Another Thomas Friedman’ false equivalency BS

Thomas Friedman spent the last year begging for a third-party, who will run on, surprise surprise, basically almost everything that you can find in the Democratic Party platform. But, in a miracle way, this “third-party” will actually be able to do all that. In his column today, it seems like he finally realize that his third party dream will stay a dream, so he took a twist:

President Obama is awesome on policy, but terrible in publicizing his record. Therefore, he should stop attacking Romney and run on Friedman’s awesome third-party platform, Confused? You’re not alone, so is Friedman. He’s so confused, that he completely ignore 3.5 years of GOP sabotaging, and even more, the media’ catastrophic failure to tell the truth and put the blame where it should be. You can read his column here but I wanted to bring one of the comments:

Yes, President Obama and the Democrats could do more to sell their significant achievements to the American people. But this criticism is pretty ironic coming from a columnist who has given us little more than he-said, she-said false equivalency and cheerleading for a third party for much of the past three years.
A primary difficulty that Democrats face with selling their accomplishments is that  the media has almost entirely abandon its traditional role of calling balls-and-strikes and helping inform their readers about the facts of the issues. Instead, the media parrots whatever lines the GOP offers and then simply notes that the other side disagrees. This approach offers readers no basis upon which to judge who is right or wrong, and gives whichever side is most willing to lie a huge advantage.  And time and time again, we’ve seen that the GOP is more than willing to traffic in such lies.
This fundamental failure of our media enabled the health care reform debate to be focused on myths about “death panels” and “government takeoevers,” rather than on the substance of what ObamaCares is really about. It is what allows the GOP to pretend to be the party of fiscal responsibility even as they have driven deficits up for decades now.
If you want Obama’s achievements to be more recognized, talk about them rather than continuing to pretend like we need a third party.