Can we not let them do this crap again??

As Greg Sargent noted, Republicans will continue to talk about this stupid “tax” thing, because they know that ObamaCare is awesome and they have no intention to talk about all the goodies in it. “Tax” is the new “Death Panel”, and we can’t let this happen. The media will do as ordered by Koch, but we can fight back and we don’t have to play this game. For start, we can make sure that we show this video to someone at least once a day:

Yet another Republican is going to vote for Barack Obama. You know why? Because of #ObamaCare

I fully expect more and more stories like this:

I am a registered Republican, and never voted for a Democratic president. I am prepared to vote for President Obama for his reelection and here’s why.


I support Obama in his efforts to change this about our healthcare system. I have had insurance, I have not had a period of time over the last 10 years where I have not had insurance. I have been with BCBS for at least two years, and now they are writing down that they will not cover “any disease or disorder relating to a thyroid gland”.

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