Only pretty pictures

Sorry about the little meltdown earlier. I was a little stunned. Allow me to compensate you. 🙂 These are all from today (mouse over the photo). Enjoy. 


US First Lady Michelle Obama arrives for dedication ceremonies of the new Fisher Houses on the campus of Naval Support Activity in Bethesda, Maryland, on December 2, 2010. Fisher House helps 13,000 families and has made more than three million days of lodging available to family members since it originated in 1990. Fisher House also administers ?Scholarships for Military Children,? a program for the sons and daughters of service members.   AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)


115 thoughts on “Only pretty pictures

  1. I love these. I’m trying to stop even looking at the hate.
    Thank I’m glad you are you. Please keep it up this President is one of the finest.

  2. Harry Reid just announced that he will hold a vote on tax cuts for the middle class alone and a separate vote for cuts for millionaires on Saturday. Democrats go on defense!

  3. The picture of the President reflected in a mirror is really nice.

    Thanks for providing a refuge for those of us who choose to appreciate what he’s doing.

  4. From John Cole at Balloon Juice

    Just So We Are Clear
    by John Cole

    I’m still thrilled Obama is President. I don’t regret my vote for one minute. I still think he is a good man, and I will not only vote for him in 2012, but raise as much money as I can, and donate as much money and time as I can to get him re-elected.

    That doesn’t mean I think he is infallible, though, and I’ve been disappointed with the seeming unwillingness to fight back. I still think we are super lucky to have the mine at 1600.

    So when I post something critical about him, quit acting like I’m flip-flopping or turning on him. I’m able to keep multiple thoughts in my head at once, and I can like someone and still think some of the things they are doing suck. And I don’t think there is anyone in the Democratic party who would be doing a better job than Obama.

  5. Very interesting. Is this the compromise? Will the millionaires extra tax cut need 60 votes? It would be a shame to allow the GOP to only need to pick up 9 Dem votes –

    Conrad, McCaskill, Webb, Nelson, Nelson, Warner, Lincoln, Landrieu, Pryor, Baucus is ten off the top of my head.

    Now if they needed 60, and needed to pick up 19 that likely would be too hard to do.

    Could Pelosi just not put the millionaire’s extra cut infront of the House? How many House bills died in the Senate without a vote? Over 300 I believe.

  6. They would need 19 for cloture, and then a majority to actually pass it. What would be weird is if both passed. Then the house could simply reject one proposal with a majority vote and pass the other one. I honestly have no idea how this is going to turn out.

  7. I intend to be a broken record on this but I think we should all be thinking about concrete things we can do to help the President. These days when we’re not in campaign mode,it can mean jumping onto the computer to write a Letter to the Editor in support of our guy. It can mean reaching out to the OFA group nearest to you. After the holidays, here in Maryland we actually will be setting the groundwork for the 2012 campaign – lining up volunteers and so forth.

    If your Congressional Representative is a Republican, they should be having townhall meetings. Find out the dates and show up and give them hell. Ask them why they don’t support health care reform, tell them how it affects you. Watch them like a hawk and every move they make, write to your local paper and complain about them. Play offense!!

  8. My thoughts exactly. I dont have to agree with everything the president does in order to continue my support. I will gladly work for his re-election in 2012 as I did in 2008 based on his accomplishments to date. Is he the perfect president, no such thing. But I believe he will be viewed by history quite positively.

  9. The photos of Vice-President Biden and President Obama together always melt my heart. Their mutual respect, complicity and affection is so evident. And I always get the feeling that Joe Biden is proud of “his boss” and … how can I say this… at the same time, looks like he wants to protect him and encourage him.

    Thank you so much for everything BWD. I hope you won’t mind asking me this, but when you get the time, could it be possible for you to add an “edit” button for the comments ?

  10. I don’t think anybody who voted for Obama agrees with him 100% of the time and nobody is saying one can’t be critical. It’s about also giving credit when credit is due. I don’t read Mr. Cole’s blog so I don’t now how often he is critical compared to if or how often he gives credit.

    Also it’s about how you criticize. One can disagree without being disagreeable. Even when I have disagreed with the President and Congress, I can understand why they voted the way they did; I can see their ratonale beind the decision.

    You can disagree without demonizing. Lay out why you disagree, call your Representatives let them know in congress why you disagree. Be constructive about it. You don’t need to nitpick and find fault in everything just to show how serious you are. If the bill has 70% of what you wanted, be 70% positive before you start picking nits on what more you would have liked, or what you would have done differently.

    Understand the bill can be improved in the future, that more likely than not, this was the best bill that could get through Congress. There is a fallacy that George W. Bush got everything he wanted with no compromises – that simply isn`t the case. You just didn’t have Fox News harping on and on about how Bush didn’t get exactly what they wanted and how he’s a Democrat and a failure.

  11. This is really tough. I currently have Bo in the snow in front of the White House as my screen saver. That dog just makes me melt. But the first picture of President Obama all the way on the right with the trees in the background is about to replace adorable Bo with his lopsided socks.

    Thanks BWD. I anxiously await the email advising me of your latest post.

  12. Aww.

    Had to take Joe to have the President smiling again.

    Love those two.

    Gosh President Obama looks soo hot in that suit.
    Sorry I couldn’t help it.

  13. You mean “offense”??:) Oh, happy day!!!!!!!!!!! Let them take that vote and show all of America who stands with whom! Boner is already sputtering about “chicken crap”…they just got their clocks cleaned! I heard that on Rachel’s show and let out a howl:) Makes me happy:)

  14. I don’t read his site either, but from what I’ve read elsewhere, this is about him jumping on the “Obama is weak because he won’t fight back” bandwagon, which I gather drew people to criticize him for that viewpoint. I think he’s wrong, but it seems his views overall are reasonable. I don’t know. I had started reading him at one time but then I read something he wrote, don’t remember what, that really turned me off so I stopped going back.

    It’s all well and good to be critical if the criticism is meaningful, fact-based, and constructive. Calling Obama a wimp, or implying it, doesn’t meet that criteria in my opinion. So I still disagree with his specific criticism and I think he misses how Obama operates in the world, as do so many other people. Which doesn’t make me interested in reading his blog. I do not believe that any of us perceive “any criticism” of the president as ‘turning on him’, we all have our complaints I’m sure. But that particular criticism is one that shows lack of insight.

  15. The cleansing tonic for the vitriol out there is a glass of wine (or 3) or a margarita…and reading these posts and looking through all the wonderful pics that BWD puts on here:)

  16. I have a purely technical question here … Is there a way to get this site to show replies to a comment vs replies to BWD’s posts? Is there a setting that can be altered?

    I replied to a comment in an earlier post and while my comment is underneath the comment I replied to, it is not evident that my comment was directed to the commenter above me.

    I ask this not about my comment (I know who it was directed towards) but for an idea on how to get an overall “flow” to the comments here. Is the view customizable?

  17. So no more posts at DKos? They could use some cheering up right now. Keep up the good work and stay positive, BWD!

  18. Na uh. The word around the right wing sites is President Obama and VP Biden hate one another. They wouldn’t make that up, would they?

  19. Beautiful photos, bwd. Thank you!

    I don’t agree with the President 100% of the time, but I still support him and will vote for him again in 2012.

    I have a favor to ask and I know it’s kind of inappropriate but I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t feel it important. There’s a diary at the place which shall not be named and it’s about to scroll off, and it shouldn’t, imo. Will you all be so kind as to read it and if you feel inclined, well, you know what to do…

  20. BWD, I think this community will follow you wherever you are, and if you need to move the site then so be it. I know how much work it is to set up and run a site like this and learn how to use everything. Take your time, don’t get discouraged, and please just know that even if things are not ‘perfect’ we still love it, and we love you for doing it. Take good care of yourself! You are a shining light and we need you!

  21. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Balloon Juice, but it has become one of my essential blogs. (DKos used to be one, now not so much.) John is another former Republican, but there’s nothing Pauline about his conversion; sure, he wittily savages the other side, but again with wit and humor. He’s a self-avowed a**hole, but you can tell from his posts that he’s thoughtful, generous, and, dare I say it, kind. (Commenters’ demands for pictures of his dogs and his cat overlord are a common theme on the blog.) Shouting is kept to a minimum, and quickly pounced upon by the commenters. Give it a shot; I think you’ll like it.

  22. Agreed about the wine. Enjoying a glass now from my last trip to California’s Central Coast.

  23. BWD, I’ve been looking around in the WordPress info and settings, and I found this page on comment display options:

    Feel free to delete this post if you want, but just wanted to point you to this info. You can change the level of comment threading to a higher number (up to 10) if you would like users to be able to reply to more comments in a row to carry on more conversation. However it seems like the amount of indent in the treading is part of the theme you choose for your blog, and I couldn’t find any way to change it, except by picking a different theme. I know you don’t want to do that… this site is lovely. So we might just need to get used to it. But before relocating to another site, you could try out some of the other themes to get different effects on how the threads work. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this!!!

  24. Oh, John Cole, though an ex-repub, is much more reliable supporter of Obama than the chest thumping, ‘progressives’. He doesn’t do meta shite.

  25. Don’t be sorry about the meltdown. I am a little more skeptical of the Presiednt than you are, but I admire the Obamas and am very grateful for the salutary perspective you offer. There are many of us out there who see things in a more three dimensional way. Thank you for what you are doing!

  26. BWD please continue with the news. I have to leave dk for a while. Its truly pathetic. If president obama runs in 2012 i will vote for him after him. I am serioulsy thinking about leaving the democrat, progressive. I can’t be part of a group negative people. The deep seeded racism is shocking coming from some on the left. My eyes are now open. Please Please keep the stories coming. thanks

  27. Lotsa people are now pushing back there in ericlewis’ diary, especially against a noobie troll, marmaduke and the old hands like slinker and getting enthusiastic recs for it. Holy hell, the whiners are damning dems even they act.

  28. I think a lot of the criticism he is getting is definitely suspect and racist. And most of it is from him not doing things fast enough to their tastes. its almost like they want a houseboy

  29. It’s really, really bad there. Awful. So many good diaries rolling right off the front page. Bizarre.

  30. These pictures are wonderful! I’m so glad he has Joe Biden for VP. I love seeing them laugh together.

    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful, uplifting space in the blogosphere!

  31. Don’t let the repetition of negative comments play with your head that way. Remember — Barack Obama got 60-some million votes. Those 2 or 300 net addicts constantly posting negative messages don’t represent or speak for that 60-whatever million.

    And don’t let the media get to you — either. The internet has made them lazy and provides good hunting ground for sensationalism. “Man on the street” has become “some internet junkie.”

    No slur against internet junkies intended — after all — I am one. But — internet junkies are not exactly a random sampling of the public.

    For our own sanity and to compete with the sensationalism in the news — we’re going to have to get off the computer and do more talking to some real folks on the street.

    After all — as we all know — as much as we follow news — if not for angels on earth like BWD — even many of us supporters wouldn’t be aware of just how many great things Democrats have accomplished.

  32. I think it is just that people forget that he is a community organizer by training, and one cannot be that using confrontation and expect to accomplish anything and move forward.
    Instead the bullies want him to be a bully, the complainers want him to complain, etc.

  33. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Never understood why some people get so ‘wee wee’d up’ over photo diaries. Pictures of things getting done and people in need getting help go a lot farther than a long diary.

  34. what the extrem on both side dn’t understand while soro the so call progressive money bag can afford to fight a no chance in hell battle just to make a point the ordinary poeple that also voted for the president just can’t afford to lose a battle cause they haven’t got much left in there account to live to fight another day it is a matter of life and death to some poeple few word is enough for the wise

  35. Fear not. Most of this so-called hate is pure propaganda. The strategic citizens are ignoring and leaping over it all. And must. Believe in the real citizens and not the marketers.

  36. Thank you for the morning treat. I have been thinking hard about what to do with viral emaild and FB posts that are mean and ugly. I think I want to do more than just delete and feel that I need to respond somehow. How do others handle this?

  37. overseasgranny is irresistibly sensible in explaining how mr. obama’s training in mediating a situation to produce some positive movement is behind his behavior as the chief executive

    i agree with all of the commenters, and am so glad to be here, among people of good will, as well as good minds

  38. i have some questions, please:

    there’s so many links to go to in the email i’m getting from bwd, how can i be sure i’ve seen everything, or do i have to go the each?

    how can i make sure i’ve seen all the comments?

    i really miss being able to rec comments


  39. I have a purely technical question here … Is there a way to get this site to show replies to a comment vs replies to BWD’s posts? Is there a setting that can be altered?

    Yes, there are. It’s under “Settings” and “discussion.” You can even set how many comments can be threated – my blog has a setting of 5, but that can be set to anything. There’s even a “like” button that can be added, but it doesn’t have to be activated.

  40. I follow Mark Knoller on twitter. Hes with the Pres most of the time and his twits are not biased.
    Just now….

    Mark Knoller
    CBS Poll shows Pres. Obama with 48% approval rating. 42% disapprove, slight improvement from last month’s poll 45% approval.

  41. There are a number of good sites out there, which aren’t the rather poisonous pits that DK, FDL, etc. have become. Deaniac’s site The People’s View, Blue Wave News (disclaimer: I write for it), and yes, Balloon Juice. BJ one of those sites that even if you don’t agree, it does make you think.

  42. I think I would have given different advice, and maybe a nice forceful “pat” on the back.

    Or at least used a different metaphor and told folks not to drink the koolaid their “leaders” were pushing on them. Imagine that meltdown if the “professional left” dig got them so riled up.

  43. I’m clicking through your blog roll, and enjoying the sites, all with good discussions and no vitriol. Love them! Thanks!

  44. Thanks snowbird42!

    Unfortunately, it looks like “the mob” has jumped on TPM as well. I should just stay away from the comment sections everywhere?

  45. Hi isabelle!

    Each email from BWD represents a new post (diary) to her blog. I read through the email, clicking on the links. Once I’m done doing that, I click on the bottom of the email where it says you can place a comment. That brings me to this site and directly to the diary by BWD that was sent in the email.

    When I want to read all her diaries here, I go to home page and scroll down to each post she’s offered look at the photos and everything else I read in the email.

    Then I read the comment section in each post, and post something if I have something to say. (I’ve been experimenting with how the site works… so haven’t posted much.) The comments are added often, so you have to check back to the particular diary you might be particularly interested in to find new comments posted. This particular diary you have posted in now has had new comments placed by users since I visited it last night.

    To the right on the page you will see the most recent comments that are being posted on diaries that BWD wrote, and you can find archived diaries as well to read them if you haven’t already.

    I think the only thing you are missing with each email are all the photos that aren’t in the email, so you have to go to the directly to the diary on the site to see what is not in the email.

    I hope this helps, and that I have understood your questions.

  46. Forgot to say, when you post here, you will the box under the comment box that says, “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” You can click on that if you want to be notified by email.

  47. Thank you amk!

    “Mr Karzai has complained vocally about US military tactics in recent weeks.”

    Uh huh. What is Karzai doing to help the situation over there? 😦

  48. karzai is another corrupt pol from those parts. He is only interested in swindling all the aid money from the west.

  49. I can hardly tell the difference between the Freeper comments about Pres Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan and those I’m seeing at DK – including a wish that he’d stay there and let Biden take over. 😦

  50. This sitting President is not one to be hasty or reckless with his comments. I have always felt there was “method in his madness” and that because he’s a Constitutional lawyer, he gets what his responsibility is as Commander in Chief under the Constitution. He’s invested a lot of time thinking about this issue, and words, in support of repealing DADT.

  51. I’ve been afraid to look. They are emotional vampires, both ends of the spectrum. I’m glad I have this forum so I can hang with all of you.

  52. Yup. Just been there. Level of vitriol is unbelievable. Now I can turn off that site.

  53. I don’t get them anymore because I told people politely that I didn’t want them. Most of the time when I received them I just deleted them as soon as I saw them, but a few times I would copy an article from PolitiFact refuting it or Snopes or whatever factchecking site worked. I would “reply to all” and tell them that actually the email wasn’t true. I would give them sites like PolitiFact and Snopes to check before they forward any email at all that could damage someone else. When I did that I stopped getting the viral emails from the sender for sure.

    I was calm though. There is a lot of emotion stirred up and the calmness helps. They expect either agreement which confirms their opinion or anger back which makes them again feel they are right. When I don’t react to people, but calmly explain things they fizzle like a balloon with the air let out.

  54. Michelle will kill you if you try anything.:)
    Ok, not really…he is hot, though.
    Don’t be too hard on Kos, though…insanity breaks out there from time to time, but we all went there, didn’t we?

  55. Well, our President did say during his campaign for the Presidency, that our nation has a deficit in compassion. Words were never so true.

  56. A fabulous insight was posted at WSY: these toxic spaces are only important because we help to make them important. We are partly responsible for that. By attempting to “balance” out irrational voices, or voices with hidden and selfish agendas, and by continuing to ascribe an undeserved credibility by virtue of debating a certain mindset as if that mindset is capable of reason.

    At the end of the day, creating new spaces and new outlets for the energy which ushered out Bush and ushered in change, building on that work, is what’s important. Easy to say, hard to do, but when I saw it posted on WSY, I thought that it is a compelling argument in terms of redirecting energies rather than allowing them to be sucked into an energy pit created by miserable and/or duplicitous people.

  57. Wonderful, uplifting, powerful, gorgeous photos! THANK YOU, as always, bwd!!!



    I LOVE what they’ve been doing for all of us every day since President Obama took office.


    Oh, and f’k the haters.

  58. As Stephanie Miller puts it, if you agree with anyone 100% of the time, you are an idiot. I can disagree with him and still be proud he is my President and be proud to support him again in 2012. Heck, I cannot imagine I would have agreed with everything FDR did (for crying out loud, Social Security was racist in the beginning.) What I cannot do any longer is deal with the nattering nabobs of negativism on other sites. I am as far left as one gets (love ya Paul Wellstone,) and it makes me ill to see what is happening. Tragically, I see so much racism in what is happening, something I think I have been in denial over for some time now.

    That having been said, there is something I can do about it-go to sites where there is THOUGHTFUL analysis as well as simply happy pictures of this wonderful family, all of which helps me continue the fight.

  59. I was a lurker on DKos but never wrote a diary or a comment — too many confusing rules and opportunity to get singed. It’s gotten so bad over there that I’ve stopped reading (and had mostly dropped by the last six months or so for Blackwaterdog’s diaries). BWD, so glad you’re out here because it’s too easy to despair over all the negativity otherwise.

    My husband and I attended the Rally to Restore Sanity, and we saw a lot of support for the president. So, while the internet seems to be going up in flames over this administration, a lot of regular people out there do believe that our wonderful president is doing a good job.

    Thanks for this site, BWD. Reading your entries and, sometimes especially the comments, I feel at home here, among positive people who are trying to make a difference.

    All best, and onward and upward!

  60. Precisely how I feel and why I have decided I will dignify that blog or any others as toxic, with my voice.

    We all know that the headlines over there are grabbed from other sources, anyway. I will ever so often peek in, but I’m the silent majority over there, now. And I do feel the majority of progressive voters support our President. I also believe they aren’t sitting on blogs all day looking to create chaos. They want help and progress for this nation, not a Wild West shootout!

  61. Hi Kay. Hey, easy to say, hard to do! I was just repeating someone else’s words of wisdom because those words struck me as so sensical. I’m just over the moon with the lively response to this new space; I especially love love love the delurkers who have chosen to raise their voices here because they know that it’s safe. Great job, everyone!

  62. I’m so thrilled to see people delurk here. There’s a hidden universe of positive locations in which to have balanced political discussions; it’s really nice to see this one grow. Welcome!

  63. This is so cool! I’m not Jewish, but my friend and I go to synagogues sometimes – he used to study Judaism. We have been to two synagogues here int the Bay Are whose Rabbi’s were invited to the White House for this.

  64. Visual representations of this POTUS doing his job are utterly powerful. I’m gratified to see this work continue.

  65. I see Tom(cat) has decided he’s bored with standing against the rabble rousers, and if he can’t beat them, he will join with them *again*. That man is a flip-flopper if there ever was one. I should be surprised?

    I Recommended that diary for the facts, but I’ve sworn off posting over there. Thanks, Tori.

  66. Again, thank you so much BWD for this site. It makes me elated to read comments coming from others. This is like a peaceful space filled with truth in thoughts and respect for each other. Thank you.
    Speaking of respect: it was so wonderful to see our President of the United States greeted by our beloved troops. I was just crying and giving thanks for each of the men and women who are serving so bravely and with so much respect. Then to see the President go around and shake hands, give that great smile and to say,”Thank you” just was so worth it for me. I am proud of our POTUS and his team for pulling this one off again. It makes my heart joyful when he is always a step ahead of the MSM. I will continue to light my candles in prayers, help in anyway possible and we will re-elect him in 2012. He is a good man, and you can see he cares about his troops. I am proud to stand with so many of you here on this site to keep looking for the best in our POTUS and to support him. And we can’t thank BWD for this excellent space to come and enjoy. The pictures are just beautiful. Thanks you so much.

  67. @Kaycesf I am a “newbie” where KOS is concerned. I never go there, and only went there in the past to visit BWD’s diaries. I saw the comment on OFA blog and thought I would pass it around, but I get tickled when so many of you “know” the posters and know what they are all about. I just never liked the format of KOS I guess, and now it is so hateful that I’ll pass.

  68. Thanks. I’ve been reading this since the first day it was announced on DKos and have finally decided to get out here on the comments. This place is a daily pleasure, and it’s just terrific to read so many interesting, enthusiastic and polite people’s comments.

    BWD has done a very good thing.

  69. This diary was telling the truth, but it only got thirteen recs meanwhile a diary by kellynurse (another negative diary) got 53 recs. The most negtive commenters(you know who) did not come into this diary, I guess because they don’t like facts.The daily kos has definitely jump the shark.

  70. Over at bluewavenews, Norbrook posted a terrific piece countering some misconceptions re: the corporate tax rate.


    Corporations Are Overtaxed? Try Another One

    On December 2, 2010, at 11:56 am, In Policy,

    By Norbrook

    The standard thing you will hear from every Republican is that businesses are overtaxed. They’ll all point in horror to the top marginal rate of 35%, and wail about how this makes the United States uncompetitive in the world market, and at how it’s one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

    Horrible, isn’t it? It’s a shame that we’re so non-competitive because of our high tax rates on businesses. Why, they’re going broke right and left, right? Well, not quite. You see, they’re posting record profits.

    As a share of gross domestic product, corporate profits also have been increasing, and they now represent 11.2 percent of total output. That is the highest share since the fourth quarter of 2006, when they accounted for 11.7 percent of output.

    Well, they’d be able to do so much more if they didn’t have that high tax burden, right? Well, the problem with that is they’re not paying that much in taxes:

    The most egregious example is General Electric. Last year the conglomerate generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up owing nothing to Uncle Sam. In fact, it recorded a tax benefit of $1.1 billion.


    The entire piece is so excellent!

  71. Love, love, love this site! THANKS BWD! I’m letting everyone know about it. Keep up the great work!

  72. Agree—-I just tried to rec your comment that we need a rec button. 🙂
    There are so many thoughtful comments here that it would be nice to be able to reinforce with a rec. And isn’t it a relief to be able to read through the comments without the usual hate-mongering. Ahhhhhhh and whew.

  73. It’s great to see a president who thinks before he speaks, considers his words carefully and doesn’t delve into the Beltway madness. It’s especially refreshing after eight years of reckless pronouncements (or mispronouncements) from his predecessor.

  74. Great site, I’m glad I found some folks that are positive. All the negativity was depressing.

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