Wednesday’s Mishmash

1. I’m Grateful is updated and Obama Cares is up.


2. Meet the 35 bills a day man:



U.S. Companies Added 297,000 Jobs in December

Companies in the U.S. boosted payrolls in December by the most since records began in 2001, showing a stronger labor-market recovery at the end of last year, data from a private report showed today.

Employment increased by 297,000, exceeding the highest projection in a Bloomberg News survey, after a revised 92,000 rise in November, according to figures from ADP Employer Services. The median estimate in the Bloomberg survey called for a 100,000 gain last month.


4. Recovery! December ISM services gauge tops forecast

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The Institute for Supply Management’s services index rose to 57.1% in December, up 2.1 points from November and better than MarketWatch-compiled economist expectations of 55.6%. Any reading above 50% indicates growth.


5. Can you remind me who saved the auto industry? Oh, *that one*:

The Auto Industry is on the verge of one of the most dramatic shifts in its history


6. Gibbs is leaving. His replacement still unknown, but I’m sure he’ll be worst than Bush’ press secretary.


7. Plouffe is coming next week. Sweet.


8. Maybe the “Liberal media” is actually waking up.


A theatrical production of unusual pomposity will open on Wednesday when Republicans assume control of the House for the 112th Congress. A rule will be passed requiring that every bill cite its basis in the Constitution. A bill will be introduced to repeal the health care law. On Thursday, the Constitution will be read aloud in the House chamber. And in one particularly self-important flourish, the new speaker, John Boehner, arranged to have his office staff “sworn in” on Tuesday by the chief justice of the United States.


The one good thing about these meaningless rules and bills is that they finally seem to be prodding House Democrats into standing up for their own programs as they enter the minority. Democrats have begun to remind Americans of what is at stake in repealing health care: popular provisions like the elimination of lifetime coverage limits, insurance under parents’ policies up to age 26, and coverage for pre-existing conditions.


9. Another excellent post from TiMT:

Things Obama Has Done For The Poor That Never Get Highlighted


10. Wonkette awesomeness:

Michele Bachmann To Defeat Obama, Be First Female, Banshee President

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  1. BWD, what you are doing here is overthetop invaluable for all of us. thank you. xoxoxo

  2. I love the line “A theatrical production of unusual pomposity…” It is so accurate. How anybody can say with a straight face that the Republicans are serious about governing is beyond me.

  3. Good day all.. excellent mishmash as usual BWD, thank you.

    I just received this from OFA- so passing it on to all of you who may not be involved (yet:) with OFA:

    Friend —

    The Republicans aren’t wasting any time.

    But instead of digging in to put Americans back to work in their first days in office, congressional Republicans have a different priority: rolling back the progress we’ve made.

    They’re starting with an attempt to repeal health insurance reform — and all the freedom and control in health care it provides.

    It’s a vote they’ll cast in a matter of days — and it won’t stop there.

    They want to undo the strongest consumer protections ever put in place. They want to abolish new credit card regulations. They want to loosen the reins on Wall Street and put the big banks back in the driver’s seat of our economy. And they want to defund programs that are helping create jobs.

    That’s their agenda — taking this country backward at a time we need to look forward.

    It’s up to us to fight back. We’ll be doing everything we can to preserve what we have achieved. We’re forming a team of organizers and volunteers with a specific mandate to defend reform. They’ll show just how our achievements are already improving lives across the country — and take on the Republicans who are pushing for repeal.

    Join the fight to protect our progress and keep Congress’ focus on the future.

    What the other side doesn’t seem to understand is that these achievements are not just political victories. These are not just boxes to be checked or unchecked.

    These historic reforms are already at work improving millions of American lives.

    Because of health reform, a woman with breast cancer in Maine will no longer be denied coverage because she has a pre-existing condition. A teacher in Wisconsin no longer has to worry about his insurance company dropping his coverage if he gets sick, his care being limited, or his premiums skyrocketing by double digits. And a senior in North Carolina will never again find herself forced to choose between paying her mortgage and affording her prescription drugs because she landed in the “donut hole” in coverage.

    Because of banking reforms, Americans across the country will not be subject to heinous lending practices that made it nearly impossible for families to get a fair home loan or to send their child to college.

    Because we fought to rein in Wall Street, there are rules in place that would prevent the same financial collapse that nearly led us into a second Great Depression from ever happening again.

    We fought hard for this progress to move our country forward — to take unfair advantages away from the big banks and insurance companies and put the American people back in charge.

    We fought hard for it then because it’s what we believe in, because our priority is moving America forward for our children and grandchildren.

    And while the President works to grow our economy, make the United States more competitive, and keep moving the country forward, we must continue to fight hard for those victories we’ve already won — because we cannot afford to let the Republicans take us backward.

    Join OFA’s campaign to protect our progress:



    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America

  4. Sad to see Gibbs but I don’t blame him. I don’t know how he could handle two years in that job. And VERY glad to see David Plouffe back in the saddle.

  5. I’ll say this again: it’s great to highlight the provisions in HCR or any other reform that are important to people’s lives.

    What we Democrats fail at, however, is attaching our policies to bigger ideas that define who we are as Americans. And frankly, it can’t be the same ones we used in the past: that we care about our fellow man, lifting all boats, etc. That’s all still very important to the narrative. But Republicans have become masters at attaching their lies to bigger truths and running that particular ball into the end zone. Opposition to HCR reform was about taking away our “freedoms” with a little fear that Medicare would be taken away as well.

    Is there no way to sell HCR by the same standard? We will be FREE of insurance companies denying us health care. We will be FREE from pre-existing conditions standing in the way of receiving health care. We will be FREE of the fear of losing our homes to chemotherapy. Small businesses will be FREE to offer us health insurance because of the Obama administration. And yes — the Obama Administration is giving us a better life. Hammer it home. I have to think the Obama administration could do a great job at attaching their policies to American pride.

    We have to work hard to undo Republican frames. We have been slaves to the health insurance industry. They demand profits over your health at every turn. They make their profits by denying you the coverage that the Obama administration is giving you. They are trying to frighten you into giving up your right to health care.

  6. Paul Krugman calls out the media. More of this please.

    Fiscal Shock

    I see that the Washington Post editorial board is shocked, shocked to discover that the incoming Republicans aren’t serious about deficit reduction. Who could have suspected?

    I was going to be snarky all the way here, but actually let’s be serious: the gullibility of much of the media establishment on all this amounts to journalistic malpractice.

  7. I like Gibbs too, and will be sorry to see him go, but I agree- what a job that is, I despise the media and think it takes a rare person to deal with them and their nonsense without losing it on them daily 😉 Definitely looking forward to Mr. Plouffe’s arrival- he and our President make a pretty unstoppable team.

  8. I like Robert Gibbs too. I am currently watching the White House Press Corps ask stupid questions as they are want to do. It is really astonishing that these people make 6 figures. Dealing with these folks for two years must have been infuriating. I don’t know how Robert Gibbs stands them.

  9. Eclectablog i like the ? you asked will we fight to keep the health care. good questions for progressives.

  10. I adore Mr. Gibbs. I knew he was going to be a great Press Secretary when he handed it to Sean Hannity during the 2008 Election. That was must see TV. I suggest those who haven’t seen that masterpiece, YouTube it. It was wonderful!!!

  11. I’m sitting here watching my soaps and its interrupted by George and Diane to gleefully announce how the Tan One has been waiting for sooooo long to become speaker. they were going to go to the ceremony live but I turned off the TV ASAP. Gag me!!! So I’m feeling kind of sour right now. Obama’s SOTU can’t come soon enough.

  12. I don’t think it is gullibility, more laziness and fear. Laziness because to report the truth (including calling out the Republican’s lies) they would actually have to do a little (very little really) research work.

    Fear because they have this image of themselves as impartial reporters, and thus must report both sides of a thing, even if one side is full of crap. And reporting the crap as crap wouldn’t be impartial would it?

    One of the biggest succes the right has had in the past decades is the labeling of the media as being part of the left in this country. The media is so afraid of that charge that they bend overboard trying to disprove it, even if it means spreading crap as if it were some miracle balm.

  13. Thanks. I get shredded in the comments, per usual. I’m getting callouses…

    What amazes me is how many people that flipped OFA the bird and went to work with Healthcare for America Now (HCAN) during the HIR fight (because they never let go of the single-payer/public option aspect even when many had left it for dead) are now condemning those of us who choose to fight to make sure the GOPosaurs don’t repeal it INCLUDING HCAN!!!


  14. This is interesting. States, the construction industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are pushing back on GOP proposed budget cuts. Could buyers remorse be setting in already?

    Battle Lines Form Over Government’s Role

    WASHINGTON—House Republican leaders said Tuesday highway and mass-transit programs should no longer be shielded from budget cuts, and immediately drew fire from states, the construction industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    The reaction offered a preview of the challenges incoming Republican House Speaker John Boehner and his leadership team will face as they start work Wednesday to make good on promises to cut as much as $100 billion from annual federal spending.

  15. The liberal media isn’t waking up, they just need somebody to bash and criticize and with the GOP out of power and folks not caring about Senate obstruction they only had the Democrats to criticize.

    Regarding the jobs numbers – beware about this. The GOP took major Governor wins and the plan is to cut the State public sector jobs to keep unemployment high. This is why Whitman went all in for hundreds of millions (I’m sure she’ll be repaid overtime), California would have been a huge “get” to then cut public sector jobs in.

    Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania – all strong union States, will see their newly minted GOP Governor file for bankruptcy to break the union contracts and then slash the respective State workforce in order to keep uneployment numbers high.

  16. I think that’s why he’s going to be a great surrogate for the President. He’s excellent when unleashed.

  17. They should embrace that label – if they’re being called left tools, then they should be left tools, with abandon. Research, push back, report the facts, tell the truth. If that’s being “left”, then embrace it.

  18. I never liked Gibbs in the role. I get why he was the choice as he knew Obama best as one of his three wise men, but I don’t believe it every really fit him. It’s just the image he presents, he doesn’t command a room or have a real presence about him. I don’t think the press corps really respected the guy. That they sort of saw him as a bumbler, and it showed in their reporting.

    I don’t like Burton either though, but assume he has to be the pick.

    Press secretary is a pretty personal pick, so I assume the Administration will fill it from the inside, but I’d love to see Jennifer Granholm in the gig.

  19. I’ve been torturing myself watching this nonsense. I can’t find all this hoopla from Nancy Pelosi’s swearing in – just one article, really. It’s like the media is trying to make this as significant as a presidential inauguration. I want to be magnanimous and happy for him achieving a career milestone, but when it’s coupled with the intention of destroying the middle class and destroying the country… I am sickened.

    Boehner is stuttering and stumbling through his speech. But at least the tears have been kept to a minimum. I loved Nancy Pelosi sneaking in some clear facts about the achievements of the 111th Congress, and the deficit cutting measures from the Democrats. Of course, MSNBC is falling all over themselves to praise Boehner’s clarity and humility and the “honorable” intentions of the Republicans.

  20. Or… it could be some Kabuki Theater, trying to create an image of distance between the Republicans and their masters.

  21. By Doug Palmer

    WASHINGTON | Wed Jan 5, 2011 11:33am EST

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After years of trade policy stalemate, there could be big strides in 2011 with approval of U.S. trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization and perhaps even the end of the longest-ever round of global trade talks.

  22. The general argument is that if we spend the money now, it will be paid for by our children and grandchildren and we shouldn’t add this burden to them.

    This ignores the following facts:

    1: Our infrastructure is one of the worst among developed conutries.
    2: More bridges are going to collapse and kill people if something isn’t done soon.
    3. All this means that this work is ggoing to have to be done sooner or later.
    4. If later, do these people really think costs are going to go down? By then it will cost far more to do the work, assuming they allow it to be done at all.
    5: Infrastructure spending creates jobs and has tremendous ripple effect, thus rasing revenue, thus actually reducing the cost of doing the work.
    6: Our children and grandchhildren will have to push the cost burden on to their children and grandchildren annd it will be a larger cost then.

  23. They will lose alot more than just union workers as constituents. They need to have a replacment if they do this, and they do not! The blame will be squarley on them!
    I do not see them doing it, in large masses, maybe a little. For ex: Gov scotts says he will cut public jobs 5%!
    BTW: gov scott is in way over his head~

  24. CoC doesn’t build roads or bridges – but their businesses need roads and bridges to get people to and from their stores and factories. Good infrastructure is good for business.

    CoC doesn’t care about the deficit or debt. That’s not their lobby.

  25. I certainly agree about Scott. He wants to be a partisan hack ideologue, when most folks want a non-partisan executive. He should have ran for the Senate for what he wants to do.

  26. People who voted for these clowns are already feeling buyers remorse. Stephanie Miller reported this morning. That the Governor of Ohio is coming with the lowest approval rating ever. Why would they vote someone from bush team is eye opeining to people and their vote.

  27. I respectfully disagree; I think that he was terrific, but I’m not sad to see him take up a role as a proponent of the WH on the talk shows. We don’t have enough Dems who consistently and unequivocally defend all of the good which the WH has done, and I look forward to seeing him do just that. I do love Jennifer Granholm!

  28. Well I am NOT happy for him! And I could not bring myself to watch this hypocrisy! He and his cronies want to destroy this country and keep everything for the rich.

    We should all send the msm an email asking why all this hoopla over this nonsense. Where are their plans to fix the mess they created? Where are the specifics?

    The media needs to be called out.

  29. He himself spent more time purity trolling POTUS’ policies and predicting a wholescale bloodbath than educating the public about what the GOP intended to do should they have taken both chambers (thank God they only have one, no thanks to the media).

    As far as I’m concerned, Krugman’s part of the problem himself.

  30. Bingo. The CoC has issues with regulations, but are not the people who find earmarks and govt infrastructure spending problematic. They’d just like a lollipop land with no taxes and no rules, but those roads and bridges get built anyway. Very interesting coalition, which forms the GOP.

  31. The results of the elections have multiple causes.

    For those that voted for these clowns they were either reflexive Republican voters or people discouraged with the Democrats and wanting to send a message, or people who just plain believed the lies they were being told.

    The seldom told story is about the stay at homes. This is a major story that the MSM has overlooked. Instead they talk about how Republicans were eklected because of their “policiy promises”. The fact is, many of the result would have been different if the Democratic voters had turned out in even slightly higher numbers.

    Plus a lot of Dem candidates ran really crappy campaigns such as Bean and Giannoulias in Illinois.

    So it wasn’t so much voting for these clowns as it was voting against Dems or not voting at all.

  32. I think that it was as simple as swing voters falling for a bag of lies. The media climate was toxic and there was as much misinformation as during the run-up to the Iraq War. Mass confusion, and our cowardly pundits on the left spent more time railing against President Obama than explaining to the public that Dems staved off a Depression and that putting the GOP in charge is dangerous.

  33. And in one particularly self-important flourish, the new speaker, John Boehner, arranged to have his office staff “sworn in” on Tuesday by the chief justice of the United States.

    Well, one hopes they’ve practiced ….

  34. I’ve been lurkin’…So, I’m somewhat new here…This is my first post…

    Thanks, BWD, for this great update…our President is AWESOME!

    This is President @BarackObama’s fault, too: Hiring surge buoys economy outlook… ::smile::

    And, BWD, you’re a great asset to our President…You keep up the great job! He needs “all hands on deck” and “our eyes and ears outside the Washington Bubble” to help him get out his message(s) to the American public and the world…

    OFA, anyone?!

    Off-topic, I would like an avator…How can I get one?

  35. Bingo GN. You have hit the nail right on the head. The PL did a great disservice in conjunction with the other MSM. Couple that with an apathetic, ignorant and confused electorate on our side and you get a Republican majority in the House.

  36. I really need to grasp the ‘swing voter’ mindset better so I’m not so shocked at certain political outcomes within our systems current facade.

    I don’t see myself swinging to the other side EVER so I don’t have anything inherent to draw from. That being said, I’m pretty good at trying to put myself in others shoes so I need to find a way to understand this set of voters better. Right now, I just find them wierd and fickle. LOL

  37. I feel the same.

    I don’t quite understand why Gibbs was not more successful. He was one of my favorite spokespeople for the campaign.

    A kick-ass press secretary would be a great boost.

  38. Krugman has been a big problem, in my opinion. He’s done a great deal of damage. For good or ill, people look to certain respected pundits to know what to think. I even see it in my husband, who is not very computer literate and relies on progressive radio and MSNBC for his information. It’s been an uphill battle to set him straight, time after time. That is the kind of damage being done by the pouty Left and people like Krugman. Krugman, by seeing progress in this horrific political climate, could have done a great deal to lead positive perception. I still believe if Hillary had done exactly what Obama has done, Krugman would have cheered her efforts. It’s petty I have a right to expect better of him.

    We finally have a progressive presence, albeit small, to push back and instead their ‘independence’ has added to our malaise. The only reason I have we live with Sen. Mark Kirk in Illinois is because not enough Democrats voted in 2010. You turn on progressive radio in your car and you’d think this President was the Devil Incarnate. It’s disgusting.

  39. Obama meeting with Daley now. PL heads were exploding until Howard Dean said it was a good choice.
    Obama will speak to the Chamber early next month. Again the PF is screaming. It will be interesting to hear what he says.

  40. Son-of-a-Boehner. So much for bi-partisanship:

    “One of the first acts of the new Republican-controlled House is to take away the floor voting rights of six delegates representing areas such as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa.
    Five of those delegates are Democrats, while one, from the Northern Marianas Islands, is an independent.

    The partisan battle has always been as much about political symbolism as the actual ability of delegates to influence national policy. Under the Democrats, delegates could vote on the floor on amendments — in what is known as the Committee of the Whole — but not on final passage. And their votes came with the stipulation that they could not change the outcome of a vote.”

  41. Not to mention that some businesses are in the business of building roads and bridges, the stuff roads and bridges are made out of, creating the plans, surveying the land, et cetera. All are businesses of their own.

  42. Interesting take SR….I put nothing past the Repubs. They will do anything to continue their quest to ruin our country while gaining what they love so much…..power. They almost did it and our great president Obama stopped them.

  43. Recall Minnesota when their bridge fell? Governor T-Paw was the “no new taxes” guy and would not spend money on infrastructure. He HAD to spend the money then. There were a few people who lost their lives because he was too cheap to spend the money to fix them before the bridges collapsed. We are all collateral damages to the Rethugs.

  44. Who is Howard Dean and why do these people praise him so much? From my recollections, isn’t he that guy who seemed to not be able to control himself and self imploded years ago during a run for potus?
    I was a youngin and not paying much attention to politics back then but some old youtube clips tell me this is who this Dean person is. *shrugs*

  45. Can I just say how much I love and appreciate now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. She was an amazing Speaker of the House. I was sick to see her hand that gavel to John Boehner today. The contrast could not be more striking.

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wrote an op ed in USA Today where she states the Democratic Party priorities and criteria for legislation in the 112th congress.

    Jobs top priority

    As we pivot into a new Congress, our No. 1 priority will continue to be putting people to work. And we will measure each proposal by a simple test: Will it create jobs? Will it strengthen our middle class? Will it reduce the deficit?

  46. I love her and she gave that creep a nice introduction. I think she is tickled with the fact they are in for a surprise. This is where you will see Nancy do her thing.

  47. I love her too. I got to see her in person at a Mills college commencement where she spoke. Little woman, very spunky.

    I think adversity brings out the best in her. If the rumors that Republicans are going to be in Washington for fewer work days, prove to be true, she can call in the Dems. and hold press conferences where she says “we are trying to pass laws that help the middle class but the Republicans are out fund raising.” Give em he%% Nancy.

  48. If you think that’s bad, get a load of this from an column written by Norm Ornstein of AEI about the power being given to Paul Ryan on the Budget Committee. As Norm Ornstein says, it is breathtaking. So breathtaking that he will have to address it later in more detail in another column.

    Contradictions Abound in New Rules Package
    by Norm Ornstein, AEI

    Now we come to the rules related to the budget and fiscal policy. I will have to address these fully in another column because there are many new things. But let me start by addressing the provision in the rules to deputize the chairman of the House Budget Committee to unilaterally create spending and revenue limits and caps by committee and enact them simply by publishing them in the Congressional Record.

    This is breathtaking: It demolishes the Congressional budget process in one fell swoop, and it takes away the accountability, openness and deliberation that a regular budget process provides. This is the opposite of accountability; Members, by voting in lockstep to enact a package of rules, will implicitly vote for a budget they have never seen. It will be binding in the House.

    When individual appropriations come up, any proposal that changes the edicts of Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by restoring cuts in spending will be ruled out of order. Dramatic and Draconian budget cuts without votes or debate. That is the new open and deliberative House?

  49. Makes me think they just want the attention of being this group that will swing to either party at the very last minute. Maybe they’re even more of a media creation.

    I know why I’m on the side I am. I wonder why they can’t pick one cause for all the ways the ‘sides’ are the same, they are NOT the same.

  50. Co-Sign, as they say. All my respect Rep Pelosi. You are a role model. I wish you all the best.

  51. Please do an email to rachel asking her to do a show on the positive of the healthcare law. showing how it helped so many.

  52. Yes, people like Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann share the responsibility of killing Democrats
    ‘enthusiasm. That constant criticism by so many on the left was just insane. So many of us repeatedly tried to ask, “What good can come from all this overhyped demonization? What is your end game here?” There were no possible good outcomes. It was insane with people who should have known better contributing greatly to the midterm losses.

  53. The only group that did announce that they had sat out was the militant GLBT on the Prog Blogs, and some of their supporters. cheering them on.(“We’ll teach that ‘so called fierce advocate1” Obama gifted them with repealing DADT. Do they deserve it? I will be charitable, but I was furious at them. The reason I quit the P/W groups as a matter of fact, because many were in that community. I have not gotten any feedback as to whether other screamers sat out.

    I know many here felt a portion of the losses in Nov could be attributed to the frstrati. I’m not sure I’m in agreement, but respectful of my friend’s opinions here, as always.

  54. I can’t say I am too unhappy about Gibbs leaving. Obama needs some new blood around him for the next couple of years. I just wish some of the names being floated for Gibbs’ replacement were outsiders.

    Maybe Daley as COS will be enough of a shake-up for the staff though?

  55. Right on dotster. I stopped listening to Thom Hartmann because of that reason. When he would go on rants against the president then people started calling in saying they were going to stay home and would never vote for Obama again, he started back peddling about, “oh no don’t do that, we need a Dem president if nothing else but for the SCOTUS”. I am thinking, what are you saying THOM! why are aren’t you supporting the President? I realized that Kucinch was Thom’s choice but he has hurt the mid-terms greatly. I listen to Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes only now. I’ve even stopped watching Keith Olbermann, turncoat.

  56. Yes, it is… 😉

    And, I want to thank you for the welcome!

    Btw, how can I get an avatar to add to my posts?

  57. I agree w/couple of the above comments. I wasn’t too fond of Gibbs as Press Sec. He did a better job during the campaign. Agree that he didn’t “command” the room & just his speech pattern was difficult to listen to–lots of “sort of” stuttering/stammering, if you understand what I’m trying to say. I do like the idea of him being visible on talk shows. Again, our messaging is very weak. I, too, love Janet Granholm.

  58. Welcome to the blog snoopy!

    Click on your avatar. I think you will give instructions to add a pic.

  59. Howard Dean didn’t really implode. However, reading the press you would have thought he did. Up until then the media had treated him somewhat respectfully. Then he spoke up about getting rid of the communication act that allowed over consolidation of media outlets. Suddenly he became a joke,

    But the real joke in on those on the PL that view him as a hero. He is really quite centrist.

  60. Democrats rebounding with Independents

    If you had to point to a single voter group that cost Democrats the 2010 election cycle it was independents. Not only did Republicans win them in pretty much every key race this year, they did it by wide margins.

    Here’s some good news for Democrats though: our early 2012 cycle polling suggests the strong GOP lean of independent voters this year was more of a blip on the radar screen than a sign of things to come. Since the election we’ve polled 51 different possible Senate/Governor contests for 2012 and across all those different permutations Democrats are leading by an average of 6 points. And when you look at the 48 prospective Presidential match ups we’ve tested that spread expands even further to an average lead of 11 points for Barack Obama with independents.

  61. Thank you for this incredible effort!!! This website is invaluable and I have referred my friends and family to it. Thank you BWD, you rock!!!

  62. Wait, why are you being torn to shreds for promoting an action item to pressure Congress to not repeal healthcare? Are they pissed because it is related to OFA’s push or has DK completely lost its marbles?

  63. Unfortunately Kelly, although our President, his staff and his Cabinet, along w/Congressional Dems (especially Speaker Pelosi, now House Minority Leader), have done great things, and they will continue to do so…

    Progress: Movin’ America Forward…

    He still needs additional help to stop the GOPTeaParty’s Extremism/Sabotage…

    This is what we’re still up against w/them, at the local/state/federal-level:

    The Great Regression

    …the middle class has shrunk. Suburbs have been hit hard. Cities are failing. Yet the gospel of the producer is as rigid and powerful a dogma as geocentric astronomy was in Galileo’s time. Austerity promises prosperity, but actually delivers the opposite. To Krugman’s Irish example, we may add Alabama, [New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida] and Texas:

    A budget shortfall as high as $25 billion is projected as lawmakers head into the 2011 legislative session, according to estimates from economists and the comptroller’s office. Texas writes budgets biennially, or in two-year terms, so the shortfall affects the 2012-2013 state budget.

    Leadership in the Texas Legislature, which is dominated by fiscal conservatives, is not expected to support attempts to raise taxes to fill the multibillion-dollar hole. But social service advocates say the state’s safety net system can’t afford any further budget cuts.
    This eager assault on the foundations of modern middle-class America is of a piece with tea party tantrums on the 14th Amendment, or Rand Paul’s views on the Civil Rights Act. The urge to austerity is epitomized in a movement that demands we return to the gold standard. Modern conservatism has exceeded its title: not content to stand still, today’s conservatives demand a great going backwards. They would spend the 21st Century undoing the 20th Century….

    Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Entertains the new Congress he purchased…

    It’s gonna be one hell of a fight… But, Yes We (Still) Can…

  64. Just had to stop in to say hello to the blackwaterdog crew! BWD, I like the new White House photostream feature. You are doing a GREAT job!

  65. DD4O thanks 4 your welcome and help…

    And, I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous
    New Year! 🙂

  66. How can we get this information out there? The focus today was on the kabuki theater dance of repealing health care reform, so that this got swept in under the radar. The professional left were obsessed with the filibuster rules. I don’t think anyone knows about this rule, and exactly how dangerous it’s going to be for the next two years, in terms of the President’s power to execute the legislation that has already passed. This is practically a dictatorship!

  67. The best course left for this admin is to ignore the dancing-towards-irrelevance PL and concentrate on winning back the indies.

    The msm shilling for the rethugs is nauseating.

  68. Stuff like this is horrifying. The pubs have been working on this for a long time to have it ready the first day, and, on a guess, I would say even longer than the last 2 years.

    Someone remind me please, does the Senate have to agree on the budget?

    The President will wear out many veto pens before this 112th Congress is over.

  69. They are Teabaggers, Firebaggers, just as selfish. I had to read that twice. If that’s what they are doing, after reading the Obamacare personal stories here – they are evil.

  70. Jobs coming back? Recovery?! But, but, but . . . Bob Swern and all the other babbling doomers over at Daily Disinformation told me a double dip recession is inevitable! God, it must suck to live in their world of Economic Conspiracy Theory.

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