Oh, come on.

Watch this speech, guys. It’s brilliant.



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  1. The looks in their eyes and expressions on their faces say it all. And him – well, what can we say that hasn’t already been said. He is blessed, and so are we to be living in such a time as this with him as our President.

    Thank you, BWD!

  2. MIDEAST CALL: President Obama called Yemen’s president on Wednesday to urge similar actions that he’s asked of the Egyptian government, the White House announced Thursday.

    Here’s the readout from the White House:

    “President Obama called President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen on February 2 to welcome the significant reform measures that President Saleh had announced earlier that day, and to stress that President Saleh now needs to follow-up his pledge with concrete actions. President Obama asked that Yemeni security forces show restraint and refrain from violence against Yemeni demonstrators who are exercising their right to free association, assembly, and speech. The President also told President Saleh that it is imperative that Yemen take forceful action against Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to protect innocent lives in Yemen as well as abroad. Finally, President Obama expressed concern over the release of Abd-Ilah al-Shai, who had been sentenced to five years in prison for his association with AQAP. President Saleh thanked the President for U.S. support and committed to continuing and strengthening relations with the United States.”

    Politico 44-

  3. I have been anxiously awaiting some feedback from the magnificent Elizabeth Warren. She just posted information on the launching of the new CFPB website:


    Welcome to ConsumerFinance.gov

    Welcome to the online home of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This new bureau is in the construction phase, but we’re already hard at work on plans to make consumer financial products and services clearer for Americans—putting in place building blocks that will enable us to improve disclosures, enforce new consumer protections established by Congress, protect consumers from deceptive, unfair, and abusive practices, and allow financial services providers to compete on a level playing field.

    Elizabeth Warren announces CFPB is officially open for suggestions.

    The consumer bureau will get much of its legal authority in July 2011. We’re launching this website almost six months in advance for only one reason: to listen to the American public. Hearing from you today will help us develop our plans for tomorrow.

  4. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak tells Christiane Amanpour that President Obama is a good person, but that when the two spoke, he told him, “you don’t understand the Egyptian culture and what would happen if I step down now.”



    OHKAY! Whatevah!

  5. Absolutely amazing all of the little “tasks” President Obama must accomplish on any given day. The diverse issues, people, countries – well, it’s just amazing he can keep that all straight. Plus, we can count on the fact that he’s fully knowledgeable about all of the subjects. Thank you, Mr. President.

  6. I can see that little boy’s future memoirs: “And that was when I decided to run for public office.”

  7. Perhaps the Egyptian President is the one who doesn’t understand the American President, and why he is calling Mubarak and other world leaders at this critical time. We know Mubarak doesn’t understand the will of his own people, or – rather – chooses not to follow their will by stepping down now. We see Mubarak’s ego in play here, I’m guessing.

  8. From the blog:

    “They are doing just fine on their own,” Obama says of the oil firms. “So it’s time to stop subsidizing yesterday’s energy. It’s time to invest in tomorrow’s. It’s time to win the future. That’s what our project is.”

  9. Hahaha. I love our President. A smile goes a long way with me, on top of everything else he’s doing for our nation he’s a winner. I don’t know how he does it. Ohbut, he’s got Michelle by his side and two darling daughters, and that helps him compartmentalize all he has to do with happy focus. 🙂

    Great photos, as always.

  10. My goodness. This man is changing the world in way rarely seen in history. I feel sorry for those who can’t appreciate the enormity of the time we live in. This is once in a lifetime.

  11. So nice to have this oasis of reality to come and not be engulfed with silliness.

    BWD, this site is like aspirin for the political soul!

    I love when we are positive about ourselves instead of constantly channeling negative energy. I think we’ll win over more voters if we work hard and be strong and positive like President Obama.

    Um, wonder how badly I’ll be flamed for saying those things here…lol?

  12. I think the GOP forgets that the Obama campaign cleaned their clocks in 2008. Why they think 2012 will be a cakewalk is beyond me.

  13. Here’s hoping bwd has files backed-up. I’d hate to see all this valuable information disappear.

  14. I think they see the numbers as well as what is happening on the foreign policy front and see that they aren’t going to beat him.

    I hope we are focused on holding the Senate and taking back the House!

  15. The HOUSE looks doable, the senate is going to be difficult to hold! Dems in the senate are defending alot more seats, and in republican states! Anyways!!!

  16. I remember something David Gergen (a good man but lacking vision and imagination ) said after one of President Obama’s big speeches. It may be the Inauguration speech, I don’t remember.

    He said, with the voice of someone who couldn’t believe what he had just heard…: “he… he wants to change the World !!! ”

    I smiled.

  17. Kinda like that Ms. Magazine cover of “super” PBO that the young lady is holding out for his sig. Hope she got it. Don’t know how I missed adding that to my collection.

  18. Hilarious, Axe never misses an opportunity to stick it to Mitt Romeny. I love it.

    AXELROD: He was a formidable governor. In fact, many of the elements of our health care plan were derived from his health care plan.

  19. Loved Axe’s interview. And loved it when Tim Kaine told Andrea Mitchell that selecting NC for the convention signals the Obama team is interested in growing the field, not shrinking it. Hey, that’s what David Plouffe would call “The Audacity to Win.”

    Obama/Biden 2012!!!!

  20. If BWD cannot back it up herself, we could each take a diary and do the back-up just in case.

    Let us know, BWD.

  21. Very disturbing news. It seems the regime is ramping up its attacks on journalists and observers. Journalists detained, people for International Amnesty, etc…

    What are they preparing for the night ? And please, please, Egyptian Army , listen to Bob Gates and Admiral Mullen !! Side with the future, side with the people !!!

    The pro-democracy protesters need all our prayers.

  22. Since PBO’s topic today was innovation, I’ll throw this out. I will grant you I don’t understand this and the article won’t be out until tomorrow, but some Irish scientists at Trinity College have been working on nano technology. They have found a way to split those molecular thin sheets and by doing so have found a way to produce energy. The US shines in innovation, and this may open an entire new wave of clean energy production for the world. No oil, no corn and a game changer.

  23. Senator Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the panel that controls foreign aid, said he’s prepared to stop all U.S. financial assistance to Egypt — which topped $1.5 billion last year — unless Mubarak steps aside immediately and allows a transitional government to take over.

    “If he doesn’t leave, there will not be foreign aid; I mean, it’s as simple as that,” Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, told Bloomberg Television in an interview yesterday. U.S. money “will not go to the Mubarak administration,” Leahy said, adding, “that’s a pipeline that can easily be turned off.”

    Leahy has been joined by Representative Lloyd Doggett… The U.S. “must send the unmistakable message to Mubarak and all dictators who are watching our response that we will not continue to waste money propping up his tyranny,” Doggett wrote [in a letter to President Obama].

    Cutting off aid is definitely the nuclear option. And as things stand now, I think it’s becoming more and more likely as the only thing that will get Mubarak out.

  24. If we don’t want to destroy ourselves, we need a worldwide energy program among the industrialized, rich countries to find a clean, dependable, and cheap source of energy. That’s my problem with electric cars: sure, the cars themselves don’t pollute, but when you plug the things in to charge overnight they’re drawing their power from the same dirty power sources. They’re a useful symbol, but not a solution in and of themselves towards a fossil fuel-free world.

  25. The key is jobs…If folks are feeling good about their lives and it feels as if the dems and obama are the ones responsible for the up tick of jobs and the unemployment rate going down I don’t see how moderates/independents who are in red states will not support those dems in the senate. The GOP will not have anything to run on but repealing and defunding stuff. The questions should be WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Why aren’t you working to create jobs. If Obama is doing well they will do well.

  26. This nano process, or something akin to it, sounds like it might be the way to go.

    Ireland did a carbon footprint website and I had none until it got to heating from their energy company and then my no-print became huge. I called them on it.

  27. This is definitely the ultimate, strong argument. However, Mubarak could react very violently. As I said earlier the news from today are not good: journalists attacked, detained, international observers rounded up and kept from Tahrir square, etc. It looks awfully like the preparations for something ugly.

    God I had wished the Army would finally put an end to this today. This is the only solution. If there are many innocents wounded tonight won’t they destroy the good relations they have with the people of Egypt ??


  29. McConnell wants to deflect attention away from the fact that one thing the republicans have in their arsenal if they don’t get their way IS a shutdown of the government. He shouldn’t be whining about what their actual plan is. And besides, I’m have no compassion for him and no respect. If the dems want to let the people know what the republican plan is for America, I’m 100% behind them. It’s not as if they’re lying about it.

    I think McConnell is upset because the dems are throwing more light on him and his party than he would like. I can’t imagine he would like hearing about this on top of the National Enquirer article that hit the stands this week which alleges that Boehner has had not one, but two affairs since he’s been in D.C. Mike Stark says on his blog that the NE contacted him for an interview.

  30. I’m sure you all probably know this but Blackwaterdog won Diary of the Year and I won Diarist of the Year in the 2010 kOscars.

    Thanks to all of you that supported us. I’m floored, frankly.

    Results are in a Rec List diary right now.

  31. I take back everything slightly accommodating that I said about McCain yesterday.

    From the BBC: Senator John McCain told the BBC’s World News America: If Mubarak arranged for his vice-president to take charge and at the same time to include the pro-democracy forces – but not the Muslim Brotherhood – in a coalition government that would arrange free and fair elections, I think it is very likely there would be calm in Egypt.

    No, not the Muslim Brotherhood because, well, they’re icky Muslims. Forget that they’re the main opposition force in the country, and that a democracy should, you know, focus on the “demos” part. God, can’t he just retire?

  32. I’m not one to normally care about a politican’s sex life. Unless, of course, that politician is a sanctimonious “family values” person. Then, bring on the popcorn.

  33. This is a victory for you both – yipee do da. Optimisim wins out over snotty behavior every time. I am so happy for you.

    Virtual Pats on the Back and online group hug.

    This is also a sign of how powerful this blog is. A call to vote was posted here several times, and I believe it made a difference.

    We are strong, your actions matter.

    So… when you see an online poll about supporting Health Care, or opinions about the Presidents handling of a situation – post it here. This blog rocks.

  34. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is hysterical, e!

    All together now: WE ARE FA-MI-LY 🙂

    The ramifications of those wins…on their own turf, giggle.

  35. OMG. And to think there are lots and lots of people even more clueless in his party.

  36. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @sharifkouddous: People are sleeping curled next to each other. Heads on laps. When alarms sound they run to protect entrances. They wait patiently. #Egypt

  37. Sorry guys. I didn’t realize this had been posted above.

    FYI – just heard on msnbc that the presidents administration are currently talking with Mubarak. Discussing a resignations strategy. Letting VP take over for the time being.

  38. Ok, I just went to the DKos front page. Is it me, or do the stories seem less… how shall I put it? “Hair on fire”-ish? At the very least, the stories I saw were leveling their guns at the GOP, not the administration.

  39. That would be HUGE if true. Things can’t go on in this stalemate. Egypt is falling apart, and having Mubarak hang on for another 7 months to save face will finish off the country.

  40. Anytime their splitting molecules or atoms, I get nervous. I still haven’t warmed to the idea of recreating the “big bang”…

  41. Depends on the day, I think. But overall, yes, they’ve calmed down. Some.

  42. They sometimes get temporary perspective when it dawns on them, that there really ARE serious events underway IRL.

    But I will never be part of that hole again. The fact that Budhydrama got a award tells me all I need to know about The Daily Kos.

  43. Always, always your pictures bring a huge smile to my face……thank you!!!! And how about the adorable little girl looking at her President……wonderful!!!!

  44. At least we got BWD and Eclectablog over the finish line. *Self-satisfied cackle*.

  45. I wondered what happened to Blue Wave News. They are excellent. I do hope they had backups, too.

    If you do a Google Search, you can click on the cache for the link for Blue Wave and see a snapshot of the page on 2/2/11. I can’t tell what platform they were using for their site.

    bwd has a WordPress blog and I would think they would maintain excellent security and help with any problems. That’s definitely something to be aware of in creating a blog.

  46. I really wish they would just let President Obama handle this. If they want to be Commander in Chief, and responsible for diplomacy, then they can primary him in 2012. They are only muddying the waters. Would it have been so hard to pick up the phone, call the White House, and offer their assurances that they would support him withdrawing the aid if he needs to go that route? And then keeping silent? Will they be ready to take the blame if things go badly wrong in the Middle East because of their need to bypass the President? They don’t realize that this is real, and serious, and a matter of life and death.

  47. Downthread MSNBC is reporting that there are backdoor negotiations going on to get Pres. Mubarak to resign and hand over power to VP Suleiman as a caretaker until the legal framework is in place for new elections. That would be a very welcome development. Story here: http://on.msnbc.com/gxmnqc

  48. Congratulations Eclectablog and Blackwaterdog on being an excellent diarist and diary.

  49. There was a Democratic Representative (Elliot Engel)on the Stephanie Miller show this morning who went on and on about the Muslim Brotherhood being a terrorist organization. Even when he was corrected that they are not listed as terrorists on the US watch list, and refuted with accounts that all known experts denied any danger in the Muslim Brotherhood who had denounced violence – he persisted. It’s extremely dangerous when our representatives in government are woefully uninformed, and careless in their accusations. They have access to all the experts in this country – why can’t they avail themselves of that knowledge before they appear on national programs.

    Somewhat related topic, Gail King (Oprah’s friend) is another one who spends hours each day innocently spreading misinformation. She has access to researchers – why can’t she utilize them to make sure she’s giving people real information? I end up listening to some of her show on my ride home from work some days, and I always end up screaming at my dashboard as I hear incorrect data flowing through my radio. Very frustrating, because a lot of people who aren’t very political listen to her show – and it’s often the only source of information they have. People who have access to the airwaves need to be more responsible. (Especially someone who has dined intimately with the President and should know better… ;))

  50. I check there every once in awhile and I’m noticing that many of the blogs have very few comments. There are wonderful progressive blogs like bwd’s and I think folks have gone where the information and community is actually…well… progressive.

  51. That’s funny, I was just catching up with shows on my DV-r and watching Gayle King for the first time, and YES, there is some misinformation.
    I do get the impression that she and her staff read emails, so I’d urge you to send in corrections, beyond, of course, the screaming at the dashboard, which I understand completely.
    I think this TV show is new, widening her audience, and I think she wants to do a good job. I get the impression she wants to be on the right side of things.

  52. Thanks for your twit bits tiger!

    Their courage knows know bounds. May tomorrow bring them and all of us closer to freedom, justice, stability and solidarity.

  53. Here’s the thing though, until they recognize the pattern they’ll jump right back on the next nontroversy, rumor or bad frame job with lighters in hand.

    I do hope there is a lasting change there that reflects the kind of leadership we see (thoughtful,practical, nuanced etc), but I’m skeptical.

  54. CONGRATS to you Eclectablog and to BWD!!!!

    This is great:) The voices of reason have prevailed!

  55. So well deserved. I applaud you both and I truly respect what you both do so, so much. I don’t know how you find the time but I’m thankful that the future and the flow of information is so important to you that you sacrifice so much in service to it. *bows*

    Seriously, it’s really a good testament. I happen to think the results kinda confirm what we all here know… the PL and those with the hyperbolic megaphones who claim ownership over the base perpetually ignore the silent masses, the lurkers, those who only have a small slice of time to digest info and not hyperbole.

    They made this happen and I hope it keeps both of your batteries charged. Afterall, an election is not far off 🙂

  56. I am just so tickled by it.

    It’s so well deserved and as I said upthread it’s confirmation to me at least that there is a silent majority that knows who is who and what is what.


  57. Congratulations, BWD and Eclectablog, for winning the awards. I am sure this will be noted by our friends “over there” and may in itself signal a change. So I’m the eternal optimist – but it’s still great news.

  58. Their traffic is down about 30%.

    I am not embarrassed to admit – I adore my President. And to be among a group of people who “get” that… is perfection. Like POTUS’s smile 🙂

    Life is short. I choose whenever possible, NOT to be miserable.

  59. Oh, the silent majority has spoken so resoundingly. 🙂

    Of late, I’ve found the tone there changing for the better. That’s a change I can believe in ? 😉

  60. I really do hope so amk, I really do.

    They can’t keep wasting their energy on bs, we need all hands on deck to keep righting this ship.

  61. Congrats BWD & Eclectablog. Kudos on your fine work and tenacity in spite of all the attacks you endured “over there”. Isn’t it ironic that their loudest mouths did not win any awards?

  62. Interesting to note, anecdotally anyway…when we get more batsh*t, our numbers fall. When the right gets more batsh*t the numbers seem to swell.

    I like that, I wish it were that way on both sides though…it would bode well for everybody. Rising tide of sanity and all that…

  63. I think that the assassination attempt on Giffords really shook up those that were getting caught up in the negativity (meaning joining in) and bully tactics. And perhaps some civility has seeped back into their consciousness.

    I think that the President’s words that resonated throughout the country and the world from Arizona really hit home and hard.

    And it also gave voice to those to shout back – I’m tired of the bullying! QUIT!

    Or at least… I’m hoping this is all so….

  64. Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. The power of truth and empathy are comprehensively demonstrated by the recognition of the two of you and oh the sweet irony of where that recognition happened!!!

  65. Theo, this is how I feel when democratic senators go public with their take on any given situation when it seemingly undermines the President. Like you, I wonder how hard is it to discuss their position with the president behind closed doors if he is acting as the face of a decision. This kind of behaviour is precisely what irritated me most about Rep. Weiner during the HCR debate. Of course, part of me is hoping that this Leahy/Doggett declaration is part of the WH strategy and that they are fulfilling their ‘role’ as part of the team – but I have my doubts.

  66. I started reading ‘This is the year’ and my mind filled in ‘of the president’. 😉

  67. Joining the congratulatory hug to both of you – continue with your fine efforts!

  68. Thanks rritz – I’ll take your advice. I spent an evening about three months ago trying to find a way to contact her because I was so angry and wanted to correct her (gently). At the time, I could only find a Twitter address for her – and I don’t do Twitter – but it seems she now has Facebook, so I’ll try that. Good idea!

  69. I completely know what you’re talking about with the Rep. Weiner thing. Someone mentioned the other day that he did good on Fox, refuting the nonsense about HCR. I hope he’s turned over a new leaf, but bad habits are difficult to break.

    I’m holding my breath over this Egypt/Middle East uprising – and I just trust that President Obama can succeed in helping these people find democracy despite the backbiting and secondguessing from his own countrymen. There’s just so much at stake.

  70. Thanks for the link. What’s taking place now is just so historic and intricate and mind-blowing. I can barely get a handle on even the small sliver of information which is available publicly.

  71. This is terrific. It likely won’t stop the complaints of those who make a living disparaging the WH from a supposed African American point of view, but how wonderful to read the first-hand thoughts of incredible people like Lisa Jackson. Thanks for the link!

  72. I see that Chris Matthews has a special coming up called “President of the World” about former President Clinton. What?! This is on MSNBC.

    1. Why would President Clinton have agreed to such a thing?
    2. Where was President Clinton during the last guy’s presidency, or did the title of “President of the World” only become available when this President, a Democratic president, take office? Because I can think of a few things that might have helped if there really had been a President of the World supervising the last President… such as world economic collapse, decline of the auto industry, two wars, decline of the middle class, rising tension within the Middle East – that kind of stuff. As far as I know, the current President is the one dealing with all of that, and the so-called “President of the World” hasn’t lifted a finger to help with any of that.

    What is wrong with the media in this country?

  73. Yeah, I don’t Twitter either, but you’re right, she did mention Facebook a couple of times.
    Since this TV thing is just getting off the ground, she might need more staff. And I’m sure she wants to be a credit to herself and her best friend!
    Now that we’re talking about it, I will write to her too. Why not. She’s out there, people are listening, it’s important.

  74. Nothing McCain does surprises me because he has put his angry, inconsistent, hypocrital, meanspirited, prejudiced, and vengeful footprints out there long ago for all the country to see. Anything he does or says is par for the course. Whenever I think about him I think about his wife. Has anyone ever noticed any genuinely warm vibes between them? I used to watch them during the campaign and I never did. Noticed the family ‘closeness’ (including the adopted daughter) when the family posed during the convention? Noticed when Cindy spoke out favourably during the last days of the DADT discussion, she quickly had to make a public disclaimer? He seems like a bully to me and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’s a bully on the domestic scene as well. Nothing he says impresses me, including his letter after the Arizona tragedy. He is a nonentity trying to claw his way back in any way he can. Now if someone with integrity and stature said something similar I might be disappointed.

  75. Right and the operative phrase as you wisely stated is ‘information which is available publicly’. Knowing what you don’t know is the first step to wisdom and the pundit class ain’t wise.

    It is mind-blowing for me because the stones have been thrown, the ripples are in motion. You can’t unring this bell.

    I’m satisfied our leadership is equipped to deal with it. shudder thinking about McCain as 44

    In the meantime we’ve found our own spaces to confer and share info. We can assess without all the drama (as if anymore were needed, the real world is offering enough thanks). I’m heartened by it and the strength of those striving for their ‘more perfect union’ in Egypt.

  76. Hmmmm…I’m reluctant to jump to conclusions about this because it seems almost Onion worthy in it’s irony.

    Theo are you sure they didn’t say it was about 44 with special exclusive contributions from 42?? LOL

    Seriously though, that’s kinda wierd. Bill himself admits Somalia is one of his biggest regrets and he doesn’t have a Cold War victory under his belt as Raygun does (deserved or not). Just wierd, but then Tweety can get really wierd at times.

  77. Just want to say how beautifully and succintly you phrased your congrats Bobfr. Language is so cool.

  78. Jordan I’m with you wrt admiration; I was reading a story in which some of the protesters slept in a row, each with their head on the next person’s lap. Reading stories like this, and the inter-faith human chains…this is remarkable in terms of the community and dignity on display. And it doesn’t take any wisdom to know that what I don’t know or understand about what’s happening exponentially outweighs what I have managed to digest of the information made available to us.

  79. I agree Kishik. Pres. Obama’s Arizona speech really did have an impact on this country. I think it was viewed by 30 million people. I’ve heard many anecdotes about how that speech “removed the scales” from the eyes of many of the President’s detractors.

  80. That story is upthread in tigerfist’s tweet; one of many terrific stories and images which he’s circulated. This community is just something special.

  81. “The White House press corps (yes, I’m looking at you, Jake Tapper) is the most clueless band of idiots in the village.”
    –Al Giordano 2/2/11 on Facebook.

  82. Special indeed. The pic of the Christians making a human chain to protect the Muslims while they pray will be with me forever. Even now, I get teary thinking about it. Powerful.

    And we’re helping make it go viral and that is so important. So many will be touched by these visuals and information and who else are they going to get it from?

  83. Seriously. We can just change the picture in the dictionary for Hypocrite right now. There has to be a stronger word…one that means beyond the pale, astronomically heartless, mind-numbingly stupid.

  84. Al just makes it plain…..

    His comments about the White House Press Corps is so true. I often say they should change the name from press briefings to coffee klatches for gossip mongers.

    The smugness of the front row is nauseating. And the permanent snarl on Jake Tappers face is beyond annoying. I just shake my head at the stupid questions they ask. They are always dripping with sarcasm, gotcha and innuendo. It’s hard not to miss the smirks on their faces.

  85. LOL! This is my instant favorite of all of the images, hands down. People really will find a problem, and make a way, no time to look cute, just be practical! “What do you have on your head??!!” “Look man, it’s real out here right now, you better cover your head with a cooking pot or some plastic bottles or concrete slab or even some baguettes and act like you have some sense.” Egypt is going to be okay; they really are going to be fine. People with this much sense will be able to create a stable new regime, I really think so.

  86. You know, something that is completely unappreciated in our War of Civilizations ™ culture is that the Arabs saved Western science and philosophy while Europe languished in the Dark Ages. The Scholastics and then the Renaissance were kick-started by Arabic translations of ancient Greek texts, which were then translated into Latin. Aristotle was nearly unknown in Western Europe until manuscripts began filtering in from Moorish Spain. The Arabs have a gift for civilization, and will rebuild theirs for the 21st century.

  87. Oh yes, LL, as usual, you are completely on point; and I remember nodding in vigorous agreement with a previous commenter who said, “no comment on the current matter because the things which the US holds in such pride were mastered and exceeded in ancient Egypt.” Arabs and Africans and those who claim both distinctions have stores of knowledge, alongside many others. I love that picture; it tickles and impresses me profoundly.

  88. The fact that with all of our technology we still wouldn’t be able to replicate the Pyramids should be enough to instill humility in us.

  89. It certainly does in me. I try to check my priviledges as much as possible. Such a big beautiful world and I need to constantly cleanse the lenses in which I view it. This blog and it’s commentors constantly feed me the ammo to do just that.

  90. The solipcistic view of the world parallels the Frustrati’s. DK awards were just and fair. But the only diary with traction is urging Americans to take to the street like the Egyptians because Obama is in bed with bankers or some such, and we are so screwed.

    I must be live somewhere beyond the Looking Glass. I am feeling somewhat optimistic these days.

  91. Traction within the negative-narrative frozen bunch that’s all. As you said, the accolades were just and signify more than this latest empty and mis-directed paper strategy ever will.

    I think tomorrow is going to be a dramatic day in Egypt and I hope my optimism is well founded. I’m not naive but I hope and always will.

  92. OMG! Your avatar or whatever you call it (icon?) caught me by surprise. Holy cow!
    Just fabulous!

    Oh and, congrats to BWD and Eclectablog!

  93. “Traction within the negative-narrative frozen bunch that’s all.”

    Talk about the beauty of language – that is elegant!!

    And, yes, the hours ahead for Egyptians and all humanity are going to be transformative – for the better or for the much, much worse.

    If one needs to reflect on how amazingly fortunate humanity is at this moment, just imagine a Bush or a McCain as President (that’s scary enough … a Palin or a …. that’s just to frightening to ponder even for a nanosecond).

  94. I wish it were Onion, but I saw the ad three times today while working at home. It’s definitely about Clinton. The man’s ego is blinding him to the damage he’s causing and the way he’s being used.

    It’s just so offensive.

  95. They think that’s what “hard hitting journalism” means. Don’t they teach REAL journalism in college anymore?

  96. I so love the FACTS that you bring here to this site. Always a learning experience with you, (even when they don’t support my position…) 🙂

  97. It never ceases to amaze me, LL, how many Americans are totally clueless about the contributions Muslims have made to the world. Had it not been for the House of Wisdom where the work of the ancient Romans and Greeks were stored, much of Western civilization’s history would have been lost forever.

  98. Agreed kishik. That unfortunate events helped many on the left to see who the real enemy is. I sure hope most of the americans too woke up to the reality of the teabaggers and the repubs taking down the democratic values in pursuit of their ideology and power respectively.

  99. What did it for me was when the freedom
    fighters held tahrir sq. by making crude
    shields out sheets of tin pulled off of something…lol…They looked straight out of
    their past with sharp sticks pointed up and
    positioned in a crouched stance blocking
    molotov cocktails.

  100. I think I said it wrong, Theo. I think it is more like separating two layers, kind of like peeling layers of an onion but in this case very, very thin layers to begin with. No big bang involved.

  101. “Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia are a sign of ‘Islamic awareness’ in the region.

    Iran’s supreme leader says US faces ‘irreparable defeat’ if Middle East uprisings are successful.”

    That’s an interesting way for him to describe what’s going on in Egypt. Because when a similar uprising of awareness happened in Iran, it was crushed and protestors were jailed and tortured.

    This guy sounds like Iran’s Glenn Beck. ‘We surround them.’

  102. Soon, hopefully, the Ayatollah will find himself as isolated as No. Korea. I hold out great optimism that that will happen soon.

    I seldom turn on Iran 24 hour News, but they do have some awesome travel and history documentaries re Iran. It is a beautiful country and has eons of history. Shame the leaders are such shites.

  103. Well, you can certainly count on me to keep going, even at dKos. I have always contended that there are more reasonable people there than not. They’re just not as outspoken. But they need a voice.

    Thanks for the very sweet comment, JR.

  104. The Ayatollah is just as isolated as Mubarak. Half his nation is under 30, and they too want the same freedoms. But Iran was doubtless traumatized by the big war with Iraq, so it will be a while before the masses of Iranians demand change. Add the money from oil, and things will hold together a bit. Oil money can pay off a lot of folks, and with the prices rising, a lot of things like food can be subsidized.

    I bet in a couple of decades when the last of the 1979 Revolutionary crowd passes under the sod, Iran will once again regain its dignity.

  105. Thanks for all the photos, bwd! I was going to beg you to put more of them on your blog to go along with all the great links, but you read my mind today. Great!

    I simply ADORE this president. He’s so far ahead of the game, so strong and calm and reasonable and basically TERRIFIC, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to hate him despite all the evidence that proves all the fears and rumors false. I honestly feel nothing but pity for anyone who hates this man. He’s incredibly easy to ADORE.

  106. I was wondering what was wrong with that site. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope they get back up and running soon, in a more secure environment.

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