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  1. Prez Obama and VP Biden get along so well, I am amazed everyday. This is a real team and a delight to watch.

  2. Yes, they make a wonderful team. Best VP EVER!!! I bet Matt Damon & Ben Affleck would LOVE to play our VP when the movie comes out.

    Obama/Biden 2012.


  4. I believe the First Lady gets more lovely every time I see a picture of her. She is so radiant, fun, and compassionate. Oh don’t leave out that she’s a brainiac in her own right.

  5. I love any photo of the President and VP together and these are some of the best. Added to my collection — thanks BWD!

  6. After decades of movie and media stereotypes of the Black family, the Obamas jolted the world like a bolt of lightening. They debunked the myths in one swoop without evening saying a word about!

    And then there was this thing about blacks and whites not getting along or being fundamentally different. Look at Michelle and Jill then look at Prez Obama and vP Biden…is that not just mind-blowing?

  7. Yes, people underestimate both of them. The intelligence level of these two, who actually work together as a team, is really quite remarkable. And the combine their intelligence with hard work. Unbeatable.

  8. I have NEVER seen a President and Vice-President express so much respect, love, and friendship so beautifully in our nation in my lifetime. This is a team that was meant to be. I love our First Lady and Dr. Biden also working together with so much intelligence, respect, love, and beauty. We are so blessed my dear friends. Let us enjoy every moment we have with these 4 people serving us so greatly. I love our team representing us. They really do show us love and respect for people, as you so well stated Suedevallsmith. Thanks so much for these BWD. You give us smiles to cherish.

  9. OK, I’m finally willing to tell the world my secret…

    I want to be Valerie Jarrett. Notice how she’s always there in the thick of things? She has the full faith and trust of the Obama’s. And I think that would be a pretty damned cool place to be.

  10. I am so so proud of this beautiful country for getting this one right. The Obamas are ,no doubt, the most beautiful couple ever.

  11. The Obamas and the Bidens ARE “beautiful people,” inside and out!

  12. I’ve been stewing about something a Democrat said to me during an I’m In phonebank. This gal was disappointed in the President because he hasn’t single-handedly changed the entire culture of D.C. and Wall Street in 2 1/2 years. Said she wanted an FDR type President and didn’t get one.

    Pardon me while I vent a little.
    No, we didn’t get a “C” student from Harvard born with a silver spoon in his mouth who went on to become a Corporate Lawyer for Wall Street.

    We got a magna cum laude Harvard grad born into a middle class family who passed up all those dazzling offers from Wall Street to become a community organizer.

  13. Thanks, desertflower! My life is finally settling down, but I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll stop th…:)

    I’ll have my final surgery (minorish) in a month or so, mother has been discharged from rehab. That is assuming you’ve been following the travails of gc, LOL. Last week we went to the beach – both of us deserved it IMHO! Hope you are well.

  14. Thanks OSG for all this great, informative ‘Moneygall/Ireland’ stuff…

    PBHO IS in good hands!

    And, is U2/Bono goin’ to be at that concert? 😉

    By the way, how’s the weather, there?

  15. Another cosign here. PBO and VPB are a unbeatable match. 2012 is looking REAL GOOD!! 🙂 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  16. Thanks Tien Le for sharing. Fortunately she is in the minority of Dems. PBO is garnering over 85% approval of all Dems and over 52% in most polls for all registered voters. Hopefully folks thinking like your phonebank response will be on board for a rousing LANDSLIDE in Nov. 2012!! Obama/Biden 2012

  17. Those poor people in Joplin and beyond! We are under a tornado watch here in Central Illinois, too.

  18. 2011 spanish voters = 2010 american voters


    The same old story. The right destroys the economy, leaves it to the left to clean up its mess and the stupid voters bring back the right since the clean up wasn’t good enough, fast enough. It’s being played all over europe – Germany, UK, Italy, France, even the scandinavian countries.

  19. In other non-news, TPaw says he’ll announce on Monday that he’ll run for the presidency.

    Where have we heard that before?

    Pathetic wannabe.

  20. The article is so cynical. They think everything that any politician does is for political purposes. Do they not enter politics for actual reasons that will further the cause of humanity? Sometimes, a visit is just a visit. To dismiss the Irish people as just a “photo-op”, as done by Politico, is rude and sad.

  21. Thanks Jovie…

    Darn it!!!

    The Midwest and the South are “bein’ hammered” by such horrible weather…climate change/global warmin’!

    VPJB was just in Berkeley, Missouri:

    Rebuilding in the Midwest and South, Our National Responsibility… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/05/11/rebuilding-midwest-and-south-our-national-responsibility

    I pray and hope people in harm’s way, stay as safe and warm as possible!

    And, I agree… @FEMA IS there or, they’re on their way!

  22. Another idiot ready to play puppet for the non-existent tea party. They are like dominoes.

  23. So happy to hear that. You made me smile:)The beach, huh? I’m MORE than jealous! The beach was always my lifeline, my solitude….no beach in AZ and the pool just isn’t the same. Many hugs and so glad that things are on the upswing. Been in my thoughts…

  24. Yeah, it is! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!


  25. Yea! Jovie, you are just a plethera of wonderful and important info. Thank you so much for all your links:)

  26. Thank god for FEMA being run by someone that knows what the hell he’s doing!

  27. Why is it that when their military are killed, they’re martyred? Martyrdom just doesn’t mean much anymore.

  28. Countdown begins. The people of Moneygall probably aren’t sleeping tonight, either… 🙂

  29. Their whole security system is pathetic and corrupt. They fed the snakes and now the snakes are striking at them.

  30. I’ve been reading some of the articles that people have linked to today and learned a lot, but am dismayed by how many seemed to delight in highlighting this or that perceived mistake by our President. Mistake? No, no, no. The war in Iraq was a mistake. Taking the focus off Afghanistan was a mistake. Compared to what Bush did, the closest thing to a mistake President Obama may have done is a hiccup.

  31. Theo,
    They got a very sophisticated american p-3 Orion. We gave it to Pakistan this year. How did these militants know it was there?
    American troops were actually working on the plane, during the attack, but did not sustain any casualties.
    You see what they were after ,now?

  32. I totally concur, Tien Le. There’s always some conditional statement to prove how “imperfect” the President is. Always something to douse the flame of support.

  33. Interesting that the world is excited about this trip, but many in the US don’t even know that the President is on this important trip.

  34. Hmmm, that’s a fairly old plane. Do you think that the people who stole it actually know how to use the sophisticated electronics? Or are they just going to sell it?

  35. Well, if she’s at least somewhat sensible, she isn’t going to vote Republican. I just hope you can persuade her to vote but you do have a year and a half.

  36. You know Tien Le, I’ve encountered similar people, who claim to be progressive Democrats, who are so disappointed that President Obama is not “an FDR type” that they thought they voted for. The problem, of course, is that the “FDR type” they long for is a mythical FDR, and not the real FDR.

    There is no doubt that the real FDR did great things. However, the real FDR was not perfect! The real FDR compromised on SS, minimum wage, Forty-hour work week, and other New Deal Programs. It took the real FDR over ten years (thanks primarily for WWII) before he was able to break the back of the depression and the high unemployment. The real FDR sent innocent Japanese Americans to detention camps without trial. The real FDR, presided over a segregated military during WWII, and was forced, by the Black threat to March on Washington, to issue an Executive Order banning job discrimination in defense industries. The real FDR did not back anti-lynching bills because he did not want to offend Southern segregationist Democrats (Dixiecrats) who were part of his coalition.

    I am sorry, but I get really pissed when the holier than thou progressives invoke FDR and LBJ to beat up on President Obama. Especially when most of them are utterly clueless about the real records of these two presidents that they idolize so much.

    By the way, the same goes for right wingers who idolize Reagan who left office with the largest deficit compared to all the Presidents before him. In fact Dick Cheney was proud to say that Reagan demonstrated that deficits do not matter. Now all we here from the right wingers who worship Reagan is: deficits, deficits!

  37. Eva, The weather was dirty all night but the rain has pretty well passed over and the wind abating some. Still don’t know about Bono and U2, however, since we have heard no denials, I will guess it is on.
    So sorry to hear about Joplin and the tornado.

  38. Theo, There are 1,000 reporters that have converged on Dublin to report this event. I don’t see how anyone can escape the reporting…except the people in the US who have no press left. Sorry.

  39. Ok, thanks for that info update…

    And, yes, that’s terrible what happened to Joplin and its’ residents! 😦

  40. Villagers prepare welcome fit for a king
    Weather forecast puts locals on their knees in prayer

    “FR JOE Kennedy read out the parish announcements following Sunday Mass in Moneygall.

    “Tomorrow the president of America, Barack Obama, will be in Moneygall,” he said simply, before continuing to tell the packed congregation about a fundraiser for a cancer charity to fits of giggles.

    Almost everyone in the parish of Dunkerrin-Moneygall-Barna had turned up for Sunday Mass to pray for good weather….more


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