51 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama. A Birthday Photo Party.

Dear Barack Obama,

Thank you for being the man that you are, thank you for fighting for us, thank you for making sure that my baby nephew can get health care, thank you for showing what real decency, honor, courage, intelligence, grace under fire and pure goodness of the heart looks like.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Here’s to four more years at the White House and many many more happy years with Michelle and the girls.

(All photos are the work of the brilliant Pete Souza, with some help from AP. I’ll open this thread for comments so we can have a little party. I’m sorry if I won’t have the time to moderate and approve all comments, it’s not personal, I promise. Please keep it nice and don’t feed any trolls. And feel free to share this with the world. Thanks).

So, 51 reasons to vote for Barack Obama.


1. Because he knows where we need to go.

2. Because you can always see the wheels spinning.

3. Because he brought everyone back from Iraq.

4. Because these kids no longer have to live in the shadows. 

5. Because Joe Biden is a BFD.

6. And so is Michelle. 

7. Because he understands that war is horror.

8. And he takes the fallen with him.

9. And the wounded too.

10. Because he loves the troops.

11. And they love him.

12. Because in Obama’s America, everyone is included.

13.  Because he loves #youpeople.

14. And so is Michelle.

15. Even worse, she is always trying to hug #youpeople.

16. Because every day he reads 10 letters from #youpeople.

17. Because Bin Laden is dead.

18. And GM is alive.

19. Because Bo rides inside.

20. Because Warren Buffett’ secretary shouldn’t pay higher tax rate than Warren Buffett.

21. Because do tell. 

22. And gay people should be able to get married.

23. Because #youpeople really want Mitt Romney to pick the next Supreme Court justice??

24. Because damn straight ObamaCare!

25. And being a woman is no longer a Pre-Existing condition.

26. Because he’s a kickass, badass Commander-in-Chief.

27. And do respect the swagger!

28. Because when he goes overseas, let’s say to Ireland, this is the only kind of #ObamaShambles you see.

29. Or in Brazil.

30. Or India.

31. Because facts are as stubborn as he is. 

32. Because he’ll protect us from our biggest foe: THE SOVIET UNION.

33. Because he owns the ‘I killed Bin Laden’ lane (H/O to Jon Stewart).

34. Because without him, what’s gonna happen to the poor Teleprompter!!

35. Because yea, he’s cute.

36. And elegant.

37. And funny.

38. Because kids just know.

39. And they cling to him.

40. And women flirt with him.

41. Because I’m sorry, but we need to see much more of this gray sweater.

42. And we need to shop for new shirts.

43. And we really need more time to find out whether Hawaii is in the US.

44. Because there’s a lot of sex going on in this White House.

45. Because he doesn’t take any decision without serious and long deliberation.

46. Because for him, compassion is an existing condition.

47. And his heart just keeps growing.

48. Because *this* is the guy you want to continue answering the 3am phone call.

49. Because he was born to sit there.

50. Because the arc of the moral universe is still very long.

51. And because we have to keep bend it towards justice.

79 thoughts on “51 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama. A Birthday Photo Party.

  1. Thank you BWD for featuring so many of the attributes of President Obama. Just brilliant. He is so genuine.

  2. BWD I swear it was YOU on DailyKos who “got to me” especially your fight with the KosKids. I followed you all over the internets and finally to TheObamaDiary.com. You are simply AMAZING and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks so much for putting this together as we work to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

  3. BWD, you fill me heart this morning. Looking at these reasons and the beautiful photos, I feel pride, love, joy, and a deep determination to make sure PBO continues as our wonderful president. Thanks you so much.

  4. Thanks BWD! The more I scrolled down, the teary eyed I became! America has a great President, one I wish we had in my own country!! Keep up the great work! I will definitely be visiting here from now on, this is my first time being on your site. Thank you once again for this 🙂

  5. Good Morning BWD, thank you for putting this together. This is only a fraction of what this Great Man does each and every day for his people and by extension the World.

  6. Dear BWD – Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!! For this beautiful, HappyBirthday tribute to/for our very beautiful POTUS.
    You truly are amazing and very appreciated — sending you lots of hugs and much love ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. How fabulous that you turned the comments section back on – we all love to speak to each other here.
    Love our President so much! Going to an OFA birthday party for him tonight.
    The picture with #47 – oh my – what a human he is!! You can just feel his heart.
    And anyone who has ever rec’d one of Michelle’s hugs (as I did!) can attest to the fact that this is one warm fabulous woman!
    I’ve been to Europe when Bush and Obama have been President and the difference is night and day – the Europeans thought America had lost their minds electing Bush and finally got it right with our guy. I was on a European cruise sitting at a table for 8 with 4 people from England, my husband and myself and a couple from Texas – the idiot from Texas started saying something awful about our guy and I said “Don’t you dare disrespect our President in front of me!” The Europeans smiled at me and the idiot shut his trap. Afterward one of the English couples came up to me and said they didn’t understand what was wrong with the American people that they didn’t understand what a magnificent President they have – I told them that most of us do but that we still have a lot of racism in our country – you see very little of that in Europe (except I have to admit toward muslims) – inter racial couples are very common there and no one looks or thinks anything of it – we have a long way to go in our country.

  8. Most Excellent & Well done, BWD ~ Thank you 🙂

    **Happy Happy Birthday Mr. President **

  9. Have a TRULY WONDERFUL 51ST BIRTHDAY, Mr. President!
    (ps: We are still working on your present which we will join together to deliver on November 6th.)
    x x x x x
    pps BWD:
    Thank you tons for your lovely invitation to this photo party! You have done a superb job and it meant a lot to me to be able to join my wishes with other party goers. Hope you are enjoying the party atmosphere too!

  10. Barack Hussein Obama should remain our President because America and the world NEEDS him to serve another four years. He has increased the peace, jobs, international security and improved healthcare for millions of Americans. President Obama has more work to do to help us recover from the Bush-induced economic decline, and four more years is barely enough time to continue to fix the debacle he inherited. This wonderful birthday photo diary helps highlight the many ways our President has engaged and re-invigorated American voters – and their children. Plus we also still need our gracious First Lady to continue her work. Both Obamas are serving their country very, very well in office, and I’ll work hard to make certain they remain in the White House.

  11. BWD and Chips – you do so much to promote all the positive attributes of President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama. This country has never had a more winsome First Family in the White House, and we simply have to give them 4 more years! Thank you a million times!

  12. Happy Birthday President Barack Obama! Thank you BWD for all 51 reasons to re-elect this president.

  13. Dear BWD: This blog is a testament how much you’re missed. Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to one of the greatest leader ever. Happy birthday Mr. President, We love you. We have your back ..FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!
    Luv you BWD:-)

  14. I love it when I see that other people feel as deeply about our First Family as I do. This was a very beautiful and moving tribute to a brilliant President…I hope he sees it.

  15. Thank ou BWD….Don’t forget…we need this man in the Whitehouse not only for the U.S but for the world. Happy Birthday Mr. President, your mom and grandparents would be proud!

  16. Tears in my eyes as I read this. Thank you, BWD. We need to make his SBA as good as he is. He’d flip if he knew how hard they are making it for people like my sons to grow their businesses.

  17. Nobody does it better, BWD. My favorite? The 3 am call. That flirty little girl is perfection. Love you, my dear. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your wonderful wit. #perfection.

  18. Thank you, BWD, for this walk down this brief display of the awesomeness that is President Obama. I agree with the others – it’s good to have you back in comment mode, and your ode to President Obama only skims the surface of this incredible President’s journey. I hope we have many, many more years of him as President – and beyond!!

  19. Thank You so much BWD. This was fantastic to view, You have posted some of the best of the Leader of the United States. I am proud to have him in charge. Thank You again. Happy Birthday President Obama. You rock

  20. Thank you BWD. I have a lump in my throat. We have a magnificent President.
    Strength, compassion, intelligence and star power. What more could you ask for?

  21. This post made my day! Thank you so much for 51 reasons we LOVE this president. He is real. He is loving and compassionate. He is brilliant. WE need him. The WORLD needs him. Beautifully composed tribute indeed!

  22. Thank you, BWD, for this beautiful tribute to our wonderful President. Four more years!

  23. Thanks for this i wish all the Republicans could see it all they would know what we really do, love our President, so proud of him, and pray he wins this election cause i don’t know what we would do with out him…. Love you President Obama

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  25. Thank you SO much for this. I really needed this right now as I’m trying to get motivated for the last 3 months of the campaign. I am now fired up and ready to go!! Just imagine what this man can do if he gets a Congress that works with him instead of against him…..

  26. Thank you, these are the human qualities from our excellent President!
    Please show me now the new projects for the next 4 years since we need to convince the people with real solutions!

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