5 thoughts on “Fired up, and REALLY ready to go!

  1. One more thing to add “we got more brain power” on our side. Yes it’s the 4th quarter and our President is playing to win!! You got me Mr. President when you said “hello”…..

  2. And just THINK what else he might have been able to accomplish if he hadn’t been obstructed by Republicans every step of the way! Who is going to remind the voters that he did all this, while dragging along a dead-weight Congress?

  3. What up BWD… how you be? (smile) Glad to see you back in the mix. Oh yeah, PBO is fired up and ready to go. Because just when I was getting ready to blow up every blog I could with the economic FACTS that… the GOP hasn’t created one job, NOT ONE… has obstructed every jobs bill presented by PBO and Dems… and have layed off public workers by the hundreds of thousands in their bold attempt to destroy unions while sabotaging the Obama Administration AND throwing the AMERICAN PEOPLE under the bus just to serve their own selfish and austere political desires. No one has even mentioned that lately. But…

    … Rev. Al talked about just that today and the Obama Camp is gearing up to smack the GO(T)P around on that up to debate time… and during those as well. The Repugnantcans think they can get away with the same ol’ tired jedi-mind trick lies that got them the Congressional majority in 2010. But it won’t… and even in the face of their efforts to suppress the vote, PBO WILL win his 2nd term. The only difference will be instead of winning by the biggest landslide since Reagan-Mondale, he’ll just win the electorate and popular vote… AGAIN.

    Now, what I’m kind of concerned about is that since weekend voting has been deleted in most Republican-ran states, will Conservative employers threaten minorities AND women with termination if they miss work to go vote. Hey, anything reprehensible is possible in today’s GO(T)P….

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