Biden: “The American people now have a crystal clear picture of how strong and decisive our president is”

Hi guys,

PBO is in France today. As always this week, I’ll do my best to keep the photos and info coming. But to here’s something to get you fired up straight in the morning:

Joe Biden:

“I said ‘wait another seven days for [more] information’ … [Obama] said ‘go,’  The American people now have a crystal clear picture of how strong and decisive our president is, and that’s the last piece of the puzzle that had to be put in place.”

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55 thoughts on “Biden: “The American people now have a crystal clear picture of how strong and decisive our president is”

  1. This has really been an eye opening week for me. Watching and listening to my President connect with and inspire people in Ireland and the UK was just amazing. It will be lovely to see him back on American soil comforting those in pain from the tornadoes and seeing that lovely grin as he contemplates the slide of his enemies into oblivion. Yes we can!

  2. Good morning all; Thanks BWD. It has indeed been great watching the Tour Deforce that the Obama performance on the international stage has been.

    The America Prez Obama has delivered to the world is clean. lean. efficient. admirable. It is like day and night when compared to GW’s America.

  3. The headline is enough to scare many Democrats:

    “Obama to scale back regulations in effort to spur economic growth.”

    Once you get into the article, however,:

    “One of the proposals, by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, would ensure that required hazard labels and classifications in the United States are the same as those used in other nations, which could save companies $585 million a year.”…

    ““The purpose of the review was to identify rules that need to be changed or removed because they are out-of-date, unnecessary, excessively burdensome, or in conflict with other rules,” said a statement by the Office of Management and Budget, which is coordinating the review.”…

    “The proposals come after President Obama signed an executive order in January requiring all federal agencies to review regulations and find those that are not worth their cost.”…more

  4. I turned on hannity to see what he was saying, and he was showing clips of sRah palm new movie. Yuck!
    Anywho, hannity is trying to equate what Ed Shultz said about Laura ingram to what pylon has gone through.
    Discrimination this and that, she is such a victim. What the f-ck ever!
    This is a girl who has called president Obama every name in the book, so I have no sympathy for this truly evil person.
    But, I do think she is running, so be prepared for msm bias.

  5. Although I found Ed Schultz’s remarks inappropriate and yet another example of why the PL needs to stop with the sensationalism and tone it down, I find the right’s complaints to be incredibly opportunistic. And I totally agree, Sarah Palin has said some really hateful things while enclosing herself in victimhood (ex.: “blood libel against me”), which in our good fortune, is really unattractive to a good two thirds of this country who reject the concept of her as a leader.

    I’m thrilled with this trip, with the GOP unwisely doubling down on the Ryan plan (going on the offensive/being aggressive doesn’t always work, particularly when grabbing the nuclear third rail of politics: ss/medicare), and with this wonderful community. Thanks to everyone who participates here and Happy Thursday!

  6. This is exactly what he said in his SOTU, that we should look and review regulations. Not all regulations are smart and good. He is a serious, smart, problem-solving president. People still not use to it, but I think that just like Biden said, many are getting there.

  7. Isn’t there a book coming out written by someone who used to work for her. It’s none too flattering as I understand it.

  8. Gee, msnbc is almost completely ignoring this trip.
    I hope they cover him during the election process.
    Imagine if the media only talked about themselves and the GOP?

  9. Yes, I heard the same thing. One of her inner circle is planning to publish a book shortly, exposing Palin-ville. I don’t respect breaches of confidence, or people who work in cahoots with known jerks only to become upset when those jerks turn on them too. But it will be interesting to see confirmation of my suspicions of a grifter who uses politics to get rich rather than help American lives.

  10. It sounds like Joe has done a number of good things while President Obama is away — we are in good hands indeed. I love knowing that the P and VP really like and admire each other, and have each other’s back.

  11. Good morning everyone. What a week we have all had. I thought Michelle was going with him. I am sure she misses the girls.
    I love Joe. He tells it like it is.
    My prayers are with the people who are going thru these storms and floods.

  12. This is an excellent read, Esmerelda, thanks for the link! And thanks always to BWD for all you do.

  13. Thank you for your excellent coverage this past week, BWD. Did you get any sleep at all, LOL ?

  14. My friend is on Secret service detail with the First Lady — they return to the US today.

  15. That former aide, the author, has already been making the rounds promoting his book. I heard him relate one amusing tidbit, that Palin would write letters to the editor, praising the great and wondrous leader, Sarah Palin, signed with false names of course. He also confirmed that she has a very thin skin, cannot tolerate any kind of criticism, and would always plot ways to get even or punish her detractors. Her base supporters are the racists, so I’m not looking forward to all the ugliness she will bring to the forefront once again.

  16. At right now, Jay Carney is holding a press briefing in Deauville, France.

  17. I was thinking the same thing. Imagine if the American people were allowed to see all of Obama’s spectacular appearances there and the overwhelming response he has received. Would more and more voters see that their President is an impressive statesman and adored world leader and thus be more likely to vote for him? Is that why the reporting on this trip has been shamefully scant, or nonexistent? I saw one decent AP story which was not included on most red state news sites and other than here and TOD, there was hardly any mention of Obama’s speech before Parliament yesterday, the first U.S. President invited to do so. And of course there was no reporting on the applause that went on and on and on. Too pro-Obama. Not a word on Huff Po, for instance, not one word. I see they have some photos of last night’s din today, but that’s it.

  18. The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) is known for sponsoring high-risk, high-reward ideas on the cutting edge of energy research and development — such as a novel manufacturing process that that will reduce the cost of solar panels by 50 percent, battery technology that will allow energy storage for multiple hours on the power grid, and biofuels without photosynthesis. But one ARPA-E project is a little bit different than the rest — rather than working toward a specific technological breakthrough, researchers at Stanford University’s H-STAR Institute are seeking a breakthrough on the human behavioral side of energy use. In other words, how do people make decisions about energy? What compels their behavior? And how can energy be used more efficiently without adversely affecting people’s lifestyles?

    Stanford’s team — comprised of researchers from communications, engineering, economics, psychology, medicine and computer science — is combining behavioral approaches, product design, computation and technology to encourage people to be more energy efficient at home, with a long-term goal of reducing average residential energy use by over 20 percent. This interdisciplinary group of researchers will leverage the existing smart meter infrastructure to quantify the effectiveness of their behavioral programs for reducing residential electricity use.

  19. 50 Years After the MoonShot Speech, Critical Advancements in Clean Energy Technology
    Submitted by G. Simmons on May 25, 2011 – 2:14pm
    50 years ago today John F. Kennedy delivered his “MoonShot” speech, saying America would land a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. Marking the anniversary, Vice President Biden delivered a speech in Boston this afternoon laying out the case for federal investment to ensure our country continues to lead the world in technology and innovation.

    “Think about it,” he said. “We believe we can be generating 80% of America’s electricity from clean sources by 2035. And we’ve called for what we refer to as a “SunShot” to make solar energy as affordable as traditional forms of energy. What if, in the pursuit of that goal, we develop new technologies that make renewable energy cheaper than coal? Think about how that would change our energy future.”

    Every day, scientists and researchers are developing the technologies to make that goal a reality. Today’s post from Minh Le, the Chief Engineer in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’ s Solar Energy Technologies Program highlights a company that, with the aid of federal investment, is making remarkable advancements in photovoltaic (PV) solar systems — advances that help increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of this game-changing technology of our future.

  20. Although I don’t watch them, I bet if there was the thinnest hint of a mishap, they would be harping on it. I have never for the life of me seen such open display of double standards on the part of so many people in this country, including the press, as it applies to this president.

    But you know, hard as they may try to blackout this president, they are no longer the only disseminators of news. That’s why we’ve got the Internet, thankfully.

    TMIT has a diary up at the other place where telling that about facebooking, tweeting, etc. this visit, and very proudly so.

    In AMK diary, I saw another comment where someone said the president’s speech was all over the Internet. Someone else tweeted that they were in the airport departure area and the president was on all the television sets speaking to the British Parliment. I guess C-span must have carried it.

    You know, I am heartened by the fact that despite ALL the obstacles, people have tried to put in front of this president, time and again, he has come up smelling like a rose. We can start with the recalcitrant GOP, the backstabbers in his own party, and the PLers, and on and on. And let’s not forget those who haul personal insults couched in policy statements because their little feelings have been hurt.

    Every time all of these people have tried, and when they thought they had has back against the wall, he rose again like the phoenix.

    Let them keep trying.

    And BTW, people are watching him all over the world. In Liberia, folks and young adults there were mesmerized by this president. They get BBC in countries like ours. And behold the Internet.

    No matter how much they try, President Barack Obama was destined for this greatness and no one can take that away.

    Go figure.

  21. OK let’s try this again. I am so mad this morning I can’t type straight.

    Regarding this statement:

    TMIT has a diary up at the other place where telling that about facebooking, tweeting, etc. this visit, and very proudly so.

    Here’s what I am trying to say: TMIT has a diary up proudly lauding the president’s visit, facebooking, tweeting it, etc.

  22. Another example, the MSM only talked about POTUS putting his name in the guest book and signing it 2008!

    who cares, so he was distracted. do we have to hear about this for the next two years, like that 57 state comment? Jeesh!

  23. Now we can see the back of that hairdo on FLOTUS and see why it worked better for her in all that wind during this trip. It’s stark, but it holds.

    She looked wonderful during the whole trip. When she was talking to the girls at the school, I kept thinking how much she likes those WIDE belts.

  24. MAY 26, 2011 Who would you rather have lunch with – Obama, Palin or Romney?
    A new Sachs/Mason Dixon poll gets to the heart of the presidential choices in front of us. Who would you rather have lunch with? More than three times as many Americans – 53 percent – would choose to have a one-on-one lunch chat with President Obama over any of the Republican presidential conentenders. Sarah Palin placed a distant second, with 16 percent.|

  25. The question is, Jovie dear, wh do you care so much? 🙂 They are idiots and I’m telling you: It’s not working for them anymore. Biden is on the money about sensing the change in people’s view.

  26. lol!!!!!!!!!! Raise your hands if you’re surprised that Sarah Palin uses the classic narcissist’s trick of sockpuppetry. That is so funny. To look on the bright side, Palin rallying the crazies will be very unhelpful to the GOP’s downticket contests. They’re doubling down on the Ryan plan in hopes that being on the offense and aggressive will earn them a pass, but I think that the GOP is in really bad shape. Truth to be told, they underperformed in 2010 considering the unpopularity of Pelosi and Obama, plus historical pattern. I can’t see how they’re set to overperform in 2012.

  27. I’ve noticed that a lot of people on the intertubes have a hard time sleeping when the President is out of the country like this, or something major is going down. It’s uncanny.

  28. lol, hmm, this is such a difficult choice…mittens, sister sarah, the rest of the snoozefest on the GOP presidential bench…or President Obama. I’m with the majority of Americans; I’d much rather lunch with the latter, hands down.

  29. Cheer Up – Scarah will be whining about her victimhood again very soon, over suggestions for film titles:

    300+ Titles for Palin’s Cinematic Screed here:

    Run, Scarah, Run! This country will not elect a cocktail party punchline.

  30. Me, too! 😉

    And, Jovie thanks for all the great, useful, positive info you add to this Blog!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  31. When he spoke in Grant Park November 4, 2008, the President said none of this change would be easy. Too many people expected overnight miracles, they weren’t ready for hard work. Fortunately, he was ready for hard work, and just keeps working day after day.
    Like Joe Biden, I sense a change in attitudes slowly coming. And all of this in spite of so much of the media. They are so small minded and petty.
    The media will follow the people, slowly and grudgingly.
    I write various media personalities and thank them for good coverage, and chastise them when they are unfair. I know they count responses. They need to know we are listening and aware of what they are saying.
    This week has been wonderful watching the enthusiastic reception of our president. This hasn’t happened since JFK, in spite of what Maureen Dowd tried to say about Clinton. I’m old enough to remember JFK very well!

  32. The only clip I saw on MSNBC last evening was of the band starting “God Save the Queen” while Obama was still in the process of toasting her. The only clip. C’mon Lawrence, Rachel, Ed, Chris — anyone! This trip has been HUGE!

  33. BWD, thank you as always for your wonderful blog, which so uplifts and inspires me!! It has been fantastic to see how respected, even adored, the President is abroad… truly, one can’t help drawing comparisons with JFK.

    And on a shallower note… Michelle’s dress getting off the plane is SO FANTASTIC… she will hold her own against any French woman!! 🙂

  34. My good friend the Human Resources VP for an American manufacturing company (yes, you heard that right) is a good, solid liberal. She has no problem with any regulations that ensure a safe workplace and populace. But she says the burden of redundancies and having to comply with contradictory requirements of so many agencies, robs her company of millions/year that could be put to better use. In her case that would mean re-hiring people and adding even better health care benefits to their already awesome package. Some companies will just stovepipe it to the top. That being said, there is room for administrative improvement.

    Steve Israel, my new favorite Democratic spokesperson, is making a great case for how we save money in ways that makes the safety net stronger and improves our ability to deliver more and better services. This is a perfect example.

    However the headline is enough to send certain sites into meltdown in 4-3-2-1…..

  35. Ed Schultz made it much worse. He has effectively given this issue to the Republicans and has chilled the left’s ability to phrase anything.

    He really is an idiot. I understand his appeal and we need this blue collar-appearing voice. Not everyone who would lean left is comfortable with professorial Dr. Maddow, O’Donnell or Thom Hartmann. But Ed Schultz did great damage with his over-the-top apology.

    I’m hoping Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann put together a collage of what has been said by the right wing about people on our side.

  36. Tien Le, here’s something for you to “chew on”: 😉

    A 21st Century Government Regulatory System: A Simpler, Smarter One

    Earlier this year, President Obama outlined his plan to create a 21st-century regulatory system – one protects public health and welfare while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. His Executive Order on Regulation, in short, said the following: Always consider costs and ways to reduce burdens for American businesses when developing rules; expand opportunities for public participation and public comment; and ensure that regulations are driven by real science.

    Featured Plans

    EPA will propose to eliminate the redundant obligation for many states to require air pollution vapor recovery systems at local gas stations because modern vehicles already have effective air pollution control technologies. The anticipated savings over the next decade is about $670 million.
    Read and Discuss on Slideshare | Download as PDF

    The Departments of Commerce and State are undertaking a series of steps to eliminate unnecessary barriers to exports, including duplicative and unnecessary regulatory requirements, thus reducing the cumulative burden and uncertainty faced by American companies and their trading partners. These steps will make it a lot easier for American companies to reach new markets, increasing our exports while creating jobs here at home.
    Commerce: Read and Discuss on Slideshare | Download as PDF
    State: Read and Discuss on Slideshare | Download as PDF

    The Department of the Interior is reviewing outdated regulations under the Endangered Species Act to streamline the process, to reduce requirements for written descriptions, and to clarify and expedite procedures for approval of conservation agreements.
    Read and Discuss on Slideshare | Download as PDF

    The Department of Health and Human Services will reconsider burdensome regulatory requirements now placed on hospitals and doctors, like requiring redundant entries of information in medical databases.
    Read and Discuss on Slideshare | Download as PDF

    PBHO IS doin’ his best to ready America and its’ people for the 21st century, which wasn’t done durin’ the Clinton/Bush II ERAs nor the Reagan/Bush I’s, to outeducate, outbuild, outinnovate, et al other nations…

    And, he’s “moppin’ up” the messes from Clinton and Bush II!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  37. I am not even a fan, havn’t watched his show in forever but I found his apology heartfelt and I think we were seeing the man not the pundit. Too many people are caught up in tasteless, way over the top disgraceful behavior now a days. It’s time for everyone to calm down and bring classy back.

  38. To be very honest, for once I don’t mind MSM not focusing too much on this trip. With the devastation from the tornadoes it would not be cool for too many images of POTUS being lauded somewhere else all over tv, while Americans are searching for loved ones etc.

    To their credit the major networks(even Fox news) showed the speeches, the 21 gun salute ceremony…arrival at Buckingham Palace, the historical speech before parliament, the clips from dinner with the queen, the speech in Ireland and his homecoming to Moneygall. I think that is enough considering the circumstances at home. If MSM focused too much on the trip and less on the devastation in the midwest and south, haters would start saying look at the president hobnobbing in some other country while Americans are suffering etc.

  39. Yes, BWD. I think more and more people realize that they must try to listen to our President when he speaks to us. My pray is that more and more in our country will listen to what he is saying because he has told us what he is doing. Listen as he listens to others. Thank you BWD for this beautiful site.

  40. Carolyn, thank you for your comments on those issues. I am also one who can remember the JFK days, and you are so point on. My pray is that the young people today will move forward with determination to help this beautiful, young, intelligent, and compassionate President move them forward to a better place. I believe that they will. Stop allowing the angry old haters disrupt your futures. Stick with your President because he has your best interest. My words to all of the wonderful young people on this site and to BWD who encourage us to move forward also. Thank you BWD.

  41. That’s the strategy they’ll take if she becomes a candidate – no-one will be able to say anything negative to her, because she’ll be in victim mode.

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