“600,000 young adults have taken advantage of healthcare reform” (Updated)

Some pretty cool stuff:

Repeal this: 

Some 600,000 young adults have taken advantage of a healthcare reform provision allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance policies, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund.

The liberal think tank said young adults are increasingly delaying care because they can’t afford it and praised the healthcare law’s coverage expansion.

Close to half of all currently uninsured people between 19 and 29 will gain coverage under Medicaid once it expands in 2014, the report says. About one-third will be eligible for subsidies to buy private insurance through a newly created health exchange.

“To ensure a more stable future for graduates and their families, it is critical that federal and state policymakers continue implementing all provisions of the Affordable Care Act over the next three years,” the Commonwealth Fund said.

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 Take some time and watch this  VP Biden‘s speech. It’s just terrific. The stuff he said about PBO is so wonderful, it almost brought me to tears.  (Start around the 20:00 mark).



The Independentreview of PBO’s extraordinary speech yesterday:

In a spirit of unyielding optimism neatly combined with a message of hard-headed pragmatism, Barack Obama has insisted that the time for American and European leadership “is now” in spite of the rise of new global superpowers. He was the first United States president to address MPs and peers in Westminster Hall and received a standing ovation before he began his speech, which covered issues such as foreign policy, economic development and international security.

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A reader writes to Sullivan:

It is in reality a Republican line of PR right now, so unless in a few months we see the number of Jewish supporters drop precipitously we have NO idea what is really going on in the background except for the stories being shopped by the WSJ and Commentary about Obama’s Jewish doom. Really, you’re repeating these stories without skepticism when there is an agenda there? Why not write about the countless Jews who after seeing Netanyahu insult their president on US soil are actually more and more supportive of a Palestinian state than they were before. While this is anecdotal I can tell you that people of my generation–30-45–are disgusted and ready to throw in the towel on Israel, and I’m a hard-core Zionist who lived in Israel, speaks Hebrew and lost friends to terrorist attacks.


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  1. Yep, that is good ole Joe alright. Joe was on fire. I loved his address especially where he repeated the caption on this siote…Prez Obama has a backbone like a ramrod…

    Just beautiful. Thanks BWD.

  2. LOL on the “repeal this” I hope all these young folks remember this come election time.
    Biden’s speech was great. Thank you as always BWD for providing great links and photos.

  3. 600,000 and not a peak from the mainstread media. Wow what until the rest take effect. WoW wow.

  4. There is a magnetism about Prez Obama that just draws everybody towards him. He has an amazing level of stamina too.

    From the time he spoke to AIPAC to the time in Dublin, Moneygall, Green College, Westminster Hall, the State dinners and to this…this guy is like the energizer bunny! He just keeps going and going…and just seems to get better all the time!

  5. peter M try to listen to the piece Lawrence Odonell done last night about the fake rage on his israeli address he hit it out the park. with facts.

  6. Nah. It’s nothing but an attempt to say “see Dems are whackjobs as well” and allow Palin to cry that her family is being attacked and play the victim.

  7. MSM will cover Palin instead, because there is no fear of her making them look dumb.

  8. There was obviously a plot to attack the President no matter what he said. I suspect Bibi and the GOP had it all planned out but ran into trouble because President Obama didn’t say anything new. It was an attempt at manufactured outrage that will only hurt Israel’s interest in the short and long run.

    I’d be very interested in polling issues regarding Israel – specifically how the 40 and under crowd’s views differ from the 40 and over crowd. I’d bet it’s pretty stark.

  9. Thanksmakesense4tulips. Do you have a link handy? Thank, thank you for believing in this incredible man.

  10. I watched it Lawrence Odonell piece last night as well I hope it is okay; here it is. Rewriting the hysteria over President Obama speech.

    I was really upset how CNN and Rachel said nothing about the fake hysteria.

  11. Vice President Biden says for 2012 there won’t be an enthusiasm gap because President Obama will be at the top of the ticket and there will be an enthusiasm surge. Love it…….

  12. Thank you makesense4tulips. I just listened to O’Donnell dissect the Prez’s address side by side with Nut n yahoo’s–someone on this site owns this beautiful reference–and O’Donnell made them all look stoopid; petty and the Israeli PM conniving and manipulative.

  13. Unfortunately Vice President Biden’s speech is being used by CNN Wolf Blitzer who mentioned that he will be talking about how Vice President Biden showered Paul Ryan with high praise coming up in the CNN Situation Room *UGH*
    …Change channel

  14. Is it just me, or Sarkozy is so excited to see Prez Obama, he could jump out of his own skin! He even seems to enjoy watching Prez Obama hug his wife…lol. This is a sight to cherish.

  15. Picture #5

    Er..Mr. President..er where’s the missus?

    None of your damn business, and get out of my face.

  16. How much are the Koch brothers paying the MSM to build up Ryan since he received a spanking from President Obama? This so-called conversation between Clinton & Ryan was also staged as part of that effort.

  17. I’m a mother of two, and I always thought Palin’s story of what she did when she went into labor was completely bizarre.

  18. Thanks for the reportage. Back from my break (I was overloaded with the fundamentalist left’s bs). Joe Biden turned out to be such a spectacular selection, as was Hillary as SoS.

  19. Speaking of which, BWD, I think it might be worth considering the adding of Bill Clinton to the Jealousy Threat Level rating.

  20. Lawrence was awesome, his comments last night made me want to re-order my subscription to MSNBC lol…but his program doesn’t out balance the amount of hate being shown to President Obama enough for me to re-order.

  21. He did not! I saw the speech, what utter bullshit! Again, this is am email from the rnc. Is dws going to play the refs like the pubs do.

    Mcconell and cantor all over the Sunday shows, so far!

  22. Trust me jovie. Like all the other “efforts” including the most recent one involving Nut n Yahoo, this one will FAIL. Cantor and McConnell can spend their entire Sunday on the Cable news if they want..they will FAIL.

    Mark my words.

  23. GOP is circling it’s wagons, and will launch an all out messaging effort to reframe the Ryan Budget while the Dems move on to something else. It’s really the only choice they have given the house vote, and the Senate vote and now this tipped their hand.

    Dems better be willing to keep fighting the frame on this issue. Don’t let the GOP reframe it with help from their minions in the MSM and Fox Propaganda.

  24. What else can he say? He needs to appeal to the far right for the GOP primary before he can move to the center.

  25. Jovie, you sound like you are bothered that your political opponents are inept! Just smile and pass them more rope!

  26. I thought the 2 photos were funny and interesting. At first Sarcozy was very happy and then he was not so happy.

  27. meta and hopefruit2 – So funny. You can sure tell when the President is around somebody he’d rather not spend time with – by the stone cold look on his face!

  28. They will swarm around Palin and her “weeks long” bus tour. It will probably feel like “years long”. I imagine they’re all scrambling to get their reporters lined up to follow along. More hateful screeching, triple ugh!

  29. My recent college grad, 22 year old daughter is one of the 600K – and we’re both happy about that!

  30. Democrats are sure to shoot themselves in the foot. They are really good at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. All Democrats need to be on board and say the Republicans want to end Medicare/Medicaid and Democrats want to extend it. Period. But nah! Some will say they want to fix it and leave the Republicans to accuse Democrats of cutting it.

  31. I adore Joe Biden! How incredibly smart it was for PBO to choose him for VP. Joe is passionate, has great loyalty, a wonderful sense of humor and always speaks his own truth. He has the Prez’s back and I so love him for that.

  32. What was that with Clinton? Why was he treading where he shouldn’t have been treading?
    And I notice that Morning Joe’s Repub. executive producer, who said, “I think I’m in love” with Paul Ryan when everyone was gushing about his great plan to eliminate Medicare, has taken a top position at CBS News. Rt wing staffing up for the election, it appears to me.

  33. Yes, I read that one as well! I’m so pleased that La Palin will be much more visible for the next few months. It will only serve to drive GOP numbers further down the toilet.

  34. I took it as him saying he was changing words with the same meaning in a effort to say he got the talks going by what he wanted in which it was the president. BiBi do not want to take ideas from the president, because he know that the president is about to bring a peace agreement. You watch their will be an agreement, because the international commumity is tired of this issue. President obama played him in the corner well.

  35. Thank goodness I live in another part of the valley or I would have to move. I can’t believe her family is moving here especially the way she feels about certain “brown people.”

    It looks like the scammer may have got scammed plus just having money does not mean you have good taste. (take the virtual house tour) It doesn’t even have a pool and I hope she enjoys the fragrances of nature because her neighbors have horses.

    Bah! If AZ goes any further into the toilet I may have to move to Colorado like my children are urging us to!

  36. I love his stories. He’s a great story teller and has this adorable way of putting things into context–folksy but smart. Plus he really, really loves his wife; a genuine family man.

  37. I was bowled over by Joe when he told the story of how Jill wasn’t dating just him, but his sons as well. Can you see any of the GOP automatons telling a story like that?

  38. Yea Sarcozy was keeping an eye on our president, beautiful, just beautifl Thank you BWD.

  39. Easy for you to say. Do you know that they took a poll at my daily rag the other day and 83% said they would “welcome Sarah as their neighbor?” I don’t know who they polled but I would just as soon have the drug dealers that got busted in my neighborhood last month than that bunch of Palins living next door. (no offense to anyone and it was upsetting to all of us in the neighborhood when these people got busted. They had two children and seemed nice, oh well.)

  40. Consider it a small sacrifice on the road to crushing the GOP. 🙂 But, yeah, I think I’d take up a petition against them if they were to try and move into my neighborhood. Then again, my ‘hood has way too many brown and black people for her liking.

  41. Joe has a good heart and he is trying to tar the ideas not the person which is more than can be said for Repugs, their minions the MSM and the PL.

  42. I can so relate to him from my own life, experience and family. Family is huge to me, we put family first and make sacrifices when necessary. Joe has put his boys and his family first and Jill Biden is a treasure.

  43. I doubt many of the “GOP automatons” could get a woman to love them like Jill does Joe. Most of them like pretty trophies without too many brains.

  44. Thanks for sharing this but I’ll pass. I’m sure I will get enough of “La Palin” when she moves into her house here, unless she plans to tape an episode of “Flip This House” for HGTV.

  45. That’s freaking hilarious. People can be very creative at times. And this is one of those times.

  46. Tien Le, just had to add that the Obamas and the Bidens share the same real “family values” They live those values everyday unlike some on the RW I could name who mouth that for the cameras and act otherwise.

  47. Sarkozy always seems to let go of himself whenever he is around the prez; more like a teen girl giggling and frolicking. He did this when candidate Obama stopped o

    ver in Paris during the campaign. Plouffe notes in his book the Audacity to Win, that Sarkozy nearly endorsed the Prez, something that made the American msm apoplectic.

  48. I appeal to the Zionist who is disgusted with Israels leaders right now. I felt the same way about his comments to PBO and in Congress until I heard Lawrence O’Donnell’s comments oin MSNBC last evening that stated that this is all staged; its a wink of the eye between the President and Netanyahu because if he agrees out loud Lawrence says the Palestinians will do the opposite; something about they have to pretend they disagree so that the Palestinians looked like it is their idea and not Israels in agreement with the uSA. It has to look like Israel rejects PBO and allow the President and Palestine to work together toward turning Israel around. I hope this is the case. Its staged Lawrence said, no body “gets it” and he said we should know whats really going on behind the scenes and not politicize this any further. Lawrence was reprimanding the Republicans who are making hay of this now and agreeing with Israel. But PBO and Netanhayu are in cahoots the whole time? I pray this is the case and they have to do what they have to do to produce the best result…In other words, they agreed to disagree beforehand.
    Peace, L2D2.

  49. Good news but it is only temporary.

    Wisconsin’s law taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public workers was struck down Thursday by a circuit court judge but the ruling will not be the final say in the union fight that brought tens of thousands of protesters to the Capitol earlier this year.

    The state Supreme Court has scheduled arguments for June 6 to decide whether it will take the case and Republicans who control the Legislature could also pass the law a second time to avoid the open meeting violations that led to the judge’s voiding the law Thursday….more


    If the republicans re-pass the law, it should fuel the recalls again.

  50. Berlusconi is in big trouble at home.

    Sarkozy is in trouble at home.

    Medvedev is in trouble at home.

    Guess who is the first person they all ran to for a photo-op?

  51. Are we sure Clinton said those things or is this 2nd hand? I reserve judgment until it can honestly be attributed to Bill.

  52. That’s exactly right. However, personally I have a different take on these Republicans. But as you said, Biden is trying not to make this personal. His attacks were on Ryan’s budget and not Ryan the man. The problem I have is that Ryan has tried to spin (lie) his way out of the actual budget. Many other Republicans just flat out lie. But I can call them liars because I don’t hold an elected position.

  53. Two state polls out Thursday offer some good news for President Obama, showing significant improvements in his approval rating.

    In Florida, a Quinnipiac University poll found 51 percent of voters in the state approve of the way Mr. Obama is handling his job as president, up from 44 percent in early April. Independent voters, who had disapproved of the president’s job performance last month by a 16-point margin, are now about evenly split in their assessment of him.

    In New Jersey, 55 percent of voters in a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll now say they approve of the way Mr. Obama is handling his job as president, up from 47 percent in early April. And while New Jersey voters are still more negative than positive about the direction of the country, the percentage saying the country is on the wrong track is down six percentage points since early last month….more


  54. Doubling down. I saw one of the Repub strategist on O’Donnell’s show and he said he believed that Repubs should NOT run away from Ryan’s budget, but keep pushing it.

    Are they totally blind or has Diebald already rigged the machines?

  55. And the not-so-mighty mites are still unable to touch PBO in key battleground states.

    Obama doing well in key states.

    The only place he was in negative territory was in NC against the Huckster. Guess that problem’s done away with.

  56. Oh, key graf: “It’s also worth noting that these polls were all conducted before Obama’s recent popularity surge. If Obama had to stand for reelection today he’d get pretty much the same number of electoral votes he did in 2008. The Republican candidates have a long way to go to have any chance of winning the Presidency back in 2012.”

  57. Now, if the Dems — and by Dems I mean those profiles in courage which inhabit the halls of Congress — can stay on message, Mr. Boehner’s Speakership will be a very short-lived affair.

  58. Profiles in discourage, I think you mean. LL, I am so angry at all the Dems in Congress, I am spitting nails. I’ve unsubscribed from so many Dem newsletters this week – they won’t support the President and they want money. To fekkin hell with all of them.

  59. I thought it was Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld who said he worshiped the ground Paul Ryan walked on.

  60. Me too and I can one up you with I had four. I barely made it to the hospital with one of them. The hospital was almost an hour away, a state trooper stopped us for speeding and then gave us a siren escort the rest of the way or I would have been legs up on the side of the road!
    I delivered just inside the emergency room.

    That was my first one, so I can be forgiven for some stupidity but what was her excuse for what she did. Inquiring minds want to know.

  61. I always have a problem with that “country is going in the wrong direction” question. Does the internal questions ever ask “why”. Is it the wrong direction because of the obstruction from the Republicans? Is it the wrong direction because they don’t like the policies of the Democrats? Is the wrong direction because of what the Republican governors and legislatures are doing? To me, it’s a vague question as presented.

  62. As a woman, I absolutely don’t want this to be disregarded. I am 99% certain she faked this pregnancy and has used an innocent child as a political prop. Palin is a perpetual victim, and that is a quality I refuse to respect.

  63. I think it has become fairly clear that the Republicans need a new enemy to fight now that we’ve reset relations with Russia and the Middle East is too messy to sort out, so who is their new enemy? The American People.

  64. And it’s used often by the MSM to deliberately mislead people into thinking that they are blaming the President for the “wrong direction.”

  65. Yes we can, Sabreen60! Over and over again!

    “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

    Joe was being a good supporter for our PBO who attacks the message, not the person. Plus I think Joe is just a genuine good guy who has trouble wrapping his head around the real fact that some people are just selfish and evil, imo.

  66. Ugh, that was an old poll. I went to the PPP site since there were new PPP numbers on TPM. So, from TPM:

    Obama (D) 49.0% Romney (R) 42.0%
    Obama (D) 54.0% Palin (R) 37.0%
    Gingrich (R) 37.0% Obama (D) 51.0%

  67. Yeah, we are all too dumb and misguided to know what’s good for us. We need us some Repugnants to educate us poor fools while they fleece us of everything we got now and anything we may hope our children and grandchildren will ever have.

    If I was still the ‘keeper of plastic Jesus’ I would tell them to get in line and kiss it!

  68. What’s going on in Russia? I just lisened to the the Russia/U.S. bilateral meeting and Dimitri did not seem as if he was happy to be there at all.

  69. I know sometimes the citizens of the world must marvel at how we managed to elect the magnificent Barack Obama after the unmitigated disaster that was Dumbya Bush. They hated Bush so much they probably couldn’t imagine we had such gems as PBO in the country.

    Those wacky Americans!

  70. Unfortunately, they’re all we have right now. We all know that the US isn’t like a lot of other countries, where political parties seem to spring out of nowhere and win seats in legislatures. We are in a pretty calcified two party system, and the only way we can get anything done is to have more of our guys in Congress than they have of theirs, and at least get half of what we want done. I’d love it if Obama were able to create a party that was built around his vision, and have it win majorities in both House and Senate. Sadly, that won’t happen. To paraphrase from Rummy: You go into elections with the party you have, not the party you wish you had. So, I give to the DNC, and I give to OFA, and as the time approaches I’ll hold my nose and give to the DCCC and DSCC.

  71. Putin wants his old job back, and Dmitry is standing in his way.

  72. It’s going to be an ugly run-up to the election in Russia because I don’t see Putin playing nice in the sandbox. Maybe Medvedev can get some pointers from President Obama.

  73. OT: I am sorry to bring a topic like this up but I just saw what Peter Fonda said about teaching his kids to shoot our President and the article Crooks and Liars wrote about PBO response to the oil spill! All i have to say is WTF!

    What has this country come to!? I understand that there will always be differences by people, and there should be debates but to completely go off like that is outragious! Plus, the oil response excuse is complete BS.
    I just wanted to see what all you think?

  74. I’ll give to OFA but with the US$ so low the others probably are not going to get anything.

  75. I think this was disproved. I think we have enough to fight Sarah with that is irrefutable.

    She’s happy enough to breed her props. And props they are.

  76. I was watching the BBC last night before I passed out, and it had a story about a small Russian dairy farmer. This farmer had created a successful dairy, about 300 km from Moscow, when one day 3 FSB agents showed up at his door and pressured him to sell. He refused. They told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t sell to them that he would end up in jail. He still refused. He’s now in jail for 5 years on a charge of fraud — the loans he took out weren’t used to buy sufficiently modern equipment for his farm. Russia is like a mafia state with nukes.

    Really, between Russia and Pakistan I’m surprised that there aren’t smoldering Western cities littering the landscape.

  77. Or they know the Dems will get bored and move on to a new story, leaving them to keep reframing the Ryan Budget into an eventual winner for them.

  78. Let me get this straight: Sarah Palin’s bus tour will be covered ad nauseum. And they can’t cover Obama’s monumentally successful European trip?

    I want to scream.

  79. Well, speaking for my parents and their friends (I was too young to understand everything fully in 2004), they understood how you guys managed to elect Bush the first time. What shocked them was that the US did it again! Thankfully, people came to their senses in 2008 and hopefully will stay sane.

    Good analysis here:

  80. Anyone who thinks they might want to do business with the Russians is out of their mind. The Russian mafia is alive and well and Putin is one scary man.

  81. I’m so frustrated with our damn media – thank God for this site and the White House site – it really ticks me off that the media hasn’t been covering the trip – what do you see? The little slip up at the lunch with the Queen! What are the comments I keep reading about on all these sites like The Daily Beast – all about the damn slip up at the luncheon – cripes!!

    It is going to be up to all of us to go onto these sites (I know it is painful!!) and write positive things about our President – we all know we can come here and get a smile and feel the mutual love – we can’t let the haters get away with the garbage without responding.

  82. How I wish the insurance program for 19-26 year olds was available for our kids! We lived in terror of something happening, and did buy a catastrophic policy for our daughter. It was such a relief when she got health benefits at work!
    Now, I suppose we will see the press all agog at Palin’s tour, and get worked and jerked around like they did with Trump. How gullible are they!!!
    I was in on a conference call today with Nancy Pelosi and Steve Israel of the DCCC. Nancy said they are going to hammer the Medicare situation this entire cycle. She said there are other issues, but Medicare is the entry point in talking with undecided voters. That, and higher taxes for incomes over $500,000, and eliminating subsidies for oil companies. She said that is the package to pound.

  83. I don’t know if I have heard the actual date yet but probably this year or early next year.

  84. Message discipline. If Dems merely counter the GOP with the unvarnished Dem message, Dem policies win every time.

    I know it’s an old saw that “The next (x) months are critical for the country.” However, I think the urgency of this moment merits the hyperbole. The next 18 months really will mark America for the better or the worse. The GOP isn’t on it’s back, but it’s reeling. Time to put our boots on its neck.

  85. Which is probably why Dimitri would like to hurry up the WTO bid. It would be a major accomplishment for him. I hope he holds on for another term. Maybe Russia should be the next state dinner guest.

  86. The Secret Service, the FBI, probably DEA also, should meet his plane when he tries to fly back to the USA. They should also investigate his poor family who may be clueless about what he said.

    I never thought much of him when he was young and now that he has probably left his marbles behind somewhere at the mere age of 71, he should be medicated and stashed somewhere he is not a danger to himself or anyone else.

    If this is a publicity stunt it crashed like a lead balloon. If he is serious he needs treatment and compassion.

  87. That would help him. Putin could then decide that Medvedev is guilty of something and throw him in jail for 20 years. Sigh.

  88. Yes, I remember a headline from a British (I think) paper after the 2004 election saying something like: “How Could Millions of People Be So Stupid?” with a pic of a silly Dumbya on the cover. SMDH.

  89. Thanks for sharing that Carolyn and I totally agree. So happy your daughter got some health insurance. I know the worry. We went through that with our own daughter.

  90. Yeah, and supposedly each new child comes faster than the last for the mom. By the fifth, you’d think they’d practically be falling out.

    And I had my water break first, both times, before any contractions. Wanted to stay at home and walk around, trying to get contractions going.

    But my doctor insisted I come to the hospital immediately. They don’t want any woman whose water has broken to be outside a hospital.

    Worries that if enough fluid leaks out, the umbillical chord can get caught between the baby’s head and the cervix and be compressed enough to cut off the baby’s oxygen supply.

    They don’t let you walk around even in the hospital with your water broken. It’s in the bed with a monitor until you deliver.

    And I don’t think anyone would allow her to go 20 hours before doing a C-section and getting that baby out. Too big a risk of infection, the longer you’re water’s broken.

    My doctor cut off any attempts at labor afer 12 hours and told me I was risking infection to myself and my baby.

    Sorry, I know there are tons of wacky conspiracy theorists around, but I still say that most any woman who’s ever given birth thought Palin’s story of Trig’s birth was completely bizarre.

  91. I hate Republicans!

    “Obama’s budget was defeated 97-0”. Seriously, Chris Matthews — you let that stand?

    “Democrats have ‘no plan’ for Medicare which will go broke in 12 years!!!!!”

    Won’t there be a deficit in Medicare but ‘go broke’? Pants on fire!!!!

    DWS has just said that PPACA extended Medicare by 12 years. So — ‘no plan?’ Liar!

    And there are proposals that Steve Israel laid out yesterday. But I’m too pissed to remember them now.

  92. People dropped it when Palin later announced that Bristol was pregnant, so pregnant Bristol wouldn’t have had enough time to have given birth to Trig when he was supposedly born and then get pregnant again and have her son.

    Still doesn’t make Palin’s story of Trig’s birth make any more sense.

    To me, it sounds downright reckless and very possibly dangerous to get on a plane in labor.

    No airline would let a woman in labor get on a plane.

  93. Just heard effing Cheney say that Paul Ryan is his hero.

    This, from the a**hole who said deficits didn’t matter when he was slashing taxes for the rich, not paying for two (and one unnecessary) wars and a prescription drug benefit for seniors that transferred tax dollars to insurance companies.

  94. Allowing Medicare to bargain for prescription drugs. That was one idea. Saves billions/year.

  95. Like I said above – The GOP is going to double down on the Ryan Budget messaging and it will be popular in no time. Damn Reid let the Obama budget go to the floor and all voted against it – exactly the talking point the GOP wanted. Reid is an utter jackass.

    With Snowe, Brown voting against the Ryan Budget it didn’t help any electoral chances in the senate and thus didn’t need to be brought to a vote. House voting for it, and then Hocul routing in the R+6 was enough for messaging purposes. If the trade was Ryan vote for Obama Budget vote, I wouldn’t have made it.

    Reid needs to be replaced as Senate majority leader. I have to believe his old guard support is winnowing away with all of the retirements.

  96. The GOP Messaging Machine is out in full throttle. Dems won’t know what hit them. Dem House and Dem Senate seem to already be on different pages and President Obama is too busy wanting to be above it all. GOP is in 100% lockstep.

  97. And yet despite the concerted effort by the media to tear him down, PBO is still riding high.

    Using these silly non-events to ridicule a man who successfully got Osama Bin Laden, passed HCR, repealed DADT, and gave a parliamentary address in England is like calling Mother Theresa “amoral” for belching.

  98. It’s about “Hey, at least Paul Ryan had the stones to try, the lily-livered Dems and especially Obama are too gutless to even offer something of their own. Obama’s own party completely rejected his blueprint” taking the focus off the actual plan and making it how courageous and responsible Ryan is for stepping up. Soon it will be “we really didn’t expect the budget to pass, but just wanted to force the Democrats to wake up and engage on the topic”.

  99. Even so, they will FAIL. For all the GOP’s superior “politicking” and “messaging” strategies, Americans are FED UP and are increasingly sick of the media and it’s cozying up to and carrying Republican talking points. When the media tried to throw NJ Gov Chris Christie in our faces, his poll numbers went DOWN. When the media tried to throw Trump in our faces, he WENT DOWN. Now the media is trying to throw the Ryan Plan in our faces, and it will FIZZLE OUT in no time. The so-called “Obama plan” which went down 97-0 is an old plan that was rendered obsolete in March when he proposed his compromise plan which is the TRUE Obama plan that has not been voted on yet.

  100. SR, now it seems that you too are reciting GOP talking points by claiming that Obama is “too gutless” to come up with a plan. That is actually inaccurate. Obama very gutsily came up with a plan right after the Ryan plan. Furthermore, Obama was able to expose the Ryan plan as a radical pessimistic plan that is consistent with the GOP policies in general. The Ryan plan was VERY unpopular, even among conservative seniors. Ryan got booed at his own townhalls. Why do you think they lost the NY26 elections?

    Right now they are simply flailing and saying anything because they don’t know what else to do. The media as usual is working on their behalf and we know that. That has nothing to do with Obama being gutless or such.

  101. Sorry I just realized that I misread your comment and didn’t see the quotes. My apologies to you sir!

  102. @hopefruit. That’s about the size of it! It is almost as if what people should approve of and be sensible about,as if they have completely done a 180 for the heck of it. It is when I see grown men,behaving immature by manipulating, accusing, crying, lying, misspeaking, being bigoted, being racist, spinninng stories, flip-flopping, lacking guts,(need I go on)… one wonders where the grownups are!
    Ah, yes, right here at BWD.

  103. oh please, your gloom and doom predictions are getting old. This isn’t about messaging. Senior citizens and Independents know what Ryan’s “health care” plan is and they don’t care what the scorecard on votes in Congress is. They think it’s awful.

    The NY district win should have been the canary in the coal mine for the Republicans but instead their arrogance and greed is getting in the way of reason and they’re continuing to tramp down that mine shaft right past the dead canary.

  104. they can spew that message til they are blue in the face. The programs they are going after are things that directly affect people’s lives. Its pain that people can imagine and/or immediately feel. Ryan’s plan is not going to become popular.

    Let’s give Dems some credit. Their message is also in full throttle and it won them a red district. Hochul didn’t do that by herself you know.

  105. I also read that 3.3 million dollars was spent it total for Corwin to win. That’s way too much money for a blood red district.

  106. The Repubs would have filibustered voting on the Ryan budget unless Reid let them vote on Obama’s budget.

    Okay, we got 40 Republicans voting for Ryan’s budget on the record. Them REFUSING to vote on the Ryan budget wouldn’t have been a decent soundbite for our side?

    The [tortured] explanation is that the budget as proposed in January by Obama is no longer the budget as modified over the last 5 months so the document pulled out of his behind by McConnell to put up for a vote was meaningless. Another tortured ‘explanation’ on procedure by the Democrats while the rest of average America has only heard, “Paul Ryan’s budget got 40 votes and even Democrats wouldn’t vote for Obama’s budget”, as they move on Housewives of Atlanta.

    Okay, you Democratic Senate jackasses: If it’s only a ‘symbolic’vote, VOTE FOR IT ANYWAY! The House is NEVER going to put Obama’s budget on the floor for a vote.

    This is the stuff that drives me insane.

  107. I correct the quote. Cheney said he worships the ground Paul Ryan walks on.

    The one who gave us this debt is thrilled that Medicare and Medicaid will be slashed to pay for his tax cut.

    I’m gonna lose it tonight, I really am.

  108. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is my hero.

    Steve Israel as Chairman of the DCCC — the best I’ve seen in years.

    Harry Reid giving soundbites to Republicans — there’s just so much messaging can do to undo rank stupidity of the leadership. Dick Durbin and Steny Hoyer– STFU about Medicare cuts. Say ‘changes’ that will actually increase stability in the program. Don’t say ‘cuts’.

    This shit has got to be tightened up.

  109. Bush/Cheney purposely bankrupted the country without paying for nothing knowing that entitlements would be ravaged to pay down the deficit/debt as raising taxes is never an option anymore. Only way you can explain their spending without paying for anything.

  110. “President Obama is too busy wanting to be above it all.” da fuk? did I accidentally enter dkos circa 2010?

  111. Putin is like God in Russia. In general, the Russians love him. He gave them back self-respect when they felt they had lost it.

  112. Shows how important the GOP viewed it for the meta messaging that would result. The seat is meaningless when it comes to House votes as having a 49 more seats versus 48 more seats wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

  113. Plouffe and COS Daley said as much – They thought Obama was “lowered” by being involved in the day to day political squabbles. They want him to stay out of it for the most part so when he does say something it will have more weight.

    Problem of course being that the MSM goes to the Administration for their quotes and soundbytes, and to the GOP Congressional leadership for their side. Congressional Dems don’t get the air time because Obama is the leader of the Dem party and the MSM wants their quotes from the top.

  114. What meta messaging SR ? I don’t get it. If there is any message at all from NY 26, it’s that they dropped tons of dough there and still lost. So how are you spinning this as a message win for repubs and ryan’s curse ? Seriously.

  115. The Sunday shows are so packed with republicans now that it must be impossible for independants NOT to notice.

    I hope this will backfire big time.

  116. I wouldn’t touch this story with a ten foot pole. Just consider the ridicule and loss of respect for everyone who had been asking for the Presidents birth certificate when he out of the blue produced it.
    If democrats are caught in the same trap it could do so much harm. It would only take a few to tarnish the reputation of all of us. I know the President would never go after her in this way.
    She is already more of a joke than a serious candidate so why should we make ourselves look small by stooping to this level?

  117. Isreal has been on the phone the past couple of day reaching out to the Top 50 DCCC recruit targets trying to get them to jump in now because they could make a splash now in their local press coming in on the GOP voted to kill medicare issue and really cement that frame for their respective races. They’d be able to always say “The reason I decided to run in the first place was because Rep.X voted to end medicare…”.

    Even if they are still on the fence about running, just touching base with them and letting them know that the DCCC has a top issue to run on in 2012 and how Hochul won in a very red district in a special election even when outspent 3-to-1 will give them something more to consider when weighing their options in the future.

  118. That’s not what I’m saying here. I’m saying that the money spent by the GOP shows how important the felt the need to hold the seat, knowing how a loss would be a big deal in the messaging wars. The doubling down they’re doing now is not just directed outward, but to quell any worry or possible dissent in their own caucus.

    The GOP House is far from united – they just fight things out behind closed doors and then present a united front. Rep. Camp from Michigan was dead set against backing the Ryan budget for one. He’s now out telling Wall Streeters not to worry about the upcoming “clean” Budget Ceiling vote that the House will vote against because it’s purely politics, and that the ceiling will be raised. Basically the GOP House knows the Biden Meetings will result in cuts and wants to make it seem that they forced the cuts that weren’t going to otherwise happen. If the GOP freshmen start to doubt party leadership strategy they might start publicly breaking ranks.

  119. Good for them. Got no truck with bloggers who don’t do their research, especially when all they have to do is write an email and ask for information. Otherwise it’s just shoddy ‘journalism’. But hey, maybe she’s trying to pad her resumé to get hired by the masters of such poor product: The MSM.

  120. So basically, the gop is fighting internal dissension and are fighting to quell it (which they are good at) and yet your many posts here seem to imply that the dems are losing the message war just because some obscure voting down of Obama’s plan. That’s how I read it. Of course, I could be wrong.

  121. Not just the voting of the Obama obsolete budget – but that’s part of it. Given what Reid needed to trade to get a floor vote in the Senate on the Reid Budget, I don’t think it was worth it given how the votes played out. Dems in the Senate don’t gain anything, National Dems don’t gain anything from the vote – if anything Brown voting against it helps him. Reid seemingly brought it to the floor for one reason – Heller voting for it twice will look brilliant in attack ads against him. But he had already voted for it once already.

    Dems had the messaging they needed with the House vote and the NY-26 results, the Senate votes actually gave the GOP a deflection point and forced GOP senator skin into the game which will further up their messaging strength. Before the vote the Senate GOP seemed to want to avoid any talk about it – now they voted for it and own it, they have a much greater stake in re-framing it.

  122. And Plouffe is correct. That’s why when Obama says something, it does carry a lot more weight despite the MSM reinforcing whatever the GOP says…people still believe and trust President Obama more than any of these Republicans.

  123. There was diary on the Old Orange some days ago lambasting this staffer as a paid “White House Shill.” I’m puzzled as to why someone on a supposedly Democratic website would write an angry diary against a Democratic administration for trying to counter spin. I would expect this from FOX News, yes, but not from a so-called Democratic website.

  124. To make a long story short – The GOP messaging is proven time and time again and the Dem messaging has always been lacking. I’d trust the GOP’s ability to sell a polished turd more than the Dems ability to sell a gold nugget.

  125. I love all the articles and information you bring to us. The only problem I have is I have to read some of the comments and I still don’t understand all the hate people have for Obama. It is just so beyond my comprehension. He gets blamed for everything. They don’t want things to get better. I know I shouldn’t read them but I just did and now I am depressed.

    I am so thankful for this place and all you wonderful people here. I know that there are more of us we just don’t have the voice and the outlets all these other people do.

    Thank you BWD!!!!

  126. But weren’t you pushing for senate vote on ryan’s curse just a coupla days back ?

    I agree though that dems lack in messaging skills when compared to repubs.

  127. Okay, I found the paper, downloaded it and read the 29 pages.

    It compares how the press treated two stories: questions about the birth of Palin’s son and questions about Obama’s birth. One was acceptable to report and one was not.

    It is not a paper that sets out to prove Palin didn’t give birth to Trig, merely uses that story and the evidence that showed up in the press to show the differences in how the press treated Palin and Obama.

    (that said, I still Palin was at best reckless and irresponsible if she did what she said she did when she went into labor with Trig.)

  128. And another problem arises! This one is highly suspicious and I cannot believe the-president would sign off on it.
    You see, the Iraqi top general is panicking and is therefore demanding us troops remain past 2020 !

    Not kidding! This really sucks! I don’t think the president should do the logical thing and stay, he needs to kick the can down the road on this one.
    The left will more than likely find a primary challenger on the war issues. If he agrees to this.
    This is a cluster fuck!

  129. Who cares what Cheney thinks? Who would want his endorsement?
    Most people think of him as the guy who shot a man in the face and then that guy had to apologize for inconveniencing Cheney!

    An endorsement from Cheney is not a plus! I don’t know anyone who speaks positively about him, no matter what their politics are.

  130. mtmarilyn. I feel the same way. It actually hurts to read those comments. On a good day I post positive comments but on bad days I come here to find some peace and gain strength from you all. I’m so thankful BWD keeps the trolls out. I just can’t comprehend how those people can be so hateful toward such a good and decent man. I’m so thankful I found this place.

  131. Hi everyone:) Need some help. It must be because I’m exhausted, but I can’t find the wonderful, easy to understand graphs that BWD had posted here clearly showing who caused the deficit(Bush tax cuts,Iraq/Afghan wars, drug benefits).Can someone please link to those? Trying to “make it simple” for someone in grave denial. Figured the graph ought to do it! Actually, BWD had a couple of graphs up at the same time, but I can’t recall what the other one was. Thank you to whomever can dig that up for me:) Long day.
    Carla Bruni looks radiant…and the 3 Presidents look like they truly DO enjoy each other’s company.What an important and amazing trip this has been for our President.I love him. Lovelovelove him.

  132. A quick google search shows that he made these remarks as early as August 2010. Some forums say that he is a Kurd and there may be tribal issues. Any requests for the US to stay should be made by the Iraqi government.

  133. In this one particular case, Faith, I think Reid was smart. If the Dems had all voted for it, the repubs could have switched votes and we would have been stuck with a budget we didn’t want. I trust Reid to be doing the correct thing for PBO no matter how odd it might look.

  134. Yes, that is true. What Cheney and Ryan now have is called a death grip…

  135. Thank you. It was a nice rebuttal. She was exposed as a loud-mouthed empty skirt that lobes greenades in crowds with total disregard of truth or facts…

  136. SR, I really wish you would provide links for your statements. Thanks.

  137. Yes, but I didn’t think Reid would have to cut a deal to get it to the floor and that deal would be bringing an obsolete Obama Budget framework to a vote that would be defeated 97-0 and give the GOP a big time talking point in return. Dems had their talking point without the vote – GOP didn’t. Now they both have one.

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