Ha’aretz: “Obama is a rational president who knows what’s good for world peace, and above all, he’s devoted to doing justice”

Hi guys,

The president is moving to Poland today, and we’ll keep on trying to chase him, though he’s really rude to me, being too energized and full of swagger.

Here’s a very good article by one of Israel’s most respected pundits. Just another proof that many people in Israel are actually behind PBO and know very well what a disaster Nut-N-Yahoo is.

One more victory like that and Israel is done for

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could have read the phone book at the Congress podium and received the same standing ovation. His speech used the advice Moshe Sneh gave to himself. The late MK wrote on the draft of one of his speeches “weak argument, raise voice.”
There’s no question Bibi knew exactly which points in his speech would make the Congressmen rise to their feet in tumultuous applause. After all, that was his objective in the first place: to begin his bizarre visit to America by embarrassing President Barack Obama and end it by outflanking him with Congress’ applause.

What did Bibi actually want when he organized an appearance in Congress for himself, near the date of the Jewish lobby’s conference in Washington? Some observers say he wanted to put pressure on Obama, who is entering an election period, so that he would adopt Israel’s positions. The public hazing of Obama in front of the media at the end of their meeting was embarrassing.

Douglas Bloomfield, AIPAC’s long-time legislative director, writes in his blog that if Bibi is betting on Obama being a one-term president, he’s not as smart as he thinks. At the same time, Gary Rosenblatt, editor of The Jewish Week, describes the White House incident as a “hasbara disaster” – a public relations disaster. The strategic relationship between the United States and Israel is stronger than ever, Bloomfield writes, but the political alliance suffered an unnecessary blow last week, when in front of journalists Bibi distorted what Obama had told him in private.


…Obama is a rational president who knows what’s good for world peace, and above all, he’s devoted to doing justice. Aspiring to a Middle East that will not be ruled by dictators who murder their own people, he counts us among the good guys and wishes us well. A failure of the peace process is not an option. The status quo cannot be maintained. True friends tell each other the truth.

So as the clouds of September approach, we have a problem with Bibi’s savoir faire. A victory with the tricks and shticks of someone who finds it hard to drop the dream of a Greater Israel is leading us to destruction.




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  1. Methinks Chicago has been very lucky in getting Rahmbo as Mayor:

    “Arguing that “100-year weather events” are happening with frightening frequency, Mayor Rahm Emanuel demanded Thursday that City Hall start planning and training for that new reality….

    With tornadoes wreaking havoc this week across the Midwest and extreme heat forecast for the holiday weekend, the mayor said now is the time to simulate all kinds of emergencies and usher in a new “culture of planning, coordination and teamwork.”

    “It is clear from the [Groundhog Day] blizzard, the tornadoes, the hurricane, the flooding [in Albany Park a few years ago] that what we assumed in the past to be abnormal weather patterns are becoming now normal weather patterns,” the mayor said….more


  2. Good morning all. That article in Ha’areetz is excellent. More Israelis trust the Prez and share his view than they do with BiBi. I am so glad to see that even in Israel, they felt emarrassed by how biBi behaved before POTUS.

  3. Good Morning BWD Family,
    God bless you President Obama. Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are.
    Gotta tell you all I had to email NBC this morning. I think I raised my blood pressure. Willie Geist highlighting this week with showing our President having a drink, playing table tennis and the toast to the Queen which was to portray him in a negative light. Now if it was not for this site and Chips we would have never known that the President was out of the country. It really pissed me off and I could kick myself for listening those few seconds. I told NBC that they are just mad because the rest of the world loves him also.

  4. Wow – President Obama has become quite the alpha dog! Look at him leading the pack and the other guys (all shorter) surrounding him.

    Re AIPAC and Netanyahu – it makes me nervous to even think it but perhaps our President is starting to break the stranglehold that AIPAC has had on U.S. politics for so long.

  5. I mean nervous in that I’m superstitious to say out loud something that I want to happen. Most presidents wouldn’t attempt something like this until the end of a second term.

  6. Tim pawlenty tweeted, at least i am not on a pub crawl like obama.

    Stat classy Timmy,stay classy.

    Meanwhile, a little research tells you old Timmy pardoned 3 staffers who got dui. One of which raped some young girl…

    Pretty remarkable that he makes those comments, considering…

  7. Good morning BWD and wonderful TOAITR family. It is such a wonderful way to start the day by coming here and knowing we will read and discuss what is really going on in the world with respect for each other and love for our President. Thank you BWD and friends.

  8. Excellent Haareztz piece. Pity the american msm and the congress critters don’t get it.

    Pearls before swines and all that.

  9. I am still amazed that our liberal press at night, does not even mention the presidents trip overseas.

  10. Pakistan has agreed to allow the CIA to send a forensics team to examine the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed, giving the agency permission to use sophisticated equipment in a search for al-Qaeda materials that may have been hidden inside walls or buried at the site, U.S. officials said.

    The arrangement would allow the CIA for the first time to enter a complex that it had previously scrutinized only from a distance, using satellites, stealth drones and spies operating from a nearby safe house that was shuttered when bin Laden was killed.



  11. Earlier this week, Secretary Chu delivered the graduation address for the Green Supers program in New York City. The 40-hour program teaches building superintendents everything they need to know about green building operations and maintenance.
    Victor Nazario, part of this first class of graduates who also spoke at the ceremony, said he started off with a general understanding of what that meant, but was shocked to find out how easy some of the techniques turned out to be.

    “I was always under the impression that these techniques were very expensive,” Victor said. “It’s just time, it’s just dedication, and just applying it.”


  12. Good morning family. Overseasgranny there is a positive spirit moving here in chicago. we cant wait until things get started. He has already added 3o minutes to the school time which i am glad. 500 police officers has been moved to beat cops. There is talk of a big hiring in education. I can’t wait.

  13. Nailing down optimal battery performance in electric vehicles is a little like finding a good bowl of porridge: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Luckily for battery developers, the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has an innovative tool called the “Large Volume Battery Calorimeter” (LVBC) that’s serving up crucial data on that performance-maximizing sweet spot. As we continue to highlight Department of Energy collaboration with industry and our national laboratories to enable development and deployment of innovative battery technologies, I wanted to share this great LVBC feature by NREL’s Anya Breitenbach and Julia Thomas:


  14. Pawlenty’s language is hilarious. “I…um…well, I’m not sure why I’m running. I mean, I could have done other stuff besides running, but…um, this seems like a good idea. I don’t have much to say except I’ll go along with what the other guys are saying, I mean, even though I used to say different things, saying this stuff now seems like a good idea. And… um, well, at least I’m not on a pub crawl like Obama.”


    Groundbreaking Event Celebrates State-of-the-Art Fiber Optic Network that will Soon be Available to Residents and Businesses in Rural Bennett, Lowden and Delmar.

    USDA Rural Development Providing F&B Communications with $3.2 Million in Loan and Grant Funds through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:


  16. A year after Hurricane Katrina leveled New Orleans and revealed the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s ineptitude, state and local public officials in the region had so little faith in FEMA that they made their own arrangements to get ice, food, and generators for the next disaster. Now, as the sixth anniversary of Katrina approaches, communities coping with killer tornadoes and flooding this spring are surprised by an agency that has been revamped.

    The FEMA team that arrived in Joplin, Mo., on May 22 after a tornado ripped through the city, killing at least 125 people, quickly coordinated with volunteers and helped with search-and-rescue efforts, says John Bartosh, presiding commissioner in Jasper County. “They have been nothing but great.”

    FEMA has deployed more than 1,000 employees in Alabama, where more than 50 tornadoes swept through the state’s northern half on Apr. 27, leaving 238 dead and flattening thousands of homes and businesses. Its crew there and the Small Business Administration have already approved more than $54.7 million in disaster assistance for the state’s residents, according to FEMA spokesman Mike Stone. “I’ve been very impressed with the dedicated professionals FEMA has put on the ground here in Tuscaloosa,” says Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox. FEMA staffers are also on the ground in Oklahoma and Arkansas to help in the aftermath of tornadoes in those states.


  17. It’s ‘The Obama Effect’ at work!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  18. NO RECESS APPOINTMENTS – POLITICO’s Scott Wong: “Obama won’t be able to make any executive recess appointments when senators are home next week for the Memorial Day recess – including Elizabeth Warren … The Senate will be in ‘pro forma session’ because Republicans are threatening to block adjournment, Senate leadership aides said. A senator who lives in nearby Virginia or Maryland will be asked to briefly open and close the session on those days, during which time no business will be conducted. The Senate is tasked with confirming top executive branch officials nominated by the president. But Article II of the Constitution allows the president to temporarily appoint officials during a Senate recess. … Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, repeated his threat Thursday to block adjournment if Democrats continue to fail to produce a budget plan.” ——————–

    So, Nobody is going to be in charge of the CFPB???

  19. I think Bibi wrote his own epitaph with that speech and meeting with the President. The opposition leader called for his resignation, which is always a first step in a leader’s downfall. As I’ve said before, so many media and politicians do not LISTEN to what the President says. They make up their minds what he is going to say before he speaks, and comment on that. The media ignored the vast majority of the content of the President’s speech. I listened to every word, and I read that the part everyone clamored about was 13 seconds! Thanks for this article BWD. Hopefully, some of those lame Congress members will read it.
    re Pawlenty “pub crawl”…One glass in one pub, as a guest! What is with these people!!!

  20. Senate Republicans are using a parliamentary trick to block President Obama from making any recess appointments during the Senate’s Memorial Day break — including a long-awaited nomination of Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    The Senate will remain in pro-forma session because Republicans objected to the unanimous consent required to adjourn. The parliamentary maneuver prevented the Senate from officially going into recess for a week, denying Obama a chance for recess appointments even though Republicans openly acknowledge that they don’t expect any.

    “Senate Republicans are doing this just in case,” said a House GOP aide.


    No recess appts! The libs should have kept thier mouths shut. They were asking, will Obama recess appt warren?
    The answer is NO< the republicans will not!

  21. Virginia and Maryland have Dem Senators – make a Republican have to travel in to play the game. Toomey or Burr can do it.

  22. Morning, family! Happy Friday.I wrote very late last night that I needed some help retrieving the gragh that showed where the national debt came from..you know, the graph that BWD and every other site(at least the ones WE frequent)had up.The delusional sites would never show that graph…doesn’t fit their talking points…can someone please send me the link for that? I would be grateful..(Bush tax cuts,Iraq/Afghan wars,drug benefit)and a teeny tiny slice for the recovery.Thanks bunches ahead of time to whomever can send that along for me.

  23. Yes, I hope the 500 extra police wil lbe a big help. It’s been tragic to read of so much violence in certain neighborhoods. I can’t imagine how much heartbreak those communities have suffered over the years.

    I haven’t always agreed with Rahm Emmanuel, but I think he will be good for the city.

  24. I hope some day the President makes another trip to Israel and the citizens there treat him like he was treated in Ireland and the U.K. That would really confound the right wing elements of both our country and theirs.

  25. President Obama named five individuals to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee on Thursday, including executives from Twitter, Microsoft and McAfee.

    The committee convenes industry leaders to advise the White House on how to ensure communications remain available during any crisis. Membership typically includes representatives from the largest telecom firms.

    The five new members are Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Trustworth Computing Group; Twitter CEO Dick Costolo; McAfee President Dave DeWalt; Terremark Federal Group President Jamie Dos Santos; and Neustar CEO Lisa Hook.

    Costolo’s appointment is particularly notable, as it signifies Twitter’s rising importance as a provider of one of the fastest-growing real-time digital communications platforms. He previously worked as Twitter’s chief operating officer and at Google after it acquired FeedBurner, which he founded in 2004.

    The Hill-

  26. It’s the difference between appointing some one for their ideological stance versus appointing someone for their competence. I am sure the FEMA workers were dedicated professionals at the time of Katrina. It is just that the leadership had no idea how to use them.

  27. So good to hear. This is so very much in keeping with the President’s way of thinking, too: our government will be there to lend a competent hand, but part of that help needs the organizaed participation of the citizens. He’s not our nanny, but he would never leave people out in the cold, either.

  28. Then maybe they should make the Republicans stay there in session until they officially appoint Elizabeth Warren. Two can play that game, dickheads.

  29. I know it shows up on some Daily Kos diaries–if you want to wade in the waters over there. The search function should bring it up. In fact I think I saw it in a diary yesterday.

  30. Representative James Clyburn, the assistant Democratic leader in the U.S. House, said the “odds are very, very good” that negotiators will agree on a $3 trillion to $6 trillion package of spending cuts and tax increases in time to raise the U.S. debt limit before an Aug. 2 deadline.

    Any agreement with Republicans “absolutely” must include provisions to raise more revenue, even if it also cuts corporate tax rates, said the South Carolina lawmaker, who holds the third-ranking position in the House Democratic leadership and is part of a bipartisan negotiating group of Senate and House members led by Vice President Joe Biden.

    “We cannot get an agreement without revenues” being raised, and absent that “I don’t think we can get to what our goals are,” Clyburn said on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend.




  32. CHICAGO — President Barack Obama’s decision to base his reelection campaign 600 miles away from the White House will mean more email and less face time for his campaign manager and top political aides.

    But the growing number of campaign staffers in a sprawling, quiet floor of an office tower overlooking Chicago’s Millennium Park say the benefits from Obama’s unconventional decision outweigh the inconvenience. There are some big, symbolic reasons for the Chicago location: hopes of channeling the 2008 magic and at least a hint of the outsider status that a sitting president may find hard to recapture. But the key factors, aides say, were practical.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/55774.html#ixzz1NYwnOey2

  33. A real mayor. I’ve lived in Chicago since 1972 and we’ve never had a real mayor who honestly wanted to govern. Criminals and opportunists have run Chicago for decades.

    Rahm has his work cut out for him — this town has a bizarre tolerance for crookedness. But Rahm’s appeal to the voters was his seriousness about helping Chicago.

    I think this is the job Rahm Emanuel was born to do.

  34. Mae, I think I know how you feel. The black president spends his time playing table tennis, drinking, a lot apparently, and he smiles too damned much. That is not what we want in a president. grrrrrrrrr!

  35. grrrrrr!!!!!!!

    We got stuck with effing John Bolton as a recess appointment.

    I’m beyond pissed.

  36. “I think this is the job Rahm Emanuel was born to do.”

    Just like Barack Hussein Obama! 😉

  37. Yes: the article was great. the Israelis know and can trust PBO 100%, but Obama wants peace in the M.S things are changing. and it looks that the people in the M.E do want change for the good.

  38. Thanks Snoop and AZGrandma:)!!! Appreciate that very much. One minute, I saw it everywhere, then I couldn’t find it…I should have known to just ask here first:)
    AZgrandma..you’ll appreciate my need for this because I’m trying to explain to a nutjob Arizonian the facts of the debt…they’re in total denial, as so many people are here!While the rest of the US seems to be catching on to the Republican way of doing its best to screw everyday Americans in favor of their corporate overlords,these dingbats are stuck in the muck.I’m not surprised, but I was hoping they would get a clue.Once again,their willful ignorance is bliss.

  39. That’s always a great idea…

    Let our voices be heard in every way! 😉

  40. My senior mom made a funny yesterday….

    She said that every time the President leaves the country lately, there’s some tragic weather occurance in the “red” states. She said they better stop saying those bad things about him or he’ll leave the country again.

  41. No…

    Chris, Rachel, Lawrence, and Ed have “shown some good sense” at times…

    They just didn’t show PBHO’s European Diplomacy Tour!

    No one’s perfect. 🙂

  42. THank you ESMERALDA: a great article, and by the way ESMERALDA IS BEAUTIFUL STONE GREAT NAME.

  43. Rahm really seems to be getting off to a good start as mayor. I am wondering if his goal is to be a 20-year mayor like Daley or if he is going to try to run for governor or president some day. I do miss seeing him on the national stage.

  44. JOjo i said the the same thing. You know when the elders speak you better listen. hug your mom. they all are saying that. LOL!

  45. That man continues to embarass Minnesota. I do love that he is polling behind the pizza guy – Cain. Pawlenty is going to get his butt kicked in the primaries/caucuses.

  46. Why is Reid letting them do this? He let the Senate minority hold up 100s of Obama appointments last year when we had 60 votes and now that we have fewer votes, he is letting them keep the Senate in session permanently so these posts stay open forever. Obama will never be able to appoint a liberal judge or even a moderate judge now. Way to go Reid. What a moron.

  47. I would certainly hope they don’t cut corporate tax rates unless they close a lot of loopholes to make all companies pay taxes. GE paid $0 in taxes last year. That should be unacceptable.

  48. I have a co-worker who lived in Chicago all his life and all he talks about is how crooked the politicians are…all of them. I think he has a negative attitude but if Rahm can change him I will be impressed. He’s one of those libertarians who thinks there should be NO taxes but wants the city to fix stuff for free.

  49. You are so right, Sue. And he beckons each of us to be a better person, in our own way.

  50. desertflower – *nutjob Arizonian*

    Oh, is Sarah Palin there already?


  51. Rachel is VERY left. I know her hair is on fire because the President signed the extension to the Patriot Act. Look for the left to be on fire over this one.

  52. No problem. I posted that on FB so all I had to do was go back to my profile page and scroll through. There are a lot of people with “red souls” in Arizona. But there are a few of us sane people here!!!

    Check this out too. This is really good info for those in such stubborn denial:

    The CBO has calculated that the Bush era tax cuts have directly placed the U.S. in it’s current dangerous economic condition. The CBO stated; If the Clinton era tax rates were still in place, the national debt (which was $10.5 trillion when George W. Bush left office) would have now been TOTALLY payed off and the U.S. would now have a SURPLUS of two trillion dollars.

    Here’s a petition and a link to this information too: http://www.change.org/petitions/eliminate-all-bush-era-tax-cuts-and-reduce-the-national-debt-by-50-by-2020

  53. That article was a pleasant surprise. And yet, come to think of it, it is always the few, Right Wing loud-mouths who always end up tarnishing the majority of loving people. When you listen to BiBi and his Foreign Minister, it is easy to mistake them for the entire Israel, just as sometimes the T-Baggers and some crazy GOPPers sometimes tarnish America as a whole.

    Articles such as this often have the effect off making the readers pull back and rethink their generalizations. Thanks indeed.

  54. Sounds almost verbatim to me, Betsey! 🙂

    Wonder how long before T-Paw drops out, like the others?

  55. I’m so happy to hear this good news about Mayor Rahm – not unexpected, I might add!

  56. What a great article! I love how this gentleman expresses joy for his job. This is someone the Republicans would crap on because he’s not wealthy, but he’s someone who has my deep admiration. Thanks, Jovie.

  57. I remember reading about a community that had been wiped off the face of the map by a tornado deciding to rebuild a completely green community. I hope that can be done to these devastated areas as well.

    Of course if Eric Cantor has his way, they’ll all look like shanty-towns.

  58. Thanks Esmerelda…

    PBHO (and FLMO) had a very busy week, and there’s still more to come…

    He’s showin’ America’s “Smart Power” Diplomacy! 😉

    By the way, how did you “emb” that vid ciip onto this Blog?

    I’ve tried but it never works for me. 😦

  59. Sheesh. All this means is they’re trying to destroy Amtrak. It already is a private corporation–just happens to be owned by a combination of the freight railroads and the American people.

    Public transportation has not ever and will not ever earn a true profit. It’s too expensive. No matter how you do the math, whether it’s airlines, highways, or rail–the governemtn always has to play a role in funding.

  60. The President was talking with an older gentleman just now at the wreath laying ceremony in Warsaw, and before he moved on, both gentlemen made a symbolic bow to each other. In fact, a couple of bows.

    No matter what they were discussing, I just think the President is so sophisticated, compassionate, mannerly, genteel, as well as respectful of older persons – so much so that I can barely stand it. He was certainly brought up right. We are so lucky and blessed to have him representing us abroad.


  61. … and I don’t know whom I’m more excited to see out and about, here or abroad — the President or Pete Souza, taking those photographs of history!

    Okay, it’s the President, but I truly respect Pete, too.

  62. And how all the guys want to walk with Obama!

    I also like how it’s Obama’s hand everyone wants to touch and/or shake. The others come alone and there are a few desultory holding out of hands. But it’s Obama whose attention they want and who they follow with their eyes and their smiles.

  63. Rahm is not going to be able to change everything. People have to get realistic about what can be accomplished by any one person in a climate that has done business one way for generations.

    What I think he is going to be brilliant at is knowing what battles to pick and how to demonstrate the effectiveness of a mayor and his administration that is dedicated truly to a well-functioning, prosperous Chicago.

    My husband, who has great hopes for Rahm, tends to focus on the wife of one well-connected politician who got a job from Rahm, as an example.

    It’s like expected Obama to put together an administration with people who never had any ties to lobbyists. It’s impossible. You do your best.

    Grown-ups need to expect disappointments and celebrate the successes.

  64. I was so anxious not to be able to get much news from France…. So I kept coming here… LOL!

  65. My sense is that if being Mayor of Chicago was his job for life, he’d be fine with it. Although political winds shift so fast. I certainly could see him as governor or Senator of Illinois. My sense now is that he is totally focused on getting this city in shape. He loves being home. He loves having his family living in his home town. It’s palpable.

  66. A European state mission is far too much for Republicans to understand.

    what a dick.

  67. Chris Matthews has been good the last few weeks. He is not a reliable Obama pundit. There are none that are regularly on any of the news shows. Not a single one.

  68. I just called Congr. Berman’s office – they were glad to get the positive feedback, and I also said it’s been a bit quiet out there and it’s great to finally hear a Democrat supporting the President on this topic. We should all call.

    Congressman Berman: (202) 225-4695

  69. Why would a quasi-secessionist want to run for president? To say that the GOP is not ready for prime time is an understatement.

  70. This sent me completely over the edge this morning. I mean, completely.

    They have done everything they can to stop this President from being the President.

    We got John Bolton as a God damned recess appt. Methinks the progressive activity to get Warren as a recess appt just made the Republicans find their evil way to stop it.

  71. It’s because Republicans don’t know the first thing about diplomacy. They get their way by bullying. So, visiting other countries to foster cooperation and fair trade are foreign practices to them – they can’t understand it.

  72. No better man to run the country than one who wants to secede from it.

    (via gos)

  73. I’ve given up expecting anything from MSNBC since they hired Michael Steele. Nothing surprises me over there anymore.

  74. Sounds like it.

    Here’s my latest thinking on Sarah Palin ‘running’: she’ll suck all of the coverage of the Republican field and Republicans will realize what a loser she is, and support the moderate.


    P.S. Sarah Palin is NOT going to run. She is just going to play like she is in order to keep her brand up. I agree with Lawrence: the minute she makes it official that she’s not running her worth plummets to Fox news and anyone else.

  75. I love to see the view from behind the scenes. I’m frustrated, however, that more Americans did not get to see much of this on the news.

  76. Was, Is…Who knows…

    But, if possible, the TX Dems need to do a constitutional amendment to RECALL him! lol

  77. Over at That Other Site, I saw an interesting analysis of Netanyahu’s failure and Obama’s victory written by Troubadour, a diarist I like and respect there. It was on the rec list when I last I checked:

    “Obama’s Quiet Victory

    [Warning: this is a devastatingly significant foreign policy victory. Proceed with caution.]

    This week, Congress rose to its feet nearly 30 times as Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, simultaneously a) challenged Obama’s vision of a two-state solution based on 1967 borders for Israel & Palestine, and b) signaled – in so many words – the end of the peace process.

    And many, including myself, concluded that the President had likely lost, once again, to the conservative Israel lobby in America and its narrow interests; that Netanyahu’s grand, operatic performance before Congress would cause the Palestinians to throw up their hands and walk away from the negotiating table; that Netanyahu’s rhetorical victory would demolish the White House’s vision for how to procure peace between Israel and Palestine before September.

    We should know better.

    News from the West Bank indicates that if one statesman won this week in the Middle East, it was our president, Barack Obama.

    Allow me to explain.

    One of Obama’s central demands of the Palestinians in his Middle East speech, and in his speech to AIPAC, was that a unity government formed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas must, as a precondition, recognize Israel’s right to exist within secure borders before Israel can be expected to negotiate a peace accord.

    It was one of many demands made upon the Palestinians, demands that – unlike Netanyahu and his boisterous cage-rattling – were absorbed quietly, without public complaint, by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Hamas, in contrast, slammed Obama’s demand. Which makes what follows a potentially remarkable development.)

    Today, we learn that Abbas is now pushing hard to form a unity government of technocrats that will explicitly adhere the the Quartet demands, one of which being the explicit recognition of Israel.”


  78. Just when I was getting used to people ignoring that fraud. Do we really have to indulge in speculation for the next however many months? Can’t we just take a pass on this one?

  79. WE need to stop talkin’ about her…

    Some are makin’ her feel important…Which she isn’t…

    She’s just an “attention-whore,” and she needs more money! (By the way, I’m a woman.) lol

  80. Excellent – they’ll take the wind right out of Netanyahoo’s sail by taking away the only legitimate complaint he’s had. Then what?

  81. Maybe he’ll change parties…Not…

    Seein’ TeaPublican’s heads explode! lol

  82. I really think Sarah is running. The field is really weak and I think she could take the nomination. Pawlenty and Huntsman aren’t getting any traction. No one likes Romney or Gingrich. This is Sarah’s only chance to get the nod, I think she goes for it.

  83. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the President look as fed up as he does in some of his post-Netanyahu pictures. There’s one of the two of them seated in which the body language is crystal clear.

    That’s a huge mistake on Netanyahu’s part. President Obama won’t swash any buckles, he’ll just quietly neutralize the poor fool, who will wonder forever how he lost so horrible to someone he was told was weak and ineffectual and disliked.

    Do all conservatives suffer from these kinds of delusions? Someone should tell them that propaganda damages the seller worse than anyone else – they keep falling into their own sinkholes while PBO neatly marches on.

  84. I read about that. It was a small town in Kansas, I think. It was totally destroyed but they are rebuilding completely “green” It’s an amazing story. I’ll have to look up the link.

  85. So true. Republicans will only appear in venues they can control or feel are friendly to them. They cannot defend their policies in neutral or questioning environments.

  86. Great idea! I called too! I get so tired of this President brilliantly breaking new ground in an area or standing up for principles he believes in even when they are not popular and hearing crickets from the Democratic Party.

  87. Remember what he said about people who try to take advantage of his ability to give them the benefit of the doubt?

    Nut ‘n’ Yahoo won’t know what hit him.


  88. They say she’s here.If I run into her, she’s in for an earful!!!I wonder if she’s going to try for Kyl’s seat…forget the President thing. Ain’t EVER gonna win that, but with the loons that live in AZ,the senate seat is not out of bounds. These folks are CLUELESS!Now that she has her new BFF Brewer, who knows? I have never seen so many crooks and liars in govt. in all my days as I have around here.All of them, rotten to the core!

  89. Thanks, Grandma:)Thanks so much.The crazy here hurts my head, my heart.How is it that so many people can’t get a clue? Boggles my mind.

  90. I was just watching a panel on MSNBC. All talking about how ridiculous it is that the entire MSM responds to the dog whistle and then covers Sarah Palin ad nauseum.

    …..while they’re talking about Sarah Palin. Hi-larious.

    But what was a little delicious: the spokesman for these bikers she’s ‘joining’ on Memorial Day? They want no part of her. They have fought hard to stay non-political and she’s a distraction from this time-honored Memorial Day ritual.

    So her people didn’t ask. Her people didn’t arrange for her to participate. Sounded like they heard about it on the news like everyone else.

    What a fantastic administrator……

  91. This was a fantastic diary. The class act that he is, he linked to someone with opposing views.

  92. Excellent,Aquagranny! Thanks so much for this. As you know, the folks here in AZ are more than a few bricks shy of a full load…not ALL of us, but I know you know what I’m talking about:)Many thanks.

  93. I caught that Geist segment before I left for work this morning. Lil Willie was given that spliced together montage in a lame ass attempt to depict PBO as lazy and playful, while Americans are unemployed, suffering from major disasters from tonadoes, etc. to make him and the frat boys at MSNBC appear “LARGE”

    The US media has not been covering PBO’s Euroepean trip, because it will show the few pea brains just how well-loved Presidnet Obama is abroad. Americans are shameful in their treatment of this president, utterly shameful!

  94. Well Geist and co have a nerve. They are the lazy,playful bods who sit there and ramble on about nothing in particular, passing judgement about any and everything as if they are well researched and knowledgeable! Sorry Geist, I learn absolutely nothing elevating from you during the 3 whole hours every morning. Wastage galore.

  95. Republicans can only really stay in their accustomed domain. Venturing out means they may be forced to understand, deal and expand their horizons in the real world

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