“Yes, Romney’s Vision for America Really Is That Scary”

Jonathan Cohn:

“Obama has laid out his philosophy and proposals. So has Mitt Romney. The campaign is all about contrasting the two. And, boy, the contrast is stark.

Obama would preserve the safety net and most other federal programs, including the expansions of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, then impose a combination of (relatively) moderate cuts and (relatively) moderate tax increases on the wealthy. Romney would dramatically reduce government, including the safety net, and dramatically reduce taxes, mostly to benefit the wealthy.

That all sounds very esoteric, so let me put it in human terms. The difference between Romney’s vision and Obama’s is tens of millions of people losing health insurance; less money for a variety of federal programs that help young people pay for college and enable poor people to get food; fewer dollars for repairing broken down bridges and infrastructure; and much, much bigger tax cuts for wealthy Americans”.

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When you let Obama be Obama

I would have love this speech even if only for the delivery. There was a look in PBO’s eyes that I did not see for a while. But it was there today. Gladly, I don’t need to settle only fr the delivery, because this was just a good speech. Not his greatest ever, but his best in a long time. He laid down the clear difference between the visions, he was aggressive, unapologetic (finally), there were no hesitations, he was sharp and clear, yet stayed presidential – And above all, it was raining truth, facts, numbers, honesty and vision/optimism. Coming right after Romney’s doom and gloom lying piece of crap speech to 100 white men – The contrast could not be more clear. More of this please.

Oh, he kicked the media in the butt, which can explain Jonathan Alter’s sad face. Obviously we didn’t see the same speech. But Andrew Sullivan did see it:

My bottom line? A home run. Simply constructed, carefully reframed, aggressive while positive: the Obamaites have been listening to critics and are responding. If this is his message, and if he is able to keep articulating it this clearly, he will win. And in my view, the experience of the last thorty years is that he should win. If I have to choose between a governing philosophy espoused by Bill Clinton or one espoused by George W. Bush, it’s a no-brainer. And I can’t stand Bill Clinton.