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  2. You know, it’s a funny thing. The more the President/the American people prevail, the smaller and less competent the mainstream media and pundits look. The month of December 2010 will go down in history as being the most productive legislatively in history, but it will also go down as the most contentious in every way.

    Barack Obama is exactly who he said he was, and is doing exactly what he said he would do or attempt to do, and then some.

    The example that he sets for all of us in the areas of fairness, temperament (a big one), listening skills, persistence, patience, love and basic humanity is stunning, especially since we live in a time of reality teevee and Snookie being propped up as an example for young people.

  3. I am so glad I didn’t miss these two years.. I nearly died 4 years ago and amongst the things I would have missed: America growing up, thank you President Barack Obama for your leadership in working towards that more perfect union.

  4. It is so obvious that he is exceptional. I really liked when he said in his press conference that he challenged anyone to look at where we were when he took office and conpare it to where we are now and say we have not made significant progress in the direction he set during the campaign. He is setting higher standards for American national politics. We now expect the people’s business to get done. He has the right emphasis. It is subtle, but consistent and it is working!

  5. My only comlaint is tht something like this didn’t come out prior to the election. Sure a couple things would have been missing, but the majority of people didn’t know that half of this was done.

    That being said, to President Obama, to VP Biden, to Leader Reid, to Speaker Pelosi, and to all the Dems in Congress who voted for these laws and for those of us who stood shoulder and shoulder with the President, you have my undying gratitude for what you have done.

    Thank you so much.

  6. As I wrote during the primaries: (over at OFA, barackobama.com) “I support Senator Obama for President of the USA because he is the only choice!)

    I hold that sentiment today and always will. When he was senator, I saw a vidio of him and our FLOTUS in Africa, getting theis aids test done to get people to get tested. If one pays attention to this man one cannot help but to love him for ever.

  7. Fab video. Thanks for posting. I am hoping to catch Obama’s press conference later on today. What an amazing “lame duck” session the Dems had. I am giddy with all that has been accomplished and am loving the bitterness of the frustrati.

  8. Great video, BWD!

    I did notice something about the clips that was very good. No Pox clips! LOL

  9. Your presence is definitely valued in this community!!

    Best wishes in the new year – and for your health!

  10. Its been interesting watching some pundits eat their words after being so critical of the President for the tax deal and suggesting he may be primaried in the 2012 election back off big time. Even some DK folks have dialed way back. Oh ye of little faith, watch and learn little grasshoppers….

  11. I fault the not-so-professional left for that, they are in Love with a person that should remain unnamed here because she is joke. The professional left did not pay attention to all the bills that President Obama was signing for the good/to better/to lift our country.

    The not so professional left was cut up in what they thought would bring rating in and had the shame of cutting President Obama’s town hall meeting to show trash coming out of the other side.

  12. thank you ms.bunny.. you have no idea how kind your comment is to me, thank you. I remember your voice at dkos, you were always a wonderful advocate there for democratic progress, for this President, it is very good to see you here~

  13. I am overjoyed BWD for this site where President Obama accomplishments can be touted without all the negativity I read at other sites. President Obama is the best in my lifetime and I’m still excited to come home everyday and read about what is going on in the political world. This has not always been the case, until you created this. Thank you so much!

  14. I believe that President Obama will go down as one of the Greatest American Presidents.

    I a so glad that I worked so hard for him in 2008 and 2010.

  15. Thank you so much for posting this. What are truly remarkable man and a great leader. He just keeps his head and keeps his eyes on the prize. Never doubt it.

  16. Wow!!! Awesome video! I love our president and so proud, can,t wait to see what the future holds!

    Thank you so very much for posting BWD!!!:)

  17. I don’t know about you but I have been a hopemonger for the last three years and I still am.

    That is an awesome vid BWD. Thank you.

  18. That’s a winner – because every second of it is about Americans winning due to the leadership of President Obama, Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi.

    I think we are yet to see the very best of President Obama because he has the remarkable ability to listen, learn and evolve, all the while remaining laser focused on his passion for helping All Americans, Every Day. He evidenced that, yet again, during his presser today when he was asked about DOMA – an elegant, heartfelt response that indicated he is learning and prepared to evolve.

    So, if Republicans want to spend their time trying to dismantle what has been achieved during the past two years, if they want to spend their time ‘investigating’ this Presidency a whole bunch of them are going to be unemployed come Jan 2013 – you can take that to the bank.

    President Obama has warned them, more than once, and by now you’d think they might start paying attention – though given their arrogance and avarice I doubt it.

  19. The night of the election in 2008 as returns were coming in I stood in the backyard pacing, ten minutes before Barack Hussein Obama was declared 44th President of the United States a shooting star blazed across the sky from east to west, it was a portent of things to come.

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to have him leading our country at this time in history. Thank You Mr. President.

  20. The Obama press conference was a joy to behold. The President was in high spirits. His pledge to continue fighting for the DREAM Act was so sincere and heartfelt.

  21. The left need to get with the program. Obama is doing great progressive things for this country, more than what Clinton ever did. Bravo Mr. President!!!

  22. Absolutely! Too many people were wrapped up in depicting the legislation as a sellout and failure; that’s being rectified, however, as we speak, as emerging spaces are providing much needed reality-checks!

  23. “Watch and learn little grasshoppers”—love it! I’ve seen all kinds of backtracking today. Ed Schultz is doing a bit of mea culpa, Fineman is saying “Barack got game”, someone on dailyfox is admitting Obama might be smarter than him, Begala on CNN finally giving Obama his due, all network newsdudes sounding mighty impressed, etc. etc. etc. All are waking from a long slumber, wiping their eyes and seemingly seeing for the first time a President on the move, determined, clicking off some pretty amazing accomplishments for the people and the country.

  24. A thousand thanks to you, BWD, for this wonderful site. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening basking in the glow.

  25. This is truly a momenteous day

    BWD Thanks for the video, it would be nice if all the local networks will show it throughout the next two weeks. This video seems like something Plouffe would do

  26. What a day, what a week, what a month! I can hardly contain my pride and joy and respect for this man, our President. Our President. How lucky are we!

  27. Right there with you, TIMT! And I have to give a shout-out to the quiet masses who delivered some terrific polling to POTUS for the tax cut deal. This so utterly justified what the WH was saying and afforded him the credibility of noting that his base is intact as he entered into some delicate legislative maneuvering. I couldn’t be more prouder of the far-reaching vision and plain old good common sense of the Democratic and liberal bases.

  28. cjtown, don’t worry we’re with the program. We just needed a media voice that we didn’t quite have previously.

  29. Yup! I also loved his “I am persistent” line today. It was a great reminder for everyone that you can be persistent, but it also requires patience — and being “pragmati” ;-), I mean pragmatic ;-).

  30. Good, it’s time we pushed back against the loud minority. We’ve allowed them to distort the narrative and the realities for far too long.

    I sure am glad that President Obama ignored the frustrati’s criticisms and threats related to his keeping Gates as SecofDef, being deferential to Lieberman despite his disloyalty during the campaign, supporting and campaigning hard for Senator Reid, and making the tax deal with republicans. If he hadn’t done any of those things, we would not have won all these victories this week.

    Obama’s a brilliant strategist. He’s playing a masterful game of chess while the whiners and bloviators are playing checkers and can’t see pass their noses.

  31. Sherijr, I don’t even want to think about the possibility of missing your voice here. Thrilled to have you and your commentary. That is all.

  32. Great video. So much accomplished by the President and Congress in just two short years. So much accomplished for the American people. I still don’t understand why some democracts chose/choose to run away from this President’s record during the midterms.

  33. Is this what a failed president looks like? (snark) If so, I guess I would rather not see one that is not failing. I do not know if this president gets enough credit for his vision and his ability to imagine how things can get done.

    I believe he and his team have mapped out and planned probably every month of the entire 8 years. I just think he already knew what a huge job this was going to be and he knew he could do it.

    I could not be more thrilled. My girlfriend and I just rave about him every day.

  34. But we knew all along what Barack Obama is capable of accomplishing. The man is brilliant! That’s why we fought so hard to get him elected. I’m so proud of him but not a bit surprised by all this. Boy, those naysayers look really dumb and petty right now. Tee hee hee.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  35. This has been one hell of a week, after one hell of a year.

    It may be simplistic, but I’m thinking the frustrati are struggling with this president because he’s a long-term player and they’re Twitter driven. If it doesn’t happen now it’s not going to happen.

    I also think the talking points come direct from the RW think tanks via various paid and unpaid trolls. It’s hard for me to believe that so many of them roam free on Kos – their shelf life used to be 20 minutes, now it’s 20 weeks.

  36. All I know is that I decided that I’m just gonna keep pushing forward positive on my own turf. Talk to people at work. Make them realize they need to STOP listening to the MSM and start actually looking and analyzing his administrations accomplishments. And focus on his strengths, not succumb to other people’s focus on the negative.

    Many people I know at work today _are_ back to holding their heads up high. And they have NEVER taken down their posters or calendars or other mementos of the President that they’ve admired since they voted for him 2 years ago.

    I am so proud right now I’m just bursting over!

  37. Me too, since I heard him speak in ’04.. I called my whole family and said “are you listening to this man”? OMG! That is why I will never doubt him.. to hear him, to read his books- he has clearly told us upfront who he is and what he’s about.. and he has shown all of us in two years- that he knows exactly how to do this job we gave him.

    Hey there TIMT: very nice to see you πŸ˜‰

  38. Oh Nina, thank you so much, that is so really nice of you.. because I wouldn’t miss any of this, any of you and what you have to share for nothing in the world. Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  39. The frustrati live in an echo chamber world of their own, where only they are right, and anyone who calls them out is a right wing corporatist centrist Republican Wall Street kiss ass or what have you. They literally exist to just demonize others and play the victim card, and they wonder why people don’t give them the time of day.

    It is nice to see a reasonable bunch of them tone down and dial down their rhetoric and admit they were wrong. President Obama thinks of the big picture, not in terms of media cycles or scoring political points.

    He has a brilliant head on his shoulders, and people need to quit doubting him. We’re not dealing with George W. Bush who couldn’t speak, let alone lead.

    I believe the eight years that was the Bush disaster has entrenched our politics so much, he has become the model for getting business done in Washington. Heck, Bill Mahar has said Obama needed to be “more like Bush, but on the left.”

    Obama just needed to be true to himself, and thus he has, despite the obstructionism of the GOP and the obstructionism from the frustrati left… and he’s gotten 83% of his agenda accomplished in just two years.

    I couldn’t be more proud of voting for this man, and more proud that we have him as President as opposed to McPalin… good God, what a disaster that would have been!

  40. Thank you GN.. I always appreciate your comments. Man are we lucky or what?? Look at what we get to tell our grandchildren we took part in.. when they read stuff in their history books, we get to say: Yeah I was there, I remember that.. lemme tell you ’bout President Barack Obama.

  41. Aaahh, what a wonderful Christmas gift this past week has been. How lucky we are to have such a president at such a time. Yes, he is the greatest president — and of all time.

    I’m even looking forward to his grappling with a recalcitrant House. He will win, hands down.

    Love to all here, and best holiday wishes!

  42. They are the REAL base, not the 20-30% of folks who spend their time on DK, FDL, HP, and other blogs whining about how “Obama stabbed us/Main Street/LGBT in the back.”

    I’m suspecting that the frustrati left will continue to be frustrated, continue to whine and pout, and the REAL base that lives in reality will turn out in 2012 to put Obama in the White House again. They were saying that Clinton was doomed in 1996 after losing BOTH the House and Senate in 1994 and failed HCR, yet I don’t recall a single frustrati voice sayin Bubba needed to be primaried from the left. Of course the economy was much better than it was now.

  43. Yep that is the answer: telling our co workers, family and neighbors the facts, the truth.. humanizing the man the media has spent two year dehumanizing. Showing them with the facts how their lives are being bettered everyday by this legislation.. and how the media is not informing them. That is how we grow, that is how we out vocalize the angry teabaggers and the ‘frustrati’. That is how we move the movement.. that is community organizing πŸ˜‰

  44. Best wishes to you also, and I agree: YES HE IS- the best President ever. Hands down… and he ain’t even done~

  45. Hi Sweet GN – I wanted to drop in to wish you the most beautiful Christmas anyone could have.

  46. Bingo! We just need the economy to continue to rebound so that we can make a stronger case to the swing voters. And these new spaces allow for clarity of thought without the distractions of having to argue against cult accusations, etc.

  47. And that means that the private sector needs to not only begin to create jobs, they need to begin hiring.

    POTUS and Congress have laid the groundwork for the private sector to begin job creation. There’s very little more they can do, seeing as neither POTUS or Congress have any sway over what the private sector does.

    It has been sluggish this past year, and the private sector has slowly begun creating jobs, but they need to pick the pace up. President Obama needs to make this clear that he has done everything possible, and that it’s up to the private sector to begin hiring. Continued stimulus packages aren’t going to mean a thing until the private sector lives up to its end of the bargain.

  48. Hello Everyone!! Aunt Sis here. I don’t post often but decided to do so tonight.
    BWD – thank you so much for this blog. I am extremely grateful for this sight, its members and the positivity towards our beloved president.
    Since giving up so–called left news, huff & puff (that is so cute) and the other one (dkos), I have been writing a book. It has taken 20 years to start putting my ideas on paper. It feels great to come home from a hard days work and start writing. No more checking the blogs and getting upset. No more watching the political shows and swearing. It feels absolutely wonderful and now a great blog as emerge. Damn you, BWD (LOL)
    If I don’t post again, please know that I am lurking and reading your posts. Please, everyone, have a wonderful holiday!!

  49. Yeah, I’ve been lurking here while continuing to Fight The Good Fight at DKos, and I think its time to finally show myself and state FUCK YEAH I am proud of MY PRESIDENT. I elected this man not to be Magic Negro Savior, but the “Chess not Checkers” POTUS and that’s exactly what I’ve gotten. NONE of these Lame Duck accomplishments happen without the tax deal. Deal with it, haters.

  50. Co-signed! This is part of why POTUS met with the Chamber; businesses need to stop sitting on what is nothing short of a record level of cash and start hiring. He went there to make that case.

  51. Happy Holidays to all!!!

    I wish everyone here a fabulous new year full of hope!!

    I feel blessed to be participating in this community, and thank BWD and everyone on her blog roll for their hard work and effort to maintain their informative and positive blogs!

    It’s hard work and takes time-time I certainly don’t have. So I appreciate those who make the time!!!

    What a way to end the year!!! Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!!! πŸ™‚

  52. Hi Sheri – I have serious medical problems now, and between joy watching Obama, and the opposite about my personal situation, I’ve gone through three tubes of mascara πŸ™‚

    I am thrilled you are with us today. Hugs, Gail

    I needed to see the DADT ceremony today, but I may offline after. My country is in wonderful hands with POTUS and supporters like all of you.

    Sheila – got your lovely e – hugs and thanks.

  53. And give them time, they’ll go right back to bashing Obama and get right back on their soapboxes when the right nontroversy arises. All it will take is another Gulf Oil Crisis, a Mideast hostage situation, and these folks who are singing Obama’s praises now in the MSM will go right back to playing Armchair President and will whine about “Why isn’t Obama doing X Y and Z?”

    But it’s nice to see them NOT being on the “Obama is a right wing Republican douchebag who needs to be primaried” bandwagon for the moment.

  54. LOL, eclectablog notes that the media paints POTUS’ 80% approval rating with liberal Dems as “subdued”:

    An 80% approval rating is “subdued”? Really? The group most likely to be disappointed in him for one reason or another still gives him an 80% favorability rating and that’s “subdued”?

    I wish that the rest of the groups polled (conservative Dems, swing voters) had this much of a “subdued” response to POTUS.

  55. It just shows how out of touch with reality the media are with the people.

    Then again, they only care about drama for profit, which is why they are milking the hell out of the Lindsay Lohan saga and are attempting to create ANY sort of rift between POTUS and his supporters re: DADT being repealed.

  56. Gee – you are in my thoughts. and my heart. i mean that. i think about you a lot.

  57. Oh g- I am so so sorry. I would not wish poor health on anyone ever. The best thing I can say to you, is take one day at a time, and it ain’t over til it’s over.. that your spirit and strength are often deeper and more resiliant than you know.. and please do not lose heart. We’re here for you, I’m here for you.. anytime you wish, feel free to email me sjrich49 at yahoo. You have my very best wishes, vibes, for better days ahead of you.

  58. πŸ™‚ Let me tell you, when you add a picture? Instead of the gray box? You can find the comments much easier. You can make it a picture of anything in the world. A ladybug. A flower. Michele. Barack. The Sun. The Moon. A bunny .I could go on It’s very very easy if anyone wants to know how. I know you are very private GN πŸ™‚ But you would probably like the 34938439084089 pictures of BO and his family that are available.
    Hugs. πŸ™‚

  59. 20 to 30 percent is being generous. I would say less than .30384398 percent of the population in on DK or FDL.

  60. Thanks GN.
    So now, the professional left in on the president’s side. I hate our media. I really do. If it wasn’t for the web, I would be another clueless American. They do such a disservice to the public. I have made a vow that whenever I hear or read something that is untruthful, I am going to respond.

  61. You too!!! If I could, I’d post up a picture of sunnies and bees for you!! To drive away winter doldrums!

    yayyyyy…. from this day forward it starts getting lighter…EVERY DAY! heeee. πŸ˜€

  62. I’m so glad that you left the emotional roller coaster of the PL (the pinging back and forth is just exhausting!). I love your vow as well.

  63. heeeee! That picture is so tiny and blurry for a reason! Everyone looks good when that happens. That is my beloved Congressman. πŸ™‚

  64. well… someone I know told me that she just was offered a job today!!! So this day could not get any better!!!

    I know that jobs are still far and few between – but I also know that I’ve been seeing a whole lot more construction workers back to work (commuting in on the train into the city) when this time last year the train was really empty. It’s slooowly improving – but at least things are improving.

  65. Yes!!!!!! Today we got a little bit more light! πŸ™‚ My willow shed all its leaves finally. But? Each brank. Has microscopic buds on it. The tree has weird color to it when that happens. Can you believe it? Micro – but there.

    People at work think I’m insane on Winter Solstice because I am very very happy. I put up my X amount of days till Spring sign. Everyone gets more depressed. I get happier each day! πŸ™‚

  66. The media is less professional and informed about what is important in this world than the classroom President Obama was reading to last week. I’d rather hear questions from that group than endure another “news conference” with the dullards that make up the press corps.

    This was a great month, and I have NEVER been as proud of a President that I am of Barack Obama. He absolutely will be running circles around the press and the teabaggers over these next two years. And the voters will love him for it.

    Doesn’t matter who they run in the GOP primaries, they are going to end up with someone damaged by their lack of purity or by their overt racism.

  67. I recently listened (audiobook) to Dreams from my Father…unfortunately abridged verstion, but read by the President. πŸ™‚ BUT – at the end they attached the speech he made at the Dem Convention in 2004…. it made me remember WHY I just fell in love with this man!!!! And my general rule of thumb is that I hate all politicians! LOL

  68. Great comment – 2012 is going to be interesting. Looking forward to it, Prez Obama is the best we got against any Republican.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  69. WOW! I’m jealous…I have a book all written in my head, but that doesn’t count:) Good luck to you.

  70. Great video by DNC. Looks like they’re getting their act together. Hope they go on such positive messaging, especially in the Red states, for the next two years.

    I loved it that START passed 71-26 proving my prediction. Hey, I should become a “pollster”. πŸ™‚

    And thanks bwd for creating and sustaining this space.

    To all the pragmati here, Happy Holidays and A Great New year.

  71. I was thinking that the flurry of everything that has happened lately reminded me of fireworks on the 4th of July, with today being the finale! Wonderful, wonderful day.

  72. Hello df.. and thank you, I’m a work in progress- but with higher hopes. I wish you very lovely holidays.. and I love what you’re doing about setting up the funding for transplant recipients, that is such a good thing.

  73. He also narrates his second book “The Audacity of Hope”. In it, he puts forth all his policy positions It is an amazing retrospective. It is all there, he has not wavered or changed. He is persistent.

  74. Rachel Maddow is doing what she does best – connecting the dots and making an issue crystal clear. Right now she is eviscerating Newt Gingrich and the Republicans Party and their hatred of the unemployed.

  75. oh wow.
    took my breath away for a sec.
    you know it always did. always will.
    heartache too.
    but hope. πŸ™‚

  76. I am a scientist so, without hard evidence, I don’t believe in much. This incredible man first hit my radar when, out of a sense of history (I was also apolitical) I tuned in to the first Obama/Clinton debate. As she sat, he pulled out her chair and waited until she was comfortably seated to pushed it in. He did it with such sincerity, it wasn’t a show gesture. I could tell he was a practicing gentleman. In that moment, something about him grabbed and has held me every since. No evidence, no proof, me the scientist just started believing in him. I bought and read both his books and started paying attention.

    My support has not wavered. I believe in this man. I am so thrilled to see him succeed.

    Though I am straight, I support LGBT rights. I was so glad to hear him say his point of view on gay marriage is evolving.

  77. This has been an amazing week. I am so proud of President Obama. Unlike the fickle not-so professional left, he has the ability to stay the course.

  78. g, you have mentioned your health in recent comments. Wishing you the very best right now… Take strength in what you–and we–have been able to do and what we have been part of and what we, you, all of us WILL be part of πŸ™‚ Yes we will!

  79. My lifetime too, and I was born in the midst of the Eisenhower Administration.

    I’m bursting with pride tonight over what our president has accomplished over the last two years, and particularly the encore of the last couple of weeks in this lame duck session.

    Hope. That’s what President Obama offers. Not quick fixes, not necessarily easy fixes, but a steady move toward a better future — hope. And change.

    And that’s actually happening!

    As Craig Ferguson puts it, “It’s a great day for America.”

  80. I just rid myself of the left i took daily kos off and huffington post. i refuse to go into the new year with negativity. I am staying focused.

  81. The rest of President Obama’s presidency is going to be much tougher in that I don’t think there is any way the Dems will be able to take back the House.

    Also Democrats have 23 Senate seats up in 2012, versus 10 for the GOP. That is very scary in the sense President Obama could face a completely Republican Congress in 2012, so even if he is re-elected there will be no mandate to use.

    Only chance to take back the House would be for Boehner to side with the teabaggers over the more moderates in his caucus.

    Boehner and McConnell are going to try and make their first big stand on the budget/debt ceiling in regards to spending. They figure that is one area where they can hold their caucus together – this is why it was blocked last week, and only extended a couple of months.

    They figure they have the mandate, that it will be their turn to get what they want. Of course the President and Dems know this is coming – it will be interesting to see how they plan to counter it.

    The President has already said that there needs to be a real discussion about what the country wants, that it can’t keep cutting taxes when critical investments in the future needs funding. However the GOP will not want to have this discussion – they just want to be able to scream “spending cuts!!” and then have Obama block it and get into a showdown with them.

    Messaging will be paramount here. Plouffe better be working through the recess on a roll-out. Dems better have their better speakers ready to go out on television and plead their case.

  82. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Guess who is on Lawrence O’ Donnell tonight giving credit to herself and everyone else except the people actually responsible.

  83. I’m so glad you’re here to see just how America finally grows up, and I hope you’ll be here for a long time so you can see the fruit that’s borne from all of the efforts that are taking root today.

  84. Jane Hamsher currently bloviating on The Last Word. She refuses to give the President any credit. She embodies the worst “Limousine Liberal” stereotypes – totally unable to relate to the people that would have been adversely affected by the loss of unemployment benefits and a rise in the tax rate. I can’t listen to her anymore.

  85. Absolutely. The president is teaching a master class in how to engage in the people’s business.

    People do notice, and people are also going to notice the ones who are behaving like spoiled two-year-olds.

  86. Because she made him do it by holding his feet to the fire?

    O’Donnell shouldn’t give her the time of day. Why put her on your show?

    She’s a legend in her own mind. Delusional and pathetic in reality.

  87. When I hear Jane Hamsher speaking on cable, it reminds me of the sound that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes. It’s incoherent!

  88. Just saw Jane Hamsher refuse to give President Obama any credit for this week of accomplishments. Truly classless. She must keep up her feud with the President for some reason. Could it be financial gain and working the cable networks as a reliable Obama critic?

  89. I wouldn’t say that there is no way that the Dems will be able to take back the House. I think it is only 30-40 seats that need to change Rep to Dem to make a Dem majority in the House. With all 435 seats up for grabs, don’t get carried away thinking that it can’t be done. It can.

    We already know that with President Obama on the top of the ballot, that will increase the Democratic vote on down-ballot races. That right there is worth maybe 10-20 pickups in the House.

    The Senate is a problem. I don’t know how to read that yet. It’s too early.

    The president looks good for re-election. 270 to win. Remember that. 270 to win. Not 370 or whatever he got in 2008. He can lose a lot of his 2008 voters and still win re-election. He can get to 270 with just the Kerry states plus 3 or 4 others.

    Two years is a long time! We can do this! Think positive!

  90. Of course it’s about money. If she can’t sell outrage what does she got? Of course she has to claim she made him do it – so she can raise money from the rubes.

    O’Donnell shouldn’t have her one his show.

  91. Yeah, Jane just about got on my last nerve. And who the hell was that idiot Roger Hodge? For crying out loud! He had NOTHING GOOD to say! Maybe he had a bad case of hemmoroids that were acting up as he sat there..I’m surprised I sat through that crap.

  92. Jane Hamsher is as dishonest as she is hateful. She had the audacity to claim that the WH tried to stop DADT repeal in favor of the START treaty. Nonesense. That was another BS rumor propagated by the professional left to gin up anti-Obama anger, once they saw that DADT would actually get passed in congress.

  93. Lawrence must have had trouble finding fools from the Left willing to slam the President after such a successful week. Only proves that they are not concerned about results. Only useless posturing and drama will do.

  94. Liberals are saying that Obama does not deserve credit because he did not fight for anything that got passed during the lame duck session except for START….we know this is not true but that’s the narrative that is now out there by liberals who will never like Obama because he decided to act like THE ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM.

  95. Sorry David, but Liberals are not saying that. Self-important a** holes are saying that Pres. Obama deserves no credit.

  96. 112th House breakdown will be 242 GOP – 193 Dem, meaning GOP will have a 49 seat advantage, and it would take taking back a net of 25 seats in 2012. Given that there will be 60+ freshman in the GOP caucus, it means the hold on their seats is not incredibly strong and as you say it will be a Presidential year.

    The Senate is going to be scary of the 23 Dem seats that are up many are in purple or red states.

    Tester, Webb, McCaskill, Nelson(Neb), Conrad and then looking at the 2010 midterms – Michigan (Stabenow), Wisconsin(Kohl), Ohio(Sherrod Brown), Penn(Casey), Florida(Nelson) all went pretty hard right.

    Only realistic pick-up is Massachusetts and Scott Brown seems likable and knows how to play the game.

    Like you said, it’s a long way out and a lot will depend on who the GOP has a top their ticket challenging Obama.

  97. To Everybody

    So many are sending out kind and heartfelt messages to those of us with health issues. What a community – how lucky we all are that BWD created this.

    I’m a pretty private person, but one comment: Ladies, get your mammograms.

    It’s hard to fucus on poltics now…but have a wonderful and safe holiday!!!

    I love you, President Obama πŸ™‚

    XXOO, G

  98. Problem is those ones are the ones who get on television. I know folks here was praising O’Donnell, but him putting her on his show just helps out her cause.

  99. Poor, poor woman. As we say back home, she and McCain hail from the same river. Two peas in a pod. Driven by envy, they’ve lost all sense of reason.

    Go figure.

  100. AGREE….I stand corrected….but some of those self-important a** happened to be liberals or at least that is what they call themselves.

  101. Exactly. If O’Donnell really wants an opposite view, I’m sure there are more rational critics of the President than this nitwit. I’ve watched this clueless hater only once and that was one too many.

  102. Give them the links to whitehouse.gov, white house YOutube channel, and sites with lists of achievements ( see the blog roll here), I’m absolutely convinced that if we could made voters go regularly to those sites it could make a difference.

    And each time a family member, a friend, a co-worker finally realizes how great this administration is, then it’s time to bring them here, or on other positives sites that are popping up right now in the blogosphere ha ha ha…

  103. Intellectual dishonesty is what she practices. I try not to get mad any more. I actually feel sorry for her and others like her.

    People like her have invested so much time trying to drag this president down to no avail. Instead he continues to wrack up victories. That’s enough to drive them batty.

    Go figure.

  104. It’s all show business. Lawrence O’Donnell did a good job during the latest tempest in a teapot. But all of these shows are entertainment first and foremost. They are already looking into their ever so reliable crystal ball to create the next Poutrage du jour. No savoring the triumph of so many liberal laws passed. That is why I don’t consider them Liberals. They seem to be anarchist/socialists who think the President exists only to do their bidding and take their orders. Very self-centered and self-righteous.

  105. Hamsher and Hodge will never be happy. According to Hodge, repealing DADT was no big deal because it was done under Obama. O’Donnell seemed to relish the jibes that Hamsher and Hodge thrust at Obama.

    Thankfully, BWD provides an island of sanity from the misinformation being spread willfully by so-called pundits like O’Donnell. except for Richard Wolffe, the only rational person on the set, segment was appalling.

  106. I don’t understand how people who will abandon and disparage a politician who strays one iota from what they dictate his policy should be could ever be considered part of that politician’s base. Hamsher and Hodge do not represent Liberals, the democratic base or any other voting block. They are fringe hucksters, nothing more.

  107. Dear g,

    Nice and slow, dear. Work with your health care team. I have worked with women from diverse situations who have done very well, who told great stories to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
    We love you and your support of the President and his team. And thanks for covering all the bases tonight with your advice and your support and presence πŸ™‚

  108. None of them are ready for prime time. None of them. Here in NYC with millions of people here alone, that whole msnbc crew have a national audience of about a million viewers. And some of those viewers are skeptical, like you. They can’t even get most of the northeast-Boston, NY, Washington etc to watch. Maybe they just have the wrong gimmick.

  109. I guess all that screaming from the Professional Left worked…snark.

    What Christin said…wishing you a wonderful holiday season dearest GN.

  110. Hi sherijr, I share your sentiment fully. I saw one of the debates early on and every time he said something, he drew me like a magnate. He sure does seem to know more than those that have been around eight years about how to do his job. Nice to see ya sheri and happy holidays.

  111. While Ezra Klein praised the Republicans who voted for the legislation, he seemed to be forgetting that it was precisely because of the President’s persistence in reaching out to them which made the moderates come around eventually. Yet president Obama has been called spineless, wimp and all sorts of names just for reaching out to these Republicans. Some fauxgressives on DKOS never believed that Collins, Snowe, et al would ever vote for DADT repeal.

  112. O’Donnell was critical of Pres. Obama on DADT ??

    Did he decide to balance Rachel’s praises ??

    I wish all of them would quit trying to entertain people and just plain INFORM them.

  113. Waving at you Christin. It has been a while. How are you and where have you been? It is so nice to see ya here Christin.

  114. I knows. Time to think about cutting down my dead salvia outside. It hurt to much and it’s still out there.

    Soon I get to plant new ones!

  115. It is possible that the WH suggested to pass START first. It wouldn’t be scandalous. START is absolutely essential for national security and global security.

    But putting START first didn’t mean to “STOP” DADT. This is negative spin, Jame Hamster style. START first meant risking DADT. DADT first meant risking START. Terrible choices. How can you blame a president for making a choice instead of another, when you know that in his heart he wanted both anyway ??

    The final push for the votes on DADT are obviously the work of Senators Reid, Liebermann and Collins. Bravo. That’s what the legislative branch is supposed to do.

    But how those sanctimonious pundits can dismiss that President Obama has been working for two years, doing all the ground work, getting the Pentagon on board, breaking the “logjam” this spring with the idea of the Pentagon study, etc…

    Jane Hamster is ignorant. And psychologically sick. I don’t know what happened in her life to make her so incapable of trust, so eager to see nefarious intentions in people, so vindictive. I see she dreams of a better world, but boy she hurts my soul. She should remember that if you want to change the world, you have to BE the change yourself first.

  116. They seem to have no understanding of how things are done in our government. Do they truly believe if we can’t see it it’s not there? Wow, what would physicists make of that? The President would be ineffective if he were confined to a glass box.

  117. So true, EricFive.. hucksters, all, basically. We need to keep the truth flowing. Thanks to BWD for this blog.. will hang here.

  118. This is the most wonderful site. I am really thankful for all the people who comment on this site. Reading positive and thoughtful comments on this site gives me hope that this country will continue to progress in a direction of a more perfect union. Thank you BWD for your unshakeable faith in this good man who is trying to lead the country during one of the most difficult time in its history. Thank you for all the positive people in this community, and especially people like G, who though are facing difficult health issues, continue to stay positive. Best wishes for the holidays. My New Year’s resolution is to do everything in my power to support this President.

  119. Me like.

    Obama rocks. BTW, there’s a diary up right now at Daily Fox where you can vote on whether or not Obama’s the best president in your lifetime. So far the polling is going 76% FOR Barack.

  120. Battling in out over at the The Daily Naderite? Damn. You still got it in you? If I felt the site was worth the bother, I’d join you. But it’s just not anymore. Honestly…it’s become a kinda who cares. It exists as a source of income for Markos only. And if that means embracing hatred from the fringe left, he’ll do it. And because it’s a slim source of cash revenue, he’s trying to revamp the site for advertisers. BUT That being said, I”m sure you’re holding your own quite well amongst the little nutz. πŸ™‚

    I’m also pretty sure that they’ll find a way to be utterly miserable adn seething with overflowing xmas bitterness any second now. Maybe they can bitch about Michele leaving for vacation early like the right is?

  121. O’Donnell should have reminded Jane that last week on his program she declared the standalone bill to repeal DADT had “zero” chance of passing. In fact, Jane went on to say that the Senate lacked the political will to make it happen.

  122. clicking on The Daily POS just means more ad revenue for the site owner, whether it’s to vote in the poll or read a diary. Why even bother?

  123. Yes, President Obama is on a roll. He got ‘er done and should rest easy and store up for the fights ahead. What I liked about how he handled the lame duck session is, his work was behind the scenes so he didn’t really use up any capital sparing with anyone. Instead he looks like “bipartisan” and above all, effective.
    He was smart to save his fight for battles where he has a more winning hand. As CNN’s new poll shows, Americans at large think he’s compromised with the GOP more than they have with him. And seeing how most in previous polls said they want to see more compromise, well, it’s pretty obvious the GOP could run into trouble quickly if they overplay their hand and refuse to work with President Obama like they did the last two years.
    (http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/12/22/cnn-poll-56-percent-give-obamas-lame-duck-a-thumbs-up/) Plus, he got A LOT for his compromise this time out.

    I wouldn’t worry about people like Jane Hamsher and Roger Hodge. They are what’s known as misery pimps. Dissatisfaction and resentment is their stock and trade…their selling point. Hodge and his anti-Obama book isn’t going anywhere. I have no idea why Lawrence gives them the time of day but I thinks it’s to provide a balance or something. The problem is, he doesn’t correct them as much as he should.

    For all those annoyed with the “frustrati” here’s a special treat for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNonphW3yJ8&feature=player_embedded (warning: there’s a bit of swearing) ENJOY!

  124. Bless you,sherijr:) Latest newsflash on that transplant site I set up…aahh…I tend to jump into these things with both feet first, without knowing ALL the details:( I went to the credit union,called the IRS, got a EIN, got the acct. set up…floated home so proud of myself for getting this off the ground. Then I thought, how do I make it possible for people that want to donate to get a tax deduction?Ummm…called the IRS again this morning. OH.MY.GOD. Pay $400 (I don’t have)fill out forms, wait for approval. yada yada yada. Felt defeated for about 10 minutes, then called the National Transplant Assistance Fund, that is also working VERY hard for these patients in AZ…told the wonderful woman on the phone what I had done…I didn’t expect to cry, but I did..talking about my mom. Turns out, that unless I want to be responsible for the tax liability on those donations( I do not)then, this is the way to go…they will let me work in Arizona for the cause that is dear to my heart. My dream did not die, just got a lateral move, and I’m ok with that. It was never about me anyway…so if you would still like to donate to that cause, please go to nta.org ( I think that’s the address..National Transplant Assistance Fund…google if I got it wrong) My heart was in the right place. Called all kinds of TV stations here to let them know what I had done..emailed the CBS channel here and he then sent me an email about a woman that stole from a police officer’s donation account..then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t really know what I was doing and though he was sure I was doing this from my heart, he wasn’t sure they would say yes to airing the info on TV…whatever. It made me change my direction, and I certainly would never want any suspicion that this was something shady.I’m ok with this decision…I hope that you, and others, will consider donating to that worthy cause, and consider organ donation as an end of life choice. It would mean life for someone else. Thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragement with this endeavor of mine.I’ll keep you posted as to how I get to proceed with NTAF in AZ!

  125. I have a comment awaiting moderation (because I posted a link I guess) but I forgot to mention I actually checked DK today. It was the first time in 3 weeks. I didn’t read any comments but most of the diaries seemed pretty positive and upbeat (there was one saying they were proud of President Obama on the rec list). I just had to see their response to this incredible week…

    One diary stuck out, it was titled “Is Obama smarter than us?” and I yelled out “YES!!! If you get nothing else from this lame duck session, GET THAT!” lol (Luckily I was in a privacy room at work & no one heard me lol)

  126. And I almost forgot. BEST,BEST,BEST wishes to all of you,and your families…for a happy and healthy New Year!

  127. And the fact that all the talkers really think that they are experts on EVERYTHING! That makes me nuts. How many times, this week alone, have they had to take back things they said, or opinions they had? We could get whiplash from all this back and forth:)

  128. That’s what I’m sayin’ !!! Now he’s amazing to them! They should have asked us, we could’ve told them that!

  129. All the best to you as well, Nathan:) It is a special, wonderful group BWD has embraced here…we are ALL grateful for this blissful place. Love, peace, and health to all.

  130. Yes, it’s entertainment. People need to realize MSNBC, CNN, etc. is more entertainment than news. I don’t watch many of those shows. I get most of my news online.

  131. I want to thank you for pursuing and working with the NTAF on organ
    donation. I certainly understand that is better to work with them than you being legally responsible. I will probably able to donate money to the NTAF in AZ in February.

  132. I’m glad that you are here, too. I’ve always liked what you have written on Kos, this site and The people’s view.

  133. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, and thanks for the reminder I’ve been putting that off for a while now.

  134. “america is growing up”

    that is so apt

    when i look at the photos of the crowds around the prez, the diversity is stunning and very happy-making

    for too long were we a people with an undeserved idea of itself as the ideal democracy, while the elephant-in-the-room of de facto segregation was the reality

    what has been so desperately needed has come to pass, and it’s only the beginning

  135. I think Ezra Klein made good points but the one thing he and all of these pundits omitted was that there was obviously a strategy to get the military to agree so that all those moderate Republicans in certain states would have found it very difficult not to vote yes eg Scott Brown, Snowe,Collins etc

    What I found irritating was the disproportionate time he gave Jane Hamsher and the Tony guy to blather and not give Ezra Klein and Richard Wolfe as much.

    The Tony person was not even interested in discussing what had happened in the lame duck session (which was why he was there)but was only talking about how Pres Obama was going to turn right and cut SS etc. What a nut.

  136. I do believe, I Love OCD, that the emphasis on ephemera is a deep fault running through the entire terrain of our culture, and one of the many reasons President Obama is important is that he provides an antidote to that, proving time and again how much more effective are long-term efforts than quick “fixes”. He has said from the beginning of his Presidency that he wanted to repeal DADT through Congress so that the repeal would be stable, and he never deviated from this. He provides an outstanding example to the entire populace.

  137. Don’t you think that numbering them at 20%-30% is a bit high. I have friends who complain about specific issues in regard to the President, but I’ve never met a frustrati out in the real world.

  138. Exactly, sherijr, and it is most important to do this in a respectful fashion, in a manner that leads to empowering them rather than demeaning them. I find it easier to approach these issues via values rather than politics, as the latter can often elicit kneejerk reactions with no thought behind them.

  139. It seems apparent to me that the repeal of DADT has been in the works since day one of Obama’s Presidency. He said repeatedly that he wanted it repealed through Congress, and behind the scenes set up the exact scenario for this to happen, which could only come about with the acquiescence of the military. What kind of fool believes this was a last-minute deal?

  140. I agree that they are not liberals, but they are not anarchists either if they expect public servants to follow their “rules”. A true anarchist is someone who meets each situation as if it were sui generis, and thus has no ideological stance. It would seem President Obama is closer to anarchy in his modus operandi than the frustrati. Anyway, a truly anarchist society requires an informed populace, each of whom is willing to take responsibility for her or his life. We are a long way from that here.

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