Just what the doctor ordered

President Obama at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, earlier today, mingling with people who apparently didn’t hear that their Commander In Chief is weak and spineless – maybe because they did what i did this morning and simply deleted Daily Fox from their bookmarks.

Anyway, enjoy some love.




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  1. I love these pictures. I had to watch on Faux as the only other station over here carrying it was CNN and their sound was awful. No station ever wants to show how the President is so joyfully received by the service man and women. No station wants to show all those cameras going. No station wants us to hear the applause.
    Your pictures, BWD, bring me right there into the scene and I can see the faces of those men and women who love this man. He has never lied to them and they know it and believe in him.
    And, oh, that new leather jacket is wonderful.

  2. It looks good, blackwaterdog! I’ve been waiting for your “new post” email all morning, thank you.

    I read a comment from someone who must have seen this on C-Span (I think?), who said he spent a full half hour shaking hands, trying to reach as many as possible.

    Five Purple Hearts, too. I don’t know how he manages to do much in a 24-hour day!

    Love you blackwaterdog. Stay happy and healthy.

  3. thanks for these pics and video, bwd. i’ve left dailykos too–that site’s gone the way of all the rest.

  4. Wow, great pictures! Seeing the looks on the people’s faces, their hands reaching out to him…makes ME smile!

    Thanks BWD!

  5. OMG! The troops who are RISKING THEIR LIVES for this Commander in Chief look like they LOVE him as much as I do! That speaks volumes, IMHO.

    If every American was given the opportunity to see what blackwaterdog provides on this blog, this president would be WILDLY POPULAR with the whole country.

    That’s why right-wing blogs like the GOS HATE photos of our president. These photos speak a 1000 words EACH and how can you kick the guy to pieces if people see what he’s doing and LOVE it?

  6. You did it, BWD! You formed your own community in what is seriously record time. I’m enthused because it is not merely comprised of expats, but contains voices which quietly enjoyed this work yet declined to add their voices until a safer space was created. This is terrific.

    What I like about this administration is that POTUS doesn’t just talk the talk re: care for the military and veterans. Increased VA funding; bonus back pay for soldiers’ subject to Bush’s stopgap program; benefits for caregivers who provide physical, mental and spiritual health to injured veterans.

    Thanks again for yet another powerful visual testimony.

  7. I watched the coverage of our President in Afghanistan on CNN and stayed through the entire time he shook hands with the troops. When have you ever seen a President spend so much time shaking hands? He truly cares about these men and women in harm’s way. I am so proud of our President of the United States of America!

    Thank you BWD for another wonderful post.

  8. I love the troops smiling faces. I’m so glad the President spent so much time with them.

    It’s been a horrible couple months with so many losses.

    The heart breaks.

    I hope we can bring them home soon.

    Thanks so much for this bwd.

  9. I closed my door at work and watched the whole thing – it was amazing. They gave him two shirts because of his hurt lip – they wanted future basketball teams to remember who he is and not mess with him (per Patreus). It was cute. And he went back three or four times down the line, even stopping to take in some water – so that he could shake as many hands as possible. And his speech was heartfelt and heartwarming. He’s simply amazing, and this country (and this world) are extremely fortunate to have him as President at this time.

  10. I think that there’s such potential for quagmire…

    And utterly agreed@really happy to see the genuine caring and time spent with people who are putting themselves in such harm’s way.

  11. I’m glad he went to visit the troops and shame on anyone who is taking him to task for it. The faces of the young people reaching to shake his hand speak volumes, they are in harm’s way and they deserve the attention. May we find a speedy and peaceful resolution to the conflict for our troops and the people of Afghanistan.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing that story (I haven’t been able to watch the video).

    It’s amazing the sheer number of people who appreciate what this administration is doing, are hard-eyed and practical even in the face of disappointments/policy disagreements, and *care* that POTUS remains intact to help usher through additional changes. This is the type of energy which creates.

  13. Just want to add my thanks for these marvelous pictures. I just love this President. It is so, so good to have this place to come to. and of course your links for sane political blogs. Peace, j

  14. I watched live at work. The troops appeared to be happy that he was there. With all the negativity, it was great to see the POTUS and the troops.

    BWD, I think that you are absolutely wonderful. I’m proud of you for deleting the site from your bookmarks. Thank you for these photo’s and for creating this blog.

  15. They have their lives on the line, and they are happy to see him. These soldiers with their cheerful expressions, the cheers of admiration and respect for our President, always brings tears. You know our President would love to bring them all home for Christmas.

    I agree with your last sentence, kiddy:

    “May we find a speedy and peaceful resolution to the conflict for our troops and the people of Afghanistan.”

    Thanks BWD for grabbing the photos. I enjoyed seeing it live this AM, but darn it’s good to look at these photos over and over.

    I have errands. Catch y’all anon….

  16. Thank you bwd, the enthusiasm is wonderful! What a great surprise for our troops, to see their commander in chief in person….I hope it lifted all of their spirits!

  17. Have to admit kaycesf, I got teary-eyed over these photos, my nephew just enlisted in the Air Force and every one of those kids in the audience remind me of him.

  18. YES! YES! and Oh YES! Little Lulu.

    My thoughts exactly. Seeings believing. Pictures don’t lie unless you do a set-up like Bush and Cheney used to do, and even then it was obvious President Bush could hardly bother to shake hands, and in videos the soldiers looked like they couldn’t wait for GWB to leave the room. I’ll never forget when he visited a base cafeteria and all the soldiers sat at their trays with their heads down, Bush walked over to one solder, the soldier stood up and he looked miserable, and so did Bush!

    Body language…. Obama is genuine and the soldiers know it!

    Funny as well is how no matter where President Obama is, people are scrambling with their iPhones or cell phones to take his picture. lol!

    I love the man, and as President!

  19. Sen. Brown of Massachusetts is going to support DADT repeal.


    Now Dems had 59 votes in the vote before the mid-terms, but that doesn’t mean they have them now. For one Burris was replaced by Kirk and Sen. Bryd’s seat was instantly replaced by Manchin as well. So that 59 could be down to 57.

    However there was more than a few GOP Senators who said they voted against the repeal before because they wanted to read the report and felt the process that was started needed to be completed. So now that the report is out and supports repealing DADT they either have to vote to repeal or make up another excuse.

    Scott Brown likes being a Senator, and even with the Dems taking big losses in the House in the midterms, Massachusetts stayed very blue. Also given that the GOP will have to supply seven votes some the new Congress, expect Brown to always be one of those seven as he tries to paint himself as very moderate.

    I hope Massachusetts voters realize that more than his single votes on issues is that he is a seat for the GOP and with the Dems holding only 53 seats in the Senate and having 23 seats up in 2012 in some tough purple states that the Massachusetts seat could be the difference between majority and minority for Democrats in the Senate.

    Even if Brown votes to th left of Bernie Sanders, as long as he’s a Republican he needs to be defeated.

  20. I watched the President shake hands on C-Span and he did stay there for over half an hour – it was so great to see!

    Thank you BWD for doing this.

  21. Ohhhhhhhh! That’s awesome. Expect Maine twins to follow soon. This is a done deal. I might even have to see what the leftbaggers will have to say when this thing passes.

  22. Oh my, kitty. Believe me, I know how you feel. My nephew-in-law was over there for so long, both Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s just come home now about 4 months ago, but even so I look in those young faces in photos, when I’m in airports and my heart sinks and the tears start flowing. I’ve literally had to turn my head and walk the other way until I can catch my breath and collect myself. It’s been such a long war. I want them home as soon as our President can do it. It’s just been too long. 😦

    (((kitty – nephew)))

  23. That’s a great attitude: misguided commentary=people are aware that you have a new space.

    I think that this site has a good moderation policy: a lot of us chose left-leaning blogs specifically rather than more mixed spaces because there’s something special about brainstorming amongst people who might not be in agreement about everything (of course), but share an overarching objective and view about a good road to progress. I can’t get over how nice it is to read new people as they emerge from lurking to finally join a BWD comments section because of that moderation decision.

  24. Gosh dernit, BWD, I’m not getting things done because I can’t click out of here. lol!

    I’m going now…. haha.

    Thanks again!

  25. This is awesome, BWD and, good on ya for deleting that bookmark (I love the pooties, so am selectively going over to see pooties and woozles)

    I have given this website to a number of friends who have thanked me profusely for sending them to a place that is positive about our wonderful President.

  26. ta kaycesf, and best wishes to your nephew-in-law, I know that coming home can include a tough adjustment period.

  27. He was in special forces, … I don’t know how he is, really, because I haven’t seen him but very briefly and all he did was smile, big ole grin. He’s quiet anyway, but he looked good. He doesn’t live in my town, so I hope to see him over the holidays, then I might have an idea how he’s doing. You know it’s an adjustment, no matter what they do in the military.

    Best wishes and protective light around your nephew, as well. Thanks kitty!

    (I accidentally typed “kiddy” to you in one of my posts. I’m sorry.)

  28. thank you bwd. As an army vet I LOVE seeing this POTUS with the troops. He is exactly the kind of president one wants to have at their back when one is an enlisted person. He gets it, I believe that. And I’m especially proud of our troops who get him as well- though I’m just not surprised by their enthusiasm.

  29. Once again you bring us a beloved President that can rise above politics and connect with the average citizen.

  30. I’m not a big fan of this war, but President Obama is correct when he states that all of us, from all sides and all opinions, support the willingness and bravery of the troops to lay it all on the line. There were many emotional moments in Obama’s remarks there today. And I would call the reception he got there as overwhelmingly appreciative and supportive.
    There was just an interesting discussion on Tweety with Ron Reagan Jr. and Roger Simon, talking about the political divide and the stark differences in the parties. They said the big diff, and I know this is not a shock to anyone, is that the Repubs are all unified, from their despicable talk show pundits right on down thru party leaders and the rank and file. And they are all engage in a kick in the face, nasty style with no regard for the truth. Horrible and seemingly mentally ill Beck was referenced as an example when he proclaims that Obama hates white people. And the diff with Dems, in addition to the multitude of differing political stands, is that we have comedians as our main spokespeople. As wonderful as Stewart and Colbert are, it is pretty sad that they are our only media supporters, and Stewart wanders off the reservation from time to time, but they are hardly a match for the dirty tricks and vitriol coming from the other side. We are at such a disadvantage starting out and then to see a chunk of the left join the rt. wing nutjobs in some kind of hate contest against the President, well—-no wonder. Something big needs to change, or it’s all paddling upstream.

  31. I don’t think anyone is a big fan of this war, and if it was my decision – we’d be out of there yesterday. But, it’s not up to me. I don’t know that facts. I can only hope that the man who’s making the decisions, is smart enough, serious enough, cool enough, with big enough conscience, and is not in the busyness of going to war just because it makes him feel very powerful. And i think this man is all that. I believe that he believes that this is a must war – base on facts, and not because god told him so or his VP couldn’t care less of dead soldiers.

    I can only pray for the safety of these brave men and women, and that this president has made the right choice.

  32. Our POTUS and our brave troops are the epitome of America at it’s best.

    Please donate to TOYS FOR TOTS. Our military babies and the teens too, deserve a fun holiday. Let’s help them have one. Bless our troops way over there trying to keep us safe. *tears up*

  33. And just a little p.s. on my notes on the Tweet show. Roger Simon said that the political atmosphere is so toxic that it frightens him. He said it was amazing when the guy came to an Obama rally with the loaded assault rifle, and it wasn’t that big of a story.
    It’s a big struggle, they made clear, between the Repubs who are serving Corporate America, and that is their sole raison d’etre, and Dems who serve social justice and equity for all. And that’s what is so frustrating to me, that there are those who don’t seem to get that we need unity to have any chance to combat the powerful moneyed interests and the Repub Party which represents them.

  34. Agree, bwd, and I readily admit that I don’t have all the facts, and I trust President Obama is getting the best info and the best advice. And I trust the judgment and reasoning skills of this president more than I have any other.

  35. Great pictures, BWD, and as always something that lifts the spirits. 🙂 As for any negative comments you may receive, remember: This is your blog, so you get to make the rules. Ain’t it great?

  36. And it’s not only the troops, it’s the commanders too. He has earned their respect. Do you sense the good vibes, as I do, between him and General Patraeus ?

  37. Wow, thank you so much. So refreshing and he really gets a kick out of these guys. He needs the love right now and the troops are ready to dish it out.

  38. Wow! I NEEDED to see those pics. Thanks for posting them. The negative talk is so demoralizing here in our Country. Those photos show the soldiers are not just being respectful and listening due to being required to. They are more than enthusiastic to see their Commander-In-Chief. Just look at those hands reaching out, those cameras flashing, and the smiles on their faces. I am glad PBO went so he can receive their enthusiasm and become rejuvenated.

  39. bwd, I totally agree. I was there for YEARS, but it’s no different from Red State now. Same people, I believe, have infiltrated and now overtaken that blog. It’s served it’s purpose – back in 2006 and 2008 – now, it’s so OVER.


  40. The Obama Diary has great breaking news. Remember when reporters couldn’t wait to proclaim Obama’s Asia trip a failure, including our “friends” at msnbc, because no trade agreement was reached with S. Korea? (as they completely ignored all the good news on the front end of the trip). Well, just as President Obama predicted at the time, a deal has been reached. You can read the excellent details there.

  41. This photos made me teary and very proud. Our troops love President Obama. You can see that in every photo. They trust him, and I think they know that what happens to them really matters to him.

  42. I have a cousin (a marine) who has served several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ll be seeing him around New Years’. Best wishes to all serving and their families.

  43. I did notice that 😉 Good to see, considering their past, um, disagreements, let’s say.

  44. Looks like he had no problem with that big smile today. *S*

    I always look around for a serious face in a troop pic, just to see if I can spot someone who is NOT so happy with his COC. I saw one today down in the front left of the first pic, and then realized it’s my favorite Secret Service guy. *L*

  45. A safer space — that’s it. Thinking about posting a comment or writing a diary on DK was like contemplating a dive into a shark tank. Very intimidating; everyone who did it and sometimes incurred nuclear wrath is a far braver person than I.

    But this is a safer, more pleasant and reasonable space; and besides, both BWD’s diaries and the comments are more informative about what the genuine news is from day to day.

    I read and see news stories here that I don’t see posted anywhere else.

  46. Wonder if the “liberal” media will give the same amount of time trumpeting the success as they did proclaiming it a failure.

    Guess I should not hold my breath.

  47. That was very well put, GN.

    I go on a democratic blog expecting to speak with people who have like minded goals. Found it and I thank you very much, BWD.

    The President approaches everyone as an equal. You can’t fake that. It’s in his face.
    Those guys are just fellows to him. Heads of state are just fellows (or ladies)to him too.

    To quote “Pygmalion,” it’s not a question of good manners or bad manners. It’s a question of having the same manner toward all human souls.

    It’s one of The President’s most endearing traits.

    No smirks. No talking down (or up) to anyone.
    Would I trust the ideas of some nameless blogger over a man with this kind of humility, intelligence, judgment, and wisdom? Nuh uh. That would be stupid.

  48. Whata great way to end the week.
    And to think Thom Hartman was complaining about the president taking this trip and was actually calling the president a Republican.
    I had to lessen my time listening to his radio show but I think I will skip it all together now. If I want to hear constant nonstop bashing of the President, I’d listen to Limbaugh.

    DailyFox — How appropriate!

  49. thank YOU Kshaw.. my service was a long time ago, but that is very kind of you.

    One thing that happens to most soldiers- they never lose that connection to the troops that come after them. esprite corp, its a family that one never stops caring about, imo.

  50. Thanks for the heads-up on that blogsite. I just went over there and checked it out. It’s a good site.

  51. I want to add a word about Michelle and Jill’s devotion to the troops. I bet the troups get wonderful calls from home telling them about all of the new benefits for families, children, caretakers, hospital improvements, etc.

    The list of improvements and benefits is wonderful. We are a military family so I kind of notice when they bring new benefits forward.

    These repugs are phonies.

    Thanks a million for this site. I come several times a day.

  52. Thom Hartman was complaining about this trip? It’s funny that he and Rush Limbaugh see eye-to-eye on something!

  53. Thank you so much for posting these pictures and video. I was very touched when he acknowledged that they were all heroes, after the Medal of Honor winer said that he did what any other soldier would do. I love your site.

  54. Thank you for these photos, and congratulation on deleting “Bonjour le fox” from your bookmark.
    Keep up the good work

  55. I found this to be so heartfelt and earnest, I hope the troops felt the same. President Obama and General Petraeus seem to share good chemistry….which I find reassuring.

    I can’t wait for our troops to leave Afghanistan, but until they do I hope and pray that their efforts bear meaningful and appropriate results, with as little loss as is humanly possible. And I respect and support these individuals for they possess a sense of duty and courage that is beyond my own constitution.

    Re: DADT, I’ve been sending e-mails to Republicans Brown, Collins, Snowe, McConnell, Murkowski (who publically has stated that she would support it’s repeal). Is calling their staff directly more effective than e-mailing? I am ably represented by Senators Franken and Klobuchar from Mn, and call their staff frequently, as well as that of our statewide embarrassment Michelle Bachman..whose staff doesn’t think she represents me because I am not in her district. Is it effective to call Senators, in this case Republican from other states? I am house bound, providing 24/7 care for my Mother, but would like to do whatever I possibly can to support our President’s agenda, beyond monetary donations.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  56. Thank you BWD. Seeing these pics and the video of our President with the troops in Afghanistan cheered me immensely today. Coming to your community at the end of a workday is energizing, to say the least. I do admit to having missed my early morning gym workout a couple of times because of beginning to look for posts from you first thing in the morning. :O)

  57. Regarding the person openly taking a gun to the president’s rally, this has been something that continues to bothered me in a way that I just can’t shake. I have written to every so-called liberal blogger with a microphone about this, but for naught. I wrote when it first happened. I wrote long after it happened, but what did I get? Crickets.

    As I have noted time and again at the other site, I have lived in this country for more than two decades, never have I ever seen anyone openly take a gun to a president’s rally — not Ford (I was a student exchange student when he was president), not Carer, Clinton or Reagan. Never!!

    And for the media, and especially those who proclaim to be progressives to keep mum about this, is most disturbing to me.

    But over the last couple of months, I have witness something that I won’t forget too soon — the disgust, disrespect, disdain, with which this president is afforded.

    I have also see the true colors of lots and lots of people.

    It is a shame.

  58. BWD, I hate to think of you, whoever you are, where ever you are, having to read hate mail.

    I am sure you have a life, a job, responsibilities other than this blog (which must take up a lot of time). If you need help, money, emotional support, just say the word.

    I am sure the haters are trying to “out” you. Please, please stay safe, protect your identity and as my mama always tells me, STAY STRONG!.

  59. Is it me or day sort of reference to a pull out.The video and the words he said was so heartfelt. please check the video again and just listen to his words and watch his expression. What did some of you get out of the message he gave the troops.

  60. You are so right. This president, his wife and Dr. Jill Biden truly care about the troops. Theirs is not a front. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden, reach out to our men and women in uniform in the most sensitive way.

    And as an aside, for people who say this president is cold and aloof, they choose not to see this man for who he really is.

    He is truly his mother’s child. Just from the little bit I have read, I do believe, POTUS embodies everything that his free spirit mother was. I sure hope she was alive to see her son today.

    Yesterday, I read where someone said that the president used his mother’s memory to fool people into thinking he was serious about health care (I paraphrase here). I wanted so badly to respond to the comment, but I promised myself, I was never going to let myself be drawn into those fights anymore.

  61. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures…I was in tears while listening to our President…I have no idea and it boggles my mind for all the hate that is spread about him.
    Thanks again BWD for keeping the balance.

    Much Love

  62. Not only do the troops look happy to see, just look at some of those women in the front. They’re crying for joy, amazed that their President showed up to spend some time with them and show his appreciation for their service. This means A LOT to our troops. I’ve talked to quite a few who’ve been there, and many believe that no one remembers they’re there. The morale boosting effect of having the President actually fly there and personally thank them can’t be overestimated.

  63. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. They make me so proud! I too am glad you deleted that bookmark. They are full of hate and will just depress anyone reading them that wants to stay hopeful and positive.

  64. I think I created an avatar and want to check it out, too. Hope I’m not wasting space.

    President Obama, thank you for speaking from the heart to our troops!

  65. Look at all of the big smiles and everyone pressing and crowding around him! That’s the way it is wherever he goes, but I find it especially touching from these soldiers. I’m so glad you put the videos up too. I didn’t realize he was there until the end of his speech, but I did get into the live stream in time to see him shaking hands for about 10 minutes.

    I remind myself that there are millions of people who love and appreciate him, who don’t watch Fox or have a clue about sites like DKos. We just have to be a part of shining the light and you do that so well, bwd. Loved this post!

    BTW, I had deleted my DKos link today too! I found Blue Wave News through your blogroll and it seems like a much better site for information. I really like David Waldman’s knowledgeable reviews of congress at DKos, but he has his own site, Congress Matters, so I can read him there.

    There is a blog called The Mudflats in Anchorage. They really took off and got national attention when Sarah was selected for VP. They’ve developed a strong community on their site. We can create community here.

    Thanks, bwd!

  66. We’re on the same page politically re: Dems, and President Obama, being a viable and effective pathway to change, which is why I think that the atmosphere is so mellow and nurturing. As we all detoxify, it’s going to be exciting contemplating the next steps in terms of harnessing our energy away from wingnuts and fundamentalists of all stripes and into something constructive, action-oriented, and positive. Really glad that you joined the discussion Ivee and I hope that other lurkers choose to follow suit.

  67. Just as zizi said, that sort of accusation is all about wingnuts pushing the envelope and attempting to push us out of the public square altogether, in disgust. I’m proud that rather than leaving the virtual public square, we’re merely building another door.

    I believe that powerful people stay with us beyond physical death, and have a feeling that POTUS’ mother is feeling a well-deserved pride and sense of accomplishment, that her son is changing the world for the better, inch by inch. The international community recognizes this and so does the supermajority of liberals and Dems. Take heart when reading provocative comments by wingnuts looking to turn the clock back.

  68. The Professional Left and right wing wingnuts and teabaggers see eye to eye on a lot these days. Wonder when the PL is going to realize how badly they’ve been played into acting against their own best interests…

  69. BWD, I can not wait to get home from work to visit (and enjoy in peace)your site. I LOVE it!! I LOVE the pictures and videos of our President!!!! Thank you for sharing the truth with us. One day, history will record that President Obama was one of our greatest presidents. But, I don’t need to wait for history, for I KNOW right now, that he is…!!!
    Please BWD, do not let the hatred against our President get you down–we will NOT back down, we will NOT give up!!!!!

  70. Oh! I just got back from dinning out and find 3 new BWD diaries.

    This is good news, ms4tulips! 😀

    For all the head banging from the negative noodle heads, I always knew that there would be a repeal of DADT. Timing is everything, process is necessary, and doing it right is crucial. I trust our President.

    Thank goodness some Republicans seem to be standing up with our side of the aisle!


  71. First I had to subscribe for free to wordpress.com.

    Then once you do that, you get an account, at at the top of this page on a toolbar you should see “My Account” at the left. click on it.

    Go to Edit my Profile.

    When that page pops up, at the right you will see where you can download an Avatar.

    That was the only way I could get one to set here.

    Oh, and you can choose pictures for your profile page, too. And I only pulled a photo I had on my desktop from my iPhotos. I didn’t use any from “Gravatar.”

    Good luck!

  72. Dammit Little Lulu,

    I mean open an account with wordpress.com, not subscribe. I assume there’s a difference. They will want you to pay $17 for so you can open a blog, but a drop down window popped up saying I could just open a free account. That’s what I chose, for free. Then when I filled out the blanks only giving the info I wanted to give them, and submitted it, they said I was in and that’s when I got the toolbar on top of this page.

    I hope I’m making sense, because it’s confusing enough without me confusing you more. ==:O

  73. Are Dems holding the 59 they had before the midterms? Kirk and Manchin were both immediately sat so that could be two votes lost.

    I’m just hoping that enough GOP realize they don’t want to be on the wrong side of history, while other seeing the writing on the wall that it will pass vote for it to sent the right message to the Military – if it passes with 60 votes, it still is a Dem vs Repub issue, but if it could get 75-80 votes it could really send a united message.

    How is this any different than voting to send the troops to war and calling for a united vote?

    I’m interested in Richard Lugar’s vote here.

  74. Thanks as always BWD for the great pics and stories! I did the same as you and deleted my bookmark for that other site.

    The President has remarkable poll numbers when you think of all the economic pain out there right now, the two unpopular wars, and the nonstop negative propaganda from the right and the extreme left. His numbers are better than Reagan or Clinton’s were at the same point in their first terms even though they didn’t have anywhere near the mess to deal with that President Obama does. And as the pictures of the soldiers show, people still love this president and respect him far more than you would believe if you listen to the media reports or visit certain websites.

  75. How often did Bush and Cheney go?I think president Bush went onc for Thanksgicing but I don’t recall the press of flesh and the happy faces that I see with OUR president.

  76. I deleted it too off my toolbar, iPhone and iPad.have not yet figured out how to delete my account or unlike. After 6 months I am still trying to get huffpo to stop sending emails. Even my Internet provider can’t stop them.
    I showed your website today to a 2008 PBO supporter. She us fired up again! Thanks.

  77. Thank you BWD, I stopped reading at the other site a few months ago. I would scan for only your diaries because they offered a balance to
    MSM. There are certain names here, names of
    people that I also enjoyed reading. You are doing great work, funny how wherever the POTUS goes there is the same reaction from the
    people, although the MSM and the other site want us to believe that everyone hates him.
    Again thank you for this wonderful site.
    Be Well.

  78. I think all the dems will vote for it because it’s attached to the defense authorization bill (they all did before–even the ones not necessarily “for” DADT repeal–for this very reason). I mean, as long as they leave it attached to the defense bill, I think they’ll be fine because, when it comes down to it, the military’s still gotta get paid. I’ve tried contacting my new senator, Mark Kirk (pains me to say that), but haven’t been able to get through yet.

  79. I think you have to email the site administrators on the contact link and ask to have your account deleted for dkos. As far as huffpost, it didn’t work when you just clicked “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the emails they send you?

  80. Again, good morning BWD and others here. I too am grateful to come to my computer and see mail from you. It is so refreshing as always.
    I spent the morning watching the vote on the tax bills, and I came away disgusted and hurt.
    Then the President spoke and I could see his sadness for the people he is trying so hard to get things done. I am happpy that he had yesterday to visit with the troops in Afghanistan to hold in his memories. However, I will continue to do what I can and continue to have faith in our POTUS. You all are so open with your comments and so informative. Thanks again for this site.

  81. You know im feeling good about things. President Obama is about show his naysayers a thing or 2.

  82. I found you, BWD, and I am so happy! citizen k had a diary on DailyKos with a link to your site. I don’t spend a lot of time on DK anymore because I can’t take the constant infighting, hysterics, and gloom and doom atmosphere. I’m a firm believer that no one ever gets everything one wants and one has to understand that our president is not God. Sure, there have been some things he’s done that I haven’t agreed with/liked, but I’m mature enough to realize that I’m not in the planning sessions when he discusses these issues with his team members. I also think that some progressives don’t realize that there are some reasons why the president does certain things that none of us will ever be party to. I plan to support this president in spite of all of the negativity of some who claim to have voted for him but are constantly on the attack because he’s much, much, much better than #43.

  83. I’m so glad I found you BWD! I’ve been checking Dailykos almost every day for your updates and having found none, I was saddened. Then, tonight, someone posted a link! Wonderful news! I can’t wait for the next update.

  84. Thanks, kaycesf! This is very good info for everyone wanting an avatar of their own. Doster really wants this info, so maybe you can link him to your comments. I just noodled around on the site that linked to the empty avatar and, somehow, got it!


    LOVE that this site is causing such a commotion all over the tubes! LOL!!! Once people check this out, the truth is revealed about our great president, whether they like it or NOT!!


  85. Hey there,
    I’m never one to plunge into hyperbole…but I must say I’m sure glad to have found this site where, it appears, grown ups can have serious conversations. I know once you get big things will change but in the meantime I’ll be sure to enjoy this little ride while it lasts. I thank you for your steadfastness and conviction. Too bad, people like you will not be recognized when many naysayers are proven wrong. You wonder about good people who may have stuck by FDR when radicals on both sides were firing. The is encouraging, although the color may require time to get used to.

  86. Yes thanks for this BWD! Thanks to likala at Bob Cesca’s blog for the link. I was beginning to think everyone was “out to get” your President. We can only imagine the real threats he receives on a daily basis.

    He is liked world wide and according to the Rolling Stone article overall, global confidence in America’s leadership has leaped from 21 percent in 2007 to 64 percent today. I believe in Canada his approval averages around 70%, more than any of our leaders:-)

  87. BWD. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and doing your part so magnificently through so much incomprehensible hostility for so long.

    For months now, BWD, your inspiring adult diaries about the great work that Obama is doing against staggering odds have been my sole reason for returning to the twisted contentiousness that Daily Kos has become.

    Unfortunately for me, if you announced your blog when you left I missed it, and my world was poorer since I apparently didn’t have the cop-on to Google you.

    Ironically, I found have you again now through Greenwald’s insane (as I see it) attack on you as chronicled on balloon-juice. Huzzah!

    Keep up the brilliant work. And thanks again.

  88. Just added you to my favourites. I have to thank GG for making me aware of you. Keep up the good work.

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