66 thoughts on “President Obama in Ireland (Photostream)

  1. Today is a day of fun! Good morning all! We are also having a party over by Chipsticks! 🙂

  2. Good Morning BWD; good morning all! Ireland, here the power couple comes!!!

    Thank you BWD for these beautiful shots! What a couple.

  3. Awesome pics BWD – thanks!!! I’ve been watching coverage of the President’s visit on BBC – far superior to our MSM. BBC reports facts sans opinion and conjecture – what in the world? 😀

  4. Hello BWD and O friends. I woke up early enough to see AF One land in Ireland. I watched the reporting on TV3 for awhile but I like the reporting on RTE better because TV3 sounded to much like our MSM reporters.

  5. When I lived in Europe, I never came upon an non-friendly Irish person. Hell, back in ’99 when I was on vaca in Ibiza, a nice Irish woman hooked me up with her lovely daughter. Thought we’d make a “cute pair”. Now THAT’S friendly! ;o)

  6. Good morning BWD family, the owner of my beloveth Steelers, Ambassador Dan Rooney is there meeting our President and First Lady!!!! I got up and watched on the internet. I’m so excited.about this trip.

  7. The children are so cute. Can you imagine what a little black girl in Ireland is thinking while meeting Michelle Obama? WOW!

  8. Me too – I’m starting to fade, but I want to see this last bit, then I think there’s a couple of hours break before they head to Moneygall. Very exciting!

  9. What tickled me was the small lad who was so very shy, he couldn’t even look up. As you can see it is a bit breezy yet.

  10. Posted this in the wrong diary, so here it is again:

    Villagers prepare welcome fit for a king
    Weather forecast puts locals on their knees in prayer

    “FR JOE Kennedy read out the parish announcements following Sunday Mass in Moneygall.

    “Tomorrow the president of America, Barack Obama, will be in Moneygall,” he said simply, before continuing to tell the packed congregation about a fundraiser for a cancer charity to fits of giggles.

    Almost everyone in the parish of Dunkerrin-Moneygall-Barna had turned up for Sunday Mass to pray for good weather….more


  11. He may have a disability. The two children who rang the bell for Queen Elizabeth were both deaf. I think I heard that the oldest girl today was a member of the traveller community, but I didn’t catch what they were saying about the other two children. Disability or not, he is a still a shy lad.

  12. “KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban said on Monday that its leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, is alive and “living in a safe place,” disputing reports coming from inside Afghanistan’s intelligence agency indicating that he had been killed in Pakistan two days ago.

    A senior Afghan official said the Afghan intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security, had the information on his death from a good source, but it remained unconfirmed. The source had not seen Mullah Omar’s body but the agency trusts the source, the official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing an intelligence issue. Afghan officials have reported Mullah Omar’s death erroneously before….more


    They always deny it before they confirm it, so let’s hope this runs true to form.

  13. On BBC, “everyone in Moneygall is now claiming to be a relative of PBO.”

  14. Anyone know what time they’re due in Moneygall? Got to get some work done in the meantime.

  15. Our msm says the president is only visiting ireland bc of the Irish Americans in the swing states.

  16. I am so glad I stayed up to watch the first stages of the President’s visit to Ireland. The planting of the Peace Tree, and those young girls ringing the bell, were really beautiful and touching. I was a bit disappointed with some of the News commentators who continually implied that the visit was not that important.

    I wish I could stay up to see his visit to Moneygall. Hopefully BWD will post a video coverage of that visit.

  17. I believe the President leaves for Moneygall at 9amet. I woke up early to watch. I did see the landing but not the rest. I have a new droid I anything to learn. I can’t wait for Moneygall.

  18. RTE1 coverage is supposed to pick back up at 10 am EDT, but they could pick up earlier than that, or the visit might be a bit later, depending.

  19. Never take news commentators and pundits seriously. Their opinions do not mean much as most of them are highly subjective; some are heavily influenced by Right Wing ideology, others are just bigots who never got over the fact that America has a brilliant, even-handed President who is loved worldwide.

    Think back to candidate Obama’s race speech in Philly–remember when he noted that he has cousins and nephews of every hue and race on three continents!!! but I think it could be four continents(North America, Asia, Africa and Europe).

    Commentators and pundits are often scored at 90% wrong. That is not a good record. Would you bet on them with such a poor record? I wouldn’t!

  20. DNC has to ditch that annoying background music in that ad. It’s as bad as th piece in pawthetic’s vid released y’day. Where the hell are the media savvy people ?

  21. The news just announced they they are only going to allow 25,000 people in to the concert before they shut the gates. I apologize in advance for the tiny crowd then if that happens. Some have been waiting in the rain and wind since 4 am.

  22. I think the psychology of the video is to leave you angrier about T-Paw than you were before ; if the music is upbeat it might have the opposite effect, leaving you feeling positive about him! He is an annoying clueless baffoon–something the music only amplifies…lol.

  23. I didn’t mind the music….calls to mind the circus, which reflects perfectly on this assh@t clown.

  24. Unfrotunately, there was just a poll out on the 2010 election. 67% of voters got there information from our tv news media…

  25. Sad, but true. Especially when you have opinions peddled as facts and the deceitful splicing of video to rpmote deceitful narratives. The state of cable journalism now infused with bloggers who have no editors and an obligation to source their material or fact-check has made it all worse.

    with the ascendancy of the Right Wing cable chatter, things will only get worse.

  26. DES MOINES, Iowa, May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The state of Iowa is continuing its tradition of leadership in wind energy and showcasing the state’s forward-looking strategy to develop alternative energy sources for the economy of the future at the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) 2011 WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition.

    Well on the path to generate 20 percent of its electricity from wind turbines, Iowa is receiving recognition from several key government and industry leaders who say Iowa will play an important role in meeting President Obama’s new energy goals.


  27. WGN TV in Chicago — the Tribune’s local TV and radio station: here is what is newsworthy this morning:

    Oprah’s NOT taping her final show today.

    Endless loops of Donald Rumsfeld calling President Obama’s handling of the killing of bin Laden ‘unprofessional’ (news at 11 — it’s a teaser for tonight’s broadcast).

    AIPAC speech. Crickets.

    The weather.

    The Bulls.

  28. Which is precisely how people got tricked into thinking that Dems spent big yet delivered nothing, and that the GOP is still a reasonable political party. There are so many hidden agendas and crazy things going on in the new and national media it’s unreal (including an attempt to destroy the Democratic party from within http://blog.reidreport.com/2011/05/firebaggers-genius-plan-to-primary-obama/ advocated by the same people who would come to dkos and try to convince us that we could win by losing the House in 2010).

    We have to continue to assert our voices and nurture these emerging spaces, because the lefty media has been corrupted IMO and there’s a metric ton of confusion because of it.

  29. I linked it upthread before seeing this; I’m sorry! Indeed, that is one of the most important pieces of the year in terms IMO.

  30. I remember during 2008 there were endless cries about how the media was biased in favour of Obama. I think they are deliberately trying to avoid portraying him favourably to satisfy the complaints. If it’s a case of who shrieks the loudest, perhaps
    emails and letters from people here and like-minded others can shift the narrative slightly more towards neutral?

    Otherwise, I guess it’s about outreach and education. That’s the problem with having news media owned by corporations.

  31. The leftie MSM has not been corrupted, but are under pressure from people who own the stations. Like comcast!
    see my point?

  32. Loved the pix of POTUS and Ambassador Rooney (God bless him). I still can’t get over him saying he may resign to campaign for POTUS in 2012. He’s unbelievable.

  33. Thank you for keeping us up to date. I have been looking forward to PBO’s visit to Ireland.

  34. No, I’m transitioning to a new job and have found it really hard to focus on putting a new edition together for some reason. Last weekend I was just a mess and only barely fulfilled an obligation I had to another blog; this weekend was better, but I’m still on pins and needles in my personal life, thus the disruption to my blog. No worries, I’ll have an edition this week; thanks for the encouragement!

  35. It would give me a great satisfaction when those nutters crash & burn.

    Money quote from that reidreport piece

    Ballots cast: 64
    Votes cast: 626
    Distinct candidates voted for: 109

    Wait … 64 thousand??? 64 hundred??? Nope. 64 people. Mr. Noel wants to replace the collective judgment of 63.7 million people, including tens of millions of liberals and Democrats who voted for Barack Obama with the *superior* judgment of 64 people, along with a few dozen others who didn’t even bother to fully participate in his contest.

  36. It’s one thing we have to be aware of: much of what we know (and love) about this President is never reported. Never. The reasons we love him are not readily apparent to everyone else.

    I don’t expect Deep Thinking on WGN TV in the morning but it’s a 4-hour newscast. At least mention the AIPAC speech. To us, our President went into the lion’s den like the courageous, principled man that he is. But does anyone know about it except those of us who take a lot of time out of our days to find out this stuff? And since our own ‘progressives’ in the media are far from reliable, we can’t drum in the message.

    It’s frustrating.

    But Donald Rumsfeld gets to call Barack Obama ‘unprofessional’ in a continuous loop.


  37. I love her analysis that it’s all about making money and trying to become relevant again. It’s crystallizing for me to read that. They only exist and are relevant if there is a Republican in the White House. That totally explains everything to me. This is why the PL hate Obama…sure, they hate him because he’s black, I get that, but the true root of their hatred is that he is a true liberal Democrat. That makes them irrelevant. Period.

  38. The ONLY thing the MSM, including MSNBC is interested in is ratings. If Rachel didn’t have good ratings, she’d be gone. The MSM wants a horse race in 2012. They need to gin up as much controversy as possible. The Repub candidates are falling like ducks in a roll. So they’ve got to do something to make the public believe there’s a viable candidate out there and the also need someone to counter all the negative reaction to the Ryan Plan. Why they chose Steele is beyond me. Other than providing some comedy, I don’t know what more he offers.

  39. He is B L A C K. The same reason the repubs wanted him for RNC Chair~ MSNBC is no better.. they are preparing to spend the next year trashing POTUS and they’re gonna have their bought and paid for blackman do it for them.

  40. Oops, the President just spoke through the national anthem. Not really his fault, though. They started playing before they had finished!

  41. Sorry, posted this on the wrong thread: meant to be for the State Banquet tonight.

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