Best campaign ad ever. It’s already here.

Like all of you, I’ve seen probably every speech and every interview and every press conference Barack Obama ever gave. Multiple times. And still, his press conference yesterday – especially the last 4 minutes – blew my mind to pieces. It was riveting. Astonishing. Beautiful beyond words. Off the cuff, from the stomach, with so much passion and anger and heart. Damn, what heart he’s got. Those final 4 minutes will go with me all the way to November 2012, and I hope that with you too.


145 thoughts on “Best campaign ad ever. It’s already here.

  1. Yep. If we do our part in this election- then Barack Obama will win again. And I agree- these last few minutes encapsulate the man, the President and the reason why he is and has been the best person for this job. Anyone who doesn’t get it- does not want to get it.

  2. This is the vid that should be posted on everybodies facebook, tweeted and retweeted, emailed in bulk, hell chainmail it with the threat “if you don’t send this vieo to three people than a Republican will be elected in 2012”, posted on other messageboards far and wide.

    I also wish youtube would fix it’s view counter problem.

  3. Wow, Blackwaterdog! Great Obama supporters minds think alike! I was watching the last minutes literally almost started crying and new that he had just coined the 2012 re-election synopsis. Thank you so much for posting Blackwaterdog! 🙂

  4. Thank you, BWD. This is going to everyone I know via email, Twitter, Facebook.
    This is what the voters need to hear. The President we elected and will re-elect in 2012.

  5. Amazing. Just amazing! And the thing that made me smile, even more than what he said, was the fact you could hear a pin drop when he spoke. I was listening throughout his conference and you could hear ppl rustlinin the background but once he started in on answering the last question the press corps were put in their place and he made them shut up and listen.

  6. Wow. I agree–that was somethin’. I have very limited time these days, but I try to drop a sincere “thank-you” here every now and then. OT–I think we may have a good, credible challenger to Lee Terry (R) in 2012 here in the Nebraska 2nd district (mostly Omaha). I believe his name is John Ewing. He served 20 years on the Omaha police department before serving as county treasurer the last couple years, and has both executive experience and fiscal responsibility bonafides. Wish us well here. It’ll be tougher for Pres. Obama to win this diestrict like he did in 2008, especially since they redistricted us, ubt I think the right democrat could win this congressional seat.

  7. i posted the whole damn thing to my facebook page (no twitter). i put the caption that PBO is indeed the only adult in the room and that congressional republicans need to grow up and learn to eat their peas.

    He makes them look so small and silly. I can’t believe even republicans (at least what passes for one today) think that they are somehow going to come out ahead on this debate.

  8. sorry for the typos. the dark typing on top of the dark background is hard for me to see what i’m writing. another poster once tipped me how to fix that, but i’m not that tech-savvy.

  9. I love this man and am grateful that I’m alive to see him in office fighting for us, the citizens of America, on a daily basis. Please let history reflect how much this man has done for this country against all odds. Another donation to the campaign.

  10. Agree that it is the best campaign ad ever! What a strong principaled leader we have. Obama 2012!

  11. It really pisses me off that they pissed him off to this point (if that makes sense)….he has tried over and over to work with these jerks in congress and they are more concerned about defeating him than the country. The gop/teaparty needs to be voted out in 2012.


    So speaker Boehner the American people are waiting for your answer!

  13. I have just finally figured out why FOX and Rupert Murdoch so viscerally hate Prez Obama. Rupie had gamed the two-party system so well, he was giving dollars to both parties and, he personally as well as through his agent, Ailes, met all the ‘key’ Presidential candidates for both parties who were supposed to win. The only person who did not fit in that category was Senator Obama because he was such a long shot. they had instead met Hilary and the others.

    Obama was the wild card–a long short that surprisingly won and, because he was not controlled by Rupie, the position that Tony Snowe held at GW’s WH could not carry over into the Obama administration, hence cutting Rupie out of the inner-workings of theUS govt! That hurt so bad….

    Meanwhile in the UK, he already gamed the system, putting all British PMs into office, from Thatcher all the way to Tony Blair, and easily hounded Brown out of power only to help Cameron into 10 Downing Street and then plant Coulson, his own confidant at the heart of the British Govt!

    Think for a moment: If Prez Obama had not won, Rupert Murdoch would be controlling the United States govt and the British govt–the two most powerful democracies in the world!!!

    This explains why, from day one, FOX news and all the right wing outlets where Rupie has influence have directed their fire at this Prez. I really hope the dismantling happening in Australia and in Britain will soon begin in the US of A soon!

  14. This was something great. This sort of fire is what the constructive folks on the left, not the loonies, have always wanted to hear from PBO. Someone who clearly lays bare the difference between what it means to be a democrat VS rethug.

  15. hey blackwaterdog, I see askew has returned 🙂


    have others left the blog recently?

  16. Just wanted to pass on some information about some possible jobs. The FDA Food Safety office sends me requested e mails from their department about Food Safety News. Today, I went to one of the topics from Marler Blog July 21,2011, about Senator Patty Murray. Very important article. However, I looked to the side and there were several interesting articles , and I went to the link and there are some interesting job openings across the country, if anyone is interested. Just sharing. I am writing a thank you to Sen. Murray now. I have my best friends and a few others who live in WA state. Every little contact we make helps. It also lets them know we are paying attention and doing something about it. Plus, a little thank you is always appropriate, my mother always taught me. Love you all. HZ

  17. Here: Dear Maritza,

    Thank you for your generous donation of $50.00.

    This campaign would not be possible without supporters like you.

    You can create your own grassroots fundraising page for 2012, too. Click here to get started:

    Thank you again for your generosity,

    Obama for America

  18. Just watched the entire presser that was posted on the previous thread. If anyone hasn’t seen the whole thing–make sure you do. I thought all of it was as good as the ending here.

  19. Can this clip goes viral including to the MSM this has to go all over can we all pony up and do the AD?, we have to SHUT th PL and all the other idiots sorry I just very mad I can’t rake this SHIT ANYMORE. MR PRESIDENT YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT FROM ALL OF US HERE.

  20. BWD, as say you, so do I…

    “Damn, what heart [PBHO]’s got.” 😉

    Like I’ve said, before, “PBHO *IS* The ‘Chosen’ One!” 😆


    DEMs (LIbs/Progs/PragProgs) and Conservatives “on the same page”…Hmmm?!



    We are now 11 days away from a default on our obligations, and House Republicans appear no closer to agreeing to increase the debt ceiling than they were weeks ago. The BUSINSS COMMUNITY AND OTHER CONSERVATIVES APPEAR TO BE REACTING TO THIS DEFAULT DENIALISM WITH INCREASING ALARM…


    With ten days left before the looming Congressional deadline to raise the debt ceiling, I am hosting a gathering of fifty of the nation’s mayors in Los Angeles over the next two days, to urge Congress to reach an agreement on the debt limit to prevent default and ask them to invest in job creating programs.

    DEFAULT WILL HAVE AN IMMEDIATE AND CATASTROPHIC IMPACT ON OUR CITIES, the implications are global, and economists agree. A credit downgrade will plunge us into a deep, double-dip recession. We urge Congressional leaders to act now.

    The Congressional Research Service has estimated that if the debt ceiling is not increased, “the federal government would have to eliminate all spending on discretionary programs.” That means every federal payment to cities will stop, either immediately or shortly after default. The cuts would eliminate support for critical local programs including housing and community development, CDBG, COPS, Homeland Security, job training, and transportation infrastructure. This would have a crippling effect on our cities and on our people.

    Additionally, local governments would also be prevented from issuing tax-exempt bonds. And cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security would take billions more out of local economies…

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is President of the United States Conference of Mayors

  21. Those carnival barkers have to go, The WH press were stunned, not only the PBO was mad as hell he put everybody to shame, shame, shame, Thank you Mr President.

  22. Wow. Damn! That video sums up the entire ball of wax, doesn’t it? Powerful. He just rocked the House! Literally! I hope he doesn’t let up on this drumbeat from now until November 2012.


  23. The town hall was also great. He cares, takes time to inform, answering each question thoughtfully rather than twisting to squeeze in talking points. Questions are also much better than the gotcha questions of the press. His analogy to home finances was apt: you cut back on spending if you overspend the credit card but you fix the roof and send your kids to college, investing on and securing the future. He also addressed the issue of compromise again. We are lucky to have such an exceptional president and will organize, donate, and fight not only to reelect him but to elect a democratic congress. Yes we can again.

  24. Boehner rode the back of the Tea-hadist tiger to the Speaker’s office smiling but now cannot dismount it without being mauled. There is a little bit of satisfaction watching him squirm. Today, in under an hour, the Prez told him to have an answer or an explanation ready before markets open in Asia. Now he is frantically running around and seeking an answer by four tomorrow, to avoid a market mess. Now the Prez and the rest of us all are watching him sweat–no free lunch—he now gets to pay back the T-hadists for the Speaker’s Gavel..

    With yesterday’s scolding, the Prez set the narrative. Everyone who saw how mad he was, knows who is to blame for this mess, including the time wasted on their walk-outs.If the crier comes back with a bogus deal, I have a feeling that the Prez will take the Reid-McConnell plan and extend the debt ceiling.

  25. Hey Snoopy4eva2,

    I’ll have a drink on special occasions but I do smoke. The Press Conference was awesome. I was tearing up & shaking! He totally rocked it.

  26. All you have to do is look at those disgusting Freshman congressmen and you have mostly Rupert to thank. It is a closed propaganda network. Fox groupies have been systematically taught to hate the President of the United States with the lies and distortions 24/7. It is such a CRIME! These individuals truly think he is evil, and it is so hurtful to the country. I hope the the DOJ finds something on the Murdochs and Fox News.

  27. For the first time, the press corps met the real PBO, and they were stunned because he is nothing like the PBO they created and have been selling to the public. None of them would have been stunned on yesterday if they had really been paying attention to what he’s been saying/doing over the last 2+ years. They haven’t been listening, chose to ignore the message he’s been sending, and on yesterday were blown away by his demonstrable mastery of information about the debt ceiling and the deficit, and by the fact that he has known all along that the republicans have never been concerned about the deficit. IMO, I think the major factor which led to the silence in the press corps at the end of PBO’s presser was his letting the press corps’ members know that he knows they’ve failed to do their jobs and he knows the reason(s) for it.

  28. Understood. The Prez seemed to indicate that he might entertain the suggestion McConnell made where the Prez would do raise the ceiling but the houses would need at least two thirds to defeat it, but would be able to express their disapproval for the record.

  29. exactly..he already said he would take full responsibility for raising the debt ceiling while they all vote against it, if “that was the best they could do”. but, it’s like that weasel cantor said before: “nothing can pass the house..nothing”. i took him quite literally then, and still do they have repeatedly demonstrated.

  30. Bill Clinton seemed to suggest that if it were him, he would use the 14th amendment; he even questioned why congress needed to vote twice on this…(?)

    Then the Prez at the Townhall said that the debt ceiling thing is statutory, not constitutional, thus seeming to indicate that he could easily handle it to avoid going into default. And, he said that default was absolutely not an option!!!

    So I think the Prez will do something and then will rally the nation around him if Boehner comes back tomorrow crying as he always does.

  31. After hearing Ailes say that Fox News would be “the voice of the opposition” to BO after he won the presidential election in 2008, and after witnessing the relentless attacks on PBO by Fox News for anything he said/did, I began to suspect that it had SOMETHING to do with losing access to the WH. When BO won the 2008 election, Rupert and Ailes lost their ability to call the WH and influence the actions/decisions of a U.S. President. I view Limbaugh’s attacks on PBO as also being related to his loss of access to the WH, and I think that there are many others on the right whose attacks on PBO are motivated by the same reason.

  32. Well, I say to Bill Clinton with no malice or disrespect, “It is not you, Bill.” Now if President Obama asked for Presiden Clinton’s advice, that is a different thing. Why it is that everyone want to tell this President what to do. He is intelligent, samrt, has attorneys, and senior advisors. Just asking.

  33. I lived in Omaha for over 30 years and we had some great Democratic Congressmen and some really rotten Republicans. Lee Terry is one of the worst! Good luck to Mr. Ewing!

  34. I think that Boehner decided to leave the negotiations process after the House’s BBA died in the Senate. The failure of the BBA to pass in the Senate made it crystal clear to Boehner that he had been snared in his own trap. There was no longer any reason for him to continue negotiating with the WH. Raising the debt ceiling is entirely dependent on Boehner at this point, and he knows that with the short amount of time he has left, he’ll most likely have to offer a clean bill in the House that raises the debt ceiling. He knows that if he fails to do this, it means that he takes the nation, himself, and the GOP down with him, and that the effects of his failure on the U.S. and global economy would be catastrophe.

  35. Tomorrow is high noon for Boehner and the Prez. The Prez goes into this a stronger, smarter, better-understood leader. For once in a long time, he managed to silence the MSM noise. Yesterday was a beauty to behold.

  36. It doesn’t get any better than this. Truly “THE ONLY ADULT IN THE ROOM”. I downloaded it and will try to make it as viral as possible up to the Nov. 2012 elections. Everyone on my e-mail list gets a copy and I’ll tell them to forward it to everyone they know to forward it to everyone they know, so on….

    It’s “time”. “FIRED UP and READY TO GO!”

  37. Look who’s suddenly concerned about the Asian markets getting spooked tomorrow.

    Boehner Said to Tell Republicans Positive Signal Needed for Asian Markets

    House Speaker John Boehner told Republican lawmakers they need to provide a positive signal on a plan to avert a U.S. default before Asian financial markets open tomorrow, Republican congressional aides said.

    Boehner wants at least $3 trillion in spending cuts in a two-step plan to accompany an increase in the U.S. debt limit, one of the aides said. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner warned President Barack Obama and congressional leaders during a White House meeting today of a possible reaction by Asian markets, said an official familiar with the meeting.

    The markets could be tumultuous if a plan isn’t negotiated over the weekend, said Christian Cooper, head of U.S. dollar derivatives trading in New York at Jefferies & Co.

    “The markets will be under very real pressure at the open because the assumption will be there is really no resolution to this,” Cooper said. “The breakdown in negotiations has crossed the line from the political posturing of the last few weeks to potentially a very real crisis.

    “The Tea Party is effectively playing Russian roulette with the bond market and they will, with certainty, lose,” Cooper said. Jefferies is one of 20 primary dealers that trade with the U.S. Federal Reserve.

    The congressional leaders met again for just under an hour at Boehner’s U.S. Capitol office late this afternoon. Pelosi and Reid didn’t comment, though Pelosi said Boehner would have an announcement.

  38. Boehner is a disgrace to this country: his concern for his foreign overlords in Asia versus helping hard-working Americans out of the recession.

  39. Yes, you are so right. I lived here the first 25 years of my life; then lived in the Chicago area for seven years; moved back here last year.

  40. The truth is that John Boehner is not a bright man and is incapable of being a majority leader. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, quite frankly. He wants to negotiate with POTUS but is a career politian and knows the Tea Party has him by the balls so he’s been like a damn ping pong ball for the last few weeks on this CONTRIVED CRISIS.

    So yesterday, he just freaked out seeing POTUS calling him and ended up crouching in the corner of his office with a bottle of Jim Beam wrapped in a paper bag and drank and cried and prayed it would all just go away. 🙂 Today he woke up, saw he had wet the bed, either from piss or crying and realized he needed to get his shit together before his Asian overloards have his head on Monday. The guy is weak, weak, weak. And dumb.

  41. OMG. Do these idiots in the GOP campaigns not understand the CONCEPT of copyrights?? Geez, every damn one of them does this.

  42. quite descriptive..and about sums it up..and would be funny if this guy wasn’t in such a real position of power and 3rd-in-line to the presidency right now

  43. I am with President Obama, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid that raising the debt ceiling must extend to 2013. This manufactured crisis by the Republican Party has already diminished our standing in the global community because no one can believe elected government officials would be this reckless. The world is looking at this in amazement and horror along with us.

    The Republicans no long represent a credible opposition party. As Senator Harkin has said the House Republicans have morphed into a cult.

  44. I think I love you SR! Chain mail, what I great idea! I’ve gotten so much of that crap from people over years that I should have lost all my hair and my toe nails should have turned blue by now when I didn’t follow the directions!

    I think I can work this up into something fun for my own email list. I really don’t mean to be flippant but humor is the world’s best medicine, even and most especially, in these troubled times. ♥

    Thanks for the idea!

  45. A decent piece from Ezra Klein (he’s very up and down) that basically says that Boehner walked away from the table because the Republicans did not want to give President Obama a “win” as a dealmaker who brought deficit spending under control:

    There must be some truth to that as Boehner will need Dem votes in the House and will presumably have to make equal or greater concessions to secure those Dem votes. Of course he is still talking about $3T in cuts — hard to see how Dems can go along with that in either the House or the Senate if there are no revenue concessions. Hope the Dem congressional leaders have their poker skills ready to go . .

  46. Exactly. Romney and Bachmann are the only two Teathug candidates that are registering a pulse in the GOP field. The only way PBO can lose to any of them is if we just allow the MSM to capitulate us into not showing up in 2012. GO PBO, GO DEMS, GO 2012!!

  47. @ limpidus

    the Republicans did not want to give President Obama a “win” as a dealmaker who brought deficit spending under control:


    They wanted to complain about debt & deficit issues without doing anything about it. President Obama called them on it and they choked.

    That has been the problem all along since January 20, 2009. The Republicans don’t want to do anything that would make President Obama look good. They have been actively trying to sabotage the economic recovery. They hate President Obama more than they love their country. They really are a disgrace.

  48. Good luck and go for it! We will struggle here in AZ too but I do believe we will see more Dems elected here in 2012. Since no “favorite son” will be running from here for Prez, I do have some hope we can see AZ go for Obama in 2012. I would be doing my happy dance for days!


  49. Something I’ve hinted at previously (and remember, you *did* ask)…

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  50. Feingold used like 3 seconds of NFL footage in one of his late ads last year and the NFL was all up in his grill and he took it down in seconds. Pawlenty seems to want to use the publicity to actually get more folks to see the ad.

    The guy is a putz and no matter how slick the ad campaign is, the product is still Pawlenty and he sucks.

  51. What I like about the way this whole debt/deficit thing has gone down is that now I can say, with my head held high, to any Republican who tries to pin the mounting debt/deficit on the President that he tried to bring it down and the Republicans folded like a tent. They have no more credibility if they don’t make the big deal.

  52. Hi Forus50
    What a delightfulvivid description. Probably pretty close to the truth. PBO has been materful and the contrast with TanMan is astounding! I am sure Americans are looking at their screens saying “how in God’s name did this clown get my life in his hands. Elections have consequences good (PBO) and bad (repugslug/traitors). America is learning an awful lesson, lets hope it last till 2012.”

  53. They are getting him re-elected. The more they make him angry, the more he shows that he is the adult in the room. The more they wrangle and scream, the more the country realizes they need adult supervision. It is sure hard on him but i also hope Americans will take the opportunity to see that divided govt these days is dysfunctional govt. So, hopefully next time they will give him a team he can work with to improve all our lives.

  54. Pelosi is hated by Repugs for a reason. She is as tough as nails. She is the best Madam Speaker ever. She will take Boehner to the woodshed.

  55. Hi Smilingl8y – yes the contrast should be embarrassing for anyone who wanted a GOP majority in the House. How the TanMan can think he can even speak for Americanswith his very ppor approval rating.


    07.23.2011 — 08:00 PM

    That’s All, Folks (For Now)
    A long Saturday of meetings about the debt ceiling in Washington is over. Congressional leaders met with President Obama this morning at the White House, then they reconvened at Speaker Boehner’s office in the afternoon. After that, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met in Pelosi’s office some more (Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not attend.)

    No final deal was made, though Boehner reportedly hopes to have at least some plan in place by the time the Asian markets open Sunday night.

    On her way out after her session with Reid, Pelosi told reporters there are no meetings scheduled for tomorrow.

    — Evan McMorris-Santoro

  56. You are bang-on. It took me until the fiasco in the UK–the hacking to finally connect the dots. Prez Obama is truly our own. If we let him down or fail to cover his back, we do it at our own peril.

  57. Oh my God, I just laughed when I read your first sentence. It is so true. The guy is as thick as the smog from tar sands and yet he is facing one of the brightest men who ever walked the face of this earth. For those of you who studied philosophy and political rhetoric, Mr. Obama is what Socrates meant when he referred to leadership by a philosopher king–ie a political leader who is also intellectually superior to the citizens of his republic. Boehner is

  58. Has anyone seen anything about Boehner not calling the POTUS back. Ive never seen such disrespect. I read he called CNN before the President.
    I guess in this crisis it isnt too important though

  59. And everybody, i.e. Bill Clinton and various members of Dem Congress,want to “tell” President Obama what to do via the media and TV, instead of just picking up the phone or visiting the Oval office.They have access – we don’t. Makes it pretty clear that what they really want is the visibility, not to actually solve problems.

  60. You can also tell those Republicans that President Obama’s policies amounted to about $1 trillion (stimulus) out of the $14.3 trillion deficit.How does their math add up?

  61. Imagine if it was the other way around. If PBO was this hopless, bumbling idiot that is John Boehner. Imagine the headlines that would be used to describe PBO.

    Yet, some are still trying to use faux equivalence to describe the difference between PBO and Boehner.

  62. Hearing Pat Buchanon yesterday and now mainstream tv reporters today saying that the Republicans want to make the debt ceiling a short term fix like 6 months regardless of what PBO said so he needs to face it again before the election and if he vetoes it they can lay the blame on him.

  63. I heard a House Teaparty Rep from one of the Carolinas interviewed on NPR this morning. He was very aware of the need to pass the debt ceiling but was firm on not voting for it. When asked if he understood what it could mean it was clear he did but said it has to stop sometime and it might as well be now. I’d say he had a stubborn attitude about it. I don’t think he will change his decision from what I heard.

  64. I heard Boehner was wanting it to be too late to matter on a Friday night when he called PBO. He purposely delayed. The old tv series West Wing said that you need to do Friday night take the trash out leaks cuz no one is paying attention then. Boehner wanted PBO to not have many listening or watching if he spoke.

  65. I will put my money on PBO and Madam Speaker any day. So I have a question: What is the possibility that PBO and Madam Speaker have a rope-a-dope in the background going. He has already given her/Reid the deal in cement. The repugslugs will give up on taxes or no deal. He breaks Norquist hold, reveal the naked traitors to America and takes away another issue they wanted to run on. What do you guys think?

  66. What I love about what is happening now is that Speaker Boehner needs Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to get a deal. We are in this mess because he is a feckless and incompetent Speaker of the House. He is being led around by the nose by freshmen Tea Party members who don’t understand economics 101.

    It was the bright idea of the Republican Party to take the country hostage. The Republican Party owns this manufactured crisis. Even Corker and Graham said, maybe we shouldn’t have lumped the debt limit and reducing the deficit together.

  67. I donated on BWD’s page yesterday. It looks like we are making really great progress. Just think where we will be in November 2012.

  68. I made a tiny effort today: my mother’s Congressman is a Republican. She doesn’t use the internet, and USPS letters these days take forever to go through inspections. So I asked her if I could write to her Rep. on her behalf, she said sure. So I emailed him, gave her local address, and called him out on the debt ceiling vote, said I assumed he voted for it all 7 times for GWBush, etc. At least I got to annoy him a little.

    This guy used to act at least sane. Now he’s one more right wing extremist. Unfortunately it’s a huge district and very difficult for a Dem. challenger.

  69. I wonder about Boehner’s reasoning…for some strange reason he seems to think he has control of both houses of Congress…like he has the votes in the Senate to pass short-term Bill. Odd.

  70. Well, I think as Americans we always think we can tell the President what to do. Some of it is our independent streak, some of it is just a way of releasing the stress of having other people making important decisions that impact our lives.

  71. Yeah – You have to wonder about the Boehner thought process. Apparently, he thinks the Dems will allow for a simple majority vote in the Senate and that the Rs can then pick off a handful of our more feckless Dems to get to 51 votes (like Ben Nelson, Joe Manchin, etc.).

    Still unclear is how Boehner plans to deal with those 60 House Republicans, who said they would not vote for any debt ceiling increase no matter what. Unless they are going to renege on their public commitments, Boehner needs the cooperation of Madam Speaker and may 60 or so Dem votes. Since there are so few of those wretched blue dogs left, his assignment is very difficult so it is quite amazing to hear that he is just repeating the same old and thinks he can pull all kinds of stunts like a 2-tiered deal where Congress would increase the debt ceiling through Jan 2012 in exchange for $1T in domestic discretionary cuts (no defense cuts and no revenue increases). Then there would be a bigger package of cuts to be defined later on, with revenues also on the table but the decisions to be made by a group of 12 legislators (this is a variation on one of the McConnell plans).

  72. It’s utterly unacceptable that Google can’t get around to fixing the damn view counter problem. I wonder if they’re trying to ruin Youtube on purpose, even if they do own it, because it’s not google branded.

  73. Damn. HOT damn on a stick, and covered in chocolate. Somewhere in the Obama Presidential Library, someday, that 3 min 46 sec of straight talk is going to be transcribed onto fine paper, signed, and hanging behind glass in a place of honor. Probably in the hallway next to the repreal of DADT, on the way to the reflecting pool.

    I mean…uh, damn. And stuff….

  74. so Boehner still needs a bunch of Dem votes-interesting that he is not really negotiating with Nancy Pelosi and definitely not Harry Reid, who seems to be really enraged about what Boehner and McConnell said in their meetings with Pelosi and Reid on the Hill Saturday afternoon and evening.

  75. The following was just now sent to President Obama via the White House online form:

    Dear Mr President,

    As you well know, President Lincoln had these words for the US Congress in 1865:

    ““The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire
    against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more
    insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as
    public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its
    crimes…. corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high
    places will follow, and the money powers of the country will endeavor to
    prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all
    wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    What irony that the Republic’s first black President is the person called upon to defend everything that our Founder’s crafted and that 235 years of patriots have strived to achieve.

    What irony that the Republic’s first black President now confronts the ‘party of Lincoln’ as it unabashedly strives to do what Jefferson Davis and his treasonous bandits failed to accomplish during their attempt to not just preserve enslavement but render the Republic a defunct democracy and, thereby, comprehensively deny the inalienable rights of each person irrespective of the color of their skin, their personal faith, their economic status.

    Yes, President Obama, it comes to this moment that a non-white American citizen, a multi-cultural, empathetic, brilliant human being, a community organizer and eloquent statesman, a scholar and an internationally recognize champion of all that is the essence of the human spirit – it comes to you to lead America from the brink of the most concerted, vastly funded onslaught of all that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution represent.

    You have millions of your fellow citizens standing with you. No poll. No analysis. No pundit. No one can obscure for you the fact that WE THE PEOPLE are with you, Mr. President.

    If we now face the 21st Century equivalent of January 1861, if we now face the 21st Century equivalent of April 12, 1861, Mr President, millions of Americans stand with you to preserve the Republic from the totally obvious threat by the very, very few ultra-wealthy, and ironically yet again, the under-educated, fear-driven, pitiful bigoted few whom enabled the destruction of the ‘party of Lincoln’ and replaced it with a pack of treasonous barbarians too inept to realize that in serving their ultra-wealthy, skillfully manipulative masters they are witless slaves – at least the slaves Lincoln and the Republic were trying to free knew they were slave. Oh, the irony.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!


  76. Wow! Bob that was amazing!!! Beautifully stated and so right on. Thank you!

  77. Ah, yes, an article on how little the President cares about the workers [/snark] and proof the GOP lives on a different planet:

    “In the name of workers’ rights, President Obama is throwing the strong, organized ground forces of Organinzing for America, the official Obama re-election campaign, behind the Wisconsin legislative recall fight”…more

  78. BWD, I know I am late to this thread, but i did see that press conference (several times since then) and I was, I was, I was, I don’t know how to describe what the feeling that had come over me. That last 4 minutes was awesome.

  79. Boehner is a buffoon, a dolt, a self-serving curmudgeon that has put himself in a no win situation. He is the Republican “leader” of House, just as McConnell is the Republican leader of the Senate… and since ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP, it is no wonder why the representative GO(T)P Congress is nuttier than squirrel droppings.

    When I think about how disrespectful and condescending Boehner has been towards PBO AFTER the President spoke highly of HIM (undeservedly so in retrospect), it makes my blood boil. Boehner’s actions is just ANOTHER clear cut case of superiority complexed, right wing racism that is detrimental our democracy, our legislative process and certainly to the future of America as a collective and solvent Nation.

    As we share facts, ideas, opinions, disgust and praise about the Debt Ceiling debacle, let’s not forget that Teapublicans are setting up a system in states all across America to suppress voters who are most likely to vote Democratic in 2012. Because you see, they KNOW they’re inept, unpopular, intellectually AND sociologically inferior to the Democratic Party… so as a consequence, they also know that they can NOT win in 2012 unless they cheat. That’s what TRUE losers who are essentially devoid of integrity and character do… LIE and CHEAT to win. “Fairness” is not an option for them because they know they’d be at a disadvantage because of WHAT they “truly” represent, not WHO they “pretend” to be. And at no time has the GO(T)P’s unaccountable ineptitude been more evident and obvious than TODAY… right here, right now.

    So after this manufactured and diversionary Debt Ceiling “crisis” is over, let’s not forget about right wing voter suppression, Supreme Court right wing collusion and unethical conflicts of interest, repeal gay civil rights legislation, the laying off of hundreds of thousands of public workers to purposely raise the unemployment rate to sabotage THIS President just for their own exaltation. And most of all, NEVER forget the Teapublicans’ ABSOLUTE disdain and repulsion of the elderly, the poor, the middle eco-class and the working class as they try to annihilate ALL of the laws, programs, and regulations created to help them keep it together and REMAIN “1st” class citizens in this fast-moving, U.S. global economy. Someone here once mentioned that PBO is “generations” ahead of American political consciousness in general. Well, if that’s true (and I believe it is), he is certainly LIGHT YEARS ahead of the GO(T)P.

    PBO WILL be re-elected; there’s VERY little to no doubt in my mind about that. But unless he gets a Congress that he can work with and that WILL work with him and FOR the American people, we’ll be going through this again for 4 more years… and it’ll be worse. I personally don’t think I can take 4 more years of this Neo-Conning right wing, diversionary, unproductive BS. I honestly don’t think any of us can or DESERVE to go through this again…. not even those Neo-Cons who continue to vote eyes wide shut whose brains have been on auto-pilot since 1980 as they long for the “good ol’ days” when ONLY THEY had legal and inalienable rights “to be”.

  80. Fast Fix: Who is Grover Norquist? (VIDEO)
    By Chris Cillizza

    The most important man in the debt ceiling negotiations may not be President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner or ny other Member of Congress. It might well be Grover Norquist.

    Norquist is the head of Americans for Tax Reform, a group that since the mid 1980s has been urging politicians to sign a pledge that they will not raise taxes or revenues during their time in office.

    Hundreds of sitting House members — mostly but not all Republicans — have signed Norquist’s pledge. And that has proved to be a major stumbling block as negotiators try to find a solution to the debt ceiling standoff.

    So, who is Norquist and how did he emerge as such a central player in this fight? Today’s “Fast Fix” episode explores that question.

  81. Beautiful, Bob. Thank you. May God bless and strengthen our president in these dangerous times.

  82. Would you all take just one minute and e-mail Sky TV using this address and please tell them that you are still very interested in the news about Rupert Murdoch. With all the other breaking news, they were sort of wondering if anyone is still interested. This is an important freedom of the press issue and will directly affect the 2012 election if Murdoch’s monopoly on the news is not broken and his influence and possible criminality are not exposed.

  83. Thanks, Ladyhawke. I sent Cilliza a note telling him that, as well as asking who is Grover Norquist, he should be telling us who these Congressional people are that made the pledge. That it would be good to get each one of them on record telling us whether the pledge to Norquist trumps the Constitution of the United States.

    I told him that to a great deal the media gave voice to some of these people who could ot even pass a fifth grade civics test and yet they hold the country hostage, challenging . him to address the idea that the media helped create the Teapartiers. But to do that, I said the media would be admitting its part in this debacle. Won’t hold my breath for that.

    I said to him that many of us know that the anxiety in Washington politics stems from the election of PBO. I forwarded him the before blackpresidents twitter list and told him to write about.

    To my mind, the media helped create this mess and every chance I get, I remind them.

  84. I just did too. See below:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to stress how important it is that you continue to highlight the criminality at the core of the Murdoch hacking scandal. This monopoly over media is akin to a criminal syndicate that must be exposed and broken up. It holds an unhealthy stranglehold over the U.S and British Govts.

    We still want to know how Newscorp and Murdoch managed to put Tony Snowe as George Bush’s Press Secretary—thus having sway over the inner workings of the world’s most important power and, how this same criminal managed to put Coulson in charge of British Prime Minister Cameron. How could it be that the two most powerful democracies could be so easily held hostage and blackmailed by Murdoch’s criminal enterprise?

    This issue is very important for the survival of both our democracies. Murdoch’s hold must be exposed and broken up, particularly now that we know it also controls Scotland Yard and Met Police. We want to know how far the Murdoch tentacles extend into the U.S. and must understand if his failure to infiltrate the Obama Administration as he did the Bush Administration can explain the assault and relentless venom FOX News and Right Wing radio where Murdoch has enormous influence have escalated. We count on you to keep this issue front and centre. Thank you.
    Peter M.

  85. Wow, Peter M., this is so on point. If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow this when I write to folks about this scandal. This thing has so consumed me because I truly believe that it happened here — in this country.

    “We still want to know how Newscorp and Murdoch managed to put Tony Snowe as George Bush’s Press Secretary—thus having sway over the inner workings of the world’s most important power and, how this same criminal managed to put Coulson in charge of British Prime Minister Cameron. How could it be that the two most powerful democracies could be so easily held hostage and blackmailed by Murdoch’s criminal enterprise?”

    I sent Sky a shorter note and they sent me back an automatically generated response.

  86. Hey good Pep’s, do not think it strange when the MSM and Rethugs began to attack the last 4 mins of that press conference. The one thing they do ( as much as I hate to emit) is message well. However, we have to be on the offense in spreading PBO’s message.

    They are going to come with what is known as the “Orwelllian Misdirect” (black is white, up is down, etc.) They always attack the most strongest point of a person (not the weakest) to misdirect the conversation. The Last 4 mins of what President Obama said is the most powerful conversation to the nation that has not happen since FDR.

    Let’s make sure we stay in control of PBO’s conversation. Thanks BWD for all you do!!

  87. Just donated again. This site is so informative and encouraging. God bless all of you and our president

  88. Bob this is stunningly powerful with truth and wonderful insight to what is happening to us today. I am thrilled that it is from Lincoln! Perhaps you could ask BWD to post it up front so I can post the entire thing on FB and Tweeter. Thanks again for this gift. I have sent it to my whole group and family.

  89. Peter, That is an OUTSTANDING letter! You are going to help them put pieces together with that one. Same letter needs to go to DOJ and FBI!

  90. Don’t worry about the auto-response. They read every one in the newsroom and sometimes respond personally later. It is a very good newsroom.
    EuroNews, also owned by Murdoch, used to be excellent but it seems Murdoch may have put a new person in charge and this week is different and it sucks now.

  91. Thank you overseagranny. Anyone interested in using it or just pieces of it, please go ahead.

  92. Can someone help me w/the links in the email posts from BWD. When I click on that particular kind of link, nothing happens. When I copy and paste it into my browser I get the ‘make sure you’re spelling is correct, etc. I’d love to see the ad.


  93. BWD…I don’t often have time to follow much of the thread here and I seldom reply, but I must say how very relieved I am to see you back on track and continuing the most important work you do here for all of us!
    I pass along and post to FB many of your excellent posts…they really keep us focused here in WV (which we also dream of turning Blue for Barack this time! as AZ) and fired up, even without OFA State staff in place…for now.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you from all of us!

  94. Thanks snoopy…..I’ve tried copy and paste, both into my browser and into the google search box. That doesnt’ work either. The ‘ad’ is how BWD referred to the press conf. I know it’s not a real ‘ad’.

    Oh well, I’ve been trying for a long time to be able to view the links with no success. I even emailed BWD directly but – no response.

    Thanks again.

  95. Lisa, the first one is an e-mail addy and that will never work in a browser or a Google search box. The twitter one works fine for me when I click on it, although I had to wait for a few seconds for the tweets to load. Perhaps if you have a very slow connection, you would have to wait longer.

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