Nope, not losing the base

New Gallup numbers:



Today’s schedule (I can only assume that once that deal pass the Senate, PBO will have something to say):

9:15 AM
PBO meets with the AFL-CIO Executive Committee.

10:30 AM
PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.
11:00 AM
PBO meets with senior advisers.

12:30 PM
Carney briefs the press.

3:15 PM
PBO meets with the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the U.S. Commander of the ISS Expedition 26.

4:30 PM
PBO meets with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.



179 thoughts on “Nope, not losing the base

  1. BWD, allow me to be among the first to thank you enormously for what you continue to do. Keep up the good work.

    You know the lines that have always stuck with me since PBO won are from his victory speech in Grant Park:

    “The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America—I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you—we as a people will get there.
    There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as President, and we know that government can’t solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. “

  2. Thanks for that Calidad
    I have been so angry about what they are willing to do to him. I knew it would be bad but I never imagined it would be this bad. The more they attack him the harder I fight. We shall overcome! So help me God!

  3. Yea, it’s amazingly bad. They lost their collective mind, it’s like they’re so mad, they can’t see anything. I wouldn’t worry about them at all, if the economy wasn’t so bad – but the Republicans sabotage seem to work, and I’m scared to death of the election.

  4. I did post this at the end of the last thread but wanted to re-post:
    Good Morning BWD Family
    My stomach churned all day yesterday. It breaks my heart for PBO and agony he must endure on our behalf. That he is dealing with people with little understanding and no love for this country. As I watched dems, repug/traitors and the “media” hammering him for what he did not get, what he did not do, what he could have done, I got angrier and angerier. Who the hell are they and what the hell do they know? This man is trying to manage the world! And to think we may go back through this in Sept is an awful thought.

    August 2, 2011 at 7:15 am

  5. I have decided, listening to the blasting from the left (which, per BWD’s request I won’t detail) that many people believe for every silver lining there is a cloud.

    Although the budget deem and pass was a nice thought, it didn’t make it. Nonetheless, this deal, though not great is not a disaster. Everybody talks about the spending cuts, yet the vast majority don;t take effect until 2013, when they can be reversed. The big three are protected. Pell grants are increased.
    The only real cloud I see is that there are no direct revenues. But the Gang of 6 came up with revenues and the super committee will too. To much at stake not to have revenues included.
    And most important, the world economy, though not totally robust yet, is not going to crash due to our credit rating being lowered, nor are interest rates going up, etc.
    Dying for your principles may be a good thing in theory, but not when you kill the rest of the world at the same time.

  6. Fareed Zakaria of CNN Global Public Square eviscerates the Republican Party for holding the country hostage while only having a majority in ONE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. They are clearly making a mockery of the basic principles of our democracy. This is a conversation that the American people need to get engaged in. This is no way to run a democracy in the 21st century.


    Anderson Cooper: Fareed, you say the Tea Party is anti-democratic at this point. And you talked about the polarization that is occurring. How do you mean that they’re anti-democratic?

    Fareed Zakaria: Well, Anderson, if you think about what’s going on, the Tea Party is trying to pass a particular agenda, which is basically this all-cuts budget. It cannot get it through the Congress of the United States. It cannot get it through the political democratic process that we have, which is that Congress passes something and the president must sign it. That’s the normal workings of democracy.

    So, instead of accepting some compromise that can get through the democratic process, what they’re saying is we’ll blow up the country if you don’t listen to us. We’ll hold hostage the credit of the United States, the good standing of the United States and we’ll blow it up.

    Now, that is why even Charles Krauthammer, columnist for The Washington Post, fire-breathing conservative urged today in his column in The Washington Post not to go down this path because he called it “counterconstitutional.” In other words, they are not acting in the way that constitutional democracy expects you to act. You are meant to respect the democratic process. You try your best to convince to get a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate and the president to sign it.

    But if you control just one of those three branches of government, you can’t hijack the entire system and say I’m going to blow the country up unless you listen to me.

    They have only won one election to one house once.


    The entire short interview is at the link below..

  7. Calidad thanks for postin’ that…

    Some of us need to be reminded that CHANGE ISN’T EASY!

    So, let’s KEEP ROLLIN’! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  8. With all due respect, BWD most of the President’s base is the African-American communityand faithful and loyal is the prefect description. President Obama received 30% of the Evangelical vote in 2008, he got atleast 15% of the Republicans. I’m not concerned because whatever happens, God is in control; I’m a little disappointed in just about everything that has taken place lately. I hope President Obama is seeking the Lord for answers because He is the only one that can make the devil behave.

  9. BWD do NOT fear the election. He will be re-elected in a probably landslide in my opinion. There’s tons of time before that to see the “fruits and nuts” on the right (wrong!) side show their colors. They have no one viable that will capture the trust of the American people and I can tell you that the PL’s will NOT vote for the goopers. Just be calm and know that Plouffe et al are going to go into ass-kicking mode. Btw so will our fabulous DWSchultz who will be as tough and biting as anything you’ve seen before. Get those running shoes on girl!

  10. I am by now fairly positive that he will be re-elected. He is such a smart, hard working guy with good people working for him and they have plenty of achievement that they can play out during the election campaign, not to mention that so far the GOP has failed to come up with anyone even close to his abilities as a public speaker, meaning I expect him to win the debates again just like he did in 2008.
    I have faith in the American people that they not only know that the alternative to Obama would be unacceptable seeing what is happening to the GOP but that, all political devide aside, they will see and do see what an extraordinary politician PBO is.

  11. BWD…I understand your apprehension, but you know what at some point people need to own their irresponsibility. I waiver between being angry at people for their willfull ignorance and wholeheartedly laughing at them because they are so ignorant.

    I’m hoping that sane people will rise up and realize where Repbulicans are going to take us. If they don’t, unfortunately, the good will have to suffer with the bad. At this point all we can do is try to educate those that wish to be educated (forget about the Firebaggers…they are too pure to ever believe anything other than their own little mypoic worldview).

  12. I love this quote at BJ in response to a posting complaining about the “cave-in”:

    ” No, we got what we wanted. We got what we’d called Congressmen telling them we wanted. We got the debt ceiling raised so we wouldn’t crash the global economy. And we got it despite the crazy-ass motherfucking teabaggers insisting that crashing the global economy was going to be so fucking awesome, man. We saved the goddamn hostage, and all I hear now is people bitching that we never really cared about that dumb hostage. We could’ve killed the hostage and looked sooo tough.”

  13. Quick note before I head out to work at our food pantry. I need to be “talked down” this morning. I am VERY afraid that we and PO cannot overcome this minority. Just making that statement doesn’t make sense to me on its face, but I am VERY afraid. Hearing Mitch McConnell tell Neil Cavuto that he could assure him that his people on the Super Committee would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER agree to revenue of ANY kind……absolutely will not happen. He could promise him that. So, another hostage situation and the president has to “compromise” again to save us……save us from what? I am beginning to believe this country (the voters) need to hit absolute ROCK BOTTOM to get their attention.

  14. It’s working so well, I named my computer, “Hopey Changey Thing”! All this makes me want to work that much harder!

  15. I hear ya, but take heart BWD. By September 2012, the MSM and GOP will no longer be able to distract voters with silly gimmicks as they are doing now. Voters will want to know what exactly is the alternative to Barack Obama. Voters will be focused like laser on the GOP nominee. They will be looking at their performances in the debates, their track record, etc on jobs, economy, social issues like immigration, education, DOMA, etc. The GOP promised that their Tea party candidates would come in and create jobs. That didn’t happen. Voters no longer trust the GOP – they trust PBO a lot more – even though they may have their disappointments with him, even in the face of high unemployment. Whatever areas that PBO may be “mediocre” or “not so good” in, the GOP is FAR WORSE. And people are increasingly recognizing this.

    I believe one thing that came out of this recent “crisis” is that PBO still has enormous influence on the voters. His call to contact congress was met with immediate and remarkable action. I believe that surprised both the GOP, PL and the MSM who thought that their years of tearing him down and calling him a “spineless wimp” or “kenyan socialist” had some how resonated with people. I also believe that the PL, GOP and MSM mistakenly assumed that the 2010 midterms was about Barack Obama – it wasn’t. It was a typical midterm year with a large contingent of apathetic voters not knowing or caring who their house rep was.

    2012 as a presidential year with Barack Obama on the ballot will be quite the contrast to 2010 the midterm when PBO was not on the ballot.
    The GOP is fearful because they know that once PBO starts campaigning in earnest, it’s over for them. High unemployment or not.

  16. Good morning everyone. Thanks BWD for continuing our fight. It is difficult fighting the misinformed but we will prevail. I agree with BJ. We got what we wanted. We raised the debt ceiling, kept SS and Medicare in tact and we got the bonus of a cut in defense spending. Raising revenue would have been the cherry on top of the sundae but more than trashing Medicare and privatizing Social Security, not raising revenue was more important to the Republicans so they took their eye of the ball. I love and support our President.

  17. Tell your dentist to put his TV on CSPAN!!!!

    Do you have a video tape recorder, or DVR services from your cable provider? If not, the vote will be archived on CSPAN. I will miss the live vote too, but I have DVR from my cable provider.

    But I agree nothing is as good as seeing it in real time!!

  18. My concern is that the propaganda machine of the tea baggers is too effective but in the end, the election really comes down JOBS and the ECONOMY!!!

    If the economy continues the way it looks now, i think it will be very tough indeed. However, I hope people realize that the alternative to PBO is horrendous … someone conceivably even worse than the idiot we had for 8 years prior to this wonderful man!

  19. Good morning, tnmtngirl. There are always these things that scare me to death, but everytime I project and get very scared the President seems to save the day. For whatever reason they think this will work. I am not real please with a super commission, but it is what we have to work with now. Yes we can.

  20. Next showdown, I want the Dems to hold firm and say “No!” to the GOP hostage taking. The world economy will not be at stake, if it’s the CR and there is a Government shutdown in two months – than so be it. This not stop jumping from GOP made crisis to crisis has to stop. They need to be called out on their blocking every jobs bill – about doing everything they can to keep the economy in the shitter in order to hope to gain politically.

    Once this debt ceiling deal is official and the world economy can’t be held hostage again – it’s time to go on the offensive hard.

    With the August recess happening and “silly season” about to pop up, get ahead of it – have a HUGE jobs bill ready to roll out. Make the case for an infrastructure bank – it’s an easy sell because it’s money that HAS to be spent – either now or later – but it has to be spent to fix roads, bridges, ports, sewers. Since it has to be spent, why not now? If it’s a trillion dollars spent now or in five years it’s still going to be a trillion dollars added to the debt but it’s money that will have to be spent so spend it now when jobs are needed. Your the home/roof analogy – even if your are cutting back to get out of debt, if your roof needs fixing that is something you do. You don’t put it off for 3-4-5 years until you can afford it because in that time it could ruin your whole house and make your family sick.

    Make Reps and Senators go home and have to defend being against an infrastructure bank, of being against a jobs bill. The GOP likes to crow about bad jobs numbers but does nothing about it other than point blame. They ran on “where is the jobs” in 2010, and did nothing about it since. Make them own that.

    President Obama could have one more prime time statement tonight if Reid held off the vote until late. The President could have 15 minutes, and everybody would expect it to be about the debt ceiling vote, but he could spend 5 minutes on that and then 10 minutes laying out the case for a jobs bill and then point out that Congress is on recess and folks should ask their reps about it at their town halls.

  21. The only English speaking channels one usually gets around here are CNN and sometimes MSNBC, so…CSPAN´s not even an option here.
    But I shall catch up later when I come back 🙂

  22. I have been a lurker for 5 years. I am a scientist. When PBO first announced that he was running prior to Iowa in, I like any other person thought no way he would win. However, I read a newspaper from china which asked astrologer’s in China as to who win the nomination between Hillary and PBO? They demurred but said Obama will have a big influence in the world in the next 10 years (2007-2017). But they were unable to comment about Hillary.
    Well, first Iowa, then nomination and then presidency. I became a believer of this non scientific way of looking at things. So everybody chill. He will have a second term whether by a small amount or landslide.
    Al, BWD and Chips have been my lifeline as I quit GOS 0n 11/03/2008.

  23. “‘The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause while the mark of the mature man is that wants to live humbly for one'”

  24. Dear tnmtngirl, It’s okay to have doubts and fears every now and then. We all have them. I’m sure even PBO has them. The bush tax cuts are not off table and Mitch McConnell’s job is to tow his Republican line and make promises that he may not be able to keep. He’s frightened because he fears being primaried by a Tea Partier so he will say anything at this point.

    But let’s look at the big picture here. Think about this: The Tea Party and Republicans did not come out looking good. And if you read some of the RW Tea-blogs, they are extremely angry and upset at both McConnell and Boehner, and believe that Barack Obama emerged the winner, not them. This idea that PBO lost is being pushed by the establishment MSM, and PL, among which there are many individuals who have their personal grievances and axes to grind with our President – some of which is race based, others of which is just random jealousy and pettiness.

    This president NEVER quits. He always rises from what we usually think is impossible to overcome. And usually when peole think he’s at his lowest point, that’s when he comes to give the killer punch. The GOP has observed this pattern and they are truly frightened by it. The MSM and PL were clearly taken aback at the influence that this President had when he asked people to contact congress – just look at the immediate response. Congress sure felt it and that’s why they responded with this bipartisian bill.

  25. Dems better be smart enough to put folks on the committee who will not compromise either than. We can’t send Warner, Conrad types while McConnell send DeMint, Lee and Inhofe. I read that a simple majority will rule – meaning if the GOP stay firm and make deep cuts and no revenues and one Dem crosses over that is the bill that will come out and go to automatic votes (no cloture required).

    Quite frankly Dems need to sell the idea that they are perfectly fine with the trigger ramifications. The deep Pentagon cuts, the Bush tax cuts expiring and the walled off SS, Medicaid, UEI, Pell Grants makes the discretionary cuts palatable.

  26. Blackwaterdog, remember this one fact when we have fear we focus more and get the task done.Let me relate one point I as a paratrooper learned during war. The most fearful moment during jump time is the waiting to jump.But when you reach the door of the plane to jump the fear turns into action and you do your job come hell or high water.We know our fight is right like the President says I’m going to tell you the truth and fight for what is right.So take this little advice let the fear drive you as always you have always gotten it right.The proof is this community you have built with us all.Our army may be small but we are damn effective in what we do.Those airhead Republicans always bring hot air and lies to a fight but true always wins.YES WE CAN WIN AGAIN HAVE FEAR TRUE IS HERE TO STAY JUST FIGHT ON!

  27. BWD- looks like it is our job to lift you up today!

    Let’s all turn our collective anger into usefull action!

    I’m calling for a national “Take back America” (from Tea Party). So more people can be involved we should make it a hands across America event. Make date far enough away to create enough energy to get millions to participate but not so far away that this anger and worry people are feeling disolves into feeling of futility.

    I’m going to bring this up at the 50th b’day party for the president.

    Hang in there BWD – for anyone on our side we have to keep reminding them about several things – the Supreme Court, killing Medicare and making seniors in future have to attempt to buy health ins from insurance companies (good luck with that! Can you imagine, if they win election, once they kill ACA, ins companies IF they ins seniors at all, will once again do the pre existing condition garbage again!!
    We have to keep reminding women that the rights we worked so hard for so many decAdes will be gone in a flash!
    We have to remind students that once again they will have banks as their source for college loans.
    We have to remind the PL that as far as wars are concerned the GOP started both these wars – our guy is just trying to get the best outcome.
    Stem cell research, public education, not privitizing ss.
    But because it looms over everything I say it twice- Supreme Court!!

  28. I didn’t say anything about religion. Religion separates, Jesus is not a separator.

  29. Even more, due to rates, it will actually be cheaper to build the infrastructure now than later, not even taking into account inflation factors. Unfortunately, this is a little too nuanced for many Americans who prefer everything to be explained in 20 words or less.

  30. Deep breath, when the Senate passes the bill, the President will need help and support with getting the economy moving again and everything else he wants to achieve. The best is the most anyone can do and fretting is bad for your health. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the President while we’ve still got him.

  31. We have to get outside our comfort zone. Much misinformation is floating around the churches. We need to get on these various boards and be heard. Be willing to face their stubborn denial untill they cannot dismiss the facts any longer. We have the facts on our side. Just not being spread as far andwide as should be.

    forgive typos, i’m at work posting on my android during a short break.

    Hang tough.

  32. UNDER THE RADAR, this hasn’t gotten very much attention nor OUTRAGE:


    Because Congress failed to pass legislation giving the Federal Aviation Administration the necessary operating authority, FAA EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN FURLOUGHED, CONSTRUCTION WORKERS HAVE BEEN SENT HOME FROM THEIR JOBS, AND COMMUNITIES ARE BEING HURT.

    Dozens of stop work orders have been issued for construction on major projects to build and modernize air traffic control towers and other airport and aviation infrastructure across the country…

    And, while we ought to be worried about delaying the progress of our work to upgrade America’s aviation system, WE OUGHT TO BE EVEN MORE CONCERN ABOUT THE AMERICAN FAMILIES WHO WILL SUFFER because Congress can’t work this out. Tens of thousands of middle-class households will see paychecks stop while their mortgages are still due and their children still need to be fed.

    I said it on Friday[Jul 22nd], and I’ll say it again: THIS IS NO WAY TO OPERATE THE BEST AVIATION SYSTEM IN THE WORLD.


    Ray LaHood is the Secretary of Transportation.
    Now, the TeaPUBLICAN-controlled House (and the DEM-controlled Senate) have gone on Aug recess (til Sep 6th) without completin’ this legislation…WTH!

    And, why didn’t the Congressional DEMs “raise more stink” about this ❓

    Because Congress has unfinished American people’s business, they need to foregone Aug recess to continue doin’ their job…Grrr! 😡

    Right ❓

    WE need to contact our Congress members to show them WE ARE still PAYin’ ATTENTION to what they’re doin’ and what they’re not doin’!

    Let’s ROLL!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  33. And don’t forget that Romney sided with the Tea Party loonies regarding the debt “crisis.

    So the R’s will not be running any moderates. PBO, in full campaign mode will hammer away at their extremism, which many do not like at all. He will come across as the only adult in the room, and be rewarded for it.

  34. Naa’ I’m okay. I’m actually in a good mood today. Some nice things happened in real life. 🙂 I just want this crap to be over with.

  35. Thanks LH,

    I like Zakaria; he’s good!

    Prior to his presidency, PBHO did one interview w/him…

    Now, he needs to do another one w/him! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  36. I agree, japa, and it seems the most reasonable way forward is to do everything we can to give the President a Democratic Congress to work with in 2012. I see no benefit in wallowing in what might have been; once this bunch of thugs in the House was in place, there was no chance to get a great deal here. The President has performed better than anyone else could have done under the circumstances. He got a bipartisan agreement with no immediate benefits cuts and avoided the onus of having to renegotiate all this before the next election. It is better than I thought it would be. As for those pundits calling him “weak”, I ask them where they were during the Clinton terms. No one ever called Clinton weak, despite the fact that he lost BOTH houses of Congress in the first midterm and pushed the Democratic Party to the right, helping to give us the conservative zeitgeist we have today. He did some good things, no doubt, but he had eight years in which to do them, an entire year of which was squandered on the impeachment scam. We had cable news then; where were all the Democratic pundits and the Democratic Congress then? Oh yeah, they were defending him because he couldn’t keep his pants zipped in the Oval Office. If they can’t back the President now, they are useless and do NOTHING to further a more progressive agenda.

  37. I agree, japa, and it seems the most reasonable way forward is to do everything we can to give the President a Democratic Congress to work with in 2012. I see no benefit in wallowing in what might have been; once this bunch of thugs in the House was in place, there was no chance to get a great deal here. The President has performed better than anyone else could have done under the circumstances. He got a bipartisan agreement with no immediate benefits cuts and avoided the onus of having to renegotiate all this before the next election. It is better than I thought it would be. As for those pundits calling him “weak”, I ask them where they were during the Clinton terms. No one ever called Clinton weak, despite the fact that he lost BOTH houses of Congress in the first midterm and pushed the Democratic Party to the right, helping to give us the conservative zeitgeist we have today. He did some good things, no doubt, but he had eight years in which to do them, an entire year of which was squandered on the impeachment scam. We had cable news then; where were all the Democratic pundits and the Democratic Con

  38. Hopefully repub and dem leadership chooses carefully on those who will be on the committe. ie – people willing to COMPROMISE not those that endlessly argue and only want their way.

    that was my biggest concern as well – no revenue increase. dammit – let’s just call them TAXES!! lol

  39. And we might add the perpetual filibusters perpetrated by the minority Republicans in the Senate. The gops have absolutely NO interest in democracy. They are only interested in bringing about an oligarchic theocracy, though I believe most of them use their “Christian” beliefs to clothe their devotion to naked greed.

  40. THIS: “believe one thing that came out of this recent “crisis” is that PBO still has enormous influence on the voters.”

    Is exactly what makes President Obama STRONG. It is his absoulute faith in the American people to rise above the noise & nonsense, and accept our own strenght and greatness.

  41. I agree that he will be re-elected, but he does need a viable Congress with which to work if he is to continue moving our country forward in a positive manner.

  42. Agreed on the identity of those super committee members – an emphatic no to Conrad, Baucus, Warner, etc. On the bright side, I did read that McConnell has informed his caucus that Republican senators who voted no on the compromise will be ineligible for appointment to the super committee.

  43. Jackie 4 Obama – Good morning! You said it all. I love and support our President, right along with you.

    I, too, am glad about the cut in defense spending. Just heard the terrible statistic yesterday that as of that date, 7,383 U.S. and coalition troops have died in country (and/or in combat) in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of that number, 6,149 were Americans.

    Luckily, the casualty numbers have gone down ultra-significantly in the last three years (even though one is too many), since the President’s inauguration. Obviously, many of the President’s PL critics aren’t watching all of the important stuff they should be watching, or they’d be parading in the streets for PBO.

    Here’s a chart and some graphs:

    Obama-Biden 2012

  44. Hey BWD, keep up the good work because some of the powers that be are actually reading the good blogs. I just heard Stephanie Miller reading from Deanic’s article on the Paul Krugman analysis of the debt ceiling deal this morning. I was half asleep but I woke up immediately. 🙂 She is a firm believer in Krugman but she seem to be impressed on how Deanic showed the positives in the deal.

  45. I suspect the President knew full well (having inside information not available to the general public, you know) that there was no way he could get revenues or a clean bill from the House. He did as well as could be expected under the circumstances. I am glad to see so many positive comments this morning, and I encourage everyone to stay away from the vanity sites that peddle despair rather than constructive action.


  47. Totally agree on all of this. The Democrats need a jobs plan rolling out now. No more letting Republicans frame the debate i.e. debt reduction. Every time they mention debt reduction we need to mention jobs and keep on that talking point.

    Also agree about the committee. One way to mitigate some of the liberal anger out there is to make sure people on the committee hold fast to the idea of revenues. If the automatic trigger kicks in so be it. That leaves the Bush tax cuts on the table to be ended.

  48. Just got an email and also saw on cspan that: President Obama will make a statement in the Rose Garden at 12:15pm et So heads-up. It looks like he’ll speak after the senate vote at 12:00



  51. BWD. I understand your frustration. Please don’t be scared, or if the scared keeps hanging around, put it to work!! 😆 Sounds corny, but in this case, I think fear is F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real. The election is not a given, but I know that if we all take our concerns and channel them toward

    1) increasing voter registration, and
    2) countering voter suppression and outright voter theft, we will win!!!

    Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.
    ~~Barack Obama


  52. Just a head’s up…Me4Obama just informed me over at TOD, that there is another “desertflower” in our midst…and this one IS NOT ME! They were over at DU, and noticed the familiar name, but the poster was very ANTI OBAMA…at least with regards to that post. Well, I don’t know quite what to do about that, except to warn you ahead of time…IT AIN’T ME! I would stand behind my President come hell or high water. Just beware:) Thanks.

  53. That’s the key to getting progressive legislation passed. He did pretty well before the Repubs took over, but even at that he had to fight with some in his own party.

  54. President Obama will speak at 1215 Eastern time after the Senate vote, which is coming up in a few minutes (both on CSPAN2) – White House briefing at 100 pm.

  55. We would do well to remember that, in the areas of life forged by women and men, nothing can exist without first being postulated in some minds. The first step in moving the country forward is believing it is possible to move the country forward; the second step is to conceive of concrete ways this can happen; the third step is to take appropriate action in the world.

  56. ZULU…you should go over to GOS on occassion when you need a good laugh. Sometimes when I’m in the right mood, I visit just to LOL at the purity patrol on duty.

  57. I think that will be true for all participants. There was some weird Yea votes from the Dem House – most notably Rep. Cleaver who called the deal a “Satan Sandwich” not a day earlier.

    I’ve read that the plan might be to have the Gang of Six make up the Senate portion – which would be Chambliss, Crapo and Coburn for the GOP and Warner, Durbin and Conrad.

  58. You know what? I consider the likes of Keith O, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and their ilk part of the problem. So I refrain from clapping on the day they say something that makes sense because I know their insanity will return.

  59. Sorry to hear that desertflower! Having been a victim of blogger i.d. theft on OFA a couple of years ago, for a brief time, I feel your pain. Glad you warned us, although I for one think I’d recognize your name, too, and already know you’re working FOR our President!

  60. What gives me hope and comfort is that poll after poll shows voters want compromise and negotiation and working together to achieve goals. Most voters are not purists and are actually more moderate.

    It is just that the PL on the left and the Teabaggers on the Right are loud and make more noise. But all that noise is not indicative of their actual numbers. They just grab all the media attention because they are loud and extreme.

  61. I’m pretty sure Romney will not be the nominee. This hostage taking has shown us that the Republican base is teabaggers and Romney will not bring the emotion or excitement the will look for. I think if Perry gets in, and he’s about 90% in at this point, that he has to be the favorite to come out of the GOP Primary.

    Remember Bush still polls 30% in the country, but that would mean roughly 60% of the GOP Primary voter base. And if you look at primary polling, Romney has a ceiling of about 40% – I don’t think that is a coincidence.

  62. Yes, it is called Feel the fear and Do it anyway. BWD, all you can do, as with all of us, is to do your part and live with that consequence and conscience,.and I may add, you do so willingly and admirably every day, just by providing this space,and we thank you for that. However, getting apprehensive is not going to change a thing, as things will go how they will go in any case.I have learned,that’s life. President Barack Hussein Obama will be fine, one way or another.He is well-loved globally and who knows where else his higher purpose will lead him. But for now, Onward,Forward. Keep the faith!

  63. Thank you. I do feel kind of “violated” though….wouldn’t want anyone in the “family” to feel like I have gone to the “dark side”…guess there’s nothing to do about it. Just wanted you all to know, that on your internet travels, if you come across a “desertflower” that is ugly…it’s not me! I would certainly hope that the “family” would know me well enough to know that I would never do that.

  64. “The base” can go fuck themselves, and I’m not speaking of the intelligent folks here and at TOD.

    I’m speaking of Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, Adam Green, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Cenk Uygar, Bill Mahar, Jon Stewart, all whom claim to attack President Obama from “the left” but are actually attacking him from the right using right wing talking points.

    A lot of them are Hillary supporters like Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow. A few are libertarians like Glenn Greenwald and Bill Mahar. And of course Keith Olbermann doesn’t even vote, so why is he commenting?

    With this deal, honestly I don’t care who wins the politics side. Why do we continue to be so concerned about who wins politically as opposed to being happy that the nation isn’t going into default and the world economy won’t go into chaos over default? As far as I’m concerned, we all win because we won’t see higher interest rates and there won’t be chaos here in the US and abroad.

    PBO did the best he could under the circumstances, yet the PL said HE SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE. I’d like to see these PL run for office if they think they can do better as opposed to bitching from the sidelines.

  65. Here’s a tweet from one of my favorite TV writers, J. Michael Straczynski, creator of the best sci-fi show ever, “Babylon 5”:

    Wayne on JFK: “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president and I wish him well.” What the hell happened to THAT America?

  66. Of course Jesus, as any other religious figure, can be separating. Please let us not go down that road and keep the expressions of faith somewhat minimal on this blog.

  67. Excellent point. We need to get out of our comfort zone. We need to convince the conservatives. It is nice to be among like-minded people here, but it should be considered the reservoir to re-charge, before one goes back in battle:-)

  68. Okay then…let’s get started on our campaign to Stop the GOP Jobs Blockade ™ I’m thinking a hashtag #GOPjobsblockade could be fun.

  69. CNN is a hostile channel. I stopped giving it props. It is decidedly against POTUS and has become a near-mirror image of FOX the lie channel.

  70. I’m using it because the live link comes up clearly. I never seem to be able to bring up the feed. It give me problems every time. And c-span gets flaky too, so for the live feed, I go with CNN.

    Aside from them either cutting him off or not broadcasting, what can they do to a live feed? I ignore all of the pontificating that comes after…

    1pm, no sighting of my President. I’m trying to hold out before I go get some snacks.

  71. Great comments by Harry Reid. The Dems are going to talk about jobs. This is what all this should be about. I am tired of all this talk about debt but not about jobs.

  72. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get on your link I refuse to have the tv on anymore.

  73. Wow, that didn’t take long. The pivot to focusing on jobs is in full force. No more distractions. No more excuses. How will the Republicans explain to the American people that since they have been in the majority for seven months they have not introduced any jobs bills?

    I love Steve Israel. He is awesome. He gets the Democratic message across better than anybody.





    Love it, love it, love it.

    Go Democrats.

  74. Mitch is full of it. The rules state: if the committee cannot agree then there will be automatic cuts to defense and to Medicare providers. In the trigger the BIG 3 and programs for the poor will get no cuts whatsoever. Let Mitch flap his gums.

  75. Hey Guys!

    I have a theory that the reason the MSM is driving the theme about the President has been taken to the mat is because all of the tweets, emails and calls scared the bejesus out of them! I mean look at it. With three simple sentences, the President was able to galvinize the the country in crashing the websites and jamming the phone lines of this congress! Not once but twice!!! And he had the audacity to go “around” the media to do it! Why so much talk about him dropping 70,000 twitter followers one day and not a word about it when the numbers rebounded. The media is AFRAID of the power of our President, because when he speaks, not only does America listen, it responds!

    This is NOT the time to cowtow to the MSM. We have proven WE have power. USE it! Continue to tweet and e-mail. Don’t let up. The MSM wants to keep us so busy cowering and buying into thier crap and we fall for it every time!!! All morning long, we are moaning about who said what. Make more noise and they will have to admit that there are voices much louder and more numerous than theirs. To use a terrible phrase, don’t retreat, well you know the rest.

    Listen, a pig only squeels when it is caught in a fence! They are caught. It is just noise. Put them back in the pin where they belong!

  76. You know I was talking to a like minded friend on the phone today to celebrate the senate vote on the debt ceiling preventing us from going into default. One thing we both couldn’t understand were those voting NO as if they were doing the right thing. They were from both parties and I guess it was supposed to be a political cover vote. The thing we didn’t understand was a NO vote may have been appropriate if there was more time to come up with a different plan before a default but we both thought voting NO at this point in time was the same as voting to default on our debts. I am not happy regardless of party about those voting NO. Of course the deal was not the best deal but it was all that we could get at this point in time given the opposition faced. It was like dealing with a person with a bomb strapped on ready to take themselves as well as everyone else out.

  77. Nice firm statement from PBO. Noteworthy was that he thanked the American people for their work in turning Congress around but did not thank Congress for getting the job done. My sense is that, as controlled and diplomatic as he is, PBO is very angry right now as to what just went down. But i see his anger as a good thing in that he will no longer assume that the Republican leaders are, in the end, patriotic Americans and that he now understands his own power to activate the public from his bully pulpit.

  78. People have asked him to use the bully pulpit for a long time now. Of course he had been, but the media hadn’t been willing to let the message out. Now he has and it created a response from the people, even if it didn’t necessarily change many minds in Congress.

    But what it did do is show that Americans want to feel they have a voice in what is happening, and when asked to do something, they will. And I think the Republcians know the person they will respond to is PBO. It will be interesting to see how the media chnages its coverage from now on, if it does.

    The people know PBO wants to reach out to them and if the media doesn’t start covering his statements more, there may be a lot of questions asked as to why not.

  79. I have washed my hands of debating the PL and anti Obama faction of the party.
    They are saying Bush did less harm and a Republican President would be better because it would unite Democrats to fight back.

    They are calling him names and sadly these are progressives who are well known. They are being nasty and mean and disgusting..and these are Democrats! I am sick.

    It is awful today and I am crying because some of these people are my friends.

  80. The Dem appointees are to be made by Harry Reid for the 3 Dem Senate appointees and Nancy Pelosi for the 3 Dem House appointees so it would make more sense to communicate your views to Reid and Pelosi.

  81. Post-speech. My heart goes out to the poor man – he looks so fed up and seems so frustrated with Congress (as we all are), yet is full of compassion for all the people out of work. He has so many wonderful ideas that could be implemented immediately were it not for the Get Obama Party! They disgust me.

    I hope he can find some time to enjoy his birthday.

  82. I am crying because I left some blogs I participated in for over 8 years. It is hard to leave some friends behind but I have to do it. It is becoming too sad and too frustrating and zaps my energy. It is bad ehough I have to avoid Republican friends, now there are some Progressive friends who are full anti Obama types.

    The final straw is those saying his Presidency is over but he can stick around and help other candidates so we take back the House but he can go. Good Gravy !!

  83. It is hard to leave blogs that you’ve visited for years. I did it recently and it sucked. But, I am slowly adjusting to these new blogs and seeing some familiar faces.

  84. Just leave it behind CerylAnn. You may want to check out the Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan. He can be hard on the Prez, but is mostly fair, and will let reason and facts change his mind. It is one of the most viewed political blogs on the web. Having his support is important. And he is fire today, busting the TeaParty loons.
    And he is no fan of Krugman and Kos-esque thinking.

  85. If it would be really true that Dems can only be united as a powerless opposition than hope would indeed be lost. But of course it is not true. One has to stick to organizing, and ignore the shout fests (some of us will anyhow not be able to, and raise a reasonable voice on the PL blogs:-)

    I remember all the angst pre-election 2008 and many people said that doing something, e.g. voter registration and such, had a wonderfully calming effect on their nerves.

  86. While I fully understand your pain, I can’t understand why is it so difficult to respect my request NOT TO BRING THIS CRAP IN HERE. I don’t care what the Daily Fox fringe say about him, I *know* what they say about him. This is why I left a long time ago. If people want to go to those ugly places, it’s their right, but it’s my right to demand that this poison will be left outside. I really don’t know what else I have to do in order to make it clear.

  87. In coming here late I scrolled through posts and replied to one above with a post that I would like to put here incase I can get feedback on this end of the blog. I called a like minded friend to celebrate the debt vote before we went into default. We both got to wondering why anyone would brag about voting NO on it? Of course no one liked it as it was a compromise but it was to save our country from going into default. It was the last resort because of the timing involved. We thought a vote of NO really meant that the person was willing to let our country go into default. We thought it didn’t make sense to defend for political reasons. How many Americans wanted our Country to go into default? There were people on both sides voting NO.

  88. Agreed but I also think the WH will have some sway on the appoitments. We need to communicate to both the WH, Pelosi, and Reid

  89. He left The Atlantic in March and, sadly, joined Tina Brown’s rather sensationalistic Daily Beast where his Daily Dish is located. Luckily, the blog is independent of Tina meddling, and looks as it did in the Atlantic era.

  90. Yes odd isn’t? I’m from New York and my centrist Senator Gillibrand voted yes to break the filibuster and yet voted no today. So she wanted the compromise to go forward, seeming to therefore agree with it and then the next day vote no.

    They do this all the time to give themselves political cover. Some Blue state Senators did this (Merkely, Oregon, Lautenburg and Menendez, New Jersey) after getting the ok from Reid.
    Then they can say it was a vote “of conscience” and hope people forget about, which they usually do.

    Still, I was surprised by Gillibrand, though lots of the New York caucus in the House voted no.

    I would never have voted to allow default.

  91. Woohoo so glad this drama is over. Again POTUS is tested and emerges standing strong and focused. Early Happy Birthday to the best president of my lifetime. Always tested, never broken. I LOVE HIM. 🙂 #IsupportThePresident

  92. CherylAnn, I sure understand your feeling. The site I use to go to was such a part of my life and the go to during 2008. Then everything started changing. Here at TOAITR, TOD and others on the blogroll you find kindred spirits that support this President and this country. Welcome to sanity. This is a wonderful community where you learn all you won’t hear in the news or read in other blogs.

  93. BWD knows that she and I are pretty much on the same page.

    However here’s how I see it today: the political win of showing Republicans for what they are, is immensely important. Obama hit the ground running today, pivoting to jobs and what intransigent Republicans are continuing to stop. I’m hearing the message reinforced from Democrats on progressive radio and MSNBC today. We’re starting to re-make the background noise.

    So let’s assume (God forbid) the economy does not rebound the way we’d like it to by 2012. The groundwork being laid is that Republicans are to blame, are too batshit crazy to compromise, govern or give a damn about the American people. They proved it on the debt ceiling debate, right? Right? Refusing to reauthorize the FAA is killing jobs. Who’s refusing to reauthorize? REPUBLICANS.

    Keep hammering it home. I’m actually glad the Democrats split their votes in the House — it shows that Democrats made sure the bill would pass to avert disaster, but they have better ways of looking at solving our problems. Republicans cannot be trusted. They have imploded the idea that they are good stewards — of anything. In fact, they’re dangerous.

    A thriving economy is the best outcome. Barring that, a persistent meme that Republicans broke everything, can’t govern and are willing to drive us off a cliff for political gain is a halfway decent antidote.

    The town halls will start now. We CANNOT let them win with their lies and lie they will. Persistence on our part.

  94. I live in the bluest of blue districts. I think in 2010 that Maxine Waters won with 76% of the vote. So all of us are going to depend heavily on you folks who are in purple districts represented by Teabaggers to hit the town halls—if they dare hold them—and shout them down. Get on local news. Show that they’re paper tigers.

  95. For me, going to those blogs was just a bad habit – I realized rather quickly that I was much happier, knowing that there were other better places to go and chat and not feeling a need to engage with them.

  96. Avoid

    Corny West
    Tarvis Smiley
    Bill Maher
    Jane Hampster / firebag lake
    Adam Green
    Ed Shultz
    Keith Olbermann
    Rachel Maddow
    markos/the great orange satan
    Jon stewart
    Cenk unguyar
    Arianna Puffington
    John aravosis/dan choi cult
    Paul Krugman

    John Conyers/Coocinich etc

    trust lawerence o’donnel sometimes, PBS sometimes, Rhandi Rhodes, blackwaterdog, People’s view, and balloon etc.

  97. I’m in. No matter what anyone says about our President, I know he is the best for our country. He has accomplished so much in less than 3 years, he must be permitted to continue through a second term. We, as voters, must be heard. I willingly give a monthly donation and will continue to do so and whenever possible will contribute more. I want and we need this wonderful man be our President for another term.

  98. I think there’s a silver lining in these ‘no’ votes. The consensus is that everyone knew the bill had to pass to avert Republican-manufactured disaster. But this is not the deal that Democrats would make if they had the power to do it. They would raise revenues on those who have prospered in this recession. They would responsibly cut waste, fraud and abuse in all programs that warrant it, including defense. They would ‘cut’ Medicare spending by allowing for negotiation of prescription drugs. They would invest in jobs to grow our economy out of this recession, instead of austerity that is going to put on the unemployment rolls. Republicans want crash and burn for political gain.

    A cuts only bill with a BBA and other nonsense is NOT what Democrats would do to get us out of crisis. And we’re the ones who get this country out of trouble that is Republican-created, time and again.

    So a ‘no” vote that understands what the President was up against, accepts the greater good of raising the debt ceiling, yet offers Americans an alternative for responsible governance — that’s a good thing. If every Democrat had said, by their vote, “the deal’s okay with me”, then we’d lose leverage. I truly believe that we gain leverage by having these ‘no’ votes.

  99. Progressive is a word that is used with moving forward. Not one thing that these people put out in tvland have aything to do with that. Sorry.
    Meanwhile we need to keep moving forward instead of reporting what ‘they’ say every 5 minutes. We fall for it every time. Time to stop this debilitating habit,no?

  100. Charlie Rangel just in essence called the tea party faction ‘a cult!’

    The entire segment on Martin Bashir’s show on MSNBC was great: Get past what you may hear as being not as pro-Obama as you’d like but you have to listen to every word. He said he’d wished the President could have done more, but the President was ‘mugged’, and you don’t blame the victim of the mugging.

    The beginning half of the segment is on the current Republican Congress — it hasn’t been said better by anyone.

    I’ll link to it when the link becomes available.

  101. So glad to hear that some good things happened to you in real life! Thanks again for this place.

  102. BWD, people are so attached to what ‘they’ are saying that I don’t think they realise that they are negatising the space with their continued reportings. I keep saying, we know,how they think,what they say,how they behave..and we have no control over that..But what we can control is how we think, how we act, and how we move forward to contribute to the process.

  103. Randi Rhodes just said that because we had to pay higher interest yesterday for bonds because of the nervousness in the market, it cost us about a billion and a half. Just for having the absurd charade. What jackasses.

  104. Thanks so much for the link. It’s running fine on my usually creaky computer when it comes to streaming.

  105. That’s okay. We need to show that Democrats know there’s a better way to govern and we never would have come up with this bill if Economic 9/11 was being threatened.

    It’s okay. It actually illustrates that Democrats have a better path forward. It gives us leverage.

  106. I have to listen to Thom Hartmann online so from 3:00-6:00. He just read from the bill…..the part about no amendments, one hour of debate, etc. Then, the part about revenue–and I will probably get this wrong, but will try my best. If there’s not agreement about REVENUE, the House CAN do amendments. The way he read it, then explained it, my understanding is there is no way in H— we will get revenue out of this. Someone, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. He never left – they just put him in the “naughty corner” for a few days, that’s all.

  108. Thank you, Faith. My Congressman was one of those voting “NO” and your explanation makes sense to me. He has always voted for progress for the middle class and for fair and balanced taxation, and for protection for those who cannot protect themselves from the avarice of Tea Party and GOP politicians. My job, as I see it, is to make sure he is returned to office in 2012, because we need him.

  109. There is nothing to that effect in the bill. Whatever makes it into the joint committee proposal goes to the floor for an up or down vote and may not be amended.

  110. Excellent comment, sheila! In fact, if I remember correctly, Move-On, which is now blasting President Obama, was founded precisely to defend Bill Clinton. Surely, Bill Clinton, a member of DLC, was not a pure progressive. I don’t remember Paul Krugman attacking everything he did.

  111. No amendments on committee bills…they are up or down votes,no filibusters,and no amendments. It fast tracks legislation…if committee is going to raise revenues, it has to start in the house…as ALL revenues must as per Constitution.

  112. St. Roscoe, you are a genius and the President heard you and did exactly what you suggested! Our man Barack pivoted like a ballet master! Came out, announced the deal was signed and went right into JOBS! Boehner better get his hankie out!

  113. The voters may well alter Mr. McConnell’s attitude. We all need to concentrate on getting the most reasonable, rational candidates elected to Congress. We need to thoroughly vet every candidate of either party before voting and when we find negative information, CALL THEM OUT!! Let them know that we can identify the rank odor of bull pucky and we will NOT stand for it. Transparency and honesty are JOB ONE! This disgusting drama has shown us all that we must demand accountability in our representatives or throw the bums OUT!

  114. When the Gops are complaining that means we won

    Obama’s grand slam
    President Obama wanted three things from the debt-ceiling fight: trillions in new borrowing authority, status quo on spending and no more drama before his shot at re-election. He got everything.

    Republicans in control of the House could have refused to raise the debt ceiling, but their leaders were afraid. They believed failing to raise the debt ceiling would lead to a default and a disastrous reduction in America’s credit rating.


    The second tranche of “cuts” will be left up to a new bipartisan committee tasked with finding up to $1.5 trillion in savings. There are a bunch of gimmicks involved, but essentially we’re supposed to believe that even though Congress can’t cut a days’ worth of spending now, it’s somehow going to have the fortitude to reduce spending by far greater amounts down the road.

    It’s likely to be the opposite, as Mr. Obama is already eyeing this “super committee” to fast-track tax hikes, saying on Sunday night, “I’ll continue to make a detailed case to these lawmakers about why I believe a balanced approach is necessary to finish the job.”

    Worst of all for conservatives is that there will be no Balanced Budget Amendment. The deal sets a token vote in the fall and a trigger if the joint committee fails to complete its work. Without the leverage of the debt ceiling, it’s simply not going to get enough Democratic votes.

    Read the rest it will make you laugh

  115. Calidad, thank you that timely reminder. i don’t always agree with the decisions of President Obama but my loyalty to him remains without question.

  116. Yeah, those “fiscal conservatives” are really something, aren’t they. You know why? Because they NEVER SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE that goes past their ideiological purity.

  117. Sad and disgusting….wonder if they’ll see how ridiculous they are? If the Rev. Sun Yun Moon calls it, and they STILL don’t see…..heavy sigh.

  118. I’m so tired of this “he should have done more” or “too little, too late” whining. Even worse: “if Alan Grayson were president…” Shoot, Alan Grayson couldn’t even get re-elected to Congress.

  119. If you’re talking about the orange thingy, do what I’m going to do from now on: go straight to the cat diaries and skip the toxic crap.

  120. I admit to returning on rare occasions to read Black Kos. It’s even safe to read the comments there, as angry bluster is not encouraged. I also check to see if there are any diaries by Stephen Daugherty, who I thought was the most reasonable diarist outside of Black Kos. His work is always articulate, well-conceived and well-executed. He never gained much traction there, made too much sense, I suppose.

  121. Does someone have the contact info for that idiot Lamborn from Colorado? Need to send it to someone

  122. Thank you for that, Calidad!

    I’ve always believed that and it’s why I support PBO through thick and thin.

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