Barack Obama – A real life Jed Bartlet

Excellent, realistic, full of truth and free of lazy, phony “progressives” purity piece from Jamie Fuller:


This image (and the 2008 national security campaign literature trumpeting the phrase “Pragmatism over ideology,” which was regurgitated in the piece) captures the ultimate truth of the Obama presidency—something that will be overlooked in the inevitable columns that will challenge Obama on the civil-liberties shortcomings presented in the Times piece. Obama never ran as a liberal warrior, and he certainly hasn’t governed as one—the mantle of progressivism is one his base put on him. In truth, Obama has always fancied himself a Bartlet—his steadfast pragmatism and nonideological swagger tempered with a dash of idealism and a healthy scoop of intellect—and that’s the face he and his administration (which was most cooperative with theTimes) try to present in this piece.

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