“Obama Put Out the Call, And They Answered”

David Weigel:

The only real news in President Obama’s speech last night seemed to be his call for Americans to contact their members of Congress and demand that they compromise. On Twitter, I asked if anyone was actually doing this. I got around 75 responses within an hour. Here’s a sample.

Pat from Kansas sent this to Rep. Kevin Yoder:

I fully support the president on this. Boehner is out to lunch. He made a business analogy. Not even close. Government is NOT business. Government REQUIRES compromise to be successful. Please do not be an obstructionist. Please do your job and make government work.

Rich from Ohio sent this to Rep. Steven LaTourette:

I’m a political moderate, of decent means, living in Hudson. I think I speak for many like me. I’ve listened to both sides this evening and President’s Obama’s approach is the one I clearly prefer. My reasons:
1) Chance for historic tax rate reduction and elimination of loopholes.
2) Includes reasonable cutbacks in entitlements.
3) Includes reasonable cutbacks in defense.
4) Gives the wealthy tax rates that are still lower than 50 years ago! The vast majority of the American people favor this; after all, it is only fair.
5) Repays a debt that we have already incurred. THE MONEY HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT; we must now pay it back.
6) Prevents this entire standoff from happening again in 6-12 months. I don’t want to see precious legislative time used to re-hash this same debate in six months.
This is a chance to do something historic and positive. Let’s not miss this opportunity, especially when the alternative sends the USA back into recession. THAT’s the real job killer.
While Speaker Boehner wants to compromise with the President, it is clear that he is being handcuffed by a handful of reckless Tea Party members who are willing to take this country into recession just to make a point. If that happens, virtually no one currently in office, Democrat or Republican, gets reelected in 2012. Please help these misinformed Representatives to understand what is a stake.
Please let me know where you stand on this critical issue.

Jason from Pennsylvania sent this to Rep. Tim Murphy.

Mr Murphy,
I strongly believe you need to put aside partisan politics, and cross party lines to raise the debt limit. This has been a non-issue for so many years and only seems to be an issue due to your lack of respect for our Commander in Chief. I don’t recall many republicans objecting during the 7 debt limit increases of George W. Bush’s administration. Now is not the time to hold the middle class and US credit rating hostage. We all agree that debt reduction and balanced budgets are necessary, but please work with the opposing party and stop listening to the tea-party base.

Maggie from Portland:

Called Earl Blumenauer’s office and told him never, ever to vote for anything like the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan. Also, not to put my Mom out in the street, either.

// more awesomeness.

110 thoughts on ““Obama Put Out the Call, And They Answered”

  1. I tried to call Speaker Boehner multiple times last night and when I finally got through, the mailbox was full. I’m glad the President took his message directly to the public.

  2. Sent this to Barrow, and both GA Senators:

    Congressman Barrow,

    This is to respectfully request that you cease holding the Economy and the American Citizens hostage.

    I listened to John Boehner, and to the President. I have followed every action, and I have determined that Republicans are not honest brokers.

    They have allowed the Tea Party to mandate what is good for this country. It seems to me that in being partisan, putting their OATH and Pledge to Grover Norquist above their Office and the American people who hired them, have put us on a path to destruction!

    Mr. Boehner is wrong. The American people, except for a few are NOT with him on this one. He refuses to allow revenues while cutting the heart out of the Middle Class! The math is simple.

    I do not believe that a mere 400 Billion Dollars took him away from the Negotiations, if HE was really serious. HE always claims to speak for the American People. Well, I’m a taxpaying American who does not support what he is doing.

    I listened to Mr. Boehner, now I hope you will listen to me. Mr. Boehner and his caucus of juveniles are the ones who cannot take YES for an answer!

    I am with President Obama on this Sir, as he is the ONLY adult who makes any sense.

    Mr. Barrow, support President Obama. If you do I will support you, if you do not, you cannot and will never be able to count on my vote again.

    Raise the debt ceiling, cut entitlements, raise revenues and reform but do not destroy SS, Medicare and Medicaid!

  3. Hey all, I’m reposting this here, I already did it over at TOD
    Let’s make this go viral guys. It’s a slice of PBO’s Friday night presser. Please tweet it to everyone one. It will strengthen PBO’s argument from last night. If John Boehner and his idiot band of hooligans want class warfare, let’s give it to them. If tweeting can aid a revolution in some distant places we never thought democracy could happen, what can it do here and now, in the world’s oldest example of what democracy should be? I don’t know what the hell type of autocracy the Koch bros and his minions in Congress are looking to fund, but this country was not meant for rule by kings, the wealthy few or even mob rule. I think we all need a little reminder of who runs this democracy, and it’s nobody in Washington. So let’s go viral:

  4. Speaker John Boehner is BREATHTAKINGLY SHALLOW AND DISHONEST. The fact that this man is in a leadership position in the Republican Party has put all of us in peril.

    I can’t imagine what it is like for President Obama and his team to be dealing with someone with so many character flaws. He lies with such ease it is astonishing. How many lies was he able to cram into his little speech last night?? Steve Benen documents the atrocities.

    Boehner’s Truth Allergy:

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) looked pretty small last night, delivering a weak speech that inadvertently bolstered all of President Obama’s arguments about GOP intransigence. But for me, the most striking thing about Boehner’s address wasn’t the weak content and poor delivery; it was his breathtaking dishonesty.

    If one were to create a drinking game in which viewers took a shot every time the Speaker lied, the “winner” would be in the hospital this morning with alcohol poisoning.


  5. Good moring Collegekay. I did that too last night. First the line was busy but then when the call went through the voicemail was full. I cannot believe the Republicans don’t see , or that they don’t care, that their position is extremely unpopular

  6. Good Morning everyone

    As BWD said – lets keep crashing their servers. We need to be calling, emailing and tweeting whenever we can today, we can’t let up.

    The Non Tea Partiers may be the best target – visit this page for a complete list and note that their are labels for Republicans R or R/Tea.

    I am so proud of this blog and of America. To all the folks who have contacted their representative and to all who plan to do so – virtual hugs.


  7. If anyone has the time this morhing, I think we need a list of the new Tea Party Congressman and Senators. Their sites need to crash as well.

  8. As always thank you Jackie for posting this. Hope your move has gone well. Moving is hard work.

  9. Recipe for Aliens to support this once-in-a-lifetime President of the United States:

    [ If you don’t, you’ll just be roadkill while the US economy “bus” thunders down the highway in the direction of the cliff ]

    Write a birthday postcard (for the 4th of August) to:

    The President of the United States
    Mr. B.H. Obama

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Washington, DC 20500

    United States of America.

    I suggest offering him the choice of charity for you to donate 50 [currency-of-choice] to, under the provisional title “The 50th Anniversary Charity Spending Binge”.


  10. This whole debt ceiling debate has been hampered because the facts have a liberal bias. The lazy media stenographers must always imply at all costs that both sides do it. They just can’t help themselves. It would really benefit the public if the media could just report the facts and let the chips fall where they may. What a concept?


    Eugene Robinson had a column the other day that Jeff Greenfield should take the time to read. It laments “reflexive tendency to see equivalence where none exists,” and explains, “The truth is that Democrats have made clear they are open to a compromise deal on budget cuts and revenue increases. Republicans have made clear they are not.”


  11. They’re hopeless. I think the better strategy would be to reach out and contact the 130 Reps who voted to raise the debt ceiling in the past, as those 130 along with 88 House Dems could pass a fair and balanced bill. You’re never going to reach the teabaggers – they don’t know what it means to be a Congressman/woman, they think they’re just there to vote how they’re told by teaparty, Rush Limbaugh or the Koch’s.

  12. I live in Ben Quayle’s congressional district (Dan Quayle’s son), here in AZ. It’s already 7 AM here and I still cannot get into Quayle’s website to leave a message. That gives me hope that even here in AZ the voters have had it up to here with this nonsense! They must have bombarded his website with traffic supporting PBO.

    Perhaps there will a breakthrough today after all. 🙂

  13. I tried repeatedly to email my Congressional Representatives last evening and both Senselessbrenner and Ron Johnson’s websites did not respond, though Senator Kohl’s was up and running (what does this tell you?). I still can’t get through to Senselessbrenner though I did send the following email to Ron Johnson this morning, not so well-written because it was written in anger:

    I am a bit mystified at the approach your political party is taking to the negotiations regarding raising the debt ceiling. It would appear that you are ready, willing and able to allow our economy to fail in order to gain political points. Furthermore, you wish to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and keep all government handouts to millionaires and billionaires intact. I am not sure why you want to live in a country with a totally-demoralized general populace nor am I sure what you would gain were you to regain power of all branches of the government in 2012. We would be on our way to being a country of unhealthy, uneducated, indigent people but for the few wealthy at the top whom you fiercely protect, who have proven by their past performance to be generally incompetent, uncreative, callous, and narcissistic. You will have gained power over a country that has fallen from a world power to a third world country, squandering both its natural and its human resources. Need I say I will never support another Republican for as long as I live, and I am quite sure there are more and more Americans coming to a similar conclusion. Though I doubt your pathetic ploys will gain even in the short run, if they do, you will come to heartily regret the actions you have taken, as this country won’t be worth the garbage it spews into the ocean.

    Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

    I find it interesting that the pundits did not feel the President did what he had to last evening (whatever that may be from their standpoint; certainly it involves anger, a sign of weakness in my opinion). Perhaps the sudden crashing of Congressional websites was just a flook?

  14. I think they are guilty of sedition….how can they put some contract they signed with a lobbyist above their legally binding oath of office?

  15. Thanks so much, that was fantastic. An adult conversation with Zbig Brzezinski. He is the voice of reason. He said what needed to be said. I hope everyone gets to see this video.

  16. There is a new poll from washington post saying african american support is slipping. The pl is already on that.

    I really hope this is not a trend.

  17. You’re so welcome. Ladyhawke. LOL I even stopped by Starbucks “Buckies” this morning for a coffee; I haven’t done that in at least a year.

  18. A lie they don’t poll AA. washington post also put out the lie that the president was cutting ss. Washington post cannot be trusted.

  19. I finally got through on email to Rep John Kline (ugh) and Sen Klobuchar and Franken (yeah!). I told them about my 2 grandparents who would not be able to afford their medications or food if they did not get their social security checks and that they should support Pres Obama’s balanced approach to reducing the deficit and raising the debt ceiling.

    I’ll follow-up with phone calls later today.

  20. Just now getting through to Amy Kobachar , Al Franken, Keith Ellison,& John Kline in MN. Get on board and support PBO’s BALANCED approach; NOW. Minnesotans are already hurting from 20 days of a government shutdown.

  21. I contacted the two non-tea party Republican Rep’s offices this morning. I reminded them that this debt limit thing was going to cause damage to the State of Washington. I was very nice and respectful and the aides were equally nice. I said I wanted them to compromise and move on to the business of creating jobs. More flies with honey.

  22. I have a teabagger as my congressman,Not only did he go for Boehners&Ryans plan,He just yesterday voted to eviserate the endgered species act,the environment,he also is under assault from his TB group concerning manatee protections,they want them unprotected,because of boating laws.WTF.In all my yrs I haver never seen a group so hell bent on destroying middle class& the poor.I have my hands full down here.Its like living in a Klan infested hell hole.Its sickening!

  23. Couldn’t get through last night to my teabagger congressman, disgusting to the max Joe Walsh, but was successful early this a.m. with emails and also got through on phone after about 10 busy signals. Please, everyone call and let them know how you feel about the Repubs reckless behavior.

  24. I just emailed all the ME R’s. And Chellie Pingree, just to be safe.
    Time to bombard…

  25. It’s actually not that difficult to call the non-tea party reps. I only got a busy signal once and the other offices answered right away. Make your statement short and sweet and remind them that this is hurting your State, not just the country. Recommend they vote for the Senate bill if it comes to the floor.

  26. You’re permitted, as a resident of the State, if not a constituent, to call any Republican Rep in your State. If there are any non-tea party people, call them instead.

  27. Anyone who ever wondered where the heck the grand wizards of the kkk disappeared, now you know their addresses. They are in Congress, the Senate, msm and on Wall Street. How they manage to live with such hatred is beyond human comprehension.

  28. I had a phone bank last night to ID voters and have to say the tax the rich message has definitely penetrated to the everyday Democrat. “Pay their fair share!” Alas the Rep message still vomits forth from the mouths of Republicans as well: “The Democrats are spending us into a hole.”

    What I like is that one message is a call for action: Pay their fair share. The other is based on a myth.

  29. Remember, you can always try to contact their home state offices instead of the House or Senate office. Traffic there is often lighter and those phones should crash as well. Most of their websites have to local phone numbers on them. Boner’s is 513-779-5400, which I am about to try.

  30. Ametia, I sure miss my daily starbucks soy/chai latte. I thought we had agreed to boycott them for their “Fix news” connection. Have they already cut the cord?

  31. We have to continue the presure keep calling, Boehner should be ashame, PBO is not asking for BLANK CHECK,he wants abalance Budget Aproach,, Boenhner is afraif of loosing his job, and protecting his very rich friends, So Mr Boehner how about Us the working American people that had worked very hard to make a living and provide for our children. Mr Boehner you are not a Human being with compation. shame shame, shame.
    Mr Boehner you make dislike you for what you stand for.

  32. Thank you Ametia. This always brings me to tears and big lump in the throat. I do not tire of hearing it again an again for it lifts me up.

  33. Pehaps I wasn’t clear in my intentions here, gloria. This morning’s Starbucks run was a one time deal. I reward good when I recognize it. There were serveral segments on MJ that were good THIS MORNING, IMO.

  34. Thank you WiW, and let’s go all the way I”am sick, sick. sick about how the GOP is putting our COUNTRY IN DANGER,

  35. Glad to hear I am not the only one calling John Kline, the putz. I keep getting busy signals which I guess is good news. Hopefully, I’ll get through soon.

  36. PBO asked for our help then, as he is NOW. He laid out his vision and told us it was NOT going to be EASY. Apparently some of us didn’t listen.

  37. There was an interesting article in the local paper about Joe Walsh, my wonderful (snark) congressman and how people are unhappy with his stance. It is obvious from the quotes he made that he is totally out of touch with his constituents. What reallys urprised me, however, were the comments. By my count, they ran about 9-1 against him, which is quite a turnaround from past articles.

  38. Wow!! That was a wonderful way to start the day!!!! I have NEVER heard this summed up so succinctly and eruditely. Thanks for posting that, Ametia! 🙂

  39. They can’t. THAT’S the next fight I want to have…the People don’t know about this, and I think we ought to clue them all in and make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s treasonous as far as I’m concerned, and I know that others will see this oath to Norquist just that way.

  40. Thank you! May I suggest adding their fax numbers. Last night, as the voice numbers were busy or voicemails were full; and the server was crashed; I was able to transmit faxes to my rep, senators and speaker.

  41. Hi, Annie! ME, too! I stayed up until 1:30am last night just so I could email that little useless idiot. I took care of all three of them (Kyl, McCain, and Quayle) ….took me that long to get it done…servers were down or wouldn’t load for emails.
    Welcome:) Nice to hear that there are other sane people in an otherwise loony state. Nice to see you here, and keep up the good work. Call, write, Tweet, fax…and repeat. We may have to do this all week, but if that’s what it takes then so be it.
    Glad you’re here.

  42. Ah, Florida huh? I feel your pain. Keep the pressure up, constantly…WE (I live in AZ)might need to do this every single day…a routine, like brushing our teeth…because they’re so out of control:)

  43. Call the blue dog Senate Democrat who don’t stand with the President. Cause if they pass the Republican bill, Obama will be trap. These are really the only ones that matter.

  44. I tried that last night…you know what it said when I tried to fax? “No Recipients in your area,”

  45. If anybody reading this have not picked up the phone and contacted their congress persons yet. Please I am begging do it. Your voice is needed today more than in a long time. I just finished having a convo with one of my reps. At first they were telling me he was unavailable but was happy to read any message I might want to leave. After back and fourth about his stance on raising the debt ceiling I was advised he would call me back personally. He did.

    It is great to actually have my voice heard by my rep. President Obama rallying us to call was a brilliant idea. My rep wants to raise the debt ceiling but has some trepidation about the cuts that are involved. He hasn’t seen either the senate or house plans yet so he said honestly he can’t assure me which way he will go. But I believe he will do the correct thing. *prays* .

    I have 4 more reps to try and speak with, they are GOP :(. 2 of my other Dem reps via their assistant assured me they would vote to raise the debt ceiling. So 2 yays 1 maybe and the GnoP, well we know where they most likely will go. But I do want them to hear my outrage.

  46. I was glad to see President Obama remind the nation that we need to raise the debt ceiling to pay ‘FOR BILLS WE HAVE ALREADY RUNG UP’.

    This is to pay our current debts not future debts. The Republicans are always using the example of the family budget…a family may nee to tighten their purse strings, but they are not legally allowed not to pay their bills without declaring bankruptcy!

  47. After talking to Boner’s office and now watching the dollar drop and the price of oil go up, I realized just how angry I am. I don’t think I have been this angry before in all my 68 years.

  48. I contacted my Republican congressman (lucky me) in Illinois, and told him the whole world is watching Congress … and Illinois voters are watching him.

  49. Good Monring and Afternoon BWD and my family. I just called the Speaker’s office and my Congressman. I gave politely but very firmly why this compromise is so important. I think that we are will continue until they listen to our call, email, and twitter messages. We will for together to get this done.

  50. At this location you will see jay Carney news conference AND

    a poll
    Who is most to blame for the breakdown of debt ceiling negotiations?

    Democrats who want to increase taxes and keep entitlement spending.
    Republicans who are against additional revenues while looking only to cut spending.
    Any politician who puts political gain over the best interests of the American people.


    Let’s make the numbers even higher for the Republicans being to blame.

  51. We should call you “granny fax” you LOVE that faxin’! 🙂 I did get it done last night, ag…not to worry. Will call again today, and everyday, until they do their jobs for the people of this country.

  52. God Bless Jay. He needs the highest medal in the world for having to face this bunch. These reporters continue to make me sigh with great concern for their incompetent questions.

  53. There’s a news article out this morning that I have heard on the radio and in the MSNBC clip above talking about how Minorities have the biggest wage gap ever since the data was first taken (no info on when it was first taken). Seems highly unlikely this info is coming out about the same time as the poll says support for PBO is slipping with AAs. It seems to me that the info is trying to influence AAs to be against PBO.

  54. Yes,I hope that you will get settled in nice Jackie 4 Obama. I agree with mtmarilyn, moving is very difficult, however, I hope you will be fine. I have my candles going already. I find it so refreshing to do as you have suggested as well. Music, prayers, and our warmth with light. We will make this work for all of us who need this. We will get it done. Get some rest inbetween, Jackie. Love you back also. HZ

  55. I wondered after WI recalls if the Legislators not voting for the debt ceiling raising could be grounds for a recall nationally? I suppose it would need to be initiated in each state and would be slow if possible. I just cannot imagine waiting until the next election to get rid of those obstructing everything. Actually, let me change that the regular GOP was obstructing everything prior to the 2010 election. Now the party is tearing everything apart including our Country’s financial standing. Their party creates the problem, spends the money, then refuse to pay the bills laying the blame on our party.

  56. Yes, BWD. When I called the Speaker’s office that was one point that I made. I also mentioned to him how he is not leading but listening to people like Eric Cantor who wants his job. I also told him to step up to the plate and work his behind off like a good leader is suppose to do. I gave his some things to think about phone this morning and several e mails last week. I said it is shameful the way you are acting, Mr. Speaker.

  57. Send snail mail! Clog their hallways, inundate the email and po box of your local newspapers and television stations and news radio stations. Pressure from every possible angle. Donate to credible and sane candidates who will primary or run against these guys in the fall. Sign up accounts with candidate fundraising accounts and give them he’ll.

  58. BREAKING. From the White House:

    S. 627 – Budget Control Act of 2011
    The Administration strongly opposes House passage of the amendment in the nature of a substitute to S. 627. If S. 627 is presented to the President, the President’s senior advisors would recommend that he veto this bill.

  59. LL, just heard that on MSNBC but the way they reported it was that PBO would veto the bill, and I cheered. Have to go now and tell the President I adore him.

  60. Well I finally got thru to all of my congressmen’s offices. I talked to the person I knew in Tester’s office. She said they were getting lots of support and that he would never vote to cut SS or Medicare. Had to leave a message at Bacus’s, hope they are getting lots of calls. Rehberg’s wedsites are all down. I finally got thru to a voicemail and did leave a message. I will keep calling them everyday I can.

  61. I am so ,so proud of you guys.

    I am overseas right now and can’t participate,but reading this piece and the BWD family members determination just makes want to cry.

    God Bless you all.

    Love this President and love you all.

    P.s. I e-mailed MSNBC and thanked them for removing cenyx and replacing him with Al Sharpton.

  62. A veto would be absolutely right because to not do so would allow Paul Ryan’s Healthcare, ss and medicare busting budget a back-door pass. Repugs and T-hadists are fighting like mad because if they win on this, they can claim that indirectly, they achieved what Ryan’s budget was aiming for!!!

  63. Rep. Steve King (Iowa) expressed frustration at continued use of the threat of government default in a tweet on Monday:

    STOP talking about default. The 1st dime of each $1 of revenue services debt. Obama would be impeached if he blocked debt payments. C C
    & B!.

    Time to call this idiot……202-225-4426

  64. Does President Obama threatening veto make it more or less likely that the teabagger caucus members vote for the Boehner bill? Vote for it because they want Obama to veto it and pin default on him, or against it because it will go nowhere anyways and they can stand on principle? Hopefully they game theoried this out and they think there is better chance it doesn’t pass because of the veto threat.

    If it goes down in the House tomorrow, than Reid’s plan is the only chance.

  65. I just called…the secretary just told me..I didn’t know what I am talking about?????

    Please call……202-225-4426 lines are open, This guy really needs to hear from us….He’s the most racist of the pack

  66. disagree – the Tea Party nut jobs need to hear from the public. Do you want them to assume they have a free pass on this vote???

  67. Most AA’s are not stupid. We not supporting the President is a lie. It is a ploy, besides they don’t poll the majority of us. The Washington Post, come on are you serious. This President gives any American the best hope available.

  68. His dilemma is that he refuses to negotiate with the Dems in the House — he could easily secure majority support by putting together a reasonable compromise package. He is where he is because he thinks the only people he needs to satisfy are the 62 Tea Party nut jobs. There are actually something like 170/180 Rep House members who would probably hold their noses and vote for a compromise but Boehner’s notion of a compromise is a compromise with the TP nut jobs. But we have all seen them on TV and we know many of them are just flat-out gone and will not agree to any compromise (my way or the highway). And that is the only faction with which Boehner is working.

  69. You should still call him — they need to hear form the constituents even more than the rest of Congress since they are the problem.

  70. Thirty or so of us ordinary citizens visited our Representative’s home office in Oklahoma City today. He was not there, but one of his top aides was and listened to us for about two hours. He is a young, naive, super religious Republican whose only job before was manager of a Baptist youth camp. She is an old pro who has worked for at least 5 previous Republican congressmen in this state. Each one of us in the group got to state our primary concern and she took notes, and said she would give the notes to Lankford. She was very calm and professional, and interrupted a few ties to defend him. We did not let her get by with that. You could feel the anger and frustration in the room, but we were all very civil. It felt good to express myself to a person on the opposite of the political fence. It was truly wonderful how we supplemented each other, and how spontaneous applause would break out.
    Living in Oklahoma, it was good to know we two are not alone. Other people are upset about the same things we are, and we did something positive today. I had previously written him, and will again. I noticed as I walked through the back office as we left, that the receptionist was on the phone constantly.
    Don’t tell me we are not fired up…..I a m71, my husband is 80, and this is the first time we have ever done this. We are doing this for our children and grandchildren, as were some other people there.

  71. The funny thing, Nintendo, is that the President has always been asking us to do this–to get involved, to call our Reps and Senators, to let them know what we think.

    Remember what he said on Election night of 2008?

    What’s so sad is that it seems to have gone in one ear and out the other for some folks. They feel that sitting at home and pouting and muttering, “Obama sucks!!” is the best way to send a message (or posting the “Obama sucks!” meme on a site).

  72. “…more flies with honey” I agree, I was very respectful and nice (just like our President) when I called Reps today.

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