“There are those who tell the truth. There are those who distort the truth. And then there’s Mitt Romney”

Once a month you can find someone on the MSM pointing to the obvious: Mitt Romney is a disgusting liar. Not that it changes anything. AnywayEugene Robinson:

Every political campaign exaggerates and dissembles. This practice may not be admirable — it’s surely one reason so many Americans are disenchanted with politics — but it’s something we’ve all come to expect. Candidates claim the right to make any boast or accusation as long as there’s a kernel of veracity in there somewhere.

Even by this lax standard, Romney too often fails. Not to put too fine a point on it, he lies. Quite a bit.

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Yes, he does. He’s a lying piece of shit. And he’s tied in the polls with most honest president in the history of this country. This is where we are now.