“One photograph that speaks to a way in which Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are profoundly mismatched”

To be honest, I don’t know why the stunning Pete Souza’ photo of President Obama letting a young black kid to touch his hair, turned into such a big item this week, three years after it was published – but I’m so happy it did. Many good stuff been written about it, and this Frank Bruni piece from today’s NYT, is just as great:

FORGET your political affiliation. Never mind your assessment of his time in office so far. If you have any kind of heart, you’re struck by it: the photograph of Barack Obama bent down so that a young black boy can touch his head and see if the president’s hair is indeed like his own. It moves you. It also speaks to a way in which Obama and Mitt Romney, whose campaigns are picking up the pace just as polls show them neck and neck, are profoundly mismatched.


that more than three and a half years after Obama made history as the first black man elected to the presidency, he still presents more than a résumé and an agenda. He still personifies the hope, to borrow a noun that he has used, that we really might evolve into the colorblind, fair-minded country that many of us want. His own saga taps into the larger story of this country’s fitful, unfinished progress toward its stated ideal of equal opportunity.

And that gives many voters an emotional connection to him that they simply don’t have to most other politicians, including Romney, a privileged and intensely private man whose strengths don’t include the easy ability to humanize himself.

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