Ok, it’s just me, or President Obama really ends this address with teary eyes?

Oy, I nearly missed this wonderful weekly address, and now I watched it twice and I could swear that he finished it with teary eyes. Or maybe it’s only my wild imagination. Or maybe both. I really need to get a life. 🙂


51 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama. A Birthday Photo Party.

Dear Barack Obama,

Thank you for being the man that you are, thank you for fighting for us, thank you for making sure that my baby nephew can get health care, thank you for showing what real decency, honor, courage, intelligence, grace under fire and pure goodness of the heart looks like.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Here’s to four more years at the White House and many many more happy years with Michelle and the girls.

(All photos are the work of the brilliant Pete Souza, with some help from AP. I’ll open this thread for comments so we can have a little party. I’m sorry if I won’t have the time to moderate and approve all comments, it’s not personal, I promise. Please keep it nice and don’t feed any trolls. And feel free to share this with the world. Thanks).

So, 51 reasons to vote for Barack Obama.


1. Because he knows where we need to go.

2. Because you can always see the wheels spinning.

3. Because he brought everyone back from Iraq.

4. Because these kids no longer have to live in the shadows. 

5. Because Joe Biden is a BFD.

6. And so is Michelle. 

7. Because he understands that war is horror.

8. And he takes the fallen with him.

9. And the wounded too.

10. Because he loves the troops.

11. And they love him.

12. Because in Obama’s America, everyone is included.

13.  Because he loves #youpeople.

14. And so is Michelle.

15. Even worse, she is always trying to hug #youpeople.

16. Because every day he reads 10 letters from #youpeople.

17. Because Bin Laden is dead.

18. And GM is alive.

19. Because Bo rides inside.

20. Because Warren Buffett’ secretary shouldn’t pay higher tax rate than Warren Buffett.

21. Because do tell. 

22. And gay people should be able to get married.

23. Because #youpeople really want Mitt Romney to pick the next Supreme Court justice??

24. Because damn straight ObamaCare!

25. And being a woman is no longer a Pre-Existing condition.

26. Because he’s a kickass, badass Commander-in-Chief.

27. And do respect the swagger!

28. Because when he goes overseas, let’s say to Ireland, this is the only kind of #ObamaShambles you see.

29. Or in Brazil.

30. Or India.

31. Because facts are as stubborn as he is. 

32. Because he’ll protect us from our biggest foe: THE SOVIET UNION.

33. Because he owns the ‘I killed Bin Laden’ lane (H/O to Jon Stewart).

34. Because without him, what’s gonna happen to the poor Teleprompter!!

35. Because yea, he’s cute.

36. And elegant.

37. And funny.

38. Because kids just know.

39. And they cling to him.

40. And women flirt with him.

41. Because I’m sorry, but we need to see much more of this gray sweater.

42. And we need to shop for new shirts.

43. And we really need more time to find out whether Hawaii is in the US.

44. Because there’s a lot of sex going on in this White House.

45. Because he doesn’t take any decision without serious and long deliberation.

46. Because for him, compassion is an existing condition.

47. And his heart just keeps growing.

48. Because *this* is the guy you want to continue answering the 3am phone call.

49. Because he was born to sit there.

50. Because the arc of the moral universe is still very long.

51. And because we have to keep bend it towards justice.

Can we not let them do this crap again??

As Greg Sargent noted, Republicans will continue to talk about this stupid “tax” thing, because they know that ObamaCare is awesome and they have no intention to talk about all the goodies in it. “Tax” is the new “Death Panel”, and we can’t let this happen. The media will do as ordered by Koch, but we can fight back and we don’t have to play this game. For start, we can make sure that we show this video to someone at least once a day:

Yet another Republican is going to vote for Barack Obama. You know why? Because of #ObamaCare

I fully expect more and more stories like this:

I am a registered Republican, and never voted for a Democratic president. I am prepared to vote for President Obama for his reelection and here’s why.


I support Obama in his efforts to change this about our healthcare system. I have had insurance, I have not had a period of time over the last 10 years where I have not had insurance. I have been with BCBS for at least two years, and now they are writing down that they will not cover “any disease or disorder relating to a thyroid gland”.

// more

“If Obama’s liberal critics paused, they would see the most liberal reforms in more than 40 years”

Good stuff from Bill Scher in the NYT, under the headline “How Liberals Win”:


…Roosevelt may be remembered for his combativeness toward corporations; he famously said, “I welcome their hatred.” But he said that in 1936, only after key New Deal legislation had passed with the help of the United States Chamber of Commerce and the American Bankers Association.

Early on, Roosevelt was quite adept at bargaining with corporations. In his first 100 days, to attract corporate support for the National Industrial Recovery Act, he won collective bargaining, minimum wages and maximum hours in exchange for a temporary suspension of antitrust law, so businesses could fix prices. To establish the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934, he made concessions to Wall Street that scrapped statutory requirements in favor of regulatory flexibility. The following year, to allow the Federal Reserve to better conduct monetary policy, he gave bankers representation on the policy committee.


The necessity of forging coalitions with corporations is understandably difficult for progressives to accept. Every time it happens, corporations seem to quickly go back to their usual tricks. They lobby to weaken enforcement. They litigate to have rules overturned. They abandon politicians who risked compromise for them. Corporations are exasperating, irritating and untrustworthy partners.

But most of the time politics is exasperating and irritating, not euphoric and cathartic. As Roosevelt himself told a group of dissatisfied youth activists in 1940, “if you ever sit here you will learn that you cannot, just by shouting from the housetops, get what you want all the time.”

As much as Roosevelt enjoyed pugnacity, he also understood its limits. Because Mr. Obama heeded this lesson of liberal history, there was a health care law for the Supreme Court to uphold.