“America learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to bet on the skinny guy”

Yea, no way to touch this man’s swagger. You just can’t. This is hilarious:

President Obama Addresses Council of La Raza:





151 thoughts on ““America learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to bet on the skinny guy”

  1. HAHAHA!!!

    He plans to give a rebuttal to PBO’s speech – I’m thinking it will be more of a “re-bottle.”

  2. Holy crap, who is that scary looking guy shaking Obama’s hand? Yikes!

    As for the President’s speech tonite, I’d love him to pull out the chalkboard and explain the debt ceiling slowly to Americans. I think people think the debt ceiling = credit limit and that isn’t true.

    Either way, expect the pundits to spin tonight’s speech for the GOP and expect the public to side with Obama.

    We are going to end up shut down or Obama invoking the 14th amendment. The GOP House has lost it’s damn mind.

  3. Thanks. I don’t pay attention to baseball, so I’ve never seen that guy. He’s got one serious hairdo there.

  4. What a guy!! Now, Mr. President, go kick some GOP/Tea Party BUTT tonight!

  5. lol. “Good luck unless of course you’re playing the White Sox in the World Series which right now doesn’t look like…a sure thing.”

    He mentioned that ESPN commerical with wood fairies dancing in Brian Wilson’s beard. That was fun.

  6. About the beard…

    “I fear it” – PBO.

    The president was too funny at this function. He had everybody in stitches.

    He was like a kid when a kid gets presents at Christmas after receiving the gifts the team brought him…

    “We should do this everyday!” – PBO.

    I don’t know if that comment is on the White house video but it was on Cspan.

  7. He needs to trim that beard. I wonder how he gets through airport security. They must x-ray it every time! It is nice to see the Prez take time away from the loonies to do something fun.

  8. This is where I really, really miss the adorable Austan Goolsbee. He worked wonders with a whiteboard, boiling everything down to its essentials. Plus, he was such a cute nerd boy.

  9. I continue to be so amazed at President Obama. He just shines at every occasion, no matter what is going on. And I love when his sense of humor is on display. He’s unbelievable, a rare find.

  10. Is anyone else on PINS and NEEDLES waiting for the President’s prime time speech? 😯

  11. CBPP Statement: July 25, 2011
    For Immediate Release

    Statement: Robert Greenstein, President, on House Speaker Boehner’s New Budget Proposal

    House Speaker John Boehner’s new budget proposal would require deep cuts in the years immediately ahead in Social Security and Medicare benefits for current retirees, the repeal of health reform’s coverage expansions, or wholesale evisceration of basic assistance programs for vulnerable Americans.

    The plan is, thus, tantamount to a form of “class warfare.” If enacted, it could well produce the greatest increase in poverty and hardship produced by any law in modern U.S. history.

    This may sound hyperbolic, but it is not. The mathematics are inexorable.


  12. I am hardly qualified to tell the President what he should say tonight. But I really hope he doesn’t use the generic “some people” type of phrasing when talking about how this whole thing is stalled. It is time he specifically talked about Republican obstructionism, opportunism and willingness to let this country suffer an economic collapse that would make the last one look like a walk in the park. I hope he uses specific names, such as Cantor, Ryan and others. I don’t think he should mention Boehner in a negative way. That would continue to create a split in the Republcian Party, but also make Boehner more likely to work with him to bring a clean bill to the floor.

  13. Ok, I’m depending on you all to give a running commentary on the speech. I’m at work, and, really, it’s not even worth the frustration to try and stream anything live on our internet connection.

  14. I agree japa. The gloves must come off in this PBO speech. The culprits need to be identified. Americans really don’t know what is going on. Tick Tock Tick Tock!!!

  15. I heard that tax receipts were higher than expected, so SS checks will go out on the 3rd and are covered. Then I read an article and this is perhaps how things might go.
    PBO has said that HE cannot use the 14th Amendment, and besides the repugs would immediately try to impeach him. But he could have all the checks issued and that would put it into the hands of the Fed as they come in for payment. Based on the 14th, the Fed could well decide to advance funds to pay them since they are public debt “that cannot be questioned” at that point.


  16. Obama did NOT say he couldn’t use the 14th amendment. He said his attorneys weren’t sure they agreed with Clinton’s interpretation of the 14th amendment. Obama is too smart to cut off that option and too smart to state that he is considering the 14th amendment publicly.

  17. Yes, I did and your summary was incorrect. Obama did NOT say that he couldn’t use the 14th amendment.

  18. TOAIR is on and speaking eloquently, talking about needing a bipartisan approach to solve the debt ceiling.

  19. Remember him saying to Cantor one day – don’t mess with me (or something like that) or I’ll just take it to the people.

    It has been took.

  20. Got that right. He brought it to us in very simple terms and I understood everything he said.

  21. Lol – It has been took. Perfect summary. He laid it out perfectly and plainly and made the GOP look like petty jerks. And he asked us to contact our representatives and voice support for Obama’s balanced approach. That would make a good action diary tomorrow here maybe???

    Unfortunately, the media will poo-poo his speech because it isn’t “new news”.

  22. Well what do ya’ll think? He went the tolal compromise rout. NO hammering of the GOP. Af few references about the GOP freshmen obstrution. He still has not openly admitted to the public that the GOP is purposely trying to SABATOGE the nation’s economy DAMNIT!! 😡

  23. Did you read this part?

    “”I have talked to my lawyers,” Obama said on Friday when asked about the option at a town hall forum. “They are not persuaded that that is a winning argument.”

    And this makes it worse:

    “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Sunday that bypassing Congress was “not a workable option” to avoid a default crisis.”

    Now if you were the President, would you go against your own lawyers opinion? I really don’t think PBO would do that being a constitutional scholar himself.

  24. I’m not sure that would play well out here amongst all the people who don’t keep an eye on politics. Might sound too strident.

  25. Well, in my very, extremely, majorly humble opinion, he did very well up until the end. I think he tailed off a bit and didn’t make the case for separating the deficit talks form the debt ceiling talks. I think he could have made some analogies for the situation that all people would have understood. He could have said something like, “If you have triuble making your payments, you just don’t stop making your payments and promise to spend less in the future, yet that is what the republicans are expecting this country to do. He could have said, “If a compromise isn’t reached in the next couple days, I want to see a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling on my desk.”

    I like that he brought out Reagan and that he tried to explain the diffreence between the deficit and debt ceiling, but he could have done a btter job. At least that is my very, extremely, majorly humble opinion.

  26. Agree to disagree. There is a point where the beltway crowd might view it as stridency but the public would look at it as someone standing up for them. I think this is that point. Yet, at the same time, that isn;t his personality.

  27. This is a good time to reach out to friends and family who live in districts with Republican Representatives. Ask them to do you a favor (and themselves) and call or email their Rep. about this. USPS mail isn’t good – takes too long to be inspected. They need a deluge of calls and emails.

    Many of them have probably never done this and might be intimidated but it only takes a few minutes to do. Some might not even know who their rep is – you can do their homework for them, find out who it is and how to reach them.

    Beg, plead, whatever – this is crunch time.

  28. Deep thought….

    When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, there were bill signings every other week. She got things done. The legislation passed by the House of Representatives was amazing. Unfortunately, there were over 400 bills passed by the House that were ignored by the senate. But Speaker Pelosi’s list of accomplishments is outstanding.

    Since the Republican Party took the majority in the House of Representatives, how many bill signings have there been under Speaker John Boehner???

  29. I think President Obama speaks better ad lib, I think he made the case much better during the Friday presser. I didn’t watch Boehner though to compare the two.

    Everybody better be calling their Congress and Senators because it’s now or never and if they don’t see an uptick in calls then they’ll presume there isn’t the uproar and nonbody is paying attention. Boehner should say “If you agree with us than don’t call” then could say well there is 150M voters and we only got a few thosand calls each so America agrees with us.

  30. a majority of comments on the old orange site and talking points memo are actually favorable 🙂

  31. LOOK: He is dealing with sociopaths. At this point all he is doing, IMHO, is preparing the ground for a possible default by being the most rational, reasonable, ADULT in the room. Because at this point all the “Well, what Obama SHOULD DO” and “If Obama WOULD JUST” nonsense in meaningless.

    Why? Because the idea that something Obama says or does is going to make the GOP DO ANYTHING is fantasy. They are lunatics. So the idea that there is some magical formula for what “Obama could do or say” that would “box the GOP in and make them do his bidding” is silly.

    The GOP are nihilists. And all of the ‘Armchair Presidents’ who think if Obama would just do what they think he should, and everything would be fine, are fooling themselves.

  32. @BorowitzReport
    Andy Borowitz
    And now, the official Tea Party response will be delivered by a rabid barking dog. #ObamaSpeech
    4 minutes ago

  33. I live in the Bay Area and Wilson is a true blue San Franciscan, who lives in town and is a lovable character. As a Giants fan, you gotta love him. The most feared closer in the NL!

  34. He needs to cut them loose and try to reach an agreement with Pelosi. He has 242 Reps in his caucus, if 100 are teabaggers who vote against anything other than them getting everything they want than he’s down to 142, meaning Pelosi would have to deliver 76 of her 193. This is the only way forward. Boehner is still trying to force things, by passing a bill in the House that the teaparty can sign off on and then hoping he can get four Dem votes in the Senate to get it to President Obama’s desk. Reid and Schumer need to lock down the caucus of any possible strays – Nelson, Manchin, Landrieu, Pryor could all be being recuited through back channels as we speak. However if Reid gets his budget to the Senate floor first it gives these Senators cover as his all cuts bill is something they could sell back home.

  35. The Republican Party is constantly talking about how businesses are not hiring because of uncertainty. If that is the case, why would Speaker Boehner be proposing to have us go through this nightmare again in January of 2012?? To me that is the epitome of uncertainty. Moody’s and Standard and Poors are already warning about downgrading our triple A rating if the debt ceiling is not raised through 2012.

    This seems like a good question a reporter, pundit or talk show host should ask Speaker Boehner in response to his outlandish idea that TWO VOTES would make sense. it clearly does not because it will continue to cause UNCERTAINTY. Something his party claims is an impediment to job creation.

  36. Why would LO put that liar Joe Walsh on the air. The GOP can’t say yes and can’t tell the truth. PBO asked people to call congress. I’ll call mine, he’s DEM. I think the GOP only take calls from their constituents.

  37. Your summary said that Obama said NO to 14th amnt. Obama didn’t say that. Obama left a ton of wiggle room there and for good reason. He didn’t even say that his lawyers said NO definitively. He said they were “not persuaded”. That’s wiggle room. I hate when people twist Obama’s words to mean something he didn’t say. He speaks very precisely for a reason.

  38. Keith in C-bus, the president essentially said that the GOP is purposely trying to SABOTAGE the nation’s economy without explicitly saying those words. He said that a certain faction of the Republican party is engaging in dangerous game playing – and then went on to say exactly what will happen if we default. The American people are smart enough to put two and two together.

  39. In all seriousness, I don’t see this getting worked out. The Tea Party I think is going to crash Wall Street and the economy. No Rapture necessary. Sorry to be doom and gloom but this is negotiating with insane hostage takers.

  40. AUG 3rd BIRTHDAY HOME PARTIES ARE ON!! DON’T let anybody tell they are not on!!

    Find out who your summer organizer is and GET INVITED TO ONE!!!

  41. I thought Obama did an excellent job tonight. He clearly explained what the debt ceiling was to Americans who haven’t been paying attention. He explained that the debt ceiling being raised is routine and it is to pay for bills passed in the past not for future spending splurges as the Republicans have been saying. He explained what default meant in real terms – no SS checks, veterans checks, increased interest for credit cards, mortgages, etc.

    He also made a strong case for a “balanced approach” and said that a handful of Republicans were unwilling to have rich Americans or corporations pay more while trying to cut Medicare for seniors or student loans for students. It was clear and logical. It made him seem reasonable and the other side look like belligerent bullies. And then Boehner went on TV and acted like a bully.

    I think Obama is going to score points with the public and the GOP is going to get calls from lots of citizens.

  42. I have a freshman GOP rep and I have a district who went for PBO. My damn rep voted with the tea party nut jobs and I have emailed etcmultiple times so far. Oh and that Joe Walsh is another complete nut job!!! We need to take back the house and give PBO the opportunity to continue his greatness!!!

  43. I think Reid has the Senate locked down. They all voted against the horrible cut,slash and burn bill last week and the latest bill is even worse than that.

    Unfortunately, Boehner knows if he brings a bill to the floor that will get Democratic votes and raises the debt ceiling, he’ll lose his speakership to Cantor. Until Boehner puts the country ahead of his personal politics, we won’t get a decent bill out of the House.

  44. Exactly. For a website that is supposed to be about Democratic action, it’s gone comatose on any constructive supportivie Dem action since January 2009.

  45. There are reports that since PBO’s speech, the congress’s websites have been crashing.

  46. Askew, servers are crashing on the Capitol because of all the calls and emails that members are getting. Obama’s army isn’t waiting for the morning.

  47. Joe is my wonderful Congressman, who, when he couldn’t pay his mortgage, just walked away from it, so not honoring debts is nothing new to him. He has called PBO a liar multiple times. He won by under 300 votes, and the Green candidate got over 9,000, so he didn’t even get 50% in what was always a Republican district until 6 years ago.

  48. I think that those who wanted a more fiery approach from the president may forget that many, many people are hearing about the debt ceiling issue for the first time and don’t know what’s at stake. These are not the people who watch daytime press conferences and understand the nuances of the negotiations that have been going on. He had to seem calm, reasonable and fair tonight, but also lay on the line how much was at stake so that people could understand, but not be so frightened they would panic. He’s still hoping reason will prevail. If it doesn’t happen this week, that’s when it’s appropriate to lower the boom (and increase the outrage). Tonight he set the stage.

  49. Thanks for the list – awesome. Although he’s not in my district the moron is in my state so I sent this.

    » FORUS50
    @RepJoeWalsh your crazy tea party is going to cause Wall Street and the economy to crash. You need to COMPROMISE. GET IT?!?!?!?!?!
    31 seconds ago

  50. Tweets are better than emails as there is a better chance they’ll be read. See list above from makesense4tulips.

  51. Hit them with snail mail too. Make sure they can’t just turn off the computer and ignore reality. They need to fill the halls of Congress with bags of mail.

    Also, as my wife keeps asking “Why is Wall Street not taking these Baggers into a back alley for a little personal lobbying?”

  52. Pessimism is not needed at this time forus50. Time for ACTION!! 😡

  53. If I understand correctly, Wall Street HAS warned them, but the baggers are not listening to anyone. Business execs, traders……..nobody.

  54. Best news I’ve heard all day. I still can’t through to my loser Representative John Kline or my awesome Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. I’ll call tomorrow when their offices are open.

  55. Jackie I good analysis. We are all still hoping reason will prevail, but the Teabaggers are psychotic so it is a LONG shot. 😕

  56. 🙂 Great! GET ALL OF THEM>>>AND DON’T STOP!! They need to hear the people outside their bubble LOUD AND CLEAR!

  57. You need to get rid of his sorry ass! Are the people getting a clue there??? Remorse?

  58. I’m told snail mail takes many days if not weeks to arrive because everything has to be inspected ever since the anthrax attacks.

  59. We are dealing with sociopaths Sequana. I hope God saves the America. We are definately at a crossroads in our nation at this moment. 😯

  60. I just went through my Christmas card list and sent an email to those who have Republican reps in Congress. I went to this website: http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/ and entered their address and got the contact information. I pasted that in to my message.
    We know the R’s won’t listen much but we have to bug them anyway.
    Everybody reading this must have people they can lean on personally. Teabaggers are getting online just like we are and we can’t be outnumbered.

  61. Yes more work was done under Speaker Pelosi than Speaker Boehner but the GOP House and Speaker do not want government programs. They want less government voila cutting everything.

  62. Yes, and WE GREATLY OUT NUMBER Teabaggers!! We really do,

    Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.

  63. the ceremony for the giants was great. I loved the chants of 4 more years though I think they were told to stop cause after all they are in the white house not a stadium or a rally but loved the enthusiasm so much.

    POTUS speech tonight was perfect. The company I had over didn’t even know all this was going on. smh….thank you potus for bringing truth and class to the people. Obviously I switched the tv before the failed house speaker began his ramblings. I leave him to his msm buddies. GOOD JOB PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  64. He doesn’t have a chance next year, specially with the redistricting. He is looking for another district to run in, but his only chance is to go against another TPer, so either way, we get rid of at least one.

  65. Great news about the servers crashing. A reminder that the contact information for elected officials is found here. I have marked Tea party Republicans so you can call the other Republicans as someone upthread recommended.


    If you have additional info (like a local phone # or office address) post it here and I will add

    There is also an American Drema movement forming – tomorrow they have called for folks to go to their elected officials office at noon. If your member of Congress is a Democrat, thank them for supporting the President and stay strong . If they are a Republican demand they raise the debt ceiling and stop protecting millionaires and large corporations.

  66. Agree. The top 10 Trending on Twitter is always of interest as to what people are talking about and the deficit has not trended yet to my knowledge (not just tonight but anytime). The word”President” does trend when he’s on tv but mostly because people are saying, “what’s he on for -interupting my favori te show”. The Obama admin does a great job of knowing how to frame things for the intended audience – not for the punditry and Beltway.

  67. Sent emails to my two Senators, but they are both Dems. My Reps email isn’t reacting so will do his in the morning. He is a Dem too. I luckily live in OREGON with a Dem Gov too! I have tried to send things to Cantor and Boehner to no avail. I understand answering to their own constituents but what they do affects all of us not just their own constituents.

  68. No cloture would be okay as well, because then the Boehner bill could be blocked as well and queued behind the Reid bill. If GOP wants Boehner bill to be voted on they’d first have to allow the Reid bill. And hopefully Reid has 51 votes (with only Sanders and possibly Brown bailing). Then the Boehner bill comes up and hopefully they’d have all the caucus votes locked down. Would GOP really vote against Reid bill down the party line? 2.7T, no revenues and through 2013?

    Hoyer should do a whip count to see how many votes they could get for the Reid bill. Tell Boehner they could get 80, maybe 90 tops if put the screws to some(even if they could get more – don’t let him know that). That way he’d see he’d only need to get 138.

  69. SO he has nothing to lose..I can’t believe that people would EVER vote for another bagger after this juvenile delinquent showing.

  70. Boner keeps saying that PBO “wants a blank check”…I would say (someone Tweet) That PBO wants to be able to PAY THE BILLS YOU WALKED OUT ON!”

  71. This is a CNN poll taken July 18-22 about the debt ceiling. Just a few main points:

    64% want a “balanced approach” that includes revenues and spending cuts vs 34% who want spending cuts only.

    52% believe that PBO has acted responsibly vs 33% for Repubs

    62% favor the debt ceiling raised

    51% believe that there will be major problems or a crisis if the debt ceiling is not raised.

    And that was even BEFORE the President’s speech – no wonder congress was overrun this evening after the President’s speech.

    There are many more details in this poll which indicate that our President’s approach resonates with the majority of the American people. Read on.

    Click to access rel11b.pdf

  72. Thanks, hopefruit…maybe I’ll email that to Kyl…he said he didn’t see anywhere the American people agreed with PBO in any polls:)

  73. President Obama asks citizens to get involved by calling Congress. Boner, on the other hand, not only consults his oxycontin guy, Rush before even presenting his plan to his caucus, he attacks the president.

    PBO, still the adult in the room.

  74. Cantor called the president bluff, president Obama took it to the people, then we crashed the server. Cantor you were warned.

  75. C’mon desert. The Teathugs are LYING and LYING and LYING inspite of the evidence before them. Hitler’s Nazi Germany was very adept to performing the propoganda that the Rethugs are pulling. It is up to the American voters to say enough is enough!! 😡

  76. MSNBC has an online poll:

    Whose message on the debt ceiling stalemate was more effective, President Obama or John Boehner?

    As of 12Midnight with 12, 969 votes

    62% – Obama
    29% – Boehner

  77. Starting tomorrow, White House Administration Officials will hold “Office Hours” on our social networks to answer your questions about the President’s speech and the ongoing deficit debate. Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council and Special Assistant to the President, will be answering your questions on Twitter tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Ask your questions with the hashtag #WHChat and stay tuned for opportunities to engage throughout week.

  78. no – the number is much lower — something like 38 — but there are a bunch that havent made up their minds yet. The number of true TP members of Congress is 62 but there are a bunch more that like to hang with them if they think that’s the way the wind is blowing.

  79. Elly in MD – Thanks so much for posting the “Congress Merge” website. Just sent it to a whole bunch of people, with a personal request for them to contact their Congressional reps. immediately.

  80. Hey, can you guys who tweet start tweeting the 3 minute splice of PBOs Friday night presser? It’s a good message and would resonate more after tonight’s message. Thank you 🙂

  81. Bury them in paper. I love faxing. They can’t delete that like an email message or a phone call. I’ve done mine hope all here will do yours. Let’s leave those fax machines empty and the floors buried in fax messages.


  82. Oh, Desert! I’m wondering if Kyl isn’t in the beginning stages of Alzheimer Disease. He is finished, not running again. He doesn’t give a flying fig what he says. Forget his sorry ass. Let’s concentrate on who will win his seat in 2012.

  83. Mano-a-mano? Hand to hand with PBO? Bonehead is a fool and he is running scared because when all this is over his Repugnants will take away his pretty gavel.

  84. Hated Boehner’s attacks on the president and his blatant lies but loved PBO’s fairness and clarity of message. Took him up on the offer to get in touch with my congresswoman – a tea party whore (forgive my french), but went one better and wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper. I have gotten publised there a couple of times in the past four months. Here is what I wrote….hope you all think if follows in the spirit of PBO’s words.

    Dear Editor
    I’d like our congresswoman and GOP leaders to REALLY listen to the American people. Polls irrefutably show that we want the debt ceiling issue to go away; raise the darn thing long-term as you have done hundreds of times and focus on the real issues facing our country. Have you forgotten that 9% of us are still unemployed despite trillions in tax breaks for the so called “job creators”? Instead of a plan that brings our government to the brink of default every six months for political gamesmanship, create a climate of economic certainty that allows businesses to create jobs and be profitable once again. We want to fix our debt problems with fairness; combine cuts with revenue increases but leave Social Security and Medicare strong and viable. Most of us have paid into these programs with our hard-earned tax dollars and we want them to be there when we are old and infirm. Finally, we want leaders who can govern; governing requires more compromise and less dogma. On a daily basis most of us work and live with people with whom we fundamentally disagree, but we get the job done. We expect our elected officials to do the same. Maria May

  85. This is a majorly underreported story: how productive the 111th session of Congress, under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership, proved, particularly as in comparison with the do-nothing 112th. There certainly isn’t enough comparative analysis.

  86. I’m not surprised to read that. The professional left and its constant penchant for finding fault with President Obama and running around chicken littling with hair on fire while Pretend Presidenting may have fooled the national media into thinking that this bullshit represents the base, but the reality is that millions of people see what President Obama is doing, we just haven’t really had anyone representing us in the media until fairly recently. He asked, people answered. The only adult in the room, and I think that a majority of the country now sees that.

  87. President Obama has been on point, and it’s satisfying to see his common sense message resonate during this time of unbelievable extremism on the part of the GOP. What a joke of a “political party.”

  88. Good job people, media are reporting that servers crushed when POTUS asked you to call your representatives to support a balanced approach. This is beautiful. I think a day earlier, i had only hoped the the Prez’s twitter and facebook followers could send these idiots one tweet, they could tire up so much band width, the servers might crash! Boy, careful what you wish for!!!!

    Thanks people. POTUS will smile at the fact that servers crashed…lol.

  89. Beautiful letter Maria May, a joy to read. Hope you can find time to do more of these. You draw and hold one’s attention. There is a mountain of educating to be done. Thank you.

  90. Yes, I read that too. i just laughed. Only yesterday or early today, I was hoping that Prez Obama’s 87 million twitter fans and 21 million facebook friends could just send one message each, they could jam their systems!!! Looks like my prayer was answered..lol.

  91. Isn’t Senator Kyle the one that said his quote of 90% of what Planned Parent did was abortions? Then when he was called on it as only 5% is the actual figure he said that number wasn’t meant to be factual.

  92. Apparently there is some twitter message from a reporter who said Boehner was upset that he had to follow the President and go up against him mano a mano…LOL.

    Boehner probably left the Capitol tonight to go out on a drinking binge. Boehner vs Obama….too easy, Obama crushes him in all polling.

  93. Republicans can whine all they want. The President warned them not to call his bluff or he would take it to the American people. They called off negotiations and walked out of meetings…well the President followed through, So tough beans Repubs, you were warned , now deal with it.

    MOst of the comments I am hearing from Independents and those not following politics or not interested in politics…was that Congress needs to get to work and do what they are paid to do and what the President is asking them to do. So that is a good sign. As some of these people are TV websites first complaining about their shows being interrupted but then blaming the GOP for not doing their job and that is why the President had to get on the air. I think it is good that what is called, low information voters, as these people admit to not caring much about politics until close to an election and not following it, though the President sounded reasonable. They were saying the Republicans need to compromise to prevent disaster.

  94. Go Giants!!! I hope they can repeat this year.

    and go Mr. President, of course.

  95. Well…finally able to email Kyl, McCain and Boehner…have to deal with Quayle in while, maybe tomorrow. And calls. Lots of calls! That last one to Boner was the MOST fun!

  96. people are asking to keep emailing, tweeting and faxing well into the afternoon. Most sites are relaying the message. Keep it up, mulitple if you can.

  97. For a good laugh about the debt ceiling debate, head over to Stonekettle Station (on the blogroll): “What Would Joe Sixpack Do?”

    Choice quote:

    “Fifty six percent of his income would be spent on guns.”

  98. And who doesn’t remember the fantastic introduction (probably by Don Henley) on the Eagles (1980) live album:

    “Let me introduce to you, the next president of the United States, Mr. Joe Walsh – and here is an industrial love song …”

    Sorry, can’t remember which song it was that followed 🙂

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