Newt Gingrich was right

Right after the lest election, one of the most despicable politicians in the history of this country, had this advice to one of the most noble presidents in the history of this country:

“Obama should take December off”.

Obviously, he was right.



Please, ridicule.


181 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich was right

  1. One of my petty delights has been reading Charles Krauthammer’s unheeded warnings that President Obama is not to be: (a) underestimated; (b) trifled with. Gingrich has been a spectacular fail, most deliciously when he tried to forment an anti-Pelosi uprising. Raising my glass to POTUS and Dems for a spectacular 111th session of congress which is utterly destined for the history books.

  2. LMFAO @ Newt… the same buffoon who whined about the unemployed supposedly getting money for “doing nothing.”

    Someone remind me, what does Newt get money for again?

  3. Well, Gingrich was worried that the failures would continue to mount–he only had the interests of the country in mind 😉
    * DADT
    * START
    * Food Safety
    * Judges appointed (many)
    * First Reaponders
    * Unemployment extended
    * Health Insurance companies have to justify more than 10% increase
    * What else have I forgot?

  4. What a fantastic Christmas present this lame duck session has turned out to be. I just love President Obama, and have new hope for our country. Hoping that significant progress can be made in education and immigration and of course jobs in the months ahead.

  5. Gingrich is just another clueless republican who vastly overestimates his own power and greatly underestimates the President’s. I just have to laugh at Mr. Gingrich.

  6. Let’s just hope Newt runs in the GOP primary for the Presidency. However Newt might keep out Palin – so I don’t know which one I want in more.

    Why was this lame duck so successful – GOP Senators stopped playing politics, realizing that the House would prevent these pieces if it was pushed back into the next Congress.

    It’s a damn shame that DREAM couldn’t have been passed as well. Five Democrats voted against it, as did the regular GOP aisle crossers – Makes no sense. I suspect the GOP was against it because they’ll use that and pretend it’s a major concession in Comprehensive Immigration Reform negotiations that the next congress should tackle.

  7. So many times during the last two years, when things got tough for President Obama, I would watch the “Vote For Hope” video made by MC Yogi during the campaign. It would always lift my spirits. Today I watch the video because I am overwhelmed with joy and pride.

    VOTE FOR HOPE by MC Yogi

  8. Newt Leroy Gingrich with his gazillion wives who pals around with Arianna Huffington could not displace Palin wrt the TeaOP.

    I’m really unhappy about DREAM as well. I think that some of the time spent grandstanding against the tax cut deal should have been used to the airwaves about the utter necessity of getting DREAM passed. For people like Anthony Weiner and Kirsten Gillibrand to fail to do this, given their diverse constituencies who would have been greatly helped by this legislation, is deeply unattractive to me. Al Sharpton was instrumental in giving Weiner a reality check about this.

    But looking forward, it’s going to be nice working with OFA to try to rally votes for immigration reform in the months ahead.

  9. I’m just utterly enjoying this moment. I remember when Gingrich tried to jump into a purity drama swarm which was forming around Speaker Pelosi (fallout from Dems less than stellar performance during the Bush years). My conspiracy theory is that he wanted to displace her because she was set to be incredibly effective, and I said as much at the time (spring 2009). The swarm was the fail of fails. Utter fail.

    So I’ll raise my glass again to Newt Leroy Gingrich for calling my Speaker “despicable” and “vicious” “liar,” a bit of sensationalism which caused the Democratic party to rally around her and endorse her leadership. The historic 111th session of congress couldn’t have happened without that leadership. Thanks, Newt.

  10. Well that video just made me cry all over again. How very prescient it is.. I must have missed seeing it during the election. thank you for posting it.

  11. All the Righties think that the whoel country is Far right, they placate and pander to that wing of the counrty, a little to much!

  12. This was probably the best dfay the POTUS has had since becoming POTUS! And Many more. PLEASE!
    The republicans are pissed! LOL!

  13. Newt is a publicity w*)re. His main concern is for Newt. The Esquire article exposed him for the hypocrite that he is, and it seems as if he didn’t learn anything after being run out of D.C. in the 1990s. He has the distinction of being the only Speaker in U.S. history to ever be fined for wrongdoing while in office.

    He only wishes he were 1/1,000,000,000 the man that President Obama is. He’s the family values politician who’s married to wife #3, and counting. Newt made me sick of him when he poked his head out of his rabbit hole long enough to stir up animus toward Muslims regarding Park 51. After getting sh*t started, he showed his cowardice by not having the courage to show up to speak at Geller’s 9/11 event after he had promised to be the keynote speaker. He went into hiding after Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen, and others warned that their rhetoric would endanger our soldiers’ lives. Newt is no patriot. A true patriot wouldn’t have started the mess in the beginning.

  14. Looking forward to that.. President’s speech. thanks for the time info.

    McConnell was just up trying to cover his ass on the 911 bill. what a tool.

  15. You know who has been completely silent the last two years, not joining in the teabagger rancor – Jeb Bush. He knows it’s a flash in the pan and didn’t want to get caught up in it because it could and would be used against him in 2016.

    You look at the current congress and there is not one politician who will be electable to higher office because they fell into the teabagger frenzy. John Thune is talked about as a Presidential contender – but he never voted with the Democrats once this Congress. How can he run for office and say he’d be able to work with both sides across the aisle and be the President for all when he never voted once with Democrats. How can he expect bi-partisanship in return when he never showed any now?

    Same with Pence and Cantor in the House. There is a ton of quotes and votes that will come back to bite them in the ass should the ever aspire for higher office. The fed the teabaggers for short term gain, but how will those votes and statements hold up over time?

  16. Funny you mention family values, according to USA today, taht is where the GOP is going to hit the PRESIDNET for the election! They say he does not have our American excetionalism.
    What the fuck ever! BUt of course they back it up with a poll that has GW ahead of him in that area! Sick!

  17. OMG!!! I love that video. Thanks for posting. I so want that Obama sweat shirt in the video and I can’t wait kick the rethugs butt again. Bring it on!

    Oh, and Newt who?

  18. I used to have a newt named Newt – he died. I have a new newt named Sir Isaac Newton – he’s 12 years old now. Anyway, Newt has been wrong on so many things, he is just noise and has no credibility. He’s a prime example of the low talent candidates the Republicans put out there to spew their talking points. And he needs to just go away.

    What a great couple of weeks its been for the President and our legislators that backed important bills for our people and our country. I just wrote a thank you note to my senators (Levin and Stabenow) for hanging in there against the crazy opposition. They need a restful vacation and then have to come back to fight even harder.

  19. By Shane D’Aprile – 12/22/10 11:59 AM ET

    Despite lukewarm approval ratings for President Obama in the battleground state of Florida, new numbers out Wednesday show Obama leading all of the rumored field of 2012 Republican hopefuls in the state.

    Obama easily bests former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — 52 percent to 38 percent — and leads former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee by five points, according to Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling.

    The president’s approval rating in Florida is upside-down, with 49 percent disapproving of his performance, compared to just 45 percent of voters who approve. Among Democrats, Obama’s approval stands at just 69 percent.

    The only rumored 2012 contender on the Republican side with positive approval numbers in the state is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The Republican also comes closest to Obama in a hypothetical general-election match-up in the state. Obama leads Romney 46 percent to 44 percent

    The Hill-

  20. Never before have so many been so wrong about someone, as the right and many on the left have proven to be about President Obama. They are all so far off target. They have no idea who and what he is. All the critics appear so petty, especially as he keeps adding to his impressive list of meaningful—historic—accomplishments. Newt is a clown, as are so many on the right. I see kos has got his magnifying glass out still trying to find something to still criticize Obama about, without acknowledging any of the major things that are happening under his watch. He and many there appear just silly and purposely stupid now.

  21. Isn’t it great. I just love the refrain safe, prosperous, and free. The ending is usually when the floodgates open.

  22. And look at Speaker Pelosi in a blaze of glory, having retained her leadership position despite deep election losses, having retained her leadership position despite a period of intense anger that she didn’t do more to curb the Bush abuses, leaving this session of Congress with so many accomplishments that heads are spinning; we can barely digest this.

    Contrast that with Newt’s failed Contract on America and government shutdown. Contrast that with the numerous stories of Newt’s pettiness and perpetual victimhood (he became angry that Clinton didn’t give him and his friend good seats on Airforce One and took his revenge on major budget items legislatively). And contrast that with Newt’s failed attempt to parody Justice Sotomayor as a “reverse racist.”

    Some people will be remembered kindly in history; others, not so much. Witnessing Speaker Pelosi’s triumph has the cherry on top of understanding how much Newt must resent this.

  23. I realize that The Hill publication of that pronouncement was five weeks ago, so I shouldn’t have been surprised at the comments, and I know I shouldn’t have even LOOKED at the comments, but I did, and so I was left with the wondering question — where do these people come from?

    Models of insanity is one description. Or perhaps they’re mostly habitual commenters, whipping out comments to show off how witty they are?

    Or perhaps they’re just jerks.

  24. The euphoria I feel today is almost like I did on election night.

    I rejoice so much today, because so many told him yet he again that he couldn’t and what do you know, yes he did.

    I love seeing him do the little brush off his shoulders. Sweeeet.

    Today is a great day, a wonderful day. I don’t normally watch TV, but ever since the DADT signing this morning, I have been glued to MSNBC.

    The White House reporter confessed that he along with many others believed in the conventional wisdom that after the mid-terms, POTUS was literally not going to get anything done.

    I was thrilled to hear him say those words. I don’t know when people will stop underestimating this president. Well!!

  25. Let’s see, how’d we do today?

    Sign historic civil rights legislation (DADT) into law — CHECK!
    Get the 911 first responders healthcare bill passed by the Senate — CHECK!
    Get Senate to ratify an international arms reduction treaty (START) — CHECK!

    All before 3:00 p.m.

    I have to say that’s not a bad day. I think the President should take the rest of the day off, have a martini or three and kick back with his sexy wife.

  26. An amazing list of achievements in this month alone.

    Until 2008, I hadn’t voted for a Democrat or a Republican in 11 presidential elections. In 2008, I voted for BHO and I haven’t regretted it.

  27. Okay, It has been a hectic start to this blog for BWD. Every day has brought something new and exciting and it has finished off with a flourish. I am planning on using the next couple of weeks, before the next Congress convenes to store up some energy to go after the Republicans.

    They are, after all, the true enemies we face in trying to get a decent agenda moving the next two years. And, in reality, not for the next two years, but for the two after that.

    I really expect that, when they start going full bore after Obama, that the left will will start to coalesce behind Obama again.

    I remember Clinton getting a lot of heat for some of his conceding to the Right (and he did a lot of it) but once all the hearings started, even before the impeachment, everybody had his back.

    I expect a lot of Congressional hearings on the administration and little legislative action to take place the next two years. Mainly because the Republicans are real good at holding meaningless hearings and investigations and absolutely pathetic at legislating.

    And that may be the biggest of all benefit of the last couple weeks. After all that has happened, the public is going to wonder why the Republicans can’t do anything.

    2012 can be a very good year for Democrats, even with the redistricting that will take place. But it will depend on what happens beginning now in terms of the grassroots exposing the Republicans for what they are.

  28. I love this president!! He has no fear and is willing to pull up his sleeves and do the work that needs to be done! Btw I would love to know where that gif of him swooping the dirt off his shoulders is from… Thank you President Obama for doing your job! :))

  29. Haliburton agreed to pay Nigeria 35m to settle out of court, and in return, the chages on Cheny are dropped. That man has more lives than a CAT!

  30. There is still an anti-Democrats mood out there, and it will last maybe two months. Jeb was very popular as governor and to be up only 5 points in this political climate is not exactly great news for him.

  31. I see kos has got his magnifying glass out still trying to find something to still criticize Obama about

    It’s like Bush looking for the WMD under desks and so on. Humerous if it weren’t also so tragic.

  32. One slight quibble: the left is already coalesced around President Obama. The Democratic base never left POTUS. Liberals never left POTUS. Progressives never left POTUS. We just didn’t have much of a voice or outlet for our viewpoint in the media. Hopefully, with the emerging spaces gaining such traction, this will continue to change.

  33. Well said Dotster (and always good to read your comments) I would only add that I think some of these folks DO KNOW who Barack Obama is.. and FEAR him. He is the real PROGRESSIVE- rolling up his sleeves and doing the job. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it.. he leads by example everyday.. and I believe some of the noisiest are so envious of his abilities.. and thus they put obstacle after obstacle on the track in hopes he’ll trip.. and they can then smear him. Its a setup all the way around, imo. We’ll never see the likes of kos (republican still in action and words, imo).. or any of the others give credit.. to do that, somehow detracts from their own ego. They’ve lost me permanently.. no matter what they say or do, I have no trust.

    President Barack Obama is the one getting things done for my country.

  34. But BWD, its the principle of the thing. You just don’t give anymore handouts to the rich, no matter what else you lose in the process. When are you going to get that.

    Obviously snark, but it is pretty representative of the attitude. Those that don’t adhere to that say, of course we would have gotten everything else even without the compromise.

    To the first, I say I don’t believe that everything we have gained is less important than ending the tax cuts.

    To the second, what, are you nuts? Where have you been the last two years?

  35. What has happened to Geller? She out writing a book or something? Funny, after that manufactured BS, we aren’t seeing her mug out there, are we?

  36. Ho Ho Ho! Can I just say, Obama Rocks! This has been such a week, and today is a triumph for our President and our Dems in Congress. I’m so excited and happy! Lame Duck Session? I don’t think so. AND Gingrich is just lame, period. heh.

    I believe President Obama took it in deep in his mind, heart and soul when John Lennon said, “IMAGINE.” Rachel Maddow has warned everyone what our President will be up against with Boehner holding that gavel next year. So everyone get some rest if you can during the Holiday Season (LOL) so we can be ready when President Obama calls on us to help him, Sen. Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE, AND BE SAFE! Enjoy the end of the year, no matter what the circumstances or where you are. It is such a beautiful time to connect with those you love and like, to hug and to hold dear and to say what you always meant to say because it is never too late, and the new year is full of new opportunities if you make it so. I wish for you and yours, including all beloved furry friends, happiness and a sparkling future full of love, warmth and grand happenings! Health and much love to you all for all seasons and reasons! 😀

    As always, Thank you Mr. President, and thank you Blackwaterdog for giving us a chance to revel in our new President’s accomplishments because of your diaries! 😀

  37. He has nothing else. Still trying to act like he is king of the base. I am not mad any more. I feel sorry for all these people and their self-inflated ego.

    Go figure.

  38. I thought President Obama ranked really high on family values.

    American Exceptionalism – now I could see that as an attack point in that Obama because the GOP believes America is exceptional and thus above the laws others in the international community are expected to follow. This is why Bush/Cheney believed they could torture, why they could pre-emptively go to war etc, why America doesn’t have to worry about climate change ect.

    However I have a feeling that most folks in America would probably agree that America, while a leader and the beacon on the hill, isn’t intrinsically better by birthright. How is American Exceptionalism even consistant with America – where all are created equal? All are created equal – but we’re better than everybody else?

    In reality the American century is over. The GOP holding on to American Exceptionalism is deluding itself, and trying to trick the population.

    American Exceptionalism essentially boils down to the “Might always makes right” and America can do no wrong and is beyond reproach and has no accountability to the rest of the world.

    American Exceptionalism is justification for spending 7x the amount on military spending than the next closest nation, and America’s military expendature being more than the #2-20 combined (with many of thse countries being strong allies).

    We can hold on to that sandcastle maybe for another 10-20 years, but the China/India economic powerhouse is not going away.

  39. The thoughts and opinions of certain folks are becoming less and less relevant to me. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is America. So long as it’s understood that certain viewpoints are outliers and shouldn’t be read as the thoughts of the base at large, I say God bless ’em, let them entertain themselves in peace.

  40. And that is a significant thing that needs to be repeated. We are the left, the base. And this member of the base is ready to expose every single republican congressperson that chooses to spend 2011 attacking President Obama and his agenda.. over doing their job. And calling out the media when they play to the gop. We can’t let them have a breath of wind at their backs imo.

  41. Won’t argue the point. Just that what I think is that even those most critical of him will come to his defense during the next two years, like they did for Clinton.

    I don’t know how many here were around 30 some years ago, during Nixon’s time in office. There was a lot of rancor and anti-Nixon feeling in this country, and not just form the radical left. Then he made a trip to South America and in one of the countries people in the crowd started throwing things at him, mostly rotten tomatoes.

    Even a lot of those people that were against many of his policies started speaking up for him. After all, he was our President and he shoudln’t be treated that way.

    Today, if Obama went someplace and was treated like that, the Republicans would say that it showed what a horrible President he was, so there is some difference, but the sense of the President under attack by a common perceived threat, in this case the Republican Party, will bring together both those who have been supporting him all along and those who have been pretty critical of him.

  42. But has he come to my job and used that little air spray can to clean my keyboard? I’m working very late tonight; has he placed a seamless web dinner order for me?

    Then the sellout WH hasn’t done a thing at all today, has it????

    /utter loss of perspective

  43. Indeed, a setup. We know Got Wives Gingrich would have been all “how dare he take the month of December off with the country suffering?!” His game is so played and so tired.

  44. I definitely take your terrific points as always; I’m just less than inclined to pay attention either way to people who have not consistently produced good analysis. I love course corrections; I love people saying, “wait a minute, I was wrong, I can grow into something better,” but I’m not that focused on it as it represents a mere sliver of the base. I think that encouraging swing voters to take another look at the supposedly big spending, do nothing Dems is a better focus.

  45. Exactly right. Concentrating on a small group of opinion outliers is a diversion and waste of time IMO. Time to zero in on Speaker Boehner and what are sure to be massive failures should he pursue a strategy of obstruction.

  46. And as long as we remain inspired and positive in our approach, we will be an effective base. We only needed to come out of the shadows into the light to see how strong we are.

  47. Please no. We’d be treated again to stories about his coming in from the cold/wilderness/whatever the stringent metaphor.

  48. The “comeback Kid” Seriously? Is that really your best question on today’s historical bills? This is me swearing.

    He.Never.Left. He.was.never.down. He.was.never.out.

  49. First off, “would you consider yourself the comeback kid?”

    Um, no. He never left. He’s not a kid. Next.

  50. He gets a heavy assist from them though, doesn’t he? I’d submit they make themselves look small and shrill.

  51. Good points, Saint Roscoe. The country can only improve by dropping its obsession with American Exceptionalism and being a superpower. I want us to be more like Norway, which consistently ranks as “The Happiest Country in the World” (whatever that means, but we know WE are not that).

  52. Well conlakappa you understand that I just had to “ask the tough questions” “out of love.” Such as why POTUS failed to invite me my mother my cousin and my next door neighbor to the WH for lobster ravioli when he knows that’s one of my favorite dishesprovide guidance and leadership instead of behaving like a whoring corporatist.

  53. He is evolving on DOMA. Stands strong on civil unions, but he admits that gay partners want marriage.. just as any loving couple.. he is getting there. Very honest about his learning, maturing pov here, imo.

  54. sherijr – Once again, we are on the same page about the stupid questions from the White House Press Corps gossip columnists. Here comes another stupid question from Dan Lothian about the car in the ditch metaphor.

  55. Utterly agreed. And he’s such a persuasive person, I think that he has the potential to bring a significant slice of the country with him.

  56. oh we’re back to the ‘anger on tax cuts’. God forbid we should enjoy DADT repeal or SMART. NOT ONE QUESTION about DADT or SMART. Media=soapdish.

  57. me too, the thing is – he knows how to give time to folks, how to give them a chance to digest, to grow in their thinking, to find a way within themselves to act against their own established biases. This REALLY is how Change takes place, it evolves via new info.. etc.

  58. Not just angry but “many Democrats,” which we know isn’t the truth but the narrative the MSM tried to feed.

  59. Pay close attention to how this man.. this “out of touch” president says “I” when he’s talking about the kids of undocumented immigrants and the DREAM act.
    THiS is EMPATHY.

  60. Not this slice of the Country. The Defense of Marriage Act won’t be repealed and President Obama knows that down in his heart. The Congress won’t do in, the Supreme Court will NEVER do it, and the Country is t still center slightly right. I think President Obama should get the Dream Act passed before doing anything else!!!!!

  61. Aren’t they just a sad ego driven group? IMO the media is the worst thing about America. They are the ugliest of us.. because they are so willing to lie and deceive an entire country to play games, to eff with the President. punks, every last one of them.

    Now on to Guantanimo.. sheesh. “Closing it was your initial priority sir” And yet this ‘journalist’ knows who’s preventing the closing of gitmo.. and it ain’t Mr. President.

  62. Yep.. but loved the President’s comment on just WHO is driving this bus: The American People.

  63. Yeah, acting like he can do it alone. Disingenuous would be too high a description. It’s too much to ask, apparently, to expect them to act like informed adults.

  64. I think the Supreme Court will do it. I think that’s the strategy out of the White House. They know it’s politicaly impossible, so don’t put pressure on it and make it a political issue. Let it be a legal issue.

  65. No one like him imo. He is a thing of beauty to watch and listen to. Good grief America is one lucky lady.

  66. Well and they just omit the FACTS.. that Congress is preventing it.. republicans are preventing it. Its such a game for them.. and a neverending saga of gotcha at the President.. and informs NO ONE of the facts. We really have to start kicking the media- they should be contacted by us for these type of false questions, called out that they are not fooling us and that we refuse to allow them to continue fooling the folks who aren’t living and breathing politics.. I just don’t know how to get US to work together on it.

  67. I agree that DREAM is an urgent focus. I so utterly wish that Dems had realized that the tax cut deal was not evil, and spent that rare time allotted to them on the airwaves discussing the importance of DREAM. The kids affected by this legislation need for Dems to focus IMO.

  68. Well Lorraine, that may be true to some extent.. I am not a religion expert. But what I do believe is that there is nothing immoral about love, and that is what marriage is based on.. and I believe that is what the President knows, is learning.. and frankly I believe it is what others may well learn in time. Sometimes I wonder if religion isn’t used as a catch-all to cover for one’s biases and prejudices.

  69. I am being so disciplined and refraining from sending an email to those friends who sent me the “Primary Obama” claptrap a few weeks back: “How’s that mopey exchangey stuff working out for you?”

  70. Richard Wolffe making the joke that the President likes to “prove us wrong.” And he did Richard, and thanks for saying that because it’s true!

    Kelly O’Donnell, wasting our time again with her pedantic bull crap. She never says anything new… wtf.

    Chuck Todd, mentally stretched as usual as he tries to think up something substantive to say to Chris Matthews and figures the important issue to bring up is how Joe Biden has been a no-nothing VP, with an expression of disdain while he decides that it’s the “10-pack from the Republican side” that our President is going to have to convince, or if he doesn’t strike up relationships with them, then he’s not going to make a lot of progress next year. Todd knows exactly what strategy our Presidents needs….Todd the Tool knows better than our President about what he needs to do this coming year.

    I tell you, these talking heads are so full of crap. Todd saying there’s regret still that things went too slow…. when I know damn well our President and Dems in Congress are popping corks and standing tall with pride about what they have done with legislation!

    It’s going to be interesting watching the Republicans justify anything they have planned to do.

  71. There are ways to note it and be a lot more gracious than they were about it. “To follow-up your e-mail from a few weeks ago, I’m still quite pleased with my choice and look forward to working for his re-election in 2012. What a way to end the year!” Then let them sulk.

  72. Regarding same-sex marriage question –

    I think he’s probably already there, but knows there will not be a political solution, but hopes there will be a legal one.

    If he came out in support, it would be a huge attack point for the GOP in 2012. By taking the stance he does now, it keeps it from being a political issue. Now some will say “he should take a strong stand and show leadership”, but I think he is. In showing a changing thought pattern he is showing himself up as an example to others who might have be weakly against it. Because it is those people’s opinion who needs to change, and trying to shame them to change, by streaming and taunting them isn’t going to work.

    I think the plan of attack to get same sex marriage legalized is through the courts. Make it a legal issue. As we have seen in Cali, where it politically failed, it succeeded in the courts.

    It’s probably going to take two years to work through the legal system and up to the Supreme Court where I believe SCOTUS would rule 5-4 or even 6-3 to fully legalize same-sex marriage, so while it works it’s way through, President Obama will offer himself up as an example to pull more support for it so there will be no groundswell against any ruling – except from the far right.

    Obama taking a stand for it now would make it less likely it will happen, and certainly delay it happening.

    Looking at the bald politics of it – the ballot porposition was defeated in California and Maine, and the Iowa judges who voted to legalize it were dumped this past November. Bush made his 2004 re-election in part a referendum on same-sex marriage and won. Mehlman might come out now and say he’s for it, but when he had the power, he ran a bigoted anti-samesex marriage campaign designed to gin up the religious right base.

    Given all rights and privlidges as opposet sex marriages, it comes down to a word. Not fighting over the word now, means the Obama Administration can institute the rights and protections without serious pushback. Once marriage and civil unions are completely equal on all legal grounds – when it truly is only about the word, I don’t think it will be hard to change it so same sex unions are called marriages because the real fights will have been over without the opponents even realizing they were losing.

  73. There’s a reason I call him Chuckles the Clown. He rarely disappoints me in that description.

  74. Wow, are we on the same page. I made the mistake of watching Chris Matthews tell me what I should think about President Obamas performance at the press conference. You know, the instant replay of every word, every gesture. What a joke?

    It was hilarious that Chris was so alarmed about the fact that President Obama answered questions about Guantanamo and immigration. As if that was going to take attention away from all of his historic accomplishments. I can’t watch cable anymore because of these blowhards.

    Chuck Todd did some good reporting during the campaign, but as a member of the White House Press Corps I am no impressed.

  75. Why would they change their course and habits now? It’s “worked,” such that it is, for them the past two years.

  76. Agree that there is a whole boatload of jealousy of Obama out there among those who know they do not measure up and never will. And President Obama remaining above the fray, going about the business of the peoples’ business, with no help from them, jumping over every blockade they throw up, must make them furious and feel insignificant, which they are presently.

  77. And thats okay, I’ve rarely needed personal agreement.. what I look forward to and do anticipate is : legal agreement. The law will come about and equal marriage will prevail. The truth is- folks never quit working for, fighting for their equal rights. It may not happen as fast as I or others may prefer.. and it may not happen slowly as others may prefer, but it will happen. Because that arc will bend toward justice. Now as to the immorality of it.. I look forward on being informed as to how two loving in-love gay adults getting married will hurt anyone. How it effects anyone’s life but their own. Your marriage doesn’t effect my life.. I’m not gay, but if I were I just do not see how my marrying my partner could possibly equate to harm on anyone elses life.

    The funny thing is that when I married my husband- an AA man, it had only just become legal in this country for a caucasian to marry someone black. I got married while serving my country overseas.. and I can gaurantee that should we have tried to be married in America.. we would have had to search long and hard for a church willing to do it.

    I’m merely saying that pov’s do change, sometimes folks need to remember the humanity of one another over their own fears.

  78. I love it when the GOP pundits counts this president out! He shows them who’s in charge in a really really big way. He took December off alright….he took off in December like a rocket and left the Rethugs eatin’ his dust!

    President Obama plays with the rethuglicans like my cat plays with her toys! Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to all.

  79. Not a word out hamsher, huffington, greewald not one word. so who are they really for. Carville,mahr,moore, and cornell west.

  80. Really? too sad for them. No doubt they’ll be right back attacking him while he’s on vacation… whatever they can make up.

  81. OT

    Senate’s Returning Democrats Unanimously Favor Filibuster Reform

    By Dan Friedman

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | 3:12 p.m.
    All Democratic senators returning next year have signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., urging him to consider action to change long-sacrosanct filibuster rules.

    The letter, delivered this week, expresses general frustration with what Democrats consider unprecedented obstruction and asks Reid to take steps to end those abuses. While it does not urge a specific solution, Democrats said it demonstrates increased backing in the majority for a proposal, championed by Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., and others, weaken the minority’s ability to tie the Senate calendar into parliamentary knots.

  82. No worries they will be back to give their negative trash talk soon enough. Let us be greatful for their absent at this glorious time, so we and the President can enjoy our Christmas and New Year. Peace

  83. Rachel Maddow must have started something with her apology and acknowledgment that she was wrong about the president.

    Ed Shultz just admitted on his show that he too was wrong and the president’s strategy worked. He concluded that if the president hadn’t compromised on the tax cuts, the other legislation that passed this week would likely have not been passed.

    Two down….wonder who’s next? Mr. Olbermann?, Mr. Uyger, Mr. Greenwald? ;-0

  84. Thank you for reposting this video, nlstpaul… It is yet another of countless examples of where he told us who he is, and what he’s made of…

    And that in the end if he sees that you’re unserious and trying to take him for a fool, let alone a weakling, he really will crush you ;-). And he’s done it now, oh, I don’t know, lots and lots of times now since taking office ;-). With the multiple victories since this weekend, culminating today, it was like he was saying, “Bam! How you like me, now!”

  85. Dems might need those tricks this congress as it’s not hard to imagine Manchin, Webb, Conrad and Landrieu siding with GOP on issues.

    Not to mention the Dems have 23 seats up in 2012 compared to 10 GOP seats and among those are Tester, Nelson of Nebraska, Conrad, McCaskill, Lieberman, Webb, Stabenow…

  86. Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly has a great post on how the GOP opposition to the START Treaty bit them in the arse and made the ratification a bigger deal for President Obama. Brilliant.

    ——–Adam Serwer, Washington Post———
    Early in the Obama administration, Senate Republicans settled on a strategy of total procedural obstruction…. The problem is, the New START treaty is about as controversial as a tuna salad sandwich. Not only has the current military leadership and every living Republican Secretary of State endorsed it, but former Republican national security stalwarts such as Brent Scowcroft are “baffled” by the GOP’s decision to obstruct ratification. New START is also popular — a CNN poll from November shows three quarters of Americans support ratifying the treaty.

    If New START is ratified, the only reason it’ll be considered an Obama victory is because Republicans decided to oppose it without any real reason for doing so. If the Senate had simply ratified the treaty without any fuss, Obama might have gotten a few days of positive press, but it wouldn’t have been treated as a major political success. Because Senate Republicans turned ratification into a huge partisan brawl, a Democratic president renewing an agreement with Russia designed by Republican presidents now looks like a massive victory for the administration.

  87. Shrum just said the President has earned the base’s trust and he deserves some breathing room.

    Well that’s one Professional member of the left who has some sense.

  88. Although these people are opinion outliers and not my focus, I have to give credit to those who are willing and able to admit that they were mistaken or misguided. Good for Schultz! Everyone is wrong sometimes, and this was his time. I’m glad that he acknowledges it, and that’s a good example for his viewership in terms of understanding that this is a complex and nuanced world which contains imperfect human actors as we struggle to continue to progress with the guidance of some spectacular leadership in the WH.

  89. My only thing is that I wish that these people would stop speaking for the base. When did President Obama ever lose the base’s trust?

    He should speak for himself: “*I* didn’t trust President Obama and he has now earned *my* trust.” These people who fell for the excess of the purity swarm need to stop hiding behind the base because the polling which vindicated President Obama’s stance, which revealed that we were with him, helped to ease other processes. We were never the problem.

  90. I love shrum is always a more thought person on the issue. He is a big supporter of the president.

  91. Oh, my. That was a good one. December off. Pffft.

    If Newt could reach his chubby little butt with his foot he’d be kicking himself around the block about now.

    Do you think the poor toad has enough sense to keep himself hidden when 2012 rolls around?

  92. To be clear, the subtext is still “go suck a rotten apple,” but you don’t have to roll in the muck and mire with them. And you are being authentic! They were just having tantrums. How effective is that? Perhaps they’ll now go in search of their dream candidate in earnest!

  93. More than likely their ratings just dipped.

    MSM did more to undercut Obama the last two years than Fox ever did. And only now they are realizing that he got shit done – the same time the Dems are losing the House and it’s going to get a lot harder to get anything done?

    Forget them. Forget all of them. They were and are part of the problem. These are nothing more than death bed conversions – meanless and much too little and much too late.

  94. This is certainly a night to open a special bottle of wine and really celebrate. Cheers to all!

  95. Seriously, do any one of those so called Republican Presidential hopefuls really want to do battle with President Obama? If I were any of them I would come up with an excuse not to run.

  96. Oh thank you for posting that again! I’ve always loved that moment. So true. 🙂 We are SO lucky to have him on our side.

  97. Today and everyday, I am so proud of our President Obama. This president takes his job seriously. And he has a heart full of goodness and a spine totally of steel for sure.
    Do you all reember that during his fierce campaign, he steady kept his family in tack daily traveling, read what was going on in the country, gave speech after speech, hit plane after plane, and still was dealing with his precious grandmother’s illness in quietness. But he went on. We did not know of her illness until the end. Then he got on the plane two days before she passed. Returned to the campaign trail, and she passed one day before he was elected President-Elect. He did show that precious soft side during his speech in Va., when he was sharing with us. Remember? So let us not forget how much he carries around even when things look so precarious in our mind;he is on top of the issues for the American people. Now we just have to not be “quitters” and stand with him and believe in him. Support with positive action and persistence, and we will be victorious for the American people. Have a Merry Christmas, Great and Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year to all of the wonderful people on this site

  98. jeb Bush still scares me. I expect him to be a contender. When you put what looks like a nice face on Republican hatred, it can be lethal. I think he’s waiting in the wings.

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