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  1. He looks so tired and so relieved to get home. I hope he can soak up the Hawaiian sun, bask in the love of his family and soothe his aching bones after a job well done. May this be a happy and joyful Christmas for our great president, for you BWD and for all of us.

    Thank you for the gift of this site.

  2. Christmas wishes for him

    1) Nice long nap, interrupted by an occasional drink on his nightstand, Michelle wanting to snuggle, and the announcement that Christmas Dinner is ready.
    2) North Korea behaves itself, there are no major natural disasters, and the terrorists find nobody wanting to spend their Winter Holiday doing anything of significance.
    3) Surfing, swimming, long walks on the beach, time with the kids, pickup basketball and some good presents.

  3. He does look very tired and probably impatient to stop being President for a few days and just be husband and father, if he can. I, too, pray he has days of peace and quiet and much joy with his family.

  4. BWD, I hope your holidays were wonderful. Thank you so much for giving us this blog. I sure needed a reprieve from the un-named one.

  5. One thing i will change, i do not want to be categorized as a liberal or a progressive. They are just as bad as the republicans with their name calling. I am a democrat.

  6. God bless my stunningly handsome, smart, hard working president!!!! Have the best Christmas ever, you deserve that and more.

  7. overseasgranny, did u happen to see my question about Ireland in another thread somewhere? I can’t find it to see if u answered.

  8. Love the little signs-exchange between Matthew and the president in the end. I really can’t remember any other president who was so easy-going and approachable like this one.

    Thanks for posting.

  9. And Merry Christmas to all the brave hearts and warm souls here and around the world who look to see the good and positive on which to build rather than the negative and shrill with which to tear down. Yes, our president looks exhausted. I, too, hope that the world can remain reasonably peaceful for spell, to give him some refueling time. Be well, all!

  10. What an extraordinary week for our extraordinary president! I feel such hope and happiness over how this has played out. I am so proud of our President and -and my Senators Gillibrand and Schumer- I even feel less disgusted with Joe Lieberman-didn’t think that was possible-just amazing!
    Here is the end quote from Gail Collins opinion piece in the NYT today. Love her last sentence.

    //But let’s admit it. Nothing would have gotten done if Obama hadn’t swallowed that loathsome compromise on tax cuts for the wealthy.

    If he’d taken the high road, Congress would be in a holiday war. The long-term unemployed would be staggering into the new year without benefits. The rest of the world would look upon the United States as a country so dysfunctional that it can’t even ratify a treaty to help keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. The people who worked at ground zero would still be uncertain about their future, and our gay and lesbian soldiers would still be living in fear.

    It’s depressing to think that there was no way to win that would not have involved giving away billions of dollars to people who don’t need it. But it’s kind of cheery to think we have a president who actually does know what he’s doing. //

    Happy Holidays to all here and to our wonderful First Family. : )

  11. I pray for a Blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Years for our President, his family, our country and you BWD. We ALL Deserve It!

    Thank you for standing up and taking action you are a true blessing in more ways than you could ever concieve. I pray you keep listening to and acting with the light within you. Peace and Joy Always!

  12. I knew I wouldn’t be first to post the exact same thing 😉 But I can post my fave list of what this President, who knows how to work with the legislative branch of the government, got done, yep, in December alone:

    * DADT
    * START
    * Food Safety
    * Judges appointed (many)
    * First Responders
    * Unemployment extended
    * Got U.N. to restore gay reference to violence measure
    * Shark preservation act
    * Health Insurance companies have to justify more than 10% increase
    * And still found time to celebrate with his family
    * Oh yeah, the trip to Afghanistan…

  13. President Obama has worked hard and is well deserving of the peace his decisions have brought for all of us. This has been an awesome year. He is indeed in the company of the most skilled for working with others. May the observance of the Christmas be especially meaningful for he and his family.

  14. Hey Obama-lovers! I wanted to share with you a special gift my wife and I are offering to our Obama-loving friends. Her “Out of Many, We are One” photomosaic poster of the President normally goes for $20 + shipping. Until January 1st, they are only $5! Get the details HERE.

    Have a fantastic holiday season, my friends.

    – Chris/Eclectablog

  15. When I woke up this morning and heard on NPR that the President was in Hawaii, the FIRST thing I thought was — Ouuu Blackwaterdog is gonna have some pictures!! 🙂

  16. Good Morning Everyone

    Thank Goodness that President Obama has landed safely and can now hopefully get some well earned rest and relaxation with his beautiful family.

    I pray that we have an uneventful holiday season here in the states and around the world so that he will not have to deal with a crisis during the holidays.

    Earlier this month the President asked that each of us try to find volunteer opportunities during this holiday season in our community:

  17. I like that — and I think I’m going to do the same. After all — what are labels about but trying to put people into tight groups and exclude those that don’t quite fit.

    I’m a Democrat. We’re supposedly a big tent — everybody is welcome. However — I can understand that people who want to exclude other people might not be comfortable in a place with them and may choose not to show up.

    I’m not trying to defeat anybody. I’m trying to get along with and be inclusive of everybody. Democrats seem to be more like that — so — I’m a Democrat.

  18. Amen to that Jackie. Mr. President, Flotus, kids, BO, presidential staff, Pelosi and all the Dems, Reid & Dems and even all those brave Republicans that broke from their evil ranks – EVERYONE Have a very Merry Christmas and New Year!

  19. Merry Christmas, Mr. President and the entire Obama family! And Happy Holidays to everyone here. May you all have peaceful and loving holidays surrounded by family and friends. And may the world enjoy a few days without any crises or tragedies.

  20. I am a liberal progressive and I don’t call names. I love President Obama. He is the best president since FDR. No kidding.

    I think the problem in the US is that people don’t understand basic civics and how our government works, and more importantly how many people driven by power and money work.

    Many want a king they can throw eggs at when they don’t get exactly what they want. Well, given the diversity of views and opinions, no one will get exactly what they want every time. It’s just not possible.

    So I am liberal and proud of it, but I don’t operate on the fringes of the left. The fringes of both the left and the right are where the zealots are and they cannot be placated. They want blood.

  21. Have a happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and New Year to BWD and all my new friends at The only Adult in the Room.

  22. I think that was what he said as he walked out of his press conference yesterday. Anyone else catch that??

  23. I don’t know. I think he looks pretty darn happy to be stepping into that sunshine of that “foreign country” of Hawaii!!! That smile could generate some elctricity in Honolulu! I know it works for me:) That’s some serious megawatts going on there.That “hopey changey thing” is workin’ just fine…Happy Holidays to everyone. This is all I need.

  24. I assume there have been folks who’ve found themselves included as one of the pics? That would be sort of fun.

  25. Oh, yes! People have given themselves migraines looking for themselves. The POTUS and FLOTUS are both in there, too. The only face that my wife didn’t take the picture of is the one of HER!

  26. I’m crocheting lap blankets for returning soldiers. A nearby Veteran’s Hospital distributes them.
    I really only know how to make scarves and blankets (can’t read patterns) so I was glad to find this group.
    It’s a little thing, but I put as much respect and good will as I can into each stitch.

  27. That was great NL.. I loved the President and First Lady’s happy faces throughout. Great song, perfect posting~

  28. Me either bwd, that is one of his greatest attributes.. his approachability, his normalcy, how down to earth he is.

  29. Hello desertflower, I just finished reading last nights thread.. and want to thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry things didn’t go as you expected on your fundraiser, but I’m glad you’ve found a way to be beneficial nonetheless- well done 🙂 I am and always have been a donor.. so that is taken care of.. and will try to donate a little bit after the holidays, so thank you for suggesting it to us.

    Have Happy, safe healthy holidays.

    To all the kind wishers-well on the last thread: THANK YOU.. truly.

    Bwd and all: Happy Holidays, enjoy, be happy.. take it easy and stay safe.

    Thank you for today’s pictures.. I too am glad to see our President finally get home to his family for a much needed rest.. and wish them the happiest Christmas.. with plenty of fun, love, friends, sunshine and laughter.

  30. sherijr…thanks so much for YOUR words and support of my endeavors..It will work out the way it should, at least I can still support the cause.
    All the best holiday wishes to everyone here, and a very Happy New Year!

  31. I was so disappointed to miss this when it aired. I had to worse time finding it on my tivo for recording.

  32. That first picture of President Obama reminds me of the little boy finally going home in the movie “Big”….=0)

    Blackwaterdog, thank you for your work and support of this amazing president and family man. After leaving the other place, I was so sad not to have your diaries to look forward to but I found you and I’m here to stay and take actions to help.

    Happy holidays to all of you I found again and to the new posters I’m meeting. Blessings and peace!

  33. I remember seeing that old movie when I was little and I always loved that scene. I agree with you.

  34. I have been involved with volunteer work since I was in fifth grade and my friend’s father was the Director of Oak Hill School for the Blind here in CT (it is now for the Multiply Handicapped) I had a epiphany watching those children at recess with their adaptive equipment: There but for the grace of {fill in the blank} go I. It was balance the scales times from then on.

    I work about five different organizations now, but helping to raise funds for the Lakota and Hospital For Special Care (Rehab Facility) are the special ones.

  35. First, thanks so much BWD for all that you do to make this such a lovely, refreshing, and positive place to come to and read, share, and take away some great thoughts.
    Secondly, I want to thank all of your for keeping this place such a wonderful place to visit and share.

    Third, yes, I am also one who really hope and pray that POTUS and FLOTUS and the girls will have a terrific vacation and a most blessed Christmas and New Year. They really need it, and I hope he gets an opportunity to golf, surf, read, enjoy his walks, play with the kids, and walk around and get his ice cream etc. Just have a great time, Mr. President. We love you, and we wish the very best for the best president in my life-time.

  36. I saw that headline and wanted to barf!

    Barack Obama is probably the smartest President we have had- or will ever have.

    Thanks for the pictures. Really helped my spirits today. Not a good day for me. Trying to help a co- worker who is very sick.

    Then I turned on the TV and had to look at that Young Turk, Cenk bad-mouthing the President.

    I really would like to smack his ego riddled head.

    So the picture of the President arriving in Hawaii made me feel all better.

  37. Thank you Mr. President for the splendid job you’ve done..and your’e only 23 months into your presidency. Your accomplishments during the coming two years will be phenomenol. You are truly blessed by your Creator, so nothing and no one can really block your path to strong leadership and progress. You are one of the greatest President to grace the Oval Office. Merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year to you and your fantastic family.

    To BWD, thank you for all you do and especially for this site. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and everyone else who makes it so delightful to participate!!!!

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