“Mitt Romney is proud to say that he paid taxes at a rate of at least 13 percent. This republic is just about over, isn’t it?”

It’s very late at night, I don’t even know if anyone’s going to see this post, but I had to. David Simon, the creator of The Wire – IMO the best television show in history – published this entry on his blog. Read it.


Can we stand back and pause a short minute to take in the spectacle of a man who wants to be President of The United States, who wants us to seriously regard him as a paragon of the American civic ideal, declaiming proudly and in public that he has paid his taxes at a third of the rate normally associated with gentlemen of his economic benefit.


Am I supposed to congratulate this man?  Thank him for his good citizenship?  Compliment him for being clever enough to arm himself with enough tax lawyers so that he could legally minimize his obligations?


I can’t get over the absurdity of this moment, honestly:  Hey, I never paid less than thirteen percent.  I swear.  And no, you can’t examine my tax returns in any more detail.  But I promise you all, my fellow American citizens, I never once slipped to single digits.  I’m just not that kind of guy.


This republic is just about over, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on ““Mitt Romney is proud to say that he paid taxes at a rate of at least 13 percent. This republic is just about over, isn’t it?”

  1. I’m a school teacher…I have never paid less than 23% in Federal income taxes. What is wrong with this picture? Hey Mitt, you make America sick, and I still want to see 10 years of your tax returns, I won’t take your “word” as your word has been shown to be meaningless.

  2. Mitt, It’s just hard for me to understand how you are applying for presidency, and wants the American People to fall for your LIES, Inconsistency, Confusing Ideas on what and how you would run the Country. Yet you are blatently blunt on not showing your Federal Income taxes, and you are now asking America to vote for you for President? Are you ABSOLUTELY Crazy????? Huh! you’ve got some nerve. No, we don’t like your resume Mitt! We don’t like what you’re selling, go away!

  3. Mitt, you’ve hired a lot of people. Would you even interview someone who send you an incomplete resume, refused to give references and said “just trust me?”
    I didn’t think so!

  4. You notice the man didn’t say FEDERAL INCOME TAXES – he just said taxes! That could comprise state taxes – which state does he live in these days? Massachusetts? Utah? Which one of his many houses is his home base? If Mass. he pays a State tax so that could mean that many % points less he paid in federal income taxes. We need the media all over this.
    The man is a total scum bag. If he got paid any salary at all (?) he would have paid 7.65% into SS and Medicare for the first 106,800 – that could be part of that 13% he is so proud of paying in taxes.
    I watched the Ann Romney interview on Rock Center – she said she KNOWS Mitt will save the country – what arrogance and gall! This bully she is married to who has absolutely NO core is going to save us? Give me a break!!

  5. Romney I have seen you lie about so much why should I believe you on this.. Release 10 years of your Tax returns and prove what you say.

  6. My husband and I were absolutely stunned to hear him say that with such apparent pride! He seems completely unaware of how the rest of us live, doesn’t he? “Never paid less than 13%” — please!!

    You know, despite how devastating his election would be for the lives of the middle class in this country, I still worry that it could happen. I believe most voters don’t make the effort to educate themselves beyond what’s fed to them in campaign commercials (by both sides), so if the corporations running the Romney campaign put enough money into misleading and fear-bating commercials, who knows what could happen? {{Shudder}} I’m really sad for our nation. The “American experiment” isn’t looking so good lately.

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