Really showing their true colors

I will never argue with Paul Krugman about the economy. I take his professional criticism very seriously, but yesterday, under the headline “President Pushover”, he wrote in his blog: “President Obama has never won a tough election”. A black guy with the name Barack Hussein Obama is in the Oval Office, but he never won a tough election.

It really is one the most amazing features of the Obama presidency: The level of “Liberals” racism revealed. Just astonishing. (BTW, the very polite comment I sent, did not come through. So much for the fierce Liberal).


Here’s today tentative schedule. I’m sure there will be changes. Let’s try stay as cool as we can here. Thanks.
9:30 AM: PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM: PBO meets with senior advisers.

12:50 PM: PBO delivers remarks at the National Council of La Raza at their annual conference luncheon.

4:00 PM: PBO welcomes the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants to honor the team and their 2010 World Series victory.


184 thoughts on “Really showing their true colors

  1. Good Morning, May God Bless all the People who are fighting to make it happen, May God Bless the Obama family today to endure the arguments and push through a policy plan.

  2. A few days ago, Krugman wrote a widely viewed piece calling out conservatives for contributing to the current state of the GOP. I think Krugman needs to look in the mirror as well.

  3. The fault of President Obama seems to be expecting elected members of our Congress to act as adults in the Country’s best interest.

  4. “He never won a tough election”

    Huh ?

    I remember quite well the months of Democratic primaries in 2008, in which I basically switched my alignment from Clinton to Obama before the outcome the Georgian primaries were known; the one, you know, where “at most 10 % of white people” would support Obama.

    Hah !

  5. There also seems to be a problem in him expecting them to be hold by their oath of office:

    “II do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    “purpose of evasion” – well put !

  6. I just spoke to a “retired” Democratic precinct committeman who I am trying to encourage to become a team leader in our OFA group because she seems to be an open person with warmth and enthusiasm. She just told me many of her “Democratic” friends are staunchly against the President. They watch Fox, can you believe it! Our county has serious issues to be sure, and they are having to confront them now that we have President Obama as our leader. One of the hardest tasks that face us in OFA here is changing the hearts and minds of the Dixiecrats in our midst (but I seriously relish the thought.)

  7. So many liberals seem to be convinced that screaming and yelling is the same thing as fighting. Sure, they claim to want somebody who thinks things through, but we’ve got in in the office right now and they’re still not happy. The president is trying to discredit a political party that has been given far too much credibility for far too long. That’s not an easy task, but it would be a bit easier if these supposed allies backed him up once in a while. It’s astounding how thick-headed they can be.

    You know it’s a lost cause when every sentence a pro-lefter types starts out with “Why doesn’t Obama just . . . ?”

  8. From what I gather, Krugman was actually primarily an Edwards supporter, then he hopped on the Clinton bandwagon before he hastily supported Obama.

    “President Pushover.” Yeah, that sounds like something the RIGHT would say about Obama, but here we supposedly have a critic from “the left” attacking him.

    And to think that people defend this tool Krugman as if his opinion is worth shit. All he has done since Obama took office is bitch and whine as if Obama can’t do a thing right. If Krugman believes he could do better, he should run for President, or a House/Senate seat… problem is, he has admitted he isn’t a team player, so he’d end up being like a Dennis Kucinich or a Bernie Sanders.

  9. So easy to just sit in an office or on the couch and launch criticisms and “advice”. Krugman is just frustrated that he was not invited to join the Obama team in DC. Petty jealousy and misguided envy: the opiate of the Professional Left.

    By the way, anyone that watches Fox News as their source for information is NOT and Dem or progressive. These are the ones who drive around in cars with racist bumper stickers like “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing their…” I saw that one last Friday outside Sarasota. You might as well be wearing a Klan hood!

    Obama/Biden 2012

  10. Speaking of which, they’re trying that Draft Sanders stuff again. His appearance on Olbermann saying that we need a primary challenger to Obama only fueled it. I know it wouldn’t go anywhere, but it’s just said that a longtime representative and senator that normally does the right thing has to promote this kind of garbage, unwilling to understand the compromise art of politics

  11. If they’re watching Fox and don’t support the president, they’re not Democrats–pure and simple. For every one of these knuckleheads we will have to find ten more real Democrats among the young and among disaffected Republicans who loathe what their party has become. I worked our county fair yesterday and I found a lot of anger against what Republicans are doing with the debt ceiling. I also found one pseudo “democratic” lady who said she was disappointed with the president. When I finished letting her have it (politely) she was shell-shocked and just nodded yes, yes, yes. I’m sick of the stupidity of those who just won’t open their eyes and see not only what our president has done, but what the nightmarish alternative is. Please God, wake these people up!

    I wrote to the execrable Pat Toomey this morning and told him to his country before his party for once in his life. Electing him over Joe Sestak was one of the stupidest acts ever committed by the people of PA–UGH.

    The bottom line is that we need to demonstrate complete faith that the President will do the right thing and we must build an army of those who will have his back. We fighting for our lives here and I’m determined to win.

  12. Snowbird and Toone let us not get it twisted, it is not a fault of President Obama. The President is not jaded. He took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution and to protect the citizens and the government of this country. He has the utmost integrity and honesty of any human being. He considers the well being for all of us. Thank God he has an understanding of the enemies within the government of those individuals who are trying to destroy this country. They will not succeed so help us God. The fault lies with a few in Congress who is presently taking this country hostage with their idiocies of ideas which makes not a bit of sense. They are being led by their nose to the destruction of their ownselves. Weapons are being formed but they will not prosper. God bless our President and others who can see a clear vision for our country. We all stand together or we all fall together. If one is affected we all are affected likewise.

  13. Krugman makes me sick. He’s way out of his league, playing the Fantasy President for a Day game. He has no idea how to govern and should stick to theory.

  14. Krugman gets on my last nerve. They are forever trying to act like President Obama was just “given” this job. He had to go through *flag pin* foolishness, which I wasn’t even paying attention to politics at that point. He had to fight till the end in the primaries and he had to deal with the general election. Nobody has ever just gave him anything. He was born into wealth or married into it.

    these people absolutely make me sick.

  15. Just to fall-back onto those tweets that BWD posted yesterday. Before Prez Obama, the POTUS was a respected office. You did not see every idiot, every clown and every lunatic coming out of the woods and pretending to know how to govern better. You never saw psychotics like Palin, Bachmann, the entire right wing kkk crowd that traded in their white sheets for suits and now populate congress, wall street and the so called academia and the blogsphere, some of them with a discernible veneer of being progressive or the so-called PL.

    From day one, they looked to trip this president, many of them filled with envy, jealousy and, intoxicated with their own foolish sense of self-importance, never quite able to understand how this humble, lanky but disarmingly bright and balanced man keeps beating them. POTUS has taken everything the psychotics have thrown at him–insults, racial slurs disguised as scholarly analyses or political criticism but he still functions like they have never existed. Nothing annoys them more than their shouts and insults being ignored…they just scream louder and louder until, in frustration they begin to call names the way Krugman did.

    This punk was so opposed to Obama, rumors had it that he had began lobbying for secretary of the treasury under a Hilary administration. When this did not happen, he went after Pres Obama’s economic policies with a vengeance, as he touted his own Nobel prize in economics, pretending that only he, understood and owned a monopoly of economic knowledge. POTUS ignored him and, to his chagrin, the economy came out of the ditch, only to be pushed back in by a collective sabotage of the PL, a gullible electorate that either stayed home or simply gave keys back to the lunatics called T-hadists.

    Krugman still wants to be the Secretary of the Treasury but he also has this complex that most PL or so-called Liberal progressives have–Obama as a Black man is good but can never be better–hencve he must constantly be supervised or told what to do by even the stoopidest of waking zombies provided they have a pale skin—why because the entire historical narrative, deceptively confirmed by deceptive science, has been to cement the pseudo theories of racial superiority–the long and short of it, Krugman sees Obama as inferior–lacking not only in intellect, but now also in the physical steelness that the job calls for. As far as I am concerned, Krugman can go hang himself.

  16. Whenever an especially bad column/interview/diary disses on my president, I respond kindly and also state that such actions prompt me to make another donation to OFA. Also state that constructive disagreement is part of our democracy, but personal hatred and bigotry are not.
    I pray for our country, our president and leaders. I fear the right wing more than any other threat to our way of life.

  17. So who are the PL like Krugman going to blame if we get a president Bachmann or Romney? The lifestyles of most of the folks who constantly criticize PBO will not change no matter who is president. They will just shift the critism and continue to draw the large salaries.

  18. And another thing if a supposingly Democrat watches fox news for information rather than for entertainment is probably a non voter. You be be surprised at folk complaining but they do absolutely nothing to enhance the cause. Krugman should not allow jealousy to overtake his sensibility. You know the Repubs and the PLs are just mad that their shenanigans are being brought to the light so the world can see. We have twitter facebook the Internet BWD Chips and others to get the word out. We are not ignorant. We know what the game plan is and we will work the plan of electing President Obama 2012.

  19. The Republican Party OWNS THIS MANUFACTURED UNNECESSARY CRISIS that has brought the country to the brink of economic disaster. They can’t unring the bell. It was their bright idea to conflate the raising of the debt limit with reducing the deficit. They will be forever tarnished with the notion that they were perfectly willing to bring down the government for their rigid ideology and hatred of President Obama.

  20. These racist “liberals” also want to convince themselves that President Obama was an “affirmative action” hire, but have different ways of saying it.

  21. Ladyhawke, if ever the Truth were told you have said it all.The GREED OVER PEOPLE PARTY have shown their True Colors in every way possible.469 days to fight and keep the President in his office to fight on for our country.

  22. What kind of Democrat would subject themselves to FOXNews? Not a real one. Everyone knows that network is a rt. wing Repub partisan propaganda machine.
    What kind of Democrat would be “staunchly against the President”? Not a very bright one and/or one with racial animosity. And so, not a real one.

  23. I seriously doubt that Paul Krugman is a racist. And I am not clear why criticism of President Obama (whom I adore) is labeled as racist. Could it be that Krugman, like many a liberal, is victim to his ideology and the way he thinks the GOP ought to be dealt with? Could it be that with his economic and financial mind he finds it hard to fathom why President Obama would even be talking to the GOP juveniles?

    Probably so. People do and say things that we may disagree with for many reasons.

  24. Krugman is that part of the left that has been rewriting history since about 6 months into Obama’s presidency. Before Obama, very few people thought we would see a Black man elected as president in their lifetimes. Several months into Obama’s presidency I started seeing commentators say, ‘well any Democrat could have won in 2008.’ Really? Because these same people were once arguing that Obama couldn’t win. That once the general started Obama would get swiftboated like Kerry and that he was too much like Adlai Stevenson and would lose!!! Then there was the Bradley effect. Funny how this near impossible once unthinkable achievement became ‘ a piece of cake’.

    They also make his accomplishments since then sound easy.They don’t want to hear about Lily Ledbetter anymore and he only did DADT repeal because it was the popular thing to do. Uhm, it wasn’t all that popular in 2008 when he campaigned on it but whatever. And a politician doing what the people want? what a LOSER! And I will never forget that interview with Jon Stewart and Jonathan Alter (?). Alter came on and said Obama has achieved a tremendous amount of things and Stewart asks if that’s just quantitative and not qualitative – WTF? Seriously. Obama has numerous and meaningful accomplishments. He hasn’t been doing novelty stuff like school uniforms or naming bridges. His accomplishments are real. Maybe Stewart is too rich to appreciate some of those things. He’s well off no matter who’s in office.

    Then there is the bashing of his education. President of Harvard Law Review, magna cum laude – Columbia, taught the constitution in Chicago – remember how those achievements were so impressive? Yeah, now not so much because its the reason why he only hangs out elitist Jews.

    F*CK all of them! these folks will bow before the Kucinichs and Feingolds who haven’t accomplished 1/10 of what Obama has just because they SAY the right things. These folks will never have their convictions tested like Obama has, never. So their glow of purity stays in tact.

  25. Even Jane Hamsandwich was forced to go on the record and admit that “liberals” have no person to primary the President with.

    Bernie Sanders, lol. He’d only get about 10% votes at best, that’s about as much support he actually has. He’s too far left and radical for most of America, not to mention that he has voted with REPUBLICANS, yeah some “socialist” he is. 🙄


    Posted by Dan Pfeiffer on July 25, 2011 at 08:00 AM EDT

    Despite warnings that a short-term extension could lead to a credit downgrade and higher interest rates resulting in a tax increase on every American, Republicans in Congress continue to push for a “my way or the highway” solution that could put our credit rating at risk and leave the cloud of uncertainty over the American people.

    In June, House Majority Leader Cantor “Was Explicit That He Wants A Single Debt Ceiling Vote For This Congress – Not A Series Of Short-Term Extensions.” Now House Republicans are arguing that we should adopt multiple short term solutions that would leave that cloud of uncertainty hanging over our economy continually for the next two years, if not longer.

    Indeed, before they were for a short term solution, it turns out they were against it for the very same reasons President Obama believes it is the wrong approach. As recently as earlier this month, Republicans in Congress expressed concern about the impact of a short term solution.

    Here are a few examples:

  27. They will blame Obama of course. They already blame him for how radical the Right Wing has become and they already blame him for the economy. Like the right, some on the left think the US started in 1/20/2009.

  28. Well said gobrooklyn. These fucks are just JEALOUS that PBO has achieved so much, and they have nothing of substance but whining and bitching about what he HASN’T gotten done.

    Where was this bitching under Clinton? Clinton is to blame for a lot of the shit that PBO has to deal with, i.e. DADT, DOMA, HCR, even a bit of the economy with GLB. But virtually no one bitched. Then we get eight years of hell with George W. Bush, which these liberal loudmouths sucked up, and then PBO gets elected and they whip out the list of demands and complain and whine that he hasn’t accomplished them all in just three years. They also yell that they won’t vote for him again and say he is worse than Bush, really? I don’t recall Bush getting OBL, HCR, repealing DADT, working to secure loose nukes around the world, Lilly Ledbetter, stem cell research, the list goes on and on. But these loudmouth liberals just don’t know when to can it and SHUT UP!!!

  29. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I go camping for 5 days with no coverage of any kind. I really prayed this would be solved by the time we go home. Guess I should have known the tearepubs would never but the country over party. I thank God every day we have the President we have. This wonderful man knows what he is doing. I trust him explicitly! It’s all these other people who have only their selfinterest in play. I used to like Krugman but have totally dismissed his intelligence. He doesn’t understand governing. People underestimate him at their peril.

    I want to thank BWD and all you wonderful people here for keeping all the news flowing here. I haven’t gotten thru all the back reading etc. But the level of knowledge here blows me away. Thanks to all of you for having this President’s back!

  30. It is not just “criticism” it is they TYPE of criticism and how that TYPE of criticism is never aimed at Obama’s White counterparts. Not all of its racist, sometimes its sexist. Like when they say he has no balls or limp wristed.

    Krugmans’ common sense should tell him why Obama has to do deal with the GOP juvenile. They control the House, and they make a large portion of the Senate. He cannot avoid them. Even when we had a larger majority in the Senate Obama had to deal with them. No one should be asking why Obama has to deal with Republicans. With the bare majority we have and the likelihood of a handful of Dems who say no, he has no choice.

  31. Honestly, I think PBO should make a big Oval Office address, blame Republicans of treason and use the 14th. I think we’re there. Because unless there’s something we don’t know, every deal that is on the table now, is just a win for them.

  32. Krugman may not be a racist, but like many other liberals because they have the big fat “L” behind their names think it excuses them from the name calling and nastiness directed toward this president.

    Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with constructive criticism of President Obama. Even he will tell you he is not above that.

    But to go as far as calling this president a pushover after all he’s had to endure in the face of the monumental problems he’s had to handle with zero help (in fact when their intent is to obliterate him) from the opposition, and the constant unreasonable demands from some in his own party, says a whole lot about Krugman than it does about President Obama.

    To be a black man and to have beat all the odds and negative predictions to become president, for Krugman to say that the president never faced a tough election, demonstrates to me that he is no different than those who hold this president to a double standard. Some of the things president Obama have endured was never even on the radar of his predecessors.

    Krugman may not be a racisist, but he sure appears to be naive to me, given that he is that high and mighty elitist, who sees president Obama through a prism not so different than some of the very people he criticizes.

  33. I meant to say people underestimate our President at there peril. Not krugman.

  34. I actually disagree. If Obama uses the 14th then he tanks his Presidency, because the issue would have to be resolved by the SCOTUS, and the country would be in a Constitutional crisis.

    For christsake that is what Clinton suggested (he’d invoke the 14th), and we all know how (in)sane he is.

  35. I find it amazing that a Nobel Laureate cannot understand that President Obama is demonstrating to Wall Street that supporting the GOP is suicide for them–and ynone who has stock options as part of their bonus package. Plus, he is exposing the so-called “deficit hawks” as complete frauds by adopting their cut-the-budget position, only to watch them run away from it like rats..

  36. And actually the latest “deal” isn’t a win for them because there is no removal of the individual mandate, no repeal of Dodd-Frank, no privatization of Medicare/SS, and it’s proposed by both Reid and Pelosi, why would that be a “win” for the Republicans?

  37. I hate the selective memory of the far left. Did Mr. Krugman just forget the entire Democratic primary season? How about the SC debate where it seemed the party would literally split in two? The Clintons pulled no punches in PA or OH. And frankly, a number of their tactics were expanded upon by mcCain/Palin with a cup of racism to spice things up in the end.

    I’d like to see Mr. Krugman win an election, any election, before criticizing a man who literally changed how campaigning is done via the Internet and managed to add 260K new contributors in this current economy (and oh by the way, managed to become the first black president, with a middle name like Hussein and win in the south with that name).

    Geez….these people……

  38. David, being a racist doesn’t mean using the N-word, or emailing pictures of the President photoshopped as a monkey. When Paul krugman chronically and UNFAIRLY characterizes this President as an inept individual who became senator and President in “easy elections” we know exactly what he’s alluding to. This is another way of saying that President Obama is an affirmative action hire, and we know what “affirmative action” typically means by those who use it.

    Paul Krugman is the last person who should be telling this President how to do his job in negotiating with the GOP. Krugman is an academic, not a politician, and he has NEVER held any public office, let alone run for President and win decisively.

    Furthermore, Barack Obama has had a track record of negotiating rather skillfully with the GOP whose hostile and rigid opposition is unprecedented.

  39. All this makes me very sad. Yesterday I spent too much time trying to persuade a friend to come back to the Obama camp. He sent me a lets primary Obama email. This Bernie Sanders primary thing is starting to catch on. I had a hard time sleeping. We work so hard to support the President, and then there are Dems who haven’t done anything. Now they work against him. I just can’t understand why they can’t see the truth. They can’t understand why we don’t. Big sigh.

  40. If it makes you feel better, even Jane Hamsandwich has admitted it’s all a ruse and “the left” has NOBODY credible to primary the President with.

    I wouldn’t worry about Bernie, he’ll be riding PBO’s coattails soon enough, just like Alan Grayson, remember him? Grayson trashed the President and got kicked out of office, now Grayson is riding the President’s coattails to run for Congress again. The left knows they are nothing without PBO, so they’ll stop talking trash once campaign mode gets into full swing.

    And look at the amount of money PBO has raised, tell me a Bernie Sanders could raise that amount. Bernie needs to stay in his lane and STFU!!!

  41. Yeah, well, if he was an “affirmative action hire” WHO HIRED HIM?!!! LOLOL

    Folks are stuck on stupid.

  42. I disagree as well BWD. Teathugs will be forced to extend this past the election. And I heard Schumer this morning say (when someone said the Reid plan would be a capitulation by Dems), Schumer said well you’ll see in the actual plan that some things Dems like are cut but you have to see the whole package and then Schumer cut himself off like he was catching himself and not saying too much. I suspect it will be quite a bit of smoke and mirror cuts. But in the Reid plan no Medicare and SS will be touched, which the Repubs wanted. My guess is the Reid plan will go through. The WH will be somewhat muted today b/c whenever the President says he’s for something, the other party has to be against it.

  43. Mr. Krugman now has a small “following” on blogsites like Old Orange in which they are increasingly reinforcing his BS narratives and encouraging his increasingly nasty and hostile tone towards this President – even more than they are towards the GOP.

    When Krugman writes about the GOP, you hardly see those columns being posted on Old ORange in the form of top rec’d diaries. But as soon as he mentions Barack Obama in a negative light – like clockwork, these nasty hateful roaches come out with their “yessssir” diaries, and Republican talking points to boot. Some commenters are even planning to start a “dump Obama” campaign by making a video of themselves burning Obama 2008 memorabilia in a bonfire and posting it on youtube and twitter to go viral. That’s the level of nastiness and viciousness we are seeing on a so-called liberal site. If they have time to engage in that kind of useless and ugly activity, why aren’t they spending the time organizing REAL marches, engaging their congressmen, targeting the GOPTEA party, fighting for the poor and elderly, etc?

    Old Orange is no liberal site – it is rife with Libertarians, racist “former Democrats” and Republican sympathizers and supporters. And most of them are relatively AFFLUENT.

  44. But as I pointed out, no repeal of the individual mandate, no repeal of Dodd-Frank, no privatization of Medicare/SS, and also they’d be forced to extend the debt limit until 2013, taking the issue off the table for the election. So again, besides NO revenue increases, how is it a “win” for the Republicans?

  45. From what I understood, these “cuts” are mostly cuts in military spending, and those that aren’t are not scheduled to take effect until several years down. Furthermore, the cuts that the GOPers were targeting like “Obamacare” and other entitlement programs are largely preserved. This is why the RW sites are having a hissy fit over this so-called Reid plan – because they believe it’s not doing nearly as they like and it’s a “Dem trap” as they call it. They are urging Boner to not accept this deal.

  46. Krugman is an over-educated fool. His petty jealousy of President Obama is palpable and becoming increasingly difficult to hide in his “columns.”

  47. I think it’s a psychological win. They will pump their chest about spending cuts and no “taxes on job creators” BS, and you know the media will run with it. Beside, it is still big cuts to social programs that important to us. I don’t know, at this point I just want this thing to end. I hope for the best.

  48. Krugman is obviously a racist to me. The guy is not the ideologue he pretends to be — he worked for Ronald reagan in the 1980s!!! His criticisms of PBO are intensely personal, close to irrational (PBO has dictatorial powers to impose policies even though we have a Rep House and a DINO-infested Senate??), and always combined with an assault on PBO’s character (weak, spineless, etc.). His columns might as well say, “Boy, why don’t you do what I, with my innately superior intelligence and character, tell you what to do.” And then there was Krugman’s rabid support for HRC during the primaries and his pretend obsession over the differences in their respective positions on health care reform. He cannot conceal his irrational hatred for PBO by wrapping it in pretend arguments about economic policy (I disagree that his arguments about the economy have merit as his mind has been poisoned by his own hatred).

  49. The inmates are running the asylum in our Congress. Have you all seen this Robert Reich video about how the economy got into this mess in the first place? It’s priceless and it’s only 2 minutes long. 🙂

  50. Pat, I would advise you to ignore these “friends” and their “primary Obama emails” because they are actually a small minority – even though it seems otherwise. If the friend doesn’t want to support Obama that’s his choice – for everyone like him, there are 2-3 NEW supporters. Just look at how much Obama raised this quarter from NEW donors only. What does that tell you?

  51. Yes — the cuts are smoke and mirrors from what I can determine. The Reid proposal is a way to get us through the next election when we can throw the bums out and get back to dealing with this country’s very real problems.

  52. Now if the Reid plan does not go through, then I think BWD the President will probably have that Oval office address and people should take took the streets to the Capitol. (I wish people took the streets before now to the Capitol—I think it’s more effective and gives a visual support for the President.)

  53. They do. In their utter hate and zeal to destroy President Obama at all costs, they created this mess. It remains so as they dig their heels in and refuse any kind of compromise.

    It is their mess. They built it up, they own it.

  54. Bad idea — Republicans are already talking about impeaching him if he does and the “experts” say it would not stop the ratings downgrade and economic chaos because the bonds issued based on the declaration would be vulnerable to legal challenge.

  55. I read TWICE in one day last week where he was referred to as “boy” over at DFOX. Amazing that so many people didn’t seem to have a problem with it and how long it took before those comments were thrown hide-rates.

  56. Very much a good sign.

    Gov. Rick Perry has not jumped into the race for the White House, but Texans have started weighing in with their pocketbooks.

    Texas political donors have already sent nearly $4 million to presidential candidates, including Democratic President Barack Obama and more than a half-dozen Republican challengers ranging from Mitt Romney to Ron Paul.

    Obama has gotten the most so far, slightly more than $1.4 million.


    Obama has raked in the most money from Texans, and of that $1.4 million-plus, more than $70,000 came from Tarrant County-area donors, according to the Federal Election Commission.

  57. I’d suspect those folks referring to PBO as “boy” over there are probably RW trolls masquerading as progressives.

    As much as I don’t like Jane Hamsandwich, Glenn Greenwald, Ed Shultz, or the other PL, to my knowledge I haven’t heard them demonize PBO using racist overtones or slurs. I could be wrong, and if I’m wrong, anyone here is more than welcome to correct me.

  58. If there is a deal that has NO REVENUES then how do they justify rejecting it when that was their hostage taking demand from the beginning. My guess is that they will reject any no revenues deal that still manages to benefit the economy and the American people. With or without revenues their goal has always been to sabotage the economic recovery. Those bikini charts showing the economy under President Bush vs President Obama are devastating for them.

    So that brings us back to the question that President Obama so rightly asked “IS THERE ANYTHING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CAN SAY YES TO???” I think they will be backed into yet another corner with their own hostage taking demands possibly being satisfied but not to their liking. What ever happens, the curtain has been pulled back and there is no escaping their duplicity.

  59. Well, Rove and Co are doing their best to keep Perry from running, what does that tell you?

    Heck, Rove was calling a spade a spade when it came to Christine O Donnell last fall. He knows losers when he sees them, and Perry is a bonafide loser, as if the nation is ready for another idiot Republican from Texas becoming President to destroy the nation. Eight years of Bush was BAD ENOUGH!!!

  60. Good Morning BWD family

    I share everyone’s frustration. Yesterday I went through the contact page and labeled every Republican who is part of the Tea Party caucus. We need to be on the phone, email and twitter pressuring Congress.

    There are a variety of strategies

    1. Call the Tea partiers and tell them to stop holding the country hostage
    2. Call the no tea party Republicans and urge them to compromise to save the sanity of the Republican party
    3. Call the Democrats and let them know they have our support.

    When you visit this page you will see R/Tea to indicate a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

    I have also been reading Pfeiffer’s twitter feed – here are his latest comments the Twitter team may want to share

    One would hope that leaders would be willing to put country first at a time like this

    The big Q is: Why does the GOP think short term debt extension is ok now, when they thought is was bad for the economy just a few weeks ago?

    And Finally, @SpeakerBoehner: “Our Economy Won’t Grow As Long As We Continue To Trip It Up With Short-Term Gimmicks From Washington”

    @politico: Rep. Cantor: Was Explicit That He Wants A Single Debt Ceiling Vote For This Congress – Not A Series Of Short-Term Extensions

    Here’s the full @politico where Leader Cantor strongly argued against any short term extension of the debt ceiling.

    6/22 Cantor opposed short term extension: ‘if we can’t make the tough decisions now, why… would [we] be making those tough decisions later

    @LukeRussert Short term deal = great economic uncertainly and risks a downgrade which would mean higher interest rates on cars, homes etc

  61. Wow that is great. Texas may come into play. Don’t understand how they can keep electing Governors that keep them in debt. and want to get out of the Union. But we do have a black President so we know that has alot to do with it.

  62. Paul Krugman has been bashing Obama since 2008 , He was a strong supporter of Hillary and was hoping that if she wins the election he will become Secretary treasure.
    Please. please please ingnore the Orange place they are not worthy of us talking about them, the more we talk about them the more relevant they think they are, and if they want to joint the teaparty so be it.
    Let’s spent our energy on PBO, he needs us and re-double our efforts to help him as much as we can.

  63. What is the punishment for sedition? Every man and woman who signed Grocer Norquists pledge is guilty. And that is why this
    Congress is crippled.

  64. I don’t know. People whine and complain but they don’t march and protest like they used to. Where are the college students? And I don’t see the loudest amongst us, the Progressives doing much but yelling at the President. I don’t hear the majority of the Progressive radio shows doing much to show support of this President. It sickens and angers me. They’re quick to say he “caved” but they just say call and write the WH. They should tell their listeners to write the reps, march to the Capitol. That’s the part of this that really upsets me. The anger is misdirected in the wrong place and folks wonder why we are where we are.

  65. There was one little thing that caught my attention. I have no details, but somewhere I read that Sen. Reid’s proposal would make the middle-class tax cuts permanent. That’s good in and of itself, but the larger significance of this piece is that it would separate the middle-class tax cuts from the Bush tax cuts for the highest income group, thus making it most likely that those cuts would then expire by the end of next year. So that would then be the revenue.

  66. Meanwhile, Professional-Lefty Cenk Uygur continues his waaaaaa-fest on any tv show that will have him….

    SHORTER CENK: “Damnit, now I’m only going to be able slam Obama on my piddly Youtube channel and in DKOS Diariesl! Don’t you realize all the Obama-Bashing dollars I’ll be missing out on? IT’S NOT FAIR!”

    Then again, according to Paul Krugman, Obama coming from 20 points down to destroy the Clinton political machine on the way to becoming the nations 1st black president running against a bona-fide war hero was a cake walk! So what the hell do WE know!

    ((sometimes the the stupid just BURNS))

  67. Uygar is butthurt because Al Sharpton stole his show and actually brought substance to it. Good riddance to rubbish!

  68. Thank you WIW! You are such a treasure. Please know how much all your work is appreciated!!!!


    Is it me, or is there a pattern to all of this?

    Late yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced his support for a yet another approach that would meet all of the GOP demands: it would (1) include about $2.7 trillion in debt reduction; (2) bring in nothing in the way of new revenue; and (3) require only one debt-ceiling increase this Congress, just as GOP leaders requested.

    By all indications, Republicans will reject Reid’s latest offer, too.

    Which brings us back to the president’s question: “Can they say yes to anything?”

  70. I think its a good deal
    It gets us to 2013
    It gives them what they want without entitlements.
    It doesnt give them the Bush Tax cuts which would be more revenue that any other agreement.
    II want to support Reid on this.

  71. As likely as it may that you were reading the comments of RW trolls, let’s not lose sight of the stark, PROVEN demographics of DFOX:

    99% white
    99% male
    99% over 50
    99% UPPER middle class to upper class

    Sorry if this offends anyone, I don’t mean to, but there is a brand of “liberal” whose relationship with African-Americans has more in common with Rudyard Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden” than we as a movement would like to admit.

    One needs only to remember the ugly racial overtones of the DEMOCRATIC primaries between Obama and Clinton to realize the Right-Wing does not have a monopoly on racism. (say but true)

  72. Bernie Sanders is an independent and considers himself to be a socialist. He has been in the senate long enough if he wanted to be President why didn’t he run himself?
    Being and independent he has no loyalty to any party, so talking about a primary means nothing to him, even if it destroys the Dem party.

  73. Really FOXnews? wow a Democrat? Do the same democrats that are NOT supporting Obama know that the GOP signes a pladge Grover Norquist. and Jane Hamsher?
    How ignorant can those Democrats are really?.

  74. The business leaders and hedgefund gurus who bankrolled these RW lunatics are just now waking up to the fact that they helped elect a bunch of people for whom “The Flintstones” was a historically accurate show!

    Simple: If you elect crazy people don’t complain when they do crazy things. This is a message the voters of Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin have had to learn the hard way.

  75. Krugman has never failed to live up to his reputation as a politically tone deaf pompous ass that would never dirty his dainty hands on actual work. Much easier to pontificate on things and have his lemming fanboy face swoon over his words like bobbysoxers.

  76. The most disheartening aspect of Obama’s Presidency is learning that many on the left are as unreasonable, factually-challenged, bitter and as tinged with racism as many on the right. Never again will I believe that all soi-disant “progressives” get the “facts” right and are, in general, more humane, rational and caring than those on the right. However, those “progressives” I meet in the real world are nothing like what I hear about online, and maybe we should be glad that all the lunacy is confined to the Internet and ignore those places that cater to it.

  77. The charts from The New York Times article “HOW THE DEBT GOT THIS BIG” need to be sprinkled around the internet like confetti and emailed to all congress members. Everybody in the country needs to see these charts. They provide the facts about why we are in this mess.



    A few lessons can be drawn from the numbers. First, the Bush tax cuts have had a huge damaging effect. If all of them expired as scheduled at the end of 2012, future deficits would be cut by about half, to sustainable levels. Second, a healthy budget requires a healthy economy; recessions wreak havoc by reducing tax revenue. Government has to spur demand and create jobs in a deep downturn, even though doing so worsens the deficit in the short run. Third, spending cuts alone will not close the gap. The chronic revenue shortfalls from serial tax cuts are simply too deep to fill with spending cuts alone. Taxes have to go up.


  78. That just makes you lucky. I’ve met up with more than my fair share of these rabid lefties. Extremism in any form is by definition intolerant. And childish.

  79. I live in Texas and the reason has nothing to do with voting, Big OIL AND THE ELECTED JUDGES THAT LET THINGS PASS IN THE COURTS.The wing nuts run big and dumb as ever Remember Tom Delay started his career as a exterminator in Sugarland,Tx so you see. what the rigged redistricting gets you.But times are changing,YES WE CAN

  80. Though I agree with blackwaterdog that I like many of Krugman’s proposals (though I have no idea how they could be put into action in today’s political climate and if Krugman does, he isn’t telling us), his previous slavish adoration of the Clintons always makes what he writes somewhat suspect. And wasn’t he once a Republican?

  81. If one is interested in engaging with these unhappy souls, one might counter with, “Why don’t you just get into the political arena and show him how it’s done?” These people couldn’t win an election for dogcatcher (are there dogcatchers any more? I hope not), though most of them have temperaments that would be suitable to wielding power over poor, hapless animals.

  82. Sheila, Krugman is pissed off that the President got into the Nobel Prize Winners Club and he has the nerve to say The President hasn’t won anything.Also President did it doing the backstroke and a wonderful speech in Cairo.

  83. Peter, though I agree that the President is treated much more unfairly and disrespectfully than anyone who has gone before, this does have precedents. In general I do not have respect for establishments unless they are actively supporting humanitarian principles and therefore do not necessarily respect the office of President per se, I was appalled that the details of Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski was revealed to the public, as it seemed highly inappropriate to me, as did releasing Mark Sanford’s love letters to his Argentinian mistress. I didn’t even like it when people jeered at Bush when he was leaving office, even though he is the worst President of my lifetime. Disrespect is rife in our political culture today. I still have hope that the fact that the respect shown to everyone by the foremost role model in this country, President Obama, will eventually trickle down, though I see no signs of it yet.

  84. Toon….Interesting that you picked out “purpose of evasion” out of the oath. I used that very phase in questioning the sincerity of those Republicans that signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes. If they signed that pledge BEFORE they took the oath of office, then they KNOWINGLY EVADED their oath of office. If they signed Grover’s pledge AFTER they took their oath, then they all WILLINGLY EVADED their oath of office. Either way,they are are in dereliction of their duties and should be held accountable .

  85. I still remain hopeful that in the long run, and the long run is what it counts most, we will be able to make progress on the great challenges facing us. The frustrati on the left have very little influence, and the looniness of the extreme rightwing is being made more and more apparent. The country’s population is growing more diverse, and the younger generation are more socially tolerant. Whatever happens now it seems could be undone in the future if we had a more liberal Congress. Those who actually believe that allowing the extreme rightwing to takeover again would actually elicit a revolutionary fervor in the people are fools who know nothing about history or psychology.

  86. David, this was a fine comment and I agree with most of it. However, I wonder about those who were gungho for politicians like Clinton and Edwards and gave them a pass on all their conservative actions when they were in office, and yet rant against President Obama when he is forced to deal with the conservative aura in our political system today, which both Clinton and Edwards, when in office, helped further.

  87. I’m having trouble recognizing this website. What happened to the moderate, rational voices I used to enjoy here?

  88. Before you primary the President, Bernie, how about if you prove your electoral muscle by electing a SECOND Socialist to Congress.

  89. You’re right, gobrooklyn, a reasoned and convincing post, as was the President’s defense of compromise. I am fairly uncompromising myself regarding my ideals, but I know enough to stay out of politics, and I believe it perhaps takes greater strength to wade into the fray and get something done than it does to stand on principle and get nothing done.

  90. I am not politically very astute or well-informed, but I had thought there was at least a raise in the capital gains tax, and some closing of tax loopholes that would generate new revenue. I, like everyone here, would like to see the return of a truly-progressive tax rate, but I do not see that happening until there is a big change in the Congressional make-up.

  91. i believe that! Race is trumping realism among a significant group of Dems. Voter registration will be our most powerful tool in this election. Please register voters, check your own registration and start sharing the importance of voting with everyone you know!

  92. WOW! Tell us what you really think! And that last sentence, it’s a doozy! Great comment, Peter:)

  93. blackwaterdog, I fear the Internet has co-opted the voice of the people in the streets, though the demonstrations in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Michigan and Ohio were somewhat heartening. At least we can email, write, or telephone our representatives in Congress repeatedly, and maybe that is effective with most Democrats, though it appears the Republicans are a lost cause. All the demonstrations here in Wisconsin seemed to have no effect on Walker and his thugs. I still believe these people know it is their last dying gasp and they are acting out of desperation, oh, but their death throes take so long.

  94. Exactly! Benen has a great chart up and even reminds us that Morning Loon, Joe Scarbourgh, is amazed at the audacity of this Republican party to blame this debt on this President. He says this is BUSH’S debt, and now they don’t want to pay for it!! Who’s the deadbeat again????????????

  95. “hard to fathom why President Obama would even be talking to the GOP juveniles”

    What? This part of your comment is the most juvenile thing I have read in ages. You wonder why the President of America would talk with the GOP ? What is this kindergarten? *sigh* I am so glad America does not think the way the far right or the far left thinks. Thank God we are mostly in the middle.

  96. We were in the north woods for the weekend in Vilas County, a stronghold of Republicanism, and I was encouraged to see as many Holperin (sp.?) signs as Simac, as the latter is the Republican and the former is the Democrat. in the recall election I’ve never seen any Democratic signs in the northern part of the state.

  97. Thanks kasai, WE MUST KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  98. Hi all. Speaking of Krugman et al, when I used to comment at the nasty orange site I used to be engaged in strong arguments refuting the substance of Krugman’s rantings. Those were the days when I was younger. Now that I have grown a bit more I have realized that in fact there is no substance in Krugman’s rantings. He is playing the same game called ”journamalism’ played by the PL and Fox et al. They are generating business for themselves and their owners and the way to increase that business (hits and whatnot) is to bash Obama by inventing outrages and then getting outraged about them. But of course these business games they are playing are also tantamount to using live grenades in a baseball game to add that element of “fun” to it. It’s also I believe called brinkmanship in the foreign relations arena. It’s clear that the PL, including Krugman, are hoping to goad the Administration into allowing a US default on its debt, something that is as unthinkable as an actual nuclear war, because if it happens there is no way the vastly conservative white electorate is not going to blame the Black President for it no matter what brilliant messaging strategies the White House can devise. The bottom line is that a US default on its debt is the topic of tense thriller novels and not something that should ever in reality even come close to happening because it is the one thing than can reduce the most powerful economy on earth to a third world status and endanger the entire globe because it will hand power to a most extreme racist GOP who will go on an even worse mismanagement spree than Bush junior.

    Ever since I walked away from all those hate-filled spaces I have come to realize the pleasure of ignoring guys like Krugman. It reminds me of a saying that says “Never wrestle with a pig; you both get dirty; only the pig enjoys it.” However this does not mean the Krugmans should not be countered. So I appreciate a discussion of their rants because it helps us understand what they are up to and armed with the truth we are more able to fight back.

  99. Fantastic take on him, Peter. As I stated in so many words to another commenter on this site, over the weekend, it is always the easiest thing to disenfranchise people o color in all fashion. Suffice it to say, none of these peole really think our President is not intelligent enough. It is the fact that he is very intelligent that they cannot stomach, not in the realm of being the most powerful man on earth, so far. It just guts them to see a “black man in the White house”. Simple.

  100. I never read Krugman and am frankly baffled that anyone does. How often is the guy even correct? Isn’t that a bit like reading the phone book and thinking it has within instructions on how to assemble a computer.

  101. Krugman taking credit for predicting anything is like me taking credit for predicting the sun would rise. “ZOOOOOOOMG, the sun DID rise, and I was correct about it, why isn’t anyone listening to meeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!”

  102. Thank you Factplus. I so agree. I really enjoy a discussion of the facts. Rational with the whole picture involved. Thank goodness for this place and others that truly discuss it all.

  103. BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz
    BREAKING: Bachmann Favors Lowering IQ Ceiling
    8 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  104. Exactly right on the racism starting in the Dem primary in 2008. Who can forget HRC’s reference to “hard working white Americans” in the WV primary and the racially coded disparaging of candidate Barack Obama by the likes of Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro. Unforgivable that those supposed Dems would consciously stimulate the lowest impulses of the voters for political gain. They started the racially tinged political dialogue that now passes for debate on policy on places like DFox.

  105. i trust the president’s got this covered.

    btw, this was uploaded last december on marines official youtube channel. i was looking for some obama speeches yesterday and came across it.

  106. Mornin’ fellow Obamabots,

    BWD, yes they have…

    But, of course, WE knew that had ALWAYS been there!

    Right? 😉

    So, WE MUST continue to “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!”

    And, as PBHO has said, “I don’t quit.”

    No, WE DON’T QUIT, either! 😀

    Everyone have a great day!



    Next Up…

    July 25, 2011 12:50 PM EDT

    Washington, D.C.

    July 25, 2011 4:00 PM EDT

    President Obama Honors the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants
    The White House

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  107. You have stated this issue in the clearest form of all the comments I have read so far. Thank you.

  108. WOW. It is unbelievable that Bush/Cheney who started this whole mess had never called this man to wish the troops Merry Xmas yet used the troops for every step of the way until they don’t need them anymore.

    We have a wonderful president and unfortunately so many just don’t know it.

  109. I would say the Primary Democratic Presidential Election was the toughest all time election ever contested. The comment he never won a tough election is idiotic.

  110. thanks P.M. Carpenter:

    “Yesterday, one could hear the unstrategic yelps of the activist left — Obama is selling us out again; Harry Reid is his errand boy; all is lost; the Senate majority leader’s sketchy, “unbalanced” proposal is just what they expected; and so on, and so on.

    Lord, grant these morons a clue. I’m beggin’ Ya.

    In consultation with President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, what Reid is formulating, based on reports so far, is but an extraordinary political deceit; i.e., he’s calling the “no-taxes” coven’s bluff. His $2.7 trillion in spending cuts are largely savings from two wars already winding down, and though no new revenue is proposed, Medicare is left untouched.

    A triple and brilliant pretense: one that gives Republicans what they claim to demand — unembellished cuts consistent with the debt ceiling’s lifted height — while ripping the message-war rug of 2012 right out from under them.

    And about this the left howls in disgust. Unbelievable (almost).”

  111. I finally realized that those commentators and critics actually have nothing to lose if there is a GOP Prez since their job is even easier in criticizing the Prez. Of course I believe they have everything to lose, if we lose our government, but I do not think they see it that way.

  112. Krugman writes his columns and bashed Obama about policy but never explains how the policies he thinks should be passed into law are going to pass congress. Does Krugman actually think that Obama is a king and can pass any law at any time without congressional approval? Does he not understand this and how congress works?

  113. They are seriously pizzed because PBO doesn’t fit the stereotype of a black man that resides in every fiber of their being. Smart, good family man, POTUS, good husband–these are things that this society has pushed as having NO connection to any black man in America. My dad was very much like PBO, so to see PBO possessing these qualities/values is NOT an anomaly for me, but it is for those who will not open their eyes and acknowledge that there are black men all over America who have the same qualities/values. Ignoring these qualities and values in PBO allows them to cope with the cognitive dissonance that exists between what society says a black man is supposed to be and the black man they see in the WH.

  114. ummm…………….news flash anyone who routinely watches FOX never voted for President Obama. The folks you are talking about are probably the Reagan Democrats whom would never vote for a Black man in the first place. They probably voted for Clinton, but would never vote for PBO. Not hard to believe down South.

  115. 40 years of service and never got a phone call from a president.

    my aide’s phone rings… “i’m calling for the president of the united states”. my aide immediately threw the phone across the table at me and it landed in my lasagna and said “this is too hot a phone call for me!”


  116. I don’t believe anyone could have put Krugman’s racism in better terms. Excellent.

  117. Who are these so-called Democrats. The President has a favorable polling in the high 70’s to in the 80’s with Democrats.

  118. David I don’t know how old you are, but wording and narrative by a person/persons speaks volumes on where they are with racial tolerance. There is a way you can read between the lines and can detect racism. Not everyone is keen or adept to accomplishing this. Krugman’s latest pieces have definate RACIST undertones where he uses code language to disguise what he really means. I know you don’t want to believe that with the first AA President running for re-elction there could be this much HATE in America going on. Well my friend there is and it will only intensify as we get closer to Nov. 2012. PBO knows what is going on. He isn’t going anywhere. He is in this for the long hall.

  119. BWD you haven’t analized Reid’s proposal in depth yet. I read on TOD that the Proposal is basically smoke and mirrors and only 1.7 trillion in cuts over 10 years. No entitlement cuts and revenues would come from the drawdown of the two wars. PLus middleclass taxcuts would be extended permanantly. How is that a total win for the Rethugs?

  120. Being an economist is very different from being in political life, because economic models are run as if people always do the rational thing. Which, if you follow politics, you learn quickly is not the case(poor people voting GOP, for instance.)
    I would agree that Dr. Krugman never was an Obama fan, however I’m not comfortable calling him racist, either.

  121. President Obama has plenty of men jealous of him not all of them are white. Just ask Cornell West and Tivis Smiley. Oh and a Jesse Jackson that has been on mute lately thank God.

  122. ummm………..Pat national polls still have PBO at 80% with all Dems. The folks you are talking to must be in that 20%. Make your pitch and move on. Too many voters ripe for ObamaNation to be sought after. 🙂

  123. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Pat. No one credible will primary Obama from the left. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to primary Obama, neither is Feingold, Grayson, Gore, or Kucinich. It’s a PL pipe dream, nothing more.

  124. YAWN!!! You folks keep bring the trash to our site. Thanks Darnell. Boy, when we are on a “BITCHFEST” it continues all day. SIGH!!

  125. Thanks for the emoticon help. I was wondering where ya’ll got them from. 80

  126. From sheila

    “…though I agree that the President is treated much more unfairly and disrespectfully than anyone who has gone before, this does have precedents….” “…. Disrespect is rife in our political culture today. I still have hope that the fact that the respect shown to everyone by the foremost role model in this country, President Obama, will eventually trickle down, though I see no signs of it yet….”

    Thank you Sheila. I agree wholeheartedly. I have served in Public school leadership for over 30 years and over that time the atmosphere has changed and what I experienced was and is a small microcosm of what I see happening for and to President Obama. I see what I think is racism and it frustrates me to no end. I also see that the environment for public officials has changed.
    When he was elected, I said to my friends that his biggest challenge will be the Democratic Party. Little did I know then what I was saying.

    I could go on but what I really want to say to you my friends. I am a white 65 year old man and while I think I try to be sensitive to recognizing racism, I can never know what that feels like on a personal basis. However, I see those of us who believe in President Obama’s leadership are faced with a real dilemma. I am afraid that the more we (especially when we are hurt, angry, or frustrated) label the negative reactions to President Obama as coming from racism, the more we are portrayed as “playing the race card”. If Obama supporters contribute to a narrative that “everyone who opposes Obama is a racist”, I do not think that that is helpful to our President. I think we, as supporters, must respond to inaccuracies as our model, President Obama does. He does not call names, he does not belittle. He expects us to act like adults. I would hope that the members of this website act like adults also. If this is intended to be a cathartic website we can lament and grind and gnash our teeth. It is my hope that this website will be what it has been a tremendous source of accurate news that is not readily available elsewhere.
    It is not easy but if we truely want to make a difference and achieve what can be achieved, we must call upon our best selves.
    Thanks for listening

  127. (who are the PL like Krugman going to blame ) Obama, they will say he was a weak president.
    and they will get richer because the people will be upset in the country
    If obama lose = more money for the PL ( more anger in the country sell)
    If obama win = less money for the PL (hope don’t sell)
    I keep telling yall the battle is with the Media, they have more to gain with Obama out.

  128. Phil, what do we do about racism, if we don’t voice the ugly racist overtone, it wll get worst.
    ( contribute to a narrative that “everyone who opposes Obama is a racist) I understand what you are saying. As a black girl growing up in Alabama. I learned to pick my battles.
    If a student call me N, i didn’t let it upset me, but if the teacher did racist overtone, I spoke up against it. I reported her to my parent and my parent along with other black parent had her remove. Glen Beck is no long on Fox news because we spoke up. We didnt go after every one on Fox News who does this. Only the loudest, racist. We Blacks have come to far to go back to the back of the bus. But I do understand what you are saying, some White people don’t like the race card its a turn off, That why I say pick your battle when it come to racism. I like how Obama just keep on working in the face of racism, that how he got to be President, but sometime you have to call a spade a spade and let the cards fall where it may.

  129. dun,

    “…Sometime you have to call a spade a spade and let the cards fall where it may….”Thank you, dun, for your response. I agree with you and that is why I say that as the President’s supporters we have a real dilemma. As I reread my comments in the first post, I think my emphasis was more to people posting. I wanted each one to think about who reads this post. I know that after checking this post out for a number of days, I have recommended it to family and friends. I think it is the centrist Republicans and the centrist Democrats and the Independents to whom we have to direct our biggest efforts. To educate, to give them good information, yes, to call a spade a spade, but always understanding that if we want them to support our President in the face of all the manipulation of the news then we have to be more credible and more trustworthy and we must present good information and links that are as unbiased as can be.
    I think that that is different than the name calling and whining that I sometimes read here.

    It is a high bar but I am convinced that is the way we will bring about the change in this country.

  130. Sorry. You’re right, of course. It’s just that sometimes “teh stupid” is kind of like rotten milk you find in the fridge: even though you know it’s rancid and has to be thrown out…… just can’t resist smelling it! LOL!

    But that’s no excuse. No more trash from me for awhile.

  131. Thank you Phil, for your enlighment on this issue. See your point loud and clear. We can’t let stuff get in the way of electing Obama/Biden 2012. The #1 thing on the to do list is the 2012 election for the sake of this country.

  132. Oh yeah… everything’s cool with some self-proclaimed white liberals as long as THEY’RE the “air apparent”. But as soon as a person of color rises above them, they become just as envious and contemptuous against that person of color under their thinly veiled pretense of “tolerance” as some of worst conservative racists. The “superiority complex” is inherent of “some” people.

  133. Posting again, apologies but I’m so motivated after Our President’s speech, & darn if the Orange Man didn’t come on after (but one of the talking heads did say that he didn’t know which camera to look into — I wonder why? That was a funny!), then the talking heads almost had me doing TeeVee-a-cide. So please:

    Everybody please DIAL, EMAIL, FAX (hate to waste paper, but this is one time when it’s needed) — whatever way you can get thru! Snail mail (ditto for paper waste)? We can do this! xox!

  134. P.S. He said he was taking it to the people, right? So We The Poeple are responding!

  135. “but he never won a tough election.”

    What was Hillary – chopped liver??

    I didn’t know beating Hillary was so easy.

  136. Good point. it seems that he is more interested in making the Prez look bad and showing himself off as an expert than providing a practical solution. He probably has none but he is just an ego maniac who has the urge to keep provoking the potus.

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