NYT: “The Republican presidential ticket is making the election about race”

Fantastic and very depressing piece by Thomas B. Edsall, professor of journalism at Columbia University, in the NYT today:


Sharp criticism has done nothing to hold back the Romney campaign from continuing its offensive — in speeches and on the air — because the accuracy of the ads is irrelevant as far as the Republican presidential ticket is concerned. The goal is not to make a legitimate critique, but to portray Obama as willing to give the “undeserving” poor government handouts at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.


Obamacare, described in the Romney ad as a “massive new government program that is not for you,” would provide health coverage to a population of over 30 million that is not currently insured: 16.3 percent of this population is black; 30.7 percent is Hispanic; 5.2 percent is Asian-American; and 46.3 percent (less than half) is made up of non-Hispanic whites.


The principle media consultant for the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future, which will be running many of the anti-Obama ads over the next ten weeks, is Larry McCarthy, who produced the original Willie Horton ad.

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2 thoughts on “NYT: “The Republican presidential ticket is making the election about race”

  1. Figure that 27% of the population is made up of hard-core morons. They vote for Romney. Mittins needs 61% of the white vote to win. 122 million voted in 2008. So we subtract out 8 million black votes. And 75% of Latino voters: 8 million. So that leaves roughly 106 million white voters — about 65 million women and 42 million men. (Women always vote in substantially higher numbers than men.) In general, women favor the Democrats and it can be safely assumed that they will favor Obama even more than they did in 2008. (56-43). So if the 65 million white women voters favor Obama by the same margin, he’ll get roughly 36 million voters from them. And if men vote similarly, Obama will get 21 million votes of white men.
    So here’s the math: 8M black votes, plus 8M Latino votes, plus 36 million white women votes, plus 21 million white men votes = 73 million votes.
    Yes, weird things happen. The rethugs have not been able to suppress the vote in a large number of places, and the Democratic party base is highly energized. Unless a LOT of people stay at home, Mittens just does not have enough…..anything.

  2. Whoops I screwed up my own math. 122 minus let’s say 20 for the nuts who actually vote.. Minus 8 – 8- then left with 96 million white voters. 63 million women voting a bit better than they did last time = 42 million votes. 33 million white men voting as they did last time = 16 million.
    8+8+41+16=73 million. Still enough.

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