Bloomberg: “Republican Leaders Voted for Debt Drivers They Blame on Obama”

What do you know, some journalists actually do their job:


Yet the speaker, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell all voted for major drivers of the nation’s debt during the past decade: Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts and Medicare prescription drug benefits. They also voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, that rescued financial institutions and the auto industry.
Together, a Bloomberg News analysis shows, these initiatives added $3.4 trillion to the nation’s accumulated debt and to its current annual budget deficit of $1.5 trillion.

// snip

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost almost $1.3 trillion since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, according to a March 29 analysis by the Congressional Research Service. Operations in Iraq have cost $806 billion, and in Afghanistan $444 billion. The analysis shows the government has spent an additional $29 billion for enhanced security on militia bases and $6 billion remains unallocated.
Medicare Drug Benefit
The 2003 Medicare prescription program approved by President George W. Bush and a Republican-dominated Congress has cost $369 billion over a 10-year time frame, less than initially projected by Medicare actuaries.
Nine Senate Republicans, including Nebraska’s Chuck Hagel, along with 25 Republicans in the House, voted against the bill. Hagel argued that it failed to control costs and would add trillions in debt for future generations.
“Republicans used to believe in fiscal responsibility,” Hagel wrote in a 2003 editorial in the Omaha World Herald. “We have lost our way.”
TARP, the $700-billion bailout of banks, insurance and auto companies, has cost less than expected. McConnell, Boehner, Cantor and Ryan all voted in October 2008 for the program, which stoked the rise of the Tea Party movement.
Many institutions have repaid the government. The latest estimated lifetime cost of the program is $49.33 billion, according to a June 2011 report by the Treasury Department. That figure includes the $45.61 billion cost of a housing program which the administration never expected to recoup.
Rank-and-file Republicans are eager to pin the blame on Democrats, frequently pointing to the economic stimulus signed by Obama in 2009. The total cost of the stimulus will be $830 billion by 2019, according to a May 2011 Congressional Budget Office report.
That’s half the cost of the Bush tax cuts and less than two-thirds of what has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


PBO and VPB visited the Norwegian embassy on Tuesday to pay respects in wake of deadly terror attacks in Oslo.

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  1. BWD, Thanks for putting this one up. There is now a mountain of roses in downtown Oslo and Norway is in great pain.

  2. Absolutely. It is good that POTUS and his V-P stopped by the embassy to console the people of Norway during this heart-breaking episode. The world is just teaming with hate and madness.i

  3. A fitting letter of condolence by PBO (which one has come to expect, of course:-)

    I realized Al Giordano (The field – is back and has a new post up. They are starting a Fantasy football league as a donation drive:-)
    So anybody into that sort of thing could check it out. Al has been priceless in keeping my sanity in the runup to the 2008 elections with his reasoned and level-headed analyses.

  4. Look around the 0:28 mark, he stops writing for a few seconds and shakes his head a little bit. I think that right now he is just totally disgusted with the world.

  5. BWD noted this on an earlier thread: Boehner is so pathetically weak, some outlets are now reporting that he does not even have votes in his caucus to pass his own pathetic plan! How embarrassing is that for a man who calls himself speaker! Can he ever do anything in his capacity as Speaker beyond crying!!!!! Just mind-boggling how this bumbling fool was allowed this close to power in the United States government.

  6. With less than 400 people contacted so far, News Corp is now looking at over 4 billion in losses from lawsuits. Wait until the other 4,600 people sue.

  7. “There is no remendy for love but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau


    “Love is a fruit in season at all times,and within reach of every hand.” Mother Teresa

    May comfor be the energy of the love sent to the lovely people of Norway.

  8. He definitely doesn’t have the votes. Apparently more than 100 Republicans came out yesterday afternoon against his plan.

  9. Politico is reporting that Cantor came out backing Boehnor this morning in the Republican caucus meeting, telling everyone to stop whining and get behind Boehnor’s plan.

    Maybe Cantor is seeing that he really doesn’t want to take over Boehnor’s job right this minute.

  10. Regarding the President’s note for the people of Norway, I admire so much when he uses the word “heartbroken” in these types of messages, mostly because when he uses the word, he means it. I’m so proud he is the leader of our country. Well, proud would be an understatement.

    I’ll add my thoughts to his for the people of Norway and their burdens.

  11. Thank you for this, BWD. Lawdy, how does POTUS do it? And VP Biden. God Bless them and their famileies.

    May God Bless the families of Norway.

  12. God, our President and Vice President are so humble and respectful. God bless them both, and may God bless the people of Norway through this troubling time. My heart and prayers go out to them.

  13. The brits media and the pols are calling out the ‘few right wing nut jobs’ for holding the world economy to ransom. If only the fucking american media did their fucking job adequately, the rethugs wouldn’t be so racist in their ‘opposition’ .

  14. Good. I wonder why the scandal is not still making headlines….This creep needs to get piled and on until he feels the same way those he has victimized for so long felt! What an evil creature he is.

  15. What is our Strategy, Le’t put a plan in to action on this blog. Let’s attack the media with email or blackout media day

  16. I agree, the media outlets in the UK are doing a better job of covering the debt limit/deficit negotiations than American media outlets, amk, and some of them are not holding back on their criticism of the rw nutjobs in Congress. They are stating very clearly that the republicans’ main goal is to destroy the Obama Presidency. I also sensed that they are as disgusted with them as we are. The way the republicans are behaving is changing America’s image around the world in a very negative way. In one of the articles I read online today, the journalist stated that if this is what the world can expect in leadership from republicans, they can’t be voted out of office soon enough.

  17. My favorite quote from my favorite novel, James Joyce’s “Ulysses”.

    Force, hatred, history, all that. That’s not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it’s the very opposite of that that is really life.

    What? says Alf.

    Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.

  18. I got an email from saying “1 million deportations” as if President Obama was responsible for all of them. I emailed them weeks ago providing them links showing Obama enforcing the Dream act behind the scenes. Even though Immigration groups praised the administration for that, was totally silent, even after emailing a very credible link.

    If they do not reply or dismiss me totally, I am unsubscribing from them. They are accomplishing nothing by bashing President Obama unfairly and not recgonizing what good he has done for them.

  19. Dunn that would be a terrific idea. so how soon can we start and which are our targets?

  20. Our President stated somewhere in his speech last night that “The world is watching” which makes me think that he is receiving a lot of feedback – along with a lot of support – from the international community on this debt ceiling issue .

  21. Peter, The FBI and DOJ in the states will not produce headlines until they arrest someone. Right now in the UK, Parliament is on their summer holiday, so headlines are sparse. This week, however, the meetings between mp’s and Murdoch people are published and questions will be asked. Sky is back to covering it at least once an hour.
    At some point very soon, Rupert has to tell the shareholders about the potential losses from thousands of lawsuits. At that point he is toast and so is News Corp. One evil creature will bite the dust, but there are others like the Koch’s.

  22. Ahh. Thank you for that explanation. I knew for the FBI, I did not understand what is happening on your side of the pond. Good stuff.Let the digging begin…lol.

  23. The Balance Budget part of the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan is impossible according to Chris Mathews yesterday. He had on a House Teaparty Rep from Utah on and the guy was on message about passing the Cut, Cap and Balance plan. Everytime Chris asked him about compromising he said they could compromise how to do the balance and on some dates. Chris said that wasn’t compromise it was My Way or the Highway. He also said it would take 2/3rds of the House and Senate as well as 2/3rds of each state to pass a Balance Amendment to the Constitution. We didn’t even get the Women’s Equality Amendment passed. Chris mentioned there was no way they could get this stuff done in time if they even had the will or agreement to get it done.
    Seems to me those new Congress members have to go. How can we do that? It needs to happen now instead of 2012 or nothing will improve or get done. Can there be recalls?

  24. I was thinking of the incredible amount of lack of gratitude seen by so many beneficiaries of Prez Obama’s work so far. It made me think of spoiled kids getting what they want but never being satisfied only wanting more and more, faster and faster. Sort of like Eric Cantor’s description of himself in his high school yearbook. “I want what I want when I want it.”

  25. Here is a sample of what I am doing:

    It is unconscionable that you, in the mainstream media have failed the American people in the way you have reported this GOP manufactured debt ceiling crisis. Time and time again, the President and Democrats have asked for a balanced approach to the debt ceiling, only to be rebuffed by GOP intransigence. And even when the American people have shown their support for the president’s approach by, for example jamming the phone lines, twitter servers, email servers and fax machines of their representatives urging them to work with the president, you have dismissively ignored to highlight this, as if the issue is of little or no consequence to millions of lives, let alone the standing of our country! Even when polls have confirmed what the President, Democrats and the American people want, you continue to pretend that the lunatic fringe has something good to offer!l.
    When is enough, enough? Do your damn jobs and help end this national nightmare.Stop enabling the fringe.

  26. Great! I’d ask when the art of investigative, fact based journalism left their premises! We don’t NEED a million pundits, we need fact based journalism. We can make up our own minds.

  27. Amazing!!

    Maybe it’s time we take PBO’s message and apply it to the media. We really ought to organize a full week to call, tweet, e-mail, facebook and fax these guys.

    If we can crash the servers in Congressional offices, we can take on the cable stations and networks.

  28. DF, as I noted above in response to Peter M, I think it is about time we give the media the same treatment we give Congress last night and today.

    We set a designated hour and day, beginning with their early morning programs straight through evening and cable news peak hours. No let up for about a week.

    Some of them like the NYT, are beginning to wake up, but we need to start applying some serious pressure.

    —–Boehner’s Plan faces rejection and veto threat — NYT

    “The scramble for votes came as lawmakers’ phone lines and Web sites were overwhelmed in response to President Obama’s plea on Monday night for Americans to call members of Congress and push for a compromise. Across the Capitol in the Senate, the majority leader, Harry Reid, waited for the House to vote — likely on Wednesday — before bringing his own debt legislation to the floor.”

    Some of the European press put these guys to utter shame.

    Go figure.

  29. You what would be hilarious?
    Pick off key political pundits and reporter and overwhelm their twitter or text capacities. One hour of intense tweeting and texting until the recipient realizes that they are under a sustained twitter or text attack! Unfortunately I do not twit
    , hence I send out emails to newsrooms.

  30. Kucinich has a diary on old orange saying that the white house is threatening to cut social security secretly.

  31. How can you “threaten” something secretly? That doesn’t make sense. You make a threat out loud for it to have impact.

  32. Someone asked how Europe is reacting to the debt ceiling battle. Lagarde was the French Finance Minister and is now the Head of the IMF.

    “The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has urged politicians in the United States to strike a deal on the country’s level of debt…
    ‘Default would be terrible for the United States and for the economy at large,’ Ms Lagarde said.”…more

  33. OMG, when will Kooky Kucinich shut the FUCK UP? He’s another PL that we need to get rid of, and he has voted more with REPUBLICANS than with Democrats!

  34. I’m all for this idea africa, and yes, the media is a HUGE part of the problem. Tonight the tools at ABC (including that stupid arse Jake Tapper) were braying that the Republicans have won the argument, and the WH doesn’t know what to do, etc.., etc..

    If the American people are suffering, then NO ONE has won a damn thing. The media needs to stop this dangerous game they are pushing with the Republicans – or they may come to severely regret this one day.

  35. Cuz you know Kucinich is tight with the White House and is privy to the secrets being kept there and is the first person the WH calls when they want to leak something. What a moron.

  36. Budget office tells Boner his plan fails to reduce debt as much as he has been claiming. Boner scrambling to come up with something else.

  37. I wrote my reps. In addition to telling them not to cut SS, Medicare and Medicaid and to raise the ceiling with no strings attached, I told them to start getting effective at deconstructing the following meme (posted on the BBC site but representative of the right’s misinformation) and showing WHY it is false. Told them that I didn’t care how they do it–charts, cartoons, blogs, talk show appearances, etc, but until they factually demonstrate WHY it is false, it will continue to be believed. Here’s the false meme that I am not hearing effectively being rebutted anywhere (instead I just hear counterpoint talking points):
    Mark E Lehr, Riverside, California says “I have not had a raise in four years and my house is worth 50% of what I owe. The cause of our problem is big government and over-regulation. This country is taxed too much – the wealthy are already paying everyone’s share. There has been no shared sacrifice at the federal level. All those in the private sector have cut back and the government has only increased its payroll. President Obama is not taking the debt seriously. He is playing to his base. You don’t reduce debt by adding taxes – you cut spending and live within your means. We have never reduced spending. The government has just got larger and larger. We are being sold into slavery and our children will end up as indentured servants to those in Washington DC. The cause of our problem is big government and over-regulation. This is also what caused the worldwide recession. And those that caused the problem are the ones that are in charge to fix it. This is just a crazy world.”

  38. The vision of Eric Cantor telling anyone else to stop whining just gave me a chuckle in the midst of all this frustration and sadness. Thanks Teresa!

  39. This blog post from Yahoo has me livid. Our “job creators” at their best.

    Hundreds of job opening listings posted on and other jobs sites explicitly state that people who are unemployed would be less attractive applicants, with some telling the long-term unemployed to not even bother with applying.

    The New York Times’ Catherine Rampell said she found preferences for the already employed or only recently laid off in listings for “hotel concierges, restaurant managers, teachers, I.T. specialists, business analysts, sales directors, account executives, orthopedics device salesmen, auditors and air-conditioning technicians.” Even the massive University of Phoenix stated that preference, but removed the listings when the Times started asking questions.

    The concerted shunning of unemployed Americans by prospective employers was a common theme that cropped up in the thousands of responses that poured in when we asked Yahoo! readers to share their experiences of unemployment for our “Down But Not Out” series.

    Reader Susan W. said she was being treated “as if it were my fault I was unemployed, regardless of the fact that I had put out hundreds of resumes and applications.”
    Legal experts told the Times that explicitly barring unemployed people from applying does not qualify under the statutory definition of discrimination, since unemployment is not a federally protected status like age or race. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently set out to establish whether employers were discriminating against certain protected groups because they are overrepresented in the ranks of the unemployed, such as African-American and older workers. (We covered that meeting here.) New Jersey recently passed a law barring employment ads that seek to rule out applications from those who are unemployed.

    Even if the practice of weeding out unemployed applicants doesn’t fit the legal definition of discrimination, it sure feels unfair for the more than 6.3 million Americans who have been out of work for more than six months to be told they are automatically disqualified for the few openings that are out there. “I feel like I am being shunned by our entire society,” Kelly Wiedemer, an unemployed information technology specialist, told the Times.

  40. Okay. If you are available Tomorrow, let get started early. Let’s get here early, see what is trending where POTUS needs help, then we’ll pick of a number of outlets and for two hours, we’ll bombard them non-stop. Be here, I will check in first thing with my coffee up as I always do…lol.

  41. I’m good with that! Let’s start with why Pat Buchanon has a platform to spew his venom on MSNBC with ease.

  42. Good Strategy Peter, Now if we can get the people to put the plan in action.
    It would be nice if we had a good action plan on this blog to attack the media. We keep focusing on what the Republican are doing and not the media. The Republican are not getting through to the people the Media is. I live in Florida, when I go out into the community I hear what the media are telling people, and it hard to get some, not to believe what the media are saying. I hear a lot of (both at fault.) they hear this on the News everyday. most people here look at NBC nightly news, they are lying most of the time on Obama include local new and the main local paper. Lies Lies I tell you all Lies. I stop reading the paper. Just couldn’t take it any more

  43. Okay. This how I normally do it. Write out text, check to make sure it is error-free and my message is clear. Then, copy and paste. Then enter the email address of the news organization–usually VP communications but in a few cases newsroom. Then I click send ten times in about a second, and then another ten clicks and another ten.

    Then enter the address of another, and do the same…..after an hour or two, I often feel good–sit down and listen if there is any complaint or reaction from cable. Sometimes there is and it gives me a chuckle. So, yeah, let’s do it tomorrow–

  44. See note above. Desertflower and I will do something tomorrow–join in, let’s get as many as we can and just over-load their servers. Tomorrow I am off work–so I will do as much as I can, drinking as many coffees as I can handle.

  45. Totally off track, but this is interesting. I am a big reader of fantasy novels and Mercedes Lackey is one opf my preferred authors. I just picked up her latest, which came out in June. Since I am cheap I have to wait fot them to come to the library.

    Anyway, I opened to the dedication page and read:

    Dedicated to the Wisconsin 14, and the teachers, firefighters and public service workers of the US.

    Just thought it was cool.

  46. But, but but, Howard Fineman told me last night that the President would HAVE to accept the Boner plan of yesterday…

  47. You are so f*cking right! I wish our media would do their f*cking job too, but we need to get our act together and call them out. I twitter #mediafail all the time, and tell them to do their jobs, and I think if we keep it up, putting relentless pressure, we will turn some MSM reporters around, some…

  48. I believe there is a concerted effort by businesses (mostly likely members of the CoC) to make the umemployment situation worst throughout the Obama Administration. There is no reason for a company not to hire the long term unemployed. Hell, they not even hiring the newly graduated! If this is true, we have a bigger problem than just electing a good democratic candidates.

  49. DId you see the part where they say the majority of independents want President Obama to give more to the Republicans and give Republicans the majority on this debt crisis??? WTF? How is that even possible.

  50. I cannot IMAGINE the stress that our Presdeint is under. I am thinking about him and our congressional Dems today. Stay strong guys!
    P.S. I dislike the media very much. Howard Fineman is an old windbag that doesn’t know anything. So negative and cynical. Not worht watching tonight on MSNBC, All anti Obama..

  51. Wanted to give you an update. Today 30 folks showed up outside our Congressional Representatives office on a busy street. We had banners and signs, got lots of honks and cheers. We stayed for 1 hour after giving our Rep, Lynn Woolsey a thank you note.

    In nearby Napa there were 20 Obama supporters on one side of the street and 15 Tea Partiers on the other.

    We have to keep on the pressure. Everything we did today, we need to do tomorrow.

    Virtual hugs to you all, we did good!!

  52. Thank you. But then again, what do you expect from someone who did see the UFO…

  53. Remember the drama when “Obama let the GOP cut 38 billion!” and everybody collectively wet their under-roos? And then it turned out that NET spending actually went UP by 4 billion as a result of the so called debt reduction bill? (Per the CBO)

    Well, here we go again: the plan Boehner is working on will apparently cut spending by a grand total of …..((drumroll)) 4 billion.

    I swear, if we could harness the sound and fury (not the nothing) but just the sound and fury that eminates from DC, the left-wing purist-sphere and the MSM we could put Rush Limbaugh on the moon by 2014.

  54. WIW. Thanks for all that you do. Thanks for the work you did today.

    I went to the site and sent Nelson my feedback.

    Thanks for letting us know about this.

    I called today also to voice my concern, per the president’s request last night. Rubio’s office answered on the first ring.

    I think we should continue making contact until we see some results on this thing.

  55. I’m sitting here watching Bill Maher on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. Bill is doing his usual Obama is a weak President shtick. I just don’t get these so called Democrats that accuse President Obama of being weak. Not after being the only President in the history of America to pass a health care bill. And ending DADT, and passing a law governing the way Wall Street does business, and passing into law a new consumer protection agency. But in my opinion President Obama’s greatest achievement was to commission the military and C.I.A to come up with three different options to take out Osama Bin Laden, the plan that was chosen by President Obama was the most deadly. That plan had three helicopters, during the planning phase of that mission President Obama insisted on four helicopters. Now we know why he insisted on four helicopters. I’m not saying that President Obama is a military genius, what I am saying is that President Obama has an intellect that allows him to see and understand and choose the correct option to any problem that’s presented to him.

    A President that does not have patience or a vision would have chosen the plan that called for a bomb to be dropped on Bin Laden’s compound and hope like hell that Osama was home at the time, and hope like hell Osama doesn’t’ turn up somewhere else in another video.

    Now back to Bill Maher, and to a lesser extent Jon Stewart. These two guys have two things in common, one, they are rich, and two, and the debt ceiling rising or falling will not affect them as it would affect us. And that is my problem with the both of them. Their position in life allows them to be purist, when you are living paycheck to paycheck being a purist, sometimes you will end up going to bed hungry because you have to choose between buying groceries and keeping the lights on, sometimes my mother had to choose buying groceries. Maher and Stewart will never have to worry about a child with a preexisting health condition getting health insurance. Maher and Stewart will never have to worry about filling out a Pell Grant form for a child to get financing to go to college. It is a safe bet that Maher and Stewart aren’t upside down on their mortgage. Though as much as President Obama seems to disappoint them, I don’t think President stays awake late at night worrying about Maher and Stewart’s bills getting paid. Maybe Maher and Stewart should be disappointed with President Obama, or maybe they should STFU and be happy that their lot in life is better than 99 percent of other Americans and let the skinny black guy worry about the common man.

  56. Cantor’s face looks like it’s chiseled out of rock, but not in a good way.

  57. Thank you for that great rant. I watched Maher and was screaming at the screen. My husband told me to be quiet. These people keep talking about a real democrat. They want someone who is just like a repub and does not compromise at all. They want a fight. I don’t understand how they can say Obama hasn’t done anything. They make me so mad! I had to leave the room.

  58. Jane Hamsher is a republican consultant.

    Dan Choi is supporting republicans over Obama.

    Adam Green makes money off of rumors against President Obama.

    Paul Krugman calls President Obama an affirmative action hire by saying he never won a tough election.

    These people are really showing their true colors. What phonies. They have been using the left and it ain’t been pretty.

  59. The guy is delusional. He is irrelevant and wants to stir the pot to seem like he’s useful. He should shut up now…he’s embarrassing himself.

  60. Bill lost me after he said he wanted a Dem President to do dem things, and he hasn’t….WRONG ANSWER BILL.

  61. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley have long lost their credibility

    Jane Hamsher
    Adam Green
    Dan Choi
    Bill Maher
    Paul Krugman

    Have lost whatever credibility they had left all together.

  62. What I have found is that VERY FEW of those who initially supported someone other than Obama in the Dem primaries are fully supportive of him as President. Maher supported John Edwards, I am quite sure Jon Stewart was a Clinton supporter (although Colbert was an Obama supporter) and most of the DKos people supported either Edwards or Clinton and it shows now when the going gets tough. They either supported Clinton or Edwards because of their own personal (whether conscious or not) racism or they truly thought Edwards or Clinton was a better candidate. But it is pretty consistent that these are the people, along with “former” Republicans who are the first to criticize Obama. They are truly fair weather supporters of our democratic president.

  63. I wanted to post this for a friend who has dial up and can’t get things to load quickly enough to do it herself. It was written in reply to someone who claimed to be “ashamed” of the President and I thought that in light of all the griping from the Bill Maher “wing” of the party this was a great response. ala madamesilverspurs:

    ” I am NOT ashamed of this President.

    He is, like me, imperfect; thus I have never expected or demanded perfection from him. Just as I have not agreed with all of his decisions, there have been times when I have intensely admired his forbearance in the face of unrelenting horseshit. Where I would have left a trail of black eyes and bloody noses, he has met his tormentors with rare equilibrium and exquisite class — and there are many on the left who would do well to consider that demeanor and be thankful for it.

    I also accept the fact that he has a remarkably keen intellect with which he evaluates that information that is not necessarily available to the rest of us. He has been places I will never go, he has studied things that are far beyond my ken, he has endured presuppositions to which I will never, ever be subjected. He has overcome barriers that would cripple others, and daily confronts the smirking racism that insists it’s anything but. With all that, he still understands that he is President of a country comprised of people of varying political persuasions. He gets the importance of that reality.

    There are those who are worthy of great shame. They pass themselves off as public servants elected to represent their entire constituencies, yet they clearly and blatantly serve only those in their own party. Their commitment is not to the country, but to their own quests for power. They pledge their allegiance to the very ideas and persons who have brought us to the edge of this pit. They answer to voices on the radio and gladly adjust agendas to avoid pissing them off. They disrespect the office by proudly spitting on the man who occupies it. They routinely dis good-faith efforts, blow off invitations in favor of drinks with cronies, think nothing of engaging in schoolyard taunts and name-calling. When they do that stuff they are worthy of our disgust, our revulsion, our embarrassment that these creatures are what the world sees when they look at our country.

    And because the President doesn’t act like that, we’re supposed to be ashamed of him?

    Not THIS Democrat. Not now, not ever.”

  64. I won’t stand by as Republican posturing over the debt ceiling threatens our economy. Republicans need to stop holding the economy hostage over their obsession to end Medicare, while keeping subsidies for oil companies.

    Sign the petition. We need 100,000 people to tell Paul Ryan and Company to stop playing political games with the American economy.

  65. Just wanted to say – last night I emailed several friends and family who live in Republican districts and all got back to me saying they had contacted their Congressional Reps. It’s just a small drop but I felt good. I very rarely ask people to do things like that but last night I had to do it.

  66. You could very well be right. Personally, I don’t give them much thought…they suck the air out of the room and live in a state of perpetual anger, over something, anything! I discard those kinds of people from my normal, everyday life…why in goodness name would I ever listen to strangers do it , too? They mean little to me….too much work to do. They either get on board, or they don’t. Train’s leaving with or without them.

  67. SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we save that somewhere??? Truly, a heartfelt exquisite letter. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

  68. Done! Shall we pass this around? I didn’t see how many signatures they have collected.

  69. That is NOT true. All the polls have THE PUBLIC in PBO’s and the DEMS corner. This is a blatant LIE and ploy to DECEIVE the MASSES. HITLER’S NAZI GERMANY and Josef Goebels is what I call this!!!!

  70. I don’t understand why you all keep reporting on these DOUCHEBAG so called Progressives. None of them want to see PBO successfull. Hontestly folks JUST IGNORE THE turmoil. We are going to have 15 months of this as the election cycle proceeds. STOP THE MADNESS!! WE all know the entire MSM is anti Obama. They HATE HIS BRILLIANCE!! Cmon GUYS. I have signed petitions all day and have called my Representatives. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!

  71. Betsy stop WATCHING the MSM. That is the way they want you to feel hopeless like everything they are saying is TRUE. Cmon girl it is PROPOGANDA at its best. Buck up, call your Congressional Reps. Sign the online petitions and send a donation to PBO’s re-election campaign. STOP depending on the MSM to validate our CANDIDATE cause it WON’T HAPPEN!!!

  72. PBO doesn’t watch the news. HE is making decisions behind closed doors. He thrives off of these challenges. Lets be POSITIVE people. I dont watch MSM and I’m so much more the SANER for it. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  73. They not going to regret it, They lied for Bush and the wars, they don’t regret all those people died because of lies they help bush tell. They are evil to the bone

  74. I saw the news that Boehner was forced to postpone a vote on his debt ceiling plan because he didn’t have the votes. I’m probably hoping against hope, but this COULD mean that Reid could push his compromise bill through with Pelosi’s help…or maybe get a CLEAN bill through and end this nonsense.

  75. Hey kittypat, thank you for that post. Tell your friend that her response was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like desertflower just said, this should be saved, preserved somewhere so many, many others can see it.

  76. I hope Tally from TOD doesn’t mind me using this shot of HOPE and OPTIMISM in her post, enjoy: 😀
    1. Obama gets a CLEAN DEBT CEILING RAISE.
    2. All of America has seen how BATSHIT INSANE The ClownCarCrazies® really are.
    3. Obama Brings a JOBS BILL and beats the GOP with it from now until election day 2012 – running on getting rid of the Bush Tax cuts – because there are still NO FUCKING JOBS.
    4. Obama and the Dems sweep.
    5. Bush tax cuts expire.
    6. No more GOP able to stop PROGRESS, because the Baggers permenently destroyed the GOP forever.
    7. Norquist is declared an enemy combatant. Everyone who signed his pledge is tried for sedition and blackmail via RICO.
    8. ACA morphs into Single Payer
    9. Contribution Cap on SS/Medicare is disposed of – everyone pays the same % of earnings – problem solved for all eternity.
    10. EPIC WIN


  77. I love it…sounds good to me!! Positive thoughts yield positive results. Go Tally!

  78. He does thrive on challenges…just wish those challenges would switch gears and deal with other issues that didn’t feel like reliving the damn civil war.

  79. I was up until 1:30 am last night…writing emails to every senator/rep in this state…today I called . Every senator/rep in this state. Even had an argument picked with me by the brazen 20 something on the phone on behalf of his Teabagger boss. Pointing these idiots out and dealing with them as a community, en masse…seems to be the progressive thing to do. My voice alone wouldn’t matter…but many voices would.
    I’m tired, Keith…maybe I misunderstood. I adore my President and support and trust him 10000000%. That will never go away. I will work my fingers to the bone, give my heart and soul….I think the douchebag needs some phone calls and emails…that doesn’t keep me from supporting this President or doing my civic duty to call these guys out…including all my Senators/reps. I have to get some sleep so I can battle some more tomorrow….we’re all meeting here early to take our fight to the media…..the inept media. Wanna help out???? We need all the partners we can get. Night everyone….Night, Keith…see you tomorrow. Go Bucks:)

  80. That was a WONDERFUL GOOD NIGHT GIFT! God bless, Tally! She’s amazing…and thank YOU Keith, for sharing that with all of us. Nice work…I will have happy thoughts, and that will sustain us for however long this takes…I may print that out and remind myself of the future….as long as we fight hard, this is not out of the picture:)
    PS…I love how she calls them the ClownCarCrazies..

  81. How does Bill Maher , a comedian, get a slot on television telling us what the President must do? Same as Ann Coulter, I guess. None of these “pundits” knows what goes on behind the scenes, which is the reality long before these “negotiations” go public. What, exactly, do they expect the President to do in this situation when the hideous gops are operating entirely within the system? Why do they denigrate what the President asked is to do yesterevening? Let’s ram them with out demands that they become human and rejoin the race.

  82. What does Maher know about “Dem” things? He supported the war in Iraq until it became apparent that we were LOSING. He is also Islamophobic and chauvinistic in regard to women’s issues. Why pay attention to anything he says? It’s not like he has any inside information.

  83. Thanks Desert……and YES GO BUCKS!! Oh, I’m with yah on confronting the MEDIA. I’m all IN!!! 😀

  84. Yep, and you’re welcome. nighty night desert. Talk to you tomorrow. Oooops its after midnight. I mean later on today. 😉

  85. I believe this is what Mr. Obama has always had in mind. I wont be surprised when it comes true either…and all the stupid naysayers will eat their crow once and for all.

    And don’t get me started on those sorry older men (Bill Maher is one) who constantly call the president weak. All they’re doing is projecting their own inadequacies on to the president because they feel so inferior to him. What a joke they are.

  86. Let’s keep crashing Congress AND now add the media! Anonymous had the right idea!
    However, our way is legal!

  87. So let me be clear. July 27 dawn to dusk e-mail bomb on msnbc/Pat Buchanan right?

  88. Peter, I have done a bit of fiddling with your comment because it is a perfect size for an e-mail or letter to the editor. If you don’t mind, we could “borrow” it for the e-mail “bomb”. At least those of us who aren’t as able to express ourselves as you are.

    “It is unconscionable that you, in the mainstream media have failed the American people in the way you have reported this GOP manufactured debt ceiling crisis. Time and time again, the President and Democrats have asked for a balanced approach to the debt ceiling, only to be rebuffed by GOP intransigence. And even when the American people have shown their support for the president’s approach by, for example, jamming the phone lines, twitter servers, email servers and fax machines of their representatives urging them to work with the president, you have dismissively refused to highlight this, as if this issue is of little or no consequence to millions of lives, let alone the standing of our country! Even when polls have confirmed what the President, Democrats and the American people want, you continue to pretend that the lunatic fringe has something good to offer! If you want me to read your papers or watch your News programs, I suggest you get off your butts and start doing your damn jobs and help end this national nightmare. Stop enabling the fringe!”

  89. Thanks Gramiam. The President will survive and SO will we. 🙂

  90. I’ve been tweeting and put out a call for twitterbombing the MSM this morning!

    Here is a sample of what I am doing:
    Polls from several sources confirm what Pres. Obama, Dems and America want. Why do you at ABC pretend GOP has anything good to offer. Just an example!

  91. As long as we make the Tea Party sweat and Boehner cry, I’m a happy camper. Besides, my birthday is August 4th too and I want what my President wants! Let’s raise the debt ceiling!

  92. Good morning team. Okay, Desertflower, Gramiam, Dun and whoever is on board, I am up and ready to hit send. Here is a sample of what I am sending Buchannan and the VP Communications at CNBC. Feel free to tweak and use it or to send them your own rant.

    Pat Buchannan, Pat Buchannan and CNBC. ..who knew? Watching and listening to you rant and rail on a cable channel enabled by a corporation that pretends to be progressive and all-American is nauseating. It is like watching a slow and painful progression of the KKK complete with white sheets burning crosses on lawns morphing right before your own eyes, into business suits and right into cable T.V.

    What is so absurd about this modern-day bigotry is also ironic. Supposedly good people at CNBC—progressive and all, shake your hand and promote you as a credible, respectable national figure with opinions that merit public airing and then, the arrogance and shamelessness that asks us to actually pay you to watch this channel pour your vile hatred and insults right into our living rooms.

    C’mmon CNBC, stop the pretence and recognize how insulting and damaging to all of us, your association with this bigot is. Buchannan belongs with FOX where his fellow, bigoted and vile Nixonian colleague, Roger Ailes has turned hatred into a billion-dollar mega Corporation. Take him off air.

  93. It is msnbc…not cnbc. Please correct this…I just noticed it! need a coffee lol/

  94. for the first hour, I am bombarding the Senior VP Communications with emails about Buchannan. Here is her email. If anyone has Buchannsn’s account at MSNBC, please
    share.Here is the sen. VP’s

    Pat Buchannan, Pat Buchannan and MSNBC. ..who knew? Watching and listening to you rant and rail on a cable channel enabled by a corporation that pretends to be progressive and all-American is nauseating. It is like watching a slow and painful progression of the KKK complete with white sheets burning crosses on lawns morphing right before your own eyes, into business suits and right into cable T.V.

    What is so absurd about this modern-day bigotry is also ironic. Supposedly good people at CNBC—progressive and all, shake your hand and promote you as a credible, respectable national figure with opinions that merit public airing and then, the arrogance and shamelessness that asks us to actually pay you to watch this channel pour your vile hatred and insults right into our living rooms.

    C’mmon MSNBC, stop the pretence and recognize how insulting and damaging to all of us, your association with this bigot is. Buchannan belongs with FOX where his fellow, bigoted and vile Nixonian colleague, Roger Ailes has turned hatred into a billion-dollar mega Corporation. Take him off air. This bigot does not belong on a respectable family channel.

    Senior VP of communications at NBC
    Twitter @MSNBC or @NBCNews

  95. I so hope you are right about this:
    “At that point he is toast and so is News Corp. One evil creature will bite the dust…”

  96. My friend will be so glad that you liked it, I had to post it because I thought she’d done such a wonderful job. I saved it on my email account and I think it deserves attention.

  97. I’ve been posting it around on our sites, it really is a beautiful letter, as I told df above I’ve saved it and it deserves to be read. Will tell my friend what you said, she is a wonderful soul and this letter reflects that.

  98. Gramiam, are you sending the message you upgraded to MSM? I am now turning to this and directing it to major outlets. I suggest that as many of us do this…at least send five messages!!!

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