Well, what do you know…

1. The trip to Asia was such a failure:

Three Years Trade Deal With South Korea Is A Done Deal

2. Yea, he’s done.

CBS Poll: Obama Approval Ratings up 3% to 48. And, 82% (!) in favor of the START treaty

3. Mmmmm, i’m pretty sure that passing the repeal of DADT is selling out of some sort.

Scott Brown will support repealing DADT

4. And this is obviously something that any dangerous president would have done:

Click to read this great story.

63 thoughts on “Well, what do you know…

  1. This is why I love this site. It’s not about “worship” of Obama. It’s about cutting through the chaffe and showing that he is indeed working for US.

    I’ve deleted DKos, Bob Cesca, Eschaton, FDL and Oliver Willis from my favorites because even when they approve of something Obama has done, they wrap in the passive-aggressvie (if not full-on aggressive) snark.

    I come here for a clear, SANE look at our spectacular President.

  2. Those are some pretty encouraging poll numbers for such a horrible, horrible president! ;0

    The number of people thinking that the economy is getting better is the highest it has been since April but what do they know!?

    Great post and links.

  3. I was especially happy about the trade agreement with South Korea.

    I don’t think the American people have been educated enough about the need to keep other nations importing our goods. The president’s trip seemed to be billed in the MSM more as an ego trip, as Obama’s urge to be among people who admire him when, instead, the opening up of foreign markets is absolutely essential to this nation’s economic well being. And, certainly, it will mean more jobs available here in the United States.

  4. Ditto, StarkyLuv. Not a peep in MSM of these accomplishments. Just how Karzai’s “feelings” might be hurt because The Prez did not meet with him in Afghanistan today. Maybe it’s good that the MSM and blogosphere is busy whining over distractions and reporting Palin’s tweets. Meanwhile, this administration is busy getting stuff done, under the radar. Thanks for being such a good filter, BWD.

  5. It’s going to take some fierce determination to keep ignoring all the positives. I just checked around, and was (not) surprised to see almost no mention of Obama’s trip to Afghanistan today. There are no photos of the proof of the troops’ enthusiastic response to Obama’s visit, not even on Huff Post’s photo-heavy site, surprise surprise. Funny, I remember W getting heavy coverage for every military appearance.
    The story on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act included so many notable and meaningful quotes, including one by asst. AG Perez who said of hate crimes: that they are “designed not only to injure but to send a message …of fear, an effort to divide communities along racial and religious lines.”
    And the trade agreement with S. Korea?—-back to your microphones all you misguided reporters, say you were wrong when you disdainfully dismissed Obama’s efforts there and his prediction that a deal would get done—-and apologize.

  6. The trade deal is great and I am glad he walked away, caught grief, and demanded a better deal than the one already sittingon the table when he was in South Korea.

    Buisness Week has a good write up on the improvements that the Obama administration got from the South Koreans.
    Link (test-hoping html works in comment section)

  7. U.S.-South Korea Trade Deal Largest Since NAFTA

    Associated Press: The U.S. and South Korea have reached an agreement on a free trade deal sought by the Obama administration to boost American exports and create tens of thousands of U.S. jobs in the largest trade pact in more than a decade. http://blog.dearmrpres.com/

    If you are using firefox when viewing my blog, some of the widgets on the side are “blacked” out and tech support is working to fix that. It’s only with the widgets on the side.

  8. This is a great article BWD. And folks say our President has not done anything. It is things like this that make a difference and people won’t notice unless it affect their lives.

  9. You are kidding, right? Neither the right, or those of the whiney left nor the media will ever apologize for being wrong. They just ignore evrything and make sure the news doesn’t get out o the citizens of this country.

    I will tell you right now, and I have reason to know what I am about to say is fact, this President is more admired by the troops than his predecessor was by a long shot.

    And one of the reasons why is his approach to DADT. He is showing that how they feel matters to him and he doesn’t want something rammed down their throats but at the same time is making sure they know what is coming down the road. Of course, those who are slamming him for not doing enough wouldn’t have any understanding of that.

  10. Thank you,BWD, for creating this oasis of sanity. Just like all the others here, I eagerly await the next update. I am particularly pleased with the new US-South Korean trade agreement. Make one more checkmark on a long list of actions to help the ailing economy. I am absolutely convinced that the country is very well served by President Obama and his team and that good results will follow – even if it seems uncertain at times. To paraphrase the President himself, I want to tell all the doubters: Don’t bet against this President!

  11. It’s great that the U.S. and South Korea were able to reach an agreement on trade. Does this have to get approval by congress?

  12. Hey, BWD, I didn’t know you had this new blog until you got mentioned in a diary on dKos. I’m posting the link here to Mim’s diary saying he’s sick to death of people criticizing every single thing Obama does and vowing his support for his reelection. He got a bunch of HRs for his rather earthy language describing some people as Liberal Teabaggers and Obama Haters and topping it off with a suggestion that they all STFU, but I found the whole rant quite entertaining and rather on point.

    Your name came up, with Fabian and Slinkerwink being rather catty about how you left dKos, but then all your supporters started coming out and talking about how they couldn’t blame you because you took so much crap just for posting nice diaries about Obama. I tell you, girl, there are people there who miss you and admire what you’ve done. Somebody’s got to support this man who has the hardest job in the world and faces nothing but criticism and second guessing every single day from people who can turn it off whenever they want and go home to their families and regular jobs without a care in the world. It’s bad enough coming from the right and the mendacious media, but when one sees it coming from people who SHOULD understand the difference between aspirational ideals and reality based process one does get annoyed.

    Keep up the good work.


  13. Great news about South I was hoping this woould work out well for both countries. Way to go Mt President

  14. Andrea Mitchell and Savannah made that “Karzi hurt feeling” meme up early this morning. That’s how it got started. I heard she and Savannah this morning and I said to myself, she is interjecting her personal opinion. I turned the tv off after PBO spoke. So I guess this is the made up meme of the day. Andrea intimated that the bad weather was a made up story but Savannah set her straight right away because she got a tweet from Gibbs instantly debunking Andrea. I don’t care for Andrea Mitchell. She is useless and her reporting is mostly her opinion IMO.

  15. Who will educate them? The ignorants from the media?

    But, judging by these poll numbers, maybe more people begins to see and hear through the noise.

  16. Thanks bwd, especially for the booman piece. This prez is doing things that will change the course over long time but most americans are too stupid to realize it.

    After 3 years, I too exited the Daily Fox a few hours back.

    I’ve read that Jack & Jill has turned into another GOS. Is it true ?

  17. More like “their feelings were hurt” because they didn’t know he was going to Afghanistan. I mean do they really expect him to travel in bad weather just to meet with Karzai? Oh well I have been on a MSM blackout for over two months now, and I literally feel better, and I am a lot happier.

  18. I loved the pictures of the troops. Thanks BWD. They are obviously overjoyed to see their Commander. Some seem to be in tears. A year from now we shall be celebrating the end of troops in Iraq. I feel there are going to be lots of foreign policy breakthroughs this year. Maybe in Cuba?

  19. Great new about South Korea trade deal. The way this president governs it reminds me a lot of the campaign. The early supporters we with his guidance kept our nose down kept working and not listen to the noise that he didn’t have a chance.

    Now there is so much noise and he is steadily chipping away at the mess left to him and no complaints; I call that leadership.

  20. Well I did go to the dailyfox.. there are folks like Black Kos that I find it very hard to leave.. and yet I get sick to my stomach reading the malarky. Suffice it to know that the 11 BILLION $$$ 77,000 job creating US/Korea Trade agreement.. is not part of the news at dk.. has it made the news? Will we hear it blasted all weekend? On the Sunday shows??

    No I’m not holding my breath. But I will continue to post the President’s statement (thank you bwd) all over the net.

    Also read Booman’s article and passed that onto the folks at Criminal Injustice Kos.. another fine group of folks (mostly from bkos). So thank you to Booman also and to you bwd for passing on this invaluable news of the PROGRESS being made in our country by our President and his administration. 🙂

  21. Thanks especially for the item on South Korean trade which – naturally – I had not seen covered in my quick skimming of the news. Remember when Obama went to that big trade meeting(can’t remember the name) and it was another one of his failures that he didn’t get this trade deal done at that time? I do remember reading that. Now that it’s in the bag, will we hear more?

    Which makes me remember, we can all be spreading the news – your facebook friends, your local papers – instead of just complaining about it.

    I had a letter published today in reaction to the news that both GM and Chrysler announced adding 1000 jobs in Michigan. I said I hoped by the time the next election came they would remember that Obama was there for the auto industry when they needed help. The state voted ridiculously republican in November.

  22. I, too, am very happy about the S.Korean trade deal. No there is no chance the MSM will apologize for their awful coverage even though they took great pains to ignore all of the exquisite beauty of his Asian tour. The Indian TV had a live feed for their entire visit. I am horrified that the U.S. public saw none of it. Nor was the trade agreements he signed in India and Indonesia every mentioned here either….70,000 jobs.

    OTOH, I hate that the U.S. Chamber immediately came out in favor and pledged to “line up votes”. These are the same a***holes spending all of that political money to defeat him.

    He just cannot win which makes it all the more important that we remain faithful.

  23. The pictures with the troops are great. As a vet, it really warms my heart (it’s cold in southern AZ now). Strange you don’t see these pics on Fox News ;-). Thanks for finding these pics and sharing.

  24. Yes!!! That could get interesting but apparently the Chamber of Commerce has announced its support so maybe it will be ratified . .

  25. And so I take it back, there is in fact a diary on the Korean trade agreement making its way up the rec list- however the usual crowd is naysaying that this is a worthy deal. Even though Trumka seems to have supported it.. a slinkerwink or two at dailyfox are saying that since the Chamber supports this deal and a couple of repubs support it- its bad bad bad. I am not even kidding.

    How the heck is 77,000 jobs bad? How does 77,000 people being employed hurt. Don’t tell me- I get it, I get the whole lets destroy Obama from within the same way I get lets destroy him from the right. No one will ever make me believe that place is full of liberals.. or progressive people. They are rightwingers in my opinion.

  26. The Professional Left also started using RW language about that trip, frequently describing it as a “photo op”, so of course none of the usual suspects are going to acknowledge just how dead wrong they were.

  27. report today.

    I’m still in disbelief over the disconnect between the overwheliming positive data out there with the amemic jobs report.

    Something definitly doesn’t pass the smell test.

  28. My bad.. The beginning of the post was…I hope this forshadows the jobs report today.

  29. My theory is that people with jobs are being over-productive out of fear of losing their job in this economy, so businesses have increased production without the need to hire on more workers.

    Businesses love high unemployment for this reason, they can ask more from their employees without compensating them any more.

    When single job postings are getting 200 qualified resumes, it’s a race to the bottom who would accept the least.

    It’s only going to get worse once UEI extension is blocked by the GOP. Maybe companies are waiting to hire until UEI extension is ended for the 99ers, because then they’ll be more desperate and accept much less. It’s a race to the bottom.

  30. They are rightwinger con artists, or Naderites, or disaffected voters who still resent that Obama was nominated and then won, or they are just regressive anarchists. I really do believe there is a melting pot of ugly over there and they are not progressives. Some of them probably haven’t a clue who they are and never will, they just like to bitch. And some of them love the power they get from switching from one rant to another, caused by the mood altering effect of hate-filled adrenaline. I saw this happen at another site I used to attend when Obama won the nomination. Now you might find a handful of people talking on that blog, supporting every bit of hate inspired lies about our President. It’s pathetic. Everyone who supported Obama left, which was a huge majority of everyone who once loved that blog. They left for the same reason people are leaving the big orange.

  31. I agree, pathetic, and this statement of yours really says it all in my opinion Kay:

    I really do believe there is a melting pot of ugly over there and they are not progressives.

    Oh well, we will grow this site and many others I believe, spreading the facts and the truth and preparing for 2012. I have been saving for two years all thats being done by POTUS and his admin and will be knocking on doors and making phone calls with facts in hand. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  32. Hmm…. this is the second time I’ve attempted a post and it wasn’t posted. I’ll try again… because I’m very impressed with this from booman’s link BWD posted:


    The Matthew Shepard Act as it has been come to be known also gives the Department of Justice and the FBI “greater ability to engage in hate crimes investigations that local authorities choose not to pursue.”

    This is going to put anyone in law enforcement, judges and attorneys on notice. There are so many states that have the most backward laws on the books that don’t protect victims, in fact, some of them cause people to become more victimized by the letter of the old laws.

    Thank you everyone in Congress who helped write and pass this Act!

  33. Good for you, Sherijr. I can’t take reading over there anymore, let alone posting, but I’m really glad you are still trying to get some of the important news out to the people there who are willing to listen. There may not be many left, but there has always been a lot of lurkers who just might be influenced to take the nonstop whining and demonization with a large grain of salt if someone continues to present the news of the progress that is being made in spite of what many over there would have them believe.

  34. BWD?

    I have had trouble getting comments to post, now I just noticed my Account toolbar has disappeared. I can’t get to my account now to see my profile page, etc.

    Is there some glitch going on here?

    Sorry to bother……

  35. NVM. Somehow I got logged off when I tried to post a comment. I just went back to WordPress.com and logged back in and my account toolbar is back.

    Again, sorry to bother you and everyone here about it.

  36. Andrea Mitchell is a hack – I’ve even given up writing her emails to get her to correct her lies, because I found myself writing all the time. Earlier this week, she said “I hope it’s not going to take another 18 months before Mitch McConnell gets an invitation to the White House”. She’s a liar.

  37. One of the amazing things about the blogosphere is just how many instant experts it generates on highly complex issues. I like to think of myself as fairly nuanced and aware in my thinking about the issues of the day but there’s a limit to my willingness to masquerade as an expert. For example, I was hard pressed to pretend this past summer that I was an expert in how to plug that damn BP well. But yet DKos and many other sites were flooded with demands from posters to nationalize BP and take other unprecedented and/or severe actions. Similarly, I would like to pretend that I know the answers to the banking crisis but who would be kidding whom on that one. Trade is a a similarly complicated matter. Yet, IIRC, the blogger Slinkerwink became an instant expert on HCR, the BP disaster, and the “CAT food” commission. Today, she is suddenly on expert on the South Korean trade deal. There are others like her on the web who claim astonishing expertise on devising solutions to complex and difficult problems.

    Don’t get me wrong — I think that it is great that people are more engaged in the issues and like to read and think about them and try to develop positions. But, yeegads, fixating on solution XYZ as the only acceptable solution to problem ABC is beyond bizarre when we are dealing with such complicated issues. Yet we see so many trolling the Internet with the firm conviction that they have figured problems ABC all out based on a few hours of superficial research on the Internet.

    I suppose that this posture of pretending to know everything is a form of narcissism as it is so self indulgent. One of the reason I like President Obama so much is that he has the right kind of brain, judgment, and values for dealing with the nuance and complexity associated with finding solutions to the many daunting problems we face. That’s why he has been able to thread the needle on so many issues and find solutions even when they are not perfect or appeared to be unattainable (HCR being a prime example).

    But sadly, the many mini-presidents that have sprung up on the Internet have rejected his approach out of hand, claiming to believe that hard lines in the sand and simple demands will produce positive outcomes. This approach may work for Republicans but it’s hard to imagine how it could work for the “Big Tent” Dems who are so loosely aligned with each other and really do not share simple dogmatic political principles in the way that Republicans do (smaller government, lower taxes). The mystery is why they believe so fervently in this approach when there is no evidence that it has worked in the past or will work in the future . .

  38. well said limpidus. The netizens have the hubris of having simple solutions to complex issues. I think blogging will go the way of the msm in that they too will be discredited soon in the eyes of the reading public and will poutrage their way into irrelevance. Already the nutroots has lost its appeal for many pols, progressives included.

  39. There are a lot of places in the South and places with liked-minded people where a hate crime would go unprosecuted. This legislation was long overdue.

  40. I’m so ready too…

    I’ve tucked away the maximum in donations for President Obama’s re-election campaign…and I did not even give a quarter of that last time!

    I intend to do everything in my power to support this amazing President…everything!

  41. thanks for that link, rinax. good article. also love the pic of our first lady with the energy secretary there.

  42. It’s hard to understand what progressives stand for by reading some of those blogs. I don’t know if they are for policies or for theatrics. The bills may not have contained everything but they can always be build on later like all other bills.

    No matter what President Obama does, it’s never good enough for them. The strange thing is progressives got the policies and then attacked the president. On the other hand the teaparty crowd ran on no earmarks then got all the earmarks they could get and I haven’t seen one attack ad from their supporters against them.

  43. Bingo, it seems like everybody wants to be a expert these days on bloggs and on that tv machine. Yesterday was a great day when I seen the look on the media’s face when they had to report that Obama was in Afganistan after they had been reporting all morning that he was in the WH caving on taxcuts.

    All I want for Christmas is for the experts to learn simple math and how to count 60 votes (which the dems never had).

  44. So now the chamber of commerce is positioning themself to take credit for the trade deals Obama got…..I’m so tired of these people. This is why I don’t turn on Obama, he’s working hard to clean up 30 years of mess especially the Bush years and people are just being unrealistic of how government works.

  45. Just wanted you to know that I have never posted on Kos or even had an account over there BUT you kept me sane plenty of days. I always went there to see your diaries if Obama went on a trip or signed a bill, I knew you would have news I hadn’t heard.

    I once tried to get an account because you were getting needlessly attacked and just wanted to tell them to “Stop” it looks so crazy from somebody looking in.

  46. Thank you limpidus for stating this so eloquently, it is such an accurate analysis of what has been going on. Re: the BP crisis while it was happening I was driven mad by the posters who had a quick fix, I don’t like BP but they had every reason in the world to find an expedient solution and undoubtedly had a team of people with experience and expertise, you know, real life experts working on that solution. I thought the left had always prided itself on it’s ability to understand nuanced positions it appears that in some corners of the blogo world nuance is dead.

  47. It never ceases to amaze me that Kos purists will work diligently and with great anger to find something wrong with anything that Obama does.

    I have been reading about how difficult it is for people to change their minds or look at things difference once it has become an entrenched part of a world view.

    I think it is a way of dumbing down our critical thinking skills. I understand why it makes people uncomfortable. You do not have to work so hard. You never actually hear what someone is saying unless they are agreeing with you.

    I was just reading a bunch of angry comments on the Washington Monthly. Steve Benen used a quote written by Andrew Sullivan. Steve was immediately challenged with How dare you use that Sullivan as a source.

    The truth is Sullivan is a huge fan of Obama.

  48. I had the same problem, so I’m glad you asked and figured out the solution! It helped me.

  49. Excellent post limpidus. The hubris/ narcissism so pervasive on the left blogosphere has become overwhelming in the past several months. I am an academic and the one thing one learns quickly in grad school is the limits of your own knowledge base. A dissertation defense or discussion at a conference of experts quickly clarifies this issue for anyone who is unclear.

    The vitriolic cries of expertise by the wholly uninformed at dkos is just too much for me at the moment. Many of us have the common sense to accept that we are not experts in marine biology, economics or constitutional law regarding torture. Unfortunately, the blogosphere allows complete imposters who choose to feign expertise to do so with the support of cheering fans.

  50. There are a million pretend Presidents at the moment, and not one of them would last a day in the job and in the course of the day would manage to screw up the country and the world. They all seem to want to be a brash Bush and forget he WAS the Worst President Ever.

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