“At first I was seriously annoyed by Obamacare. Then I did some research and opposing it doesn’t make any sense”

Found this comment under Jonathan Chait’ New York Magazine story about the GOP having no plan or intention to replace Obamacare. They just want to repeal it and we can all go to hell, they really couldn’t care less.

I was seriously annoyed when I first found out about the ACA. However, I did some research and to me opposing it doesn’t make any sense. Currently, 44 states allow insurance companies to charge women from 20 to 70% more than men. The ACA will make that illegal at the federal level. It will also make it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage based on a pre existing condition. No one was happy when they passed the law requiring every driver to have car insurance but, look what happened after that law went into effect. Insurance companies were forced to be competitive and premiums were driven down. My parents had liability coverage immediately after the law passed and paid more than $90/mth. Now, I have that same coverage for $33/mth. From what I have read regarding this mandate, it is not national health care. It requires everyone to purchase insurance coverage and makes it easier to do so if you have a pre existing condition. When this goes into effect, and I believe it will because it’s no more unconstitutional than the auto insurance law, insurance companies will have to campaign for our business. Rates will start to decline and benefits will improve. It also allows children (this is especially good for college students) to remain on their parents insurance until the age of 26. My sister is a 23 year old college student living at home with my mother. At 19, she was dropped from my dad’s insurance. She has a medical condition that requires constant medications and a back problem that requires physical therapy and so her medical expenses were draining my parents. She even worked to help pay them for a while until she got laid off. Since, she couldn’t find a decent job she went to college. When my dad passed away in August, my dad’s insurance offered to keep the policy active for $1200/mth. My mom could not afford that and so she enrolled at her own job. It was then that she learned that she could still cover my sister thanks to the ACA and she is feeling a huge relief not having to worry about my sister’s medical expenses. My sister will graduate a year before her 26th birthday so she’ll have time to find work and initiate her own health insurance. I really think the ACA was a great idea and I’m very much looking forward to getting actual health insurance. The insurance offered by my husband’s job wants $100 every pay just to cover the two of us. We can’t afford that especially not while I’m unemployed.