ObamaCare? You bet he does!

I hate providing clicks to Huff-Smuff, but this piece from Hilary Rosen is a good reason to make an exception:


….Democrats and Independents need to rally around the president now. We cannot let the Republicans and the tea partiers get away with continuing to lie about the impact of this bill and negating the actual benefits to so many Americans in need.

Let’s take the Republican’s signature word and wrap it around their ears.

ObamaCare? You BET he does!

  • Obama cares if insurance companies can once again be able to drop people when they get sick — exactly when coverage is needed most.

  • Obama cares if children with preexisting conditions are denied coverage, while insurance companies impose devastating annual and lifetime caps.

  • Obama cares that young people stay on their parents’ plans until age 26.
  •  Obama cares if pregnant women and breast cancer survivors can be denied coverage.

    * Obama cares if seniors face an increase in their prescription drug costs — millions thrown back into the Medicare Part D Donut Hole — denying seniors a 50% discount on prescription drugs and re-creating the devastating coverage gap.

  • Obama cares if health care repeal explodes the federal deficit by143 billion over the next ten years and1 trillion over the next two decades.

 ObamaCares and John Boehner doesn’t. Bring it on.


Las Vegas Sun:

House GOP ready to start new Congress with foolish repeal of health care


But Republicans just don’t get it. Americans largely support the health care law’s key provisions, and a repeal would once again give insurance companies the right to exclude people from coverage because of preexisting conditions and would reinstate the so-called “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription coverage.

This is foolish, but the Republican desire to press ahead with repealing the health care law only foreshadows what is to come. They’re playing for the 2012 election, no matter what the public wants, and that will lead to a greater partisan divide and less work done in Washington.

For example, Republicans are already intending to stall work in Congress. Eric Cantor, the incoming House majority leader, last month released the calendar for the House of Representatives that appears to leave little time for work.

Under the plan, members of the House will only need to be in Washington for a total of 123 workdays spread over 32 weeks. Only two of the weeks include five workdays, and the entire year’s workload is cushioned by long weekends and extended time away from Washington.

As well, Cantor has limited the time members have to be on the floor for votes so they won’t have to worry about rushing back to conduct the people’s business. Cantor said that his intention is to schedule votes no earlier than 1 p.m. nor later than 7 p.m. But on the first day of the week, voting won’t start until 6:30 p.m., giving members essentially an extra day off. And on the last day of the week, votes will end at 3 p.m. so members can take off early to get home.

So much for “working” for the people.

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107 thoughts on “ObamaCare? You bet he does!

  1. folks need to bust into the congressional offices and protest like they did for the 9-11 bill. these people need to be made to listen!!

  2. I am glad that Rosen has caught the message. I have actually been saying “Obama Cares” along with others and wondered why Democrats accepted the Republicans turning the word into the boogeyman. As a matter of fact I made some T-Shirts etc with the slogan on it months ago. http://www.cafepress.com/ObamaCares

  3. Obama cares is right. These teabaggers wanted less government. I guess they are getting what they wanted….less time for these fools to mess things up I hope! This just goes to prove, they do not know how to govern. They will let the lobbyist do their work while they sit on their arses. With Citizens United they don’t have to fund raise anymore.

  4. It looks like the mask has been ripped off the face of the incoming Republican House majority. They could care less about actually improving healthcare and only care about scoring political points for 2012, which is why they’re pushing this repeal nonsense which they KNOW won’t pass: not enough Senate Democrats to support the repeal, and even if there were, the Republicans won’t have the numbers to overcome a veto from President Obama.

    The Republicans refuse to accept that the last midterm was by NO means a mandate for their partisan agenda, it was more a referendum against the Democrats for not having a spine and fighting for what they enacted. The myth that the public despises “Obama Care” is a right wing myth, most of the disgust comes from the fact that it didn’t go far enough, and that it was too much of a Republican bill. Heck the mandate came straight out of Romney Care, but he’s now against it when he was for it as Governor.

    Once again, President Obama will outwit, outsmart, and outlast the short thinking Republicans. He’s already said they can campaign for 2012 IN 2012, yet we have incoming House Republicans campaigning for 2012 right NOW, and it begins with this grandstanding healthcare repeal effort. I mean why else would they push a healthcare repeal effort which they know won’t pass?

  5. Will the Republicans ignore the new CNN poll that shows 43% are in favor of the current healthcare legislation and that 13% actually want it to be “more liberal.” That adds up to 56% support. Now they bombarded the airwaves when the polls showed that the majority were opposed to the reform. Now that it is settling in and people realize that it is not what the Republicans painted it as, they are supporting it for the most part. What was that Repubicans? silence.

    The Republicans are playing to their base by pretending they will repeal the healthcare law. They don’t have the 3/4 vote required to overturn a Presidential veto. If they are really opposed to the bill, why aren’t they offering an alternative bill? They don’t have one and never will.

  6. Your T’s are beautiful Tori. On the back they should have just a few of the things that Obama Care does…kids stay on parents plan unitl 26yrs old, no more Bush donut whole, No more co-pays for Seniors, etc., We need to advertise this and I would wear mine proudly every where I go.

  7. Love it! Some Reps will wake up. “On one hand I must do what Tanning Boy says. OTOH, I don’t want to be dogmeat next year…”

  8. And lets not forget that Governor Scott in florida was sworn in today, and he swore to cut the workforce by 5%!
    So much for creating 700,000 jobs, Aye? The problem is, none of the conservatives believe that a govt job is a real job.
    And all govt jobs have UNIONS supporting them!
    Theirin lies the problem!
    And they are going after unions, demonizing them(granted some pensions are out of control), and they then go after taxes, so their is no funding for govt jobs!
    It is the reagan plan put into place a little earlier than they wanted.
    THis President is upsetting their one world order society, so they implemented their plan a little early, is all.
    Hopefully, the public wises up, or we are back to be slaves to the corporate masters!

    End of rant-

  9. Hello BWD, Ijust want to thank you again for this Site. Seems like I live here now. You are doing a great job, keeping us Informed of good, positive, chitter chatter. Thank you for weeding out all the negatives, like the ones who are constantly throwing stones, at our President. This feels like home to me, comfortable, annnnd puts a smile on my face, as I read. Thank you again, I love It. YES, Obama Cares about a lot of things, so yeah, Obama Care. I like that too. Hehehe 🙂

  10. I was just wondering – why would the Republicans schedule this vote so early in the new Congress? If they really believe that they have a chance to overturn health care reform, wouldn’t they first try to build up the demand for such action? Wouldn’t they want to make a dramatic splash with this victory and wouldn’t that require counting noses carefully and preparing for such a move? It seems to me that they just want to get this out of the way, precisely because they know that this foolishness will get them nowhere. Just my opinion.

  11. Obama Cares – that is AWESOME. I smell a 2012 slogan:)

    I love me some Hilary Rosen, she can hold her own with any of the Republican strategists. She calls out BS when she hears it – I vote her to replace Gibbs in the press room.

  12. I’m glad you said this – if Dems had embraced Obamacare instead of running away from it the Healthcare Bill would be more popular. But, I blame the media most of all for hyping Palin with her one word catch phrases like “death panel” to make a buck. I’m ready for a fight in 2012 – OBAMA CARES.

  13. Obama Cares; I really love this. So, wonderful to take these words from the Repugs and wrap it around their own neck.

    OBAMA Of course Cares = Obama Cares. I love the sound of it!

  14. I agree with whomever said Huffpost et al. should have been touting the positive aspects of the Healthcare bill, instead of saying don’t vote for it. Dean, too, although he changed up. The President’s lack of support by Democrats has created their own problem. Now a lot of time will be wasted on this, when we have energy and other things to do. It is infuriating. I really liked what Robinson wrote today. But he was another one damning with faint praise during the healthcare debate. VP Biden was the only one to unequivically call it what it is – a BFD.

  15. Excellent job again today, Blackwaterdog! What do those haters who write you complain about the most?? I’m just curious. You should write about it sometime.

    My “intertubes” have been down all day so I’ve got to get busy reading. Take care all.

  16. It’s this kind of caring that really makes me proud. One of my last comments ‘over there’ addressed the positive effects that health care reform had, effects noticed almost immediately upon the bill being signed into law. Patients actually said things like, “thank God for Obama” to me because their families could get home health care for their elderly relative while the younger family members worked, and prescription coverage was improved. Yes, Obama cares 🙂

  17. I would totally buy a T-Shirt that has the slogan Obama cares with bullet points listing key ways he cares! 🙂

  18. I cried when he was elected, I literally cried. He plans on implementing a teacher bill that was veteod by our former governor Charlie Christ that would make teacher’s salary $20,000 across the state with no increase and hopes on signing a bill that would make women look at pictures of fetuses before they can abort. He is literally Lord Voldemort.

  19. I’m elated that Boehner is going to have a vote to repeal – because it puts the 60+ new Reps on record voting against HCR. Remember all of these new reps come from seats held by Democrats in the 111th congress – they’re not safe red seats by a long shot, and their first act of these freshman is to jump headfirst into partisan games.

    Not to mention that I believe HCR will only continue to grow in popularity over the next two years and beyond as people A]See that it didn’t blow up the system (thanks to the GOP fearmongering) and B]start noticing the improvements that directly benefit them or their family members.

    There is a lot of popular benefits being enacted right now. However if the GOP tried to make a stand against the mandate the insurance companies would never let them because if it passed it would take away the way in which a lot of the new pieces are paid for. If the mandate was defeated without bringing back recission and pre-existing refusal, by kicking kids off their parents plan, opening the donut hole and bringing back yearly and lifetime caps than insurance rates would skyrocket overnight and many insurance companies would bust.

    Also people don’t have to be deathly afraid to lose their job or not being able to consider switching jobs because of their health coverage. In the past if you lost your job you lost your coverage. And if you developed a conditon while covered and then lost your job and coverage, next time you would have applied for coverage that now would be considered a “pre-existing condition” and not covered under your new plan.

    Also this public vote that is than defeated in the Senate will lay bare their agenda so when they try to defund HCR or the financial reforms bill it will easily be attacked as them trying to circumvent the co-equal branches of goverment.

    Democratic Senators and Reps should really be publicizing the new benefits as they become available. The donut hole being partially closed and the free preventative checkups for seniors should be shouted from the roof tops.

  20. Because they just think that they have better things to do with their time. They know that this vote isn’t going anywhere and want to position themselves as the party that tried to work with the president to repeal unpopular parts of the bill, but instead they themselves got a NO from the president.

  21. About the Republicans having such short “work” weeks: I believe they do it to build their political base in their home districts. The more the Congressional Rep. is back home, the more he can hang out with locals go to VFW halls, shake hands and increase their chance of re-election. It’s actually not a bad plan and if they were honest they could be doing real work back in their home district. I wish the Democrats would do the same thing, then maybe some of the great talents like Mr. Periello in VA or Scott Murphy in NY would have retained their seats. Voters like to know their elected officials, and it’s hard to know them if they are in Washington all the time.

    And related to this: I always repeat something I heard from a friend who works for a Congressman, that when he started out and she went to an orientation for staff, they were told that the people who get re-elected are not necessarily the ones who make brilliant speeches or have a great profile in DC – the ones who get re-elected have superb constituent services.

  22. I have another comment: if anyone reading here lives in a Cong. district with one of these Republican a-holes – can you make it your business to make them miserable??? How about that guy from Fla, Alan something, who said Obama shouldn’t go to Afghanistan with all that protection. If you live in his district, please give him hell. Or Issa’s district – who is he calling corrupt?

  23. I wish the schedule that is being planned by Cantor with the lack of work hours would be published in a way to embarass them into actually deciding they need to work for the people. I guess when you don’t want BIG government you get paid for doing nothing.

  24. I’m glad that progressives like Hilary rosen and Eugene robinson are finally coming home on the issue of HCR. They should have pumped up the benefits more when it mattered, but now that they see that the GOP are threatening to play games with peoples livelihoods and not to mention blow up defecit, they finally got serious. On another note, I usually don’t get pissed off at congress much but this time I am and I hope those that read the Vegas Sub article are angry as well because they are essentially not doing their jobs. I mean literally, they are taking half days and not showing up to work and act as if they can’t be in washington to do the people’s business. Sometimes I wonder when will the American people wake up and realize that you can’t hire someone that clearly doesn’t want to work(GOP mantra of government of the problem) and want small government.

    Sorry if I’ve been away for a while as I have been working on my own blog http://www.greenafrodiva.wordpress.com. I probably won’t be posted anything else for another few days, but feel free to check it out

  25. They have to have a vote to be able to tell the folks back home that they voted to repeal health care reform. It will probably pass the House, and then there will be big headlines about how the House voted to repeal Obamacare! And all the new Congressmen can pat themselves on the back and tell the people who elected them that they got this done. Then the bill will most likely die in the Senate, and even if they had the votes in the Senate, repeal would be vetoed. But the House Republicans are actually being smart to get this out of the way now, and then they can see how it might play out as a campaign issue in 2012. It’s just politics. Repeal is going nowhere.

  26. thank you again for making me feel good again I love that Obama Cares and have felt this all along also beautiful t-shirts

  27. http://robertparkerartandactivism.blogspot.com/

    I am trying to spread the word about Obamacare and its life-saving applications…. My friend is battling cancer and now has a fighting chance because of Obamacare..more about his story in his blog above…here are his words, and I am repeating this because I believe it is so important.

    “…..six months ago I discovered I had prostate cancer. We did not have health insurance due to trumped up pre-existing conditions. During the always frustrating and sometimes terrifying ordeal of trying to get the particular surgeon and surgery I so desperately needed… I dedicated a substantial amount of what ever future I have to helping in any way possible improving our shattered healthcare system.

    Obamacare is a start. It has already saved my life through the new pre-existing condition insurance funded by the Feds and administered here in Colorado by Rocky Mountain Health Care and a program called “Getting US Covered”. Through them I was able to become insured and was able to receive life saving surgery just four weeks ago. But where do we go now? We have had a life changing experience, but do not yet know how to use our new found knowledge of the medical system that is capable of “level one care for all” but that only provides that level of care to some and sends others home to die.

  28. The 111th will go down in history as the most productive. Looks like the 112th is planning to also break records – as the LEAST productive. They should only be paid for the hours of work they actually do. Give them an hourly wage.

  29. Could even have one for each major cause. It would be great to see all the progress made for veterans on the back of one of these t-shirts. Actual progress showing support for the troops – not just empty words. Same with education, environment, middle class, foreign relations…

  30. Here is the House Democratic Leaderships Press Conference from today.

    Its about 36 minutes. Play close attention toward the end (at about the 22 minute mark) when the Congresspersons start to explain how the new House Rules that the Republicans will vote on tomorrow will hide costs and how their policies aren’t feasible to help lower the deficit. Its very telling…


  31. The Rethugs are repealing Obamacare before people get too used to it. A lot of the good things that go into effect 1/1/11 which the MSM won’t report on and many seniors don’t know about. These people are of SATAN.

  32. She went the way of the professional left for a while after the inauguration. I haven’t heard from her until this new piece – but if she’s got her head screwed on straight again, then I welcome her back wholeheartedly. She did decent work as a pundit/surrogate during the latter part of the campaign.

  33. If congresspersons are going to cut the number of hours they are going to be working on the people’s business then their paychecks should reflect those cuts.

    They are paid a lot more than most middle class workers who work 40 hours or more a week. If they miss work they make less, what’s fair is fair for all.

  34. Yes – it would be good to calculate the cost per hour for the 111th Congress, and the resulting legislation and positive impact for the middle class, versus the cost per hour and contrasted productiveness of the 112th Congress. Less results = more cost.

  35. Well that’s pretty good, but if Stewart then does something like say “OMG, Boehner’s Luke’s dad11!!1!” later, I might never forgive him 😉

  36. They will also try and sell the idea that the House got it done, and if they only had a Republican Senate, they could have gotten it completely done legislatively. And then, with a Republican president – it would have been repealed. All the reason to vote against one’s interest and vote Republican. We have to counter with the facts about what they will have just voted against – i.e. all the progress for the middle class, children and seniors.

  37. Susan this should go on BWD change matters pages. this is so inspiring. She is trying to collect stories about how President Obama Policies have changed lives. At the top of the page is where you will find her email.

  38. RELATIONS WITH CHINA: A White House statement on a foreign-policy meeting Tuesday: “National Security Adviser Tom Donilon met today with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in the White House to discuss U.S. – China relations and preparations for President Hu Jintao’s upcoming visit. Mr. Donilon and Foreign Minister Yang exchanged views about a broad range of political, economic and security issues. Mr. Donilon stressed the importance of effective efforts to reduce imbalances in both the global economy as well as in U.S. – China trade. They discussed ways to advance our nonproliferation objectives, including working together to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, to meet its commitments and international obligations, and to avoid destabilizing behavior. They also agreed on the importance of ensuring that the referendum on southern Sudan proceeds peacefully and on time and that the results be accepted by Sudan and the international community. The president joined the meeting and reaffirmed his commitment to building a bilateral relationship that is comprehensive in scope, positive in achievement, and cooperative in nature. The president said he looked forward to the visit of President Hu and to the U.S. and China working together effectively to address global challenges.”


  39. Who can you contact about this we need to get that out . I agree Sonjia Duncan.

  40. Oh wow. That’s a fantastic story and voice! I might try to contact myself for something. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Love it!

    Obama Cares and I Care!

    or would that be iCare? Anyone know how to make iPhone apps?

  42. They don’t seem to be thinking very long term on this. By 2012 people will have an entirely different attitude toward ObamaCares. More and more people will have benefit from the reforms and will maybe not look too kindly on the people who will be going on record on Jan 12th as trying to take those benefits away from them.

    Or maybe they’re counting on people having a short memory about the bad things the Republicans do/have done.

    Seriously, what’s to stop the Dems from throwing up ads in 2012 highlighting the benefits of reform and tagging every republican with their vote to deny those benefits?

  43. Wow – was stunned to hear Sam Stein speaking words of wisdom on Rachel Maddow (with Chris Hayes) today. They were discussing Daley as a possible pick for Chief of Staff. Chris was up in arms, as usual. But Sam said there are progressives as well as center-left people who think Daley will do a good job. He also said that we should remember that “Obama” is his own man. That Rahm Emanuel didn’t want him to do health care reform, and he did it anyway. That VP Biden didn’t want him to go in on Afghanistan, and he did it anyway. Finally, he said “maybe we should look at Obama before we judge what kind of policy characteristics his Chief of Staff will apply”. I couldn’t believe it.

  44. I hope he makes a complete recovery. With his health on your mind, I especially appreciate your making the effort to help others by sharing his story.

  45. Well its about time. he will be more effective than Rahmn. He is a no non sense kind of guy thats how he is here in chicago.

  46. I think we need to write lots of emails to news outlets about the fact that congress will be working fewer days. Why is their pay the same for less work? No citizen could do this?

  47. I just contacted OFA-Ohio about Ted Williams, the man in the video I’ve been on about. The video was originally done by a Columbus Dispatch reporter and I sent the youtube that I have.

    If anyone here has contacts in OFA-Ohio, would you consider seeing if they are interested in using Ted Williams to do local/national ads for elections/issues?

    Thank you! 🙂

  48. I was really astonished at how reasonable Sam Stein was about Daley. Sam actually made some good points about the reasoning for considering Daley. It must have really disappointed Chris Hayes.

    It just drives me crazy that the professional left and the frustrati are constantly telling President Obama who he should hire and who should be fired.

    The Chief of Staff is a very personal choice. This person has to run a tight ship and make the trains run on time. It’s not up to pundits and disgruntled folks on the left to decide who should be the CoS. They seem to think they should be consulted first on who a particular candidate should be. Unbelievable.

    With all of the positive accomplishments of this administration, some on the left just have to find something to whine about. I will leave the choice of a chief of staff to President Obama. I trust his judgment. Bottom line, no matter who he picks someone is going to find fault with the choice. It’s become a parlor game.

  49. Good suggestion to write to news outlets. However it would be VERY important to point out that it’s the REPUBLICANS who have proposed this new schedule.

    If people hear “Congress will be working fewer days”, they’ll fault BOTH parties.

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  51. And yet, chris admitted last night his wife is a counsel in the WH! In other words, chris hayes wife works for POTUS as an wh attorney! HOW Weird!

  52. I know that I don’t leap to my office the minute I come back from a relaxing vacation to do a mountain of work. It’s enough just to get through voicemail and email! This man takes his work very seriously – and he put on a tie to sign the bills, so the right wing panickers should be satisfied.

  53. Thanks for sharing Nonie

    I love the fact that the Dems are on the war path. Good to hear they are going after Republicans in areas with Dem. support for Obama.

    When the 2012 draws nearer we can all be a support system for those who are in the hotly contested areas and cheer each other on.

  54. This is shocking news to me because I’m a retired GA teacher. I hope the teachers organize, march on the state capitol, and camp outside of Scott’s office. A $20,000 salary across the state? This is just plain stupid. Because he’s super-rich and will probably never have to worry about anything is the reason he is pushing this! I understand that teachers in FL have the power to unionize. If this is the case, it just may be time to strike. I don’t make this suggestion lightly, but it may be necessary to get the attention of Scott and the other Floridians who think of educators as non-essential state employees. I can imagine the disruption that would occur in the lives of those who voted for Scott with a smile on their faces when they have to find somewhere else for their kids to go while they work because teachers have gone on strike. Scott and his supporters don’t understand how difficult it is to replace a teacher, and they do not understand that there are not many students in college who want to become teachers.

    I’m just thinking out aloud here because this upsets me so much. Again, I’m not advocating for a strike, but if push comes to shove, I think Florida’s teachers should push back–HARD against this nonsense.

  55. I Love those Shirts….it’s late but I plan on ordering me one tomorrow…..from now on when someone uses Obamacare as a negative, let’s all respond “Yes, Obama Cares”…..

  56. Cantor’s schedule is actually really smart in that it allows the Rep more time at home to be seen around the district shaking hands and kissing babies. Having the Congressman show up at local events and seem more accessable.

    They have 60 freshman members in their caucus – locking them away in Washington to make votes that the GOP know will never get past the Senate is pointless.

    How many votes did Pelosi hold that died in the Senate – over 200 I believe. How many freshman Reps were voted out after one term?

    It’s about building relationships and being seen as an institution in the district.

    Cantor’s a smart dude.

    Not to mention this will never get reported as GOP not doing any work. Now if Pelosi had this same schedule released you know Fox would be up in arms, but if anybody tries to make it an issue from the left the retort will be “Members will be spending more time in their districts, to be more accessable and accountable to the voters they represent. Just because they’re not in Washington doesn’t mean they won’t be working at home”.

    And with the economy improving in combination with this tactic of making the Reps more known and visible – it’s a recipe for keeping the majority in 2012.

  57. Those who are on Medicare received a letter about the changes at the end of December 2010, at least my S/O did. So, I think this move by the republicans to repeal the ACA will be more of an uphill climb than they thought it would be. I don’t think as many seniors will be as willing to forgo free health screenings, help paying for their prescriptions, and/or free wellness exams as the republicans think they’ll be. The “ObamaCare Help is on the Way, Seniors!” train has already left the station.

  58. I’m in, Tori – just bought two. Love them.
    I had wondered that too, and now we will just mount a big positive campaign to support health care reform.

    Doesn’t mean we won’t fight his opponents with the facts (including their ties to the insurance industry if applicable)

  59. jovie – the pensions are not out of control. I live on a state pension, and I got paid less than 1/2 what my peers in the private sector when I worked, knowing I was saving for retirement.

  60. I didn’t see Sam because I just can’t take the pundits anymore always being wrong when they look into their crystal balls. I agree “Obama is his own man” and has been that way for a while now.

    I don’t understand how some still don’t understand that he does things his own way in his own time.

    *Obama Cares* 🙂

  61. I emailed Robert’s story and his blog to BWD. He wants this story to get out and for the Democrats to take back the word “Obamacare” and be proud of it. Thanks for the support!

  62. I understand what you’re saying, but I also think that the opportunity exists for this plan to backfire on them. In order for that to happen, we will have to become more active and put some pressure on them. I suggested on another blog that we show up at their town halls and question them about their positions on the issues and ask about their plans to create more jobs and aid in the country’s economic recovery.

    Cantor’s plan will give the republicans more opportunities to spend time in their districts, but I think that even some of their constituents will want them in Congress working on something to improve the economy and the lives of themselves and their families. There are still millions of Americans who are out of work, and I just don’t think this will go over very well with them. I also disagree about Cantor being a “smart” guy. IMO, a really smart guy is someone who rolls up his sleeves and works to solve problems, not someone who works little, and spends time working on the party’s 2012 election campaign. Times are hard for many Americans, and I do believe that they will notice that very little is being accomplished over the next 2 years, especially after comparing it to all the democrats accomplished in less than 2 years. It will be our job to make this point clear to the members of our communities.

  63. Love Saint Roscoe’s idea of showing up at town hall meetings and asking tough questions.

    Like majii’s point about “someone who rolls up his sleeves and works to solve problems, not someone who works little, and spends time working on the party’s 2012 election campaign.”

    The President commented that there will be time to campaign in 2012, and now we need to concentrate on creating jobs.

    That theme of “work for America now, campaign later” could be a talking point we use over and over in blog comments, signs, etc.

  64. I think that this “jobs, jobs, jobs” line is more about the catchy slogan, rather than actually helping the 10% unemployed. There are 80-90% who are actually employed, living their lives, oblivious to the pain of those who are unemployed and looking for work. And as the rate of recovery improves, the Republicans will be in the right place to capitalize on that recovery and take credit. The less time they spend in Washington, doing nothing useful and only making up new catch phrases and lies, the less there is to attack them with. They’ll be at town fairs, library openings, etc. Giving the impression that they are listening to the “American people”, since they don’t actually know the first thing about governing. The nice thing is that the President will also be on the road, doing the same thing (but in a good way) – and with a bully pulpit.

  65. How about one that simply says Obama Cares [with the S in a bolder color] About Me

  66. In fact, you could have
    Obama Cares about you.
    Obama Cares about children
    Obama Cares about seniors

  67. Good Morning Everyone. Here is the White House Schedule for:

    Wednesday Jan. 5, 2011
    All Times Eastern

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM

    President Obama and VP Biden receive the presidential daily briefing.
    10:30 AM

    President Obama meets with senior advisers.
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM

    VP Biden swears in incoming senators and presides over the opening session of the Senate.
    12:30 PM

    Robert Gibbs briefs the press.
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    3:45 PM

    President Obama meets with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM

  68. With all the major problems facing this country, I find it astounding that the frustrati would choose to focus on whom President Obama chooses for his Chief of Staff. This seems to point to the conclusion that their opposition is personal rather than issues-based, and then, of course, behind that, one begins to wonder if . . .

  69. I could care less what they thnk. They are always wrong. Once I reach that conclusion about people, I don’t waste time considering their POV (ie, screeching) In person, I try to be polite and reasonable mature. Here? Screw ’em! To accept that their opinion may have validity, dictates that one must accept the frustrati is brighter and knows more about DC than POTUS does. Well, clearly that concept is null and void. So we move to concern number 2 – that the Frustrati have power, right or demented. Well, we all know they are impotent.

    In sum, life is short. The frustrati’s opinion as to whom POTUS should choose as COC is a non-starter. 10-4. Just MO 🙂

  70. That is the crux of it, isn’t it, g? — that the frustrati actually believe they know more about Washington and how it works than the President. .

  71. They didn’t say much when Dean (whom I supported in 2004) came out with questions about situating a mosque near Ground Zero. I actually like Dean and don’t mind if we disagree on issues occasionally, but considering the way the frustrati operate in regard to the President, it is inconsistent to give him a pass on this. Of course, they gave Edwards all sorts of passes, or maybe they were too lazy to look up his voting record when he was in the Senate.

  72. Hi Sheila

    Just signed up for a Tolle meet-up tonight. Will cancel if I get work though. (not sure if I tolf you, I went back to work, since surgery was not sched. in Jan like I had previously thought)

    I hope I’m not deluding myself, but I sense the tide turning against the frustrati and toward the pragmati. Do you?

  73. I hope so, g, but then, I never visit anyplace where frustrati hang out. I had seen in your comments that you had returned to work, which I think is brave, and probably wise, of you. It is good that you (and the rest of us) can come to blogs that leave the childish negativity behind. I am always overly-optimistic (strange, though, how that never lets me down), but I think the stark comparison between the President and his party and the Republicans will become more apparent in the next two years, hopefully too apparent for even the pundits to ignore.

  74. excellent indeed. I really get a kick out imagining the people who try to post the same old bs pulling their hair out when they find that S dont fly here.

  75. I got an email from the OFA in Camden about organizing phone banks next week to call people in Runyan’ s district(the republican that won the Cherry hill congressional seat. My Opinion because of name recreation and that Adler didn’t vote for the healthcare bill. I know that there were a lot of people that were upset about this.
    There is supposed to be a phone call from OFA, I think tomorrow or next Thursday that will explain how the ACA is helping people. We will call people telling them to call Runyan’s office about not repealing any aspect of the ACA.

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