Health Care Reform Is Working: National Health Expenditures Reach Historic Low

Nancy-Ann DeParle:

Today, the CMS Office of the Actuary released its report on how much the United States spends on health care now and in the future. The report shows a 3.9 percent growth in health spending in 2010 – an historic low. Overall Medicare cost growth dropped from 7.9 to 4.5 percent between 2009 and 2010. This slow-down occurred at the same time that many seniors with Medicare received cheaper prescription drugs. According to the report, private health spending has and will continue to be low in the next few years. And the report estimates that private benefit spending growth per enrollee will be 3 percent this year, rather than 4.7 percent thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act’s policy that allows young adults to stay on their parent’s plan.

The report concludes that:

Average annual growth in national health spending is expected to be 0.1 percentage point higher (5.8 percent) under current law compared to projected average growth prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (5.7 percent) for 2010 through 2020. Simultaneously, by 2020, thirty million Americans are expected to gain health insurance coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

The bottom line from the report is clear: more Americans will get coverage and save money and health expenditure growth will remain virtually the same. But the report doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Affordable Care Act creates changes to the health care system that typically don’t show up on an accounting table. We know these new provisions will save money for the health care system, even if today’s report doesn’t credit these strategies with reducing costs. These provisions include:

The Administration’s Partnership for Patients: Better Care, Lower Costs, a new private-publicpartnership to achieve two goals: reduce preventable hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent and reduce hospital readmissions by 20 percent between 2010 and 2013. Over 2,000 hospitals as well as employers, physicians, nurses, and patient advocates have committed to these goals which, over the next ten years, could reduce costs to Medicare by about $50 billion and help put our nation on the path toward a more sustainable health care system.
Support for voluntary Accountable Care Organizations that make it easier for health care providers to work together to coordinate care for an individual patient across care settings – including doctor’s offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. The Affordable Care Act rewards ACOs that lower health care costs while providing high quality care, and could generate as much as $960 million in Medicare savings over three years.
Bundled payment programs that will reward doctors and hospitals for working together to provide higher quality care to patients rather than bill for each individual procedure or test.
Demonstrations launched by the new Innovation Center that will build and test models that will save money for both Medicare and the private sector, and then expand the use of the models that work.
Important investments in programs that save money over the long-term like prevention and wellness programs.

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AND, Opposition To Health Reform Falls, Majority Want To Keep It Or Expand It

A new health care tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that as the opposition to the Affordable Care Act has fallen (from 46 percent to 43 percent), a majority of Americans (53 percent) want lawmakers to expand the law or keep it, and 46 percent say they are still confused by it.

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  1. Ok, game on! According to Think Progress, 24 House GOP members have come out against the Boehner plan. If the Dems hold firm, Boehner could afford to lose only 23 of his caucus. The bill is heading to failure!

  2. This needs to be shared/Facebooked/emailed/tweeted/and beaten into every breathing persons head on Planet EARTH.

  3. My tweet – please tweet until your fingers bleed:

    Health Care Reform=Working. National Health Expenditures Reach Historic Low. #EpicWIN @Obama2012 @BarackObama #MediaFail

  4. This has nothing to do with the ACA, but it should have a pretty noticible effect on health care costs for a lot of folks –

    The cost of prescription medicines used by millions of people every day is about to plummet.

    The next 14 months will bring generic versions of seven of the world’s 20 best-selling drugs, including the top two: cholesterol fighter Lipitor and blood thinner Plavix.

    The magnitude of this wave of expiring drugs patents is unprecedented. Between now and 2016, blockbusters with about $255 billion in global annual sales will go off patent, notes EvaluatePharma Ltd., a London research firm. Generic competition will decimate sales of the brand-name drugs and slash the cost to patients and companies that provide health benefits.

    Top drugs getting generic competition by September 2012 are taken by millions every day: Lipitor alone is taken by about 4.3 million Americans and Plavix by 1.4 million. Generic versions of big-selling drugs for blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, depression, high triglycerides, HIV and bipolar disorder also are coming by then.

  5. I’m not sure which outcome I want. If it’s defeated by GOP caucus revolt than Boehner can claim “See I tried to have a moderate approach, lost by far right and yet the Dems wouldn’t even give it 1-2 votes”. If it passes, it’s dead in the Senate anyways and Reid can say “See, like I said Boehner wrote a tea party bill that is too extreme”.

    I wonder if this fight to get to 217 is kabuki – if he just gets 217 and the pass- he can point to this fact and say “See I went as far as I could with my caucus”.

    I guess defeat would be the best because it could fracture the party and would force Boehner to come work with Pelosi. If I was a betting man though, I’d bet it will pass by a razors edge right on 217.

  6. The thing is that these teabaggers are not “politicians”, in that they don’t believe in the give and take of politics. They’re radicals who want to inaugurate a New Jerusalem and dispose of the Muslim Kenyan Socialist usurper in the WH. I don’t think they can be cajoled, as they’re barely Republicans, much like the PL are barely Democrats.

  7. I think the big problem with US politics now is that people think there are two parties, the Rs and the Ds, and Boehner is the leader of the Rs, who have a majority. But this isn’t true. There are now three parties in Congress, the Ds, the Rs, and the Teas; Boehner isn’t leader of the Teas, he can’t control them, so he’s actually a leader of one out of three minority parties. No wonder nothing can get done.


  9. LL..there was a name misssing from that list that is a NO vote….they told me that…Trent Franks (loony AZ)

  10. One Democrat won’t be able to make it to the vote this evening, so Boehner needs 216 for passage. One of those leaning “no” now supports the bill. So, as of now, 24 have still come out against the bill, with 2 leaning “no” (Michael Turner (R-OH) and Raul Labrador (R-ID)).

  11. sorry. maybe that “ssss” in the missing was because I know the guy is a belly crawling snake! It was unconscious reaction to Franks:)

  12. When did he say that? As of this morning, he admitted that he didn’t have the votes. He needs 216 to pass. He could lose 24 of his own caucus and get no Dem votes and it would pass. Twenty five has indicated they will vote no, with 2 leaning no.

  13. Difficult to think what outcome would be the best though. If it passes then Senate votes on it and defeats it, replaces its content with the Reid compromise version and sends it back to the House. But if the House Republicans passed the Boehner bill will it be easy to peal off enough of them to support the Reid bill. By voting for the Boehner bill won’t they be signalling that they don’t care if there is a default since they know the bill was a non-starter anyway? On the other hand if it fails what vehicle does Senate use to get the Reid bill passed by the House? These are nail-biting moments. Lets hope history punishes the people who brought things to this precarious state.

  14. I saw it about 3 hours ago in my Twitter feed. Not directly from him but Politico or someplace. I’ll try and find it.

  15. I think the dum dums will pass the bill. I think many or all of those 25 are just playing hard to get.

    Of course, I would love to be wrong.

  16. Dan Boren (D-OK), a Democratic House member who voted for Cut, Cap and Balance, will vote no on the Boehner plan. ThinkProgress confirmed his position with his office.

    If you can’t get Dan Boren to vote for your bill…

  17. The Bush GOP, yes, I’d agree with you. But these guys are to the right of the Bush GOP. I think Mr. Boehner is about to be dealt a terminal blow. I just hope it doesn’t bring the rest of the country down with him.

  18. Per ThinkProgress, they’ve confirmed 25 “no” GOP votes:

    1. Todd Akin (R-MO) [The Hill]
    2. Justin Amash (R-MI) [The Hill]
    3. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) [ThinkProgress]
    4. Paul Broun (R-GA) [Call to office]
    5. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) [The Hill]
    6. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) [The State]
    7. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) [Twitter]
    8. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) [Washington Post]
    9. Trent Franks (R-AZ) [National Journal]
    10. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) [Twitter]
    11. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) [National Review]
    12. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) [NYT]
    13. Tom Graves (R-GA) [Twitter]
    14. Andy Harris (R-MD) [Baltimore Sun]
    15. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) [The Hill]
    16. Steve King (R-IA) [The Hill]
    17. Jim Jordan (R-OH) [The Hill]
    18. Jeff Landry (R-LA) [National Review]
    19. Connie Mack (R-FL) [Politico]
    20. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) [The Hill]
    21. Ron Paul (R-TX) [Call to office]
    22. Dennis Ross (R-FL) [National Review]
    23. Steve Southerland (R-FL) [RCP]
    24. Joe Walsh (R-IL) [MSNBC]
    25. Joe Wilson (R-SC) [National Journal]

    Even if Boehner wins, he loses by this display of his lack of authority.

  19. LL,
    I hope you’re right but I find it hard to believe they will hold a vote that isn’t a test withuot the necessary to pass. Wouldn’t be surprised if some idiot Dems vote for it.

  20. Well, forus, it wouldn’t be the first time that Boehner holds a vote without knowing whether he’ll win it. He’s done it on more than one occasion during this Congress. He is the most incompetent Speaker to hold the office.

  21. If it passes, the Senate rejects. Then things get dicey. The Reid plan would have to pass the Senate, be reconciled with the House, and go to PBO. But compared to the Reid plan, Boehner’s is RYAN 2.0. The House repubs won’t vote for the Reid plan, and Senate Dems won’t go for anything remotely resembling Boehner; Reid was already a VERY tough swallow.

    Stalemate looms.

    If it fails, probably better for making Boehner look bad, but if it passes, its vile contents can be hung (like Ryan’s) around the neck of anyone who votes for it.
    PBO will skewer any candidate who sides with it…hence Romney won’t commit to a position.

    Look for PBO to comment on the vile contents after the vote, urging Reid Plan.

  22. true true. Truly the only ray of hope at this late hour that I can see that would prevent default is for it to fail and Reid and McConnell then get thir bill passed and moronic Boner will have to work with Pelos to get it passed in his Teaparty led House.

  23. The demos will kill the bill to night to the GOP we will see you in 2012, LL thanks for the INFO.

  24. Please , Please , Please I do not know how to tweet sorry, but you guys can, and Thank you BWD.

  25. Very likely there will be a negotiated bill out of the Senate that will get GOP votes. Biden and McConnell are said to be working on one as we speak. Just to give Boehner cover and protect McConnell’s caucus as he might fear some strays to support the Reid plan.

  26. Bruce Bartlett worked for the Reagan administration and he warned about this debt ceiling crisis over a year ago. He was on Chris Matthews last night and in 5 minutes totally destroyed the GOP. The man speaks the truth.

    This really needs to go viral. He does not mince words. He says PBO is moderate conservative but everything else is right on target.

  27. No time for that stuff anymore. He could be hoping that the pressure of the moment will shake lose enough votes.

    I think Flake and Akin, both running for the Senate in 2012 and thus needing institutional party support, will vote for it if it comes down to it.

  28. What about a clean bill raising the debt ceiling and nothing more, as has been the case in the past? This seems the best outcome to me.

  29. I agree. Idiots — they should have had this approved by the Senate already. McConnell has already blinked and has enough moderates like McCain to get Republican votes. But perhaps the tantrum throwing House members had to get their 2 cents in first. If this House bill gets rejected then House moderates will have to follow McConnell. Idiots.

  30. It would never pass the House. Pelosi doesn’t have enough votes and GOP terrorists are all about budget deficits since there is a Dem President.

  31. So they are on a mission to save Speaker Boehner from himself. This is beyond pathetic. It is hard to imagine someone this feckless, clueless and totally incompetent in a leadership position. He puts all of us at risk.

    No matter how this turns out, the Republican Party, Speaker Boehner and his Tea Party masters own this debacle. It was their bright idea to hold the country hostage in the first place.

  32. St. Roscoe, if this were under the Bush regime, I would agree with you. But I really think the dynamic has metamorphosed. Flake and Akin may very well decide that running as teabaggers gives them a better chance of winning Senate. This is uncharted territory.

  33. Gop should have fully embraced the Reid offering and declared 100% victory and had a big shit-eating grin presser about how they got complete capitulation. They’re supporters would have been elated and Dems would have been furious.

  34. Freedomworks is whipping against the Boehner bill. They might see this as their chance – a coup d’etat – to remove Boehner and get in a true believer teabagger as Speaker/Leader for the next 15 months.

  35. I think they only do FB..I haven’t commented there for some time, though I will check:)

  36. Are they falling out of line instead of in line?

    TPM Talking Points Memo
    RT @BobCusack: Rep. Canseco goes from undecided to no. Big blow to House GOP leaders.
    7 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  37. Boehner is probably the craziest man in Washington DC right now, and that’s saying a lot. He’s completely lost touch with reality. Every move he makes is simply to delay the inevitable, which is everyone — including him — realizing he has no power anymore.

  38. Thanks, SR.

    Wonder if the vote will be kept open far beyond the 15 minutes which the R’s did a few years back to whip the floor to pass big pharma’s Medicare part D plan.

    I think if he doesn’t have the votes after 30 minutes to an hour, he will concede, not wishing to appear any weaker than he already is. I’d love to know what sweet nothings Cantor is whispering behind Boehner’s back. Cantor, the one responsible for the whip count.

    By the way, I always cringe slightly at the “whip” jargon.

  39. My friends, we are really seeing the dissolution of the GOP. This, from ThinkProgress:

    The Columbus Dispatch reports that Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) “open defiance” of Speaker John Boehner may cost him his seat in the November 2012 elections. According to “two Republican sources deeply involved in configuring new Ohio congressional districts,” Jordan’s “boneheadedness” in leading far-right Republicans away from supporting Boehner’s debt deal makes eliminating his district “the easiest option for everybody.” Jordan’s district, with of 11 counties and a 60 percent Republican voter index, “is easy to cannibalize because it stretches so far,” said one source.

  40. Medicare Part D was pass in the wee hours of the morning. I think odds are higher that he might pull it from vote and scrap it and try to blame Democrats saying it was dead in the Senate anyways. He’ll then say it’s up to Reid to get enough votes from the House and how, unlike Reid, he won’t whip against it but won’t whip for it either.

  41. I think that if it passes in the House and is killed in the Senate, Boehner will say, we sent you a bill now take it or leave it. No more negotiating and walk away.

  42. Which is why Reid plans on voting down the bill tonight. It could pass at 6pm and be voted down in the Senate by 8pm. Unless of course Republicans block cloture in order to keep it the only active bill over night to try and build pressure on Dems to pass it and get all this drama over with.

  43. Lawrence O had this to say yesterday. He said that this BS that is happening now with Boner bill/Reid bill is all BS…to prove a point to the clueless TP members. Boner can say that he “tried” to get this done. and appease. Will fail in Senate. Reid Bill will fail in House. These leadership of both houses KNOW this Debt ceiling needs to be raised. They have ALL SAID THAT. OUTLOUD> So his theory is that after we get through this dog and pony show, at the very last minute they will have a one page debt ceiling bill…will pass the Senate, and Boner will have enough in House WITH ALL DEMS, and NO TEA PARTY, to pass this clean bill….? Would be ok with me

  44. 26 House Republicans have already expressed opposition to the Boehner plan. Here’s the list:

    1. Todd Akin (R-MO) [The Hill]
    2. Justin Amash (R-MI) [The Hill]
    3. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) [ThinkProgress]
    4. Paul Broun (R-GA) [Call to office]
    5. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) [The Hill]
    6. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) [The State]
    7. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) [Twitter]
    8. Trent Franks (R-AZ) [National Journal]
    9. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) [Twitter]
    10. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) [National Review]
    11. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) [NYT]
    12. Tom Graves (R-GA) [Twitter]
    13. Andy Harris (R-MD) [Baltimore Sun]
    14. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) [The Hill]
    15. Steve King (R-IA) [The Hill]
    16. Jim Jordan (R-OH) [The Hill]
    17. Jeff Landry (R-LA) [National Review]
    18. Connie Mack (R-FL) [Politico]
    19. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) [The Hill]
    20. Ron Paul (R-TX) [Call to office]
    21. Dennis Ross (R-FL) [National Review]
    22. Steve Southerland (R-FL) [RCP]
    23. Joe Walsh (R-IL) [MSNBC]
    24. Joe Wilson (R-SC) [National Journal]
    25. Fransisco Canseco (R-TX) [Texas Tribune]
    26. Tim Scott (R-SC) [Fox News, 4:20PM]

    Additionally, according to the Hill, two additional members — Michael Turner (R-OH) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) — are leaning no.

    Thus far, no House Democrats have publicly supported the Boehner plan.

  45. Thank you BWD. This is one of the many reasons that I come here.

    The HCare report today, that I heard was how in 2020s, the cost of health care would be a lot higher.

    The media spoon feed Us, their version of selectivity, i.e., bad news. They hardly ever give a well rounded information.

    So thank you for this story.

  46. what Cantor says
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) declared Thursday that Senate Democrats would be responsible for a national default if they defeat a House plan to raise the debt limit. Cantor starkly laid out the options: Either the Senate passes the House debt-limit legislation or the nation will likely default. “There are two choices left,” Cantor said. “When we send this bill over, this compromise piece of legislation, [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-Nev.] can take that up, pass it, send it to the White House. We can avoid the potential consequences of going past Aug. 2 and get on with the business of this country, or it will be on Harry Reid to bear the consequences of economic damage, and I don’t want to see that.”

  47. MSNBC reported that Boehner was twisting arms with his caucus. Something that he had promised not to do. Well at 5-6pmET, the truth shall be known.

    Frankly, I am sick of those fanatics.

    Unfortunately, there are always 3-5 Dems that are on the fringe, with Boehner, ie, voting with him, many times this year. I hope they don’t this time.

  48. From the article:

    Fortunately, the Speaker took a less radical approach this afternoon.

    Boehner did tacitly acknowledge that his plan might change, though. Pressed whether his debt limit bill is a “take it or leave it” proposition for Democrats, Boehner would only say, “we have a reasonable responsible approach, there is no reason for anyone to object to it.”

    Asked whether the House would be in session this weekend, after (presumably) passing his plan, he said “sure.”

    So we’ll have another round of this.

    Cantor is cracking.

  49. Bachmann Declares Husband Off Limits In Campaign — After Slamming Michelle Obama In ‘08

    Anyone interested in tweeting’s her tweeter handle:

    She needs to hear from all of us


  50. The little weaselly weasel continues to try bullying his political opponents. Cantor knows he’s lying about the House bill being a “compromise” bill. The little jackazzzz walked out of negotiations because he didn’t want to compromise with dems or PBO.

  51. LL, this is my favorite sentence from the post about Cantor losing it….

    This is nothing short of crazy. “Do what we demand or we’ll shoot the hostage and blame you.”

    This just sums up what has been going on perfectly.

  52. Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan Drops A 26-Year-Old Exemption That Protects The Poor From Budget Cuts

    “In an exercise in political cynicism,” CBPP notes that both bills include an exemption for payments to Medicare providers that was not part of previous laws. This allows Republicans to avoid another hit from the senior community “even as they subject those living below the poverty line to the risk of automatic cuts that would push them even deeper into poverty.” Earlier this week, CBPP put out an analysis showing that Boehner’s debt ceiling plan “could well produce the greatest increase in poverty and hardship produced by any law in modern U.S. history.”

    The Republican move to cut a long-standing bipartisan protection for the poor really brings into question exactly which Americans Republicans say they’re fighting for. Religious leaders should take note. If asked “What Would Jesus Cut,” it seems Republicans are determined to provide the wrong answer.

  53. Supposedly there is a rumor floating around Washington that right after the vote tonight if it passes that Bohner will adjourn the House for it’s August recess – meaning they wouldn’t be back until September. The ultimate “take it or leave it” to the Senate and possibly the reason why Boehner is so confident the Senate would fold like a cheap suit.

    How would the optics of this look? I think it would be political suicide and give President Obama the popular authority to act alone to raise the debt ceiling.

  54. Have Dems been polled? I wouldn’t bet against Matheson being an ace in the pocket of Boehner. Matheson could run for the Utah senate against Chaffetz(sp) (assuming he beats Hatch) and saving Boehner and his bill would be a huge card to play in that race to try and woo moderate Republicans.

  55. Betcha he’ll claim that he wants to give room to the Biden/McConnell negotiations. Or he wants Reid to have to go first so his bill could be the last one.

  56. Vote postponed now. I guess that means drinking starts now? Can someone tell me why Reid and McConnell don’t get a bill put together why the Tan Man is floundering and on his way to crashing the world’s economies?

  57. They’re working on one. Basically Reid has the excuse of saying “revenue bills by the Constitution need to originate in the House so I am giving Boehner his last bill first”. However the battle is over who can submit the last bill. Because if Reid released his now and the Senate voted it through the House could defeat it and then say “welp our bill is the last chance, the Senate either votes it through or we default”. That’s basically Reid’s plan here – Senate Dems reject Boehner bill and then offer theirs as a take it or default option to the House.

  58. I read on TOD that Mark Knoller just tweeted that Boehner will postpone bringing the bill to the floor because he doesn’t yet have enough votes.

  59. Cantor says they still might have a vote at around 7pm but the votes are not there.

  60. LL – About the best assessment I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

  61. Yes he did…something messy must’ve happened there!!! Get the Kleenex! That song, “Gizz in my pants” comes to mind

  62. I hope that this delaying is not a trick, so that the Dems run out of time to do anything…Let’s hope not…..

  63. Who the Frick knows anymore.. pulling freshman off the floor, calling govs, veterans, other leaders to try and get the votes…THEY ARE NOT THERE!

  64. listening to randi rhodes play by play. People said yesterday this thing will not get out of the house. Wall St getting nervous, Establishment R’s getting nervous.Thought that TP would be practical. Not. Not getting out of house tonight/// calling donors, govs, anyone that could talk to TP and talk some sense into them….Now all these people that bankrolled the wackos are scared because they can’t contain the crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Nobody knows—including the Speaker of the House.

    As far as what’s next, the House will vote on 8 unrelated bills. No idea what’ll happen to the Boehner bill.

  66. Again, I hate to bring up the Nazis, because as f*cked up as the teabaggers are they don’t have Brownshirts in the street. But, the German conservative establishment thought they could use Nazi vitality to win power, and then shut the Nazis out or co-opt them. It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now. Teabaggers believe their worldview; it isn’t a political ploy for them, but a total philosophy. Maybe now the Dem position—”Look, you guys can make your millions and billions with us in power, but we have to take care of everyone else too or we’ll all go down”—may not sound so bad to the Masters of the Universe.

  67. You know, I think ThinkProgress will be my go-to source for political news from now on, rather than TPM. Their coverage today has been nothing less than exceptional.

  68. someone at TOD said they are talking about post offices now. REALLY?????

  69. They ARE exceptional. I have been going there since 2008, and for fact based spot on reporting..they are second to none. They really, really know their stuff! 1000000% agree. Good thought. TPM is not even in the same universe.

  70. Yes, they are voting on other unrelated bills while Boner feverishly tries to scour the planet for votes.

  71. Boehner rode the back of a T-bagger tiger expecting to get a free lunch but now he can’t dismount without risking being devoured. Now the price for the gavel the baggers gave him has set his pants on fire. This man will go down in history as the worst speaker ever. He is simply pathetic.

  72. Ok, that indicates to me that the GOP House leadership knows a deal will be done in the Senate, and they’ll have to vote on that deal with Dem support. Game. Set. Match.

  73. LL, I was just about to post a very similar comment about TPM. I was going to say I didn’t like to click on TPM because of their screaming, hair on fire, snarky headlines. We are on the same page.

    When Al Franken had his show on Air American, Josh Marshall was a frequent guest. I really enjoyed Josh. I watched his website grow but it has changed so much, I just try to avoid it now.

  74. It’s truly sad that the Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt has descended to this mere anarchy. LBJ knew he’d lose the South for two generations after Civil Rights, but I bet he never thought that the GOP would be destroyed in the process, or that the Republic would be this close to shattering.

  75. <i?LL: HOW is this man Speaker??

    DF: I don’t know, but I’d hire a food taster.

    Damn, ya’ll!! 😀 8) I was sitting here, trying to chill out, drinking an iced tea. I just lost it laughing! I almost killed my keyboard!!! 😆 😆 😆

  76. Flake wants to run for kyl’s seat. He’s more a Libertarian than a Republican. He may be counting on the Teapotty machine here to get him to the Senate.

  77. TPM made its name when GWB was in office. Liberals, by and large, are happy with PBO. Hence, TPM, like other PL sites, has to pull in eyeballs from a decreasing set of poutragers to keep numbers at the same highs. Of course, if they just reported the news, even without necessarily a pro-Obama slant, they’d get just as many site hits.

  78. Peter M, I am so glad to see your comment. I wanted to thank you so much for that amazing media contact list your provided. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that information. Very helpful indeed.

  79. I have been watching Lawrence with his theory based on what it was like when he was involved years ago. I think this is a different breed so not sure it would work although there may be enough to join together of GOP and Dems but not sure the GOP wants it anymore. It seems they want to blame the Prez and Dems and feel they will benefit in the long run.

  80. You are welcome Ladyhawke. You and the rest of the bunch here inspire me by your dedication and love of PBHO. You all epitomize the true spirit of a politically engaged citizenry. I hope when this crisis passes you all will relax just for a moment, with whatever it is that relaxes you, put your feet up and say, ‘yes, we did it!…at least until the next T-bagger manufactured’.

  81. Yeah…the $$$$ that put those poopers in office are having buyers remorse. Seems lots of that is going on lately. Thought they could get the majority and tame them into submission and all would be right with the world. Not so much.

    AUTHOR UNKNOWN but it is all over the web.

    Arrogance of being President while being Black

    I don’t think anyone was under some real illusion that the election
    of Barack Obama actually means the end of racism in America . I’m
    pretty sure that the president-elect knew it better than anyone. After
    all, he saw it every day, from the moment he announced his candidacy.
    To some degree, he saw it within his own party during the primaries.
    And he saw it in all ugliness during the general election. For half of
    this country, he was “That One”. No matter how big and clear his
    victory was. No matter how smart he is. No matter how decent he is. No
    matter what a true patriot he is. No matter how optimistic and
    positive his vision for America was. All that didn’t matter. Because
    at the end of the day, he was still black.

    I’m quite old. I remember, vaguely, where my parents were on November
    22, 1963. I’ve seen so many presidents. Some were feared, some were
    hated, some were adored, some popular and some not. But all of them,
    without exception, were treated with the highest respect deserving the
    office of the president of the United States

    That is until a black man won the right to occupy this office. It’s
    been 13 months now, and in the eyes of so many, Barack Obama is still
    that one. He is being disrespected and at the same time being held to
    the highest standard of any president I’ve ever seen – and not just by
    the Republican side! He has to perform three times better than any
    president in history, and even that may not be enough.

    For the media, he is many more times just “Obama” than “President
    Obama”. They create scandals out of nothing issues. It took them at
    least 6 years to start giving Bush a small part of the shit he
    deserved. It took them 6 months to begin crap all over Obama because
    he’s yet to fix the catastrophe that was left for him.

    They use condescending tones when they talk about him, and only
    mildly less condescending when they talk TO him. With anyone else, CNN
    wouldn’t dare go to commercials every time the president speaks, like
    they did during that summit on Thursday. They wouldn’t dare be
    counting how many minutes George Bush or Bill Clinton were talking.
    Chris Mathews wouldn’t dare make an issue out of Ronald Regan calling
    members of congress by their first name, like he is not actually the
    president. They fully cooperate with the Right-Wing smear machine when
    it comes to president Obama’s national security performance – even if
    almost every independent and military expert actually thinks that he’s
    a terrific Commander-in-Chief. You’ll never see them on TV, and
    virtually no one from the Left, in congress and outside, defend the
    president on this matter.
    I don’t care about the Far-Right. They’re just crazy ignorant
    Neanderthals. It’s the way the beltway and the mainstream treats this
    president that is shocking. On Thursday, almost every Republican had
    no trouble interrupting him in the middle of a sentence. They looked
    like they’re going to vomit every time they had to say “Mr.
    president”. They all had this Eric-Cantor-Smirk whenever he spoke.
    Then they went out and started to spit their stupid talking points, to
    the delight of the media. Sarah Palin, a woman who can hardly read,
    thinks that he was “arrogant” towards John McCain, and somehow this is
    an important news. Because you see, “Obama’s Arrogance” is the talking
    point of the day.

    Oh, those talking points. He is arrogant (because he knows the facts
    better than all of them combined). He is an elitist (because he uses
    big words that they don’t understand). He is weak on national security
    (because he actually thinks about the consequences). He divides the
    country (well, he did that the day he had the audacity to win the
    election). Worst of all, he actually thinks that he’s the president.
    He even dared to say so on Thursday. How arrogant of him. You’d think
    that previous presidents didn’t have any ego. Somehow it turned out
    that the one president who treats even his biggest opponents with the
    utmost respect – is the arrogant one. I wonder why?

    I expected that his winning the Presidency would bring out some
    ugliness, but it’s been far worse than I imagined. The racism coming
    from the Right is obviously clear and shameless, but there’s also some
    hidden and maybe subconscious and disturbing underline tone behind
    some of the things that I read here and throughout the Left
    blogosphere, even before the end of Obama’s first year – ‘He’s weak,
    he’s spineless, he’s got no balls, primary him in 2012’. It’ll be
    dishonest to deny that.

    The fact is that for millions in America, Barack Obama is this uppity
    black man (Not even a “real” black), who received good education only
    due to affirmative action, and has no right to litter the sacred Oval
    Office with his skin color. They just can’t accept the fact that the
    president is a black man, who unlike his predecessor, was actually
    legally elected. But what’s really sad is that it’s not just the
    fringe, its deep deep in mainstream America

    Barack Obama’s ability to remain above all this slob, to keep his
    optimism and his strange and mostly unjustified faith in people, while
    continuing to gracefully deal with an endless shitstorm – is one of
    the most inspiring displays of human quality I have ever seen. And I
    can only hope that the Cosmos is on his side because God is and He
    never makes a mistake.

    Sometimes, they make me feel ashamed to be a white man!!

    you haven’t seen this wonderful letter.

  83. The list of “no” is down to 25:

    1. Todd Akin (R-MO) [The Hill]
    2. Justin Amash (R-MI) [The Hill]
    3. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) [ThinkProgress]
    4. Paul Broun (R-GA) [Call to office]
    5. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) [The Hill]
    6. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) [The State]
    7. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) [Twitter]
    8. Trent Franks (R-AZ) [National Journal]
    9. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) [Twitter]
    10. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) [National Review]
    11. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) [NYT]
    12. Tom Graves (R-GA) [Twitter]
    13. Andy Harris (R-MD) [Baltimore Sun]
    14. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) [The Hill]
    15. Steve King (R-IA) [The Hill]
    16. Jim Jordan (R-OH) [The Hill]
    17. Jeff Landry (R-LA) [National Review]
    18. Connie Mack (R-FL) [Politico]
    19. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) [The Hill]
    20. Ron Paul (R-TX) [Call to office]
    21. Dennis Ross (R-FL) [National Review]
    22. Steve Southerland (R-FL) [RCP]
    23. Joe Walsh (R-IL) [MSNBC]
    24. Joe Wilson (R-SC) [National Journal]
    25. Tim Scott (R-SC) [Fox News, 4:20PM]

    One of the GOPers says he was misquoted.

  84. I think it was one of this family’s friend’s that wrote that. Was posted here last week. Nice to see it again

  85. Wow, is all i can say. Thank you. May God bless POTUS and the First Family. May God Bless whoever this white man is. Thank you for this. I did not know how much I needed it until I reluctantly read it. Wow.

  86. And a comment to that article which is interesting:

    dan on July 28, 2011 4:56 PM:

    Obama didn’t telegraph his intention to attack Bin Ladin on Pakistani territory – he just engaged in the nation’s shortest war, unilaterally, when it was obvious that that was his only practical path to achieve a key national security goal. He’s shown a cool head and a willingness to make hard choices, even when his choice was not the one I wanted him to make. When some commentators deride him for failing to use the bully pulpit to direct us toward the option he wants, he’s just conforming to the basic rules of separation of powers, allowing congress to take the lead in this process right to the brink of their default (!) of their responsibility. He’s a realist and a pragmatist, and I can’t imagine he’d allow the nation to founder for no better reason than that it’s supposed to be congress’ job to throw it a life preserver. If there’s one thing Americans love it’s an action hero, and I think that’s what he’ll look like when he acts decisively in the face of congressional dithering. The right can try to spin it negatively, but the most of us I think really are centrists and we’ll approve of his action. He just can’t spike the narrative by tipping his hand in advance, or it will look like a power grab instead of a rescue operation.

  87. This is what is being reported now:

    House temporarily suspends floor action ahead of Boehner plan vote

  88. Democrat Teaparty Joe Manchin said he not going to vote for Reid bill. He talk like he will vote for the Tea party bill.

  89. Of course he will. He is not a Dem, never was…why do you think the poor folks of West Virginia are on such dire straits?

  90. Ever since Robert Baird left that seat Manchin has been nothing short of the grand wizard of of the klan. He is always out of step with everyone else. I still think the T-baggers will lose. The veto pen is in the correct hands.

  91. how can he say that when he can’t get his crazies to vote for it? Especially when desertflower and the rest of us made sure of that when we called ‘our’ wonderful teabagger reps in Fl, and Tx, Mich, etc to tell them to keep up the good fight and create a teapooper bill since there just wasn’t enough cuts in Bonehead’s Bullcrap Bill. 😐

  92. Don’t worry Blue, Rev. Al is an old warrior. He can hold his own. He gets his strength from the HATERS. We’ve got his back. We’ll keep those ratings up and he’ll be fine. He’s old school and he knows how to play the game.

  93. All that does is increase his visibility. Helps with the ratings. One of those times when faux controversy plays in our favor.

  94. Ha, of course its working. We r on the right side of history bwd. Sweet mercy i love this site

  95. Thanks LL that was interesting to read. It is a good, if not completely necessary, strategy to have it considered as a “rescue” and not a “power grab”. He would have to have Republicans begging him to do it though I think so that it doesn’t come up as impeachment material.

  96. So when is the vote now? Is it worth contacting the ‘no’s and leans and asking them to hold firm?

  97. markknoller Mark Knoller
    On CNN, WH Communications Director @DanPfeiffer says tonight’s developments are “harmful” and tonights vote is “essentially irrelevant.”
    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    politico POLITICO
    Still lacking votes, GOP considering sending bill back to Rules Committee for tweaks to win more votes:
    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    TPM Talking Points Memo
    .@SpeakerBoehner to TPM this morning: It’s going to be a “Zippity-doo-da day!” Indeed. Doo-daing out of our seats here.
    7 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  98. In the midst of all this, we still need a laugh:) Glad to put a smile on your face.

  99. Something I think about every day: Unless POTUS had campaigned his butt off for senators all over the country we wouldn’t have kept the majority. No doubt about it. Harry Reid and about 6 other former “distinguished senators” would be sitting at home reading about the speed at which the newly passed and presidential veto overturned “Pass the Crap” is going to destroy the US and the world economies. That’s what people need to be thanking POTUS for every damn day.

  100. It pains me to see what the GOP are willing to do…just so that PBO, never succeeds…
    I just wonder, if any minorities will have the guts to apply for his job, after his second term.
    My heart aches for PBO right now, he doesn’t deserve none of this. I pray that one day this country acknowledge what a wonderful human this President is.

  101. Let’s make these Idiots Teaparties life’s miserable…Bombard them with calls, let them know they need to their priorities in order…
    Thank you:-)

    Joe Barton (Texas) 202-225-2002

    Dan Benishek (Mich.) 202-225-4735

    Dan Burton (Ind.) 202-225-2276

    Trent Franks (Ariz.) 202-225-4576

    Randy Hultgren (Ill.) 202-225-2976

    Raul Labrador (Idaho) 202-225-6611

    Jeff Landry (La.) 202-225-4031

    Tom Latham (Iowa) 202-225-5476

    Tom Marino (Pa.) 202-225-3731

    Jeff Miller (Fla.) 202-225-4136

    Jean Schmidt (Ohio) 202-225-3164

    David Schweikert (Ariz.) 202-225-2190

    Tim Scott (S.C.) 202-225-3176

    Joe Wilson (S.C.) 202-225-2452

  102. Am I the only one shocked that there are no Dem strays in the House? I guess all the Blue Dogs Dems lost to Tea Party in 2010.

  103. Wow…the latest tweet from Mark..Can you believe this???

    Mark KnollerAnother sign of the stalemate:

    Boehner press secy @Brendan_Buck is tweeting about report Tiger Woods will play in Bridgestone Invitational.

  104. It’s likely because Boehner and Cantor made a big deal about having a bipartisan bill because they picked up five Dem votes. Blue Dogs realized they were being used, and also realized they were the primary targets of the GOP come election time anyways.

  105. I wonder if their constituents know they are eating pizza and effing around now? Won’t be so funny when they don’t have a home, or food , or meds. or school….but WTH, golf is important. Di I say I detest the evil bastards? Have I said that yet?

  106. Well, since all this will be no big deal, and they see no sense of urgency, I suggest that evey last one of them AND their staffs cough up THEIR paychecks FIRST! Oh, and sorry…no healthcare either. Fed can’t afford it.

  107. He’s hit more nerves then you can imagine. I’ve been watching him nearly every afternoon. He usually takes no prisoners but goes straight for the jugular. He has had teapotty and RW people on. He has facts and no fear about beating their sorry heads with the truth. I love it!

    PS: Fist bumps for what you are doing to confound the GOP and get this sorry mess resolved. ♥

  108. I am with you Desert….These idiots are tweeting about Golf…while the country is in danger? I have no words to describe them….evil an understatement.

    We pay their salaries….We should be able to fire them for non productivity.

  109. Oh, you noticed that none of their “cuts” involved their salaries, their medical care and their perks. I think those are the very first things we should be cutting in this budget. Lazy, crazy, no payee for youze.

  110. I think that we should fire ALL of them that vote to put this country and her citizens in harm’s way, PURPOSEFULLY….in jail. I dare say, I doubt that this is what they thought they were voting for. 2011 may well be remembered as the year of remorse.
    Right now, I’m going to watch my son play lacrosse…it gives me joy. but then, I DON’T HAVE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IN MY HANDS! Whatever happens, I vow, right now before everyone that reads this, that I will make it my mission to expose these lying traitors for what they are. 2012 will NOT BE A REPEAT OF THIS SHITTY YEAR! ENOUGH!
    See you in a few hours. Wish I could have a margarita…but I’m a responsible person…unlike others! See you in a bit 🙂

  111. I just tweeted ED….LOL

    @WegotED.This mess is in part of ur own doing. Remember when u said”Sit this one out” To teach PBO a lesson?How is that working out 4 u?

  112. Just saw a breaking news report that there will be no vote tonight in the house. Boehner cannot get his caucus in line.

  113. I don’t think it will get any easier over night as the teabagger holdouts will go home and hear from their bagger base, hear from Freedom Works etc. They’re not the type to go home and try to listen to opposing views, but rather have their current view re-enforced. On the Hill today Boehner plied all the pressure he could while they were cut off from their support networks by in large.

    Freedom Works and the like seem to think that if they play this right they could remove Boehner and likely replace him with a teabagger.

  114. According to a tweet from Luke Russert, the house GOP plans a meeting tomorrow at 11AM with the goal of “tweaking the bill” to get the 216 votes. Methinks this is a HUGE waste of time.

    Meanwhile senate Dems plan a meeting at 10AM tomorrow.

  115. Great comment on ThinkProgress:

    Once again, the GOP turns certain success into another huge screwup. Republicans can’t do anything right. They are incompetent and completely unable to function as a viable party or a governmental entity.

    They are making all our Congressional Democrats look like CPA accountants with a full command of the issues, data, and debt ceiling situation while the Republicans don’t seem to begin to understand the gravity of the situation or how destructive they have become to the nation and our economy. It’s October 2008 all over again.

    The GOP is scaring old ladies and young children. Everyone else is fed up with their nonsense. All they could talk about today is hobbits.

  116. LL, I agree with you and Ladyhawke about TPM’s sensational headlines. I think TPM decided to emulate the HuffPost. The only good part about TPM is that there are still many sane and pragmatic people who post comments on that site.

  117. 12?? They only had 204 votes? Good gravy. And if the Dem rep who couldn’t make the vote today makes it tomorrow, Boehner goes back to needing 217, not 216.

  118. Had a rules committee ruling at 11pm tonight to allow them to skip the 72 hour posting gimmick. Also there is rumors saying that amendments will be allowed – maybe the plan is to allow the baggers to offer amendments that will than be sank as a trade off for their votes.

    Dems could pull their “present” gimmick here if they really wanted to tighten the screws and really highlight the fault lines in the party – but I don’t think they’ll do it this time. If they voted “present” it would force the GOP caucus to block the teabagger amendments by themselves rather than 25 voting to block with all the Dems and seeing the amendments fail and blaming the Dems for it. And if the GOP couldn’t block the amendments and they were added, than would the more moderate GOP still vote for the final bill that could be a teabagger nirvana bill?

  119. LL, WOW, just wow. I read that comment, having to remember to close my mouth. I was in awe of the utter ridiculousness of this mess. So, basically, the Rethuglicans have wasted another day on what they MUST know was a fool’s errand to begin with.

    Political theater at its worst.

  120. Watching BBC News right now. The report interviewed Christine LaGarde, the IMF head. She said that failure would make the world question whether using the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency was a good idea.

  121. Barb, That is indeed a wonderful letter. I wish I knew the author because I would like to thank her/him for saying so well what I feel and think. The central, and most important, issue the author of the letter highlights is: the blatant disrespect of President Obama by the media, members of Congress, especially the Republicans, and of course his loud critics, from both the right and the left.

  122. The spectacle of the Republican house dealing with the naming of a post office in Illinois while the country is on the brink of economic disaster is a perfect metaphor for the 112th DO NOTHING CONGRESS. They haven’t done anything constructive for the last six months. Speaker Boehner is a dishonest and petty man. He lacks leaderships skills and has managed to bungle everything.

  123. I wonder if the thought crossed any of their simple minds to just call it The US Post Office; might be too complicated!

  124. Thanks LL for sharing this astute comment! I am one of the minority who does not think that the President can legitimately invoke Section 4, of the 14th Amendment to increase the debt ceiling. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution totally invests the power of the purse, including the power “To borrow money on the credit of the United States,” to Congress. I just haven’t read any compelling arguments that Section 4, of the 14th Amendment, gives the President the authority to usurp Congress’ Constitutional power.
    I, of course, would be elated if the President was able to take this action and frame it as a necessary measure to rescue the nation from an impending economic catastrophe.

    Initially I was skeptical whether the President, if he decided to invoke the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling, would be sustained by a Supreme Court with majority right wing Republicans. But Deaniac, at TPV, made a persuasive argument when he pointed out that the right wingers on the court, who always rule in favor of corporate interests, would back the President because Wall Street wants the debt ceiling raised.

    In any case, I still have issues with President Clinton going around publicly championing the use of the 14th Amendment. Even if he feels so strongly about this he should be privately communicating his position to the President. I feel that his vocal public statements are undermining the President’s tactics of focusing the light on Congress. Bill Clinton had his turn as President. I also remember him being very silent during George W. Bush’s presidency so why is he all of a sudden going public to undermine President Obama? In the midst of a major crisis don’t think that we need a co-president! As GN would say, that’s just my two cents!

  125. Please go to youtube and type in (T.I. Dead and Gone SPOOF- Barack Obama. )it is sooooooooo good. this made my night

  126. Dear Lord,I ask that put love where there is hatred
    To put hope and faith where there is doubt
    To put joy where there is discord
    I ask that you guide and protect our President and his family today and always


  127. Some humor for the harsh times this weekend (per the Onion):

    “Al-Qaeda Claims U.S. Mass Transportation Infrastructure Must Drastically Improve Before Any Terrorist Attacks”

    “USSR Wins Space Race As U.S. Shuts Down Shuttle Program”

    and … (drumroll) …:

    “Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington”

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