of heart piece of writing:

/// snip

There is a special relationship, but it isn’t between Barack Obama and David Cameron. It isn’t between America and Britain. It emerged in an interview on Sunday when Andrew Marr, whose eyes were shining in the way you might expect someone’s eyes to shine if they were on a date with Angelina Jolie, said the word “chemistry.” Suddenly, Obama’s eyes were shining, too. Obama smiled. It was like the sun coming out. They were talking about Obama’s “chemistry” with the Queen.

“They are,” said Obama, of the Queen and her spouse, “extraordinarily gracious people.” She could not, he said, “have been more charming.” She is,” he said, “the best of England.” “We are,” he said, “very proud of her.”

If I’d been the Queen, I think I’d have fainted with joy. I think I might even have broken my rule about boasting on Twitter. But the Queen tends not to faint. She tends not to boast. The Queen, who yesterday welcomed Barack and Michelle Obama to Buckingham Palace, and hosted a state banquet for them, and put them up in the suite where her grandson and his new bride spent their wedding night, but with specially bomb-proof double glazing installed by the secret service, chose instead to greet them with a 41-gun salute.


Obama is, if not O’Bama, also the real McCoy. He doesn’t smile when he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t, or at least he doesn’t seem to, say things he doesn’t mean. He doesn’t go for big displays of emotion. (When he tried to, over the BP disaster last year, he hit a rare wrong note.) Like the Queen, he is careful and steady. Like the Queen, too, he’s magnetic. He’s handsome. Of course he’s handsome. He’s the most powerful man in the world. But he has the quality that she has, too. It has something to do with knowing who you are, and something to do with calm.

It can’t be all that easy to know that when you want to make a trip to London, you have to do it with 200 secret service agents, and six doctors and several hundred aides. It can’t be all that easy to have to travel in a car that’s like a tank (which can withstand any form of attack except, it seems, a little ramp) and to know that you can’t walk down a street unless it’s lined with police. But Obama accepts this, and he doesn’t let it turn him into a foot-stamping, bottom-grabbing alpha male. He understands, as the Queen does, that these are the trappings of office, and that what really matters isn’t the trappings of office, but its responsibilities.

// snip

Barack Obama also knows that change takes time. “Once the transition process is complete,” he said to Andrew Marr, on the subject of Afghanistan, “you get into politics, and it’s going to be messy, it’s going to be difficult.” When Marr asked him about the mismatch between the man who said “we can”, and the man sitting in the White House now, he said this. “What I did,” he said, “was project a vision of where we need to go. I was very clear on election night that this was going to be a steep climb.”

It certainly is going to be a steep climb. You can’t take an economy that was near collapse, and suddenly turn it into one that gives all your citizens a living wage. You can’t suddenly revive industries that have died. You can’t suddenly cut your gas-guzzling voters off from the black stuff that keeps the show on the road. You can’t suddenly rewrite the politics of the Middle East.

But you can, if you’re very, very determined, pass a bill that means that 32 million Americans who didn’t have access to healthcare now do. You can stimulate the economy. You can create jobs. You can reform Wall Street. You can cut the world’s stock of nuclear weapons. And you can track down, and kill, a mass murderer.

You may, however, not be able to do all that much about a revolution that’s sweeping the Middle East. You may want to, but you can’t bring military intervention everywhere and when you have, it hasn’t always gone all that well. You may, in fact, do best to stick with what you’ve started, and get on with what you have to do at home.

“Most politicians,” said Obama to Andrew Marr, “spend their time talking, rather than listening. That,” he said, “is a habit that I try to break.” I’m sure the Queen would agree. I’m sure she’s also proud of him.


More good read, this time from Time (I’m very clever!):

Obamaworld 2012

/// snip

The campaign’s larger strategy is to capitalize on its 2011 head start. Obama is an incumbent with no primary challenger, while Republicans are still fretting about when and whether to get into the race. No one in Chicago expects a cakewalk in 2012, not after two years of political battering. But they also know an opportunity when they see one. “I can’t tell you what a gift, if we use it properly, this year is,” says David Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager. “If we don’t, shame on us.”

// /

The Chicago plan will play out in places like the Denver suburb of Arvada with volunteers like Suzan Rickert, a recently retired health care worker. For more than 25 years, Rickert, 60, has been active with her local Democratic Party, and she has long been accustomed to caucus meetings with just four or five people in attendance, including her husband and her. But for a fleeting time, she says, something happened when Obama burst onto the scene. “In 2008 we had 80 people,” she remembers. “I want them to come back.”

A few weeks ago, she answered an online appeal for volunteers to donate 40 hours a week all summer working the phones and pavement for the President. She decided to put off her plan of starting a small business, after being assured that she would not be the only person over the age of 25 on the job

// /

Of course, a great field organization alone is never enough to win a campaign. Obama will still need to hone a winning message and weather a recalcitrant economy. Axelrod likes to compare the field organization to the field-goal unit on a football team. “You have to get close enough to the goalpost for them to make a difference,” he says. But right now, with Republicans many months from having a nominee of their own, organizing is one thing Obama’s advisers can control. And if they can control it, they intend to master it. Again.



83 thoughts on ““The Real Special Relationship: Obama and the Queen”

  1. I’m sure the Secret Service already know. People can write to them to make doubly sure. Let’s just hope the SS won’t announce their surveillance plans on Twitter.

  2. We should all call Secret Service and demand that he be investigated. We should all write whoever produced his damn movie and let them know it will be boycotted and every movie they make again since they’re producing his garbage. We should not be silent. Enough is enough.

  3. Its called the Big Fix and i know from the diary its was part of Cannes.

  4. Thanks BWD. I just posted the article to my Facebook account. It bothers me that the UK and Ireland went out of their way to show every honor to our President and it just didn’t get the attention it deserved in the US. I still see comments like “The President is embarrassing us” I can’t let people get away with that. I will speak up whenever I hear that BS.

  5. The Patterson article is brilliantly written. I am actually surprised that the ‘snakes that the Huffpo den keeps’ allowed it to be posted. I just hope the writer does not get insulted and disparaged by the Right Wing and some so-called PL who now reside there.

  6. It is incredible that what should be seen as a matter of pride to all Americans is being twisted in this ugly manner. It borders on treason. It is destructive to America’s future. It makes me want to scream.

  7. Lest we let ourselves get complacement, I’m seeing the Republican Lie Machine ramping up to sell the destruction of Medicare. Here’s my rant:

    How do you throw seniors to the private market when the market is not free? Did I miss the section of Ryan’s assault on America (oops my bad — the Republican budget) where insurance companies are going to be heavily regulated to ensure that seniors can afford the ‘free market choice’ and that that ‘choice’ will cover their medical expenses?

    Is Paul Ryan readying an anti-trust lawsuit to break up the monopolies of insurance companies in almost all markets? Or is he just going to carve out a special place in hell (oops, my bad — 78 year olds shopping for insurance) where they can more easily buy flim flam policies ‘across state lines’ that cover nothing, pay for nothing.

    I’m hearing calls on c-span this morning of people armed with their Rush Limbaugh talking points about ‘taking care of themselves’ and welcoming this Brave New Insurance Hell (oops, my bad — ‘world’) with no understanding that the second this travesty, God forbid, goes into effect the majority of their ‘premium care’ stovepipes to the profit of insurance companies, instead of paying for your health care with 3, 4% overhead like Medicare.

    We can take a few congratulatory days but then let’s prepare for the most effective lie machine in the history of man, the Republican party, to find a way to sell this. Because they can. They will. And for once, Democrats, be effing prepared.

    I must add, however, that Steve Israel is exactly the type of messenger we’ve needed. Both Chris Matthews and Rachel last night said how impressed they were with him. I think a comfort level with a passionate, articulate messenger will actually get more coverage.

  8. Repost:
    MAY 26, 2011 Who would you rather have lunch with – Obama, Palin or Romney?
    A new Sachs/Mason Dixon poll gets to the heart of the presidential choices in front of us. Who would you rather have lunch with? More than three times as many Americans – 53 percent – would choose to have a one-on-one lunch chat with President Obama over any of the Republican presidential conentenders. Sarah Palin placed a distant second, with 16 percent.

    “Overwhelmingly, Americans find President Barack Obama to be the most likable and lunch-worthy date compared to any of those hoping take his job in the 2012 election,” said Ron Sachs, President of Ron Sachs Communications. “There is no baloney in this simple truth: the ‘lunch pal’ poll very likely reflects the significant advantage President Obama enjoys heading into his re-election against a party that has no ‘candidate du jour.’”

    One in ten said they’d choose none and prefer to eat alone.

    The May 23 and 24 Sachs/Mason-Dixon Poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent. A total of 625 adults were interviewed between May 23 and 24 nationwide by telephone. The poll was commissioned by Tallahassee-based Ron SachsCommunications and conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, Inc


  9. Thanks for bringing us these articles this morning. Great praise from Biden, and excellent insight on the relationship between the Queen and POTUS by Ms. Patterson — so nice to see fluent, gracious writing (and so rare). It really was extraordinary to see the warmth extended to our First Couple in Ireland and England. Looks like they love him in France, too.

    They will want to make him President of the World in 2016 :-).

  10. Also, I love just about any quote from my man, David Plouffe — I breathe easier when I know PBO’s steely alter ego is around, plotting and planning. In Ploufee I trust!


  12. Good morning everyone. Thanks BWD for excellent coverage of our Prez. President Obama has captured the hearts and minds of the majority of thinking people with his calm and effective leadership. This drive the crazy dishonest right further off the deep end.

  13. Who’d want to have lunch with Sarah Palin? Looks like they interviewed pretty sensible people.

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    In February, Tessera Solar announced that AES Solar, a joint venture between AES and Riverstone Holdings, had acquired the Imperial Valley Solar Project. AES Solar intended to move the project forward to fulfill its obligations under the PPA.


  15. President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sought Thursday to put to rest any speculation that their relationship is strained, telling reporters in France that the relationship between the two countries has been successfully “reset.”

    Obama, who is in France for a series of bilateral meetings with world leaders and the G-8 summit, ticked off a list of areas where the two countries are working together and hailed the Senate’s passage of the New START Treaty as proof relations are strong.

    “Over the past two years, I think that we have built an outstanding relationship and, as a consequence, we’ve been able to reset relations between the United States and Russia in a way that is good for the security and the prosperity of both of our countries,” Obama said.


    Another foreign policy achivement, which nobody said he could do!

  16. That’s the same space which itself “debated” the propriety of analogizing the legality bin Laden’s killing to that of President Obama so I hope that they’re not acting outraged. Ugh, I probably need to sign off of the intertubes for a little while. I saw that story at other outlets and just put it out of my mind; the left fundamentalists are insane and they will always be insane and hateful. And I consider dkos to be a major part of the problem quite frankly no matter how many o-bots are there trying to salvage it.

  17. Corporate profits are down this quarter, they are blaming it on the cost of companies HIRNG more people! WOW!
    So, now what, are they going to go back to NOT hiring? These guys are unreal!

  18. You are such a bundle of fresh news. Thanks for all you do. Jovie,

    BWD, Wonderful mish-mash.

  19. And senator Nelson is running away with it. Also, the best thing that has happened to POTUS down here, is governor scott and his tea bagger philosophy!

  20. I take it your mind is already made up…lol.
    It didn’t take you that long!

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    “We want Americans to know that simple food safety steps can make cookouts and picnics worry-free for hosts,” said USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Elisabeth Hagen. “A food thermometer and our virtual food safety representative, Ask Karen, may be the most important ingredients for families and friends hosting events throughout the year, including fun, safe summer cookouts over Memorial Day Weekend.”

    The experts at the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline have broken down safe cooking and handling practices into four simple steps: Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill. To Be Food Safe this summer, round these grilling bases and your barbecue is sure to be a home run.


  22. And it’s too late to try to throw folks a bone on education now. The crook is T.O.A.S.T.

  23. The Ryan Budget might have been defeated 57-40, but the Obama budet went down 97-0 so the GOP frame will be “Dems are not doing anything, at least we’re serious about the deficit/debt”.

  24. Sweet, Sweet.For that were saying slow down you are trying to do too much, eat my shorts.
    No body, but no body can compate with Obama’s
    massive intellect mind. and he is very well respected amoung the world leaders. so proud of my PRESIDENT.
    Thank you BWD you also have amassive intellect.

  25. Ignore those people. They are a-holes and like their leaders to act like arrogant a-holes. No amount of coverage will correct their thinking.

  26. There was a symbolic vote on the Obama 2012 budget blueprint that was defeated 97-0 after the Ryan Budet vote.

  27. Unfortunately, that is true, even though the reason the “Obama” budget was defeated the way it was is that it is totally irrelevant as it is the budget introduced quite a while ago and changes have been made to it, so what was voted on was not even a real proposal.
    The real problem is that the American public is extremely ignorant when it comes to certain things, exemplified by the number that don’t want the debt ceiling raised.
    Of course, the way to counter attack is to point out that the Ryan plan budget was not serious in any way.

  28. they’ve been saying that for a long time already. They actually wanted the Dems to vote on Obama’s budget so that they can hang it around their necks.

  29. Shit. I hate soundbites like that.

    And exactly WHY did Democrats vote it down? Are we in for more procedural explanations that mean nothing to average Americans?

  30. The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:


    Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feigned outrage over President Obama’s suggestion that Israel and Palestine borders should be based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. Then in Netanyahu’s congressional address yesterday, he made that same suggestion. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite.

    Check out the segment here….


  31. WI’s union busting law struck down for ignoring the open meetings provision.

    State Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether to take the case or not.

    I’m assuming they can re-submit the bill? Thoughts?

  32. Lawrence has been on fire for weeks.

    And although Ed Schultz should have apologized for calling Laura Ingraham a talk show slut on his radio show, the mea culpa last night was so over the top ridiculous, when right wing hosts call everyone on our side that and worse on a daily basis. Pulled himself off MSNBC indefinitely, rambled about what a horrible, awful, despicable poor excuse of a human being he was who had brought shame on every decent human being who ever lived. You can apologize without giving the other side ammunition. Ed Schultz has about two brain cells to rub together.

    Then his replacement last night was that milquetoast anchor who replaced David Schuster. Not a liberal, mind you. Just a no-opinion anchor.

  33. Nope. But these fools were warned, and now he’s taking the whole state down, and those like me can only horde what they can and bunker down.

  34. I understand your rant, and it’s justified. This IS what the TeaPublican’s Political/Communications/PR arm, FOX, is up to:

    Fox Message Testing: Week-Long Series To Label Safety Net Beneficiaries “Takers”… http://mediamatters.org/research/201105240049

    And, I BELIEVE, like you, DEMs, as a whole, need to improve/build our national communications system: craftin’/framin’ of messages, implementin’ effective messagin’, “stayin’ on the same page,” et al! (Lakoff comes to mind.)

    How about the new DNC Chair, DWS?

    DSCC Chair, PM?

    By the way, I love your rantin’ and commentary. Saint Roscoe’s, too…Keep doin’ what you are doin’ b/c DNC/OFA, DCCC, DSCC, et al need to hear it! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  35. I think they’ll just re-submit the bill before the recall elections in July rather than risking the recall happening, losing the majority and then having the law striken down.

    The senators up for recall have nothing to lose now – they’re not going to vote differently. They’re forcing their agenda through to try and beat the recall election – they’ve pretty much accepted their fates.

    Only thing a re-vote would do might be to remind the voters once again closer to the recall date.

  36. Sounds like Ed knows that he’s reaching the end of his time on MSNBC. Good riddance to rubbish, all he has done is rally against our President at every given opportunity. Called President Obama a corporatist sellout against the middle class and has encouraged folks to vote against him and the Democrats in 2012, because Mr. Obama didn’t “stick it to the corporations.”

    I’m hoping MSNBC cuts him loose, his show wasn’t that bad when it began, but he became unwatchable with his hyperbole and emotionally driven rants against our President and the Democrats. Some of the Democrats did deserve to be trashed (Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu to name two) but Ed crossed the line telling people not to vote for Democrats last year because they needed to be taught a lesson.

    And Ed crossed the line and danced over it calling Laura Ingraham a right wing media slut. You don’t see Jay Carney or any male in the Obama administration calling the Republican women media sluts, and that’s because they may disagree on policy, but realize that demonizing them with inappropriate slurs is unprofessional. If I wanted to see women demonized, I’d listen to Rush Limbaugh or tune into Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity.

    It’s time for Ed to hit the road, he is irrelevant. President Obama didn’t need his rants to get things done, and all Ed has done is make things much more difficult for our President by making the left and Democrats look bad with his over the top rants.

  37. ttp://www.gallup.com/poll/147806/Romney-Palin-Lead-Reduced-GOP-Field-2012.aspx

    Palin in second place among preferred Republican candidates. I’m hoping she runs, it would be hilarious.

  38. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair with moxie.


    The way i would explain that statement is why aren’t they supportive of closing tax loopholes to make sure that we can not incentivize companies to ship jobs overseas? Why aren’t they supportive of making sure that we can strike a balance and not pile all the pain on top of people that can least afford it in the middle class and working families? Why do they only care about tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Why would they say they oppose bailing out the auto industry and rescuing the auto industry so that we can make sure we can have a strong and vibrant American automobile industry and then run from it? I mean why would they not want to make sure that everyone has access to health care? I mean these things — without them it would have prevented us from out-educating, out innovating and out competing our competitors in the global economy. So I just say that because it’s a reaction to their policies.


  39. Nice reads…

    As WE have seen w/our own eyes, the Queen, like WE and the rest of the world do, does love PBHO and FLMO:

    Another gift exchange: Larry the cat at 10 Downing gave this to Bo. Larry received a toy mouse from Bo http://yfrog.com/h0ljrpwj via @pfeiffer44

    And, she’s very proud of them!

  40. Actually I think this is more of the media’s doing than anything else. The media wants Palin to run for ratings and other gratification. As per the MSM, The current GOP field is boring and the males in the RW media need their sexual gratification to make their jobs worthwhile.

    I don’t think Palin should run. I don’t believe that PBO should be reduced to having to “compete” with that fool. Her ego is already way too big, she has NOTHING to offer in terms of ideas & policies that will move this country in the right direction, and she shouldn’t even be on the political radar at this point.

  41. Palin is launching a nation wide bus tour on Sunday from DC. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/05/26/palins_exploratory_campaign_a_nationwide_bus_tour.html

    Add this to her moving to Arizona and the movie she commissioned about herself coming out in June and it certainly smells like she is running.

    (Moving to Az. opens the possibility of a fall back option to run for their Senate seat if the Presidential run fizzles. she could move her Presidential campaign money to any senate run.)

  42. I have BIG issues with DWS jumping up and down for nut yahoo! Well, I have a problem with the dems even showing up let alone cheering. I am sick to my stomach with all the play they goet in the media and not a word about Pres and Mrs. Obama incredible trip abroad. I am steaming!

  43. I’m not excited about her running at all. I think it will reduce the gravitas of the presidency and presidential campaigns. President Obama should not have to stoop that low to compete with this media-manufactured idiot.

  44. I agree. I heard on MSNBC that she would be someone that would “take it to Obama”. And I could only think WTF?

    So she will drop “say it ain’t so” and “pussyfooting around” and we are suppose to take her seriously because she’s taking it to Obama?

    Great let her run. They will destroy her during the primary and in turn destroy themselves because of her rabid base. Run Sarah run!

  45. I’ve very excited. Because she should be a boon for House and Senate races for us. Does the Republican candidate run with the top of their ticket, which alienates them from moderates or against the top of such a ticket and alienates the Palinites.

    I still will not allow myself to even really consider she’ll run until she officially announces she is. It would be too good to be true.

    Any announcement will be a month away though – first she’ll have her listening tour, then her movie will debut in Iowa. I’d guess that her bus tour will end in Az – which would be a good time to announce I guess. That would bring it into July though, a mere six months before the Iowa caucuses.

  46. Apologies beforehand to all of the TOAITR Oprah fans, but this made me choke back a laugh on the reference desk. A tweet from Andy Richter:

    Instead of watching Oprah’s final show I paid a dominatrix to throw self-help books at me while she congratulated herself.

  47. Ok, I was wondering why some of the Twitter feeds I follow were talking about Bosnia so much. Good news!

  48. Okay, that’s a good point re the house and senate. And having her on top of the ticket would definitely be problematic for the GOP congressional candidates.

  49. She lives in a bubble of adulation from her hardcore (pun intended) supporters to such an extent that I honestly don’t think she realizes what an utter fool she appears to the majority of Americans.

    Her running might make me reconsider my disbelief in a higher order to the universe.

  50. Hi SR
    I am wondering how you think Bachmann fits in if Silly Sarah runs?

  51. I am having major problems on Facebook posting our stuff. Any one else having problems?

  52. That’s amazing! Now if we can only translate that into votes!! The Florida legislature (damn criminals!!) passed the worst voter suppression bill ever! It will be investigated by the justice dept to see if it is legal.
    We’re going to have to work 3x as hard to win Florida.

    A bunch of us who worked so hard in 08 got together yesterday and we’re having custom buttons made “I’m In” with Barack Obama on them.
    I already have my 2012 bumper sticker on and have a “women for Obama” button for 2012 – I hope everyone on this site has their buttons and bumper stickers – we need to SHOW our support!!

  53. Ed got the crisis in Wisconsin in the news when the mainstream media was ignoring it. I don’t always agree with Ed, but he certainly stood by us. He covered what was going on here for weeks. God bless the man!

  54. Just saw Lawrence O’Donnell take care of Palin, just like he did Trump. He said, and has said, if she was going to run, Roger Ailes of FOX news would have cut her loose in March, like he did Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. He said the political press is falling for a fraud again. He also said, if Palin was really going after Republican votes, she wouldn’t take her bus caravan from D.C. north to the northeast. She’s going there because she’ll get more press. She is missing attention and has to figure a way to get it. She is undisciplined. She will never be able to sustain an 18 month campaign with planning and WORK! Remember, she has quit every job she’s had except mayor. She sill keep things stirred up and suck up the oxygen from the real candidates for a while.

  55. Smilingl8y, I’m w/you…

    The Congressional DEMs (which includes DWS) were “conned” by the TeaPublicans and Nut n Yahoo. They need to be “schooled” by @Lawrence of @TheLastWord:

    Rewriting Hysterical Reaction of [President] Obama’s AIPAC Speech… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/43175693#43175693

    This isn’t the first time the DEMs allowed themselves to be “conned” into “doin’ somethin’ stupid”:

    2008 – Lifted the decades-old ban on oil/gas drillin’ (It was at least 20 years old!)

    2009 – Investigated, Persecuted, and Defunded ACORN (a 15 year-old, if not more, non-profit organization which helped elect PBHO and Congressional DEMs!)

    2009 – Blocked Gitmo closure (They wouldn’t allow overall fundin’!)

    One day, I hope they’ll “learn this lesson” that TEAPUBLICANS (and their ilk) CANNOT BE TRUSTED:


  56. I’m not active on FB…

    But, maybe Donna 4 Obama or Meta can help you w/that.

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