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Forget the noise and the nonsense, this is the real thing: Real people and real lives improved, and even saved, because of president Obama’s policies – Health Care Reform is just one of them. That’s what matters. The rest is just white noise, disgusting politicians, la-la-land blogosphere and corrupted media.

This is only the appetizer. This post will be stuck here for a long time.  



I suffered cardiac arrest due to a misdiagnosed genetic heart problem.  The misdiagnosis initially occurred 23 years ago, but in the intervening years both my former doctors and insurance company refused to look further at my symptoms with the latter threatening to drop me and tag me as having a pre-existing condition. I had tests done twice, and they showed me free of this disease and I was informed I could never develop it after a certain age, a statement that is and was clearly wrong. I was told further testing was unnecessary and would not be approved In effect, the insurance company drove the medical diagnosis despite the fact that my sister already had a pacemaker because of this condition.

Fortunately I still have managed to hold onto my insurance, despite the cost (I am self employed) and the medical team that treated me on October 4 used an innovative procedure that saved my life.  With no lifetime cap, a raised annual cap and no ability to drop me for getting sick, my insurance company contacted me and told me they would pay for a wellness coach in order to help with my recovery.  My cardiac arrest occured 11 days after portions of HCR took effect and every day I am thankful for the first very big steps this President helped us take toward changing the way health care is provided in this country.

We do have a great health care system for all who can access it-too many cannot or are tossed out of it not by the doctors but by the insurance companies.  Without HCR, I do believe I would have been dropped by my insurance company shortly after this happened and my access to these wonderful doctors would be at an end.  I confess I wanted a public option, but, when I woke up in that hospital and knew I was alive and my insurance would not be cancelled, the true impact of these first steps hit me on a very personal level.  I also know any repeal of HCR by the new Congress could literally kill me.

My gratitude toward this President knows no bounds.

Molly Ivans


 I was able to get help on my mortgage in 2009 with the Obama foreclosure recovery. I took a huge pay cut in 2007 when I had to change jobs.  I did all the wrong things with my condo:  I refinanced 3 times and used my equity as an ATM machine.  I didn’t “retrench” when I changed jobs and live within my means.  I skipped a few mortgage payments and lived on credit cards too much.  By 2009, I was in some deep trouble.

 Then the stimulus happened.  It occurred to me that I may qualify for some help. I talked to my bank and asked if I could do any of the Obama refinancing that was part of the stimulus.  My bank was receptive and my monthly mortgage payment was reduced, as well as my interest rate.  The bank is getting paid and I am able to breath easier.   I still have to watch my spending, but that is a good thing.

 This is change that matters as I get to keep my home.




My doctor will tell you that I am a chronic under utilizer of medical services.  The first thing I hear – when I finally make an appointment – is always how long it has been since the last one.  But let me explain:

 In 2003, at age 60, I became seriously ill and needed major surgery.  At the time, I was working two part-time jobs.  Neither one offered health insurance.  I had tried for some time to obtain coverage, but could not afford the premiums on my very moderate income.  So I found myself in a terrible situation.  A single person, with very little in savings, unable to work for several weeks, I was dealing with $25,000 in hospital and medical bills and follow-up care.  I came perilously  close to losing my home.  In 2011 – eight years later – the picture has brightened, although  I am still paying down the debt.  But I am now on Medicare, enjoying the security of knowing that this kind of disaster will not happen again.  I can’t even begin to imagine how different these last 8 years would have been if the ACA had been enacted earlier. 

 But why have I not taken advantage of Medicare and started more regular checkups and appointments?  Well, after my surgery, my doctor ordered all the tests that had been neglected for so long.  Initially, this added a lot to the mountain of debts, since I still had no insurance with no prospects of being able to afford it until  I became eligible for Medicare.  So I rationed everything, including visits to the doctor and especially all the highly recommended tests.  I simply could not pay for them and I still couldn’t afford them, even after Medicare kicked in. 

So now, with ACA, I will finally be able to have a yearly exam and all the tests at no additional cost.  I have been  told many times that the proper preventive care is vitally important.  I am immensely grateful that the ACA  has made this a reality for me and so many other seniors. 

Thank you, President Obama!



 My 23 year old son now has health insurance on my family coverage policy. He could not afford coverage for the past 2 years.

 Leslie, Graves County, Kentucky




Six months ago I discovered I had  prostate cancer. We did not have healthinsurance due to trumped up pre-existing conditions.  During the always frustrating and sometimes terrifying ordeal of trying to get the particular surgeon and surgery I so desperately needed , Kay and I dedicated a substantial amount of what ever future I have to helping  in any way possible improving our shattered healthcare system.

Obamacare is a start. It has already saved my life through the new pre-existing condition insurance funded by the Feds and administered here in Colorado by Rocky Mountain Health Care and a program called “Getting US Covered”. Through them I was able to become insured and was able to receive life saving surgery just four weeks ago. But where do we go now? We have had a life changing experience, but do not yet know how to use our new found knowledge of the medical system that is capable of “level one care for all” but that only provides that level of care to some and sends others home to die.

Robert L. Parker




Jennifer’s daughter, Allison, is 9 years old and was diagnosed seven years ago with a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I). She is administered an enzyme replacement therapy, but Allison has a $2 million lifetime max on her father’s health insurance policy and could be above $1.7 million of her lifetime max by the end of 2010. Under the Affordable Care Act, Allison will have the lifetime limit on care removed.

Jennifer Restemayer, Bismarck


Having hemophilia all his life, Paul understood the importance of a job with good health insurance benefits and sought work in the federal government. After five years, Paul left his position in government and enrolled in a health insurance continuation of coverage which lasted eighteen months. When this extension ran out he enrolled in an individual plan in Virginia with a $1 million cap. In three years, Paul exhausted this policy because of costs related to the treatment of hemophilia. With options to change jobs, move to another state, or apply for disability status, Paul was faced with some very tough decisions. As it turned out, the company where Paul works enrolled him in an employee plan with a $6 million cap; Paul has already used about $1 million worth of coverage. The Affordable Care Act will lift this cap on how much health care he can receive.

Paul Brayshaw, Falls Church


James was diagnosed with brain cancer in March. Shortly thereafter, his insurance company rescinded his coverage claiming that his cancer was a pre-existing condition. He thought the lack of coverage was a death sentence. Fortunately, he was able to join the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan and is now getting the treatment he needs.

James Howard, Katy, TX


My daughters now have health insurance until they are 26, this gives me tremendous  peace of mind.



On Sept. 22 I had the incredible good fortune to travel to Washington, D.C., to to join an informal backyard gathering with President Barack Obama and more than a dozen other participants from around the country who will benefit from the new health care protections that went into effect on Sept. 23. We gathered to share our stories of how the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and its Patient’s Bill of Rights will improve our own and our families’ health as well as the financial well-being of our country’s small businesses.

The president spent well over an hour listening to people tell their stories of how the health care reform provisions will improve their lives, sometimes dramatically. I met people who no longer face denial of coverage because they have a pre-existing medical condition or have exceeded their lifetime health insurance limit. In attendance were young people who will continue to be covered by their parent’s insurance policy until they turn 26 and people who will benefit from not having to pay co-pays or deductibles for recommended preventive care.

The significance of the new law for us at Hawthorne Auto Clinic is that we will now be able to continue our employees’ health care coverage. Our company is one of over 4 million small businesses now eligible for the new health care tax credits. Our health care costs for our employees and their families had reached 20 percent of payroll — an unsustainable burden. The effect of this tax credit for our company will be to return our health care expenses to 2008 levels, which is a major cost reduction.

My visit with President Obama was truly remarkable, and I was most impressed with how hard he and his administration have been working to address our health care crisis and make these health insurance reforms a reality.

During our visit, the president remarked on the challenge of providing Americans with the information necessary to take advantage of the new health care law. In my research before making this trip, I was surprised to learn how few Americans actually know what the ACA provides. To learn the facts about how the ACA will enable all to take control of their health care needs, access the new law’s details at

For a non-partisan evaluation of the ACA, the respected Kaiser Family Foundation website has excellent information. To learn how the ACA can help America’s 4 million small businesses provide health insurance coverage for their employees, check out

We owe it to ourselves to understand and take advantage of this new health care reform law.

Jim Houser, Portland


  I was in a group discussion with one of my Maryland state legislators, each one talking about their biggest goals for the upcoming legislative session.  The legislator said one of his goals is to get a wind farm going off the coast of Maryland (Chesapeake Bay, I think).  He said one glitch they had was with the Navy and either their ships or planes (I can’t remember the details) but the Obama administration made some changes that will enable these windmills to operate.  I wish I had the exact details but the upshot was, here is an administration working on many, many fronts to make cleaner energy happen in this country. 
Elly in Maryland


 Michael Story of Meridian, Mississippi was uninsured for three years, has a pacemaker and could not obtain any health insurance coverage. After learning about the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, he applied to join the program and has been accepted.


Augustina Rodriguez of Winchester, California  a senior citizen living on a fixed income, has received a $250 donut hole rebate check that helped defray prescription drug expenses. By 2020, the donut hole will be closed.


Nan Warshaw from Chicago is a mother and small business owner in Chicago who makes the health insurance decisions for her seven person staff. Her company covers the full cost of insurance for her employees and they have seen premiums skyrocket in recent years. The new small business tax credits will make it easier for Nan’s business to provide coverage to her employees and the law will also help crack down on unreasonable premium hikes.


Joshua Lapps from Nazareth, PA, is a graduate student and had insurance at school, but it didn’t offer adequate coverage. Recently, he applied to rejoin his parents’ plan as a dependent and was accepted. Now, Josh will have higher-quality affordable coverage until he turns 26, allowing him to continue his studies with the peace of mind that he has the coverage he needs.


Ralph Christopher Byrd from Phoenix, AZ, has twins that have been diagnosed with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and he at one time feared they would reach their lifetime limits on care under his old insurance policy. Treating someone newly diagnosed with SMA is expensive, and his children require constant care. The Affordable Care Act eliminates lifetime caps on benefits and helps ensure Chris and his family will never have to worry about lifetime limits on coverage.



100 thoughts on “Sticky: Obama Cares – Change That Matters

  1. Nice. What a way to start the New Year!!! Funny going through the stories thinking about how comprimised Pres Obama’s health care plan was….. what a joke!! Go Obama, Go Dems and BWD did it again.

  2. and the one parent talking about their kid staying on: I remember when I was in school and rippied a tenden in my hip and didn’t have anything but the crappy college coverage. I just got fininshed paying the bill for that last year!!!!!! Its a blessing that other kids wont have to go through mess like that

  3. We need a national movement. Titled simply
    I Want My ObamaCare Healthcare, because Obama Cares.

    This needs to go viral across the web, and in all 50 states. We need to bring people out to march for it. It needs to be informative and in layman terms to make sure a 5th grader can understand what is in the bill and what is at stake if we lose all the progress that was made over the last 2 years.

    Millions of people need this Healthcare, and we have to make sure that it stay in place.

  4. Wow! Thanks for putting these together, BWD. I must also thank those that shared their story. My heart was touched by each story.

  5. BWD you are truly a gem. These stories are real and I just wish these were the stories blasting on those cable shows rather than what some half term governor is tweeting.

  6. My step daughter went off to college this fall. I am so grateful that she is able to remain on our insurance. It is such a blessing.

  7. I just sent this out via Twitter. I’ve seen a few people re-tweet. Hopefully more people will do the same. I sent it to the Presssec, Bill Burton and the Whitehouse via twitter.

  8. I don’t know how/if my story was affected by ObamaCare, but I got some wonderful news yesterday.

    I work for a small non-profit and our health insurance is renewed in March. For years we’ve had the top-of-the-line plan offered by our insurer, but had planned to reduce to a cheaper plan this year in order to keep the costs for the organization and our employees steady.

    Yesterday we got our renewal notice and our costs for the same plan ARE GOING DOWN! The decrease is only about $24/year/employee, but still!!!!!!!

    Reading around the blogosphere I constantly hear horror stories about huge increases that are attributed to the coming new rules and regulations. But I wonder how many other folks like us are out there celebrating the good news in silence while the complainers make all the noise.

  9. I just love this thank you for getting this going, so inspiring and heartfelt. I so love our president

  10. I really enjoyed reading those stories, thanks BWD for putting them together. I am so grateful for this administration.

  11. Real stories from real people telling how Obama Cares has made a difference in their lives, often a life-saving difference. This is the truth, the reality, not some new teabagging Repub congressman, jabbering propaganda nonsense on the teevee. All need to help BWD in pushing these stories forward, to do all we can to switch the spotlight to where it belongs.

  12. Thanks so much for this blog. We got the best president we could get in the current state of the country.

  13. Happy New Year all.

    Blessings Blackwaterdog as we look forward to great things from this adminstration.

  14. Terrific effort. Reminds me of a cute piece published at last month:

    Please Cancel My Hissyfit

    I think the time I squander over on HP [HuffingtonPost] is having a negative impact on me. The atmosphere there has become so negative and so bursting with outrage generated by incendiary headlines and slanted stories, even “Obamabots” like me are joining the hissy fit class.

    Take yesterday, for example. As many of my online friends know, I have long been one of those “untouchables” of our society — someone who is self-employed and who can’t buy health insurance, in my case because of a history of back problems. I’ve actually never had back surgery, but I’ve had a few cortizone injections in my spine and I’ve been through a couple of episodes where I was basically crippled for months and months. That puts me in the “high risk” category for insurers, who know they’re not going to make much off me. This “high risk” category is basically for a wide range of people — from high blood pressure and acne to Stage IV cancer. The truth is, the insurance companies only want to insure healthy 20- and 30-somethings.

    So, unlike the huge crew of disappointed progressives who continue to call Obama’s health care reform a sell-out and giveaway to the insurance industry, along with all the rightwingers who are wailing about losing their “freedoms,” I was overjoyed when HCR passed. In fact, I was stunned and amazed, considering how miserably the Clinton effort failed. I consider it the most significant piece of social legislation I’ve seen in my adult life. This is probably the main reason why I continue to be an avid Obama supporter. He got it done! I truly can’t understand why so many people don’t understand how difficult and astounding that achievement was.

    As part of the HCR package, they put together in a very short period of time a temporary high risk-pool called GettingUSCovered. This insurance will only be around until the Exchange is put together in 2014. I checked into it and found that my premium would be $397 per month for someone my age. Okay, not cheap but not nearly as bad as the last COBRA coverage I was offered when I was laid off from my last regular job back in 2007. They wanted $670 per month — and that was three years ago.

    So I signed up and a couple weeks ago, had my first full physical in four years. I got some medication I should have started taking four years ago too. I’ll be getting some other tests I should have gotten several years ago. I got a lot of answers to questions that had been bothering me. I got a flu shot and a tetanus shot. In a strange way, I feel once again like a full-fledged member of society.

    Then yesterday I got a notice in the mail from GettingUSCovered. The notice said that my premium had changed. I was in a hurry and I scanned the new premium table. Instant consternation, outrage, indignation, disappointment, and resignation from my Obamabot status. What I saw on that sheet was that my premium had been raised to $543 per month!

    My premium had gone down by four dollars.


    I wrote them a nice thank you note and told them how stupid I was. I was very embarrassed.

    I am pleased to say I am still insured with GettingUSCovered and still an Obamabot.

  15. I work for a small business. My monthly premium this year increased a whopping $4! I was shocked after unbelievably huge increases in previous years. AND my 21 year old daughter will be able to stay on my health plan until she’s 26 – that’s just awesome! Obama Cares!!!

  16. Campaign contributions well spent? Amen! Yes, they were. My daughter is back in college and will get her B.S. which will then get her a far better paying job. One more year for my grand-daughter and we will have a doctor in the family. Thank you, President Obama.

  17. congratulation overseasGranny, and many blessing to your daughter and grand daughter.

  18. Surprise jobs surge boosts economic outlook!
    A surprise surge in private-sector employment last month to its highest level on record provided the most bullish signal in months that the economy is slowly mending.

    Private employers added 297,000 jobs in December, triple the median estimate by economists and up from the gain of 92,000 in November, an ADP Employer Services report showed on Wednesday.

  19. Thank you for the blessing for them Tulips. Thanks to grants and scholarships, one new black dietitian and one new black pediatrician coming up.

  20. It’s stunning to me that pretty much everything this administration has enacted has born fruit for this country in record time, despite non-stop obstruction and non-stop lies in the corporate media. Simply stunning.

  21. A national movement works for me. Last night I had a thought. Is the name ObamaCares taken at WordPress? Turns out it wasn’t so I signed up for it.

    If you go to there is a simple page that sends folks to BWD.

    That’s the good news, the bad news is that, .net, etc is taken by a site that just sees to sell adds.

    We can stick with the wordpress URL or other URLs like these are available.

    Let me know what you think, I’m just the technical labor on this one, you guys have all the good ideas and energy. I am also happy to purchase a URL if we decide to expand beyond the URL.

  22. Great! Since I confess to not be up-to-date on things like twitter, I was hoping someone would do something like this!!

    I know that I’m just spreading the word verbally and through email. I tell them – Google: blackwaterdog

    then go to that blog site. It’s AWESOME.

  23. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story. The stress of not having health care must have been a heavy burden to bear. I can understand how you would be a bit “jumpy”.

    Just went to your site, loved the rant and the cat photo.

    It is so encouraging to see a state put together a successful plan. I went to the site and plan to feature it at my blog. Anyone know of other states that have a successful exchange? I love to make lists…

  24. This is truly mind boggling. How can the Reps and the Frustrati not care? It makes me ill.

    I know in my own case, if my husband lost his job, and with it, our insurance, my pre-existing condition would put us in serious jeopardy of obtaining new coverage. Ironically, now that I need Dr appointments somewhat frequently, they are harder to schedule. Why? The folks who rationed their HC and postponed or cancelled their appointments, can now go to the doctor. “Go to the doctor.” Should be a given, right? When I had the waiting rooms to myself, I’d chat with staffs. They were heartsick, thinking about particular patients who had cancelled upcoming appointments, and were truly at risk.

  25. Stunning indeed, Little lulu. It all goes back to the president’s long view and his incredible patience. And what I like is that, he is constantly making a liar out of a whole bunch of people. Some don’t even know how to save face, and so they dig their heels in deeper with the most outrageous criticisms. For example some of those who said he would never pass DADT. Soon as he passes it, they come out with another story. Of course we saw that one coming.

    The truth will win out. I am just glad that we are starting soon the push back against these lies.

    I hope this segment of testimonies by the people whose lives have changed as a result of the president’s policies will go viral, far and wide.

  26. Thanks for putting this together bwd. It’s really great to hear the stories of how people are benefiting from President Obama’s policies.
    I know I’m grateful. My daughter who is 22, and my son who is 19 and has asthma are both in college and can stay on my insurance until they are 26.

  27. I would like to see Republicans who are benefiting from Obamacares come front and center and stand up to their party and tell them to cut the crap.

    All this grandstanding is nauseating.

    Day after day as the good economic news pour out, they are stewing because all the president’s policies they said were going to fail are bearing fruit for the American people. More and more they will look like clowns at the circus.

    They will be shown for what they are. We need to make sure they exposed, as our erstwhile media is not going to be bothered telling the truth.

  28. Sorry I didn’t make this clear, what is working: that’s not my piece. It was authored by one of the fine people at PlanetPOV. By indulging in a toxic media product such as HuffingtonPost, the author admittedly was primed to think that something awful would happen to her brand new too-good-to-be-true affordable insurance plan (she was previously uninsurable due to a preexisting condition). Thus, she was ready to believe something false and expect a let-down.

    This is the hazard of consuming toxic media: it distorts reality and causes a lot of drama and high blood pressure for no reason!

  29. This is so incredibly true! I was reading the Village Voice recently (it’s year 2010 roundup opinion piece). This paper outright lied and claimed that Lady Gaga was almost singlehandedly responsible for the repeal of DADT. I could not believe that I was reading such a lie and indeed it was created to “save face” as well as keep people very ignorant about political processes, and lastly, make it okay for racist GLBTs to continue to disdain President Obama despite the fact that he has made more strides for GLBT equality than any other President in US history.

    I have never seen such malicious treatment of a POTUS.

  30. Good ideas !

    Have you thought about sending your message to your local media AND national media ??

    I think that there needs to be a grassroots movemnt to inondate local and national media with these stories.

    The national media, especially, is a disgrace. They constantly parrot the right wing talking points without debunking the lies.

    It’s time to put the national media on the defensive. Tell them we’re tired of the “he said/she said” and we want FACTS, not opinions.

  31. I hope the Republicans do stop showing up in Congress, then Peolosi can call in her Dems and hold news conferences where she makes statements like ” We are trying to help the American People while the Republicans are out fundraising for 2012″.

    The Republicans have made and will continue to make some very foolish decisions, the power seems to be going to their heads.

    The good news is that we have a President who shows up every day and works hard, regardless of who yells at him. The American people will see that.

  32. I know in my own case, if my husband lost his job, and with it, our insurance, my pre-existing condition would put us in serious jeopardy of obtaining new coverage.

    Ugh, what a position to be in … I wish you well !

    What most Repub… errr, innumerati, won’t notice, however, is the extreme economic effect of this: It essentially makes it almost impossible for your husband to change jobs even if that would be far better for the economy at large.

    Now multiply that effect by a couple of million, and you see why a regulated health care insurance industry is such an economic blessing.

  33. I love this! BWD, you are my shero for turning a negative situation into one of empowerment and positive energy. Love your website – I come several times a day to regroup and read progress and forward motion.

    Thank you!

  34. The sad thing is that the more they undermine this president’s achievements and efforts, the harder it will be for them to get stuff done in the future when he’s not around. They will give the impression that these things are so easy that anyone can do them, and that will atrtract the likes of Sarah Palin, who think they are qualified to do important, difficult things, with no understanding of reality.

  35. Someone mentioned a few days ago that the rule to cite the related Cosntitutional authority for any piece of legislation was put in place several years ago, but I can’t find the post. Anyone recall? Also, I believe that the current health reform bill cites the constitutional authority in each section of the bill. I can’t find a copy of the legislation to check it for myself, but I’m surprised no-one is mentioning this.

  36. I thank God everyday for blessing us with
    President Obama..Bravery..Brains..Brilliance!

  37. LMAO, it’s funny how the House Republicans think that they will be successful in repealing what they love to call “Obama Care.”

    If the healthcare reform is such a failure, then why are they even calling it “Obama Care?” Just proves that they’re nothing more than a bunch of bumper sticker slogans/Rush Limbaughisms/Glenn Beckisms in business suits.

    Basically, the repeal effort will pass in the House, but that’s where it stops. It will die a quick and painful death in the Senate. Even IF there were enough Republicans in the Senate, President Obama would veto the effort, and Republicans sure as hell don’t have a 2/3rds majority to overcome a veto.

    Once again, Republicans prove that they don’t stand for “the people” as they claim to, they only stand for their own partisan agenda. That’s why they’ll be conducting investigations of the Obama administration, just like they did under Bill Clinton. Heck, they won’t even let the birth certificate crap go!

  38. Very true. The refusal of some in the gay community to give President Obama praise and credit for a real civil rights victory for their community will make politicians (most of whom are not a good hearted as our President)not want take the political risk in championing other gay issues. Same with so-called progressives. If you prove that you can never be satisfied or give credit where due, people will stop listening to you.

  39. Thank you BWD for your encouraging posts reminding us that we have a President who takes his job seriously and cares about the nation.


  40. Cantor and Bohner are clearly in over their heads. They are truly “Not Ready for Prime Time”. Now they have the responsibility to govern. No more carping from the sidelines. I predict the Dems will retake the House in 2012. Cantor and Bohner are not serious leaders and the American people will see this soon enough. They lack the intellect to go toe to toe against President Obama. I doubt even the corrupted MSM can prop these two fools up for long.

  41. I’ve heard a new meme from the pundits lately (left and right) that the President only looks out for himself, and that his poll numbers going up only benefits him. I heard it once, and got angry – but after hearing it about five times in the last three days… I realized that this was the next salvo in the “uppity” and “arrogant” allegations. Are the rest of the people in Congress children who need their hands held? Will none of them try to ride on the President’s coattails in 2012? Is he not the most popular politician in Washington (in the world, actually)? These pundits and Congress people are like ignorant children and it’s getting tiresome.

  42. Just wait until the Frustrati pundits see the likes of TPaw, Palin, Romney, Barbour, Daniels, Gingrich, and other far right wing nuts running for President… they’ll get right back to singing Obama’s praises and acting like they never trash talked him.

  43. Starm: I like too.

    WisW: You are such an ‘action’ person who always shares great ideas. With a drive like yours and that of BWD and some others, I don’t see how the positive movement will not gain momentum over the next two years. Thank you! I can’t ‘wait’ to see the momentum that will be gained with positive efforts!

  44. So true WisW. I smiled above when you said you love making lists. Not to worry, all your lists that I have noticed here have a meaningful purpose. There’s bound to be others who love the organization of lists. That’s one of life beauties IMO – the very variety of personalities on this planet.

  45. Oh sjterrid, I just noticed your avatar! [I don’t usually pay attention] That was my all-time ‘favoritest’ Obama picture! I teared up the first time I saw it during the campaign. It still really moves me, but then, so many of his pictures do. {I confess that I framed a couple of pictures of him and his family in my home, and guests have asked me why. Truth is that just looking at their smiling, happy faces inspires me. They seem(and are) so genuine!}

  46. EricFive: I completely agree, and I think Boehner is at least aware enough to acknowledge this. I saw somewhere yesterday where he said he was going to share the leadership role in the House among his cohorts, and I thought – ‘Yeah, you want to spread the blame around when it starts to become obvious that the House GOP’s don’t know HOW to govern.’ Contrast that with Prez O who has said more than once – ‘The buck stops here.’

  47. I am going to email Rachel Maddow. Asking her to do a full show, on americans who benefit from healthcare. find the peoples and share their stories. Pleas emnail and write asking the same thing.

  48. I am going to email Rachel Maddow. Asking her to do a full show, on americans who benefit from health care. find the peoples and share their stories. Pleas email and write asking the same thing.

  49. The fact that the President achieved this in exactly the fashion he said he would achieve this should be proof enough that he has been part and parcel of the repeal process. As for Lady Gaga, it is impossible to take seriously anyone with a name like that.

  50. With perceptions so divorced from reality, how do the gops manage to put one foot in front of the other to get to a microphone? One would think the earth would be falling away on all sides.

  51. Boehner’s idea to spread around the responsibility and work makes sense. How many Republican brains does it take to make one brain of average intelligence? Or do Republicans have negative intelligence?, in which case, pooling lots of their brains together would move them even further from the intelligence of one average brain.

  52. This is really nice. Thanks so much for this, and everything. Happy New Year and much love, peace, and happiness to all!

  53. What a FABULOUS idea!!!!!!!!!! Someone who knows how to do that type ‘stuff’—please do it!!!!!!! Our “opportunity” and big-time challenge is outdo the Republican Noise Machine–it is VERY loud, very strong and very powerful.

  54. I sure hope you are right about the corrupted MSM. Must say I have huge doubts though. As I said in a comment above, the Republican Noise Machine is VERY loud and powerful and the MSM nearly always allows them to not only “get away” with their lies/propaganda but sometimes enables them.

  55. That’s encouraging but is it realistic. How seats are up in 2012? How many would the Dems need for Pelosi to take over as speaker?

  56. Obama Cares!!! This is great BWD. The stories are positive and uplifting, shows we can take care of people in need. We need President Obama to win a landslide in 2012, to send a clear message to Republicans. Can’t wait for 2012, so excited.

  57. BWD thank you for this site, where the truth can be heard and appreciated about our President.

    Would you be interested in setting up campaign donations from readers on the site in order to produce our own ads or to fund the truth about the accomplishments.

    I use to contribute to when they wanted or needed funds to purchase air time during the campaign.

    Would anyone here be interested in getting out the REAL truth not the ones repeating Fox crap constantly.

  58. I agree.

    And, a touch of reality from the ObamaCare Whitehouse:

    “What Repealing the Affordable Care Act Will Cost Families, Seniors, Small Businesses, States…

    Posted by Stephanie Cutter on January 05, 2011 at 06:42 PM EST

    This week, Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled a bill that will repeal the Affordable Care Act and take us back to the days when insurance companies controlled the health care people could receive. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Republican leaders have been threatening repeal since President Obama signed the reforms into law on March 23, 2010.

    But what is surprising is how carelessly they are disregarding the consequences of taking away the new freedoms, control over health care decisions, and the cost savings the law provides the American people, including

    Unprecedented accountability and transparency in the insurance market;

    Reduced prescription drug costs for seniors; tax credits for small businesses to defray the costs of employee coverage;

    Protection against double-digit premium increases; preventive care without cost sharing; support for working class families by providing them tax credits to help pay for coverage;

    Improved quality health insurance coverage for all Americans by creating competitive new state based health insurance marketplaces called Exchanges; and

    Affordable, quality health coverage for all Americans regardless of their age and gender, or if they have a pre-existing condition.
    Taking away these freedoms from the American people by repealing the law will put insurance companies back in control of health care—leaving Americans once again to worry about:

    Losing their insurance, or having it canceled unexpectedly if they are in an accident or become sick;

    Insurance companies raising premiums by double-digits with no recourse or accountability;

    Insurance companies denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions; and

    Limiting the amount of care people can receive, even if they need it.
    In addition, repealing the law will add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit—money we don’t have and debt that will be forced onto future generations of Americans. And without the additional support that the law provides states, it will be that much more difficult for them to provide their residents with affordable coverage options.

    Today, the Secretary Sebelius released an op-ed outlining the devastating impact repeal will have on the American people and the Department of Health and Human Services released state-by-state reports to show just how devastating repealing the law will be.”

  59. Perfect! And, I think she will be more than receptive of doing such a show, not once, but several times over the next two years!

    Thank you.

  60. An update on my friend Robert Parker….his story is featured above in the article..he had great news on his medical check-up yesterday, and is working with other health-care advocates to get the word out about Obamacare in local newspapers and radio stations here in Colorado. They are organizing and gathering information and suggestions….

  61. All jokes aside, it has been pretty astonishing to watch the deterioration ot the republican party in terms of competence, knowledge, and intellectual capacities.

    Authoritarianism, religious extremism have slowly but surely transformed the republican party into a shadow of its former self.

    There are a few people in the republican party who HAVE knowledge and brains. Problem is, they’re either completely blinded by ideology (I’m thinking of Ron Paul for example) or they don’t have any morals ( Ginrich), or they are moderates who are seeing their party get away from them.

    Compare some well-known figures of the demoratic party with those of the republican party:

    Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, …


    Mitch Romney, Sarah Palin, John McCain, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachman, Newt Ginrich, Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint …


  62. Within the PL and Right Wing Noise Machine, every piece of good news is bad news for President Obama and will be fit into the preexisting “Obama sucks!” narrative. We have to raise our voices in order to provide an alternative and sane reading of political news. Spreading the word far and wide about sites like this is an *EXCELLENT* initial strategy.

  63. Beautifully said. This is the beauty of creative energy in action: turning something negative into something incredibly positive. Thanks to BWD and to everyone who participates here, distributes “I’m Grateful” and spreads the word. 🙂

  64. Call it “Obamacare” every time you have something positive to say about it.
    Hang that label, the one that Rethuglicans created to denigrate Health Care Reform, on every positive aspect of it.
    Make it Obamacare, now and forever. Keep the name, even as it is improved over the years.

    We ought to have done the same sort of thing with FDR and Social Security, LBJ and Medicare, and so on.


  65. New Op ED :

    He’s been President for 2 years now: if you’re liberal and continue to believe Barack Obama stands behind all your principles and is the savior of the progressive movement, or conservative and are still clinging to the caricature of him as a “Socialist Marxist anti-American terrorist sympathizer”…it’s about time both sides of the aisle grow up:
    After 2 years: The REAL Obama Can Now Stand Up

  66. I called my (wingnut) congresscritter this morning to tell him he should vote against the repeal of the healthcare bill. I also called 8 friends and gave them the number to call.

    My idea is I want him to know how his constituents really feel and not reside in his wingnut bubble believing his constituents hate Obamacare.

  67. BWD, I am always grateful for your posts, I keep sending more and more people your way.

    Tonight I’m especially grateful for your blogroll. I’m starting to visit the other sites, and it’s wonderful to read other sites feeling the same way.

    Many thanks for pulling this together!

  68. Speaking of change that matters, I was moved by this song by MJ called ‘The Earth Song’. I know I am late to the show, but I finally got around to watching the last movie that MJ did. He did his best at speaking to everyone, and this song really moved me. Here is the song that I am speaking of –

    God rest his soul. I think we need to reflect and see if there is soomething we can’t do to cut back on deforestation, especially in the Amazon forest. I know, it’s been said before, but let us not forget.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  69. “I confess I wanted a public option, but, when I woke up in that hospital and knew I was alive and my insurance would not be cancelled, the true impact of these first steps hit me on a very personal level.” – Molly Ivins

    Did you know that the Healthcare reform bill contains something that Republicans call a “public option” (see – If you read the bill you will realize, that while it is not set up such that an insuarance agency is fully employed by federal employees, it is managed by the Office of Personnel Management. Check it out –

  70. There is also a cap on executive pay. Read the bill! It’s important. And, it will do you well to read the bill. I know of the rising cost of health insurance these days, but in the long term, President Barack Obama made history with this bill, and certain Republicans don’t have to like it, but I love it. I see it in all of its glory.

    Peace be with you.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  71. P.S. I am not a doctor, nor a heart surgeon. My username is strictly metaphorical.

  72. I’ve been a lurker here for the last month, and I just wanted to add my own thanks — To BWD, for such a positive, sane, and thoughtful site, and of course to the President, for getting so much important work done.

    I think this entry in particular is wonderful! Poor health care has ruined far too many lives, and it’s very moving to see just how much the new law has already helped people. Real stories like this of how the system has been improved and made a difference will eventually trump fears of fictitious death panels.

  73. @MuddyPolitics: “GOP[TeaParty] Walks Unarmed Into Healthcare Repeal Battle…”

    It would take more than a golden parachute from Goldman Sachs, more than a harem of Argentinian mistresses, more than a closet full of George Soros puppets, and more than lifetime supply of loofahs combined to convince President Obama and the Democratic Party to undo the most historical piece of legislation passed in decades.

    And yet Republicans have decided that their first order of congressional business as the majority party in the House will be to attempt to overturn a 2,000-page healthcare reform law that took Congress an entire calendar year to pass, and to replace it with a two-paragraph repeal bill that has virtually no chance of becoming law…

    The GOP’s “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” will sail through the House of Representatives on a party line vote only to fail in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even if pigs sprouted wings and Republicans managed to convince enough Democratic Senators to vote for the repeal, President Obama still holds the veto pen.

    So what’s the point?

    Is it purely symbolic, as some political analysts have proposed?

    After campaigning for more than a year against “Obamacare,” it could indeed be construed as hypocritical not to vote on a repeal bill, even if it is doomed to failure. The Republican Party’s constituents would be livid if the men and women they elected during the 2010 midterms arrived in Washington only to abandon the promise they made on the campaign trail – the promise to return America to the days when it was legal for insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, to drop coverage when patients get sick, to charge women higher premiums than men, and to push seniors back out into the doughnut hole of prescription drug limbo…

    Despite the hypocrisies, despite the facts, Republicans continue their assault.

    Either I’m failing to see the purple elephant in the middle of room, or the GOP is completely delusional. If I were a gambling man – which I am – I’d put my money on the latter. Here’s why:

    Republicans have been playing politics for two years. As staunch defenders against all things Democratic, they have utilized the filibuster to defeat any legislation that appeared to advance the “socialistic” agenda of the Obama Administration. Rather than proposing new laws, Republicans lambasted the leftist agenda by issuing vague but apocalyptic sound bites about how this or that bill would undue the very fabric of America woven by our all-knowing founding fathers. If it wasn’t unconstitutional, it was too costly – and most of the time it was both, on top of being too liberal, too socialistic, too Marxist, or just plain untimely. This was the approach to opposing even no-brainer policies such as unemployment benefits, health coverage for 9/11 first responders and legal discourse for rape victims. And it is the easiest role to play.

    What’s worse, the Republican Party’s obstructionist tactics became so commonplace that neither the media, nor the voters, nor the Democratic Party vigorously called out Republicans for failing to deliver honest, detailed justifications for their blind opposition.

    Now that they are in charge of actually drafting legislation, Republicans are more than a bit out of practice. Pushed into a role of having to lobby fellow lawmakers to support their agenda, Republicans are about to realize that the hollow rhetoric and apocalyptic “messaging” that worked so well in scaring the piss out of the politically uninformed masses isn’t going to achieve the same level of persuasiveness with members of the opposite party.

    They are walking unarmed into battle. And they will lose.

  74. Welcome, Snudel, like you, I was a lurker… But, I slowly started postin’ on the site and joinin’ in on the convo.

    And, I appreciate all of BWD’s hard work to counter all the negativity, comin’ from online and offline, against our President!

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