“You know, Mich, you won’t believe what these folks are going through. It’s not right. We’ve got to fix this” (Updated)

Hi guys,

It’s Puerto Rico day:

9:30 AM
The President departs Miami, Florida en route San Juan, Puerto Rico
Miami International Airport

9:40 AM
First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver remarks at a Democratic National Committee breakfast in Oakland and luncheon in San Francisco.

11:45 AM
The President arrives in San Juan, Puerto Rico

11:55 AM
The President delivers brief remarks at a welcome event
Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

12:55 PM
The President visits La Fortaleza

2:00 PM
Vice President Biden hosts a meeting at with a bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers to work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction.

2:55 PM
The President is interviewed by El Nuevo Día and Univision of Puerto Rico

3:50 PM
The President attends a DNC event
Caribe Hilton
Closed Press

4:00 PM
The President departs San Juan, Puerto Rico

8:05 PM
The President arrives at Joint Base Andrews


PBO’s interview with the quite obnoxious Ann Curry is here.


Here’s an extraordinary part from Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC fundraiser in Pasadena yesterday. You should read the entire remarks, but this just moved me so much, I read it breathless.

// snip

Now, let me tell you something about your President. That’s what I see when he returns home after a long day traveling around the country, I mean, doing things you wouldn’t imagine that a single person could do in the span of 24 hours. And he always tells me not about how hard the day was but about the people he’s met along the way.

And I see in those quiet moments late at night, after we’ve put the girls to bed, and he’s hunched over his desk, and he’s reading everything — letters people have sent him. That’s what keeps him motivated. He reads those letters. A letter from the woman dying of cancer whose health insurance wouldn’t cover her care. Those are the letters he’s reading. The letter from the young person with so much promise, but so few opportunities.

And I see the sadness and the worry that’s creasing his face. And I hear the passion and the determination in his voice. He says, “You know, Mich, you won’t believe what these folks are going through.” He says, “It’s not right. Still not right. And we’ve got to fix this. We have to do more.”

And what some of you know, who has spent any time with Barack, is that when it comes to the people he meets and the stories he hears, he has a memory like a steel trap. I mean, it’s a gift. He remembers everything. He can retain so much information, substantively — stories, background, and children. He might not remember your name, but if he’s had a few minutes and a decent conversation, he will never forget your story. It becomes imprinted on his heart. And that is what he carries with him every day –- that collection of hopes, and dreams, and struggles.

That is what your President does. That’s where he gets his passion. And that’s why he works so hard every day. I mean, this man doesn’t take a day off. The President of the United States works every day. There isn’t a problem that faces this world that doesn’t come across his desk, with an expectation of completion.

Starting first thing in the morning and going late into the night, hunched over every briefing, he reads every word of every memo so that he is more prepared than the people briefing him, writing notes, asking questions. That is who your President is. That’s who you elected, because all those wins and losses, trust me, are not wins and losses for him. They’re wins and losses for the folks whose stories he carries with him, the folks he worries about and prays about before he goes to bed at night.

And in the end, for Barack Obama, and for me, and for so many of us here, that is what politics is about. It’s not about one person. (Applause.) It is not about one President. We talked about this. This election was not about Barack Obama. It’s about how we work together to make real changes that make a real difference in people’s lives on the ground. The young person attending college today because she can finally afford it. The mom or dad who can take their child to a doctor today because of health care reform. Those are real changes for people. You may not hear them on the news all the time, but that’s helping folks. The folks who are working on the line today at places like GM, and bringing home a good paycheck to their families.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to finish what we’ve started. We need all of you to be with us on the next phase of our journey. And I’m not going to kid you, it is not going to be easy. And it is going to be long. It was never supposed to be easy for Barack Obama. Did anybody think that? (Laughter.) Was anybody under the impression that this was going to be smooth and easy? Well, I wasn’t. (Laughter.) It’s going to be hard. And there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way.

And I know you all have been riding that roller coaster, rolling — oh, my god, what’s he doing now — and why isn’t he — oh, why did he — why isn’t he saying — boy, it’s — we hear you. (Laughter.)

But here’s the thing about Barack –- and this is something I’d appreciate even if he hadn’t shown the good judgment to marry me. (Laughter and applause.) But even in the toughest moments — and I have seen him every step of the way for every fight, for every decision — when it seems like all is lost, and we’re all wringing our hands, and I’ve done it to him, too — what’s going to happen, are we going to be okay — (laughter) — Barack Obama never loses sight of the end goal. He is always an end-goal game player. He’s not looking right here. He’s looking way down the road. (Applause.) And he never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the noise. It doesn’t faze him. He just keeps moving forward, step by step. That’s how change happens. (Applause.)

And in those moments when we’re all sweating it, when we’re worried that that bill won’t pass, or the negotiations might fall through, Barack always reminds me that we’re playing a long game here. That’s how he reassures me. It’s not about today. It’s about our future. It’s about these kids. It’s not about us.

He reminds me that change is slow. Nothing worth having happens in an instant. He reminds me that change does not happen all at once. It never does. Never has. But he tells me that if we keep showing up, right, if we keep fighting the good fight, and doing what we know is right, then eventually we will get there, because we always have. When you think about it, we always have gotten to the right place in this country.

And that’s what he needs from you. All of you. That’s why I’m back out here on the campaign trail. He needs you to be in this with him for the long haul, the end game. He needs you to hold fast to our vision and our values and our dreams for our kids and for our country. He needs you to work like you’ve never worked before. Every day.

And that’s what I plan on doing, because I am not doing this just as his wife. I never have. I’m not doing it because I’m the First Lady. I’ll be doing it because I’m a mother. (Applause.) I want to leave a legacy for our girls that I can be proud of. And more than that, I will be doing it as a citizen who knows that we can do great things together to change this country for the better, because the truth is, no matter what happens, my girls will be okay. My girls will have plenty of advantages and opportunities in their lives. And that’s probably true for a lot of families here, for a lot of your kids, as well.

But I think the last four years have shown us the truth of what Barack has always said: That if any child in this country is left behind, then that matters to all of us — (applause) — even if she’s not our son or our daughter. If any family in this country struggles, then we can’t be fully content with our own family’s good fortune. We can’t just sit back and let our neighbors struggle, because that’s not what we do in this country. That’s not who we are.

In the end, we cannot separate our own story from the broader American story. And that, I know. I’ve seen it. Like it or not, we are all in this together. And that’s not so bad. (Applause.)

So I know that if we all put our hearts and our souls into this, if we do what we need to do during the next couple of years, then we can continue to make the change that we believe in. We can. And I know that if we do that, we can build the country that our children deserve.

So I have one last question to ask you. Are you in? (Applause.) I mean, are you ready for this? (Applause.) Because I am in. (Applause.) And I hope that you all are fired up. (Applause.) And I hope that you all are ready to go — (applause) — because it is going to take all of our energy to keep moving towards the future.

I look forward to working with you all hard in the years ahead. Thank you all, God bless, keep praying, keep working. (Applause.) We are so grateful to all of you. Thank you so much.


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  1. Astounding view…thank God this man is our commander in chief. We have gone from a president that took more vacations than any in history to one who very rarely takes a day off. And there you have a snapshot of the different ethos’s in a nutshell…I’m in, with all my heart. Thank you Mr. President, for who you are, your vision, and all you are doing every moment of every day.

  2. Michelle was in campaign mode yesterday! Barack did alot better as the night went on, he seemed a little distracted, at first. You know, the president has so much to fix, no telling how many problems he solved on Monday!

    Good morning!

  3. Thank you bWD for presenting this.

    This line, among many greaT ONES, STANDS OUT TO ME:

    If any family in this country struggles, then we can’t be fully content with our own family’s good fortune. We can’t just sit back and let our neighbors struggle, because that’s not what we do in this country. That’s not who we are.

    Because that line represents the difference between Dems and Reps. It is a line Dems believe and Reps scoff at.

  4. Oh my ! I am so blown away by what First Lady Michelle Obama shared with us. I am all teared up with joy and wish I could actually work in the 2012 campaign from Canada. Great post BWD.

  5. Here is some good news: so far, the administration has installed 5 million new smart meters and has pledged 250 million dollars more, towards the smart grid, on Monday!

    This news gets ignored, but is very important!

  6. Mornnin’ BWD, Chipsticks, and Fellow TOAITR’ers/TOD’ers,

    That WAS beautiful!

    Like I’ve said before, and I’ll continue to say, ” Through our ups and downs, WE ‘ve “GOT” PBHO’s and FLMO’s BACKs!” ::Virtual Hugs::

    They have love for country, man, woman and child, here and afar!

    No ifs and buts about it, I’M forever IN!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  7. Our local news mentioned it this morning. They talked about how he is the first sitting president since JFK to go there. The Beltway Reality Show, aka MSM, running with their own narrative as usual. In the meantime the president keeps working and we keep working for him and spreading what he’s doing.

    Thanks, Jovie for the work you do bringing us loads of information daily.

  8. You know, I liked Curry…

    But, now, I don’t like her so much.

    She needs to be “dressed down!”

    TOAITR’s/TOD’s Call The Media List… http://theobamadiary.com/contact-the-media/

    Jovie, that’s the way of MSM, right now…

    But, things are a-changin’!!!

    Some are tryin’ to stop it, and some are even tryin’ to “turn back the clock!”

    But, it’s here, “A Change Is Gonna Come”:

  9. Love the pics!! Though I wish PBO would spend a little more time in PR – the island sure could use some federal TLC. I’ll be watching for that interview with el Nuevo Dia and Telemundo, hoping to see more than just campainging. I’m hoping his visit will bring a bit more attention to the island’s economic issues.

  10. Good morning BWD and all. That’s a wonderful speech by The First Lady. Thanks for posting it.


    PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS ACCEPTED AN INVITATION to make an official visit to Puerto Rico, the U.S. commonwealth’s governor said Tuesday [24/5]. An administration official confirmed the visit to CNN’s Ed Henry.

    Gov. Luis G. Fortuño’s statement on the visit after the jump:

    “Since the beginning of my administration, WE HAVE BEEN WORKING IN CLOSE COLLABORATION W with the president and his administration TO MAKE THIS HISTORIC VISIT A REALITY,” said Fortuño, who revealed that along with the First Lady of PR, had been holding talks with the U.S. president and First Lady, Michelle Obama, about visiting since February 2009.

    “With his visit, PRESIDENT OBAMA FULFILLS HIS COMMITMENT he made during the presidential primaries of 2008, TO RETURN TO PUERTO RICO as president,” said Chief Executive. “Puerto Rico prepares to host its first official presidential visit since 1962, when President John F. Kennedy was greeted with great enthusiasm by our people. I’m sure the reception that President Obama will receive the upcoming June 14 will be no less remarkable and productive.”



    PBHO’s 2008 Visit:

    He returns there gray-haired, older, and much wiser…

    But, he’s still got that BIG, beautiful smile, energetic “lean-mean” body machine, and “magnetic” personality!!!

    President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico:

  12. What a speech! I can’t wait to read the whole thing. This wonderful man and woman are the real deal. We must do our jobs and keep them in the White House.

  13. Some pundtwit said crazy Bachmann won, and CNBC said Mittens did. No republican enthusiasm out there for either, however. They seem to be waiting for Palin to make the 3 ring circus complete. Three buffoons under the republican tent.

  14. At some point they have to make their choice. And as far as the contenders, their debates at some point will have to focus on their own plans instead of just talking about PBO.

    I heard that Mittens said that everyone on the stage was better than PBO. He knew it was a lie when it came out of his mouth and the people raving about them this am are well of that, too.

  15. Like her husband, Michelle Obama is one for the ages. I cannot imagine another Flotus in history speaking with such heart and intelligence about her husband, except maybe Abigail Adams. Even my beloved Eleanor Roosevelt could not have pulled this off. Michelle is a beautiful human being, both inwardly and outwardly and the love she shares with Barack just shines through both of them. It’s heartbreaking to see one you love work so hard and get worn down with care. But she knows in her heart that’s what he needs to do to be fully himself and it’s what needs to be done for the country.

    Eleanor Roosevelt saw her husband age terribly in office and become sicker by the year. She told Edward R Murrow once that there were people who hated her husband, hated her and hated her children. She dealt with it all the time. But she said you do the very best you can and you don’t let the hatred stop you. That’s what we see in Barack and Michelle–two beautiful, brilliant, enormously caring people doing the very best they can and making all of us better for is. For every person who expresses hatred for them or lies about them to achieve their own ends, they need thousands more of us who love them and will tell the truth. We can do that. All of us together.

  16. Ann cuurry interview in the LED shop, was good backdrop…
    The republicans have picked there candidate, that is why nobody went after him! It is already romneys. And everyone is looking for the number 2 spot. The msm picked up on this and are building up Bachman!
    All you have to do is listen to the news and they will tell you what is up in the republican party!
    Romney/bachman ticket. You heard it hear first…

  17. Was looking through quotes today & caame across this one that immediately made me think of my No Drama President; “Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson

  18. Chuck Todd just said Robert Gibbs is spinning like a top this morning on all the shows.

    Wait…, what? Robert Gibbs is spinning like a top? Did I hear him correctly? Lol!

  19. What stands out for me is that after all the politeness etc,,make no mistake, the conservatives and their clan- Teaparty, Ron Paulites, Gop rethugs, will ALL get behind and vote for the nominee! I am convinced that the vote will not be fractured, even with all the coming talk and policy differences.They will all come round,because the bigger goal is getting rid of President Obama.

  20. In Mitt’s world, anything that pops out of his mouth is disingenous. He reminds of a slick salesman with a lot of smooth talk, who you know is setting you up as heworks you over for the sale!

  21. I bet he said that when the Bushies were all over the news trying to claim credit for the Bin Laden killing. Todd is a putz and an obvious Republican.

  22. If their ticket is Romney/Bachmann: OmG what Clowns!

    Both said they want to reinstate DADT and a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and no abortions even in the case or rape and incest , and to get rid of the EPA and more bat crazy crap.

  23. Bachmann because she didn’t look completely crazy (run from THAT record, Michelle!)

    Mittens, because the other guys were deferential to him.

    I got some argument last week because I thought it possible that Republicans would pull together faster than we expect. Republicans do not stay home on Election Day. They are united in their hatred of Obama.

    I expect the teaPublicans to put up a fight in the early primaries. But we cannot ever assume that Republicans stay home when they don’t get their dream candidate. They are not fickle, like so many Democratic-leaning voters. They will do anything to try to defeat Obama. In many ways, Romney is their dream President (if not their dream candidate): he is an empty suit, soulless, rudderless, ideal-less. He can be anything they want him to be and he will do their bidding. His only ideal is Business with a capital “B”.

    My take: Romney’s the nominee. He will look sane enough to the stupid ‘independents’ who will want ‘change’. They never, ever learn. Republicans are doing all they can to tank the recovery in order to win in 2012.

    Obama still wins. But Republicans understand that they vote for the ‘moderate’ and then change things from within. Everyone on the looney left should understand that Obama can be the progressive they allegedly want if he has a second term. Jackasses.

  24. I agree, Jovie. Expect a female V.P. Bachmann has to be controlled. One less-than-batshit-crazy performance is not enough. Can she maintain it? I have ceased underestimating what Republicans are capable of.

    Bachmann looked like a more intelligent Sarah Palin last night, exactly what she set out to do.

  25. And yet, Rachel still hates this president bc he does not do enough on gay issues???????

    Gotta love the pl! I gotta ask, do you think Rachel is racist?

  26. I had to stop my husband from throwing a shoe at Chuck Todd on the teevee this morning.

  27. Rachel, every night for the last week, has tried to twist as much as she can against Obama. Even Cenk avoided it a little and then they went on their tirade.

    Shame on you, Rachel. You, of all people on the teevee, should understand how much this President has accomplished for gay issues. Fix everything? Rachel, do you not understand what this President has been up against? For shame.

  28. That was the line that struck a cord with me too, japa.How true.Tears in my coffee. Tears, and resolve to work for this most incredible President.Thank you, BWD. beautiful morning post. Though I must say, salt and coffee DO NOT mix!

  29. Faith, I got a feeling about this when Haley Barbour at that faith meeting in D.C., told the rest of the crew that they needed to come together for the sole purpose of defeating President Obama, no matter what. Say what you will about the Republicans, one thing they know how to do, for better or worse, they know how to coalese around each other.

    That why when I look at this race, I see the opposition to our president as two-fold. You will have a Republican Party willing to hurt the country’s economy to see him become a one-termer, with a silent media in tow, and then you have some in his own party, who would rather have a Republican administration than support this president.

    That leaves those of us in the party that will have to work our tails off to counter all their negativity. I believe that there is no other person better at this time to be our leader that PBO. We have a lot of work to do, but that’s what we must. My heart aches for this president every time I read his wife’s words. And I have read it over and again since yesterday.

    Go figure.

  30. gee, how did Paul Krugman get through an entire article without bashing Obama? Wow…..

    That being said, this is a great article, full of potential Democratic soundbites. It’s a keeper.

    WiW, you are an absolute treasure.

  31. Hi Jovie
    I have been posting this one and some of your other wonderful news on Twitter. But I do agree that you might think abt going on it to post all of your good stuff. Thanks for everything!

  32. Wonderful speeches, so proud of this President and the First Lady, I sleep better and feel better knowing they are in the White House.

    Off topic and I hope you all are ok with me asking this. I am trying in vain to figure out the PL.
    Do they want Pres Obama to lose the election? Is that because of some chatter I am reading that they want Feingold 2016.? Well Obama is not running in 2016 so that field is open. Besides, I doubt Feingold would get the nomination when that time comes. There are too many Democratic governors who look too solid from red states like Montana and such. As some are predicting and taunting that Obama will lose and they seem to just want to be right and do not care what happens to the country.
    And there are not Trolls either but the PL as they have been members of a certain blog for 7-8 years. What is their angle and motivation? I know they believe in holding Democrats feet to the fire and pushing Democrats to be more liberal but they seem to be fine with a Republican in the White House.
    Is that because they can then whine, cry, and rant about Republicans and say they at least got the DINO out of the WH? Anyone else can figure them out? As I understand about trolls and paid GOP operatives pretending to be liberals but some of these PL are well known liberals…what is their thing?

  33. I was really embarrassed for Rachel last night. She is still handwringing about the Democrats wanting Anthony Weiner to resign while not calling for Vitter to resign. She was especially alarmed that PBO had weighed in. Thankfully, her guest Bob Herbert was making sense about the situation.

    Everybody gets the hypocrisy of the Republican Party. But the reckless behavior of Anthony Weiner has taken the attention away from Paul Ryan’s vouchercare replacement for Medicare and everything else the GOP is doing to stop economic recovery.

    It’s been three weeks of non-stop coverage of AW, does Rachel really think this is a good thing? The drip drip drip of photos is a nightmare. The very fact that Ann Curry has to start an interview with PBO asking about AW is appalling. It is time for Anthony Weiner to go.

  34. Love your comment, Jackie :-).

    Those words from FL Michelle were absolutely beautiful, powerful and poignant. I have no doubt — and they show us even more every day — that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the right people for the right time. I can’t imagine any other alternative.

    So true: can’t let the hate stop you. I eschew all the negativity and pettiness and reach for the positive in order to support my President and First Lady in any way I can. We will make it. I’m convinced the best is yet to come.

    So glad to see POTUS going to Puerto Rico today…….OBAMANOS!!!

  35. I just dropped Ms. Curry a note using your tool. Thanks. It was so convenient.

  36. What an amazing speech! I thank the First Lady from the bottom of my heart for doing so much to make the country aware of what President Obama focuses upon every day, and what makes him tick. Truly wonderful people.

  37. The GOP still has a Tea Party problem. The final paragraph shows why:

    In April, an ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that against President Obama, 70 percent of those who identified as a Tea Partier said they would vote for Romney. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, both considered to be Tea Party favorites, came in with 60 and 61 percent, respectively.
    But one thing is for sure: Romney and the Tea Party are keeping each other at arm’s length. But at the same time, grassroots activists aren’t ready to get behind any candidate just yet.

    “It is too soon for the Tea Party to decide who they will get behind,” Florida-based activist Billie Tucker told TheDC. “At this point, no one candidate will get the backing of all the Tea Parties across this country yet.”
    “It’s a frustrating thing for the Tea Party,” Kibbe (Tea Party organization’s president and CEO Matt Kibbe) told TheDC. “The current field is a little frustrating.”….

    Despite the rocky start to the 2012 primary season, Kibbe still expressed some optimism, though it was couched in a warning. “I feel like the Republican establishment has come our way,” said Kibbe. “They don’t want train wrecks like they had in Delaware, which was the doing of the Republican establishment thinking [Mike] Castle was good enough when he was utterly unacceptable.”

    The Tea Party believes the I’m Not A Witch I’m You candidate beating Mike Castle in the primary was a success. They’re like the looniest of the Left. ‘Yes we’re a laughing stock and picked a candidate that could never win a general election and has several ethical lapses, but at least our voices we heard as we spectacularly failed.”

    Now that they’ve sent so many quacks to the House, they’re feeling cocky, and want to hijack the GOP Presidency with one of their own and if they don’t get their way there will be hell to pay.

    The GOP lineup ranges from the charisma-free, to the unhinged, to the ethically radioactive and none of them appeal to Democrats, Republicans or tea partiers.

    Good luck winning the Presidency with one bump in the road ad Romney. President Obama isn’t where you should be focusing your interests. You need to find somebody in your party that likes you.

  38. Favor #2
    Please help build a page of Facebook pages for government officials. Last night during the Repubs debate they had a Facebook page and I believe this media will be very important during the election.

    There is a “Wiki” web page you can go to contribute any Facebook addresses you have. I had asked folks to research the state they live in. Don’t feel you have to do the entire state, just adding 1 or 2 names really helps. Also it doesn’t have to be a politican in your state, if there are other officals you follow or prefer to research.

    If you visit


    1.There is a large EDIT tab button on the right side near the top select that tab
    2. The screen will refresh and you will have a blinking cursor which allows you to type (it will be right in front of the word “Please”)
    3. Click at the top of the page and enter yoru info. Don’t worry about how the text looks.
    4. Once you have typed in the information there is a Save button near the top on the right side, push save and you are done.

    Many thanks to everyone who is able to help.

  39. Bob Herbert was perfect: the professor schooled the professor. But Rachel wasn’t listening.

    What Republicans do and their hypocrisy in doing it should make little difference to our own standards. We can repeat that Vitter should resign and that Republicans were silent for years on their sexual criminals and actual criminals, like Ensign.

    I am ambivalent on Weiner resigning but I can understand party leadership having had enough of his tawdry exploits. The truth isn’t going to get any better. I’m disgusted at his obsession with sending photos of his private parts while trolling for women through his fame as an elected official. All he appeared to take time to do was call out Obama for lack of character and spine? Maybe he should have spent less time with his iPhone camera and spent more time actually building our way back to progressive ideals. He disgusts me.

    He would be reelected in a year and a half, count on it, if he chooses to stay on. I understand the equivalency with Republicans, but it is not reason enough to defend him. He has hurt his party, he has hurt the important work we need to do. He’s a little man with a big mouth, and that’s it.

  40. My question to Ann Curry and the rest of these bozos is why are you not asking the Republicans why they are putting our economy at risk by only focusing on bringing down President Obama instead of creating jobs, raising the debt ceiling and holding banks and corporations accountable for their share?

    Curry’s last interview with President Obama was just as cold.

  41. They have learned nothing from 2010. Tha’s why even when Rachel or any one of these so-called progressives give any praise to PBO, I take it with a grain of salt. Their schizophrenic coverage leaves nothing to be desired.

    I am not asking that they don’t criticize the president, but this excessive over the top coverage of certain issues that they believe they and only they know to be correct does not lead me to want to give up my hour each night to watch them. I will settle for clips and transcripts here and there. But I have sworn most of them off, including Jon Stewart. To me they are all actors in what has become a reality show on a bigger stage.

    Go figure.

  42. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Republicans vote, whether they’re enthusiastic or not. And they are particularly enthusiastic about sending Obama back to Chicago. Do not underestimate them, just because they don’t love their candidate. They know who their enemy is, and it ain’t Mitt Romney.

    He’ll do their bidding and they know it. He stands the best chance to beat Obama (he won’t but he stands the best chance). Ignore Iowa — most of the candidates are anyway. Iowa is fast becoming irrelevant with their parochial electorate that does nothing to reflect the American electorate.

    SC — not as irrelevant as Iowa. But don’t be surprised when Romney does well there. That will be it — Romney will be the nominee.

  43. But if they are liberals, why do they want a Democrat to lose? Just for purity and to get rid of them so in 4-8-20 years, they can get a radically liberal President which will never happen?

  44. I am so looking forward to reading a Michelle Obama memoir in the future, maybe even moreso than one by the President himself! She really has the best seat in the house and a warm, human, and funny perspective on things.

  45. Bc he is black. Just think, in the primary the question if the president coming from Kenya was from hillarys camp.
    And, if any if you have noticed, in the msm, it is all former bush people and Clinton people, stoking the flames.
    The msm is desperately trying to weaken the president, both left and right.
    But why???

  46. This is exactly why I stopped paying attention to what any of the pundits say, it’s all spin so that they can hear themselves talk.

    As for Weiner, he’s become a national joke, why they hell is Rachel and the UNprofessional left wasting their time defending him? It seems that they are glad with perpetual losers as heroes… Weiner, Grayson, Feingold, Kucinich, heck even some of them are praising Ron/Rand Paul, who aren’t even Democrats!

    It looks as if Rachel and the rest of the UNprofessional left bought into the Messiah nonsense from the right and really believed that POTUS would have fixed everything in his first month, that’s why they berate him as being a right wing, Republican DLC corporatist Wall Street lackey and keep on screaming on him to be primaried with the perpetual losers listed above. Even Jane Hamsher was forced to admit that there was no one who could successfully primary POTUS, it’s all just reactionary emotional temper tantrums because their ideological wonderland is forever stuck in imagination and will never come to fruition, and they blame it all on POTUS and us “Obamabots.”

  47. Because the media loves the drama and tension for ratings and more importantly, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  48. I saw the video posted. Anthony Weiner looked Rachel dead in the eye and lied to her. This man, from clips in his press conference when asked if he knew if any of the people he was communicating with was a minor, he said no. Then we find out, there is a 17-year old girl. Somewhere else I read, in one of the conversations the girl mentioned being in high school. If this is true, then he told another lie even as he tried to fix the other. That’s the problem with telling lies.

    He knew there were multiple photos of him out there in the ether, yet he came out stating this was a great right wing conspiracy and that he had been hacked, all the while knowing that he was telling lies. In his selfish desire to hang on to his seat, he’s knocked an important issue for the Democrats off the stage. Why should an entire party go down because of this one man? Would Rachel who praises the president one day and her over the top criticism of him on another, be as vehement in her support of President Obama if this was he? I think not. She and lots of others are willing to give Weiner the benefit of the doubt, but won’t cut this president any slack. I am so done with their hypocrisy.

    She can wail about Vitter all she wants, it won’t change anything. The man got a pass, it is unfortunate, but nothing she says night after night is going to change that. People should just tune her off now.

  49. If the republicans get back in, they won’t allow anyone to vote again after that, certainly not Democrats, certainly not minorities, certainly not gays. Watch Wisconsin to see how things would work.

  50. Yep, Bob Herbert told her like it is, while she tried her best to continue on with the poutrage, Some-one should ask her, what would she rachel do if she were in Weiner shoes?. Would love to hear her truthful answer.

  51. Maybe we could get OFA to sell foam shoe soles stamped with Yes, we can and Obama 2012, and then your husband would have something to throw at the republicans on the TV.

  52. I wouldn’t say that Rachel is racist. I would say that Rachel wants to be vindicated. On the eve of the 2008 general election, Rachel Maddow was the only Democratic-leaning pundit that I can recall who predicted that Obama would lose. To John McCain and Sarah Palin! Her reason? “The country is just not ready for a Black President,” she said. Well, she was spectacularly wrong. And being a smart person, she’s probably not used to being so spectacularly wrong. So I think she’s a bit conflicted; while she might not want him to fail outright, she probably has a nagging desire to say, “I told you so.”

  53. Whoever these people purport to be, their beliefs, their continued griping,etc, they are extremely unwise and irrational. it appears their cause, i.e the anti-Obama nitpicking, has taken them over and they refuse to let it go. How unfortunate. But, if they keep on this path they will surely get the America they deserve,by which time if you think they are griping now………………..can you just imagine?

  54. I knew Ann C’s Corporate masters planted that question. Ann is not the smartest bulb in the media circus so I am not surprised.

  55. Of course Romney won’t win, POTUS will John Kerry him: “Mitt, you were FOR this before you were AGAINST it,” leaving Mitt speechless.

    Americans love a President who is consistent, which is why, sad to say, President Bush using John Kerry flip flopping back in 2004 was so effective, and President Obama will be able to do the same to Mitt if he is the GOP nominee.

    And besides that, Mitt has a horrible jobs creation record, so President Obama will be able to use that against Mitt as well. Mitt will learn what John McCain found out: running against Barack Obama is a contest you won’t win.

  56. Bush fooled lots of folks (Twice), I just hope people don’t get fooled again by the Rethugs. They are showing you what they are all about…destroying all safety nets for the poor to middle class. They destroy us with our votes.

  57. Thank you BWD!! you are priceless!!!, The media all the care is about sounbites and to make sleazy news, and of course MONEY but I am not worried about POTUS he can handle the them (The MSM)
    wery well . Out president it’s too smart for them.

  58. I NEVER said Mittens would be President. He won’t be. But we should never underestimate what Republicans are capable of spinning.

    We need to proceed as if it’s an actual race and we are out to win it.

    It was particularly telling to me yesterday that the entire field appeared to accept Romney as the nominee. That is a party pulling together pretty fast. Every one of them will vote. Democats have a terrible record on voting and Republican governors and legislatures are doing all they can to keep people away from the polls. Let’s not get complacent for a minute.

  59. I don’t believe anyone is saying or suggesting that we be complacent.

    Of course, the same bunch of folks who canvassed for Obama and went around knocking on doors registering folks to vote, etc will have to do so again.

    What we are doing though is pointing out how ridiculously flawed Obama’s opponents are, especially Romney. Romney wasn’t even able to defeat John McCain for the nomination in 2008, so how would Romney be able to pose a serious threat to Obama?

    As for Democrats having a terrible record of voting, the 2012 election won’t be a repeat of the 2010 midterms. Remember in 2008, people went out in record numbers to vote for Obama, across all demographics and McCain/Palin got shellacked.

  60. Egomania, racism, narcissism, needing to be “right” at the expense of the country; there are many reasons. But I think that people need to cut their losses and get away from these toxic people and their equally toxic media products. What do they have to offer to anyone but opinions which 7 times out of 10 are wrong anyway? Wash your hands, friend. 🙂

  61. Totally agree. I see how the media is charmed by his “performance” last night, in which he told lie after lie after lie – And no one cares. This scumbag can lie his way to the WH. We should be extra vigilant.

  62. Off topic. But remember the guy Eric Bolling at Fox business news who thought he was sounding black, using what he thought was black lingo to talk about President Obama inviting Commons to the White House and then the president of Gabon?

    Well, Whoopi Goldberg just schooled him. This guy is on the same level as that terrorist fist chick back during the campaign.

    Whoopi told him.

  63. Ann Curry is a moron. She’s the reason Brad Pitt instituted the no touching rule in interviews, because she kept pawing at him.

    I expected this interview to be a trainwreck. There’s a reason she’s been passed over for promotion before.

  64. You just made me tear up, Jackie.

    I so agree. For the ages. Both of them. The best in the history of the United States. And if you add Joe and Jill, what an outstanding, incredible group of people who are serving their country.

    I’ve been very impressed by Michelle Obama’s words from that speech yesterday, and also by her recent remarks about how the campaign of 2007-2008 changed her and made her realize what it was all about, that is, PEOPLE. And you know what ? I have a feeling that in compensasion for the tremendous sacrifices they are making, Michelle and Barack Obama have received a wonderful gift: their love for each other has deepen by this shared experience. They were a strong couple before all of this of course. But I think that now Michelle admires, understands and shares her husband’s commitment more than ever before. And Barack has witnessed his wife becoming the best First Lady ever and he’s so, so, so proud of her and so grateful to her for helping him bringing change in America and for being with him all the way.

    “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

  65. I thought the interview was excellent. Leaving aside a couple dumb questions and beginning with Weiner’s weiner, it was one of the more respectful interviews I’ve seen. President Obama was allowed to fully answer the questions in his calm, clear, smart, sensible way, without interruption. I’ve seen so many disrespectful interviews that this one stood apart in comparison. President Obama’s depth of character and sound judgment was in clear evidence—–and was finally allowed to be seen by the viewers of the Today Show, the highest rated morning show.

  66. Yep and she was the one anchor during election night who kept complaining that Obama hadn’t changed the electoral map because Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia hadn’t been declared Obama states immediately.

    I personally think she is bitter that Hillary isn’t president and is pissed as a woman that an inexperienced guy stole the nomination from her.

  67. And Col—bear, Stephen Colbert, had an excellent segment which told all the sorry truths about Mitt’s record as gov.—and as a cutthroat co. man who made hundreds of millions slashing jobs, buying and selling and bankrupting companies. It would make an excellent campaign ad if no depth, characterlless Mittens is the nominee.

  68. We feel exactly the same way.

    Let’s not forget a press that is wholly in the Republican camp. And ‘independents’ who vote for ‘change’ even if ‘change’ means going back to policies that created this mess.

  69. Unfortunately, BWD, it wasn’t about Obama. It was about Weiner. Herbert’s not a totally reliable hack when it comes to Obama.

  70. She is all twisted in a know on this Weiner defense, for some reason. I don’t get how that one issue, that one person, trumps all the other more important issues in her mind. She is allowing Weiner to cloud her judgment. Rachel—not as smart and clear-thinking as we were hoping she was. Another big disappointment in the media.

  71. Ding Ding Ding! That explains a lot of what is going on with a lot of so called Dems—-still loyal to and bitter about Hillary.

  72. I am not speaking for anyone’s community, but I have two very close lesbian friends, and they still resent Obama’s win over Hillary. They voted for Obama (I had my work cut out for me), and nothing short but a perfect LGBT record would win them over. I think of all issues, Obama has done remarkable things for the LGBT community, arguably more progressive-leaning than in anything else and he’s paid a price for it. To hear it not be ‘enough’ is so distressing. They have gained so much from this President and could lose it all if they don’t support him.

    On the other hand I find my male gay friends to be just fine with Obama, thrilled at the progress and in it for the long haul to get more progress in the years ahead.

  73. Geez….. Republicans are always all over the place pushing their talking points and pundits don’t talk about “spinning”. Now there’s a democrat on those “shows” for change and suddenly pundits are using the “s” word.


  74. Yes. That is how they see it. These are smart, progressive people who honestly don’t see the absolute disaster that would create. Even with ample proof of it after 2010. It’s rather astounding.

    There are many progressives who think a complete ‘revolution’ would be the answer, assuming everything would be rebuilt as a progressive utopia. Even people I highly respect like Thom Hartman thinks this. This is what the Nader-ites believe and their minions at FDL and other places.

    Republicans for 30 years were content to move the ball down the field. So many Democrats want the victory without playing the game.

  75. Since the early primaries I have believed one terrifying thing: Hillary took the gloves off and opened this can of worms.

    I remember Republicans saying, “we don’t know how to run against this guy.” I’m 61 years old and I literally remember political conversations around the dinner table. Being politically engaged is in my DNA. And I have never seen all decency be shredded as it is against this President. I believe Hillary Clinton opened this door. I had never seen this kind of rancor in a Democratic primary. I had never seen Democrats treat Democrats this way. Hillary took the gloves off. And Republicans ran with it.

    She pulled together for our President (although Bill still sticks his foot in his mouth from time to time). I’m grateful for that. She’s been a fine SoS but I think there were more experienced choices. However I don’t think I can ever forgive her for the conduct of her campaign during the primaries.

  76. It IS okay to celebrate the weakness of the Republican field. I shouldn’t ask everyone to come in early from recess. We know how to settle down at our desks after we play for awhile.

  77. It is Rachel Maddow who was not ready for a Black President. I stopped watching her show during the inaugaration when she went after him over the prayer by Rev. Rick Warren, I thought she was just too over the top and turned me off, the Democratic base made her a star and this has gone to her head, she got her own show because many viewers wanted her to have her own show, and that is what we Democrats got. She never really like President Obama, infact she thinks that she is smarter than him, her intellect is
    “superior” to his. Remember her fake speech pretending to be “president”, it was so shamefull, that alone tells us that she thinks she is smarter with her “Phd” in political science, but lacking in common sense in the real world.

    These people throw us a bone every now and then to keep us watching, they are all fakes and hyprocrites and disingenuous.

  78. I think the president handled it well, but Ann was a disaster. You could see that she wasn’t listening to the president but just waiting for her next time to talk.

  79. News Flash from TP…Bacmann will not seek reelection to Congress in her run for President:) That’s called killing two birds with one stone. She CAN change her mind, and has until June 5, 2012 to do that….after that, she’s done!

  80. Agreed about the Hillary angle. In fact, the other instance I remember from the campaign when Rachel went against the prevailing wisdom was when it was clear that Obama had enough delegates to secure the nomination. Rachel predicted that Hillary would try to continue to contest the nomination, that she wouldn’t give up. It’s indeed very possible that these off-the-wall predictions were less a result of sound analysis and more a result of wishful thinking on Rachel’s part.

  81. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea who to send that idea to. Faith can make a set and give them to her husband with love. I think Dr. Scholl’s has the inserts. That will save her TV.

  82. I think that she plans to run for VP on a ticket headed by Romney, in an effort to appeal to both Indies and teabaggers.

  83. I’m too am very disappointed. I thought she had the potential to become a role model as a journalist in America. Her work in Afghanistan was fantastic. When she interacts with people, when she goes DIRECTLY TO THE SOURCE for information, she can be really good. But she’s definitely caught up in bubble of the left punditry and is just swept by the narrative.

    Oh, she’s smart. But she’s not that knowledgeable and is less capable of original thinking and rational analysis than I thought. Boy can she be irrational.

    God, sometimes I just fantasize that President Obama would have all those PL people in a room and chat with them about american history, world history, economic history, sociology, psychology… about community organizing, rules of Congress, the game of politics, everything…. And they wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. They don’t have his knowledge, forward thinking and wisdom. All those guys (girls) need a serious dose of humility.

  84. He should have simply answered, “I was born that way!” Bet that would have shocked Curry since she had the nerve to ask such a stupid question. Anyone who knows anything about temperament understands that not all people are motivated to display a lot of emotion. I’m one of those types of people. I seldom allow anyone to know exactly what I’m thinking/feeling at any time. Sometimes I’m perceived as being cold, but I see it as being cautious and unwilling to trust everyone I come into contact with with my innermost thoughts/emotions. I care very deeply about others, but I don’t feel as if I have to display the emotion that people expect at a particular time/place. I did not cry at either of my parent’s funerals, but that didn’t mean I hadn’t grieved before them.

  85. I read some poll results on yesterday, I think it was on Media Matters, that shows that the fundies will not vote for Mittens. He may get the nomination, but I think he’ll have problems with the fundie vote.

  86. You could sure tell this wasn’t a Palin or Bachman speech. She didn’t bash anyone!

  87. I don’t know if Hillary has completely turned the page. What I suspect though is that behind the scenes many of her allies ( and her husband) are constantly second guessing the actions of President Obama. They STILL have him in contempt. it has never totally subsided. And to tell you the truth, I wonder sometimes if Bill Clinton is “holding court” from time to time in some Washington homes, jand is still convinced that he is a better tactician and policy wonk than Barack Obama.

    Those among the Clintonites who haven’t been able to turn the page are the ones who are comfortable with the GAME as it is. They don’t really get the long term objective Barack Obama has, that is, to change what I would call the political consciousness in America. Or if they understand it, they don’t see the importance of it. They don’t get that more than “winning”, Barack Obama is all about “healing” and building for the long term.

  88. Faith, Faith, always dead on, specially on the independents. They’re the ones most swayed by pumpersticker politics, the tight sexy phrase, the appeal to patriotism, etc. This early, they’re not even close to paying attention.

  89. If I was looking for work, I know I’d rather have a President who had his head down and was working his heart out to make things better, than one who spent his days in front of cameras, “emoting”. Calm is good, in my book.

  90. I was so disgusted by Rachel last night. I even wrote to her to call her out on her hypocrisy by saying that there were so many worthy news items, but the President chose to spend time talking about Weiner. And then she went on to talk about Weiner for 10 minutes. The President was asked a direct question and he answered it. And there are at least 50 wonderful news items every single day – and that’s what she and her cronies should be focused on every day (which Rachel often does focus on), instead of bombarding us with trivial nonsense like Weiner’s scandals.

  91. Well said, Faith, and so true. They haven’t broken a sweat making anything happen in years – just keyboard warriors, who don’t understand the far-reaching consequences of their inaction, and the long game that the Republicans are playing.

  92. Yes, they’ll never hold themselves accountable for the consequeneces of their actions.

  93. I had the great fortune to be at the President’s event in Miami last night. I volunteered before the event so it was a long but wonderful day and night – the President looked very tires, his face has lines that weren’t there before – he explained once again about the ten letters he reads every night and you could hear the heartbreak in his voice when he described some of them – anyone who thinks this guy is unemotional is just a fool!

    I LOVE Michelle Obama and loved reading this speech she gave – I hope everyone sends this along to all

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